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Gay birthday party

It was summer 2016, yep last year. My friend was throwing his birthday party at a fancy pub in the NCR region. I was excited because that area is filled with hot guys (yes, hot in caps), all his friends from school, college and elsewhere came. It was fun. We all were dancing and drinking and eating. Then came my guy. That one hot stuff who made me gasp just by his looks. He was the host’s friend from his residential locality. Let’s call him Vedant. So, Vedant was 19, fit, athletic body gray eyes fair complexion and what not! He was looking… Perfect with black trousers and a sleeveless tank top complete with a gray pullover. I know I was destined to hook up with him just when he entered. My friend introduced us and to my surprise, Vedant ignored my hand and gave me a big hug it was tight and lasted for about 4 seconds. Aaahhhh! It was perfect I was in his arms and I could smell his cologne with a pinch of his sweat. Perfect. Was this a sign? Was he attracted to me as well?

After dancing crazily for an hour, Vedant sat and I too was tired. I took a seat beside him. After having a casual conversation, he removed his pull over. It was hard for me to breath now.

Because I have armpit fetish and he had the best armpit ever. Not too much hairy neither clean shaven just perfect. He caught me staring at his armpits and gave me a little smile. I was now excited. He asked for a drink and raised his hand and placed it on either side of the headrest of the couch. I’m sure it was deliberate. His armpits were inches away from my face. While I was busy going haywire over his armpits, he pulled out his phone and asked me to pose for him. We clicked a few pictures and then I took his phone for seeing the pics. Just then, a notification popped up. It was from grindr now it was sure that he either is bi or gay! He was busy with his drink and I opened grindr and saw some of his pictures. Nude. Shirtless. I was breathless now. He caught me and snatched his phone and was visibly embarrassed he stood up and was about to go when I held his hand and stood up.

‘I saw what I had too, and it made me happy’ I said with a wink. Suddenly his expressions changed and were happy rather he confessed that he was attracted to me. We stood there silently and then we kissed. Amidst mad people dancing like crazy, we were enjoying our own privacy. He placed his hand on my chest and I was tracing his back with my hand. Our tongues slid into each others mouth our salivas exchanged we broke the kiss and our eye met. It was all too hot.

We rushed to the bathroom. We got in the stall and pounded on each other and started kissing we were sucking each other’s tongue. My hand slid under his tank top while other was pressing his bulge. He moaned. He removed my shirt button by button. Placing kiss after every button. He reached for my nipple and sucked while pinching the other. My fingers played with his hair. Pulling him towards me then he further opened the buttons and reached towards the bottom. He kneels down and put his tongue in my navel. I hugged his head and removed my shirt completely then he started rubbing my dick I was in heaven.

He undid my belt and button and opened the fly of my denim he slid down my jeans and took my dick in his hand it was rock hard my underwear was still on. He was enjoying what he was doing and I was on the ninth cloud. Slowly, he slid my underwear down and my 6′ uncut member popped out. He slid the foreskin and licked the tip. And was rather licking the pink part of my dick till the area where the foreskin starts. I was moaning hard. His hands were caressing my body he took my dick in his mouth and his hands were now on my back he was pulling me towards him. He was giving the best blowjob ever! His hands playing with the balls and were sucking the balls too! Aaaahhh!

I stopped him and pulled him up. We kissed deeper this time we were in each other’s arms so tightly enact I removed his tank top and placed kisses on his neck. Sucked his adam’s apple and traced my way to his nipple I sucked both his nipples while pressing his hard-on then, I raised his hand up and bury my face in his armpits! His sweat was amazing. He wasn’t sweaty but the area had moisture I licked his armpits and sucked its hair then another armpit he too was enjoying he raised my hand started licking my armpits then I undid his jeans and took out his dick it was 6′ uncut just like minutes and I started sucking it he was about to cum so I stopped and we both masturbated while making out.

We came out and joined the party again.
Rohan, the host of the party questioned our absence to which we replied that I had to vomit. I said I was fine now,
Vedant and I are in constant touch and we keep meeting for our sexual encounters. Both of us are versatile. So, it’s always fun to top him or blow him.
We are great friends now, as well.
(ps; the names used in this sex story are hypothetical and any resemblance is a mere coincidence)

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