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My sister and I had arrived in Amsterdam

My sister and I had arrived in Amsterdam very late in
the evening. We had planned to arrive earlier but had
gotten lost on the way. My sisters boyfriend had been
waiting and became very concerned, but he was happy to
see us when we had finally arrived at the hotel. Both
my sister and I were extremely tired from the long
trip. Luckily he had already checked us in and reserved
our rooms. I did not want to be an intrusion to them,
so, I had requested my own room. My sister and her boy-
friend had not seen each other for about six months and
I knew they would rather be alone.

It was a small hotel. Only six floors, but very cozy.
It was what I would expect to find in this part of
Amsterdam. We caught the elevator to the fifth floor
to our rooms. My sister and her boyfriend had the room
across the hall from mine. We said goodnight and went
to our rooms. As I entered my room, I was surprised as
to how well it was furnished. It was more like a "bed
& breakfast" rather than a hotel. Much of the furnish-
ings appeared to be antiques. I fell onto the bed and
was surprised as to how comfortable it was. Perhaps it
was because I was so tired? I almost did not want to
get up to undress. But, I did not want to wrinkle my
dress, so, I thought I should at least take that off.
So, I dragged myself off of the bed and stood up.
Pulled the dress over my head and still wearing my
black bra and panties walked across the room to the
closet. I hung my dress on a hanger and noticed a terry
cotton robe hanging there. I got the robe and tried it
on. It was a little too big for me, but very soft. It
reminded me of my favorite teddy bear at home.

Cuddling myself in this soft robe, I walked back
towards the bed. I could see a large, dark building
right next door. Between the two buildings I could see
the stars in the sky and a full moon. I love it when
the moon is full. It feels so romantic and sexy.

I went to the balcony door and opened it to allow the
cool evening air to come in. As I stood there in the
moonlight I remembered past nights that I had spent
under the moonlight.

The moonlight stopped only a few feet from the bed and
I decided to attempt to move my bed closer to the bal-
cony. I was surprised to find that it rolled with very
little effort. I moved it alongside the balcony and I
fell onto the bed into a pool of moonlight. It was
wonderful and I fell right to sleep.

That morning I was not awakened by the sound of birds,
but voices?? I had to try to think where I was?? I
finally remembered, and I pretended to be sleeping, I
peeked through my still closed eyes. The dark building
next door had become a building alive with people. The
balcony directly across from mine, but, perhaps one
floor higher had about seven young boys, perhaps in
their mid teens, whispering to themselves as they
watched me. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

Unfortunately, I was not naked this morning. Instead,
I was still wearing my black bra and panties. Over this
I had on the soft terry robe. But, during the evening,
the robe had opened enough to partially reveal my al-
most naked body. The boys were able to see much of my
breasts even though they were still covered by a bra. I
was trying to think of a way to have an adventure with
these boys. I rolled over onto my side allowing my robe
to fall off my shoulder. I was now facing towards my
admirers and listening to them whispers. But, they were
speaking in Dutch, so I was not able to understand any
of it. But, none the less to have them watching me as
I pretend to sleep was exciting to me.

Finally, I decided to do something. I rolled over onto
my back. Still pretending to be asleep, I ran my left
hand over my breasts as if I was caressing myself. I
heard my admirers also become excited as I did this. I
could tell by the sound of their whispering voices. I
continued to rub my soft breasts and then I ran my hand
down to my panties. This is when, I thought to myself,
"ok" I was in a strange country and no one knew me
here. This always has an impact on what I do.

So, I started to rub my hand over my panties and rubbed
my hairless pussy. I slipped my hand under the waist
band of my panties and over my bare skin. My fingers
ran up and down my clitoris as I became even more
excited. I realized that my passion was taking control
of my actions when my pussy started becoming very wet
with juices. I slipped my fingers into the sides of my
panties and I was about to raise my hips ... when sud-
denly a loud buzzer from the building across from mine
went off for a few seconds. I could hear scuffling from
across and as I opened my eyes to look at the balcony.
The balcony was now empty. I assumed it was a boarding
school or a dormitory and that the buzzer was to call
the students to their first class. I was so disappoint-
ed. Still I raised my hips and slid my panties off. I
masturbated for a few minutes before getting out of
bed. But, I would have been much more satisfied if I
had an audience this morning ... "sigh".

That evening I returned after sunset from a long day
of sightseeing with my sister and her boyfriend. I love
to explore new places .. it is another of my passions.
I stepped into my hotel room and turned on the lights.
I immediately started to undress. I pulled my blouse
over my head and unzipped my jeans. I sat on the bed as
I slid out of my tight jeans. I stood there only wear-
ing my bra and panties as I suddenly remembered the
incident that morning. The curtains were still wide
open. I looked out of my balcony window and again it
was absolutely dark. I could just barely see the light
of my building reflecting off of the building across
the way.

I wondered if there was anyone watching me tonight. I
was very tired from the busy day and decided to get
some sleep. But, I decided that if there was someone
watching me, that I should not disappoint them. So,
standing with my back to my balcony window, I reached
back to unhook my bra. I let my bra fall onto the floor
and wrapped my arms around myself to cover my breasts.
I turned to face the balcony window and again wondered
if there was anyone watching.

I slowly lowered my arms to reveal my naked breasts and
nipples. I cupped my soft breasts and slowly massaged
them. This caused my nipples to become erect. I love
for this to happen. I ran my hand down to my stomach
and then lower to between my legs. My pussy was now
becoming very moist as I ran my fingers over my
panties. I put my fingers into the sides of my panties
and slowly slid them down to the floor. I stepped out
of my panties and I was now standing in front of the
balcony window completely naked. I was hoping there
was someone watching me and perhaps masturbating.

I walked to the closet and pulled out the hotels soft
terry robe. I put on the robe. It felt so soft and
warm. I walked back to the bed and I noticed that room
service must have returned the bed to the original
position. The same full moon was shining through the
balcony, so, I again pushed the bed under the moon-

I laid on the bed and looked at the moon and stars. I
must have fell asleep instantly, because the next
thing I remember was it was morning and was again
I was awakened by the young voices of a foreign
language from the building across from mine.

I pretended to still be asleep as I peeked from my
partially closed eyes. Yes, the boys had returned, but
this time they were joined by others on the floor above
them. I had perhaps twelve young men watching me sleep.
This was almost a dream for me. I had not bothered to
tie the sash on my robe before sleeping and I was re-
vealing much more then the morning before.

This morning I was not wearing a bra or panties. The
robe covered only my left side. My right breast was
completely naked as was my right thigh. My pussy was
still covered, but only barely. I listened as the boys
whispered to each other in Dutch. They sounded almost
as excited as I felt. Still pretending to be asleep, I
gently rolled over onto my left side. This caused the
robe to completely open exposing my hairless pussy and
my left breasts. The whispering became louder. I then
rolled over onto my back and laid there with all of
myself totally exposed to my fans across the way. The
whispering became much more intense as now the boys
were able to see most of my breasts and part of my
pussy. I decided to allow them to see even more, so, I
raised my left knee to allow more of my pussy to be

Suddenly, the "Buzzer" again went off. There was a
scuffle, voices became louder and then quiet. I opened
my eyes and again the balcony was deserted. I became
very upset at myself for forgetting about the buzzer
and not being able to complete my performance. Frus-
trated, I got up off of the bed and wrapped myself
with my robe. I walked to the mirror and started to
brush my hair. As I was brushing it, something in the
mirror caught my eye. I saw a movement from the balcony
across the way. I could see that it was one of the
young boys peeping at me from behind the curtain. I
was delighted that I still had an admirer. I thought,
he must be taking quite a risk by staying back to watch

"Hmmmm", something like this deserved a special per-
formance. What could I do??

I decided what to do. I slowly walked to the balcony
and slid the glass door open. The fresh, cool air felt
wonderful. I stepped onto the balcony, only wearing my
robe. I looked around and there were many trees as well
as birds singing. It felt wonderful to be outdoors. My
peeping tom was hiding behind the curtain. I could only
see his fingers holding the curtains. His balcony was
very close, perhaps 10 feet away from where I was
standing. I was wondering if I could be daring enough
to open my robe standing on this balcony. The trees
hid most of the view from the streets and I decided it
would be safe for me to do so. I walked back into my
hotel room and turned on the radio. I tuned onto a
station that played American music. It was a familiar
blues song that I recognized. I loosened the sash on
my robe and to the beat of the music I walked back
onto the balcony.

I moved my body to the beat of the music as if dancing
on a stage. I closed my eyes and swayed back and forth.
My peeping tom became mesmerized by my dancing as I was
now able to see his face as he watched me. My robe
finally gave way to my erotic motions and opened up
completely. My admirer was no longer trying to hide
from me. I could see his eyes open wide as he watched
me dance for him only a few feet away. He was now
clearly able to view my naked breasts and pussy closer
than ever before. The robe swayed open and shut with my
body motion.

I was becoming very excited at the thought of being
naked in a strange country and being watched. My pas-
sion for being watched has become so intense lately.
My whole body seems to crave having eyes of men caress
me. I create sexy poses for my admirer, I run my
fingers through my hair and then down to my breasts
as I gently massage them. My nipples seem to tingle
with excitement as they become very erect to my touch.

I finally decided to reward my friend for being so
brave as to miss his buzzer. I pulled the robe over
my shoulders. I held it for a second around me and
then let it fall to the floor of the balcony. I was
now standing on the balcony totally naked for my brave
fan. I ran my hands down to my breasts and then down to
my pussy. Finally, I raised my right foot onto a middle
cross bar for the railing. My right knee was almost as
high as my breasts. This exposed my naked pussy for my
friend to see.

My pussy had become very moist as I could feel the
liquid running down my leg. My fingers ran up and down
my clitoris. With my fingers I spread the wet lips of
my pussy and I was hoping he could see the pink fleshy
parts on the insides of my now hot pussy. I stood
there on the balcony, completely naked and masturbated
for my friend for several minutes. My leg started to
tremble and quiver as I finally climaxed for my

I let out a big "sigh" of satisfaction as I lowered my
leg from the balcony and stepped back into my hotel
room. I looked over to the balcony and there was no one
to be seen. I wondered if he enjoyed it as much as I

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