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A man and his old wife

I had been married once before and had a son that was 5
years old when I married my current wife. We have been
married over 50 years now (with a daughter that is now
in her early 40's), and this conversation took place
just last week...

Medically, my wife has not been well for a number of
years, nothing life threatening, but enough to keep us
from enjoying each other.

Last week, she was again apologizing, for being ill. I
jokingly said, I guess it is time to trade you in on a
younger model.

She, in all seriousness, said, You should have done
that years ago.

I asked her, Do you remember what I told you before we
were married?

We talked about a lot of things, what are you referring
to? she asked.

I said, When we first discussed getting married, I told
you to make very sure it is what you wanted, as there
would never be a divorce, but one of us might end up
being dead. I don't remember you saying that, she

June, you said, at that time, Jack are you saying that
you would kill me, rather than give me a divorce, if I
wanted one? My answer was, NO, what I am saying is
that one of us might kill the other, or one of us might
have died, or even one might commit suicide, but no

She said, I have often times wondered, over the years,
why you kept me around, since it was very apparent that
you knew I was cheating on you, and you even caught me
in bed with your son, when he was 14.

I said, That was never a problem, before we were
married, we agreed that we would bring our kids up
knowing about sex, and even teaching them ourselves, we
agreed that you would teach the boy(s), and I would
teach the girls.

Yes, but he was not my son, she said. When his mother
died, and he came to live with us, you became the only
mother he had, and legally, he is your step-son,
therefore you were doing what I had expected you to do.
If you remember, when I saw the two of you, I quietly
backed out of the room. Unless you said something to
him, he never knew that I saw the two of you. I also,
know that that was not the first time, nor the last time
that he fucked you.

How did you know all of this? June asked.

I knew, that is all you need to know, as to how, it
does not matter, and our son is a better man for your
teaching, I answered.

June said, I often wondered why you did not try to hide
the fact that you were fucking our daughter, I guess
that you did not care if I knew, I always felt that it
was in retaliation for me fucking Ken, so I did not say
anything. Not retaliation, but teaching her how to
pleasure a man, which seems to have done the trick. They
have been married 20 years, now and I have never heard
of a problem, with their sex life, and she used to tell
me all about the sex she was having with her boyfriends,
at school.

She talked to you about it? June asked.

Yes, she would tell me what they did, and if the boy
complained about something, she would ask me to show her
how to do it right, which I had great pleasure in
doing, I replied.

I was always surprised that she didn't get pregnant,
June said.

I was also, but if she had, I know that it would have
been mine, as she always used condoms, with the boys,
but would never let me use them on her.

We were just lucky on that, from the time she was 14,
until she decided to get married, I fucked her at least
once a week. I always thought that maybe she wanted to
have my baby, but just got lucky, and did not. However,
I never told her that I would give her a baby, but I was
sort of disappointed, that I did not.

That often, I knew you kept her full of sperm, I could
see it in the laundry, but that was a lot more than I
realized? June asked.

Yes, I answered, and sometimes more.

June then said, What about the time that you caught me
in our bed with your best friend?

Well, I said, there are two answers to that one.

Two? June asked.

First answer, is remember when we were discussing
swinging, early on in our marriage?

Vaguely, she answered.

Then, do you remember the time we tried it with one of
my friends at work? I asked.

How could I forget that, when his girlfriend backed out
of it after he was already fucking me, leaving you by
yourself, when she locked herself in the car and waited
for him to finish with me, June answered.

And do you recall telling me that you were sorry it did
not work out for me, but that you felt that I had given
you permission to fuck anyone you wanted? I asked.

I am not sure what I said that night, but I know that
you were mad for a week, and I knew then that I would
keep going out and fucking guys, she answered.

One more thing about that, I said, "I also know that
you had at least two abortions.

June looked at me real funny and said, Who told you
about that?

Indirectly, you did," I replied. "You had me go with
you to have a 'female medical procedure' done twice in a
matter of 6 months, then 3 months later, you had your
tubes tied. Since I had been snipped after our daughter
was born, the only reason for you to get your tubes
tied, was to prevent any more pregnancys. I put two and
two together, and the only real answer was abortions.

"I also asked some women at work about a procedure
'female medical procedure' and was told that that was a
code word for abortion, so that husbands would not know.
Since I couldn't have made you pregnent, it was very
apparent that you were not using condoms, nor any other
type of birth control. When I confronted her with this
information, she admitted to having 4 abortions, but two
had been done when I was out of town.

Then June, after thinking for a few minutes, said, Do
you also remember that during the time I was teaching
your (our) son, that I was home every night with you?

Yes, I remember, I said, that was because you could
get all the fucking you wanted at home, without having
to worry about me catching you with someone.

What about 'answer two'? she asked.

Answer two, I said, is a little more involved. Do you
remember when your sister and her husband moved suddenly
out of town?

I remember, but what does that have to do with

I answered, the reason that they moved, is that your
sister and I had been seeing each other for a while,
when she got pregnant, with my child, they moved so that
no one would ever know that their daughter is mine. Her
husband, was sterile, and they asked me to father their
child, without letting anyone in the family know.

It would have made me a hypocrite, if I said to much to
you about fucking around, after I was the father of your
niece, I said. After your mom died, Sarah, was told
the truth, but she prefers not to acknowledge the fact
that I am her biological father.

After we moved here, 20 years ago, I had no proof that
you were still fucking around on me. At first you did
not know people, so that kept you home. Then as you
began making more friends, I had suspicions that you
were at it again, but no proof.

"That is, until about four years ago, when I was at a
friend's house one evening. He said he wanted to show me
something that he found on an internet site. When
brought up the site, there was your picture, with the
caption, 'I need sex, are you willing to meet me, for
sex, any time, any place, no questions or commitments'
so I knew that you were at it again.

I am surprised that you didn't say anything, June

After all these years, you are not going to change, I
replied. One thing I did do though was to start using
the site to find women to fuck, and I've been having a
great time. So I guess we are even.

After all this time, I seriously doubt that anyone
would have either one of us, as fucked up as we are. I
guess we deserve each other.

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