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Derek and Sue part 1.

I walked into the executive offices and looked at the
managing director's PA. She was a slightly plump very
pretty blonde in her early twenties, dressed in a smart
business suit with a white blouse and dark, sheer, hose,
probably tights. I knew that I would have three days at
the company and I needed somewhere to stay and some
amusement. To fill in time before my meetings started,
using my security clearance I checked the personnel
records and made a note of her address. I also discovered
that her husband was an accountant working in the same
company. When the managing director took me on a tour of
the building I made sure that I spoke to the young
husband who seemed flattered by my attention.

At the end of the afternoon I wished the pretty PA good-
night and returned to my hotel where I had a shower and
mentally prepared for the events which were to unfold
over the next couple of days ...

Chapter 1

At precisely six thirty I walked up the garden path and
rang the bell. Almost at once Derek opened the door
recognising me immediately with surprised shock. I gave
him one glance and walked past him into the hall. On my
right through an open door I could see Susan standing in
a comfortably furnished sitting room dressed in a low-cut
tight-fitting black cocktail dress which outlined her
breasts beautifully. It was about three inches above the
knee. Her neat legs were encased in sheer black nylon
with shiny patent shoes with about a four-inch heel. She
had had her hair styled and it fell in soft blonde waves
to her shoulders. They were clearly about to go out for
the evening. I smiled at her and without hesitation
walked up to her and took her in my arms turning her
around so that I could watch Derek while I played with
her. I put my lips to hers and pressed slowly and
insistently with my tongue against her closed lips. She
pulled her sweet mouth from mine. "Please don't" she
whispered "you can't!." I pressed my lips back on hers
more insistently, her lips parted and I began to explore
her mouth again in a slow deep kiss while I dropped my
left hand to her arse and began to knead her plump little
bottom. I raised my right hand to her left breast and
began to deliberately feel her through her thin dress.
Her eyes opened wider but I just held her and carried on
exploring her charms.

Derek took a deep breath and stepped forward. "Wait a
minute you bastard.." he began. I let go of Susan and met
him as he came towards me. Without warning I slapped him
hard across the face and punched him deep in the solar
plexus knocking all the wind out of him. He gave a deep
gasp. I pushed him down on to the sofa where he sat
clutching his stomach. "Just you sit there and don't move
till I tell you" I snarled. Susan was looking at me in
horror. Derek gave a shout, struggled up from the sofa
and rushed towards me again. I punched him hard in the
stomach and seized him by his rather long soft hair.

I slapped his face hard, back and forth. "Please stop"
Susan screamed. I threw him back down. "Now stay there
like I told you" I snarled again. I turned back to Susan
and pulled her towards me. My lips met hers again and her
mouth reluctantly opened under my demanding caress and I
could feel her beginning to pant with fear. I was in no
hurry now. Susan stood rigid with shock as I gave her
another deep kiss while I felt her buttocks and, watching
Derek looking at me with hatred and fear in his eyes, I
winked at him and began to thoroughly fondle his wife's
cute breasts through the thin material of her dress.

I took my mouth from hers but kept my hand on her plump
little bottom, moving my hand into the cleft between her
cheeks. I pressed slowly but insistently and she
reluctantly opened her legs a little. "Please let me go"
she begged quietly. I smiled at them both. "That's a good
girl" I said continuing to knead her neat left breast. I
suddenly let her go and stepped away from Susan, leaving
her gasping. I walked over to a big leather chair and sat
down comfortably.

I looked at Derek. "Get me a beer" I ordered. He looked
bewildered and did not move while Susan stood where I had
left her. "Susan, you stay just as you are" I said, and
looked across at Derek. "Don't make me have to tell you
again" I said with some menace. That was enough. He got
up and went to the fridge where he poured my drink and
brought it to me. I let him put it down on a small table
by me and sat looking up at him thoughtfully. "Derek" I
said quietly " I've been in your house for less than ten
minutes. In that time I have kissed your wife, felt her
bottom and fondled her breasts while you just sat and
watched. You're not much of a man are you to let me do
that, are you?" He looked down at me miserably and then
across at Susan. "Well?" I asked "I'm waiting." "No, not
much" he said quietly. "And you're not good enough for
Susan are you" I asked. "No" he muttered. "Fine" I said
briskly "since you're not much of a man you shouldn't be
wearing men's clothes. Go upstairs, get undressed, put
one of Susan's nightdresses on and come back down here."

He looked at me with shock in his eyes and Susan just
gaped at us with her mouth open. "Get on with it Derek"
I dismissed him. "I won't tell you again." He slowly
walked out of the room.

I motioned to Susan. She came over and stood in front of
me trembling. "Susan" I said, "take off your dress." "I
just can't" she whispered wretchedly "it would be so
wrong, so sinful to make me betray Derek after what you
are making him do." "I think you can, you know, and you
better do it quickly" I said putting some quiet menace
into my voice. She sobbed and reluctantly reached behind
her for the zip and pulled it down and worked the dress
down over her hips so that it fell round her ankles. I
smiled up at her. She was an erotic sight in a sheer
thin black bra through which I could see her nipples
protruding, high-cut thin black panties pulled deep into
her cunt the fleshy outer lips of which I could see
clearly defined through her sheer black tights. "Well
Susan, don't you look sexy" I asked, mockery in my tone.
She looked miserably down at me in acute embarrassment.

The door opened and Derek came in. He looked rather
foolish but very cute in a peach coloured shortie nightie
which reached to just below his hips and a pair of
matching clinging panties that clearly defined his prick
and balls. There didn't seem to be much there! He was
blushing with humiliation at having to appear like that
in front of Susan. He stopped short and gasped when he
saw his half-naked wife standing in front of my chair.

"Come over here" I ordered. He approached me gingerly.

"Take off your panties, you won't be needing them." He
silently complied and stood awkwardly, not knowing what
to do with his hands. I motioned for him to lift the hem
of his nightie, which he reluctantly did. I looked at his
little boy's cock. It was no more than three inches long
and quite thin. His balls were tight with fear. "Well", I
said "if that is all Susan has been getting she is in for
a treat. Just you kneel down where I can see you in front
of me and keep watching us. Don't turn your eyes away for
a moment." He walked past Susan and knelt down by her as
I had ordered. I reached up and took Susan's hand and
drew her trembling body down on to my knee. I sat her
with her knees pointing to the right towards her husband
and I motioned for her to put her right arm round my
neck. I put my left arm round her under her armpit and
straight on to her breast which I began to feel slowly
and deliberately though the thin material of her bra.

She became tense and rigid on my lap and gave a loud gasp,
followed by quiet sobbing but I felt her nipple begin to
erect under my palm. "Give me a nice kiss, Susan" I said
quietly. She looked at me helplessly and reluctantly
raised her lips to mine and I began to thoroughly explore
her hot little mouth while I was feeling her. She began
to pant into my mouth and I could begin to smell the
unmistakable tang of a woman excited despite herself. I
removed my lips and smiled down at her furious young
husband. "I think that your wife is beginning to like
this Derek" I said maliciously "can you smell her?"

Susan blushed a fiery red but I did not release her.
He didn't answer but looked as though he was about to
cry. I put my right hand halfway up the inside of
Susan's plump right thigh and gently spread her legs.
She watched me tensely but was too afraid of me to stop
me. I lowered my lips to hers and began to kiss her again
while I moved my right hand slowly up the inside of her
right thigh towards her quivering cunt enjoying the
sensuous feeling of the sheer tights on my roving hand. I
could see her looking past me at her husband as, keeping
my left hand firmly on her breast, I moved my right hand
up between her thighs and cupped her cunt through her
tights and panties. She gasped into my mouth. I took my
lips from hers and looked down at Derek. "Please don't"
Susan begged "no-one but Derek has ever touched me there.
It is a great sin."

"Your wife has a lovely cunt" I said "and I think that,
from the smell of her, she likes having it felt." Susan
gasped and the blush spread to her shoulders as I moved
my hand into the waistband of the tights and slowly but
insistently pushed both tights and panties down her
thighs. I moved her thighs further apart and, looking
down at Derek, I pushed two fingers deep into Susan's
cunt and began a slow finger-fuck. She gasped again but
did not dare to close her thighs. Her clinging cunt
rapidly became moist and she began to breathe quickly and
shallowly. I could see the blush beginning to spread from
her cheeks and shoulders towards her breasts as I carried
on finger-fucking the horrified sobbing little blonde.
She gave a sudden shudder and came in my hand. "There you
are, Derek" I said "That was pretty easy." I let her rest
for a moment. I still had one hand on her breast and the
other on her soft hairy mound with my fingers up her
cunt. She calmed down and looked miserably down at her
humiliated husband. "I'm so sorry, Derek" she said "I
just couldn't help it." I smiled at them both. "It didn't
take much though , did it?" I asked.

I relaxed and picked up my drink. "Take off your bra,
Susan" I ordered. She hopelessly reached behind her and
opened the catch, quietly sobbing, and slid the bra down
her arms dropping it beside her on the floor. I looked
down at her medium-sized breasts. They were a nice shape
with uptilted nipples surrounded by rather large dark
pink areolae and hardly any sag. "Your wife has beautiful
breasts Derek, don't you think?" I asked. The young
couple looked at one another and Derek quickly wrenched
his eyes from those of his young frightened wife. "Well?"
I asked. "Yes she has" he reluctantly muttered. I swung
Susan round so that her back was to me and her open
thighs on either side of mine. Her husband was looking
straight up into her wet cunt. I could smell the sweat
from the miserable young wife as I pulled her back
against me and kissed her shoulder and neck under her
hair. I looked straight down into her husband's eyes as I
put both arms under hers and cupped her bare breasts. I
began to thoroughly feel her as I looked down at her
husband. "You're right, your wife has a choice pair of
tits, Derek" I said, deliberately crudely. "I think,
going by her nipples, that she likes having them felt."
She gasped and tensed again on my lap as her nipples
erected involuntarily under my touch as I casually pulled
and twisted them. Susan gave a gasp of mingled pleasure
and pain. "I could play with your tits all day darling "
I said. "Let me go please" Susan whispered wretchedly
blushing at the endearment and looking down at her
helpless husband "I've never done anything like this

I moved Susan around so that she was back in her original
position on my knee, put my hand back on her cunt and
began a gentle finger-fuck and lowered my mouth to her
left breast. I began to deliberately suck her breast
teasing her nipple with my teeth while I watched her
husband squirm. I moved from one breast to the other
sucking hard until both nipples were fully erect and
despite herself Susan was breathing heavily again. Derek
watched his wife unhappily as I played with her. She was
beginning to sweat and was getting excited again in spite
of her repressions. I gave her another deep kiss as her
husband knelt and watched his blonde childhood sweetheart
virtually naked on another man's lap with his fingers up
her cunt. I took my mouth from hers and smiled down at
Derek. Susan's legs parted further and she threw her head
back against my shoulder and gave a deep groan as I
buried three fingers deep in her wet cunt. "I think she
likes that" I said. I let her relax, fingering her cunt
with the other hand gently fondling her soft springy
breast. "Please forgive me Derek" Susan begged "I can't
help it. He is making me do it."

"I think that it's time we went upstairs" I said. "Derek,
you go first, lie on your bed and wait for us." I watched
him reluctantly obey. When he had gone I motioned for
Susan to stand up which she did on shaking legs. She was
now just dressed in high-heeled shoes with her black silk
panties and tights pushed halfway down her plump young
thighs. She looked fantastic, her lowered knickers giving
her a kind of exciting slutty air. I picked her up in my
arms with one hand round her, under her armpit and
holding her breast and the other under her knees. I put
my lips to hers and gave her a hard kiss while I squeezed
her breast more firmly. She gasped into my mouth, widened
her blue eyes and began to pant harshly again. I carried
the virtually naked sexy young blonde up to the bedroom
that she shared with her husband. I pushed the door open
and gently laid her down on the bed beside her humiliated
and helpless husband. I began to undress and when I was
naked I sat on the bed and looked at them both. Unlike
her husband I have an eight inch prick which is fairly
thick and the circumcised head looks like a small orange.
Susan looked at my cock and gasped. My body hair is
pretty thick which contrasted with her virtually hairless
husband. I had a real surprise for them both now though.

While I had been playing with his wife downstairs I had
been looking Derek over more closely. He had a delicate,
almost feminine, face and the swell of what could have
been an immature teenager's budding breasts obvious under
his nightie. His nipples made prominent little peaks in
the sheer fabric and I could see clearly the circular
dark areolae surrounding them "I've got another little
girl here" I thought with pleasure. I began to change my
plans for the evening and night. This would be much more
unexpected and traumatic for them and much more
pleasurable for me. I began to see how I could really
change their lives and the thought intrigued me.

I looked at Susan. "Go down and bring my beer up leaving
your panties just as they are" I ordered her sharply. She
jumped off the bed, watching me warily and tip tapped out
of the room on her ridiculously high heels with her black
tights and panties clinging halfway down her sexy thighs.
I sat down beside Derek and looked him over. He looked at
me quickly, blushed and dropped his eyes like an
embarrassed schoolgirl on her first date. "Excellent" I
thought, "What have we here then!." He looked quickly at
me, but seeing my eyes still on his face dropped his eyes
to his lap where he was twisting his hands together. He
began to look more and more uncomfortable and I could
smell the tang of his sweat.

Susan came back into the room and gave me my drink. I put
it on the bedside table beside Derek. She stood beside me
and I could distinctly smell her cunt, excited despite
herself, although she was trembling with anxiety. She as
in for as big a surprise as Derek. I looked up at her.
"Go and lie down beside Derek" I said. "You can keep your
shoes and panties on for the moment but leave your
panties where they are." She looked puzzled but obeyed.
When they were both settled I gently began to pressure
Derek. "Look into my eyes" I said quietly "don't take
your eyes from mine or it will be the worse for you." His
eyes looked into mine and I could see the uncertainty in
them. He had light hazel eyes with delicate lashes and
eyebrows that were a little thick for a girl. That could
be easily sorted.

"I don't think that you are a man at all Derek" I said "I
think that you are a girl and I am going to prove it." He
looked more scared and confused than ever. "Have you ever
been felt by a proper man?" I asked him. He shook his
head violently. "I am not gay" he said in a quavering
voice "I have always liked girls." "We'll see" I said,
"put your hands by your sides on the bed and don't move
them or I will slap you. I would punch a man but I'd slap
a girl. You are much more of a girl than a man and when I
have finished with you you'll be a proper girl like
Susan." I could see that they didn't follow me and both
of them were looking at me wide-eyed. I lay down on the
big bed by Derek and I could feel him beginning to
tremble. I casually put my hand on his thigh and pulled
up the hem of his nightie until it was at the level of
his belly button exposing his balls. I moved my hand up
his smooth thigh until I was cupping his balls and his
little prick. His hands clenched in the bedclothes and he
blushed with shame as I began to thoroughly explore his
balls and cock while I looked into his frightened eyes.
His prick rapidly became erect under my expert fondling.

"Well, look at that" I said to Susan "little girlie Derek
likes being touched up by a proper man." His young wife
lying beside us gasped with shock and horror as she saw
her husband's response to my fingers. I began to slowly
wank him as he shivered beside me. I could see that his
nipples were erect and the swellings on his chest were
pressing through the nylon of his sheer nightie. I wanked
him gently until I could feel his moist pre-cum on my

I just lay still with one hand holding his stiff little
prick and put the other hand behind his head and firmly
pulled his lips on to mine. He tried to pull away but I
was far too strong and just held him. I began to roughly
kiss him pressing my tongue insistently to his lips and
looking into his frightened eyes. He held out as long as
he could then his mouth suddenly relaxed and I knew that
I had him. I winked over his shoulder into Susan's
shocked eyes and began to explore the mouth of her young
husband. Now that he was compliant even if not relaxed I
enjoyed giving him the first of many deep sexy kisses
from a proper man as I gently wanked him. I sucked deeply
on his tongue treating him as I would any attractive
girl. I did not want him to come yet so I took my lips
from his and whispered "Did you like that girlie?" He
blushed and dropped his eyes just like a virgin. "Please
don't call me a girl, I am a man and I am not gay" he
whispered. I looked into his eyes. "Only a submissive
frightened little virgin girl like you would let herself
be kissed and touched up like you have just been" I said.
"A proper man would not have let it happen." He looked
crushed. "Please don't do this to us" Susan whispered
"what you are making us do is a great sin." I just

I released his prick and stood up. I picked up a large
soft cushion from a chair by the bed and looked down a
Derek. "Lift your bum, there's a good girl" I said. He
was too shocked not to comply and I arranged the cushion
under his arse so that it was tilted up off the bed. "I'm
not a girl" he muttered "don't keep calling me that."

"I told you, you are much more of a girl than a man and I
am going to make a proper girl of you. I think that you
need a new name. From now on we will call you Debbie.
Would you like that?" He just looked helplessly at me.
"Did you hear that Susan?" I asked "from now on this is
little Debbie." I could see that they didn't believe me,
that they thought that I was acting. They still had a lot
to learn.

"Pull your feet up to your arse, Debbie" I said "and
spread your knees." He was so frightened now that he did
what I ordered immediately. I could see his plump thighs
splayed out and his little prick jutting out over his
almost hairless balls. Looking further back I could see
the dimple of his arsehole. "Take your tights and panties
off and put your legs in the same position, Susan" I
said. She looked wretchedly at me but slowly slid the
silk underwear down her legs and dropped it on the floor
then lay back, pulled up her heels and splayed her sexy
plump thighs. I glanced down at her blond hairy fleshy
cunt enjoying seeing the young husband and wife in such a
submissive pose before me wantonly displaying their sex.

"Do you know how men make love to one another?" I asked
Debbie. He shook his head. "One man gets on his hands and
knees and the other goes behind him and puts his prick up
his arse and fucks him." "You can't do that to me" he
whispered in horror "I told you, I am straight, not gay
and that would be sinful." "Don't worry, I won't." I
said. "I said that was how men make love. You are not a
man. You are a submissive girl and that is how you are
going to be fucked. You are never going to forget this.
I will come between your legs with you lying on your back
with your thighs spread like the frightened little
virgin you are and I will shove my prick right up your
hole. Then I am going to fuck the arse off you and you
will never be the same again." He looked up at me aghast
but did not dare to move although I could feel him
shaking as he lay by his frightened young wife.

My prick was only semi-erect and that would not do. I
walked round and sat by Susan. "Give me a nice wank" I
said " and get me ready to fuck Debbie." Susan re-
luctantly put her hand on my prick and began to slowly
and deliciously toss me off. I looked at her and smiled.
"You are good at that aren't you?" I leaned down and
began to kiss the terrified blonde. I looked across at
her angry young husband while her little hand tightened
on my prick and she began to wank me harder. She worked
up a nice rhythm and I could feel the precum oozing from
my prick. I could smell her excitement as, despite
herself, her cunt moistened. I took my lips from hers.
"That will do nicely" I said and moved back to kneel
between Debbie's legs with my knees pressing his splayed
thighs further apart. I casually put my fingers in
Susan's sticky cunt and she gasped loudly as I
transferred the cunt-slime from her to my prick and made
sure that it was nice and greasy. I took more of her
juice on my fingers and began to smear Debbie's arse. He
gave a loud sob. "Please don't, you can't, it's horrible"
he pleaded. "Watch this, Susan" I ordered. "Watch me turn
your husband into my own special girl." Debbie began to
sob quietly and helplessly and Susan, seeming now to lack
all resistance, propped herself up on her elbow and
watched us.

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