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Jenny's favorite color

AB-1578 JENNY'S FAVORITE COLOR by Brad Roberts


A single lamp burned in the small but well-furnished apartment living room. Janice Lane was whimpering softly as she writhed in a passionate sixty-nine embrace under the woman above her. The sharp contrast of Janice's lush five foot four, 35-22-36, twenty-one year old body and blonde hair, locked beneath the thirty-five year old Negress was strong in the soft light, and it thrilled her husband as he watched them working on each other.

For a long time it was enough for him to watch them and jack himself off, but finally Don gave in to his desire and moved across to them, clutching a bottle of Vaseline in his hand.

His eyes went directly to the resilient hillocks of the Negress' ass as he stuck his finger in the jar and then began to cover his knob with the lubricant.

When he was finished, he moved forward, climbing up onto the couch behind her; then he reached for the brown cheeks of her buttocks with his left hand. He parted them; then he put his Vaseline-covered finger against the tight, puckered entrance and shoved it in.

A moistly muffled moan of wild delight filled the room as the prostitute felt the hot, oily finger slip into her ass. The sound served to heighten Don's excitement; and he moved forward, guiding his knob with his right hand.

He let the smooth, throbbing head press against the small entrance and began to rotate it slowly with his hand, teasing and testing the tightness. He was momentarily disappointed at the realization that his was far from the first cock to grace the whore's anus, but he pushed the thought aside as he shoved forward slowly.

He let out a soft groan as his knob slipped through the entrance and thrust into the wondrous, hot, embracing chasm of her bowels. His hands went to her hips as he coaxed her until she began to rotate her round, shimmering buttocks, letting the powerful thrust of his massive prick work the big, burning head further into her deliciously hot chasm.

Another monthly ritual had begun...

For both Janice and Don this was the sublime, and he knew it. His cock tingled as he watched hem sucking at each other, heard the sound of their moist lapping, smelled the hot, flowing cunt juice and sweet, passion-induced sweat.


Ben Canton's eyes followed his wife as she moved across the living room and dropped down onto the chair across from him. He studied her lush 39-24-37 build gracing her lithe five-foot-nine body and grinned.

"Well, we could always put an ad in one of the underground papers; you know -- handsome, well-endowed Negro couple wishes to ball it with young white couple..."

Sue returned his smile.

"Sure, and send out snapshots of your big, beautiful black body stark naked, clutching your cock in your right hand and eating me, or something like that."

Ben laughed and raised his glass to his lips.

"Crazy, isn't it? It takes us a good two years of marriage before we can even admit to ourselves that we'd like to give it a try just for a few kicks; and now that we've decided, we don't know how to go about it."

Sue nodded. "It's silly, really; making up your mind is supposed to be the hardest part. We can hardly advertise for what we want."

Don grinned. "Hardly. I can see the headlines now: 'Prominent lawyer blackmailed for swap club connections'."

Sue grimaced at the thought.

"It was hard enough to make them forget you were black and accept you. It's too bad we didn't know another couple well enough to suggest something, somebody we could trust."

Don nodded. "Yes, I've been kicking that one around. Maybe something will come along."


Jenny Westover finished stripping off her clothes and sat down on the couch. She waited impatiently for her husband to set up the screen at the other end of the living room, her eyes devouring his muscular, five foot ten, one hundred and eighty pound frame. She had been waiting for him to get home, restless ever since he'd phoned and told her the film they had been waiting for had arrived at their post office box.

Ian finished with the screen and brushed a tuft of thick blond hair away from his forehead as he hurried back to the couch and flipped on the projector. Jenny turned the lights out as he dropped down onto the couch beside her.

His eyes went to her lush form briefly and he felt himself growing hot just looking at her.

Jenny was well built. She stood five six and carried a full set of curves, her 36-24-36 measurements complimenting her beautifully proportioned features, framed by a lush growth of flaming red hair.

The screen flooded with color and within a few short frames there was an orgy going full steam in front of their eyes. Jenny moaned passionately and slipped down onto the floor, pulling Ian down onto the thick carpeting beside her.

She whimpered at his touch and felt herself reacting to the feel of his huge organ swelling against her belly.

She closed her eyes as the animal magnetism of his body sent a series of shudders through her body. She loved the feel of his muscular flesh, and she passionately accepted the searing heat of desire that began to spread in all directions from her twisting loins.

Ian shifted slightly, lifting his hands from around her; and as she dropped back down to the thick carpet, spread-eagling herself, he knelt between her open thighs. The feel of the luxuriously thick carpeting against Jenny's flesh added to the sensation that was ripping through her body, and she raised her buttocks up off the floor so she could rub her open, overflowing pussy against Ian's throbbing shaft.

The feel of her molten juices covering his cock sent a groan through him, and he moved his hips until the shimmering knob was between her open lips. He began to shove gently, letting his cock slowly move into her, inch after thick, throbbing inch sounding her depths.

They let out a mutual moan as they watched the action on the screen. Jenny's head flew back as he began to penetrate her, and she let out a long, lust-filled sigh.

"Do it hard... for Christ sake hurt me... hard... hard..."

Ian's hips lashed forward, and he felt the tremendous force of his pulsing cock drive into her. He moved his hands up along her silky body until he had captured one of her stiff nipples; then he began to roll it gently.

Jenny's teeth found the flesh of his shoulder and sank into it. Ian winced as the pain coursed through him; then he let his fingers close tightly on her nipple. Jenny let out a cry of mixed pain and pleasure, and her teeth dug into him again. The feel of it only heightened Ian's bliss, and he began to drive his mighty organ into her viciously.


It had been a long time since Don had had his cock into anything, and he had a month's frustration to take out on the whore's ass. He closed his eyes and began to breathe hoarsely as he stroked farther and farther into her with every thrust of his hips. Deeper and deeper the massive shaft plunged until he could feel the weight of his heavy, tingling nuts slapping damply against the firm, lush flesh of her ass.

The whore's body quivered with the first shudder of ecstasy. The instant it swept through her, Janice felt it and erupted through her own climax, wildly stabbing her tongue deep into the black prostitute's yawning cunt.

The feel of them both going in unison, the sound of their combined cries of delight, shoved Don over the top. His thick knob jerked, and he drove forward until it was fully embedded in the hot depths of the whore's ass. The gushing lava of his release spurted forth, coating the walls of her rectum; and he groaned with exquisite delight.


The tempo of the action on the screen had increased, and both Ian and Jenny watched it avidly as they began to pick up the pace of their own lovemaking. They worked at each other wildly, trying to stretch it out as long as they could despite their mutual hunger. Their bodies were covered with perspiration, and the living room walls echoed their moans of delight and ragged, labored breathing.

Finally Ian couldn't hold himself back any longer. He threw his head back as his thick organ quivered and spat forth the first spurt of molten, stringy semen. His animal-like groan of gratification coupled with the feel of his seed pistoning against the sensitive flesh so deep in her body sent Jenny soaring over the top, and her body convulsed as wave after wave of ecstasy ripped through her.

Ian spent himself inside her; then he dropped down onto her quivering body, and both of them turned their attention back to the screen, reveling in their completion and the action unfolding before them.


Don let the curtain drop back into place after he watched the black prostitute climb into the cab in front of their apartment block. He looked across at Janice; and as their eyes met, she smiled.

"That was wild. Once a month isn't often enough any more."

Don nodded slowly as he took the glass from her outstretched hand and dropped down onto the couch beside her.

"Yeah, I know. But we're taking enough of a risk as it is. The neighbors must be starting to wonder a little; once a month, like clockwork we have a Negress houseguest for the weekend, a different one each time..."

Janice shrugged after taking a sip from her glass. "To hell with them."

Don looked across at her and frowned. "Seriously, though, I've been thinking about it. I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little tired of using a professional. Not that I mind the money; hell, it's worth every penny. It's just that it would be nice to slip into an ass that wasn't so well-reamed I can hardly get my kicks."

Janice nodded her agreement.

"I know what you mean. I'm never sure if she's turned on by making it with me, or if she's just putting on a show."

Don took a good pull at his drink and set the glass down on the coffee table in front of him.

"Do you think we should give the advertising idea a try? I know we decided it was too risky, but maybe we could figure out some way to be sure the broad is okay before we set up anything definite."

Janice hesitated for a second. They had discussed this many times during the past few months and always discarded it because of the risk of scandal or blackmail; yet she too was fed up with using prostitutes for getting their kicks.

"Maybe if we could set up the first session at a motel somewhere on the outskirts of the city, arrive by cab, and only use first names..."


Jenny flipped on the light and leaned back against the edge of the couch as Ian flicked off the projector and began threading it for rewinding. She let out a soft sigh of contentment.

"God, that was fabulous."

Ian grinned. "Couldn't have been better."

Jenny smiled. "Unless, of course, the film had been the real thing."

Ian turned to face her as he flicked the rewind switch.

"How do you mean?"

Jenny opened her eyes and lit up a cigarette before answering him.

"Well, I'd kind of like to have two guys making it with me, like on the film. The broad looked like she was in heaven when she was getting it from two of them at once."

Ian nodded his agreement as he slipped the film off and returned it to its canister.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I've kind of wondered how it would be to have a guy reaming me while I was putting it to a broad, or vice versa. A group session would really be wild."

Jenny stretched so she could reach the ashtray on the table beside her.

"Do you think Don and Janice would go for a group deal?"

A puzzled look came over Ian's handsome features.

"It never crossed my mind. Why do you ask?"

Jenny shrugged.

"No reason in particular. It's just that it's common knowledge that they have a wonky sex life. Janice was a full-fledged lesbian when Don married her; and from the time that I've been around her, I have a feeling she hasn't changed much. Maybe they'd be willing to get together with us for a swapping session."

Ian dropped down onto the couch above her and grinned.

"I've never given it much thought. Don's a strange bastard, and so is Janice for that matter."

"I've never heard him talk about their sex life, but like you say they were a weird team from the start. I could drop a couple of hints and see if he's interested. We've got a promotional deal set up for Thursday afternoon; the district manager's giving us a spiel on the company's new overall coverage policy."


Thursday was the one day of the week that Ben got home later than usual. He liked to spend a couple of hours interviewing those who took advantage of his offer of free legal assistance to sort out those who really needed him, and he had designated Thursday night for this purpose.

Sue had never complained about this fact, but tonight she was impatient for him to arrive. He found her pacing back and forth when he got home. He noticed her uneasiness the second he entered the apartment, and he flashed her a smile.

"What's eating you? You look like a caged lion."

Sue returned his smile and crossed over to him, accepting his kiss; then she handed him a copy of the local underground rag. Ben set his attach case down and turned his eyes to the paper as Sue moved across to hang up his coat.

"In the classified; I circled it."

Ben moved his gaze to the circled ad and read it; then he looked up at her.

"I thought we agreed not to try this; it's too risky."

She nodded slowly.

"I know, but the more I read it, the more I thought it might be worth a try. Notice how this couple stresses discretion, no last names, the use of newspaper box numbers..."

Ben read it again, then shook his head slowly.

"Sounds like they're just as afraid of what might happen as we are. But they're only looking for a Negress; what makes you think they'll go for a couple?"

Sue shrugged.

"It's worth a try. We could write them and outline what we're looking for. It says they want a bisexual colored girl. We agreed that we both wanted to try everything; maybe they'll go for us as a couple."

Ben read it again more slowly.

"I don't know, honey..."

Sue had already been mulling it over in her mind for a good four hours, and she was already convinced to give it a spin.

"It can't hurt to write them a letter."

Ben nodded slowly, his features betraying his uncertainty.

"No... I guess not..."


Don was sitting in the living room sipping a Scotch when Janice arrived with her normal Thursday night armload of parcels. He flashed her a grin as she set them down and peeled off her coat; then he got up and crossed over to the small bar to fix her a drink.

He handed it to her as she walked across the room, and she smiled.

"Thanks, I could use it; the traffic is hell these days. How'd the meeting go?"

Don grinned broadly.

"Great! You remember Ian and Jenny Westover? We met them at a couple of the company deals."

Janice nodded and lit a cigarette as she set her drink down and joined him on the couch.

"Yes, especially Jenny... beautifully built redhead."

Don nodded.

"That's the one. Well, you're not going to believe this, but they have a yen to try a little wife-swapping, and Ian sounded me out on it this afternoon."

A flicker of interest flashed through Janice's face.

"Do they know what we like?"

Don shook his head slowly.

"No, I didn't go into details. Old Ian was pretty cagey about it, but he made it quite clear that he and Jenny are looking for a few kicks."

Janice chuckled throatily.

"God, I'd love to ball with Jenny. I wonder if she goes both ways."

Don shrugged. "I imagine they're aware of your tastes; that's never been too much of a secret. Personally, I think they're ready to try just about anything."

Janice crushed her cigarette out and let out a soft whistle.

"Sounds like what we've been looking for. I would have preferred a Negress, but what the hell. Maybe I should give Jenny a call in the morning and invite her over for coffee. I could lay it on the line for them; and if they're still interested, we could get together tomorrow night."

Don nodded.

"Just play it cool; if they don't want to play, don't push it."


Jenny's excitement was visible.

"Well, what did he say?"

Ian shrugged his shoulders and dropped into a chair.

"He was interested all right; it was written all over his face. But I got the feeling that maybe we were getting into something more than we bargained for. I just don't know what the hell to expect of them; they're both a couple of weirdos."

Jenny frowned at him.

"Christ, you're having second thoughts; it's a little late, isn't it? We're game for everything short of torture; we've already talked that out. Besides, if they are too far out for us, we don't have to go back a second time."

Ian smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. It's just that they're strange... hell, I guess we're pretty strange ourselves when it comes to that. Anyway, I put the invitation in, and if they're interested, they'll get hold of us."


The soft steady hum of Ian's pocket pager broke the silence of the plush boardroom, and he reached into his pocket and shut it off. He offered a smile of apology to the three men sitting across from him and excused himself, exiting the room through the big oak doorway and entering the outer office.

The woman who was obviously the senior of the three secretaries listened to his request for the use of the phone, and without changing her expression waved her hand in the direction of one of the office doors adjoining the room.

Ian went inside and dialed his office. His secretary gave him the message, then he dialed his home phone number. Jenny answered it on the first ring, and he leaned back in the comfortable Naugahyde chair as he listened to her.

"Janice phoned up this morning and invited me over for coffee at two o'clock. It sounds as if they've taken the bait."

Ian allowed himself a smile. He had been doing a great deal of thinking about the possibilities of the four of them getting together, and by now the thought of uncertainty as to what might be expected from them was more intriguing than frightening.

"I never really doubted that they would. Look, honey, you get as much detail as possible out of Janice; let's walk into this thing with our eyes wide open."

Jenny let out a small nervous laugh.

"I will... and I'll call you as soon as I return and let you know how it went."


Don rarely came home during the day, and Janice was a little surprised to see him wander into the apartment shortly after eleven in the morning. He flashed her a smile as he dropped his attach case down and held out an envelope to her.

"I couldn't resist showing this to you."

Janice took the envelope out of his hand and pulled the letter out of it. She glanced at it briefly and looked up at him.

"It didn't take long for our ad to get results."

Don grinned broadly.

"You're not kidding. There were six more, but the others were pretty far out. Read it over and see what you think of it. It's a couple, not exactly what we had in mind, but they sound sincere and just as worried about keeping things discreet as we are."

Janice looked back at the letter and read it carefully. The idea of a foursome hadn't entered her mind; her tastes ran to making it with another woman while Don satisfied himself with the other broad at the same time. On the other hand, the possibilities a foursome offered didn't turn her off; it simply added a little more spice to the thought of what might come out of it.

Don moved across the room and helped himself to a drink while she read; then he looked over at her.

"Well, what do you think?"

Janice smiled. "It sounds great."

Don nodded slowly. "I thought you'd like it. I've drafted up a letter, and I'm going to take it down to the newspaper office before noon. If they're as eager as it looks, they'll probably phone in to check on any replies in the box number they've taken out, and they should have it this afternoon. I've offered a suggestion of a motel and told them we'd be checking in tonight under Mr. and Mrs. White, and that we'd be there until Sunday morning. Sound okay to you?"

Janice glanced at the letter, then back to him. "It's a bit fast, isn't it?"

Don laughed.

"I don't know about you, baby, but just reading the letter made me so hot I can taste it. I have an idea they feel the same way, and it wouldn't surprise me if they knocked on our door before midnight tonight."

Janice had got the same feeling from the letter.

"You're probably right. Now what do I do about Ian and Jenny? She's coming over this afternoon."

Don shrugged. "I don't know. We've pretty well committed ourselves with them. Do you want to back out?"

Janice shook her head. "Not after going this far; maybe this letter won't work out."

Don nodded.

"Well, when Jenny gets here, play it by ear. Lay it on the line for her, and see if she still wants to go ahead with it..."

He chuckled huskily. "I think I could manage to make it with two different teams; we could rotate them."

A warm flush of expectation moved through Janice, and she laughed.

"So could I, honey, so could I."

Don glanced at his watch. "How about fixing me a sandwich; I've got to get back. Don't forget to phone me when Jenny leaves and let me know how it went."


Jenny was far less sure of herself as she parked the red Buick convertible in the underground parking area of Don and Janice's apartment. Talking about swapping was one thing, but making the first step toward it being a reality was something else. She sat in the car for a few minutes, thinking and finishing her cigarette. She was far from sure about what was coming, about what it could lead to; yet there was no denying that she was excited about the possibilities.

She crushed her cigarette out in the ashtray and left the car, walking quickly toward the elevator.

Janice flashed Jenny a big smile when she opened the door, and waved her into the apartment. It relaxed Jenny slightly, but she was still keyed up. Janice seemed oblivious to her nervousness, and that helped a little too.

"What'll it be, honey? I was just about to fix myself a batch of martinis."

Jenny returned her smile as she sat down in one of the comfortably padded easy chairs.

"Sounds great; I could use one."

Janice chuckled softly.

"I guess we both could; this is a first for the two of us."

She turned and moved across to the bar, talking as she walked. "What made you and Ian decide to try swapping?"

Jenny had been wondering how the topic would be broached, and the ease with which Janice brought it up surprised her a little, throwing her off balance.

"Oh, I don't know... I guess both of us just wanted to try it with another couple. Ian's built up quite a collection of films, and we both get a kick out of doing it while watching the shows. We've been wondering what it would be like to do it with another couple."

Janice nodded as she worked on the martinis. In a few moments she returned with a pitcher and two glasses. She set them down on the coffee table in front of the big couch and then sat down on it, patting the cushion beside her.

"C'mon over here and sit beside me, honey; I won't bite."

Jenny flushed slightly at the suggestion but got up and joined Janice on the couch.

Janice poured two drinks and handed Jenny one; then she leaned back and let her eyes meet Jenny's.

"We might as well get down to the nitty gritty right off the bat. I suppose you and Ian have a fair idea of what Don and I are looking for?"

Jenny took a deep gulp from her glass, hoping the liquor would relax her. "Yes... well, I mean we know that you were..."

Janice chuckled throatily and finished it for her.

"A lezzie?"

Jenny nodded and helped herself to another slug from her glass.

Janice smiled. "Yes, I like making it with another woman, and Don enjoys watching me and making it with the other broad at the same time. Both of us are willing to make it both ways; are you and Ian AC/DC?"

Jenny managed a weak smile.

"I don't know. Neither of us have tried it that way, but I know Ian wants to try it; and to be honest, I've often wanted to see what it would be like."

Janice's eyes openly moved up and down over the length of Jenny's lush, well-rounded frame. The tip of her tongue slipped out from between her lips and moved around slowly, dampening them.

It was a new experience for Jenny to have a woman bluntly inspect her in an obviously sexual way. It frightened her a little; yet she felt a warm sensation deep in her loins.

Janice seemed to sense her uneasiness, and she reached for the pitcher to refill Jenny's glass; then she leaned back and smiled.

"Let's have another drink and then find out what you think of it."

Jenny hadn't expected anything but conversation. It was obvious that Janice intended to introduce her to the lesbian way of lovemaking right here and now, no husbands, just the two of them.

A little jolt of excitement moved through her.

"I didn't expect... I thought..." Janice laughed, cutting her off. "There's no time like the present, honey. Not much sense in the four of us getting together if you don't take to making it with me... not that I think there will be any problem."

Jenny lifted her glass and drank deeply from it. The booze was beginning to register on her, and she was aware that her body temperature was rising, both because of it, and because she was warming to the thought of having another woman make love to her.

She had secretly wondered what it would be like for some time, and the tingling anticipation of it coming so soon started her blood boiling. Janice smiled as she watched the redhead empty her glass for a second time; then she refilled it and lifted her own glass in a toast.

"To the future."

Both of them tilted their glasses and drained them. Janice set her glass down on the coffee table, then moved closer to Jenny.

"Just lean back and relax, honey; you're going to like this."

She moved her right hand over and let it rest on the smooth, silky expanse of Jenny's leg, just above the knee. Jenny closed her eyes and leaned back as she felt the sensuous warmth of Janice's palm through the thin, sheer material of her pantyhose.

Janice smiled and began to move her fingertips in small circles against the firm flesh.

Jenny was tense for a few moments; then her breathing became heavier and she sunk down a little.

Each tingling, circular motion of her hostess' hand relaxed her a little more and built the rising crescendo of passion in her. As the waves of uncertainty were pushed aside by growing passion, her lush body slipped lower, and her skirt shifted higher up her long, well-formed legs, then up past the satiny material of her panties.

The sight of the thin, transparent material of her panties brought a stifled gasp from Janice. She could see the wiry mat of flaming red cunthair clearly through the sheer fabric. Her eyes stayed glued to it as she worked her hand slowly, and she could see a wet spot begin to form in the crotch of the frilly bikini underwear.

"Oh, baby, you're a natural... you're going to love this..."

Jenny couldn't speak; she managed a muffled whimper of desire.

Janice's circling fingertips moved upward along the firm flesh of Jenny's thigh until they were massaging just below the ribbon of elastic on the bottom of the sheer panties; then she reached up and slowly drew the pantyhose down. Now her fingertips brushed back and forth across the few flaming red hairs that showed. The feel of it gave Jenny a thrill, and she felt a shudder of expectation sweeping through her violently. Janice couldn't resist going higher; and her fingers shifted until she was gently caressing the swollen, open lips of Jenny's cunt through the thin panties.

The last doubt Jenny had about what was coming was instantly dispelled as she thrilled to the feel of the hot, eager fingertips probing, massaging, tantalizing the very sensitive and tingling outer lips of her hot pussy.

It excited her more than anything she could remember, sending hot flashes of pleasure through her.

Janice knew she had Jenny begging for it, and she was no longer in any hurry to push it. She continued to caress and brush the hot, swollen lips for a long time, and Jenny went absolutely wild.

She twisted and whimpered passionately, bouncing her hips like a bitch in heat. The warmth in her loins reached the kindling point, and she began to twist her head from side to side slowly as her lips parted.

"Oh God... do something... it's driving me crazy..."

Janice grinned and reached up to pull the panties down and off. Jenny groaned and squirmed passionately.

"Hurry... hurry..."

Janice stared down at the open, inviting chasm nestled below Jenny's moist, flaming red cunt hair for a few appreciative seconds; then her right hand moved upward, and she began to caress and tease the swollen outer lips. She shifted her light, tingling caress completely around the outside of Jenny's sensitive orifice, tantalizing the passion-engorged flesh.

Jenny's mind nearly snapped.

"God... now... do it now..."

Janice removed her hand and buried her face between the lush redhead's open thighs. Her tongue lashed out, and she let out a weirdly muffled cry of delight as she experienced the first wonderful taste of Jenny's fresh, eager body. Her tongue began to move slowly out of her mouth. It dipped eagerly into the yawning, honey-filled chasm... probing... exploring... tasting... teasing... thrilling... bringing Jenny to a peak of perspiration-covered, awakened and lust-filled flesh, a prisoner of the wonder of it, and writhing and whimpering for more.

Jenny felt her body dissolving into a flaming mass of sensual need. She thrilled to the feel of Janice's tongue seeking out her stiff clitoris and torturing and teasing it, setting her on fire.

"Oh my God... God... so good..."

Janice wasn't about to go unsatisfied. She had invited Jenny into the thrilling world of lesbos; she had done it carefully, setting the groundwork, but now she wanted to benefit from it too.

She kept her mouth working on Jenny's hungry meat for a few more seconds, then she lifted her head and stood up by the couch.

"Get the rest of your clothes off, honey."

She didn't wait for Jenny to begin stripping off what clothing she had left; instead she worked on herself, stripping quickly. In a few moments they were both nude.

Janice took a couple of seconds to stare down at the full, lush curves of firm flesh quivering passionately in the center of the couch.

Jenny was whimpering and twisting her broiling flesh.

"Please... don't stop... God, I need it..."

Janice grinned and moved up onto the couch. She settled on her knees between Jenny's widely spread thighs; then she bent her head and let her lips receive one of the eraser-hard nipples that topped the full, firm mounds of her breasts. Jenny whimpered passionately at the touch, and Janice let out a moan as she moved her tongue across the swollen bud slowly, leisurely, enjoying the taste and feel of it; then, as it grew even stiffer under the touch of her tongue, she closed her lips around it and began to move her head from side to side, lolling it lovingly.

Jenny let out a cry of raw animal pleasure, and it drove Janice wild, sending a searing flame of lust ripping through her. She let the tip of Jenny's nipple slip deeper into her mouth, then grasped it gently between her teeth.

She chewed at it gently, nibbling, hungrily, and Jenny went wild under her. Janice worked on the hot tip for a good five minutes, then she moved her mouth to its mate, giving it the same treatment.

She moved her free hand down between them and cupped Jenny's hot mound lovingly for a few seconds, feeling the hot, flowing juice; then she shoved a finger inside the yawning cunt and began to finger the lush redhead feverishly.

She kept her finger stroking deeply for a few seconds, then, with a wild moan, lifted her head from Jenny's swollen, pulsating nipple and moved it downward, letting her lips meet Jenny's swollen cuntlips in a brief kiss.

The brushing caress set Jenny on fire.

"Oh God... eat me... eat me..."

Janice's tongue surged free of her mouth and shot between the bloodengorged outer lips of Jenny's hot box, then began to probe deep inside. At the same time, she spun around on the couch, settling into a sixty-nine position. Jenny was hot for it, and she accepted the invitation instantly, pulling Janice down so she could return the favor.

Janice's mouth found the stiff, throbbing nubbin of Jenny's clitoris, and she lavished attention on it... chewing... lolling... lapping... nibbling.

Jenny had been a slow starter, but there was no holding her back now. The sweet, succulent taste of Janice's hot cunt was new and thrilling to her, and she applied herself to it quickly, picking up the little tricks of pleasing that Janice was so avidly showing her below.

They chewed and sucked at each other, lapping hungrily at their tender, aching pussies; then suddenly the lights went out for Jenny, and a split second later flashed on brilliantly, wildly.

She lashed through her crisis, wild animal cries of muffled pleasure filling the room as Janice brought her over the top, then made it a split-second later.

They rocked and twisted together on the couch, both of them high on the wondrous tremors of ecstasy that ripped through them.

It took a long time for them to come down, and finally Janice lifted herself up off Jenny and sat down on the edge of the couch. Her eyes settled on the lush redhead as she lit a cigarette and exhaled.

"Well, baby, what did you think of it?"

Jenny managed to speak in a hoarse, strained voice. "It was wonderful... simply wonderful..."

Janice grinned. "It gets better, honey, much better."

Jenny managed to pull herself upright slowly and lean back against the couch. She paused for a few seconds, wildly sucking in air, trying to regain control of her breathing; then she accepted the cigarette Janice offered her and nodded her thanks as she took a deep drag.

Neither of them were ready to talk for a few minutes, and Janice took the time to figure out what she was going to do about the situation she found confronting her.

After making it with Jenny, she was eager for the four of them to get together; yet the thought of making it with a strange couple, a Negress, filled her with expectation. She had no desire to nip the promising affair between Ian and Jenny in the bud simply for a chance at something that might not work out; yet she knew she was going to have to find some way to stall Jenny and Ian off at least until after the weekend. If she read the signs right, Jenny wasn't about to want the weekend to slip by without a full-fledged session between the four of them.

She leaned forward and poured them out fresh drinks; then she handed Jenny one.

"You sure as hell passed the test, honey. I'll talk it over with Don on the weekend; and if he's still game, we can get together some time next week."

The disappointment was obvious both in Jenny's features and in the tone of her voice.

"I was sort of hoping we could meet this weekend; Ian and I are more than ready."

Janice cut her off.

"This is a pretty big step, honey; I think all four of us should have a few days to think about it."

Janice did her best to sound sincere, and Jenny reluctantly agreed.

"Maybe you're right."

She glanced at her watch and lifted her glass.

"I'd better get the hell out of here; I didn't realize it was so late."

Janice laughed.

"Time goes fast when you're enjoying yourself."


Don crushed out his cigarette and rolled off the bed. He crossed over to the motel window and pushed the curtain aside.

"We've been here damn near twenty-four hours, and not even a nibble."

Janice was just as dejected as he was. She hadn't really held out too much hope that the Negro couple would arrive on Friday night, but she had expected them to show before now. They had been cooped up in the room all day, and it was seven o'clock Saturday night.

She came out of her own thoughts as Don spoke again.

"We should have set up the weekend with Ian and Jenny; they were eager enough."

Janice got up off the bed and crossed over to the dresser. She was in the midst of pouring herself a drink when Don beckoned to her.

"Hey, look at this; do you think that could be them?"

Janice joined him at the window and looked toward the office. A welldressed Negro couple was just leaving, obviously looking for a cabin. As she watched them, she sensed the uneasiness in them that she and Don had felt when they'd registered. She felt a wave of excitement sweep through her.

"It has to be; look at them; they keep looking around to see if anyone is watching."

Don raised his hand to silence her and let the curtain drop.

"The manager came out behind them; he pointed in this direction."

Janice moved across the room. She pushed the bottle and glasses back slightly, arranging them in some semblance of order; then she sat down in the chair beside the bed. Don looked at her and grinned, then moved across toward the door.

A knock sounded just as he approached it, and he pulled it open and smiled. The motel manager looked from Don to the couple behind him.

"Mr. and Mrs. Denison here... were asking for you..."

Don cut him off.

"Hi, we've been waiting for you. C'mon in and have a drink before you get settled."

The manager seemed relieved at having reunited them. He glanced toward the luggage Ben was holding.

"I'll see that those get into your room if you want."

Ben flashed him a smile and followed it with a dollar bill as the manager latched onto the luggage and walked away. Don waited until he was a few feet away, then waved Ben and Sue inside.

All the frustration that had built in him during the hours of waiting faded instantly, and he grinned as he shut the door behind them.

"We thought you weren't coming."

Ben hadn't lost his uneasiness. He managed a small grin.

"We didn't get your letter until this afternoon." Janice broke into the conversation.

"Who gives a damn; you're here now, and that's what counts."

She waved them in the direction of the bed.

"Sit down; I'll fix us a round of drinks."

Don stretched out his hand toward Ben.

"I'm Don... that's Janice."

Ben nodded toward his wife.

"Sue and Ben..."

He almost added Canton, but caught himself before it slipped out.

Don grinned.

"That's right; only first names."


Ian was fucking Jenny with slow, deliberate strokes as they watched the flickering film at the other end of the bedroom.

Jenny's version of what had taken place between she and Janice during the afternoon before had made him eager to trade, and suddenly watching the film while he put the blocks to Jenny wasn't as good as it had been.

He was disappointed that they couldn't begin the swapping right away, and so was Jenny. Both of them had been tempted to contact Don and Janice, and tell them of their eagerness; but they had agreed that it was something you couldn't push.

The high wave of sensual awareness the new experience had brought to Jenny had brushed off onto Ian; and the two of them had spent all day in bed, making it every way they could, stopping only for meals. Yet nothing they could give each other served to quiet the strange new desires that filled them.


Three drinks and light conversation had served to make the four people sitting in the motel room feel much more at ease with one another. For Janice, it couldn't be soon enough. She couldn't keep her eyes off Sue's full, tawny body; and she was dying to get her tongue into the depths of her cunt.

As she finished her third drink, she stood up and smiled.

"I think we're all pretty relaxed now; let's get started."

She didn't wait for an answer. Instead she began to peel her clothes off.

Sue had been aware of Janice's interest, and had found herself warming up to it uninhibitedly. There was only a second's hesitation on her part after Janice began to strip before she followed suit. Don grinned and looked over at Ben. "God, I'm going to enjoy this," he growled.

Ben didn't reply, but both of them stood up and began undressing.

The second Sue had finished stripping, Janice let out a soft moan and pushed her back onto the bed, dropping down on top of her. She stretched the hot length of her body across Sue's dark, voluptuous form and kissed her.

Sue felt a little strange about having another woman kissing her, but the lips were soft, yet gently demanding; and before she knew it, she was accepting the kiss. When Janice's tongue surged into her mouth, she felt her pulse quickening; and she welcomed it, meeting it with her own.

The feel of Janice's firm, lush breasts digging into her own full mounds, hard, tender nipples pressed against each other, the feel of Janice's bushy, hot, seeping cunt brushing against her own swollen cuntlips, sent a thrill through her such as she had never known before. It was new, different, and thrilling; in a depraved, wild sort of way.

She pushed all thoughts out of her mind. This was an experiment for her, and she wanted to enjoy the new experience completely.

She let out a muffled moan, and her arms went up around Janice and pulled her hot body even tighter against her own. The kiss lasted for a long time.

Sue was an eager recipient, her interest and enjoyment readily apparent to Janice. Finally their lips parted, and Janice raised her head and smiled.

"If this is your first time, baby, you're sure catching on fast."

Sue returned the smile and let out a soft moan. "Make it nice and slow; I don't want to miss anything."

Janice brought her lips down on Sue's again and began to move slowly against her, rubbing her hot flesh against Sue's tawniness. Their forms gleamed brightly in the soft light reflected on the thin coat of perspiration that accompanied their building passion.

At first Ben was a little embarrassed at watching his wife and another woman balling, but that feeling soon disappeared and was replaced by a stimulating sensual feeling that filled his powerful black form. His big cock began to expand, and he watched the proceedings on the bed avidly as he slouched slightly on the bed beside them.

Don's eyes flickered from the two women to Ben, and he grinned.

"You ever made it with another guy?"

Ben shook his head slowly, keeping his eyes on the women.

"Not really... I fooled around a little when I was younger."

Don's grin widened.

"You willing to give it a try?"

Don got up out of his chair and moved across toward the bed. Ben watched the other man, conscious of his muscular build and the desire that was made abundantly obvious by the massive erection swaying proudly from between his firm thighs.

Don's suggestion didn't come as too much of a surprise. Although Ben had expected the suggestion to come later, after what he would have preferred, it was something that both he and Sue had discussed, and something they had both agreed they wanted to experience.

"Sure, but I'm afraid you're going to have to teach me the ropes; it's all new to me."

Ben shifted slightly on the bed, stretching out on his back and spreading his thighs slightly. The suggestion had excited him a good deal as had the show being put on by Sue and Janice. He was hot, and his big cock had begun to throb hotly against the mat of thick black hair at its base.

Don grinned again.

"I'd be glad to."

He moved up to the edge of the bed; then he reached out with his right hand and ran it slowly over the length of Ben's muscular body, over the powerful chest and downward until he was gently brushing his fingertips across Ben's gigantic, thick, black cock.

It was strange for Ben to feel a man's hand on him; yet it excited him in a different way than the touch of a woman. He closed his eyes as Don encircled the big, black tool with his hand and squeezed slightly.

Ben groaned and arched his back slightly at the feel of it. He had an urge to feel what Don was feeling, and he reached out to grasp Don's stiff, throbbing cock. It felt good in his hand, and he didn't release it.

Don began to stroke the black tool in his grasp. The foreskin slipped back, revealing the moist, purplish, glistening knob; and Don let out a gasp of pleasure at the sight of the thick head. He pulled the massive prick free of its nest against Ben's stomach and bent his head, sucking the knob into his mouth.

Janice had nurtured in Don a building desire for homosexual lovemaking. Over the past few months he had experimented with a few men, and he had come to enjoy making it with another guy. Being able to watch Janice and Sue balling on the bed beside him, combined with the handsome features of Ben's big, powerful black form, had sent a surging flame of need through him; and he was eager to satisfy it.

He'd never seen a cock as big as Ben's, and he couldn't get enough of it. It was massive, smooth and alive in his mouth.

The feel of it thrilled him deeply, and he gurgled happily and began to polish the head with his tongue. Ben groaned and lifted his hips up off the bed, shoving a good six inches of his massive prick into Don's mouth. The smooth knob slipped back into Don's throat, and he let out a muffled whimper and slid his hand down to cup Ben's sac as he started to rotate his head slowly.

Getting his rocks off from a blow job wasn't a new kick for Ben, but having a guy do it for him was. It stimulated and excited him, and the slight reservations that he had held about making it with a guy began to disappear rapidly. The action of Don's mouth on his cock felt good, and the easy, relaxed feeling the booze had given him helped him to push his inhibitions aside.

He relaxed completely, giving himself to it, letting whatever was coming come.

The action on the bed beside them was getting pretty wild. Sue was enraptured by Janice's slow deliberate seduction, and she was mewing like a kitten full of milk as she churned and twisted on the bed.

Janice was enjoying herself fully, and she was in no hurry to end the pleasure she was getting by turning Sue on. She took her time, greedily accepting each of Sue's stiff, throbbing nipples in turn, sucking them gently between her lips, shifting her head from side to side, letting the hard buds brush between them, lashing at them with her tongue.

Sue wasn't aware of the others in the room; she was only aware of the building erotic wonder that filled her. She was completely lost in the wicked delight of it. Her body was on fire, her hips moving in steadily expanding circles as she raised her hot glistening cuntlips upward. Janice knew what she wanted and moved quickly to give it to her. She slipped her hand down to cup the flowing mound pressing and caressing it for a few seconds; then she shoved her middle finger inside and began to finger Sue slowly as she continued to use her mouth on the big, firm orbs and their hard nipples.

Sue's reaction was instantaneous. She arched her lithe body upward and moaned.

"Yes... fuck me with it... God, that feels good... harder... harder..."

Janice let out a triumphant snort of excitement and pulled her stroking finger out as she lifted her head from Sue's succulent tit and moved it downward. She burrowed her head wildly between Sue's frantically spread thighs and kissed the hot, flowing dark lips nestled deliciously under the thick mat of wiry black cunt hair. The first taste of the delightfully sweet and hot nectar turned her on. She moaned softly... she sucked... the hot length of her surged inside... the tip flicked playfully, teasingly... she drank the sweet elixir, taking it eagerly, with a vengeance... her tongue became a hot dagger, searching the sensitive tissues...

Sue's eyes rolled back into her head, and her mouth hung open limply.

"Oh my God... oh my God..."

Janice let her tongue surge to the very depths of the tasty hot slit. Sue shrieked with delirious pleasure. Her body arched up off the bed, taut as a bowstring; and Janice let her tongue move upward to the juncture of those beautiful, dark, succulent lips. She searched for and found the hard, pulsating bud and began to pay homage to it slowly, lovingly.

As she did, she moved, spinning around into a sixty-nine position. She let out a muffled moan of lust, then pressed her own dripping cunt downward against Sue's face. For a split second Sue was uncertain, hesitant, not sure of what was wanted of her or if she wanted to do it; then she suddenly let out a shrill cry of need, and her tongue moved outward, slightly hesitant at first, then eagerly accepting what was expected of it.

On the second exploratory plunge a wild flame of supreme delight swept through Sue, and she knew she wanted this as much as Janice did. She began to work on the sweet, oozing slit with a passion that surprised Janice as much as it did her.

The sound and sight of their complete melding shook Ben wildly. He had never seen anything quite so erotically stimulating. The second Sue's tongue sunk into Janice, he let out a muffled cry of pleasure; and his big, black prick erupted, sending a veritable flood of creamy hot come spurting down Don's throat.

Don welcomed the rich flow eagerly and sucked for all he was worth, draining Ben completely. For Ben it was one of the wildest completions he'd ever experienced, and it lasted a long time. After a while he was conscious of a lessening of ecstasy, and he found control of his mind long enough to realize that Don was still working on his big cock, but that he had shifted and was now turned around and straddling Ben.

He opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of Don's big, stiff tool just inches from his face. He hesitated for a second, then pushed his uncertainty aside and reached up to cup Don's ass and pull the thick organ down to where he could suck it into his mouth.

The feel of it alive, throbbing and smooth in his mouth, was new to him; but there was no trace of the revulsion he had feared. It felt good, damn near natural; and he began to return the caresses that Don had once again picked up on his own tender, swollen shaft.

In a matter of seconds he had accepted his role, and was eager for it to continue to the end. Neither of them held back; their bodies pumped wildly as each of them drove as much cock as possible into the mouth of the other. It was short and frantic. It was so wild that Ben came again in seconds.

His big cock jerked against the back of Don's throat. Don let out a muffled groan of exquisite pleasure as he began to suck wildly at the spurting fluid, urging it from the tip of Ben's lurching dork. The feel of it was enough to make him blow his own stones, and almost instantly his thick cock exploded in Ben's mouth, and he pumped the molten fluid free of his tingling balls into the eager, waiting receptacle offered by Ben's milking chasm.

Their glistening, muscular bodies tensed as they twisted and humped through their releases; then they fell back down onto the bed. Don extricated himself with his last ounce of strength and dropped down beside Ben. They lay there side by side for a good five minutes before they finally managed to catch their breath and sit up.

Don lit two cigarettes and offered Ben one as they turned their attention back to the actions on the bed beside them.

Little shrieks of pleasure were coming from both of the women, and Ben and Don sensed that the end was near. They found themselves staring breathlessly as they waited for it. When it came, they could almost feel the intensity of it as they watched the two women tense wildly and then twist ecstatically to completion, each oblivious to anything but the blissful pleasure that ripped through them. They stayed tightly locked together until both of them had been drained completely; then they rolled apart and fought frantically to regain control of their glistening, heaving and satisfied bodies.

Don grinned broadly and got up off the bed. He crossed over to the dresser and poured them fresh drinks; then he carried them over to the small table separating the twin beds and set them down.

"That was wild, better than I'd expected."

Sue sat up and beamed across at Ben, and then chuckled huskily. "Mmmm... and we were a little scared at first..."

Janice sat up and reached for her drink. She took a sip from it, then smiled. "Don and I were a little leery too, at first; but I'm sure glad we decided to give it a try."

Don looked from the two women to Ben, and grinned.

"That was a pretty hectic start; what do you say to the four of us taking a dip in the pool to cool off and get ready for some more?"

Ben reached up to brush away the rapidly evaporating sweat from his brow.

"Sounds like a good idea to me."

Janice nodded.

"You two go on over and get settled; then grab your bathing suits and meet us at the pool."


Ian's cock came up stiff and throbbing with desire as he listened to Jenny giving a detailed account of the action between she and Janice the day before. He had heard it a good three times already; yet it stimulated him wildly every time.

He tossed back his drink and looked across at her, smiling.

"I wish to hell they hadn't decided to wait; I could sure as hell use a little of that kind of action tonight."

Jenny frowned and nodded.

"You're not the only one. If we don't hear from them by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to give them a call. In the meantime, I'm afraid we're going to have to make do with the projector."


Both Ben and Sue were more than pleased with the action they had already received with Janice and Don. They had nothing but glowing compliments to offer as they quickly got things put away in their motel room and scooped up their bathing suits. Both were eager for more, and they openly discussed their interest and excitement as they worked.

It took no more than a half hour to put things in order and arrive at the pool. They changed quickly and entered the pool area. They were both a little disappointed to find it fairly crowded, but, they pushed aside their disappointment and dove in, swimming toward the comer where they saw Janice and Don waiting for them.

All four of them shared a desire to get the session going again; and although each had been drained and completely satisfied in the first session, they found it took very little time for their desires to once again come to the point where they were crying for satisfaction. Almost at the same instant it hit each of them; and within a matter of twenty minutes, they were changed and on their way back to Janice and Don's motel room.

Ben and Don busied themselves preparing drinks as Sue and Janice dropped down onto one of the beds. Janice made no pretense of her eagerness to introduce Sue to another round of lesbian loving, and they had no more than gotten settled when Sue let out a low moan at the feel of Janice's hot palm pressing against the flesh of her upper thigh just above the hem of her skirt. Sue closed her eyes and leaned back.

"Oh God... I never thought I could get so worked up having a woman do that to me..."

Janice smiled as she let her hand move slowly, shifting upward, saying, "That was just a sample, honey; there's lots more, even better."

Sue moaned huskily, sensuously. A wave of tingling, erotic surges twisted slowly, blissfully through her lithe body. Her breath began to come in short, soft gasps as her glistening brown form began to move, twisting slowly.

"Make it slow... I want it to last... it's so good, so different..."

She closed her eyes and let herself go limp, giving herself to whatever Janice had in mind. Janice moved her hands down to the hem of Sue's skirt and pushed it up until it was bunched around her hips, bareing the silky, semi-sheer bikini panties that contrasted delightfully with the dark flesh of Sue's shimmering body. Sue was hot and ready for it, and the tell-tale damp circle in the panties covering her hot, flowing lips was obvious to Janice as Sue let her thighs part and whimpered with desire.

Janice reached around to cup the wet material and began lovingly caressing the clearly outlined swollen outer lips of the raised bushy mound. Sue tingled ecstatically from the touch. Her pink tongue slipped out from between her lips and ran around them slowly as she let out an animal-like moan and heaved her dimpled buttocks up off the bed.

Janice moved her hand, pushing Sue's legs back together; then she reached for the elasticized top of the bikini panties and grasped them firmly. Sue sensed what was coming and arched herself upward, lifting her buttocks off the bed and making it easy for Janice to slip the tight panties down over her hips and off her legs.

As she dropped them over the edge of the bed to the thickly carpeted floor, she bent her head forward to bring her lips against the hot, oozing slit nestled below the damp triangle of wiry black bush in an openly worshiping kiss.

Her tongue surged out from between her lips, lashing eagerly, the lovingly probing tip darting deeply into the open, honey-dew filled orifice, bringing a surging current of desire raging through Sue. She began to whimper with need and twist passionately on the bed as Janice eagerly lapped at the flowing well, tongue-fucking it deeply as she sucked on it.

The flicking, hot lance moved slowly up the yawning canyon from the bottom to the top until the tip found Sue's stiff, pulsing clitoris; then it paused tantalizingly for a split second before it started to polish and tease it. Sue was completely lost in the feel of it, her senses keenly aware of the wondrous sensuality of it, her body alive, twisting and writhing with bliss.

Don and Ben had taken up positions on either side of the bed, both of them watching the scene avidly. The effect it was having on them was obvious by the hard, straining outlines of their rigid cocks beneath the tight material of the pants.

Little muffled moans of pure pleasure filtered free from Sue's honey-filled box as Janice began to pick up the pace, eating the quivering meat with relish. In a matter of seconds Sue's eyes rolled back into her head and her long black tresses flipped wildly from side to side as she arched her body upward tautly, and the glistening black flesh shuddered violently through a seemingly endless series of tremors. Her low, animal-like screech of wild ecstasy filled their ears as Janice stayed with her, licking the tingling tender meat of her cunt until she was finished completely and had dropped back down onto the bed to fight for breath and control of her body.

As the two women stretched out side by side to regain their composure, Don looked across at Ben and grinned. "I guess it's our turn."

He reached for his shirt and pulled it off, then opened the front of his pants. Ben hesitated for a second, then began to follow suit. Watching the two women had worked him up into a good sweat, and he wanted some action. He didn't know exactly what Don had in mind, but he was game for almost anything.

Don stripped away his shorts and moved across to the dresser on the other side of the room. He pulled a bottle of Vaseline out of the top drawer, then turned and walked over to Ben, who was by this time nude.

A grin flooded his face as he glanced down at Ben's huge, swollen and throbbing prick.

"Use this; I'm dying to feel that big cock of yours reaming me, but I don't want you to rip me apart."

Ben took the Vaseline from Don's outstretched hand. He knew what Don wanted now, and at first the realization shook him a little; he didn't know if he was quite ready for this. Yet at the moment, the sight of Don's big cock stimulated him far more than he had ever expected it would. Had the tables been reversed, and he the one being reamed, he would still have been hesitant; he wasn't queer. On the other hand, he'd had his cock up more asses in his time than he could count, and this wasn't all that different.

One thing was certain, he did want some action; his cock was so hard it was aching for a nice tight hole, and that was exactly what Don was offering him. He had come into this thing with his eyes open, determined to give anything a try; that was exactly what he was going to do now.

Both Janice and Sue were watching them now with a great deal of interest as Don spun around slowly, exposing the firm, muscular cheeks of his ass to Ben.

"Christ, hurry; I want it so bad I can almost taste it."

Ben let out a groan as he stared at Don's poised, vulnerable buttocks. Then Don was in motion, climbing up onto the bed and dropping down onto his hands and knees.

The sight of Don in position and waiting pushed aside any remaining doubts Ben still harbored. A shiver swept through Don's body as he watched the purplish-red knob of Ben's cock lurch and slip partially free of the muscular black's foreskin. It seemed to grow even larger as it shimmered brightly in the soft light.

There was no audible sound in the room now, with the exception of Ben's hoarse breathing. The attention of everyone was on Don's poised, dimpled ass and the big thick prick standing menacingly from the hairy black bush between Ben's dark, muscular thighs.

Ben seemed to be mesmerized by Don's buttocks. He couldn't take his eyes off the resilient cheeks. His breathing began to come irregularly as he opened the jar of Vaseline and slowly transferred the lubricant from the jar to his right hand and then lovingly applied it along the length of his massive, pulsing prick.

His eyes returned to Don's full, plump buttocks as he worked at lubricating the thick organ; then he moved up onto the bed and dropped down behind Don's ready and waiting body. Without speaking he reached forward to part Don's firm cheeks.

Both Janice and Sue sat up slightly as they watched Ben press his hips forward slightly, bringing his knob against the tight opening of Don's anus. A muffled moan of delight left Don's clenched teeth at the touch; then Ben hammered his hips forward, and his thick knob slipped into Don's hot, clutching flesh.

Don wanted it; he was ready for it; but Ben was huge, and Don couldn't keep back a surprised cry of pain as the big, gnarled shaft disappeared into the firm white cheeks of his ass.

The huge black cock was a bell of a lot bigger than Don had imagined, and the pain he felt overcame his desire for a second. He tried to pull away, but Ben held him firmly as he strove for more ground to hold his big cock. After three vicious strokes, Don's cries seemed to soften slightly; then suddenly they disappeared.

Instantly there was another sound coming from his lips, a sound that doubled the desire that filled Ben. Husky groans of pleasure filled the room as Ben drove the massive rod still deeper into the sticky depths of Don's anus.

The sound sent wild stabs of sensuous wonder through the two women. They watched as if hypnotized as Ben began to fuck deeper and deeper, and it was immediately obvious that Don was no longer fighting the steady thrusts; he was welcoming them eagerly.

It took Ben a few more strokes to shove his throbbing prick up to the heavy, hairy balls between Don's firm cheeks; then he stopped moving, holding his cock completely imbedded in Don's hot anus. Neither of them moved for a few seconds, both completely enraptured with the full, throbbing victory of what they had done; then Ben placed his hands firmly on Don's hips and began to rotate them slowly. As he moved, Ben let out a husky moan of delight, and Don whimpered with pleasure.

As though it had a mind of its own, Ben's hand slipped around to the front of Don's body. He encircled his partner's massive, throbbing dork and began to stroke it slowly. Don whimpered wildly and began to twist and churn against Ben's big cock as the muscular black began to move again.

Don had never felt anything quite like it, and he moved quickly to accentuate Ben's thrusts. He started to twist his hips in a rhythmic rotation, complimenting Ben's deeply fucking shaft, forcing the massive gnarled pole in deeper, more viciously. It was a sensation Ben hadn't felt in a long time, and having it coupled with the living length of Don's big, pulsating prick in his hand made it something new, different, and far more stimulating than he had expected. He lost himself in the feel of it, his powerful hips twisting... circling... thrusting... pistoning.

It was good for both of them, blissfully sensuous. In a matter of minutes a deep groan of animal satisfaction filled the room as Ben began to pump the hot elixir free of his aching balls, flooding the tight, eager chasm of Don's ass with wads of thick, creamy fluid. Don moaned in ecstasy, and his cock lurched in Ben's frantically stroking hand; then a stream of glistening liquid shot forth from its tip and arced through the air.

It splattered against the bedspread below as they finished, then collapsed downward in exhaustion.

The sight was enough to work both Janice and Sue to a feverish pitch. Both of them stripped frantically and became one in a tight sixty-nine embrace. They began lapping and sucking at each other's oozing pussies, fighting wildly for satisfaction.

Don and Ben sat up and then Don moved across the bed and moved up behind Sue's quivering form. He used a little of the Vaseline on his thick, stiff cock, and then began to ream his way into Sue's ass.


It was almost four in the morning when Ben came out of the small bathroom, his dark body still glowing slightly from his shower. He moved across the motel room to the small table beside the double bed and lit a

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