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Moscow sex show

She lay, spread-eagled, naked apart from knee-length
white socks; hands roughly handcuffed to the iron
bedstead above her head, ankles tied apart. She was
on her back on the grimy mattress looking up at the
single light bulb, waiting; waiting for the show to
start- but it had already begun for the ten men
gathered on Formica chairs around the bed. This was
a live show, Moscow -style, 1999; private, by
invitation only, and payment in dollars or marks.

It was very different from the surroundings of such
shows in Amsterdam, Paris or Barcelona: no plush
velvet, no music, no fancy costumes to be taken off,
and the audience were more serious, more intent. But
then, it was a live show with a difference; a show
which wasn't available in those other cities, and the
main difference was the girl who lay patiently waiting
for what was going to happen to her.

She was twelve.

I had stumbled on the show almost by accident while I
was working in the city for a few weeks. I had noticed
what looked like working girls in several locations;
the bar of my hotel, in a club I was taken to by
colleagues after a meeting; but these were the standard
30-year-olds with lots of make up and dressed in
Russian imitation of western fashion I had also noticed
what seemed to be teenage beggars at some Metro
stations, although I wasn't sure what they were up to
as my Russian is minimal.

Some of those beggar girls looked much more to my taste
than the women in the Hotel, but there was little
chance of my making contact, and they looked like they
needed a good shower. Some of them were simply
unattractive, but among them were some really pretty,
girls, some who looked no more than 14, who I would
have loved to get to know, and I couldn't resist
stopping in front of one and giving her a few rubles,
but when I tried to talk to her it was pretty hopeless
because of the language barrier.

I guess I am a pretty obvious sort of guy; anyway, as
I walked on I found a companion had latched on to me.
She- yes it was a woman- must have been about 65 or
even 70; short, gray -hairdo, business-like. She had
spotted me as a westerner, and I waited for an offer
of cigarettes, or a hard luck story in Russian. In
fact she spoke to me in English, accented but quite
comprehensible. She had clearly marked me out as a
punter when I stopped to speak to the young girl, and
she started in on a long spiel The essence of what she
said (and it made sense) was that you should avoid
girls on the street. She said they were dirty,
dishonest, and more likely to pick your pocket or give
you a disease than give you a good time.

I realized she was a pimp; astonishing to me in that
she looked like a little old lady, and frankly I
couldn't see her protecting any of her girls in a
fight- later I found that she possessed a gun! When
she finally got around to proposing business I realized
that she was offering more of the standard hooker fare,
albeit in a private flat. My taste being for the
younger end of the market I asked about that. She
became defensive- I guess even in Russia that is a
sensitive area, but what it came down to was that she
hadn't got any girls of the sort I wanted (or at least
wasn't going to admit to it to some one she had just

However she said that she had a contact for private
shows. I asked what she meant, and she said that it
was possible to watch sex shows with younger models;
apparently some guys felt that there was less risk of
infection, and it wasn't so serious with the law if
anything went wrong- although over there money is the
law and I don't really see what could go wrong! I
thought about it a bit, and decided to give it a shot.

I didn't really know what to expect, but she assured
me there would be sex and that there would be at least
one model who was young- under 18. We haggled a bit,
and came to a price of $100 which seemed expensive
just to watch- later I realized it was cheap for what
I saw. I wasn't allowed to know the address, but would
be picked up in a car and taken there the following
evening. She asked for $25 on account- frankly I
thought that it was lost money, but it isn't a lot to
lose and I thought what the hell.

To my surprise the car arrived for me the next evening,
and I was driven for about 25 minutes through the
suburbs of Moscow through high rise estates to an area
of what looked like run - down garages. We stopped in
an alley and I was admitted to a sort of concrete
basement searched by a heavy looking guy and asked for
$100. I explained that I had already paid $25 but that
didn't cut much ice. I nearly turned round and left
but I couldn't see how to get out of there. I felt
pretty trapped and began to wonder if I was going to
be robbed- I can see how it must have felt for some of
the models.

I paid up and was let into a room with an iron bedstead
and some Formica chairs around it. It was very basic,
just an old mattress on the bed and a bright unshaded
light bulb. I was the first, so I got to choose where
to sit. If I went again I would know better how to
choose, but I wasn't exactly sure what would happen I
just sat down fairly haphazardly near the head of the
bed and to one side- the chairs were all around a
couple at the head, a couple at the base, and three
down each side, none more than an arm's length from
the bed.

Other guys started to arrive- a mixture of nationali-
ties, but mainly guys about 40/50 years old: I noticed
that some like me just sat down, others had obviously
a favorite place so as to have a particular point of
view I guess- perhaps they had been before. On
reflection now I realize that there are some that like
close ups of the face, others who like legs, others
who are foot worshippers and so on, but at the begin-
ning I was pretty naive.

Well eventually the place was full, and the show began
It wasn't a question of lights! Music! Action! Just
a girl about 15 in jeans, jeans-jacket, and T-shirt
came and sat on the bed She had short brown hair, the
oval face of a Russian Ballerina, and was slightly
olive- skinned. She proceeded to do a rather mechani-
cal strip, down to a bra and panties in white cotton,
kneeling on the mattress.

At that point a boy about 14 came in dressed in just
a pair of jogging trousers, stood behind her, and felt
her tits through her bra. She wriggled a bit and he
put his hand down the front of her panties and started
to finger her. She pressed her rear against his groin
and started to moan softly so he upped his rhythm. As
his hand went down her wrist he pulled her panties away
from her belly, and her dark pubes showed as he lowered
her panties to just above her knees.

He was evidently determined to make her cum, and he
worked his two middle fingers well inside her up to
the knuckles with his right hand, and pulling her bra
up to reveal her pear-shaped tits with the other hand
her panties prevented her from opening her legs wide
and she moved from the waist backwards and forwards
in response to his probing, pushing her pubes forward
against his fingers as he penetrated her ever deeper
and faster.

It wasn't very long before the inevitable happened;
her breathing got quicker, turned to panting then sobs
of pleasure, and we heard the lovely sound of a teen-
girl orgasm- not the first 15 year old I have heard
cum, but the first one in public!

Her cheeks had gone red, and she was evidently pleased
with him, as she gave him a thank you kiss, pushed him
onto his back on the bed, unbuttoned his trousers and
pulled them and his pants down round his ankles. As
he lay there he showed evidence of his excitement at
what he had just heard: he had a swimmers muscled body,
but smooth torso, and against what I guess was a height
of about 5 feet he had a normal man-sized erection of
about 6 inches, which seemed all the bigger on a young

I thought she was going to do something for him to
return the favour, but instead she ran off, gathering
her things together and exiting through a side door,
from which she immediately returned leading a much
younger girl who was already naked.

This girl was rather too young for my tastes - I guess
about 10 or 11- small, completely without pubic hair:
her pussy looked like two halves of an apricot. I
couldn't imagine that she could possibly be going to
have sex with the boy, but in fact she knelt alongside
him on the bed and took him in her mouth, at first
just the head of his dick but as she got used to it
she managed to get about half of the shaft into her
mouth. They were both smooth skinned but his legs
seemed much thicker against her extremely slender
thighs, and it seemed that his dick was almost too
wide to fit in her mouth. He said something in Russian
and she changed position, so that she was kneeling over
his face with her head over his cock. He pulled her
head down and they started to have a 69 in which the
difference in their sizes was even more apparent. He
obviously wanted to make it last, for this time they
both licked and sucked gently and slowly, with none of
the frantic urgency he had used on the older girl.

They spent 5 or 10 minutes at this, and it was just
beginning to get a bit repetitive when he said some
thing else to her and she swung off him onto the floor,
he got up as well, and she lay on her back on the

He got back on the bed kneeling up over her chest, and
pushed the end of his dick towards her mouth. She took
him in and he started to fuck her in the mouth, now
much more vigorously. It was clear that we were going
to witness another teen orgasm: the only question was
how long could he last and where would he cum? As he
approached orgasm I had to admire the little girl. He
was really pushing his dick into her mouth and I reckon
it must have been hitting the back of her throat on
each thrust.

Finally he gave a big thrust and kept it deep in her
mouth, but it was obvious from the way he held his
breath then gasped that he had shot his load. As he
pulled out, his cum dribbled from the sides of the
girls mouth and over her chin, though there is no
doubt she must have swallowed quite a lot as well.
He gave her a little peck of a kiss on the top of her
head, and they went out of the side door, to be
replaced with a teen couple about 13 or 14. To be frank
they were a disappointment. Not to look at: the boy
was about 5foot2 with curly dark hair, a nice slim
body, and a dick that was already semi- erect. The
girl was the most feminine of the three with full hips,
tits that were already formed and long blond hair. I
guess they were nervous, or inexperienced, or she was
tight or too dry, but it became obvious that they were
supposed to fuck and it wasn't going to happen. He
got a hard-on but just couldn't get it in.

He tried for ages from various angles but either it
slipped or it seemed almost to bend double without
actually entering. I had the impression too that he
really liked her and was unwilling to hurt her, which
he would have had to do to force it in. This went on
at least 15 minutes and a guy came on, said something
curt to them and they went off in disgrace. I hope
they weren't badly treated- I for one found it a turn
on to see real amateurs having difficulties as opposed
to the fantasy sexual gymnastics of porn films.

I thought that that was the end- we had had foreplay,
blowjob, orgasms and an intended fuck, but none of
the audience moved.

I learned later that there were some regulars (mainly
a couple of Germans) who knew exactly what was going
to happen next.

The guy who had ordered the young couple off came back
on and in a sort of English announced that this was
the end of the programme, but that there was a possible
extra item for which there was a supplement, and which
would only happen if enough extra money was collected.
Well of course I had no experience of the place, and
I didn't know if it was a scam or not; and he didn't
say precisely what the item was going to be. It seemed
to me that it was a gamble.

After what I had seen I knew they were capable of
delivering the goods, but equally it could have been
a way of cheating us. I was even more doubtful when
he said that for it to go ahead hey would need to
collect at least another $1000! On average that was
another $100 each, the same as the initial entry price.

His way of collecting the money was to bring round an
English-style beer-mug. That way he could see what
you put in, and you could see how the total was
mounting. Well when it got to me I could see that
there was plenty of money there already; a sign of
confidence from the others I thought. In fact I had
noticed one guy who seemed to know his way around had
put in 200, perhaps to try to make sure they got
enough, so I put in my 100.

When he counted up they had over $1200, so we were
going to get our extra: just shows the money to be
made from guys like us!

We waited about five minutes after that; you could
feel the tension mounting. It went very quiet, and
you could almost hear the guys wondering what they
could do to justify the extra. Eventually both boys
came on, naked leading a new girl on, and carrying a
small suitcase. The new girl was twelve I guess, and
very slim; you could almost see her ribs. I think
they may have found her in one of the colonies of kids
who live rough beneath the streets in the sewers,
sniffing glue, and starving.

Anyway she was clean, about 5 foot tall very thin and
with tits that were just starting, mere enlarged
nipples really. She had a suggestion of the beginnings
of pubic hair but it was no more than a shadow. What
struck me about her was how docile she was: I don't
know if she was drugged, had been sniffing glue, or
as just overwhelmed by what was happening but she let
herself be led into the room as if she was on a lead.

The boys brought her to the bed and made her sit down.
Then the one with the suitcase opened it and took out
a pair of handcuffs- not the toy sort you can buy in
sex shops, but more like police specials. The boys
took a wrist each, attached a cuff and then, one on
either side of the bed, they made her lie back and
fastened the other end of each cuff to two corners of
the head of the bed, so her hands were stretched above
her head and attached to the bed head.

The boys left her there for a couple of minutes while
they looked in the suitcase. She hardly moved but I
had the impression as she flexed her arms a bit she
had begun to realize that she was well fastened. If
she did, it was too late. The boys brought two lengths
of rope and tied her ankles to the two bottom corners
of the iron bedstead so it would be impossible to
close her legs together completely if she wanted to.

It was quite a turn on to see her lying there helpless
and I could see why some guys had chosen to sit at the
bottom of the bed where they would get a good view up
between her legs. Then they started. It was clear
that it didn't matter what she said, they had their
plans for her; and she was in no position to do any-
thing about it. The boy who had cum earlier started
gently to lick between her legs, while the other
stroked her legs then squatted above her and dangled
his balls on her mouth, while he lightly pinched her
nascent tits.

She didn't react so he said some thing to her, pinched
her more roughly, and she started to lick his balls.
The other boy went back to the suitcase, and fetched
a couple of dildos one small, one larger, and as he
began to massage the area of her clit with one the
other boy changed his squatting position so his ass
was over her mouth.

They were talking in Russian to her, and I got the
impression that they were insulting her, saying things
like, I imagine, " Lick his ass, or you get this up
you " But as I said my Russian is practically non-
existent. Then I had one of those moments when every-
thing becomes clear, you know, like when you see the
point of a joke. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted
the guy who had made the announcements and taken the
money. He had just come out of the side door and he
was naked! I realized that this extra show was the
fallback prepared if the young couple failed to make

Sex (i.e. a fuck) had been promised, and for reputa-
tion the business it had to be delivered. But the
young couple hadn't managed it. Obviously that is
something that can happen, even in ideal circumstances-
and these weren't ideal. A girl could easily be tight
in front of a lot of strange men, or a boy might not
get it up. So there had to be a fall back even if we
paid extra, and this was it.

This girl was going to be fucked!

She wasn't one of the regular team- I had already
sensed that she was different. The boy was too fond
of his girl friend to fuck her if it was too uncom-
fortable, but nobody cared about this one: she was
there to ensure we got what we came to see.

I could sense it from the attitude of the two boys
towards this girl: she was tied and she was their toy.
What I wasn't yet sure of was where the older guy was
going to fit in.

It soon became clear!

He came into the circle of chairs naked with a hard-on
that showed no sign of failure. Not only was it bigger
than the boys' dicks at a good 8 inches, but it were
obviously harder- I guess the situation and type of
girl appealed to him!

The two boys continued their tasks, one now slowly
fucking her mouth and the other using the dildo just
on her clit, while the guy stood there watching and
jacking just to the side of me. I saw the girl turn
her head and eyes in his direction when the boy face
fucking her took a pause for a couple of seconds, and
I saw that she too had realized her situation. The
reason for the rope and cuffs was clear- she had agreed
to be there and they weren't going to let her change
her mind. No doubt they would say it wasn't a rape;
she had agreed to do it, may even have signed a con-
tract of sorts. But now I realized some thing else,
she had never seen a grown man fully erect before.

She would have seen plenty of boys, in her life on the
streets, but obviously she had had no idea about men.
It showed in the look in her eyes, a sort of mixture
of amazement and apprehension rapidly becoming fear.

The boy in her mouth was keeping a steady tempo; he
showed no signs of cumming. The boy with the dildos
asked the man something, and when he got the reply he
took out some Crisco from the suitcase and lubricated
the larger one.

To my surprise he applied the end of it to her ass,
not her pussy. I had thought that he would use it to
prepare for the fuck I was now sure was going to
follow, but no- he started to firmly push it in her
ass, and she squirmed and squealed, but couldn't make
a lot of noise with her mouth full of dick. I had
another revelation.

She was a virgin.

The man wanted to penetrate her himself with no pre-
paration from anyone else. He wanted a real tight
virgin hole to fuck! But not yet. For the moment he
took his pleasure like us in watching the two boys
deaing with the girl at both ends: the one steadily
pumping her mouth and the other opening her ass ever
deeper with the dildo. She really seemed to be having
problems with that, and the boy had to keep taking a
pause; never taking it out, but giving her muscles
time to relax and accept the inevitable. Suddenly the
man seemed to tire of watching, and he spoke sharply
to the two boys, who stopped what they were doing and
stood away from the bed.

The silence grew intense in the room as we waited for
what was going to happen next.

He was no model; thick set, with a hairy belly and
back and a mass of pubic hairs that extended from his
navel to his knees, but did nothing to hide the thick
8-inch tool that now seemed even harder than ever as
he looked for a moment at the skinny girl who lay,
tied, spread-eagled, with the vibrator still in her
ass, waiting for him.

Looking at them it seemed impossible that his dick
could ever fit her tiny pink virgin pussy. From the
look on her face it was clear she thought the same,
and the reason for the handcuffs and rope became
evident: as he approached the bed she tried to draw
her knees together, and she writhed around on the bed
seeking to free her hands. Her slim body, which until
that moment had been almost passive as she lay there
and accepted what the two boys were doing to her
suddenly seemed to gain muscle tone. She flexed her
elbows and shoulders but only found how secure the
handcuffs were, and her knees could only move a few
inches towards each other and back again.

It was certain this man was going to fuck her and she
could do nothing about it.

She said something in Russian which only the man and
boys understood. One of the boys replied with a
snigger, and she fell silent, obviously realizing that
no help was coming from that quarter. The man was now
kneeling above her, his knees either side of her waist,
the end of his dick between the two buttons of her
tits. Against her pale skin his dick and balls were
dark rose pink, and the dark hairs of his pubic bush
and on his buttocks were in stark contrast to her
smooth belly. He stroked his cock backwards and
forwards slowly between her tits, gradually descending
towards his target, and leaving a trail of pre-cum
from her tits to her slit.

Then he aligned his dick with his hand, so that the
head was buried in her pussy. I have never fucked a
virgin, alas, but I have always imagined that I would
do it slowly, gently, with infinite care.

That was not this man's technique; once he sensed he
had the right angle he thrust with all the weight of
his fat belly into her, burying his prick in her. Her
knees writhed, her hands struggled with the cuffs, and
she let out a cry that was so deep that it seemed to
come from the very place he was penetrating. The man
looked up at us in triumph. It was clear that he as
inside her, and he said some thing to the lad who
hadn't managed it earlier, probably along the lines of
that's how you do it!

He gave her a couple of seconds to adjust to his size,
then he began to move: long firm slow thrusts. His
buttocks tensed and grew tighter as he thrust deeply
in, then relaxed as he pulled back for the next stroke.
Each time he pumped she let out a low moan as if he
were hitting her diaphragm with the head of his cock.

Then he started to speed up, until he was fucking fast
and deep as if she was a full- grown woman, his balls
slapping against her ass, fast brutal strokes that
took no account of her inexperience. Her cries turned
to deep breaths and I. realized in amazement that she
was going to cum. This excited the man even further,
and he fucked her until she was screaming out Russian
curses and yelling like a porn star. The guy pulled
out and came all over her belly so hard that some cum
splashed her neck. I noticed that his dick was red
with blood, and that she was leaking blood and sperm
from the hole he had opened, but by now my attention
was on my own erection, which demanded urgent

Already several guys had their dicks out and were
jacking furiously. I hadn't noticed it before, but
now I copied them. It was like the circle jerks we
used to have when I was about 13!

Then I had my last revelation: the girl was going to
get a sperm bath. There was no force on earth that
would stop these guys from cumming, and we were all
so close to the bed that it was no problem to just
stand up and cum on her. Already one guy opposite me
was pointing his dick at her tits, and grunting ready
to shoot.

Guys seem to like to cum either on a girls tits, her
face, or her belly.

I would say that the majority of these guys were face
men like me. I had the pleasure of getting her upper
lip and nostril with my first shot, her chin with the
second, and her lips with the third just as a guy
opposite was giving her a load on the cheek and in the
ear. Even the two young lads joined in with us, so
she must have taken 12 loads of cum on her.

Well that was the end of the show. As I said I don't
speak Russian but I noticed a couple of guys who did
talk to the guy who had fucked her, and I noticed
that they didn't leave with the rest of us, so whether
they were negotiating a piece of the action I don't
know. Certainly when I left the girl was still tied
on the matress, covered in drying sperm, a trickle of
blood from her pussy.

That was my Moscow live show: not my only experience,
but the others will have to wait for another time.

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