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My own sexrobot

I had been working for a major robotic industry, not only designing them, but helping build many of them. Everything was perfect, I had obtained the position right out of college, advanced quickly up through the company, until finally I was in charge of the entire department, but then the board of directors wanted more zero’s added to their bottom line, even though we were the top sales company in the nation with ideas of how to grow our customer base more even possibly doubling it in the next ten years.

Looking back now, I think the entire problem came in the first meeting our new CEO had with the team. The entire meeting was designed around increasing production of some of our ‘in final stages of testing’ to see if they were safe. His statement, “Of course they’re safe, they’re robots. Now have all of the phase two and three ready for sale by the end of this quarter.”

I objected, even went into his office to express my concerns, finally saying, “If you won’t listen to reason, maybe it is a good time for me to leave”

He looked up from his desk, “I’ll have your final pay check ready in an hour, why don’t you gather your things in the mean time”

I looked at him, smiling, but never said a word. What he didn’t know was when I joined the company, it was very small, no legal staff to speak of, so when patents were applied for, I did all of them, since we didn’t have a formal way of doing these, I put them in my name, figuring if and when an issue came up, I’d just sign the papers over to our corporation at the time, now we were a large company and I had just been told to leave.

I went back to my office, gathered up my personal items, called the legal department explaining to them all of the base patents that were the foundation for the company were all in my name, and I had just been let go. Then I picked up my final check and left.

I was in my car, when our new CEO came running out, apologizing to me and asking me to please come back with the company. I smiled at him, “Wonder what the board of directors will say when their bottom line is all used up due to the payout you will have to acquire to the settlement with me”

Several things happened in the next few weeks, first they fired this piece of shit, secondly I ended up with millions in payouts, more then enough to start my own robotics, specializing in Fembots, a robotic female who functions in every way as a help mate for the average female.

I purchased a nice location, away from any prying neighbors and began to have the lab built. I had already designed the basics for the perfect Fembot, to help women in this ever changing world, that was one patent I did not sell back to them, this one was all mine. As the completion fo the lab came closer and closer to finalization, I realized I needed an assistant. One that could take care of my living area, as well as the lab, also one that had some understanding with what was going on with the code that needed to be written, the actual female working model had been completed, before I left the company, but enhancements could be made as we moved along.

Lining up some interviews with a local agency, I was so surprised when Maria came into apply for the position. She was young, extremely cute, nice olive skin, breasts that were not too large, but ones you had a hard time taking your eyes off of, a great personality - that was perfect, but she was also going to school in mechanical engineering and was very familiar with the codes we had been using to get Babbs, the name we gave our first Fembot, up and running.

The prototype was up and running, performing many tasks we had outlined for her to do, when I showed her to Maria, she understood exactly what needed to be done and was excited to accept the job offer, but before she did, “Mr. Collins, one thing I need you to understand, i am a lesbian, my girl friend and I live together, she is one of my professors at the university. Is that going to be a problem?”

Remembering a lady I had worked with when I first graduated, she had gone into teaching and I knew she was a confirmed lesbian, “By any chance is your professor and lover named Mindy?”

There was a shock on her face, “Do you know Mindy?”

I told her we had been old friends a long time ago, I was so happy and insisted she and Mindy plan on coming over for a full review of the facility and have dinner together.

Since I had last seen Mindy, she had become a total supporter of female domination, and when she and Maria had become lovers, they were both firm supporters of the Alpha female domination, so the two of them gaining some control over the newest Fembot rollout possibly promoting their agenda to the average housewife in the US.

Maria was so excited, she called Mindy immediately, putting the call on speaker phone, it gave the two of us a chance to catch up, she quickly accepted the invitation for all of us to get together.

I had secretly had a ‘thing’ for Mindy, but I knew she was into females, so I never pressed the issue, but now everything had changed, I was independently wealthy now, compared to who I was when we first meant, in my opinion, I was better looking now than I had been then.

Needless to say, I was more then anxious to see an old friend, so the afternoon could not have gone any slower, I dressed in a casual pair of shorts and a casual shirt, when I heard someone at my front door. Opening it, I was not only shocked but my breath taken away, Maria was in a very short skirt, a blouse that was not only very loose fitting, but her beautiful breasts were easily visible. Mindy on the other hand, was just as hot as I remembered her, she wore a see through, loose fitting blouse, that showed that her breasts had not sagged any at all, if anything, they looked better now then they did when I last saw her. The blouse was long enough to cover the small white bikini panties, that really didn’t cover much, but didn’t show much either.

As soon as she saw me, rushing to me, throwing her arms around my body, pressing her soft large boobs to me, her top moving back and forth, giving me the ability to feel her nipples were hard as rocks, they pressing her mid section firmly against my hardening shaft. Then she kissed me, not just a kiss like friends do, but a deep passionate kiss … finally pulling back, “I have missed you so much, it is good to see you again, and now you’ll be working with Maria, I know you’ll love the help she can give you”

I had arranged to have our dinner catered, but Babbs was present and helped where she could. Her limited programming impressed both of my guests, Talking was easy between us, however I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off of both of their chests - my poor cock was straining inside my shorts.

As soon as our dinner was finished, I took the group on a tour of the facility with what my goals were going to be, silently praying the women would love the assistance my Fembots was going to do for them. We ended up back in my living room, proud that Babbs was ready to fix us some after dinner drinks, “So Mindy and Maria what do you think?”

They had positioned themselves on either side of me, moving as closes to me as possible, Maria turning so she was facing me on the sofa, her legs up under her body, giving me a perfect view of the treasures she had between them, Mindy had turned also, letting her hand trace a light line along my arm with her fingernail. Leaning in close to me, satisfied with the huge tent my shorts were now showing, “Maria and I talked about this before we came over tonight. You have a good idea, one that has the potential of making literally millions in a very short time, but you will need more sex appeal if you plan on selling these to the average housewife. Her husband will have to approve the purchase, if he can play with Babbs when she isn’t home, he’ll gladly approve the purchase. Single women will secretly want her to be accessible for a female to female relationship, in most cases women who are married will want some alone time with her when hubby is at work. Your problem is you’re a dude and don’t have the background to program her to subtly give her what she needs”

Then she moved closer to me, “So we have a proposal for you. You keep working on the daily everyday things she will need, let Maria and I take over the sexual end of her - you can easily match what I am making at the school and I guarantee your biggest problem will be how to produce enough for the demand” Then she leaned in, kissing my neck, “What do you think?”

I was in such a sexual haze, I could barely think, but what she said made sense, nodding in agreement, “I think maybe I could do better then what the school pays, so yes I think we have a deal”

Both of them giggled, Marie leaned forward, “Do you want me to call that real estate agent and tell her we’ll take the condo?”

I looked at Mindy, “What condo?”

“Maria and I figured you’d agree with our proposal, but the drive in from the city would be brutal, so we found a very nice condo only a few miles from your property entrance. It is empty now, so we can move in this week, I can give my notice this week also and we’ll be ready to go in two weeks”

I smiled, “Nonsense, Just out the back door of the lab, I had a large 3 bedroom guest house built, just in case I had guests staying over. Consider this part of the signing bonus, you can begin to move in tomorrow”

Both of them were so happy, they hugged me at the same time, feelingnboth boobs pressed into my sides, I damn near exploded in my pants, I was so close.

We agreed to start work as soon as they were settled in, I’d contact my legal department and get contracts drawn up as well as employment documents. We all hugged as they left, as soon as they were on their way, I dropped my shorts, grabbed my cock and began to beat it with a fury I have seldom felt. it only took a short time for me to go over the edge, all the time Babbs was setting quietly watching me and learning. I had programmed her to please who she was working for, learning simple tasks to help her owner, she had watched me and monitored my vital signs when the two girls got close to me, watching closely when their breasts touched me, I had no idea she was learning so quickly.

I showered, still was sexually aroused, but realizing jacking off again would not help, I stayed nude, turning into bed. I had just drifted off, when Babbs quietly stripped down nude, slipping in next to me, making sure her life like tits were pressed up against my body, her nipples becoming hard, using them to rub back and forth on me, she took a good firm hold on my still hard cock, remembering what she had seen me do, she began to stroke me, slowly at first, then speeding up.

She had watched how excited I became when I was kissed earlier that evening, she leaned into me, kissing me on my neck.

I had been in such an erotic haze when I went to sleep, at first, I thought I was just dreaming, but slowly I began to realize this was not a dream, my eyes opening slowly, it hit me what was happening. I should have stopped it, but she was so soft, her hand felt so good on my cock, her tits were sending erotic spikes all over my body, so instead of stopping her, moving my head, kissing her lips, letting my tongue trace along her soft lips, then entering her mouth, exploring the interior. Everything was so new and exciting to me, it only took a few minutes of this to send me over the edge, shooting cum all over her hand and arm as well as the bedding.

I slowly started to become soft, she realized that was happening, releasing me from her grip, “Did I please you Michael?”

My breathing was ragged, my heart pounding, my eyes still hazed over with lust, but nodding, “Oh Babbs yes you did perfect, just perfect. I really needed that, thank you”

Then a evil thought hit me, “Something two people do after they have been doing what you just did for me is to sleep together, let me show you”

I had her turn her back to me, moved up behind her, slipping my cock between her legs, reaching around cupping one of her breasts with my hand laying over her body, then kissing her, “Good night Babbs, thank you”

I woke early the next morning, did not move, I needed some time to think. Whole raft of questions were pounding away in my head. Did I want to show her some porn videos so I could enjoy her pussy, and her mouth? Should I tell Mindy and Maria about what had just happened?

Finally I figured I’d just set on it for a while, explaining that this should stay between us, but we’d do it again, only at night, when we were alone. I figured that was all it was going to be, but I had forgotten Babbs records everything she does, and as soon as Mindy had logged on, she did a complete download for Maria to review. It was an innocent search, before they started to program her.

The two of them were in the lab, when Maria began to giggle, “Whoa, wait until you see what our girl has learned to do”

Mindy came up, leaning over her shoulder, kissing her on the neck, “So what do we have?”

Babbs had recored our entire meeting, including them leaving, my masturbation, then the Fembot joining me in bed, every detail was included. The two of them watched the recording several times, Mindy slipping her hands down the front of Maria’s blouse, cupping both of her breasts, pinching her nipples. Just before they ran hand in hand to the bathroom, Mindy said, “This will speed up our plan literally by months, I’ll start the ball rolling this evening, you make sure Babbs joins us in his bedroom to recored everything the two of us do and to learn”

As soon as they we in the ladies bathroom, both of them only had on a one piece smock, with a single zipper down the front, Mindy unzipped hers, setting on the sofa that was there for the women to set on, spreading her legs wide, Maria slowly crawled up between them, kissing the inside of each one, moving up to the sexual core, kissing her clit, running her tongue around it, at the same time pushing her index finger on her right hand up inside her lover, locating the magical spot … massaging this spot, one of Mindy’s favorite things to have done to her, her hips were bouncing off the sofa. Maria was smiling when her companion lost it, shooting liquid all over her body and smock.

Giggling, “Now look at me, I’ll have to work nude until this smock dries”

They both laughed, Mindy quickly returning the favor, then the two of them were back, programming Babbs to move the females of the world to the Alpha position, pushing the male population into the Beta area where they secretly want to be.

The day was filled with all three of them working, Maria was working so hard, it was obvious a maid would also have to be hired, her programming skills were off the chart. They all meant for dinner, discussing what they had accomplished and any problems they may have had. This was the perfect setting for them to meet and discuss their progress. Dinner and a glass of wine, ended up taking them to just before 10 that evening.

I ended up showering, wondering if I should call Babbs an have her join me. Things however changed when I walked into my bedroom, Mindy was on the bed, totally nude, smiling, “We are both lesbians, but we do enjoy a good stiff cock now and then, do you mind if I join you for a while?”

I stood there nude, my cock becoming hard and stiff, my heart pounding, ever since I first meant her, I had dreamed this might happen sometime, but now … all I could do was nod yes. She got up, moved in front of me, reaching down stroking the very sensitive shaft. As soon as she touched me, my eyes floated up in my head, loosing focus, I never saw Babbs quietly joining us, but moving back into the shadows so she wouldn’t disturb us.

Slowing pushing me back on the bed, her hand never leaving my cock, her lips locked onto mine, the kiss sensually erotic, something I had dreamed of happening for such a long time …

As soon as I was on my back, my cock sticking straight up, she crawled slowly up on me, straddling my legs, raising then lowering her pussy over my shaft, sinking down on it completely. Starting to raise up and down, her hands flat on my chest, she was controlling how fast we were going, each time I tried to raise up and add to the movements, she’d stop and wait … I tried to reach up, taking hold of her tits, she pushed my hands away, “I just need a good cock inside me, nothing else, just a good cock inside me. If I can be guaranteed that you can live by these rules, I’ll let Maria enjoy this nice cock also. You OK with that?”

I had no other choice, “Yes I’m good with that .. I’ll let you enjoy me, I’ve wanted this for so long, anyway I can enjoy you will be worth it”

She continued to ride me at her pace. As soon as I got close, she’d stop or slow down, eventually she exploded in a massive orgasm, but had not allowed me to cum yet. Then she leaned down, “You’ve been such a good boy, doing just as you have been told, now one last thing. If Maria and I are going to enjoy you, you must promise to not cum, unless we give you permission to do so, do we have your promise?”

I was in such a sexual haze, nothing seemed real any longer, so I nodded, “Yes I promise I won’t cum until I have permission to do so”

Babbs had already left, Mindy got up, kissed me again erotically sensual then left. The rest of the night was restless, making me get up early in the morning. A cup of coffee now by my side, I opened my emails - I had one from the distribution offices that I had lined up to not only supply me with raw material but distribute our ladies as well. They needed to see me and secure our agreements in person. This had been a verbal agreement, I had planned on formalizing it later, but now that we were so close, not a bad time. I had no way of knowing Mindy had caught the fact this was a verbal agreement only, she was also personal friends with the female CEO and now owner of the company, they both shared the same goal, every female becoming the Alpha her birthright guaranteed her.

I sent Mindy and Maria a message, packed a quick bag and was on my way to the airport that morning. I planned on being gone for at least two days or more.

Having me out of the office, gave my two new employees time to make the changes they had planned on making all along. I meant with the new company, ironed out all the kinks that were needed, the company’s CEO, a Miss Jennifer Ames, was beautiful beyond description. She had huge tits, nipples that always seemed to be erect and ready to be played with, but our meetings were always business oriented, until our final day. Contracts were signed, copies sent to the lawyers and so on, there was a celebration party planned for that evening, I had a flight back home the following morning.

The party was planned in their corporate headquarters. I was dressed in shorts a golf shirt, and sandals. I had been true to my promise of not cumming until I received permission, but it was becoming more and more uncomfortable, my balls were filling up, becoming heavy, so I arrived a bit early, had the pretty lady tending bar fix me bourbon, never realizing she had been given instructions to spike my drink with a d**g that brings a slow sexually erotic cloud over me. I had only taken a few sips, the d**g beginning to take effect, when Jennifer joined me.

She had on a one piece jump suit type of gown, it was so loose her tits we constantly coming into view then partially being hidden again .. the shorts were the same way, showing she wore no panties, her pussy lips were puffy and so ready to be played with. Moving to me, much like a cat will do when hunting prey, stopping inches from my face, pressing her body to mine, “I talked with Mindy just a few minutes ago, she has made the necessary changes needed with Babbs to move our cause forward at break neck speed.”

Then reaching down between us, taking hold of my hard and becoming harder cock, “She told me of the promise you made to her, I have spiked your drink, so we can be sure you will be ready for her to show you the new Fembot”

Without thinking I finished my drink, then realized what I had done, “You spiked my drink, but …. “ The d**g took its full effect, the sexual haze coming over me like a soft warm blanket on a cold wintery night.

Her staff stripped me down nude, laid back on an exam type of table, my wrists and ankles secured, then a custom double cock ring fitted on me. Designed to keep me hard, while not allowing my balls to empty.

Through heavy hooded eyes, I watched her strip nude, then lean in close to me, “This evening myself and all of my staff are going to enjoy your beautiful cock, helping us enjoy a nice relaxing orgasm. Each time we enjoy the pleasure, your balls will fill with more of your own cum, when we send you back home, the need to cum will be so great, you’ll be begging us to help you”

Then she straddled me, easing her body down on my shaft. Just as she began to ride up and down on me, she giggled, “That is when Babbs will make you a Beta Male, just like the thousands we have already sold will do to any males they come in contact with”

The feeling of having her and this perfect body riding my cock, was beyond anything I could have dreamed of. It wasn’t until she reached a sudden climax that it sunk in on me, I couldn’t cum. As soon as she was finished, squeezing my cock until she was totally exhausted, that she climbed off, another one of her staff got on and did as Jennifer had done, used me until they climaxed then got off only to be replaced by another. I quickly lost track of how many had ridden me, but before long the need for some relief was far beyond anything I could have imagined. Begging anyone to help me cum, promising them anything they desired, but I needed to cum.

I think this went on all night long, by morning I was wheeled to a private jet, flying me back home, but the beautiful girls riding my cock never ended. By this time, I was way beyond needing to cum, my body was almost shaking, the need for release, so painful it was becoming impossible to focus on anything other then the basic needs …. I recognized Maria when we landed, she was with two young ladies I didn’t recognize, but they had a large van waiting that I was wheeled into, The two young ladies hopped in the front seats, Maria joined me in the back, “Good to have you back, sir. We have made some major changes with Babbs, I’m sure you will be more then surprised.” As she was telling me this, she was taking off her clothes, reaching out stroking my cock, “We have to keep you on the edge you have been on for the last few days, Babbs is so excited to work with you” Then she climbed up on the table, lowering her body down on my cock. It felt so good, I have wanted this to happen, ever since I first meant her, but the need to get some relief was overpowering my ability to enjoy the pleasure, all I could do was lay there and hope sometime soon I could get the much needed relief.

All the way back to my place, Maria rode up and down on my cock, driving me further and further into the sexual haze. She exploded all over me, just as we arrived home, giggling, then crawling off of me, the van doors opened and to my total shock, there stood the new Babbs.

She wasn’t the innocent ‘mommy’s helper’ I had created, instead she had huge tits, nipples that stood proud and hard, ready for any play that was wanted. Her girl-next-door look had also been replaced, with a hungry, sexual look that could not be mistaken by either sex, she was all sex.

Smiling, “Welcome home Michael, I hope your trip was successful, it looks like you could use a shower, I’ll take you there now” The restraints were removed, I was not able to even stand or walk much, my poor cock standing to attention, bobbing up and down, my whole body needing some relief. Before I could tell her how exhausted I was, she picked me up easily, cradling me in her arms, “When I got these big boobies, Mistress Mindy also added some extra strength to me to support these beauties. Don’t you just love them?”

They were so big and soft, smelled so wonderful, I just laid my head on one of them, letting carry me to my shower. She helped me stand, stroking my cock and giggling at how hard it was, washed my balls then commented on how heavy they were, but soon she’d help me with this problem. She washed me completely, dried me, then carried me to the edge of my bed, laying me on my tummy across her legs. Covering one finger in a jar of lube she had placed there, pushed the finger inside my ass, locating my prostate easily. Apparently another change had been to her index finger on the right hand. It was longer, was able to move in multiple directions, just perfect for massaging a males prostate. As soon as she began to work on mine, with her left hand, she released the cock and ball rings that had been put on me, but instead of having a sudden eruption, my cock began to shrink.

I could feel it becoming softer and softer, then my eyes shot wide open, I could feel the cum slowly leaving my body, no thrills, no sudden release, just a slow and steady dripping of my warm seed.

Mindy had joined us, placing a bowl under my soft cock, catching the milky liquid being milked out of me. The process took, what seemed like forever, the need to get some relief faded, the liquid leaving me, the feeling like I was having an extended climax, but with no thrill or suddenness, just kept on happening.

When Babbs pulled her finger out of me, leaning down and kissing me, “Mikey I think you’re all empty now, that should make you feel so much better”

She helped me set up, tears were in my eyes, Mindy had poured the liquid into a glass, handing it to me, “Here drink this, I know you’re thirsty.”

Something had happened to me, I was no longer who I had been when I left, now broken and totally submissive, I took my own cum, emptying the glass full of my own warm seed.

“Such a good boy, Babbs and the new girls I’ve hired as well as Maria and myself of course will ride you many times each day, then Babbs will milk you each evening before you go to bed, that way you’ll be able to work, never thinking of sex any more. In a day or two, you will love the fact being a Beta Male is what you were born to be”

Babbs helped me to bed, coving me up, then kissing me, “You need your sleep, but we are going to have so much fun from now on. Nite nite my cutie”

I slowly let the much needed sleep take over, all the time crying and whimpering.

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