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My Pet Teacher (He turns the table on his teacher)

Hi, my name is Timothy Drake and I WAS a nobody. I'd done just 'ok' in school. I had failed 12th grade, which made me a year older than everyone else in that grade. I sucked at sports. I'm scrawny by definition at 5'10" and only 155 lbs. I have dirty brown hair with bland brown eyes. I looked like your typical non-existent teenager. Put me in a crowd, and I'd practically be invisible.

But not anymore.

This was the year where I finally put myself on the map and made high school history. To tell you my story though, we need to go back to the beginning of this school year where it all began.


Man, I fucking hated science. And I especially hated that bitch of a teacher Ms. O'Hare. She failed me last year in science and math which meant I had to come back again this year to do 12th grade over again. When she had given me the news at the end of the school year, I was fucking devastated. I think that bitch actually smirked when she saw how upset I was.

You see Ms. O'Hare is the hottest teacher in school, if not the whole state. She is only 26 years old and has a body to die for. She stands 5'6" tall and weighs roughly 120lbs. She has gorgeous long brown hair, with vivid green eyes. Her tits are a good size, probably a 36C, and she has a slender waist which tops off the most perfect ass you've ever seen. It's the kind of ass most men only fantasize about.

A week had passed since my 12th grade year had started (for the second time), and I was finally ready to put my plan into action. I thought it best if everyone, including Ms. O'Hare, got settled in and started to feel comfortable about the year to come.

Once the end of class bell sounded, I approached Ms. O'Hare, who was sitting at her desk correcting papers. I'd been planning this moment for a long time and had worked out how it was going to progress, down to the tiniest of details. Without waiting for her to acknowledge my presence and give me permission to speak, I matter-of-factly stated, "Ms O'Hare, I will need to speak with you privately after school today. I'll be here at 3:30pm." And with that, I promptly turned about and marched out of the classroom before she even had a chance to formulate a response.

I felt it was important to start taking control right away. At first, the control was going to be subtle, but I planned on ramping it up very quickly. I had two more periods to go before the end of the school day, so had a little bit of time left to rehearse in my head how I wanted the meeting to go.

Though I'd been planning this day for a long time, a lot of it was still left to chance as I could not accurately predict how Ms. O'Hare would react to every situation. If she didn't react in the manner I expected, then everything I had planned would come crashing down around me in a real hurry. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I was 18 years old, in my last year of high school and if all else failed, I could just take off and start fresh somewhere else. This was too golden of an opportunity to pass up - even if it potentially could put me in some very hot water.

The last hour of school was absolute torture. I had no idea what the teacher was talking about as all I could think of was what was about to take place with Ms. O'Hare. The scenario just kept playing over and over in my head, as I tried to look at all the possibilities that might occur. I was hoping she was going to be there when I showed up, and that she would be alone as I had directed.

Finally the bell rang, signalling the end of that school day. With 15 minutes to burn before my meeting with Ms. O'Hare, I headed over to the gym to watch cheerleading practice. Well actually, it was to watch one cheerleader in particular - Lisa Beaumont.

We've lived on the same street and attended the same schools for 8 years. Though she is a year younger than me, I have had a crush on her since the first day we met. The feeling was definitely not mutual though. She is, and had always been, a knockout. She's 5'3" tall; weighs about 100lbs; has long, straight, blond hair; narrow, almost perfect facial features; and an athletic build. Her waist could best be described as 'petite' and is accentuated by her small, yet pert breasts and a very tight round ass. Due to her looks and her athletic prowess, she had always been a part of the 'in group', and would never have been caught dead talking to a loser like me.

Well, if all went according to plan, things would soon be changing for the better - at least for me, that is. I checked my watch, and upon seeing that it was almost 3:30pm, I knew it was now time for me to take my leave of Lisa and to go hopefully to meet my destiny with Ms. O'Hare.

The closer I got to Ms. O'Hare's classroom, the more nervous I got. So much time and effort had been expended in planning this moment, and so much was riding on its success. If I failed here, then everything would be for naught. Before opening the door, I took a moment to shake off the nervousness, grab a few deep steadying breaths, and steel myself for what was about to come. A quick check (for the hundredth time) of my pockets, revealed that everything was still in place. Timing would be everything.

With a silent prayer that Ms. O'Hare was alone as directed, I opened the door and marched right up to her desk as if I was a man on a mission (remembering to close the door behind me). With a quick glance about the room I saw that we were indeed alone.

Again, without waiting for her to give me permission to speak, I began to tell my much rehearsed story.

"Ms. O'Hare, I realize that we have not had a good start to our relationship, what with you failing me last year and all, but I believe that we are going to start to see a change for the better now."

"Now look Tim..." Ms. O'Hare began to interject.

"Ms. O'Hare," I quickly cut her off, not wanting her to gain control of the conversation, "I think its best you hear me out before you interrupt me again." I could see she was taken aback by my tone of voice, and a bit unsettled perhaps by the strange turn of events. "You see, shortly after receiving my failing report card, my mother sent me to LA to live with, and work for, my Dad for the summer. She felt I needed to 'get my act together and to take control of my life.'"

"Well, at first I was a bit upset about being sent away, but then one fateful day, everything changed for me." I could see that my calm, almost serene story telling was further unsettling Ms. O'Hare, as she shifted nervously in her seat. "You see my Dad owns a nightclub, and had me working there during the day, cleaning up and handling the inventory. It was on one of these days that I got to talking with one of his bartenders. A fellow by the name of Jim Henderson. You might know him?"

The look of shock on Ms. O'Hare's face was priceless. Her face blanched white with fear, her mouth hung open and the lower lip began to quiver.

Not wanting to lose the effect, I pressed on. "The conversation naturally came around to where I was living, what school I was attending and how I had done in the previous school year. Of course, when I lamented to him about how Ms. O'Hare had failed me in two subjects last year, he immediately recognized the name."

If it was possible, Ms. O'Hare began to visibly shrink within her chair. The look of shock was quickly replaced with a sickly green pallor. I was worried she might actually throw up right there and then.

""He asked me if my Ms. O'Hare was actually the same Rebecca O'Hare who went to UCLA for her teaching degree several years back. After Jim described you to me, I knew we were talking about the same Rebecca O'Hare. Imagine that. Such a small world isn't it, Ms. O'Hare?" I asked rhetorically.

Again, nothing but stunned silence.

"Well, imagine my surprise when he tells me that you guys used to date in college. It seems Ms. O'Hare, that you weren't very nice to him when you broke up with him, and I think he still harbours some resentment over that. He had quite the interesting story to tell about you."

Now it was time to drop the bombshell.

"He said you were always pressuring him to be more sexually dominant with you. Even after telling you he had no interest in that, you kept nagging him. Well I guess one night he finally gave in and you guys experimented a little. And if you'll remember, he took pictures of the event at your insistence. Well, imagine my surprise when he tells me that he still has a copy of those photos."

Ms O'Hare's shoulders completely slumped down as she sank into the back of her chair, silently mouthing the words, "Oh my God..." over and over again.

"It seems that when you deleted them off of the computer, you forgot to empty the Recycle Bin as well. Jim was able to recover the files and print copies of them for posterity's sake. I guess he was just waiting for the right time to bring them out of hiding. Now imagine my shock when he not only offers to show me the photos, but to give me a copy of them as well."

Wanting to be sure I had her attention, with a slow, almost exaggerated motion, I reached up and from my front chest pocket, pulled out one of the photos. It was of Ms. O'Hare, and in it she was down on her hands and knees like a dog with nothing but a collar around her neck and a leash hanging from it. She was looking up at the camera with a very pouty, sexual look on her face.

"The woman in this picture is HOT, so looking at you now, I find it kind of hard to believe that it could actually be you." Despite the fact that I was talking about her, I could tell my harsh words stung her as she likely believed that she was still an attractive woman. There was no doubt in my mind the picture was of her and though I did really believe that she was hot as hell, I didn't want her to know that.

"Look Tim., please give me those photos. I think...." Ms. O'Hare began to quietly plead.

"Actually Becky," cutting her off, "You don't mind if I call you Becky do you?" I asked mockingly.

"No Tim., I don't think it would be appropriate for..." she began.

Again cutting her off before she could complete her sentence, I asked "Becky, what do you think would happen if certain people were to receive copies of these photos? Say like the principal of the school, and perhaps select members of the school board. Maybe even the local church you attend. How about your parents?"

"Please no Tim, if its money you want, I can pay you for those photos," she pleaded with me.

"Well first off Becky, I think it would be appropriate for you to call me Mr. Drake from now on. Don't you?"

"I...guess so," she stammered after a seconds thought.

I could tell her mind was reeling as she thought of all the possibilities. "Now Becky, I want you to listen carefully to what I am about to say. I think you are beginning to realize what will happen to you should these photos come to light. You would certainly be fired, and most likely blacklisted from ever teaching again. You would be an outcast in the community, and I can't even begin to imagine the level of disappointment and shame your parents would likely feel about you."

"Please Tim..." she began.

"Excuse me Becky?" I quickly interjected.

"I'm sorry, I mean Mr. Drake," she stammered.

"Look Becky, I don't want money or anything like that. These photos can stay just between you and me." She appeared to visibly relax upon hearing this. "I just want to confirm that the person in this picture is indeed you." Her expression changed to one of puzzlement at this statement.

"But Ti....Mr. Drake, its obvious that those pictures are of me, aren't they?" She asked meekly.

"That's what I want to confirm Becky." Stepping back from the desk and in a tone of voice meant to convey authority, I began to issue orders. "Stand up Becky and walk around to the front of your desk."

When she hesitated to comply, I threatened "Look, if you don't want to work with me on this, then I'll just walk out now and these pictures will be delivered to everyone by tomorrow morning, and we'll see where things go from there."

"No, please Mr. Drake, I'll do as you ask. Just promise me you'll not show anyone those pictures," she begged me.

"As long as you do as I say Becky, then no one will know and it'll all be over real soon," I promised.

Becky rose unsteadily to her feet and slowly walked around her desk to stand in front of it. I took several steps backwards, and struck a pose, pretending to study her to see if she matched the picture. After a few seconds, I shook my head and told her, "You know, I still can't be sure about the resemblance. I think, Becky, what would help is, if you took off your shirt for me." I made it a statement rather than a question.

"What? No, you can't. Please Ti...I mean Mr. Drake. Not that. Can't you see its me?" She pleaded.

Shaking my head again, I told her "I need to be sure Becky. If you don't want to cooperate, that's fine. I'll leave now and we'll see how things turn out tomorrow. You know, I'm not asking a lot here, and the sooner you comply, the quicker this whole thing will be over, and the sooner you can get back to living your life again," I reasoned.

Her world had been turned upside down and I could see her head was spinning from the effects. I'm sure she was having a hard time thinking straight, and I definitely wanted to capitalize on that. After a few seconds of hesitation, she appeared to accept my reasoning, and with obviously shaking hands, began undoing the buttons on her blouse.

I realized as I stood there watching her, that I was holding my breath. A small part of me, I think, always doubted that she would actually do as I directed. Reminding myself to breath, and to keep the expression on my face as passive as possible, I stood there gazing upon my beautiful teacher as she slowly removed her blouse in front of me.

Becky shrugged the blouse from her shoulders and placed it on the desk beside her, quickly bringing her hands back in front of her to cover her breasts. She was wearing a rather plain white bra, which adequately covered her ample bosoms. As I struck my pose again and pretended to study her appearance, she shifted nervously from foot to foot and was very red in the face.

Shaking my head again, I said, "Becky, I'm sorry, but you'll also need to remove the skirt for me to be sure. Take it off and place it on the desk with your blouse," I ordered.

She began to shake her head no, but I quickly interjected. "Becky, the longer you dawdle here, the more you risk being discovered. I don't have all fucking day, so either get on with it, or I'm out of here," I threatened. I wanted to turn up the pressure on her to keep her on her toes.

My abrupt tone of voice startled her into action, and without further protest, she lowered her hands from her breasts, and reaching behind herself, unzipped the skirt. With only the slightest hesitation, she slowly slid the skirt down her legs until she was able to step out of it and place it on the desk with her blouse. Her left arm quickly shot back up and covered her bra covering her breasts while her right hand moved to cover her newly exposed panties. Her panties, like her bra, were a rather plain white which again adequately covered her hidden charms.

Again shaking my head, more quickly this time, as I did not want to lose the momentum, I told her, "It's still not enough Becky. In this picture you are naked; and the rather ugly, plain underwear you're wearing now, makes it difficult to tell if it's really you."

Again, what looked like a hurt expression briefly flashed across her face. For reasons I couldn't understand, my harsh words were upsetting her.

"Becky, take off the bra and add it to pile of clothing on the desk." I made it a statement, rather than a request so as to leave no room for debate.

"Please....." Becky pleaded. It came out almost as a whine.

When I didn't say anything but continued to look at her with a hard look on my face, her resistance just seemed to crumble away. Her shoulders slumped and with almost wooden motions she reached behind her with both hands and unclasped her bra. With just the slightest of hesitations, she slowly let the bra straps fall down her arms before pulling the cups off of her breasts and placing the bra on the table. Her hands quickly shot up to cover her now exposed breasts. If it was possible, her face was an even darker red than before.

"Now Becky, how am I supposed to be able to compare your breasts to the ones in the photo if you're covering them up?" I asked. "I want you to put your arms straight down at your sides and keep them there until I tell you otherwise. Do it now Becky, or this is just going to get worse for you," I threatened.

With her head hung low, refusing to meet my eyes, she lowered her hands slowly to her sides and held them there.

It felt like someone had punched me right in the stomach. I could hardly breathe as I gazed upon those perfect breasts for the first time. They were definitely a 'C' cup, and despite their size, were extremely firm and seemed to jut proudly out from her body. Her nipples were rock hard and were at least a half inch in length, and were encircled by perfectly round areolas. Thank God I didn't have my dress shirt tucked into my pants today as I'm sure my hard on would have been clearly visible to anyone who cared to look. It took all of my self-control to not reach out and touch those breasts. Before today I had only dreamed about seeing those breasts in person, and would often masturbate late at night fantasizing about them. And now here I stood, several feet away from them. It was almost too much to handle.

Putting on my best acting skills yet, I shook my head and said, "Geez, those tits are kinda saggy and worn. I don't know if they're the same ones. Let's take the panties off too so we can be sure." I was almost affecting a disgusted look so it would seem as if I was being turned off seeing her naked.

With what looked like another pained look, Becky reached for the sides of her panties and slowly began rolling them down her hips. Soon she was bent over in front of me as she stepped out of her panties. Straightening up, she placed the panties in the pile with the rest of her clothes, and amazingly, put her hands to her side as I had instructed earlier. Her head was hung down and she gazed intently at the floor. Tears were beginning to well up in her eyes.

I couldn't believe it. After all the planning and dreaming of this moment, it was finally here. My high school science teacher, Rebecca O'Hare, stood naked in front of me. You could see Becky took care of her body. Everything was nicely toned and the hair on her pussy was tastefully trimmed. She was absolutely, drop dead, fucking gorgeous!!

Maintaining a disgusted tone, I stated, "My God, do you have enough pussy hair, or what? You should think about shaving that jungle down there sometime." Her cheeks flamed red at this comment and her hands began to clench and unclench at her sides. She was definitely upset about the comments I'd been making.

"OK, Becky, we're almost done here. Keeping your hands at your side, I want you to turn around slowly and stop when your back is to me."

"My God, haven't you seen enough?" she exclaimed.

"Hey, you want to call off the deal now, just say so, and I'm out of here. But everything you've done to this point will have been for nothing then."

"All right...just promise me that this will be it. That nobody will learn of this," she pleaded.

"Hey don't worry Becky. It's almost over and as long as you do as I say, nobody will ever know that this has happened," I placated.

With a sigh, Becky began to slowly turn about until her back was to me. And that's when I finally saw the most anticipated part of her body - her ass. Her perfectly shaped, beautifully rounded, firm ass. I almost fainted looking at it. My cock was still rock hard and it was beginning to throb painfully against my jeans. For my plan to work, I had to maintain control. I couldn't risk whipping my cock out now, as I wasn't sure how Becky would react.

"All right Becky. One last thing and then we're all done, OK?" I asked.

An almost whispered, "Yes".

"Yes what Becky?" I asked critically.

"Yes, Mr. Drake," she meekly replied.

"I want you to spread your feet apart," I ordered.

Slowly she began to shuffle her feet apart.

"Further than that...more...more...That's good." I had her stop when her feet were at least twice her shoulder's width apart. "Now keeping your legs straight, I want you to bend over at the waist until your body is parallel to the floor."

"Please, Mr. Drake, no more," she begged.

"Look Becky it isn't as if I haven't seen everything already. I did see all of the pictures Jim took of you, right? And it's not as if you have anything worth looking at anyway," I scoffed.

Her shoulders tensed at that last comment, and I was sure she was going to say something further, but then suddenly she began to comply. Keeping her legs straight, she began to bend over at the waist and didn't stop until her body was parallel to the floor. In this position her pussy was spread open and her asshole peeked into view.

"Now reach back and hold your ass cheeks apart for me. Don't worry Becky, I'm staying well back here. I just want to confirm it's the same ass."

With a sob, Becky reached back, and taking a hold of each ass cheek, held them apart for me.

I nearly came right there in my pants. But the most important part of my plan was now, so I had to make sure I kept my composure. Reaching into my back pocket, I took out my digital camera and holding it at the ready, gave my final direction to Becky.

"I want you to do one last thing for me Becky and then it'll be all over for you. Staying in the position you are in, I want you to put a big smile on your face and then look back at me with that smile. Can you do that for me Becky?" I asked.

"Yes Mr. Drake," she replied, and began to swivel her head around.


Her momentary confusion over what I was holding was all I needed to get the perfect shot. I had stepped far enough back so that the picture encompassed enough of the room to make it possible to identify the location and obviously the person within it. By having her smile in that position, it made her seem as if she was a willing participant in the matter. This photo would be all I needed to progress my plan to the next phase.

Quickly replacing the camera in my pocket, I simply uttered, "You did very well Becky, I'll see you tomorrow." And promptly turned about and marched out of the room, intentionally leaving the door open. This of course caused her further embarrassment, as she now had to run across the room naked to quickly close the door, lest anyone see her so exposed.


I must have cum at least 6 times last night. The photo of Ms. O'Hare so lewdly displaying her pussy and asshole to me was all I needed to fuel my masturbation sessions. After finally sating my pent up frustrations, I was able to drift off to sleep dreaming about the next phase of my plan.

Math class was second period that morning, and I was curious to see how Ms. O'Hare would handle herself given all that had happened yesterday. To her credit, she was putting on a strong face and was pretending as if everything was normal. By the afternoon science class, I think she had managed to convince herself that it was indeed over, and that I had actually meant it when I said it was a 'one-time thing.'

So I think she was actually taken by surprise when I approached her desk after class and told her, "We need to talk Becky. I'll be back at 3:30pm." Again, my tone brooked no argument, and by using her first name, I implied that the 'rules' were still in place.

With a bit of time to kill until 3:30pm, I once again went down to the gym to ogle Lisa as she jumped about for her cheerleading practice. Seeing that perfect, tight body bouncing around was all I needed to get me in the mood.

All too soon 3:30pm came, and it was time to head down to Ms. O'Hare's classroom to implement the next phase of my plan. Just before entering, I took a moment to gather myself up and put myself into the right frame of mind.

I then decisively grabbed the door handle, opened it and marched directly to Ms. O'Hare's desk, where she was again sitting correcting papers.

"Hello Becky, how was your evening yesterday?" I inquired politely. I wanted to see what kind of mood she was in so I'd know what tact to use.

"How the hell do you think it was, Tim? It was awful. What you did to me was wrong. I want you to return all of those pictures to me this instant and then we will never have to speak of this terrible incident again," she blustered. She had stood up through this tirade and her hands were planted squarely on her hips in a gesture of defiance.

"Are you done yet?" I asked sarcastically. "You see BECKY," emphasizing her name, "I don't think you're really in a position to be making any sort of demands of me. The way I see it, I'm holding all of the cards here."

"What do..." she began.

"Ah, ah, interrupting Becky. Have a look at this picture," I ordered. Removing a copy of the photo taken yesterday from my shirt pocket, I dropped it onto the desk in front of her. She hesitantly reached out, and with shaking hands, picked up the photo. Almost immediately all colour drained from her face and she appeared to collapse back into her seat with a thud. It was as if all the wind had been taken from her sails, as she now realized that I was indeed still in control of the situation.

"Why are you doing this to me? What do you want?" she pleaded.

"I think you know WHY I'm doing this Becky. You need to be punished for what you did to me. And WHAT I want is quite simple - YOU." I stated matter-of-factly. "How do you think the police will look at this photo? They'll see a teacher - a person in authority - attempting to corrupt the morals of one of her students. I believe the sentence for that type of crime is 5-10 years jail time. Are you willing to go to prison Becky?" I asked sarcastically.

A hoarse, "No."

"Excuse me?"

A louder, "No, Mr. Drake."

"That's better, I was starting to think you'd lost your manners," I explained.

Now that I had her attention and had removed any resistance she might have built up, I moved on with the next phase of my plan. "You know, Jim and I often talked about you. As I said, I think he still has a lot of unresolved issues concerning you. In one of those discussions we talked about how terrible you were at giving a blowjob."

A shocked look flashed across Becky's face at hearing this.

"I bet you believed you were actually good at it, didn't you?" I scoffed. She almost nodded her head yes, before catching herself. "Well, I told Jim that I found it hard to believe that someone as OLD as you, didn't know how to properly suck a cock." (Jim had told me that Becky had always wanted him to use vulgar language with her.)

I could see the words stung her by the pained look on her face.

"I want to see for myself just how bad a cocksucker you really are Becky."

"Please no Tim. Not that. Surely we can come to some other kind of agreement," she begged.

"You know BECKY, some people just never fucking learn. I was going to allow you to remain clothed while you sucked me off, but because you seem to keep forgetting your manners, I think it will be appropriate for you now to be naked when you do it."

"God, no. Please Mr. Drake, I'm sorry. I won't forget again," she whined.

"I'm sorry too Becky, but I think a lesson needs to be learned here. Now enough chatter. Get up and move around to in front of your desk."

With a resigned look, she rose unsteadily to her feet and shuffled around to the front of her desk, keeping her head bowed throughout.

Once in position, I ordered, "Take off your clothes Becky." When she hesitated to comply, I added, "I saw everything there was to see yesterday, so there's no reason to be shy today. If you don't want to play along, then I'll leave now and we'll see tomorrow how the police react to the photos. The decision is yours."

Reluctantly, she began to remove her clothing. Amazingly, she did it in the same order that I had her do it yesterday. When she was all done, she stood in front of me naked again, and even remembered to keep her hands at her side, rather than trying to cover herself up.

God, she was fucking amazing. Each time I saw her naked, she seemed to get hotter and hotter looking. But I wasn't about to let her know that.

"Christ, I don't know how Jim could have ever slept with you. You must have had to pay him or something," I said spitefully. Tears began to well up in her eyes at hearing that.

"Now get on your knees Becky," I ordered.

She slowly lowered herself to the ground. I was standing roughly 5 feet away from her at this point, and rather than walk to where she was kneeling, I directed "You can't suck my cock way over there. Now get over here," I pointed to the ground in front of my feet. This forced Becky to shuffle on her knees for several feet until she was kneeling directly in front of me.

What a feeling of power it was to have a beautiful naked woman kneeling before you, who had to do absolutely whatever it was you wanted. To have that kind of control, I found, was intoxicating.

"What are you waiting for Becky? A fucking invitation? I never realized a teacher could be so stupid." I stated sarcastically.

"Please Mr. Drake...," she began to add.

"No, I don't want to hear it. Just get on with it, will you."

She slowly reached up to my waist and began to undo my belt buckle. When that was undone, she then worked on the button and zipper of my jeans. When those had been opened, she grabbed the sides of my jeans and boxers and pulled both of them down to my ankles. As she sat back up, she came face to face with my raging hardon. Try as I might, I couldn't keep from getting hard. The moment I saw her naked again, the battle had been lost.

"Now show me how you suck cock Becky."

She reached up with one shaking hand and began stroking the shaft. She then tentatively leaned forward and placed a kiss on the tip of my cock. A few more strokes, and then she began to lick around the head and a bit of the shaft getting the top half of my cock covered in her saliva. Once it was suitably wetted, she placed the tip of the cock in her mouth and began working a bit of it in, all the while stroking the shaft with the other hand.

I gave her a couple of minutes to show her stuff, before I finally spoke. She had been doing an alright job, but it certainly wasn't anything special. And it certainly wasn't the type of blowjob I wanted from her. "Jesus, Jim was right. You give a fucking awful blowjob. Where in the hell did you ever learn to suck a cock like that? You'll never please a man with crappy techniques like that." I know I was laying it on kind of thick, but I wanted the words to hurt. Lord knows, she had caused me enough grief already.

Tears began to well up in her eyes again, but she didn't say anything.

'I'll tell you what Becky. I'm going to do you a favour. I'm going to teach you how to suck a cock properly. How would that be?" I asked. When there was no response, I asked, "Have you forgotten you manners already Becky?"

"No, I'm sorry. Thank you Mr. Drake," she whispered hoarsely.

"Alright, first thing is, you use your hands way too much. It's called a blowjob for a reason - because you're supposed to use your mouth. If a man wanted a handjob, he would just do it himself for Christ's sake. Now clasp your hands behind your back...Very good...Now listen very carefully Becky. You are to keep your hands clasped behind your back NO MATTER WHAT. If I see those hands come apart for ANY reason, then our deal is off and those pictures get dropped off at the police station tonight. Are we clear on that?" I asked.

Again a whispered "Yes, Mr. Drake."

"A blowjob is supposed to be the same sensation as fucking a pussy. A man wants to put his entire cock into your pussy, not just the tip of it. So we are going to learn how to use more of that mouth of yours," I explained. "Okay Becky, open you mouth."

Looking up at me on her knees, she slowly opened her mouth wide.

"That's it. Now I'm going to place my cock in your mouth and, once there, I want you to close your mouth around it." With my cock in one hand, I guided it to her ready mouth. Once it was resting on her tongue, she slowly closed her lips around it and held it there. "Now unless the man pulls out for some reason, you are to keep that cock inside your mouth at all times. Are you with me so far?" I ask.

A slight nod of her head is all the response she is able to give.

"Alright, here we go now. I'm going to start working the cock back and forth in your mouth, just like it was a real pussy." And with that I began a gentle see sawing motion back and forth. I didn't want to alarm her by going too deep, so I kept the thrusts shallow at first.

"Now do you see how only a bit of my cock is getting any attention?" I asked.

Again, a small nod of the head.

"I want you to start taking more cock into your mouth," I directed. "To help you do this, I'm going to place my hands on the sides of your head." With that I reached down, and grabbing a handful of hair on both sides, began to pull her head more forcefully onto my cock. To her credit, she kept her hands clasped firmly behind her back.

I could soon feel my cock periodically bumping against the back of her mouth. After a few minutes of this, I stopped pulling on her head and said, "Alright Becky, I want you to try and take as much cock into your mouth as you can, and then hold it there. Can you do that?"

Without a reply Becky bobbed her head forward and struggled to cram as much cock as she could into her mouth. Once she had as much as she could fit in, she held it there as directed.

"Now with your mouth full of cock, I want you to look up at me Becky", I asked.



While she was busy stuffing her mouth as full as she could with cock, I had taken the opportunity to get my camera out and snap a few photos. Having a picture of her looking up at me with her mouth full of cock would further guarantee my control over her.

With my free hand I quickly grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head to prevent her from pulling away from my cock. "Ah, ah, ah. I didn't say you could take my cock out of your mouth," I warned. "Don't worry about the camera. Everything will be kept just between you and me."

Putting the camera away, I then said, "Now Becky, you've done very well so far, but as you can see, we're still neglecting part of my cock here," as I pointed to the part of my shaft that was still not in her mouth. "I want you to relax your throat Becky, because I'm going to start throat fucking you now. It's probably going to make you want to gag, and that's OK because, to be honest, it adds to the experience for the man. You do want to make me proud of you, don't you Becky?" I asked, not really expecting an answer.

But when she nodded her head ever so slightly, I was stunned. Egged on further by her affirmative response, I began to saw back and forth into her mouth again. With hands on both sides of her head I began to pull her face forcefully onto my cock. Soon I could feel my cock bumping against the back of her mouth every time.

I began to almost purr to her, "Oh, that feels so good Becky. You're a good little cocksucker aren't you?" I said, stroking the top of head like an obedient dog "That's it my little cocksucker, relax the throat so I can get my cock in there." And with a particularly hard thrust, I felt my cock slip past the back of her mouth and enter her throat for the first time. She immediately began to gag as my cock forced its way into her throat. The sensation of my cock in her throat while she was trying to gag was absolutely amazing. It was like a rippling effect with each gag.

Wanting to savour the moment, and to ensure she realized who was in control here, I held her head still with her face buried in my pubic hair and my cock lodged deep in her throat for several seconds. When she began to panic about not being able to breath, I released my pressure somewhat and allowed my cock to slip out of her throat.

With deep sucking breaths around my cock, Becky tried to regain her composure.

"That felt amazing Becky, and I'm very proud of you for keeping your hands behind your back. You're turning into a good little cocksucker." Again, I began to stroke the top of her head like a dog.

"Alright here we go again. Relax your throat now." And grabbing a hold of the sides of her head, I began to thrust forcefully into her mouth. With each thrust I was now burying my cock in her throat causing her to gag momentarily each time. The sensation of her throat gagging around my cock on each thrust was pushing me very close to the edge very quickly.

As I'm rhythmically fucking her throat, I begin to purr again. "That's a good little cocksucker. You like having your throat fucked, don't you? Yeah, that's it, you cocksucker, swallow it up."

As I felt my orgasm nearing, I began to increase my tempo, and start exclaiming loudly, "Come on cocksucker, fuck it harder. Get it down there. Come on you can suck it better than that." Amazingly I started to feel her respond under my hands. Where before I had been doing all of the work pulling her head onto my cock as I thrust into her, I could feel her now throwing her head forward into each thrust.

I couldn't believe it. She was actually gagging herself on my cock all on her own. Now that she was doing all of the work, I was able to go back to stroking the top of her head like an obedient dog and encouraging her on. "Oh, that's it cocksucker. Gag yourself on my cock. That's right, gag for me. You're going to make me cum you cocksucker. Ok, hold my cock in your throat now," I ordered.

And amazingly, she did. There she was with her nose buried in my pubic hair, throat full of cock, gagging on it, not able to breath, and I didn't have to hold her head or anything. She was doing it all by herself.

After a few more seconds, I told her, "Alright start, fucking my cock again, you dirty little cocksucker." She immediately withdrew my cock from her throat, grabbed a quick lung full of air and began at it again. She was really getting into it. Knowing my orgasm was very near, I quickly grabbed a few more photos of my cock lodged deep in her throat.



This time it didn't even phase her. She just kept gagging herself on my cock. Just as I was about to cum, I grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head with one hand and yanked her head back hard, while the other hand grabbed my cock and pointed it at her upturned face. It all happened so quickly, she didn't even have time to react. The first shot of cum caught her across the right eye, while the second ended up in her still open mouth. The remainder I shot as evenly as I could all over her face. I wanted to make sure I covered as much as I could in cum. It would hopefully add to her humiliation.

I fully expected that when the first shot of cum struck her in the face she would have tried to pull away or at the very least raised her hands to block the barrage. But she didn't. Her hands remained clasped behind her back as I had ordered. I admit, I was confused. She wasn't responding the way I had imagined she would.

"Now don't move cocksucker," I said as I released the hold on the back of her head. She obediently kept her head back and face tilted up while I took several steps back and clicked a few more shots with the camera.



Under all of that cum, I could see her face redden with the humiliation of it all. She was still panting a bit trying to catch her breath, and that's when I noticed the condition of her body. Her breasts and upper body were flushed red with exertion, and her nipples were rock hard. I could swear they were bigger than last time. And looking at her pussy which was splayed open before me, it glistened with evident moisture.

Now I may not be that experienced with girls, but it sure did look like she was turned on at the moment. That gave me an idea.

"Becky, you did such a good job sucking my cock, I'm prepared to reward you for that. I want you to leave that cum on your face for the moment, but I'm going to let you have some release too. You'd like to cum too, wouldn't you my little cocksucker?" I asked.

After only the slightest hesitation, she nodded her head yes.

"Ok, open your knees as wide as they can go. With one hand I want you to play with your tits and the other I want you to start rubbing your cunt for me." She immediately moved to comply. Once her knees were splayed wide apart, providing me and my camera a birdseye view, she quickly moved her hands into position to achieve her release. In seconds her right hand was busily rubbing her clit, while the left hand was pinching, rolling and pulling on her nipples with her fingers. What an erotic sight it was.



I was certainly building up quite the collection of photos. My control over my teacher was now guaranteed as I definitely had enough material to guarantee her cooperation for as long as I desired.

In less than a minute, Becky's eyes were closed and she became lost in her own thoughts as she madly masturbated in front of her student turned Master.

Using even more vulgar language, I began to encourage her further. "Come on you whore, make yourself cum for me. Prove to me what a good little slut you are. You know you want to cum for me."

Her hand on her pussy was moving so fast now, it was practically a blur. "Come on you fucking whore, you can do it. Rub that dirty little cunt. Cum for your student you slut. I bet you'd like me to open the door right now and bring in some more students to watch you humiliate yourself?"

At that she began to pant and grunt out loud, and I could tell she was very close to cumming.

"Maybe tomorrow, I'll bring one of your other students with me, and we'll both throat fuck you like the whore you are." Hearing that, she let out a horrific scream as her head shot back, and her entire body went rigid.



For several seconds she could only grunt and moan, as her body twitched uncontrollably. After a short bit, she eventually began to relax and come back to Earth. It was then that the full import of what she'd just done struck her. The humiliation of allowing herself to be throat fucked by her student, and her face cummed upon, and then willingly masturbating in front of that same student, was almost too much for her. Tears welled up in the eyes again and I could see her trying to choke back the sobs.

"I'm very proud of you Becky. You did very well tonight. But before you get dressed I want you to scoop all of the cum off of your face and swallow it. From now on Becky, you are to look at it as a gift. It is never to be wasted. Wherever cum gets deposited on your body, you will scoop it up and swallow it all. Is that clear?" I asked in a tone of voice meant to brook no disagreement.

She meekly nodded her head yes and began scooping my cum off of her face with her fingers and licking them clean.



When she was almost finished cleaning herself, I gave her the final instructions for the night. "Now listen carefully whore, because I'm not going to repeat myself. When you get home tonight, you are to completely shave that ugly bush off your cunt, and when you show up for class tomorrow I do not want you wearing any underwear beneath your skirt."

Not wanting to give her a chance to argue with me, I just opened the door and left, leaving her kneeling naked on the floor cleaning the cum off of her face.


The pictures came out great and were perfect source material for more masturbation fantasies. After finally expending myself half a dozen times, I drifted off to sleep with a contented look on my face. This year was turning out to be the best year ever.

Wednesday morning came all too soon as I roused myself out of bed and prepared for another day of school. Checking my schedule, I saw that I didn't have Ms. O'Hare until second period in the afternoon. That was fine with me as it would give her time to stew over our next meeting and to work herself up into a tizzy.

Checking my bag one last time to ensure I had all of the supplies I would need for the day, I trotted off to school.

The morning went fairly quickly, but as we got closer to lunch, time began to drag. Fortunately, Lisa's squad was practising over the lunch hour so I had something to pass the time with.

When Ms. O'Hare's science class finally rolled around I was like a 6 year old having a birthday. I could barely contain my excitement. Halfway through class, Ms. O'Hare stopped lecturing and gave the class the rest of the period to work on their projects. While everyone got immersed in their work, I quietly slid out of my seat and approached Ms. O'Hare's desk.

With a nervous glance at me, she whispered, "Yes, Mr. Drake?"

Not saying anything I simply handed her a piece of paper which read:

Pull your skirt up and show me your cunt.

I want to make sure you are not wearing panties.


With a shocked look on her face, she whispered, "Please not here Mr. Drake."

Again, I didn't say a thing. I just stared at her with a hard expression on my face. It was exactly as I had expected her to react.

After several moments of uncomfortable silence, her shoulders sagged in defeat and dropping her gaze, she began trying to innocuously pull her skirt up her legs to expose herself to me. She continued to glance furtively about the room, praying no one was watching what was going on. At last she had it high enough for me to see that she was still wearing her panties. I had to fight from yelling out a triumphant 'Yes', as I had been hoping she would have disobeyed one of my orders.

With a disgusted look on my face, I shook my head back and forth very slowly to show her how displeased I was with her.

A panicked look shot across her face as she realized the mistake she'd made, and knew that there would be consequences. Unsure of what they would be, she began to silently plead, "Please Mr. Drake. I'm sorry, I forgot. I didn't mean to wear to them, I'm sorry, please forgive me Mr. Drake."

Saying only, "3:30 pm today", I turned around and went back to my seat, secretly excited at knowing everything was going according to plan. Looking to my right, I spent the rest of the class watching Lisa quietly working on her project. If everything went according to plan, I would not only be owning my teacher, but also the girl of my dreams.

3:30pm couldn't come soon enough in my eyes, but I'm sure it came too soon for Ms. O'Hare. She was sitting nervously in her chair, fidgeting with her hands as I walked into the classroom, closing the door behind me (and locking it this time).

"Just when I thought you were learning whore, you disappoint me again," I said angrily.

"I'm sorry Mr. Drake..." she began, trying to plead her way out of it.

"I don't want to hear it whore," I interjected. "You are going to learn very quickly that there will be consequences for disobeying me. And today is going to be one of those days."

"Get up and stand in front of me."

She hastened to comply.

"Now take off your clothes and put them on the desk."

When she wasn't moving fast enough, I barked, "Get a move on whore, I don't have all fucking day."

Spurred on by this, she increased her pace until she was once again naked in front of me. Even though this was the third time I'd seen her without clothes, it still brought my cock to instant attention. One thing different about today though, was that Becky had actually obeyed my first command yesterday and had indeed shaved all of her pubic hair off. Her pussy was as bare as a baby's bottom. What an erotic sight it is to have your teacher standing before you naked with a newly shaved pussy. A part of me still thought this all had to be a dream.

"OK, Becky. Up until this point, your infractions have been dealt with via a warning. From now on, for each infraction, you will be punished - quite severely. You will learn to obey me - without question or hesitation. Failure to do so will result in punishment again. You have a lot to make up for, and I will not be a kind master."

She began to shake her head and was going to speak when I said, "If at anytime you don't want to play by my rules, then our deal is off, and these pictures get sent to everyone in this town, including the police. You'll have your own website. Maybe we'll call it 'rebecca ohare is a whore dot com'. How does that sound to you?"

"Please..." she pleaded, looking as if she was about to start crying.

"Decide now Becky. You either submit to me, or we let the world know the real Becky O'Hare."

After several moments of thought, she appeared to reach a decision. Mumbling meekly, she replied, "I'll do as you ask."

"Smart decision. I guess you're not as dumb as you look, whore," I replied sarcastically.

There it was again, that hurt expression. I couldn't understand why my comments were affecting her in that manner. I expected them to make her angry or to make her resist. But I certainly wasn't expecting a hurt reaction and such a compliant attitude.

"Let's look at those big old saggy tits, shall we? Hold them up for me," I ordered. With shaking hands she reached for her breasts, and cupping them underneath, lifted them up for display.

As my teacher held her tits out for me, I reached out and began to play with each one. The skin was so smooth and soft, yet they remained firm to the touch. I was positively in heaven as I played with them. At first I just ran my hands over each one, but then I began to focus on those perky little nipples of hers. They were already hard as rock and jutting proudly from each mound. They just begged to be pinched and pulled. Grabbing each nipple between finger and thumb, I began to slowly apply increasing pressure. As I increased the pressure, I also began to pull them out from the body and to twist them slightly.

Soon her face was a mask of pain and she was pleading with me to stop. "Unnhhhh.....Please no more. Please stop."

Sensing I had reached a limit, I slowly released the pressure and watched the blood flow back into each tortured nipple. I would have plenty of time later to continue torturing those beautiful breasts.

"Face your desk," I ordered next.

She turned about and stood facing her desk. I could see a slight tremor in her body as she nervously waited to hear my next order.

"Bend forward until your upper body is lying across the desk. Now spread your legs...Wider than that whore. Don't make me say it again," I threatened. She quickly shuffled her feet even wider apart until her ass and shaven pussy were spread completely open.

Reaching into my bag and retrieving the roll of duct tape, I walked up to the desk and stood beside her naked body. I lightly ran one hand up and down her arched back, circling my fingers in the small of her back. Goose bumps quickly appeared. After caressing her back for several moments, I grabbed her panties in my other hand and walked around to the other side of her desk to stand at her head.

"Because you disobeyed me, you are now going to be punished. I am going to warn you though that this punishment is going to be very painful. As I have no wish to hear you whining and crying, as I'm sure you will be, I will have to gag you." A panicked look flashed across her face at hearing this. "I think it only fitting that your gag be the offending pair of underwear you chose to wear against my wishes." And with that, I balled up the underwear she had been wearing all day, and stuffed it into her mouth. To hold it there, I tore off a piece of duct tape and placed it across the opening of her mouth. Gagged in this fashion, I was assured of near silence. She could only make muffled whimpering and whining sounds.

Her eyes were round as saucers as I proceeded with the next order, "Grab onto the edge of the desk at either side of your body." The desk was wide enough that only her head hung over the edge. Grabbing a handful of hair I yanked her head back, forcing her to look up at me with her frightened eyes. (Is that also excitement I see?) "Listen carefully, because I'm only going to say this once. Those hands are to remain exactly as they are. If they move, or you let go, for ANY reason, then your punishment will only get worse, and I may be forced to tie you down. Do you understand this, my little cocksucker?"

With my hand still holding her head back, she could only nod her head slightly and mumble a muffled, "mmhhmm".

A stern, "Don't disappoint me whore," before I released her hair. Stepping back I reached into my pocket and took out my camera again.



Putting the camera back into my shirt pocket, I walked quickly around behind her and stood staring at her magnificent ass and pussy. Her legs were wide enough apart that her ass cheeks were well spread exposing her puckered little asshole. Her pussy lips were opened as well, and now clearly visible without any of that hair to get in the way. The urge to begin playing with it was strong, but I didn't want her to have any pleasure just yet. So reaching into my bag again, I pulled out a 12 inch plastic ruler I had brought from home. It was solid enough to hurt when hit with it, but it was also flexible enough to bend with each strike, and did not have any sharp edges or corners to accidentally cut the flesh with.

A final warning to my now terrified teacher. "The punishment is about to begin. Remember your instructions. Do not move from that position until I tell you to." And without any further warning, I brought the ruler down hard squarely upon her right ass cheek.


"Mmmmmmm....." she screamed through her gag, as her ass cheeks clenched from the pain.

Not wanting to give her time to recuperate, I began to methodically beat both ass cheeks with the ruler.


All that could be heard from Becky, at first, were muffled, "uuuunnnhhhhh, mmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhh." But after a while, the sounds coming from Becky began to change and became more of a grunting sound. I also noticed as time wore on, and the darker her ass became, that after each smack her ass cheeks would clench momentarily from the pain, but then she would immediately thrust her ass back out for the next hit.

If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think she was enjoying this.

After a time, I finally stopped the spanking and stood back to admire my handiwork (and to catch my breath). Her once flawless ass cheeks and upper thighs were now a dark splotchy red, and numerous lines from the edges of the ruler could be seen in her flesh almost as if she had been pinstriped. But amazingly, her hands were still in position. Her ass seemed to have a mind of its own as it continued to gently rock back and forth, as if she was begin fucked by an invisible intruder. Pulling out the camera, I snapped a couple more photos of my handiwork.



Stepping back up to her ass, I then prepared to deliver the final blows of her punishment. With one hand I reached down and attempted to spread her ass cheeks as far as they would go. "You've been a naughty little slut and deserved to be punished." And then I brought the ruler down hard right on her asshole.


"Eeeeeeeeee....." her entire body tensed as her head shot back, and a high pitched noise issued forth.

Giving her a chance to catch her breath, I ask, "You deserve to be spanked, don't you?" Fully expecting her to shake her head no at this, she instead catches me completely off guard by nodding her head yes. I'm absolutely fucking stunned by this. She actually appears to be getting into this.

Without warning, I bring the ruler down hard again on her quickly reddening asshole.


Another high pitched "eeeeeee....." as her ass cheeks begin clenching and unclenching from the pain.


Another smack quickly after the second one. She is now panting hard through her nose and her knuckles are almost white from the death-like grip she has on the table edge. Figuring her asshole's had enough punishment I decide to move onto her pussy. As I reach down to spread her lips apart to expose her most sensitive parts, I suddenly realize how wet she has become. Her lips are glistening with moisture and there are small rivulets of pussy juice running down the insides of her thighs.

Not only was this whore getting into it, she was also getting turning on by it!!!

"Well, well, well Becky. I think your little secret is out now. What a little fucking whore you are. Your cunt is soaking wet. You enjoyed that spanking didn't you slut?" I asked.

Almost a sob is heard as she meekly nods her head yes. Her back and shoulders flush red with the humiliation of having her dark little secret revealed to me.

"Stick your ass out and beg me to smack your pussy, whore." I ordered.

She promptly arched her back and thrust her ass out to me, and began mumbling through her gag, "mmmmm mmmmm mm mmmmm."


A sharp blow right on her exposed cunt lips.

A loud wail, "Aaaaaaaaaaaa......." and then she began to thrust her hips against the edge of the desk almost as if she was trying to rub her pussy on it.

"Are you my little slut?"

"Unhuh...." and then another smack on her exposed lips, which by now are practically swimming in juices.


Another loud wail, "Aaaaaaaaaaaa......." and more vigorous thrusting against the desk.

"You want to cum, don't you whore?"

"Unhuh..." followed by rapid nodding of the head.

At this point I can no longer hold back. In one fluid motion, I drop my pants and grabbing my cock, slam it home into her well oiled pussy. I begin relentlessly pounding my cock into her, burying it fully with each thrust. Each time I bottom out in her, I can feel my balls slapping against her abused clit. In rhythm with my thrusts, I begin slapping the ruler down upon her already abused ass cheeks.

She is now wailing and moaning into her gag and as she nears climax, I begin to yell, "That's it whore, cum on your master's cock. Let me know how much you enjoyed the humiliation and abuse. Come on slut, cum for me."

And with that, a pitiful howl came from her as her entire body went rigid. As every muscle in her body flexed, including her pussy, it felt like my cock was being ripped off. Soon spasms began to ripple down her body as she began to moan again, and her breathing came in short gasping breaths. Fearing she might suffocate, I withdrew from her pussy, and walking around to her head, pulled off the tape and remove her now sodden panties.

She began to take in gulping breaths of air, as her body slowly began to relax and settle back onto the desk. Her hair was matted to her forehead with sweat and her face was blotchy from the exertion. I noticed that her hands were still tightly clenching that desk and hadn't moved an inch from the beginning.

Though she had just had an earth shaking orgasm, I was still rock hard and dying to cum. So after allowing her to catch a few more breaths I grab a handful of hair at the back of her head, and placing my cock at the entrance to her mouth, begin forcefully thrusting into it. Within a few thrusts I was bumping against the back of her mouth.

"You'd better relax that throat whore, because here it comes." On the next thrust I forced my cock down her throat and held it there for several seconds. She immediately began to gag, which only served to amplify the sensations on my cock. With each gag, her throat would tighten around my cock and try to force it out. In a near frenzy now from all of the stimulation, I began to rapidly pound my cock in and out of her throat.

I was like a fucking wild man. It was literally sensory overload to have all of your fantasies and dreams come true all in one moment. The euphoric feeling of having this kind of power and control over a beautiful women was completely overwhelming. To know that she was also getting turned on by the humiliation and abuse, only served to heighten the emotions.

To this day, I still don't know if I gave her the opportunity to breath between thrusts. At that point, I was completely zoned out. All I could think about was the orgasm that was rapidly building in my balls.

Without warning, I yanked my cock out and exploded all over her face. Strands went in her eyes, up her nose, in her hair and in her open mouth which was gasping for breath. It seemed to go on forever. It was only after standing there for a bit that I finally snapped out of it, and realized that I was still milking my cock even though nothing was coming out of it anymore. I also still had a death grip on her hair at the back of her head and was painfully bending her head back.

With a final shake of my head, I released both my cock and her hair, and stepped back to admire my handiwork. What a sight it was to behold. A gorgeous woman bent over a desk, who'd just had her ass and pussy spanked, received a good fucking and then had her throat ravaged before being sprayed with cum. And she was mine - all mine. To do with as I pleased, whenever and however I wanted.

I quickly grabbed my camera and got a few shots of her beautiful facial.



"Well whore, it seems your dirty little secret is out. You get off on being controlled, and being humiliated and abused." I chuckled softly. Her face flushed crimson red at this as she bowed her head in shame. "I think we're going to have a wonderful relationship from here on in, don't you?" I asked mockingly.

"I guess now would be a good time to go over some new ground rules for you. First off, you will learn to be more respectful to your students. You will address each one formally by their last name. For example you will address Lisa as Ms. Beaumont. If I hear you use a students first name, you will be punished."

"Secondly, unless you are teaching a class, you will refer to me as Sir or Master. To do otherwise will result in punishment."

"Thirdly, your new name will be 'whore'. When asked a question by me, you will refer to yourself by your new name. Are you getting all this whore?" I asked.

"Yes Sir," she meekly replied.

"Lastly, you will be made to do many things which you may find humiliating, but I will expect you to do them without question or hesitation. Again, to do otherwise will result in punishment."

"You have a lot to make up for whore, so do not expect any kindness from me. You had best work very hard to please me from here on in, or your life is going to become a living hell," I threatened.

She hesitantly nodded her head and whispered a quiet, "Yes Sir."

"Alright, clean your face off whore," I instructed.

She reached up and began scooping my now drying cum off of her face and licking it from her trembling fingers.



I wanted to be sure to have plenty of material for my scrapbook. "Now whore, I have a little test set up for you tomorrow morning to see how dedicated you are to making this relationship work." Reaching into my school bag, I pulled out the remainder of the materials I had brought with me and placed them on the desk beside her left shoulder.

"At precisely 6:00 am tomorrow morning, you will enter the boys changing room downstairs. You will then remove all of your clothing. Once you are completely naked you will move into the center of the room where you will find a long wooden bench fixed to the floor. Taking this gag you will place it in your mouth and fix it tightly in place." I held up one of the items I had taken from my bag. It was a large red rubber ball with a black leather strap running through it. It was designed to fit tightly into a slave's mouth thereby forcing it to stay wide open, and was then held in place by means of the strap around the back of the head.

"You will then take this plug and insert it into your ass." A look of shock flashed across her face. I put the gag down and picked up the flesh coloured butt plug from the desk. It was probably 2 inches at the widest point. It certainly wasn't the largest butt plug I had seen at the sex shop, but I thought it best to start small and work my way up.

She was still absent mindedly wiping the cum from her face and licking her fingers clean as I proceeded with the remainder of her instructions. "Once the plug is fully seated, you will then place this blindfold over your eyes; again, ensuring it is fixed securely in place. You will then lie face down on the bench with a leg on either side. Then taking these handcuffs you will lock your hands together underneath the bench and await my arrival," I finished.

By placing her in this position, she would be blind and mute, and with her arms locked together underneath the bench, unable to move. In effect, she would be completely helpless in the boy's changing room, where risk of discovery could potentially be very high. Fortunately for her, I had checked the schedule and there were no early morning practices scheduled tomorrow. I wasn't about to tell her that though. I wanted her to believe the risk of discovery would be very high so as to add to her humiliation.

I could see her mind was reeling at what I was asking her to do. She feebly attempted to plead her case. "Please Sir, no

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