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Cheating wife

Leo McKern paced the room with that restless rapacious stride of his. "I tell you those buns were so firm I wanted to grab that sweet little ass and rip those pants off her and fondle that sweet ass right there in the store!"

Mona McKern glanced up from the floor where she lay sprawled on the thick nap of the rug in a housecoat, smoking a cigarette and reading the Sunday paper. Her dark attractive face split in a smile. "Listen to the bull in heat."

Leo puffed on his cigarette and nodded, his hand brushing his forehead and felt the ragged edges of a hangover ramming away in his brain. He swung behind the portable bar that was almost always set up in their bedroom, and decided to fix himself a Bloody Mary, a little hair of-the-dog theory, for breakfast and he mixed two drinks, making them both fairly strong and padded barefoot back to his wife, handing her one without a word. "God damn, she got me hot. I can't wait to throw it into that little broad!"

Mona drank, slaking her rampant thirst brought on by too much partying the night before. A dark shapely brunette just turned thirty one, she took good care of her sultry good looks. She looked up at her husband through dark lashes, smiling at him. "You horny bastard!" she said with a begrudging kind of tolerance. She smiled at Leo, loving him in her way, realizing he gave her everything and asked nothing of her but that she behave the way she liked to anyway! She knew him to be a generous and kind man, rewarding her with whatever physical pleasure and possession he could. Nothing was denied her, not even men. Her long lovely body sprawled relaxed on the rug, her lovely legs showing out of her gown.

Leo McKern looked down at his wife and smiled that tough cynical smile at her. Leo also had whatever he wanted, getting his way by incredible guile and charm when he had to, wits when they were needed, intelligence that hid behind a rough exterior and with his fists when necessary, hammering his way to whatever bloody goal he had struck out for. He got whatever he wanted by hook or crook. Now, at forty, he had approached the summit of his manhood and stood straight and heavy and cunning and tough. Next year some paunch would show, this year he was as hard as stone, working out in the gym every day, swimming laps in the pool every day, running his company and chain of stores with a charming reckless kind of native humor and intelligence.

Leo McKern was the earthy president and principle stock holder of a closed corporation which ran a chain of outlet food stores in Southern California. His brand of take-out food and prices struck a public fancy and Leo soon found himself wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, selling franchises for a lucrative figure then selling the food to the franchises. Leo loved every successful dollar-drenched minute of it. He drove a custom-built Imperial and enjoyed his empire and power.

Leo's gimmick was so simple yet successful. The old car-hop idea revived with the girls serving the customer clad in hot pants and a vivid orange blouse that showed plenty of cleavage. And the girl's that worked for Leo had plenty of cleavage. Leo saw to that. He retained the right to hire and fire the help, acting as a kind of universal personnel manager, he traveled the state, interviewing hiring and training the girls.

Leo was no fool. He knew he had to have something more than his labor-market competitors in order to attract good looking girls who were willing to show off a little of their bodies and figures in return for good pay. Leo paid top dollar to start and had all kinds of promotional and incentive plans for the girls. A girl with ambition and a good case of the smarts could combine them with her figure and come out with a good weeks salary.

Leo was no fool. He simply was a little less greedy, settling for a lesser slice of the pie.

Once young men saw the quality of the service, once one of those young lovelies was glimpsed striding toward a car in bright orange hot pants; smiling, their bodies glowing with slim health and youth; once young men saw this and once word got around, Leo's take-out stores were doing a Standing Room Only business all over the state and Leo got his picture and a brief write-up in Time as one of the "new" executives that were springing up in Southern California, land of the Birchers and Cults... Disneyland... Plastic.

Leo McKern rode his simple plan to the top. He was now secure and deeply entrenched throughout the state. He could expand at any time. For the time being, he was content to travel the state, taking care of the business of personnel.

The McKerns had a modern marriage, free and easy on the rules and morals. Mona never asks him what he has done on his frequent trips and he never asks her what she has done with her nights when he is away. In fact, they don't have to ask. They tell one another. Leo is telling Mona of having hired a new girl for a franchise outside of Bakersfield.

He sips on his Bloody Mary and continues.

"I'm going to get that little bitch and fuck her silly."

Mona chuckles. "All right, why tell me?"

Leo looks down at his wife on the floor. She is bored and turns back to the comics. She hasn't seen or really heard about Carol Hunnicutt. She assumes that she is just another of his conquests. Leo kept his finger in the personnel end of the business as an outlet for his all-consuming lechery and lust. Mona had been around a lot before she had met Leo, had once run with a fast Las Vegas crowd. In all of her exercise she had never met anyone or even heard of anyone like Leo McKern. A living fucking machine, an endless insatiable prick ramming for more! She was glad when he was diverted, giving her a chance for rest, for just being alone in comfort or being alone with someone new. More and more, it was a looking forward to someone "new" and "different".

They finally admitted to one another that their lives were far out by any standards and Leo threw all caution to the wind and began inventing circumstances that were wild and had some element of danger. The two of them found their nights filled with long hours of ecstatic pleasure as they dared one obscenity after another.

Soon, it was not enough to dare together. Others had to be involved. Leo came home one night with a bundle of underground newspapers and the two of them lay in bed reading the sex ads and deciding which ones to answer.

They picked a couple of similar background and age and answered an ad, posing naked for Polaroid shots of each other and, hearts beating, they mailed off an answer to a "swap ad" along with snapshots of their naked and excited bodies.

The first time at a swap party had been an experience that changed Leo and Mona's lives forever. Once they had swapped and rushed home to leap in bed and tell each other about it while their hands roamed. They found their sex life together all the more rich and lustful once they could admit "swapping". Once they could tell each other all the little details and, above all, once they could admit to enjoying sex with someone else, they could never turn back.

Leo, with his audacious executive mind, decides be will form his own club, that he and Mona will advertise for couples and select the ones that arouse or interest them. They will keep the dub selective and strive to make it utterly depraved.

It isn't long before he's arranging a club and completely refitting the game room of their home in Beverly Hills. Leo has the ceiling done completely in mirrors, giving the room the dizzying effect of being twice as high as it really is. All four walls turned into movie screens and, by the use of multi-projectors, he was able to film four separate movies at the same time.

Their sex lives grew by degrees, each step with the thrill of knowing there was no turning back, they went from swapping to outright orgies when their mirrored playroom would show four separate hard core porno films while Leo and Mona and their chosen friends lolled in lewdness as they abandoned themselves to whatever whim of the moment.

As their sex lives grew, Leo became more selective, having some girls scored for "good for one time only" to others he made a regular road-trip kind of thing of on up to the top: admission to a select but swinging club over which Leo ruled with a lustful abandon. His word was law until somebody was man enough to challenge him. His word was anathema and no one ever dared his bold plans.

Their club was a sybarites dream come true with every pleasure one could want. The floor of their playroom was thickly carpeted and strewn with pillows and low-slung couches where one could lie back and look up to see themselves -- and everyone else in the room -- mirrored on the ceiling above. There were times when Mona would look up at the ceiling and see naked bodies writhing and see the mirrored movies of cunts and cocks and sucking and fucking going on all around her and not be able to tell one from the other!

Many times she watched herself in home movies made by Leo, movies in which she had acted like a gleeful slut as Leo ordered her to do one obscenity after another.

Time went by quickly and on an active level for the McKerns and they found themselves bored with what they had at hand and more and more attracted to that which was dangerous or classified as still forbidden fruit. It was Leo who proposed to his club members that each couple had to recruit another couple and had exactly thirty days in which to deliver. Failure to introduce a new couple would result in expulsion from the club. Then he turned around and announced that he and Mona would volunteer to bring the first couple in. The sheer audacity of his rule and volunteering had made the couples catch fire. It had been one of the best nights in a long time.

Even back then, Leo had his eye on Carol Hunnicutt. Leo was shrewd about women, instinctively knowing just how far he could go with each one. Until Carol Hunnicutt came on the scene. He wanted badly to hire her the moment he laid eyes on her. Tall, a willowy blonde with slim waist and big breasts, she was slim of hip and sleek looking.

But it was her face that got to Leo. It was so beautiful the way fine porcelain or china is beautiful and her cheekbones curved like ivory and all her features were clear and precise the way good breeding shows on a face and Leo was attracted and immediately wanted to get his hands on all that fine good haughty breeding and actually watch it turn lewd and begging under him. In no time, he would have her crawling on her hands and knees, committing all kinds of obscenities.

It wasn't until a week later that he got out to Bakersfield and watched Carol working at the store, sauntering from car to car, smiling, her hips wiggling on a slow tantalizing way, her face glacial and respectful. She cocks a cold eyebrow whenever a customer tries to get fresh, silencing them with a frosty stare.

Leo had been watching her since he first saw her and hired her on the spot. He carefully read over what her manager wrote of her in the monthly reports. In no time at all, Carol was the top money earner of her store. Leo sat many a time in his big black Imperial, quietly watching Carol as she worked the cars, smiling, being polite and warm, bending over just enough as she took the order, letting them get a good look at her cleavage.

Leo had, been watching Carol and knew that she was clever and smart and, above all, ambitious. That, coupled with her good looks and divine form, made her more desirable all the time. Leo decided that Carol and her husband would be the couple he would recruit for the club on his own dare. Thirty days from that meeting, he would deliver a virgin couple to the club, a husband and wife who had never dreamed of swapping before!

And Carol Hunnicutt was the one Leo picked. The fact that he had never seen her husband and knew nothing about him didn't bother him at all. A check of company records told him his name was Robert. Leo chuckled. Probably called Bob or Bobby, he thought. His occupation was selling insurance. Leo shrugged. Bob or Robby or Robert Hunnicutt was no problem and nothing to worry about.

In Bakersfield, one week after having told the club, I sat in the tiny office of the local franchise and called in Carol Hunnicutt and watched her sit down and sell-consciously cross her legs and give him a friendly but remote smile. He grinned back at her. He was an attractive man in his own coarse and vulgar way. Other girls warned her that he was known for making a pass or telling a dirty joke. All sorts of stories were told about him. Carol found herself wary of him, believing that he was a nice if somewhat flashy man to work for.

"It's Mrs. Hunnicutt, isn't it?" He asked with a grin that was near a smirk.

"That's right," Carol answered with a firm smile. She tried to ignore his eyes roaming slowly over her body. They sat in silence for what seemed an interminable time until it seemed to Carol she must say something or a blush would spread over her face. His gaze was so bold and... brutal. There was something fascinatingly honest about the man. She opened her mouth to say something and Leo McKern spoke.

"I'm promoting you to the rank of manager, Mrs. Hunnicutt because of your excellent record so far. Naturally your extra duties and responsibilities will call for a hefty increase in salary and an over-ride on the business done here."

Carol's mouth fell open. "What!?"

"Needless to say, that over-ride can triple your take home pay. Congratulations, you've earned it by your attitude and sales. I wonder if you and Mr. Hunnicutt, your husband, Bob, isn't it? I wonder if I might take the two of you out to dinner tonight, in order to get to know the both of you better?"

Dumbly, Carol nodded her head. She was too shocked and numb to feel anything. All she could think of was how much the manager earned against what she earned now and the figure took her breath away. She would be earning more than Bob!

Leo had grinned back at her, knowing she had no idea what she was getting into. It was going to be so easy for him, a little bit at a time, one little concession leading to another. One little step after another that would culminate with him fucking her silly while her own husband stood by voluntarily and watched.

Leo grinned at her, his grin cool and hard and cocky as Carol let out a gasp of astonishment and said, "I don't know how to thank you!" Leo grinned and nodded.


It was a boring night for Leo but a necessary one. This was a night when he sized the husband up and measured one against the other and generally learned a lot about the couple that would help later.

The evening told him that Bob was a young good-looking kid full of ambition and a little nettled that his wife was now making more money than he was. The two men chatted of business and insurance and the thought entered Bob's mind of how nice it would be if he got to know a powerful man like Leo McKern. It could lead to all sorts of business, Leo introducing him as an expert. One man like Leo could land Bob a whole career!

Yet, he was his wife's employer and all he could do was politely answer Leo's questions. To him, Leo seemed an aggressive man who contained a great deal of his rage and energy and channeled it back in a gruff voice and a blunt way.

Leo stayed over the next day and spent hours alone with Carol, lecturing her on her new duties and trying, in every subtle way he could, to get closer to Carol.

He got exactly nowhere. Carol was polite but aloof and he ended the day frustrated. He spent an additional night alone in a motel room, brooding, then sleeping and rising the next day to go to the job and quiz and lecture Carol some more.

No matter how he probed and pried, Carol remained aloof and polite, an edge coming in her voice whenever Leo got too risque in his language.

He found himself back at home with Mona, facing a weekend and getting absolutely nowhere with young Carol Hunnicutt.

"Zero," he said to Mona, "Absolutely no reaction. Blank, zero, nothing. Ziltch. I lose. That snooty bitch wiggles that hot little ass all over the lot with every guy in the place watching from his car and I want to grab that ass and absolutely zero!"

"Serves you right." Mona, on the floor, had bent over the comics and is engrossed in reading Prince Valiant.

"Huh?" He gulps at his Bloody Mary and looked down at his wife. "Serves me what?"

"Serves you right."

"For what?"

"For taking yourself so God damned seriously."

He grinned down at her. "Maybe. Maybe I'm a lot funnier than you think I am. Maybe I got a plan which just flow comes to me." He grinned down at his wife. "Yeah, maybe it just now comes to me. This Carol Hunnicutt has got a very attractive husband."

"Mmmmmmmm?" Mona let her eyes narrow and her lips were wet as she smiled up at her husband, suddenly interested in what he had to say. She held her drink up and sipped at it, reading the message loud and clear in his eyes. "Leo," Mona smiled at him demurely. "Let's take these drinks to the bedroom, shall we?"

"Why you little whore!" Leo smiled, following behind her down the hallway. "You're about the most selfish thing alive. You always come first. I mention an attractive man and you right away get excited. Listen, I couldn't get anywhere with that bitch!"

"I don't see you lagging far behind love," Mona cooed, turning just inside the door and peeling her robe from her body seductively and dropping it to her feet. "Of course, if you'd rather not."

"Let's not get too hasty now," Leo replied quickly, his face flushing slightly as his eyes locked on his wife's full well-tanned body. "I think we can work something out. It's been a long non-productive weekend for me."

Mona smiled at him coyly and did a small pirouette in the center of the room before she walked softly to the huge double-king sized bed and lay down full in the center of it, spreading her limbs in a wide crucifixion position. She smiled lazily up at him without a word, just a seductive smile playing across her lips! Leo's breath sucked in slightly from the sudden excitement of the pose she had taken.

Damn, he thought, there's just no one else like her. His eyes, for the millionth time in their eight years of marriage, played over full well rounded curves and sent tiny ripples of desire running swiftly over the sensitive nerve-ends of his skin. His eyes roamed over the naked contours stretched out in anticipation before him.

They stopped for a moment on the high round breasts that were set so closely together, leaving room for the narrowest of valleys running between their magnificent firmness. He never failed to marvel at how they kept their shape at all times, in spite of their size.

He had seen Mona and took one look and a few months later he had shed his second wife with a divorce and the two of them had been together ever since. Nothing had changed since then and he still marveled at her each and every time he saw her in the nude. She was holding up pretty well for a thirty-one year old and if he weren't such a lecherous bastard, he mused silently to himself, he would never have to step out of the house. She was enough for any one man. His eyes flicked lower to the enticingly rounded, ivory-sheened lips that led to the delicious sweep of long, gradually rounded thighs. Between her slightly spread legs he could see clearly through the soft curling pubic hair covering her loins the fleshy pinkness of her vaginal slit glistening wetly in the dim light seeping through the curtains.

"Well, lover, are you going to stand there all day? Hand me my drink and get naked," His wife teased him, fully aware of the effect the licentious position of her body was having on him. She squirmed her buttocks down into the mattress, enjoying the power she was exerting over him by the lewd exhibition of her body and watching with secret satisfaction the changing expressions flickering across his lips.

"You little prick-tease," Leo growled, "You've gotten yourself a pile of trouble now and you just might not get out of it until tomorrow morning, if then."

He handed her the Bloody Mary and set his own on the table by the bed, pulling at the same time at his clothes. It took only a moment for them to fall quickly to the floor where he left them lying in a disorganized heap. He stood for a moment at the edge of the bed looking down at her naked form, spread waiting on the bed. His long thick penis stood out rigid beneath the slight paunch he was developing. Mona had risen to one elbow to take a long sip from the tall drink and was looking directly at his hardness.

"Mmmmmmmm," she said softly for effect, as she brought the glass down from her lips. "That didn't take long."

"No Ma'am. Old Daddy is ripe and ready right now. Open up wide honey, spread those long lovely legs of yours, I'm coming in fast." He grinned down at her taking the glass from her hand.

"Wait just one minute!" Mona said in a mocking tone as she rolled out of the way of his leap onto the bed. "You were going to tell me a bit about that blonde and her attractive husband and what you were going to do to her!" She gently fought her husband off, pleading, "Please, you know how it fires me up."

"Oh baby, come one," Leo good-naturedly pleaded. He knew it was a game and they played it often. He was ready now but knew she liked to be coaxed before the action began.

"Nope. No dory, no nookie," she said, squirming seductively just out of arm's reach across the bed.

"OK, OK, if that's the way you want it. I'll tell you how you're going to get your share too. Is that a deal?"

"Is it a deal!" She smiled wantonly, moving closer to him and stretching the full length of her body tightly against him. "It's the best part of the deal!"

"Well, it just might take you awhile to recover from what you're going to get in a second so I'll wait a few days to put it into effect."

"Don't you worry about me." His wife nuzzled against his ear. "You can bring him on this afternoon after I've taken care of you if you like. You never could last long enough to make me yell 'uncle'."

"We'll see about that later." He grinned over at her, taking her hand and pushing it down around the thickness of his upstanding penis. She began to stroke then massage it, rubbing the softness of his foreskin back and forth and then slipping her hand to his balls cradling softness in her palm. Leo groaned and gritted his teeth at her gentle ministrations of his testicles and penis.

"DO you want to hear the story or not?" he sputtered as she gave a gentle squeeze that sent shivers down his spine.

"Mmmmmmmm," she answered softly, "just amusing myself in the meantime."

"Well," Leo ground his teeth again and began. "I couldn't get anywhere with her. Up to a point, she's okay, beyond that she switches off. So, the way to get to her is through him. If we can get him in a position where he has to go along with it then we've got it made."

"And just how do you propose to do that?" his wife asked softly, continuing the gentle stroking of the loose foreskin up and down the length of his rod.

"That's going to be your job. Carol, his wife, is going to be away at his mother's for a few days starting tomorrow and I thought we might get him out for dinner and a few drinks and let you go to work on him. I can work out an excuse to get lost so he won't suspect anything and you can take it from there. Show him the playpen downstairs, that always works."

"Mmmmmmmm, I like. Gives inc a chance to show off my talents-and satisfy my maternal instincts all at the same time. You say he's young, huh?"

"About twenty four or five."

"And I like them young," she crooned gently. "Darling, for this you get a reward while you tell all about both of them."

His wife moved down the bed, trailing the soft moistness of her tongue and lips slowly across the flabbiness of his stomach. Her fingernails scratched lightly against his cock that reached yearningly up to the ceiling. Suddenly she was hovering on all fours with her face poised just above his prick until he could feel the hot air from her breath blowing close against it.

"Co on with the story, darling," she cooed seductively, "I'm waiting."

"And," Leo swallowed deeply as his wife hunched on all fours over his loins, stroking his hardness first with one hand and then between both of them at the same time. "You'll get him in the sack with you -- aaaaaaaaahhhhh."

He groaned and thrust his loins forward involuntarily as the warm moistness of her open lips closed over the sensitive throbbing head of his cock.

"And -- ohh -- he'll be throwing it to you -- ooohhh," he moaned again, reaching down and tangling his hands tightly in her hair to guide the rhythm of her bobbing head below. He lifted his head slightly from the pillow to watch her sensuously contorted face. It made the sensation that much more exciting when he could see the thickness of his own cock buried deep up between her widely ovaled lips.

"Co-wa on-wa," she mumbled around his plunging prick, struggling to get the words out and at the same time increase the twirling of her tongue around the moist stickiness of the pungent and blood-Inflated head.

"Fuck it, you can wait to hear the Goddamn story," Leo growled as she began to suck a little harder. "You just suck sweet and nice, baby and Daddy will tell you about it later."

He looked at the mirror on the wall facing the bed so he could get a better profile look at his wife's face as his hardening shaft began to slide rhythmically in and out of her roundly ovaled mouth. The very sight of it caused his loins to tense and jerk into her face until, in the mirror, it looked as though he were burying the full length of it all the way down her throat. Almost all of it seemed to disappear with each hard thrust he made until only a little stretch of it showed white and glistening protruding thickly from between her lips.

Her tongue, with a nerve tingling lick on the outstroke was making the head throb and jerk as though his heart itself were beating inside. He watched, hypnotized in the mirror, watching the flesh of her lips being pulled out grotesquely, clinging to the flesh of his prick as she sucked hungrily, her mind caught up in the task with all her concentration. Her breasts jerked and danced below her pumping torso, adding to the lust inciting picture presented to him in the glass.

"Suck it, baby, suck it," he hissed through tightly clenched teeth, dropping his head back heavily on the pillow and pretending for the moment that it was Carol Hunnicutt in tight shorts. Goddamn, he'd like to have her like this, ramming it deep into her proud little mouth. By God; he'd shove it all the way down to her tonsils when he did get her. He'd pump his hot sperm all the way down her throat and into that white tight little belly of hers until it burst up out of her tits!

"Come on, baby, come on," he grunted as his wife slaved below, her body beginning to glisten from the tiny droplets of sweat forming all over her skin. He felt like urinating as he felt the pressure growing in his balls. He knew it wouldn't be long now. His cock felt like it was filled with lead and ready to explode like the popping of a giant balloon that, when it went, blew, would spew its insides for miles in all directions. He shoved his loins hard up against her face, hearing her protesting mumble that went unheeded in his quest for the final end of this torture that was building, building, building until all at once he felt the white hot stream begin deep in his balls and race steam like the length of his plunging cock. He gasped and his lips bared back over his teeth as if being torn and twisted by fire.

His prick began a sudden wild stattaco jerking that flooded without warning his wife's wildly sucking mouth with gust after gust of the white-hot sperm, bloating her cheeks outward with each bullet-like spurt until she swallowed to keep from choking, mewling and crooning at his thrusting loins.

"Don't stop, baby, keep sucking, keep sucking!" he gasped as his hands tangled tighter in her hair, convulsively ramming his cock farther and farther down her ravished throat. She went on sucking wildly as he continued shooting his heavily flowing semen deep, deep into her mouth.

With one last earth-shattering groan, he emptied the last of his sperm into her lips but she went on nibbling gently for long moments afterwards, sucking every last drop from the excitedly spurting penis.

Gradually, the satiated penis deflated in her mouth. Leo threw his arms out in exhaustion, a great sigh of relief escaping from his lips. She lay for awhile with her head on his thigh, still nibbling gently at the limp useless penis in front of her and then she began crawling up over his belly and kissed him hard on the lips, still filled with her own hot passion.

"What happened to my story, lover?" she teased softly, smiling down at him with the slight sparkle of triumph in her eyes.

"Why you little bitch, you had that planned all along, didn't you?" Leo half growled, half groaned. "Imagine picking on a man ten-years older than you."

"You'll have your chance to get even, dear, I'll see to that in a few minutes. Now tell me the happy ending about how you'll talk Mr. Attractive Husband of Hunnicutt -- or is it honey cunt?" Mona laughed mischievously.

"Simple, love, the lad is in the insurance business and my places and help needs all kinds of insurance. Once I make it clear to him why I want to see him, once I throw a few figures around and he gets those in ibis mind and quickly figures his commission and what his future could be he'll come panting for a chance. No starving little insurance man can turn down a chance like this, can he?"

"My are you ever the clever one," his wife teased as she reached her hand down and felt him hardening again. "And, an insatiable old bastard, too," she grinned, feeling the moisture rising between her thighs. She knew it was going to be a long delicious night and she smiled to her self inwardly, in anticipation.


Carol Hunnicutt hummed softly to herself as she sat at her vanity table, brushing her hair an even one hundred tunes on both sides. It was something that she had done since childhood, something that her mother had insisted on and scolded her into doing. Now it was a life-long habit and she was glad. It paid off. Her long hair was soft and glowing with life.

She took a last critical look at her hajj and, satisfied, she began applying makeup. It only took a minute, because she didn't use much. She didn't have to; her beauty and youth were abounding. Just a touch of natural colored lipstick that added a slight flesh color to her already full sensuous ups, and a quick line of eye make-up, that did nothing more than accentuate slightly their light hazel beauty.

Cocking her head to one side, she surveyed the results of her work in a cool regal way. She liked it and, in spite of her inbred modesty, she had to admit to herself that she was a very pretty girl. Very attractive by any standards, modern or classical. She must be, she thought, smiling at her image, she had landed Bob for a husband and just gotten herself a fat raise on her new job down at the drive-in.

A frown crossed her pretty face. She was now earning more than Bob was and she knew this worried him. Last night, in bed, she knew he wasn't asleep and she rolled over and said, "Honey? Don't worry, when you sell a policy and get a commission, you'll be earning tons more than me."

Bob had groaned and said, disgustedly, "Why bring that up at this hour?"

Although Carol would never admit it, all wasn't right or happy in their young marriage; undercurrents were always flowing around the two of them. Bob resented her working at the drive-in in the first place. Even Carol wasn't happy over the skimpy little costume she had to wear but the money was so good and the hours were fine.

In fact, although she would never admit it to Bob, she liked the work. There were times, when she got into the swing of things, when she began to feel the pitch and rhythm of the place itself, when she could feel herself moving in a pace that was unison with all around her, she enjoyed it. She laughed with the young men in the cars and spun on her heel, and, buttocks switching fairly twitching, she would hustle away with a full order. There were times when she was busy and the hours fairly flew and she would stop, amazed, that her shift was over so soon. She found, at tunes like these when she felt the restless hum of the nearby freeway and of all the people who drove up for the rest and food and light and warmth and someone to talk to in the middle of a Los Angeles night, that she could handle any remark made. She ignored those that she didn't like and reacted to those she liked with a stunning sunny smile.

There were times when Bob would arrive and wait to take her home and he would sit, handsome and slumped in his car and watch his wife dance around the cars, ducking her head to talk, wiggling her buttocks as she yakked and he would feel his penis swell with an aching longing and that night, when he drove her home, he would literally force her to bed and she would allow him to get on top of her and, in no time, it would all be over.

Carol was worried about sex with Bob. He was so gentle and understanding in other things, yet so coarse and crude when it came to sex. It wasn't enough that she had to show her body off eight hours a clay at the drive-in, when she got home and got into bed, she was treated like some kind of slut or whore by Bob who made smutty remarks and suggested-hinted at lewd things.

Carol's upbringing had been conservative and she somehow found herself stuck with the notion that a man should be gentle with the woman that he loves, that he should treat her tenderly and with care, that he should treat the woman he loved differently from any other woman he might have loved. He was to treat her with a tender care and not expect her to do things that a common whore would do.

A shudder ran through Carol's body. The thought provoked all sorts of thoughts in her mind; thoughts that she didn't like, for, if she dwelled on them too long she found her body full of all sorts of uncomfortable excitements and emotions and she would get a giddy feeling as her hands whispered over her lovely body and she wondered what would happen if she just relaxed and let herself go... off to drift anywhere?

Those kinds of thoughts played about in her mind often and much more than she would like to admit -- like when striding across the lot and knowing men were watching her almost naked buttocks swaying teasingly behind her.

Her job! She bit her lip and looked at the clock. She got up and dressed hurriedly, pausing to look at herself in a full length mirror then turning to and fro, examining her stunning curved figure from every conceivable angle, then satisfied, she runs from their tiny apartment and gets into their second car, a battered Volks and speeds off to work. Today, she is going to meet with the outgoing manager, Patti Goodrum.

She was worried about meeting with Patti, worried about what kind of image she would present. Deeper, on a human level, she was worried about Patti as another human being. She hadn't been a bad manager, just missing a lot lately. Patti seemed nervous and preoccupied and it was whispered around that she was drinking on the job.

Carol liked Patti who was just a little over thirty and, when she saw her face to face in the tiny office in the back of the drive-in, she looked every day of thirty and more. Her skin seemed dry and ready to wrinkle. Her look was haggard and there were circles under her eyes.

As they sat, Patti fingered a Dixie cup, a paper cup before bringing it to her mouth in a swift desperate movement and gulping the fluid down. She smiled a ravaged smile at Carol. "Little eye opener. As in 'hair of'. How about a little? Just one to celebrate taking over as a manager?"

Carol smiled but shook her head curtly. "No thanks, I never drink before evening."

"How about just one to celebrate my promotion way out yonder?"

Patti had been given what was called a "promotion". She was kicked upstairs to what was called district supervisor whose duties were vague and extensive, causing her to travel a lot simply, it seemed, to put in an appearance. Her powers were next to nothing. She was to report, by mail, once a month, to Leo. Her salary was small but there was travel expenses and the vague promise of an over-ride should business warrant it.

Everyone knew it was Leo's way of getting rid of unwanted help. The average supervisor hung on for three months before quitting to go to some other job. Leo just gradually eased people out of the company rather than fire them outright.

It frightened Carol how easily Patti was being moved along how heartlessly she was being put out to pasture. Patti was still young and very attractive with a good figure and cute face framed by bangs. Now here she was sitting across from Carol with her face looking wretched from too many nights of drinking.

Her eyes had that flat, glazed, self-acceptance look. "Have a drink," she urged. "I'm supposed to train you, tell you all about the job. Have a drink."

"No thank you," Carol demurred again.

"You'd better," Patti urged, "Because of what I'm going to tell you."

"Oh?" Carol lifted an eyebrow.

"The thing you have to look out for more than anything else is not dishonest employees, nor the day's take or how the girls are getting on. No sir. The thing you have to worry about can be summed up in one word. Leo McKern. That son-of-a-bitch!"

Carol sat stunned, not knowing what to think. Never had she heard an employee speak so venomously about an employer. She didn't know what to say. She shrugged finally and managed, "Well, I'm sorry you feel that way."

"You mark my words," Patti said, leveling a trembling finger. "Leo McKern will get you in bed!"

Carol drew herself up. Drunk or sober, Patti had no right to talk this way or even think that she, Carol, was such a person. "I hardly think you've the right to say a thing like that."

Patti chuckled and Carol could see, to her embarrassment, that Patti was far more drunk than she realized. A sudden sense of shame and urgency swept over her. She was embarrassed for Patti -- all the girls would see her this way and wondered how she could help her to her car.

"I felt the same way," Patti went on nodding and chuckling before there was a choke in her throat, "That was, I felt that way until I became Leo's mistress!" She glared at Carol, looking at her with haunted and hate filled eyes. "Hear me? I was Leo's girl! I shacked up with him whenever he came to town. I'd do anything he'd say." Patti was looking off, her vision drifting and she talked more to herself than to anyone in particular. It was, for a moment, as if Carol wasn't even in the room.

"I was his girl. I knew he was married. Everybody knew he brought his wife through in that big Imperial. I knew and I didn't care and I lived for the weekends he'd be in town and we'd be alone in bed together. I knew he had a wife and probably other women like me at every drive-in. I didn't care! When he was balling me I didn't care. And then, then." Patti's face was a sudden mask of tragedy and she fought back tears. "Then he stopped coming around. Oh, he'd be in town but he just wasn't available." Patti made an effort to pull herself together. She smiled at Carol and saluted her with the cup. "So I took to drink to numb everything out. Everything gets a little blurry and begins to fade out. Carol, baby, I've watched you and let me tell you, beware of Leo McKern. I'm warning you. He'll have you doing all the obscene things you've never even dreamed of in no time at all."

There was a silence between the girls. Carol didn't like hearing that Patti had done things which she considered obscene nor did Patti like admitting she had sunken low enough to do such things. The air in the office could be cut with a knife.

Carol sat still. Was some warning voice far off calling out to her? Was some ancient instinct telling her to get the hell out of there? She had no reason in the world for believing a word of what Patti said. Yet, something in her said beware. Something else in her also thought of the possibility of all that pay increase and the fact that Patti was feeling sorry for herself, was drinking too much and was on her way out. All of those things had to be considered.

It didn't follow in her mind that she would have an affair with Leo. She was, after all, newly married. With a laugh and a smile, she turned Patti's attention toward the details of being a manager. She found that Patti was surprisingly good at her job, knowing it well and being able to tell her of all the pitfalls: "Don't get too friendly with the girls, don't get too involved in their problems. If you do, you tend to lose your perspective and find yourself unable to help the person involved or even do your own job. It seems," said Patti with a sad loose smile, "Every girl who works here has problems and they all have a way of working themselves out."

"Thanks for all the advice."

"Well, that's it, kiddo." Patti got up, balancing her paper cup none too steadily and wobbled a smile as she gestured, "the place is all yours. The job is all yours. The desk is all yours. Co ahead, sit in it."

"I intend to," carol said, fending off Patti and wishing she would leave. Patti had been helpful but she didn't like to see people drinking during the day and she felt that Patti was so unhappy that there was nothing she could do to help. She had a new job to conquered, as Patti herself said, problems had a way of taking care of themselves.

"Go on, sit," Patti said drunkenly, "I wanna see you!"

Carol smiled and giggled. There was nothing to do but go and sit for Patti. She did it, feeling self-conscious and awkward, feeling Patti was being just a little too masochistic. "There," she said, wiggling into the seat, "How do I look?"

Patti stared at her seriously and it seemed as if some sobriety came over her. "You look just right. Perfect. You look like you belong." She stared, her face dark and she swayed a bit, putting out a hand to steady herself. "Just be sure you don't belong to Mr. Leo McKern, that he doesn't get into your pants and have you doing tricks before you realize it." She spoke in slow and measured tones and for a moment Carol felt that maybe her drunkenness was just an act, a shield, from which she could say shocking and disgusting things.

Her aloofness came over her as she said, "I don't think that'll be involved here. Mr. McKern and I have a strictly business relationship."

Patti smiled a slow sad cynical smile and, for the first time, Carol noticed that Patti wore a wedding ring! "It was that way too with me and Leo, at first," she said. She pointed a finger and said, "Fair enough warning. I can tell you're a smart cookie but Leo is awfully smart. And treacherous. Watch him!"

Patti picked up her attache case and left. Carol sat thinking about what she had said. Patti was just a year or two older than Carol yet her face was hardened and lines were beginning to show. Was it the work? Was it the work that drove her to the booze? Or, was it a combination of work and Leo McKern. Was what Patti had to say the truth? Did she really have to watch out for Leo McKern?

She sat thinking conflicting emotions going through her body. She was still feeling the thrill and rush of the new job and couldn't help thinking what it would do for her married life. She and Bob would be able to afford things and they could plan more of a future than before. As far as Leo himself was concerned he had never been anything but a rough-hewn kind of gentleman interested in her married life.

Yet he did have a disconcerting grin. It was, like a steel band across his face and sometimes she got the uneasy feeling that he was mocking her. And his eyes. He seemed to look right into your soul and undress you with an aloof and ironic twinkle.

Carol shook her head and got to work, to the business of managing the drive-in. She would have to handle each problem as it came.


Bob Hunnicutt answered the phone in his easy, well-modulated voice he used when calling up prospective clients, "Hello, Bob Hunnicutt speaking."

"Mr. Hunnicutt?" a deep masculine voice asked that Bob recognized at once as the voice of Leo McKern, a voice with always just the hint of a growl in it. "Bob? Say, this is Leo McKern, Carol's employer and I was just happening through town with my wife and I stopped by at the drive-in hoping she might be working this weekend."

"No, this is her weekend off."

"I just found that out. Tell me, I wonder if I might have a word with Carol?" His voice oozed confidence and a kind of solid feeling of money to Bob's ear. Bob stayed poised and cool as he said, "I'm afraid that's impossible. Carol's mother is very ill and Carol is spending some of the weekend with her," Bob explained, trying to keep his voice non-committal. Carol's mother was always falling ill and Carol was always on the phone with her or over there, taking care of her, reading to her or feeding her broth. It was one of the many things Bob did not like about his marriage. Although they were an attractive couple in public, he felt there were many incomplete and frayed ends to their marriage and he resented them: like Carol's mother.

"Oh?" Leo said on the other end and Bob could just see him raising his eyebrows.

"I don't mind really because I've got a big presentation coming up Monday and I want this weekend to prepare myself for it."

"That's right, you're in real estate," Leo growled through the phone.

"Actually, it's insurance," Bob corrected him without an effort.

"No kidding?"

"All kinds. I'm with one of the finest brokerage houses in the west."

"How about that? Listen, I just had a fight this afternoon with ray insurance man in Fresno. See, I used to be partners and this insurance guy was a friend of my partner. Anyway, I got a lot of questions about insurance maybe you'd answer for me. I'd make it worth your while."

Bob took his time grinding his cigarette out in the ashtray as a vein in his forehead throbbed hard and he fought to keep his voice from shaking! Quickly, he realized he was in a position he had heard about and dreamed about but never really believed would come true: the big chance confronting him. Landing an account like Leo McKern could be the making of any house and the career for the agent. He looked at his watch and it was a blur and it took all of his self-control to sound calm as he said, "Oh, I could meet you, later this evening."

"Could ya?" Leo sounded pleased. "What time?"

"Oh, after dinner, about eight, eight thirty." Dinner? He knew that he wouldn't be able to eat any dinner, that he would throw up from excitement, that he would sit around biting his nails until the appointed hour then he'd go meet Leo McKern ready to scream.

"Fine," Leo said, "Me and Mona are staying at the local Holiday Inn. Why don't you come down and call at the desk?"

"Fine," Bob said with a fine film of perspiration forming on his forehead and upper lip. "I'll be there around eight or eight thirty." And he hung up and took a deep breath and held it. Could it be, before the night was through, could it be that he was going to be like some of the stories he had heard about and read about in the company magazine? Was he going to be an overnight success? If he could get all the insurance on the Leo McKern empire, he Bob Hunnicutt, would have it made at the brokerage. He'd have an office of his own, an important account and a commission big enough to choke a bull. His mind ran excitedly over the fire and theft insurance, over the liability insurance and over the fat premiums for group health and accident insurance. He savored the premium on the group life insurance and he wondered just how many key men were insured and just how much insurance the great Mr. Leo McKern himself carried?

It was a golden opportunity, the chance of a lifetime and Bob was grateful that he had the brains to recognize it for what it was worth and he bit his knuckles in anxiety, hoping he was up to the test. Leo was giving him a classic opening and he would have to develop it from there.

Bob broke into frantic activity, showering and dressing, selecting his clothes carefully, frantically trying to find where Carol kept his ironed shirts, getting completely dressed and standing in front of a mirror he decides he must shower again.

His mind runs hysterically over figures and he trembles, realizing how much money he can make if he plays his cards right. Thank God, for once, that Carol was away. For once, that mother-in-law of his did something right. With Carol out of the way, he could concentrate and wouldn't it be something to show her when she came home, a signed application from Leo McKern!

He soaped himself in the shower and fought for control. He was going to have to feel McKern out, to win his confidence. He was going to have to be cool and levelheaded. Above all, he must act the part of a young account executive and be levelheaded. He must give Leo McKern the idea that he was used to dealing in big numbers.

Getting dressed, he looked in the mirror and said, "Who am I kidding? My wife works for him. I'm such a success, why is my wife working for him?"

And he felt frightened ad paced the floor and wondered if he wasn't in way over his head and he found himself taking off his clothes and stepping into the shower for the third time, calming down, telling himself as he put the aftershave lotion that after all, the man had asked for information. He would be polite and give him all the information he could.

He stepped out of the shower, dried, dressed, inspected his image carefully in a full length mirror and was satisfied and glanced at his watch to see that it was only seven thirty and the minutes were dragging by.

He forced himself to sit and smoke a cigarette and think of something else. He thought of Carol and of their marriage and how, if he got even one-fourth of Leo's account, how different their marriage would be.

Bob was making the sad mistake of thinking that money was going to change their marriage. If the truth were to be known, all was not well in the Hunnicutt household. In public they appeared as the almost ideal couple, laughing interesting and attractive: a young couple going places.

Yet, at home, in bed, all was not right. Bob got very aggressive whenever he drank and was crude and rough. Carol had grown up with the notion that a man was crude toward women he didn't respect and gentle and considerate toward the woman, the one woman that he loved.

Carol never was too clear to Bob exactly what she did want from Bob. What it always seemed to boil down to was an awkward climbing on top of her with the lights out and Bob out of his mind with desire and almost groaning with the pent-up desire tensing his muscles until they were rock hard.

In fact, from Bob's viewpoint, the marriage was far from what he had thought marriage should be. He didn't like the way Carol out-earned him and he didn't like the skimpy costume his wife had to wear at work and he didn't like the idea of other men leering at his wife's figure and making leading remarks.

If Bob could be honest enough with himself, he would admit that watching his wife serving men in their cars only made him hot as hell, particularly when he knew they were flirting with Carol. That night, in bed, his desire would get the best of him and he would go too far and Carol would freeze up. "Bob, don't, it isn't nice to do things like that."

And he would fall away, groaning. No, in truth, marriage was far from what he expected. The insurance business wasn't what it was cracked up to be. It seemed that everybody had a cousin or relative or friend in the business and he hated having his wife out-earn him. There were some weeks when she out-earned him in tips. But now, tonight, all that might change!

Nervously, he looked at his watch and saw, with a sigh, that he had plenty of time. He lighted a cigarette and looked down at the ashtray, astonished to see that he had been chain smoking. He thought about eating but found he was too nervous to eat anything, all his appetite vanishing. He decided against having a drink on the basis that he wanted to be clear headed and have his wits about him. Too many drinks and he would be zonked and apt to say anything that came into his head. He had to be cool and careful.

Even though it was early, he drove to the Holiday Inn and parked in the parking lot, sitting in his car and smoking a cigarette as he glanced at his watch. It was still too early and one last cigarette could help to calm his nerves.

He thought that he was glad, in a way, that Carol was at her mothers. There were times when he resented Carol. She was cool and efficient and kept the apartment spotless, but she was all for Carol. Now she was with her mother being a terribly efficient good little girl. He could just see her smug face dissolve in astonishment when she came home and Bob threw bombs at her.

A long look at his watch and one long last drag on the cigarette before crushing it out and getting out of his car and walking across the lobby under the California stars, breathing in the cool air and straightening out his jacket. He was a trifle early yet felt he could stall in the lobby long enough and the fact that he was right on time, punctual, couldn't operate against him.

At precisely eight o'clock by the sweeping second hand, he was picking up the house phone and asking for Mr. Leo McKern.

"Halo? That you Bob?" The voice almost rasped in his ear and Bob could tell a few things from the tone in his voice. First of all, he had been having drinks; there was a slur and loud casualness that Bob detected from having cocktails with many a client. Also, there was music in the background.

"Yes, it's Bob Hunnicutt, sir."

"Come on up."

The ride up in the elevator and the walk down the ball with the Muzak playing all the time, seemed to take forever until he found himself ringing the doorbell of the room and have the door fly open and the huge shoulder hunched form of Leo McKern filled it. "What's this 'sir' stuff?" he bellowed, jugging a drink and cigar from one hand to the other and holding out his right band like a catcher's mitt and giving Bob a bone-breaking grip. "The name's Leo to everybody, get it?"

Bob tried not to wince and he smiled, liking Leo even if he did come on a little too strong. There are men like that, men that took life in large gulps and Leo was one of them. "Right, Leo," he said as he tried to grip back as they shook hands.

Leo laughed, the laughter rumbling up from his chest and he threw a big arm around Bob's shoulders as he stepped aside and drew Bob into the room, waving toward the couch with his glass and cigar. "Wantcha to meet my wife, Mona. Mona, this is Bob Hunnicutt. He's married to my local manager." Leo gives his wife a broad wink that makes her laugh. "You know, the one I told you about."

Bob felt as if his face was flushing a bright red as he looked at Mrs. Leo McKern on the couch. It was almost as if she were posed. She sat with her arms spread carelessly along the back, allowing her breasts to thrust out. And it was her breasts that Bob couldn't take his eyes from. She was wearing a red dress of some clinging material and it was plain to see that she wasn't wearing anything underneath the dress! Her nipples were only too clearly out-lined by the snug material that seemed too thin.

Bob took in a breath and looked into the pale violet eyes of Mona McKern and stammered, "How do you do?"

"A pleasure to meet you, Bob," Mona purred with her eyelids drooping in a giddy, seductive way.

Leo looked at the two of them eyeing one another, his arm still around Bob and said, "Don't mind Mona, she's such a camp, always coming on strong. Have a seat and what will you have to drink?"

Bob found himself behaving like a robot, stumbling into a seat and saying, "What? Hub? Oh, I'll have a Scotch," as he noticed that Mona was sitting with her legs curled underneath her and that her knees were exposed along with a long swoop of her thigh. Her knees looked good, bent that way. He sat back and smiled at Mona as Leo turned his back to the bar and he allowed his eyes to take in her body as she sat posed, never moving, seeming to say, here I am, look all you want. She smiled at him slowly and Bob felt a jerk in his pants thinking that he never had seen a woman smile more brazenly than that before. She shifted her hip and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Bob."

Bob crossed his legs carefully against the painful and embarrassing swelling he felt in his penis. Mona's lovely breasts jutted out and were firm and seemed to have a thrust to them rare in a woman her age. Her face was framed by jet black hair and there was a giddy, I surrender look in her eye. Sex exuded from every pore. Bob looked at her knowing he had seen women like her before. Years ago, when he was a second lieutenant in the army, while on leave in Japan, with fellow officers, he had gone to the fanciest whorehouse in Japan and spent a months pay. While in that whorehouse, he had seen a Eurasian prostitute that was exactly like Mona. She was the star of the house and she acted like she knew it.

So it was with Mona. She knew her breasts were exposed, pressed as they were against the thin material of her dress. What's more, they were cut low, allowing plenty of firm deep cleavage to billow and thrust out.

She moved to get herself a drink and her breasts shook and the dress seemed only to be caressing her skin rather than concealing it. Mona McKern had a sensuous white skin with high cheekbones and jet black hair. She had the striking, daring kind of good looks that it takes to be a top model which is what she was before she met and married Leo McKern.

She sat, teasing puffs under her eyes, hinting at nights of dissipation. She sat, obviously flirting with Bob behind her husband's back as he mixed the drink and Bob couldn't think of anything to say.

"Here," Leo bellowed, turning and thrusting a drink at Bob. "Scotch. The best. Scotch and soda. Mona, turn that damn radio down or off, please."

Mona obliged, languidly swinging a leg as she leaned to turn off the radio while looking at Bob with her eyelids lowered.

Leo sat in a chair and took in his wife's behavior with narrowed eyes. "Okay, Mona, that's enough. God, get a few drinks in her and she's climbing the walls. Mona, baby, go in the next room so me and Mr. Hunnicutt can talk."

"It's Hunnicutt," Bob corrected, smiling at Mona, "please call me Bob."

"Okay, Bob," Mona said, pronouncing the word Bob like she was tasting something juicy and good.

She got from the couch slowly, languidly, flowing off it and showing her ample and curved buttocks as the material of her dress clung to her rounded cheeks and Leo, laughing, lunged and slapped his wife on the buttocks and Bob heard the firm wet smack that sounded warm and naked, like she didn't have underwear on under the dress.

"Go on, get out of here while I talk business." The two men watching her walk as her hips rose and fell and her buttocks wiggled free under the dress and she looked over her shoulder and gave Bob a brazen smile before she blew a kiss with her soft pulpy ups to her husband 4x1 disappeared into the bedroom.

After she left the room it was as if both the men could let their breath go and Leo could laugh, changing the torrid mood of the moment. "We've been partying it up. So seldom the two of us can get away together so I guess we've been clowning around a little. She didn't offend you did she?"

"Huh? Oh no!" Bob hastened to assure him.

"She was just kidding around. You get to know her and you know she's just clowning around. It's nothing, really."

Bob smiled and reassured Leo that his wife's actions were nothing, hinting that things like that happened to him all the time. He crossed his legs lighter against the thickening of his prick and tried hard to concentrate. "Now, Mr. McKern..."


"Right. Now, Leo, you said you were having some problems with your insurance?"

Leo McKern put his elbows on his knees and leaned forward and began talking. He talked in a clear low rough voice and as he talked, Bob found himself listening close. This was no loudmouth who had too much to drink, this was a clear cold executive reeling off facts and figures like a computer. In a few minutes as Leo talked on, Bob had forgotten about Mona in the next room and was concentrating all of his attention to what Leo was saying.

What Leo was saying was staggering. He was clearly and coldly outlining the insurance needs and services of his financial empire. He knew down to the last dollar just how much he was paying in premiums each year. He knew exactly what he was covered for.

Before Bob knew it, he was copying down figures and the two of them had loosened their ties and were deep into the discussion of insurance and Leo McKern was amazing Bob with his knowledge of the insurance industry. His insights were keen and it was obvious he had taken time to study the subject. In fact, the more Bob knew of Leo, the more he found a begrudging honesty and admiration growing for Leo.

He liked Leo despite his habits and ways: Leo was big and careless with his speech and his manners weren't all they could be and he was obviously a man who had taught himself; a self-made crude type, the type generally seen and succeeding around trucking firms. In fact, Leo started as a trucker and find his imagination and energies sending him off in other directions. Now he was the president and manager of a large corporation with holdings in quite a few things and he dressed with the expensive taste of an executive but he didn't talk or act like one.

Still, Bob was smart enough to recognize a good mind when he saw one, no matter how ungrammatical it sounded. In fact, it was Leo who changed the whole tone of their talk and established what was to become a friendship by being brutally frank.

He interrupted Bob who was citing figures and companies by putting his hand on his knee, slapping him and saying, his eyes level and ironic, "Really Bob, when you get right down to it, I could get the same deal you're offering me from thousands of agents. In fact, in L.A.. where I have my offices, my secretary has a standing order to turn away any and all insurance agents. She gets as many as three a day." He leaned closer, his voice dropping down into a thick burr. "Agents, salesmen, are a dime a dozen. You got a cousin who's a lunkhead, you make, him an insurance salesman. Hell, I can get figures from you as well as anybody else, get me? I mean, really, I just don't like my insurance salesman."

Leo McKern leaned back in his chair and drank from his glass, his eyes watching Bob with a mischievous glint in them.

Bob smiled back, trying to look professional. "We can offer you service."

Leo waved a hand. "Bull. I could get on that phone and in ten minutes I could have agents up here telling me they could give me service."

Bob nodded. Leo was right. His eyes narrowed. What did he want?

"We are on call twenty-four hours a day," he ventured, thinking that might help.

Leo's stomach jerked as he laughed at that one. "The size client I am, the money I pay, you damn well better be available twenty-four hours a day three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Hell, Bob, don't give me that, I can get that kind of treatment from dozens of 'companies'." Leo pointed a finger. "What have you got that nobody else has? Why should I go with your house? What are you offering to do for me?"

At that moment, Mona sauntered into view and stood behind Leo's chair, leaning against the wall, one fist on her hip that jutted out. Slowly, with a lewd brazen quality, she let the tip of her tongue lick slowly around her luscious lips, wetting them, her eyes never leaving Bob's face. He could see through her dress, her lovely long thighs dark silhouettes from the light behind her.

"What he is looking for," Mona said, slouching around and ruffling her husband's hair as she showed her white teeth, "Is somebody he can trust, somebody who levels with him." Mona sat on the edge of the chair next to her husband and said, "Now, what have you got to offer that no other agent has?"

Bob looked at the two of them. Something was going on between the two of them, something more than he knew. He sensed he was being tested but he wasn't sure for what. Sex had to have something to do with it, it was in every look Mona gave him. How, he wondered did Leo put up with it? The whites of his knuckles showed as he gripped the arm of his chair and he decided to risk everything. "Actually, there isn't a damn thing I can do for Leo that any other guy with a license can't do."

The two of them exchanged a long look that broke into a pleasant smile. Leo turned to Bob. "Good for you, you've got guts enough to admit it. You're my kind of man!"

Bob was thunderstruck. He had gambled, trusted the truth and had won. He couldn't quite catch his breath or believe himself. He had risk

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