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Chained Cheerleader 1.

The biggest problem Phil Jenkins faced in running the Del Mar
Theater in the small coastal town of Pacific Gardens,
population 16,523, was not the attendance. In spite of the
local drive-in, the only movie house in town did a packed
business every night.
Phil's problem was not outraged parents, either. The Del Mar
showed only wholesome family entertainment, and tonight
featured a Clint Eastwood Western and a Walt Disney frolic,
which always packed them in.
The real problem Phil Jenkins faced at the age of forty-two
was hot, innocent and eager young pussy. Like the gum-chewing
angel now facing him across his desk in his private office in
the Del Mar.
"I know there aren't any openings for usherettes right now,
Mr. Jenkins," Sally sighed, her tits surprisingly ripe for her
age. "What I mean is, I wanna be put on the waiting list. Ginny
is gonna be married next month, right? And you're gonna need
someone to take her place, right?"
Phil swallowed hard and nodded, his huge cock straining
fiercely at his pants. It would take a saint to resist getting
the biggest hard-on of his life while gazing at Sally's small
wet mouth, which she licked repeatedly. Although the little
blonde had the face of an angel and the body of a sex-goddess
in the making -- give her two more years and boys would shoot
off in their pants just gaping at her -- Sally's reputation,
even for a hick town like Pacific Gardens, was notorious.
It was common knowledge that Sally went down on the entire
school football team when they won the county championship last
month. Phil's son, Don, had told him that, the kid grinning
broadly as he admitted Sally gave a terrific blowjob. And she
fucked like a mink in heat.
If it was hell to be called the town nympho at her tender
age, Sally was totally unaware of it. She was, in fact, proud
of her wild reputation. Her mother was a divorcee, who also
fucked like a mad dog in heat, rumor had it. Her mother didn't
give a damn what Sally did with her cute ass as long as she got
passing grades in school.
The trouble with living in a small town was that everyone
knew everyone else's business, if not today, then tomorrow for
certain. Phil Jenkins was acutely aware of this as he faced the
hot-titted little blonde in his office this night, at a little
after nine p.m.
If Phil succumbed to temptation and rammed his massive prick
up Sally's juicy little cunt, it would be flashed around town
before the sun's rays met the shimmering Pacific on the edge of
town tomorrow morning.
At forty-two, Phil was in superb physical shape, lean, still
powerfully muscled, ruggedly good-looking, and hung like an
angry bull. He had long ago made it a firm rule never to touch
the local jail-bait, largely out of fear of parental
retaliation. What the hell, he had plenty of ass on the side,
mainly neighbors' wives. He also got a working girl or two
occasionally, usually in their early twenties.
While Pacific Gardens was not Peyton Place, it had its full
share of swapping and adultery. But Phil prided himself on
being a strong family man. Sure, he got his quota of hot pussy
on the side, but he was still justifiably proud of his
beautiful wife, his handsome son, and above all, his gorgeous
teenage daughter, whom he was convinced was still cherry. A
good girl, Cindy, the apple of his eye. There was just one
Lately Phil had been tormented by feverishly obscene
fantasies about his lovely daughter, not just fucking her -- if
it were only that, he could sleep more peacefully at night --
but doing every conceivable lewd act with her ripe, tawny young
body, from eating her golden thighs like a starving beast to
raping her luscious ass to fucking her sensuous mouth.
For a start.
And now as Phil faced gum-chewing, shining-eyed young Sally
just a year younger than his own hotly sexy daughter, Phil
realized there was a strong similarity between the two girls.
Only physically, of course, because his daughter was a virgin,
not a town tramp.
What harm would there be in breaking his firm rule just this
one time? He could plow his urgently pounding prick savagely
into Sally's young cunt, and pretend it was Cindy. He might
even eat her luscious little pussy, too, although the thought
that half the boys in town had shot their wads there made the
idea unappetizing.
And as Sally faced Phil, she sensed his rising lust like a
fox sniffing a nearby meal. Not exactly over-endowed with
brains, Sally nevertheless could tell at once when a boy or a
man found her sexy, and could always tell when they had a
tremendous hard-on, even though she couldn't see Phil's behind
his desk. Little giveaway signs, like a flushed face, and
constantly shifting his ass in his seat to ease the discomfort
of his madly throbbing cock, and the way that vein pounded in
his forehead, like he was going to burst a blood vessel if he
didn't get his rocks off soon.
Because Sally had a simple mind, trapped for life in a lushly
curved body, she had only one burning goal right now: To get a
job at the Del Mar. The fringe benefits were terrific in a hick
town like this. You could let your friends in free, and Sally
had more boyfriends than she could count on her pocket
calculator. You could see all the movies free, eat all the
popcorn and candy you could steal, and in addition to your
salary, you got whatever cash you could steal when you worked
the candy counter or the box office.
It was also glaringly obvious to Sally that the fastest,
simplest way to persuade Mr. Jenkins to hire her was to trade
her hot, eager young mouth and juicy cunt for a job. After all,
she'd fucked almost every boy in school for nothing, or for the
price of a movie and a pizza and a few beers and some grass, so
it seemed like more than a fair trade to the hot young swinger.
But Sally's problem was also obvious.
Mr. Jenkins wanted her all right, so badly in fact his eyes
bulging and he was practically jerking off behind his desk. But
he was afraid, because he was a married man and he thought his
wife or his kids would find out. Sally hastened to reassure him
in her own direct way.
She got out of her chair and went around the desk, and simply
sat on Jenkins' lap. She blinked her wide green eyes up at him
innocently, but the way Sally squirmed her hot plump asscheeks
into his pounding hard-on was not typical of naive adolescents.
Then she put her arms around his neck.
"I like you, Mr. Jenkins," she said girlishly, grinding her
lewdly into his immense hard prick. "Like a daughter, I mean. I
don't have a father," she added softly. "I mean, a girl like me
needs a lot of affection, Mr. Jenkins. You've got a daughter
about my age, huh? I know Cindy and I like her a lot," Sally
hurried on, wondering if he was going to explode his burning
jism in his pants. He was sweating profusely now, holding
himself back with an effort.
At that point Jenkins was trying desperately to argue himself
out of fucking Sally Owens. He was a solid businessman in this
town, well-known, respected, the owner of the local movie
house, the provider for a fine, handsome family. It was one
thing to get your action from other neighbors' willing wives
and, once in a while, a horny secretary or bank teller. But it
was a pussy of a different color to screw around with a mere
Even if she was a nympho. And one of the hottest, sexiest
little girls he'd ever seen. With an ass so silky and ripe
through her jeans, he knew he had to ram her there, after he
had fucked her sultry little mouth and luscious pussy.
With child-like directness, Sally decided to get to the point
at once.
"Gee, I'd love to go down on you," Sally whispered in his
"It feels like a monster! I'd just love to suck off a real man
for a
change, Mr. Jenkins ... mmmmm! That feels so big and hot ...
Hearing the obscene words purr out of that child-like mouth
burst the last of Jenkins' precarious control. He grabbed her
heaving tits through her thin T-shirt and squeezed, his breath
coming in rasps as Sally made lewd fucking motions with her
succulent ass.
"It'll be out secret, honest, Mr. Jenkins," Sally whispered,
reaching down between her legs for his huge prick. "I'll never
tell a soul, you don't have to worry! And you can have it any
time you want, Mr. Jenkins, even if I'm working out there." She
gestured to the lobby outside his office, where the booming
voices from the movie could be heard. "All you gotta do is call
me in your office, and I'll do anything you want, anything ..."
With the deft movements of a swinger far beyond her years,
Sally had unzipped his fly while she talked and she now
uncoiled his long, quivering rod. The blonde sucked in her
breath. God, that was a giant!
Sally quickly climbed off his lap and in one swift movement
whipped off her T-shirt. Her plump tits sprang forth, their
dusky nipples fat with excitement. Then she stripped her jeans
off, and for a minute just stood before Jenkins stark naked,
her tawny flesh luminous with pure sex, her curly nest of cunt-
hairs glistening with her juices. With lewd cunning, Sally
cupped her tits in her fingers and rotated them, licking her
lips at the stunned theater owner.
In a grown woman, the lusty gestures might have been
ridiculous, a satire on a porno movie. On a plump-titted, ripe-
assed, golden-skinned young teenager, the teasing ritual was so
tremendously exciting Jenkins felt his cock leap, and a huge
drop of cream oozed out of his crimson knob.
"Want me to take your pants off?" Sally whispered, her eyes
gleaming on his massive cock.
At last Jenkins spoke. "I'll do it, Sally," he said in a
hoarse croak. He stood up, talking while he stripped naked.
"Listen, honey, you can start work here tomorrow night, but,
goddammit, one word of this and I'll be ruined! Understand?
I've got enemies in this town, business rivals, and if they
ever found out I screwed a young girl, it'll be my ass, my dick
and my balls -- got it?"
Sally nodded quickly, flushed with triumph. She was already
letting in hordes of her boyfriends free, gorging herself with
free candy and popcorn and pilfering from the cash register.
What really bothered Jenkins as he stripped was not so much
the fear of exposure with Sally. It was his violent, maddening
hunger for his own luscious daughter, and once he got into a
tight, juicy young cunt like Sally's, he'd be hooked on tender
young pussy like a drug.
And wouldn't be satisfied until he gave into every bizarre
urge with his own sexy daughter.
But as Jenkins drank in Sally's ripe tits and softly rounded
belly and plump, hot thighs, the entire police force of Pacific
Gardens couldn't have torn him loose if they marched into his
office right now with riot guns.
Now Sally practically pushed him back into his desk chair,
and in the next movement dropped to her knees between his hairy
thighs. She seized his throbbing meat in her tight fist and
guided her lips onto it, moaning deep in her throat.
And then began the blowjob of Jenkins' life, a work of savage
art that made every other blowjob he'd had seem like stale
pussy in comparison. Even his own wife, no slouch when it came
to sucking him off, couldn't match the fire and eagerness and
sheer ravenous greed of the teenager's boiling mouth.
Sally didn't just suck a man off. She used her imagination to
its wanton hilt, ripping her teeth gently across the surface of
his long prick to make him gasp in surprise, flicking her wet
tongue across his knob like a lusty whip, jerking his cock in
her fist all the while to coax his jism, nibbling, sucking,
kissing, lapping, stinging Jenkins' meat with every fiber of
her sexy young flesh.
"Oh Christ, oh shit, oh wow, Sally!" groaned Jenkins, dazed
at the burning assault. She used her fiery lips and tongue like
a silken mad cunt on his rod, bobbing and waving her head to
roll his cock around her mouth. Jenkins held her head in a
tight grip, but it wasn't necessary to lunge with his hips. She
was doing virtually all the work, and it was a pure labor of
love for the hot little nympho.
Sally was a born cocksucker who discovered her natural gift
four years earlier, when she greedily went down on one of her
mother's boyfriends while her mother was out getting more
liquor. From the moment the man shot off in her mouth, making
her gag with his salty flood, Sally was hooked for eternity on
oral sex.
She lost her cherry a year later to the next-door neighbor,
who also happened to be fucking Sally's mother, along with half
the men in the block. And from that moment on, it seemed that
the budding blonde's entire life revolved around having
something huge and hot in either her mouth, her pulsing pussy
or her tingling asshole.
She'd lost that cherry the same year, to still another
And when Sally went down on a man, she did it with the
concentration of total genius. Her mind simply ceased to
function, because her entire being was riveted to the thick,
gorging meat filling her aching mouth.
Staring down at the young blonde in astonishment, Jenkins
felt his jism beginning to boil up in a tight knot in his
loins. What an incredible little cocksucker! He had the
shocking sensation he'd plugged his dick into an electric
socket as Sally moaned and sucked and jerked on his brick-hard
rod, intent only on getting Jenkins' rocks off.
The youngest pussy Jenkins had ever had in his life was his
own wife, at sixteen. And while she was wild and eager and
juicy, she didn't have the mad animal passion of Sally Owens,
or the wanton skill, or the feverish, obscene joy of the
moaning blonde.
And even as Sally slid her ripe lips back and forth furiously
on his cock, Jenkins wondered if the lust-crazed nympho had
ever made it with another girl, and the depraved image of the
naked little blonde going down on his own daughter, Cindy,
flashed in his mind, and Jenkins groaned and held onto Sally's
head tightly as his cum began to spurt in fierce torrents into
her throat.
A muffled scream of happiness erupted in Sally's mouth as the
boiling jism gushed out at violent intervals. She gulped
rapidly and expertly, milking his cock furiously in her hot
fist, feeling that strange tremor, like a climax, race through
her lips and tongue and throat.
When there were only a few drops left to suck up, she quickly
withdrew her lips and held his prick upright in her fist and
darted her pink tongue out to scoop up each molten drop in a
slow, lascivious ritual that brought a sharp gasp from Jenkins'
"Oh, shit, Sally, you're a hot, loving angel!" Jenkins
groaned, lifting her up by her armpits and placing her on his
lap, facing him. She put her arms around his neck, exactly the
way his daughter used to when she was younger, to cuddle
innocently, but Sally rubbed her burning tits feverishly into
his chest and undulated her dripping cunt on his limp rod.
"That was wild," Sally sighed, hugging his soft cock in her
fingers, pressing it to her throbbing crotch. "Can I smoke a
cigarette now, Mr. Jenkins?"
"Call me Phil," he grinned, reaching beyond her to get a
cigarette from his pack. He lit it and handed it to her,
watching her inhale childishly. He felt his dick begin to
stiffen sharply beneath her squirming, luscious pussy and hot
stroking fingers.
Squeezing her silky moist tits in his fingers, Jenkins
realized he was now suddenly and thoroughly hooked on the
little nympho. With that realization also came the sharp
knowledge that he could have her any time and anywhere. She was
so young and naive she thought being an usherette at the Del
Mar was glamorous, for Christ's sake, because she got to wear a
flashy red uniform and let her friends in free. He knew she'd
pilfer as much candy and popcorn and petty cash as she could
get away with and the thought amused him.
She'd steal maybe two-bucks' worth of popcorn and candy a
night, let five or six friends in free, and pilfer perhaps four
or five dollars a night.
And she'd just given him a blowjob worth a million dollars in
wild satisfaction, the hottest, most lascivious, hungriest
blowjob of his entire life!
He didn't tell Sally he'd have to fire someone else to make
room for her, but that was no problem. The brunette who was
getting married next month could go. Shit, he'd fire them all
if he had to, to make room for this juicy little mink!
"Mmmmmmm," Sally purred, feeling his prick get hot and stiff
against her eager cuntlips, "you're gonna spoil me, Mr.
Jenkins! Boys don't have cocks like this. A lot of men in this
town don't either!"
"Call me Phil," he reminded her, wondering which men she'd
fucked. Just in case it might pay to have knowledge like that.
Although Jenkins was well-liked by most of the businessmen in
town, he had about a half-dozen enemies, mostly men whose wives
he'd fucked.
Fuck them, he thought dryly, that was their problem. If a man
couldn't keep his wife satisfied in bed, she had a right to
seek action elsewhere.
Take his own sexy wife, for example. Jenkins trusted his
voluptuous wife to the hilt. And why not? He kept her serviced
regularly, and over the years her demands had lessened. She
was, after all, the perfect wife and mother, content, glowing
with happiness, proud of her handsome family.
If Jenkins knew the truth at that moment as the luscious,
naked teenage nympho moaned hotly on his lap and began guiding
his thick, fleshy cock deep inside her sucking pussy, his
erection would have toppled over like a drunken soldier.
His wife was indeed content, sexy, and glowing with
But it had very little to do with her husband.
It had everything to do with a ravishing young nurse she'd
met one month before.
As well as the nurse's boyfriend ...

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