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Jerking on the bus

When I was in high school I would catch the bus. I was always the first to be picked up, and last to be dropped off. The bus driver was in her forties, blonde and cranky as they usually are. She was a larger woman, and it showed in her tits. They were beautiful, round, and I could always see down her blouse.

For three years I would sit in the same spot, everyday. It was a seat where I could see the mirror above the driver, and look right down her top. I had no friends, no one to talk to, so I would sit and stare the whole half hour we trekked to school. It was unbearable. I would arrive at school and instantly have to masturbate. The same went when I got home.

I had cummed over this woman so many times, I had to do it while I was looking at her. I cut a hole in my pants pocket, and wore a long jacket one morning. I sat there on the way to school, wanting to do it, but I was so nervous. I arrived at school and regretted it so much. I jerked off two times at school thinking about it.

On the trip home, I had to do it. I sat there, slowly wanking and looking at those tits bounce over the bumps in the road. But then we got to a stop light. She looked up in the mirror, and directly at me. She shot me this look, and I could tell she was unimpressed. I couldn't go on. I sat there with my half wanked boner, just itching to get home and finish it off.

But she didn't take me home. She dropped off the second last, drove down the road a while, and turned into a side street. That's when she stopped the bus and turned to look as me.
'I see you everyday, you know. Sitting there with your hard on, staring at me.'
I swallowed hard. I didn't know what to do.

'And today you have the nerve to try and wank to me? I bet you masturbate thinking about me every day, don't you?'
I though I better tell the truth. 'Yes mam,' I said.
'Well, if that's how it is, you better show me. Whip out your cock!'
I was so nervous, but did as she said instantly. I was already hard, and almost twitching to cum from the interrupted wank.

'Here's how we play,' she started. 'You do as I say, and if you're a good boy, I take off some clothes, if you're bad, you have to smack yourself in the balls!'
I followed her orders. Slow fingering at the start, and she took her pants off. She told me to pull my dick back to my stomach, and tickle my balls. For that she showed me her ass. Then stroking, up the shaft. She showed me her pussy.

'I bet you're ready to cum,' she said smiling, and started to unbutton her top. I was nodding, and staring, unable to even speak I was in that much ecstacy. 'Hold it! Don't stroke, just hold and squeeze it!' I tried to comply, but found myself jiggling it a little bit. 'I said hold it!' She demanded. 'smack yourself in the balls!' I did, and the cum that was swelling almost shot forth at once!

'Now are you ready to do as you're told?' She asked. I was being good and just held it and nodded. She unbuttoned some more, and revealed her jiggling tits in a white bra. 'I bet you've never seen a real pair of boobs before, have you? You little wanker! You wank to me every day! I bet you want to see these more than anything! Start to stroke again!'

I started stroking and she started counting down slow from ten. She got to the end; '3, 2, are you ready?' And pulled out her amazing tits! I saw her perfectly round nipples and all! '1! Cum! Cum for me! Like you do everyday, but show me now! You dirty boy! If you're going to wank to a girl, you can at least show her!' I came my load forth. I'd never cum so hard before! I apologised for sneaking a look all those times. She accepted and for the rest of the school year she would instruct me to wank every day.

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