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Carribean Sex Cruise

I walked up the gangway, one of the last ones on, along with my friends Steve and John. We flown in on a late flight and rushed like crazy to get to the port. I couldn't believe our luck, or mine, rather. I won this cruise two months ago, in September. A two week cruise for two. I only had to pay for air from Chicago.

Since I had been divorced for five years and no girlfriend at the time, I asked my friend Steve, as I didn't want to take my two children out of school. Plus the ex bitch I was married to would pitch a fit. She tried to get a court order to award the trip to her and her current loser. Luckily, the judge threw it out and made her pay my court costs.

John wanted to go, another friend, so he and Steve split the cost of the extra person. I had known them both for years, Steve is 34 and John is 35, while I'm 38. They're both ladies men, and whenever I've gone out with them since my divorce, I usually get the leftovers. Both are the bodybuilder type, about six-foot and two-thirty. While I'm a few inches taller than them, and not even two-hundred.

We boarded and took our bags to our cabin. This is a shake-down cruise, which is probably why we got it as a prize. Our cabin was on the fourth deck, the lowest deck containing guest cabins, and it was interior, so I wasn't surprised when I opened the door to find the quarters a bit cramped. I took the bed along the wall, telling the other two they could fight for the cot on the floor. After stowing our bags, we headed up to the Lido Deck to get a bite to eat, as we had late seating, anyway.

As we made our way, I noticed the boat didn't seem to have as many passengers on it as it should. We eached grabbed a hamburger from the outside cafe, and got a waiter to get us some beer. The three of us sat on the open deck and ate away, since we hadn't eaten since early this morning.

We then made our way about the boat, checking out what it had to offer in drinking and gambling facilities. I did talk to one officer of the boat, and found that the boat was only three-quarters filled. The ship normally carried over two-thousand passengers. This trip, just barely sixteen-hundred. We made the last seating for dinner, and had a wonderful and fancy meal. Steve and John were downing bahama momma's one right after another, while I held back, not wanting to get shit-faced the first night out.

After dinner, I split up from them, as they headed towards the casino, ready to loose their shirts. I wandered around, taking in the sights of what the ship had to offer. Four decks above our cabin was the empress deck, which had an information desk and a photo gallery where at an outrageous price you can buy pics of yourself that were taken during your cruise.

The next deck was the Atlantic deck, a theatre type area in the bow, two levels with a stage and plenty of tables to place your overpriced drinks. There were also a couple of shops, one a duty-free store and the other a regular souvenir style shop with assorted t-shirts and trinkets. There was also the entrance to the two dining rooms on this deck. The next deck was the promenade, this had the casino and three different bars and lounges. One was situated on the stern, and I found it to be quite nice and quiet.

The deck above this was the Lido, this had the pool in the middle, and a restaurant in the stern. There was an exterior walkway along the sides. The next deck was the Verandah, a raised walkway above the lido deck that surrounded the pool area, with a sunning area above the restaurant. It also contained about a dozen suites in the bow section. There was another deck above these cabins, that contained the spa, and above this was the sun deck. At the rear at the fantail was another raised sun deck, which a sign said was for topless or nude sunbathing.

After exploring all of this, and seeing my roommates totally trashed in a disco by the casino, I went to bed. They stumbled in sometime during the night, and one or both has to target vomit in the bathroom, before they hit the sack. I woke at first light, just as I felt the ships thrusters pushing us up against the dock in Nassau, our first port. I got up and showered, asked the two of them if they wanted breakfast, thought they would both toss their cookies again, so I wandered on up to the Lido deck for breakfast. The air was warm, with no breeze, the city looked great and colorful, all the pastel colors looked fantastic in the sun. We were here for the day, and I heard mention of others that they were going to Paradise Island to enjoy the beach. Not a bad idea, I thought. About ten o'clock, I went to my cabin, pulled on my swim trunks on and then my shorts on over them. Grabbed a beach towel that was provided, and headed to the deck below to disembark. My friends were still asleep, so didn't bother asking them.

A porter at the dock got me into a cab with eight others, and we headed to the beach. I didn't really pay any attention to the other passengers, just noticed that they all had the same blue color of beach towels, all from our cruise ship. The ride lasted about ten minutes, and it was a bit scary as we were driven on the left side, opposite of the states. Plus, I didn't think there were any road rules, from watching our driver and the others on the road. We were dropped off by the Sheraton, and went up a path up over a hill and down to the beach. I walked about a hundred yards away from the hotel, and placed my towel down and then sat on it. The water was a wonderful green and blue mix, and the air was getting very warm, as I leaned back and started watching people go by. I was hit upon by about a dozen beach vendors in fifteen minutes, but they soon got the hint that I wasn't interested in getting my hair braided (of what I got left) nor taking a boat ride, parasailing, or jet ski rental.

I noticed a single lady, about thirty, dark hair, heavy chested, and rather muscular, set up her site about twenty yards from me. She had a cruise ship beach towel with her, as I watched the vendors, as they were annoying the hell out of her, and she was getting flustered. Two Bahamian men even sat down next to her and started to try to make conversation. I was about to get up and see if she wanted rescued, when another site caught my eye.

An older Asian couple were standing about twenty yards in front of me, by the waters edge. She was trying to change into her swimsuit while under her towel, but was having a heck of a time with the wind blowing the towel up, exposing her panty-clad ass, after she dropped her skirt. Her husband was trying to hold it down, as about four native men gathered around about ten feet away, watching. I thought "Aw fuck, I better do something."

I jumped up and grabbed my towel, and walked briskly to them. She had a panicked look on her face, as she was looking at the gathered men, and he wasn't looking much better. He looked at me, and I asked "You speak English?"

He answered, "Yes, I do, but my wife isn't very good at it."

I smiled and asked "Need a hand?"

She looked at him with a questioning face, and he replied "Where can she change?"

"Unfortunately, back at the boat, it's best to put your suit on underneath." A look of disappointment, as he looked at the other men. I also noticed some male passengers from our ship also checking out the scene. "But, there is a way to do it, without giving them a show."

His face brightened, "How?"

I handed him my towel, and started to reach for the one she was holding. "Um, you mind?" He nodded yes towards his wife. I grabbed the ends of the towel at the bottom and top, keeping it wrapped around her. I twisted the ends together, so the wind wouldn't blow it open. Then I said "Okay, now wrap the other one the same way and do the same thing on your side."

He fed the other towel through my arms and grabbed the ends, rolling them together. I was able to get a hold of the edges of his towel, and stretched it to cover the same area. She now had privacy, with only her head above the towel, and her legs from her knees down. I noticed the men leave, seeing that they weren't going to get a show. I got down on one knee, and said "Okay, she can change now."

He said something in a foreign language, and she smiled, as she soon disrobed under the towel, which is when we ran into a problem. Her bag was about five feet away, and I heard her say something, and he mumbled something back. He said "Her suit is in that bag." As he pointed to it. Guess we forgot something. I reached my foot out, but it was too far.

As I tried again, scooting closer, the dark-haired girl suddenly appeared, picked up the bag and carried it over, holding it up as the wife dug through it, pulling out a very small bikini. I looked at it and said "If I knew it was going to be that small, she wouldn't have needed the towels." Her husband and my fellow American both laughed. The wife wanted to know what was so funny, and when he told her in their native tongue, she smiled and blushed.

She had her suit on, and said "Okay." I stood up, taking my towel, and he theirs, revealing a very nice looking lady. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek, saying thank you in bad English, and did likewise to our other helper. He shook our hands and they turned and went on down the beach, followed closely by a few vendors. I went back to my site and re-spread my towel, laying on it.

With my eyes closed, I heard a females voice "Excuse me?" Opening my eyes, I found the dark-haired lady that pitched in, "Do you mind if I join you," she looked around "Seems a woman can't be alone on this beach."

I chuckled, and said "No, not at all, bring your stuff over."

She smiled and turned and went over to her towel and beach bag, bringing them over. After getting settled, she said "Thank you, I was getting tired of being pestered by those men."

I said "Well, you're probably considered an easy target, being female and alone." I sat up, "You're not on the cruise ship by yourself, are you?"

"Good heavens no," she replied, "I'm with two cousins, but they got a bit drunk last night and didn't want to come along." I burst out laughing, "What’s so funny?"

I told her about my friends, and their drinking from last night. She smiled, as I said "By the way, my name is Mat." I stuck out my hand to shake.

She took it, and gave it a squeeze, "Mine is Sarah, please to meet you, you seem to be a gentleman." She gestured towards the Asian couple, now seating about a hundred yards from us.

I smiled, "Yeah, well, I noticed quite a few others around here weren't."

We talked the rest of the day, even put sun block on each other. I found she was from the Midwest also, down near Indianapolis, works as a nurse. Her cousins invited her along, and that they were on the deck above me. She was also pretty sure she seen my friends last night, hanging around her cousins briefly. We both noticed not too many singles on board.

By three, we were hungry and ready to go back to the ship. We got up and headed for the taxi stand. I noticed that the Asian couple ahead of us as we walked. All four of us, along with a family of five, shared a taxi back to the boat. Once cleared to board, we parted. I noticed the Asian man checking out our conversation, as before I headed up the stairs, she heading towards the elevator, "Well, I'll see you a round, hopefully, I've got late dinner."

She smiled and said "Unfortunately, I've got early," She took a few steps, and said over her shoulder, "I'll see what my cousins are doing, maybe I'll meet you in the morning for some sunning."

I smiled and waved, as she boarded the elevator. Damn, maybe I was going to get lucky after all. I went into my room, found it cleaned up and empty. I showered and put on some dress shorts and headed up to find my roommates. Yep, just where I thought they would be, on the Lido deck, laying on deck lounge chairs, drinking beer. They didn't have much to say, not that they could, already a few sheets in the wind. I noticed two younger ladies about twenty feet away, looked like younger versions of Sarah, suspect they were her cousins. They also had drinks at hand, and some very nice swimsuits.

I went and got something to eat and found a seat inside. I seen the Asian couple again, but they had a young lady with them, she looked like she couldn't be much more than nineteen. Very slender and attractive, I heard the older lady say something in her language to her after she spotted me. They both smiled at me, and I nodded and smiled back. The husband smiled also, as they went to a table nearby. They kept talking and looking my way, and I had a heck of a time trying not to get a woody thinking about the younger lady.

I finished my sandwich and headed out, didn't do much the rest of the day, sat next to my friends, seen Sarah approach the two women I spotted earlier. I hit the nail on the head there. She looked at me and smiled, a smile that didn't escape the notice of my friends. John looked at me funny, asking "She know you?"

I smiled as I watched her point me out to her cousins, waving hi to me as she talked to them, "Yeah, we were at the beach together." I told them.

Steve said "Damn, she has some friends."

"Those are her two cousins." They looked at me funny, "Hey, we were on the beach, okay."

Just then, three people were standing in front of me, I looked up to see the Asian couple and the younger lady. God she was gorgeous. I'm sure the older lady was even just as good looking in her day, not that she wasn't bad to look at now, either. He stuck out his hand, smiled and said "Sorry to bother you, sir, but we never introduced ourselves back at the beach," I shook his hand as he continued "I'm Mr. Yishanga, this is my wife," I stood and shook her hand, as he then pointed to the young goddess next "And this is my wife’s niece, Kayla."

I grasped our hand and said "Please to meet you, Kayla."

I was surprised when she said in perfect English "Please to meet you, I hear you're a gentleman."

I must have blushed, as she broke into a smile. I saw Sarah over her shoulder, she was smiling, too. Hmmm. I introduced myself "My name is Mat Stringer, I'm from near Chicago."

Mr. Yishanga said "My wife and I are from Japan, our niece grew up at Long Beach. Her father is American."

She added "I'm a pre-med student at USC."

We exchanged talk briefly, then they were on their way.

I was smiling, as I heard Steve ask "Sounds like you've become a popular guy."

John added in a sarcastic voice, "And such a perfect gentleman." I elbowed him in the shoulder as I sat down, as he added "I bet they wouldn't think that if they knew you would love to bang the shit out of their niece."

As I watched them exit the deck, I smiled, and sat back into the chair. The other two started asking questions, but I rolled onto my belly and ignored them. I relaxed and caught a few z's. John woke me, saying they were going down below to get changed and play at the casino. I got up and went with them, noticing that Sarah and her cousins were gone. Steve seen me look, and said "They left an hour ago, you've been sleeping for about two."

I smiled and went on to our cabin. Not much was said, we changed and headed back up to the promenade deck. We decided to skip the dining room and settled on getting stuff from the restaurant on the Lido Deck as we went to playing black-jack and poker. I really watched, as Steve and John went at it at the tables for over two hours. Neither did bad, but not great either. Both were drinking and I suggested to them to stop playing since they were doing stupid plays. They both agreed, and they headed off towards the bar. I went along, grabbed a bud and drank slowly. We shot the shit for awhile, checked out the women that went by, most were attached. About eleven we headed to the lounge with the stage and watched the dance show, enjoyed the skimpy outfits worn by the dancers.

Finally got to bed after midnight. Slept like a baby. Woke up late in the morning with a heck of a hangover. The other two were asleep, so I showered and left the room for topside. Went and ate in the dining room, and then went on to the Lido deck. I found a lounge chair in the sun and settled in. But soon, I heard my named called, I was looking all around then looked up. Above me on the Verandah was Sarah, leaning over and she hollered down, "Come on up and join us, we're going this way." She pointed towards the stern.

I waved okay and picked up my towel and found my way to the stairs. The day was to be spent at sea as we sailed towards San Juan. I found Sarah and her cousins on the rear of the boat, she was sitting up as her cousins were sprawled out on their chairs, absorbing the hot rays of the sun. She smiled as I approached, and pointed to a chair. I smiled back and sat down saying "Good morning."

She chuckled, "You mean good afternoon, looks like you were up a bit late last night." One of her cousins giggled.

"Yeah, we went gambling, then some drinking, caught the show." I replied.

"Loose your shirt?"

"Nah." I laughed, "I didn't even play, watched Steve and John instead. I don't gamble."

She smiled as a waiter came over, turning to him, she said "I'll have a strawberry daiquiri, these two will have Pepsi, and my friend here will have..." she looked at me.

"Oh, a beer will do, make it a bud lite." I responded.

The girls protested "Come on Sarah, a Pepsi?"

She ignored them, and said "Let me introduce you to my cousins, Mat," she pointed to each girl as she said "This is Heather, and this is April." The two of them said "Hello" in unison. Both were about the same size, and both had rather nice set of tits, as they were trying to pop out of their two-piece swimsuit.

I asked "They don't drink?"

"We would like to, but Sarah won't let us." Said Heather.

Sarah smiled, and said "That’s because Heather is eighteen and April nineteen. They're both underage. And they both overdid it the other night!"

"Oh, I see, so you're sort of babysitting." I replied.

The girls mumbled something, and Sarah said "Yeah, sort of." The waiter arrived with our drinks, and she showed her card. Once he was gone, and we were sipping our drinks, she continued. "They wanted to go on a cruise, part of a gift from their parents, my aunt. Well, being under 21, they thought it best if they went with me, since I'm ten years older and single, it was a matter of convenience, plus, they paid my way."

"Wow," I replied, "And I thought I was lucky, I won this trip."

"Really? How?" Heather asked.

"A drawing, it called for two, my friends decided they both wanted to go, so they split the cost of the extra person." I took a drink, "It is a bit crowded in our room, though."

"How old are your friends?" Asked April.

"Old enough to be your older cousins" replied Sarah. I noticed a bit of mother hen there.

I chuckled "Mid thirties."

"That ain't old, heck, Sarah is thirty-four." Said Heather.

"Damn you Heather!" Sarah gently smacked her on her hip.

We all laughed, and the next three hours we talked and joked. The girls mentioned they wanted to get rid of their tan lines tomorrow on the sun deck, which just caused Sarah to roll her eyes and shake her head. I was secretly hoping to see that take place. About four, Mrs. Yishinga started around the corner, seen us, and made a hasty retreat. Both Sarah and I seen that, and we looked at each other, wondering what was going on.

After about twenty-minutes, both Mr. & Mrs. Yishinga appeared, with Kayla in tow. They approached us and waved hello. I stood up and greeted them, as he took my hand in his. I couldn't help but notice him checking out not only Heather and April, but also taking a good look at Sarah's big breasts. Compared to his wife, they were huge, even though she is only maybe a large c-cup. Kayla started talking to April and Heather, and the three of them, all about he same age, were soon talking up a storm. Immediately, I sensed this was planned, by someone’s part.

I asked "How you enjoying the cruise so far, Mr. Yishinga?"

He smiled, and said "Please Mat, call me Kyoto, my wife’s name is Sinya." he smiled, "We are enjoying it very much, and yourself?"

I smiled back, "It's been good so far, I've obviously have been good at meeting new people, and making friends." As the girls talked, and Sarah and Sinya tried to communicate, he took me to side and asked "I wonder if I could ask a favor."

Okay, I was wondering what he was up to, "Sure, go ahead and ask, I'll see what I can do."

"Well," he looked at his niece, "You see, this is sort of a second honeymoon for us, and well.."

I laughed "Okay, two is company and three's a crowd."

He smiled, and said "Seems you understand." I nodded my head, as he continued, saying "Sinya and I were wondering if you could keep Kayla occupied."

"Occupied? Or out of trouble?" I asked jokingly.

He surprised me by saying with a wink of his eye "That’s up to you." as he chuckled.

I had a hell of a time keeping my jaw from hitting the ship deck. He said "You're a gentlemen, and if things get carried away, I will understand."

Damn, what a new friend. But what about Sarah? "Okay Kyota, I'll keep an eye on her." I turned and looked at Kayla jabbering away with the other two, adding "But it looks like she has found some friends already."

He smiled, said something to Sinya in Japanese, and she got up and they went on their way. Sarah said "Lets go for a walk," she turned towards the girls "You three behave yourselves, we'll be back shortly."

I noticed them smile as we stood up, my pecker was trying to make a tent, and all three noticed it. She took my hand as we walked away, and once out of ear shot, she said "Looks like you're babysitting, too."

I looked into her blue eyes and said "Yeah, guess so."

"So, what we going to do?" she asked.

I smiled and said "The girls want to hit the sun deck."

She laughed, and I was surprised when she said "Maybe tomorrow, after touring San Juan." We walked for awhile, entered the atrium, moseyed around, grabbed another drink, and were in front of the information desk when I seen the sign, we actually both saw it, at the same time. It was for announcing the availability of upgrades of sleeping accommodations and what was available.

She squeezed my hand and said "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

It only took ten minutes, and in that time, I was moved from the lowest damn deck all the way to a exterior cabin with balcony on the verandah deck. It cost us five-hundred dollars each, but since this was free for me anyway, and for her too, it didn't matter. They gave us our keys, and we went on back to the girls. Found them sitting there, all three, laying in the sun. Kayla had a very nice one-piece on, and my cock throbbed looking at it as we approached. Sarah must have sensed this, as she said "You’d love to do her, wouldn't you."

I stopped, and pulled her to the railing, looking at the ocean as it passed by. "Hell yeah, what man wouldn't."

She patted me on the ass, and said "Don't worry, so would I."

I looked at her, and she smiled and shrugged her shoulders. Damn, this could get interesting. We turned and went over to the girls. Sitting down, Heather asked "Where you two been?" with a big grin.

A waiter appeared, and asked if we wanted drinks, Sarah turned to the girls and asked "What would you ladies like? It's on me."

The two sisters looked at each other and smiled, "I'll have a pina colada." Answered April.

Heather spoke "Same here."

Sarah looked at Kayla, "And for you Kayla?"

She obviously never drank before, or not very much, as she sort of looked around, saying "'m not sure."

"Get her one, too, Sarah." said April, as she turned to her new friend, saying "It's a sweet tasting drink, has fruit juices in it."

I ordered a beer, and so did Sarah. Heather asked again, "Okay, now where you two been?"

Sarah tried to ignore her, but after April asked the same thing, she said "Mat and I went and got a room together."

"So we're free?" asked April.

I laughed, as Sarah said "Yeah, damn it, you're sort of free." The girls cheered, including Kayla. She turned to Kayla, saying "If you want, you can see if your aunt will let you move in with Heather and April."

She smiled and said "Okay, I would very much like that."

April asked "Where's your new room at? Same floor as ours?"

"It's not a floor, April, they're called decks," corrected her older cousin, "and we're on the Verandah deck, room.." she pulled out her new card, "room 5." All three girls dropped their jaws.

"That’s a suite, for christ sake, can't we stay there too?" cried April.

"Yeah, how come you rate that." added Heather.

I rescued her, saying "I paid for it, girls."

Kayla spoke "You got the one two doors down from my aunt and uncle."

Sarah and I looked at each other, and we both laughed. The waiter returned and brought our drinks.

As I took a sip of my beer, I looked up at the clock, and seen it was already five-thirty. Sarah seen it and said "Come on girls, it's time to go eat."

She stood up, but Kayla said, "I've got late seating."

Sarah said "No problem, so does Matt, why don't you go with him and help him take his things up to our suite." She turned to the sisters, "And we'll bring my stuff up later while those two are eating."

I made a smirk, and she turned and smiled, leaned up and kissed me on the cheek, and whispered "Not that, silly, at least not yet."

Damn, what am I getting into. They went on their way, and Kayla and I went on ours. We made it to my cabin and I grabbed my things and stuffed my two bags, handed one to her, grabbed my third bag, and we exited the cabin. We passed Steve on the way, he looked at me, and then at Kayla, and his jaw dropped, as he asked "Where you going?"

I smiled and answered "Sarah and I got a suite on the Verandah deck, this will give you two more room.

He looked at me puzzled, and asked "I thought her name is Kayla?"

Kayla smiled and said "It is, Sarah is the brunette." We walked on by, as he was busy picking up his jaw off the floor, as I hollered back to him, "See ya at dinner."

Once around the corner, she broke out laughing, I asked "What’s so funny, little girl?"

"Oh, the look on his face," she giggled "He's probably thinking you're going to have two to five women all to yourself."

I smiled and chuckled, saying "Nice thought, but it would probably kill me."

The elevator doors opened and we entered and hit the "v" for the deck we want. The lift didn't stop until it reached our deck. As we exited, we went down the hall and I inserted my room card, and opened the door. Entering, I was impressed. The far wall had a set of windows looking out onto the ocean, we were on the starboard side, so we were getting to see the sunset as we headed southeast. There was a door leading out onto the balcony, and a very big bed, much bigger than that tiny thing in the lower cabins.

To my right was the bathroom, and to my left, a small wet bar and a couch, which folds out to make another bed. Kayla took my bag and placed it on a desk on the opposite side of the couch, and walked over towards the door, opened it and walked out onto the balcony. She turned and smiled. God, I would love to drill her snatch, after I get a good taste. But Sarah said to wait.

I laid the other two bags on the couch, and turned to Kayla and said "I'm in need of a shower, you want to wait here, or go on down and wait in the lounge next to the dining room."

She smiled and said "I'll wait here," she hesitated, and said "Um. I'll sit out on the balcony while you get showered..oh wait..let me go get my things from my room." She went to the phone, and dialed her aunts room. She said a greeting in Japanese, then a few sentences, broken up by replied from the other end. She hung up and said to me "Aunt Sinya says hi, she said for me to come get my things, and to make myself at home with Heather and April."

I smiled and said "Very well, here's my room card, you can bring your things here and then after supper, we'll take them to your new room." She took it and smiled and went out the door. I stripped down and went into the bathroom, and turned on the water. The water felt good and hot as I washed off the sun lotion I put on earlier. I didn't hear Kayla re-enter the room, and I sort of forgot about her. I turned off the water, grabbed a towel and dried myself off.

I stepped out of the bathroom, still not thinking of her, my cock swinging in the breeze. I walked to the wet bar, when I heard her clear her throat. I turned and said "Oh shit," as I covered my pecker.

She giggled, and said "Don't worry, I enjoyed the show." I grabbed a pillow and placed it in front of me. She continued, "Since my stuff is here, I may as well take a shower, too."

With that, she pulled the straps of her bikini off her shoulders, and peeled her suit down to her ankles', revealing a small set of very firm breasts, and a slightly hairy pussy. My mouth was hanging open, as she walked over to the bathroom, entered, and closed the door behind her, smiling at me. My cock was at attention, and I was about ready to die from embarrassment. I dropped the pillow, and dug out a pair of dress pants.

I heard the shower come on, and soon I was dressed. After about ten minutes, the water was shut off, and soon she reappeared, wrapped in a towel. She went over to her bags, as I sat on the bed. She bent over, the bottom of the towel rising to reveal a nicely shaped ass, just perfectly pear shaped. God I was horny. After rummaging around in her bag, she dropped the towel as she pulled out two blouses, and turned facing me, totally nude, and asked "Which one you like, Mat?"

Hell, I didn't care, I pointed to the one on the left, and said "Um, that one looks good." She smiled and turned around, and pulled out a skirt, along with some stockings, a bra, and some panties. She was bending over, her upturned ass revealing her pussy from behind. If she was teasing me, she was doing a great job. I was wondering what I had done to deserve this.

She picked up the panties and turned around and stepped into them, and pulled them up, covering her own bit of paradise. Next, she sat down and pulled her nylons up, as her small tits jiggled before me. She stood up and wrapped her black skirt and hooked it on. Her bra was next, a front clasp type, I was dying to give her a hand, as I pretended to read a magazine. Finally, she pulled the blouse on and buttoned it up. What a show! She came over to the bed, leaned over me and gave me a kiss, and said "You know, if you don't want to be with Sarah, I'm available."

I smiled, and answered "I'll remember that." She took my hand and said "Come on Matt, we've time for a drink or two before dinner." as she pulled me to my feet. We exited the room, just as Kyota was exiting the elevator, heading towards his room. He looked at me and smiled, as he went and entered his suite.

Oh god, this is my lucky ship. We went to the lounge at the stern, had a few drinks, and then made our way to the dining room. One thing about the food on board a cruise ship, it's fucking good. Kayla sat with her aunt and uncle, as I sat with Steve and John. Both were drilling me with questions. I just sat there with a big smile on my face, telling them nothing. Once we were done, I said to them, "Come with me, we'll go up to my suite and I'll show you how the other half live."

We got up, and I noticed Kayla and her aunt and uncle leave as well. We all got onto the same elevator together, but nothing was said. I think the guys were a bit intimidated by Kyota. Don't blame them. He's only five-five, but his arms and chest are massive, I'm sure he works out, may even know martial arts. I sure the hell don't want to find out.

Exiting the elevator, we got to my suite, Kyota said something to Kayla in Japanese, and she stopped with us, while Kyota and Sinya went on down the hall. John mumbled something, not sure what. We entered the room, and found Sarah and the girls. Sarah looked at the guys, and then at me, but she had a smile on her face. Closing the door, we soon were all talking about anything and everything. We partied for two hours, until about eleven. There was plenty of booze in the bar, so we didn't have to have room service. I noticed the girls were quite tanked, as were John and Steve, Sarah was very happy, and Kayla looked to be about ready to pass out. John suggested to hit a bar on the promenade deck, Heather and April were willing, and they looked at Sarah, she smiled and waved, as the five of them poured out the door.

Before they all made it out, Sarah called for April, went over and whispered something in her ear, and handed her something. April smiled and went on to catch up with the others. She turned around, and I asked "What was that about?"

She smiled, and pulled her blouse off over her head, revealing a very small bra trying to hold up very large breasts." I told her to make sure Kayla got back here in case the rooms they were in got a bit crowded."

I stood up and embraced her, her breasts pushed up against my chest. She whispered in my ear, "I hear you got a private show."

I smiled as she looked at me, and asked "How?"

She smiled, as she reached behind her and fumbled with her bra clasp, releasing them to freedom, as my hands pulled the cups off her breasts. "She told Heather, who told me, you and the guys were busy discussing the Bears."

I started kissing her neck, working down to her breasts, taking her left nipple in my mouth and sucking hard. It grew in my mouth, as she moaned in appreciation. My free hand pulled the zipper down on her skirt, and soon it was in a pile at her feet, as she stepped out of it, the whole time I was mauling her tits with my mouth and left hand. My right hand reached behind her and down the back of her panties, forcing them below her ass. I wiggled a finger into her crack, massaging her anus and working towards her twat.

She was purring, her hands on top of my head. I brought my left hand down and started rubbing her pubic mound, causing her to moan even louder. She pushed me back, making me fall onto the bed, and climbed on with me. She quickly straddled my face, and lowered her muff to my lips. I took a deep whiff, gathering her scent, as I burrowed my lips into her bush, finding her clit. My hands rubbed her ass cheeks, and soon I had a finger in her vagina, fingering away. She had leaned forward, and released my hard cock form it's confines. That wasn't hard to do, since I didn't wear any underwear.

I felt her lips wrap around my cock, as she was running her tongue up and down my shaft. My cock was throbbing in her mouth, and her hot cunt was flowing with it's own juices, glazing my face. I felt her body tense up, as she moaned loudly as she kept on sucking me. She was having an orgasm, as I finger fucked her cunt, while flicking her clit with my tongue. My cock soon erupted, sending three blasts of come into the back of her mouth. I heard her gag, as she swallowed. She slowed down from her cum, as I kept on eating her tasty snatch.

She released my amazingly still hard meat and swung her snatch off my face, turning around she was squatted over my pecker and lowering her sopping wet cunt down my thick shaft. She said "Oh's been a long time.." as she dropped all the way down, her ass resting on my thighs. I reached up and started massaging her breasts, as she was rocking on my cock in a rythmatic motion, head thrown back and eyes closed. Soon she let out a guttural scream, as her cunt griped my cock as she came even harder than before.

Once relaxed from her pleasure high, with me still pumping up into her hot box, she leaned forward, offering a nipple to my mouth, which I gladly took between my lips. I gently sucked on it, as she started rocking again, my hands playing with her ass cheeks, while I kept up a steady thrusting of my meat deep inside of her.

Soon she was coming again, and I couldn't believe it. My ex was never like this, nor any girl I had before her. My cock was throbbing, but I couldn't come, reason unknown, but I wasn't arguing. She buried her face in my shoulder, gasping for breath. I decided to roll us over and give her a good hard fuck.

In a flash, she was on her back, legs pulled up with her knees to her chest, my hands on her ankles, and my knees drawn forward. I started out at the same pace as before, but soon I was picking up the tempo. Her breasts were bouncing all over the place, as I pounded her pussy harder with long fast strokes. Soon she was crying out again in orgasm, as I felt her tight slippery box grip my meat. This effect did the trick, as I grunted and filled her tight cunt with my juices. I looked down to see my come being forced out as I continued my assault on her snatch, pounding away. I slowed down for a second, but soon was drilling away again. It had been a long time since I got any, and my prick must have known it. I was still rock hard, and wanting to keep on going.

After another twenty minutes of steady screwing, and a couple of minor orgasms on her part, I felt that feeling in my balls once more, as I emptied another, but smaller, load in her already full twat. I collapsed in a heap on top of her, and soon we were fast asleep.

I woke in the morning, the boat was still. It was very bright out. I disengaged from Sarah, my cock, hard again, was nestled in her warm cunt. Looking out the window, I found we were in port. I looked at the clock, damn, it's nine in the morning. I was wanting to see the sights of this city. I looked at Sarah, nice sight there. Then I noticed the couch, there was Kayla, sprawled out, snoring softly, with a blanket over her. Her clothes were in a pile on the floor. I smiled, and headed to the bathroom. I took my morning piss, and shaved, before stepping in the shower.

The water felt good, as it ran down my body. I was coated with sweat, and it felt good to wash our combined juices off. Once done, I stepped out of the shower, and dried off. I kept a towel this time wrapped around me, as I stepped out into the suite. Sarah was sitting up, reading a magazine. She looked up and smiled, as I made my way over, bent over and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Good morning Sarah."

She smiled, and replied "And good morning to you, too, my big stud." I smiled back, as she looked over to Kayla, "Looks like we have a guest." She reached out and moved her hand up under my towel, grabbing my hanging meat.

"Now Sarah, don't start it, you want to see San Juan, don't you?" I said, as I tweaked her right nipple with my fingers.

She sighed, and said "Yeah, it is getting late," she crawled out of bed, and stretched, totally nude, and moaning. I came up behind and gave her a hug, my hands giving her tits a good hard squeeze. She turned her head and we kissed, my cock was now hard, and pressed up against the small of her back. She made a purring sound, as I nibbled on her neck. "Come on, Matt, let me take my shower, there's always more time this evening for some fun in the sack, and we got what? ten more days?"

I released her, yeah, she was right, plenty of time to fuck her brains out. I looked over at sleeping Kayla, and plenty of time to do her, as well, I hope. I went out onto the balcony, as she went into the bathroom. The air was very warm, and there was a slight breeze. San Juan looked great from up here, couldn't wait to see some sights.

She didn't shower long, as I soon heard the water shut off. She emerged shortly from the bathroom, wearing nothing but a smile. I came back in and dropped my towel, and went to my bags. She went over to Kayla, and gently woke her up, telling her that we were going to see the city. Kayla looked around, and I seen her eyes get big when she saw my semi-erect pecker. I smiled at her when she looked at my face. Sarah was digging through her things, not paying any attention to either one of us. I pulled on a shirt, and walked on by the couch, Kayla's eyes glued to my bobbing cock. Sarah turned around, looked at me, and said "Come on Matt, quit teasing the poor girl and get some clothes on."

I chuckled and grabbed a pair of shorts. After getting my socks and shoes on, Sara was buttoning her blouse. I looked at Kayla, as she stood up and dropped the blanket, revealing her slender nude form. She gathered her clothes and headed to the bathroom. "I'll leave you my room card on the bar, Kayla." She waved, she obviously looked a bit hung over. Sarah looked at me and smiled, she had the same guess. She grabbed her shoes, put them on and stood up. She had her hair put up, keeping it off her shoulders.

She asked "Ready?" and I nodded yes. We headed for the door and went on out. Just as we got out, Kyota and Sinya emerged from their suite. We greeted each other, and it turns out they were going to eat and go on shore as well. We invited them to join us, and after a good lunch, we were walking through San Juan.

We got off the boat at noon, spent four hours seeing the historic district, the forts, and of course shopping. Kyota and I noticed that shopping broke down the language barrier between Sarah and Sinya. They each bought four bags worth of goods. Everything from t-shirts to tops, blouses, perfume, and god knows what else. At least it wasn't my money. Kyota did tell his wife that we had more islands to visit, so don't go on a spending spree here.

By the time we got back to our ship, we were a bit worn from the walk. I did notice less vendors than at Nassau, which I liked. Once on board, we headed to our suites. We said we would meet them in the hall after getting rid of our things and into our swimsuits.

Entering our suite, Kayla was gone, but it looked like the others had been there, looking at the empty drink glasses. We exited once changed, and the four of us walked down to the lido deck. Didn't see the girls, so we headed up to the stern. Still no girls there, we were about ready to forget them, when I heard Sarah say "Oh my god." I looked at her, and she was looking up to the fantail deck, where people can sunbathe au'natural. There was her cousins, and Kayla. We could see their heads, but with the screen, nothing else.

I looked at Kyota, he said something to his wife. She shrugged her shoulders, and he said "Well, lets join them." I looked at Sarah, and she smiled. We followed them up the stairs and saw the three girls, all with sunglasses on, and nothing else. They must have had their eyes closed, as none made a move. Kyota said something in Japanese, and Kayla jumped a foot in the air, causing a chain reaction. I was admiring the breasts of April and Heather, as they jiggled as the moved.

April says "Oh, hi Sarah, hi Matt." Their bodies were glistening from a combination of sun block and sweat. What a site! Sarah grabbed a chair and pulled up next to them. Kyota went and got a lounge chair, and I followed, grabbing one for me, too. When I turned around, Sarah was peeling her suit off, as was Sinya. What a body. A carbon-copy of her niece, but with a bit bigger breasts. Kyota brought two chairs over, and spread a towel down for his wife. Sarah was already on her back, and soon I had dropped my trunks and was enjoying the sun as well. The five women were facing us two men, and from the smile on Kyota's face, I knew he enjoyed the view as well.

I leaned back and studied the five ladies. From left to right, there was Sarah. She had a bit of a paunch, and her hips were wider than her younger cousins. But she was still rather good looking, and her breasts were a nice size, I would say about half a volleyball each. They didn't sag much, and her nipples were small, not getting very big in the gentle tropical breeze. Looking at her body overall, she obviously works out a lot, for she was definitely rather muscled. Her cousins both looked like they exercise regularly, also.

Next was April, a year older than her sister, her breasts looked like they weren't all the way developed yet. They were round and firm, but look like they could be filled more. Probably only half the size of her cousin, Sarah. She had a thin waist and her dark hair on her pubic mound was trimmed neatly, unlike Sarah whose pubic hair was thick and all over. Her hips were smaller, too, as was her ass.

Heather, although a year younger, was definitely more developed. Her breasts were damn near the size of Sarah's, and her mound was covered by a thick forest of curly pubes. Her hair was a bit lighter than either April or Sarah, but it was also longer, as Sarah's came down to her shoulders, and April's was cut rather short. All three were about five-six to five eight in height, with April taller than the other two, and Heather the shortest.

Next to Heather was Kayla. Laying next to the more developed women, she damn near looked like a child. Her long straight hair came down mid-way down her back, and she had a sparse growth of pubic hair, just covering her pussy lips. Her breasts were damn near non-existent, and her waist, well, I could probably wrap my hands around her waist, seeing how small it was. No belly, hardly any fat. Her legs were short but thin.

Her aunt Sinya on the other hand, did have a nice set of tits, although smaller than April's, they were gently sloped and pointed. I was amazed that they were so firm for her age, which I guess to be about fifty. Her waist was small, but not nearly as thin as her niece, and she was a bit shorter than Kayla as well. I was shocked to see her pussy was clean shaven, and I noticed the other girls good a good look at it, seemed it surprised them as well. Her hair was also cut short, and she did have a bit of a belly on her, but nothing much.

I also noticed the girls checking out Kyota, and me, as well. He was only five-five at best. I wasn't about to look at his crotch, but I noticed that April and Heather took a good look. I also noticed that Sinya had her eyes glued on mine for awhile. He was short and stocky, looks like he works out a lot, as he didn't have much of a belly.

Well, we sat and talked, or at least the women did, for about forty minutes, when April, Heather and Kayla had to get dressed and headed for their room, as they had early dinning. The ship was scheduled to pull out of port soon, so we got dressed and went to the bow to watch. I noticed clouds moving in, and mentioned we may hit a storm this evening.

The four of us went to the lounge and had a few drinks before dinner, then we walked back to our suites and changed. Exiting the suite to go down, I noticed the ship was rolling a bit, so we were going to get a storm. In the dinning room, we ate a great meal, and finished off with a bottle of wine. Sarah snuggled up to me a few times, and I noticed she clutched my hand rather hard when the ship did a couple of hard rise and falls. I was hoping this wasn't a bad sign.

I suggested to Kyota in private, that we part company, as I had a feeling that the rough seas may have an adverse effect on Sarah. I also noticed that Sinya didn't look all too well either. Once we got into our suite, she lasted all of ten minutes. No, not in attacking me, but in making a run for the bathroom. Unfortunately, she didn't get it all in the can, as she got a good portion on herself. I chuckled, and held her as she hugged the toilet, although she wasn't seeing any amusement in it. She threw up three more times in a span of about fourteen minutes. Then she dry heaved a bit. I noticed the boat was rocking more, not helping the situation. As she leaned over the toilet, I started undressing her, removing all her clothes. There is a laundry service on board, so looks like we'll be using it. I went and found the laundry bag and stuffed her clothes in it, leaving her wrapped in a towel.

I called the room steward, and while I waited for him, I helped her into the shower. As I stepped out of the bathroom, there was a knock at the door. I expected the steward, but instead was met by Kayla, and she was sicker than a dog. She had vomit down her front, and she was leaning against the doorframe. I said "Ah shit," as I pulled her inside and escorted her to the bathroom. I sat her on the toilet, Sarah asked what was going on, and I told her. I pulled her blouse up over her head and removed her bra. I heard the door again, and exited , finding the room steward. Let him in, told him to wait just a second, as I took the laundry bag back into the bathroom, stripped Kayla the rest of the way, and shoved her clothes in as well. I went back out, handed the room steward the bag, and a ten, and he went on his way.

Meanwhile, back in the bathroom, Kayla was hugging the can, dry heaves. I stripped down, and climbed into the shower with Sarah, who was sitting on the floor, her knees drawn up to her chest. I told Kayla to hang on, as I washed Sarah, and then rinsed her. Turned off the water and helped her up and out of the stall. I grabbed a towel, and dried her off, and took her out of the bathroom. I led her over to the bed, and she crawled in, as I went and got a trash can, in case there was anything left in her stomach. She was moaning, saying she wanted the rocking to stop. Good luck, honey.

Went back to Kayla, lifted her up, she was in worse shape than Sarah, and carried her into the shower. I turned on the water and scrubbed her body down, amazingly I didn't get a boner. Good thing she's so light, and small, only took me a few minutes to get her washed and rinsed. Once dried, I carried her to the bed and gently lowered her down next to Sarah. They snuggled up next to each other, guess misery loves company. I went out on the balcony, looked like it will be a hard and long night, as I watched the waves building in front of me. I guessed about fifteen footers were hitting the ship at an angle on the port side coming at us.

I decided to hit the infirmary, so I put on some clothes and headed on down in the elevator. Wasn't surprised to see a line, a big line. And right in front of me was April, and a few spaces in front of her was Kyota. Seems Heather and Sinya are a bit under the weather as well. April said she felt queasy, but not sick enough to toss her cookies. She also told me that John and Steve are in their own cabin, and that they're sick as dogs. I chuckled on that one.

It took twenty minutes to get the sea-sickness medicine, as well as some of the patches. I first took some to my friends, since they were only a deck above the infirmary. Talk about a stench when I opened the door. Steve wasn't too bad, but poor John. They thanked me, and then I went back to my suite. I found both girls moaning, and it seemed that one or the other or both tried to upchuck again. I gave each a pill, and then put a patch on they're chest, right above their breast. I started to go lay down on the couch, but Sarah asked me to join them, saying the bed is big enough for all three of us.

Aw what the hell, I should know better, but I stripped down and crawled under the covers. The medicine took about thirty minutes to kick in, and I brought about three doses each, knowing it will be a long night. Both girls, Sarah on my right and Kayla on my left, snuggled up against me, and in about forty minutes, both were out like a light. I ended up reading and nursing a hell of an erection, as I felt their smooth bodies up against mine.

Ended up dispensing all three doses. Sure was glad I wasn't working the infirmary. By daybreak we were at St John's Island and docked, so the motion was gone, as was the storm. I slept pretty good, except for when the girls woke me for more medicine. I got up about eight, and called room service for some toast for the girls, as well as some water, as I knew they wouldn't be wanting to eat much. After that arrived, I headed down to have breakfast, ran into Kyota, and we went together. Looked like more than half the passengers got sick.

April was there, so we ate with her. She asked how Sarah was, as well as Kayla and Sinya. Kyota said she'll be fine, she'll be staying in bed today, though.

After breakfast, we went back to the suites and checked on the women. Sarah ate some toast, and Kayla nibbled at it. Both were wearing robes, and both had some color back. They both said that they would stay on the boat today, as they were worn out. I checked on Kyota, and he and I decided to head into port, leaving Sinya in my suite.

As we were disembarking, we found April, so she joined us. We went into town and did some site-seeing. Eventually, we entered a jewelry store. Kyota bought his wife a diamond necklace, and a bracelet to match. He suggested I buy Sarah something, and I did, a pair of earrings, set with rubies. This set me back a bit, especially when I bought the matching necklace and bracelet. My bill came to almost a grand. April had a say in what to pick out. We both chipped in and bought Kayla a sapphire necklace. Well, I sort of chipped in. I gave a hundred, he paid the other eight. Kyota then turned around and had April pick out something for her and her sister. She pointed at something cheap, and he said no, to pick from the display case that we bought pieces from. There were gold and silver chains and diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious gems. Her eyes sparkled, as she looked it all over. She picked out two emerald pendants on fine gold chains. Each were about seven hundred dollars. Kyota purchased them and handed them to her as we left the store.

We went on back to the ship, as it was past noon. We found all four girls on the sun deck, working on that complete tan. Kyota and I left April there and we went back to the suite, placing the jewelry in or respective room safes. We did tell April not to tell the others about the gifts.

Got back to the others by two. Found that they had eaten well, and that Sarah and Sinya are getting the hang of communicating to each other. After Kyota and I stripped down and joined them, Sarah said "Sinya was hoping so much to go ashore today, she heard there are fine jewelry stores here."

I grimaced, and said "Oh, well that’s terrible, they're just about ready to leave port. Wish we had more time."

She handed me a beer, as I laid back, as she asked "Did you buy anything?"

I sipped my beer, eyeing April out of the corner of my eye, she was keeping a straight face, good girl. "Oh, not really, bought a t-shirt for each of my kids." Which is true, she seen the bag. I really hadn't told her about my kids yet, may do that tonight. Of course, last night, she really wasn't into talking.

Kyota said "Oh yeah, I made arrangements," he took a drink from a beer that Sarah had given him also, "Kayla, you and the girls will be having dinner with us tonight, late seating, if that’s okay with the girls." He was looking at April, she caught the hint, as she said "Sure, we'll be there." before the other two could say anything.

I asked "Have you seen my friends today?"

Heather frowned "Yes, they were busy talking with a couple of blondes down at the pool earlier."

Uh-oh, trouble in paradise. "Those bastards," April said, "Give them a taste and then they go their merry way." Oh shit, nothing like a woman scorned. I may have to talk to those two. What a pair of morons. I felt the ship bump, we're leaving port.

"Well, we're on our way, probably got an hour of good sun left, I'm going to use it!" I said as I laid back into the chair. The others agreed, and the conversations were small and brief for an hour or so.

Then, as the sun got lower, the girls were in heated conversation about some rock star, as Kyota nudged me, saying "Come on."

I got up with him, as we pulled on our trunks, Sarah asked "Where you going?"

Kyota said "We're going to try the casino after we get dressed, we'll meet you ladies in the dining room at eight." He then said something to Sinya in Japanese. She nodded her head yes. I noticed April crack a slight smile, but then went back to a straight face.

Once out of ear shot, he said "Lets go get the presents, I've an idea." we were on our way when we passed Steve and John. We stopped as Steve asked "Hey Mat, where are April and Heather?"

I chuckled, "Well, they're up on the sun deck at the fantail, bitching about you two talking with some blondes."

The color went from their faces. Steve mumbled "Oh shit." and then asked "Are they mad?" Kyota laughed at that comment.

I answered them, "Seems they didn't like being cheated on, even if it was a one-night stand."

"Ah come on, Matt. We were just talking to a couple of women at lunch, we didn't even get their names, much less their room numbers." said John.

"Well," I said "You better offer a peace offering, if you want another piece this trip. And pay more attention to them, for christ sakes. Shit, you two dumbasses were out gambling together right after you got up yesterday." They had their heads hanging now, the poor babies. I looked up behind them and could see April and Sarah up on the sun deck looking as I talked to them by the pool on the lido deck.

"They're having dinner with us, tonight, if you want to make amends." I told them. They both mumbled something, and they walked away.

Kyota said "Think they'll go for it."

I laughed, "They're American men and horny, they'll go for it."

Once we got to our suites, we dressed into formal attire, and got out the gifts. Kyota had me put names on the boxes for the three girls, as he put names on the ones for his wife and Kayla. We then went to the casino and played for about three hours. My luck was with me, as I played blackjack and actually stayed ahead. I ended up winning a hundred. Kyota won about the same, we must be hot. At seven-thirty, we went to the dinning room, and talked to the matr'de. Arrangements were made.

We then went to the lounge for a drink, I bought my new friend a beer. Didn't talk much, just about what we did for a living. He's an executive for a factory in Osaka. I told him my occupation, a supervisor at a factory in Kankakee, Illinois. That I was divorced with two children. He told me he married Sinya ten years ago, first marriage for both. Since they both married late in life, they didn't bother with children, with she already being over forty. I told him she could pass for thirty-five. He liked that.

Finally, it was five to eight, and we got up and made our way to the dinning room. We stopped to see the matre'de again, handing him the gifts, and a fifty, and he handed us the name cards. We went and found they weren't there at the table yet, and we set the name cards down. Soon, all five women showed up, and April and Heather had big smiles on their faces.

Except for April, they had puzzled looks on their faces when they seen the name tags. I sat on one side at an end, Kyota on the other end, two seats between us. Sinya sat next to him, and Sarah to me, as the girls sat from left to right April, Kayla and Heather, and an empty seat.

Sarah whispered and asked about the name tags, I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders. April blurted out "Look what Steve got me" as she showed off a bracelet, it was a nice one, and the one that Heather showed off matched it, as she said "John got me one, too. We're meeting them after dinner in the lounge." They were rather excited, but I could tell April was even more excited because she knew what was up, even though we didn't tell her our plans.

The first and second courses went by quickly, followed by the main course. After that was cleared away, our waiter came back and announced "Now, we have the special dessert on it's way that was requested by Mr. Yishinga." He went and came back with five covered trays, as he started to set them down, a name on each one, in front of the women. Once in place, he said "Ladies, please enjoy your dessert." With that, each woman lifted the lid to find a box with their name on it. I saw April smile, as she blurted out "I can't stand it any longer, I went shopping with them and helped pick out some things for everyone."

They all looked at her, as Kayla translated to her aunt. Sinya was the first to open her gift, and her face brightened as she pulled the necklace out. The other girls ohhhed and awed. Then April and Heather opened theirs, followed by Kayla. The three younger ladies immediately put their new jewelry on.

Sarah looked at her box, I noticed a tear on her eye, I said "Well, you going to open it, or am I going to have to mail it back."

"Come on Sarah," Said April, "Open it."

She picked it up and opened it, and when she saw the earrings, necklace and bracelet, she let out an "Oh my." She turned and embraced me, kissing me passionately. I gave her a napkin as she wiped the tears away. She turned to me, as she picked up the ruby necklace and asked "How much did..."

I put my finger to her lip, shushing her up. She kissed me again, and the others clapped. Well, looks like I will get lucky tonight. We all got up to leave, Sarah at my side, and Kayla and the girls behind me, followed by Kyota and Sinya, who was babbling in Japanese, kissing her husband.

The three girls took off for the disco, as us older folk headed for a lounge. Once there, we talked for awhile, I told Sarah more about myself, and she told me some things about her. Kyota ordered plum wine, which tasted great. After about an hour, we decided to cash it in, as we got up to go. We passed a bathroom, and the two women went in, wearing their new jewelry proudly. As they were in there, Kyota handed me something and said "Here, you might need some of this."

It was a pill, I looked rather puzzled, as he said "Something I picked up when we were in Nassau, give it a try, it's viagra."

I laughed, stuck it in my pocket for later, as he laughed with me after I said "Yeah, I just might need it." The girls came out of the rest room, and we made our way back up to our respective suites. Kyota smiled and said "Good Luck." And I laughed, as Sarah blushed.

We no sooner entered the room and closed the door and she was all over me, kissing me passionately. I returned the passion, smothering her face and neck with kisses, as my hand found the zipper on her back, as I unzipped her dress. Her hands were busy, unbuckling my belt and opening up my trousers. I happened to look at the clock, ten-thirty. I pulled her dress down, uncovering her bra covered breasts, and pulled the bra down, releasing them from their confines. I then remembered the pill, and I whispered "Um, bathroom.." I moved towards it, with her hands gripping my meat, and I chuckled and said " Sarah..I got to go..."

She stopped, and smiled, and said "Okay, but don't be long". I entered and closed the door, noticed the razor on the sink, didn’t remember leaving it there. I pissed, reached for the pill, and swallowed it down with some water. Hope this works.

Exiting the bathroom, she was totally nude, except for the jewelry I just gave her tonight, laying on top of the bed, legs spread. But what caught my eye was what was missing between her legs. I now knew why the razor was out, as her pussy was clean shaven. I looked at her face, and she was smiling. I ripped off my shirt as I jumped on the bed, burying my face in her freshly shaven snatch.

She said "Oh, you must like it, huh big boy."

I mumbled a yes, as my mouth was glued to her cunt, lapping up her sweet nectar. I shoved a finger up her hot cunt, causing her to stir, then another, then a third. She started bucking her hips in time with my tongue lashing on her clit. I felt my cock growing, although I didn't think the pill could have taken effect yet. I sucked and licked for about ten minutes, as I felt her orgasm building. I knew it was going to be a big one, and when she cried out, I thought for sure security would be called.

As her orgasm subsided, I kept up my assault with my tongue and fingers, adding one up her asshole. There was some resistance at first, but she relaxed, as I started to finger fuck her pussy and ass. She was moaning and grunting, as another orgasm, this one not as strong, swept her body. I could see her boobs shake as she reached her peak. When she caught her breath, she reached down with her hands and grabbed my head, saying "Come up for air and fuck me!"

She was smiling, and I crawled up her body, taking time to tease her by sucking on her breasts. My cock was about to explode, and I knew I wasn't going to last long. As I entered her tight cunt, I only managed about ten strokes before I stiffened and sent a torrent of come into her womb. I didn't stop thrusting though, as I kept up the same pace. I felt my cock was hard, maybe it does work fast. Looked at the clock, ten-fifty-five, should be kicking in.

With my cock still in, I sat up, bringing my knees up along her hips, and grabbed her tits. She took her legs and wrapped them around my waist, digging her heels into my ass, as I started a good pounding. She started mumbling about how fucking good it felt, as I could sense she was about there again. My cock felt like her cunt was going to yank it from my body, as she came again, her head thrown back as she and mouth open, letting out a low, long moan.

I think the pill took effect by now, as I was very hard, and no sense of urgency. I kept up the pace, as she said "'re so fucking big...god damn..." She was panting, as I was fucking the wind out of her. She opened her eyes and said "Lets roll over." We did, with my prick staying in her comfy hole. She was s

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