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My First Dog

This is a true story.

There is nothing wrong with the love from an animal. I have always been curious about animal sex. Seeing a big thick red doggy penis turns me on so much. Im a vet, so i can read the behavior, see the consent.

It was a pit bull....Rebel. He was Young, and just starting to explore his own sexuality. I hadnt gotten around to having him neutered yet...

I love the feeling of fur, and a warm body pressed against my thighs. I'm wet writing about it. So Rebel often slept between my legs as a puppy. He was big and muscular, a long tongue, the most beautiful blue coat. And an enormous sheath. I would look at that sheath, dream about the pulsing red organ inside it. I wanted that dog to fuck me so bad.

One afternoon I was horny, and wet. I get super wet. Rebel came in, and I knew this was it. I lifted the blanket, my panties soaked, my smell filling the air. I spread my legs for him, playing with myself. The feel of his nose on my clit made me so horny, i pulled my panties aside and pushed his head into my crotch...oh gods.

The feel of his nose, that probing tongue, licking and sucking, nipping at my clit. He would lick me dry, and i had to rub my clit to make myself wet enough for him to want more. Oh gods it felt so good, and i wanted to cum in his mouth, for him to drink me dry. I rubbed myself till i came, focusing on the feel of his tongue....he licked and hot and wet. I looked down and saw he was so hard.....that big beautiful thick cock twitching and glistening. It was like a magnet....i was on my knees and wrapped my hand around him, rubbing as he thrust into my hand, jacking him off until he came, over and over,as I wrapped my mouth around his cock, swallowing the sweet mess....

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