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Ordinary College Sex Life


"Mommmm!" I cried pitifully, limping my way down the street. On a normal day, I could cross each square of the sidewalk in two steps. Running, I could do it with one. But the way my right leg hurt, it felt like it was taking a -million- steps just to go from one square to the next. And there were like... thousands of sidewalk squares between me and the house. I was never going to make it.

I was going to DIE.

"Mommmm!" I cried again.

I finally dragged myself up the driveway several days later. Blood was gushing out from my wound, so much that I was sure I'd left a bright red trail running down the sidewalk for miles and miles and miles. I'd made it to the house without dying, but now I would surely die from blood loss. It wasn't fair. It wasn't my fault! Stupid Jimmy Hershey had dared me to try and jump the old creek bed. HE should have been the one to fall off that unstable old boulder. But no, he made me go first. And now I was going to die from my injuries.

Or maybe I wouldn't die. Maybe they would just have to amputate my leg.

"Mommmm!" I whined as I got the door open. Tears were running in rivers down my cheeks.

"Carter?" a voice called from the kitchen.

"Mom?" I gasped with relief, knowing she would come rescue me. Actually, she wasn't even my real mom. My real mom had died when I was little (well, littler-er), before I could even remember. This one was my step-mom, after marrying Dad a few months ago.

But I never called her 'Step-Mom'. Dad tried to explain it to me once, but saying 'Mom' was just easier. And after never knowing what life could be like with a mother, I really didn't mind that she wasn't my real mom. She still took care of me. She was the ONLY one that took care of me since Dad was always working and never home.

But Mom wasn't home. My new step-sister came out of the kitchen, holding a bowl of ice cream in her hands. She took one look at my bloody stump of a leg and immediately looked worried. "Oh, no! What happened?"

"It's Jimmy Hershey's fault!" I whined, feeling death crawling up my limbs with lightning bolts of pain.

She put the bowl down on the dining table and came over to me in the living room. "Let me look at it."

"And do what? You can't do anything. I need a grown-up!"

She bit her lip and shrugged. "But Mom's out. She said she forgot something at the store and had to go."

"Oh, no! I'm gonna DIE!"

My step-sister smiled and shook her head at me. "I won't let you die. Here, come with me." She took me by the hand, and ignoring my pain, she led me into the kitchen.

"OWW!" I yelled at her. "My leg HURTS! I can't WALK!"

"Oh, okay. Well then you just sit here." She moved me to the couch and sat me down. She then turned and started walking away. "I'll get the medicine kit."

"And do what? You're not a doctor! You're only nine!"

She grinned at me. "I still know how to put on a band-aid." And then she turned and skipped into the kitchen.

I sulked for a minute, rolling my eyes. So what if she was nine? I was seven, which was almost nine. What could a girl do that I couldn't? I was going to die without proper medical attention. Didn't she know that?

But she came back holding a plastic box with a red cross logo on top of it. She knelt down on the floor next to my leg, then reached forward and grabbed onto my foot. Instinctively, I kicked her away. "You can't do anything," I complained.

"I'm your sister now. I can help you."

"You're not even my real sister."

Gently, she touched my knee and looked up at me. There was something in her big green eyes that made me stop squirming, and made me look straight at her. And very calmly, she stated, "You're the only brother I have. I'm going to take care of you."

For some reason, I believed her. And she did take care of me.

It hurt when she disinfected my cut, but she held my hand and told me the pain would go away soon. The pain -did- go away, just like she said. And for the first time, I realized that I wasn't going to die.

She cleaned up the cut and put on a big glob of Neosporin, adding more when I asked her to really make sure everything was covered. Then she put on the band-aids, needing two since the cut was so big. And when she was done, she bent down and kissed my knee, promising, "Everything will be okay."

Her words reverberated around my head. Everything will be okay. Everything will be okay.

I believed her, because she was my big sister. She was an angel, sent from heaven to save me from certain death. When she was done, I smiled at her and said, "Thank you, Cameron."

She didn't say 'you're welcome'. Instead, she looked up at me and replied, "I love you, little brother."


-- MAY 1996, 8TH GRADE --

Elena parked the car in the garage. After my dad's business had taken off, he'd moved us to some ritzy neighborhood and hired a couple of servants around the house. Elena was my old, wrinkly nanny who drove like the grandma she really was. I didn't need a nanny. I wasn't a kid anymore. I'd just turned fourteen. I could take care of myself.

But I still couldn't drive, so I suppose getting a ride to and from school was better than walking.

Shutting the engine off, Elena sniffed the air and then looked over at me with a sigh. "You should probably take a shower," she said in her thick Mexican accent. Gawd I hated Mexicans. They all smelled funny.

Speaking of smelling funny, I couldn't blame the stench in the car on Elena. Not this time, since it was coming from my own body. Rotting bits of food were stuck to my clothes and skin, even after I'd vigorously tried to brush them off. The banana chunks in my hair especially were going to be hard to get out.

It wasn't MY fault I was the new kid in town. I didn't want to move here and leave all my friends. It also didn't help that I was the shortest kid in eighth grade. I was a late-bloomer, that's all. That didn't give guys the right to pick on me whenever they felt like it. I wasn't some punching bag that existed for their amusement. But rights or not, I was still the kid most picked on at school. And the bullies had decided that today was good day to shove me into the cafeteria dumpster before it got picked up at the end of the day. But not until after they'd stolen all the money out of my wallet, of course. Sixty bucks was a big deal to punks like that.

Glumly, I kicked open the car door and kicked it shut after me. I then stomped my way up the stairs, pissed off at this cruel world and all the bullies who made my life so miserable.

I went straight to my room and started ripping my clothes off. I threw them straight into the hamper, rotting food and all. Elena had to do my laundry. Let HER deal with that crap. And wearing only my tighty-whitey underwear, I went and opened the door to my adjoining bathroom.

Now in my defense, I didn't know Cameron was already in the bathroom. The shower was off, and there were no sounds coming from inside. Plus, she should have locked the door. The bathroom was a jack-and-jill shared between her bedroom and mine, and we'd already had a couple of near-accidents since moving in.

But she didn't lock the door, so I opened it and went straight in. And though she technically was in the shower, the water wasn't running and the shower curtain had been pulled wide open as she reached for her towel. So standing before me, literally two feet away, was the most gorgeous girl I'd ever seen in my entire life.

Unlike me, Cameron was an early-bloomer. She'd first got her boobs when she was eleven and they'd only been getting bigger until now, almost fully grown at sixteen. I hadn't really paid much attention, other than to notice that older boys would all stare at her chest whenever they talked to her. And I knew that a chick's boobs were supposed to be really important, since lots of the boys at school would comment about the nice rack on some girl or another. But I hadn't really seen the appeal. They were just boobs; half of the people on the planet had them.

But for some reason, I got the appeal right now. Maybe it was because I'd never seen a naked pair of boobs before. Her nipples were just like mine, small and crinkly and dark pink. But hers were bigger, much bigger, sticking out like pencil erasers.

I'd also heard guys talking about "hourglass" figures. Cameron didn't really have one yet. She was still pretty skinny, with small hips. But as I continued my analysis of her figure, I noticed that she had hair growing between her legs, the same dark color as on her head.

I'd just gotten my first hairs down there a couple of months back. It was weird, growing hair around my penis. I wouldn't say it was the most interesting thing, but it was different. At least, I knew I was supposed to have it, since seemingly every other guy my age had a full bush by now. Cameron didn't quite have the full bush; hers was neatly trimmed into an even surface like when our gardener Omar mowed the lawn.

That was about all I had time to analyze, because once Cameron realized I'd come into the room, she shrieked and grabbed at her towel. Realizing that I wasn't supposed to be there, I immediately turned and closed the door behind me. And as I stood there, facing back into my room while panting to catch my breath, I realized that I was feeling a sensation I'd never felt before.

It was coming from my crotch, and as I looked down, I realized that something was pushing out my tighty-whitey underwear from the inside. And after sticking a thumb into the waistband, I pulled it open enough to realize the source was my rock hard penis.

I had a boner.

I still didn't understand boners. I mean, I'd taken the fifth grade sex ed class and knew how babies were made, but I still didn't understand what made a boy's penis hard. The teachers talked about sexual arousal, but I'd never felt sexual arousal ... until, I guess ... right now.

That meant my body wanted to have sex. Oh, it didn't mean I was GOING to have sex. Shit, I had absolutely no clue what to do. But my body wanted to. And apparently, my body wanted to do it with Cameron.

After all, it was seeing her naked that had done this to me, right? I'd seen my first naked woman, and my instincts were reacting the way they'd been designed to. My heart was racing. My whole body felt flushed. And overall, I felt ... good.

Still curious about my boner, I kept the waistband of my underwear open with my left thumb and reached in with my right hand. It just felt natural to circle the rod with my fingers. After all, the thing looked like some strange bar sticking out from my pelvis. So I held onto the bar, and surprisingly, that felt pretty good. Reflexively, I stroked my hand out, rubbing the bar, and that felt even -better-.

This is masturbation! I realized. I'd talked to enough guys at school to know the basics of jacking off. Again, I'd never understood the appeal, but as pleasurable sensations started running up my spine, I started to figure it out. One boy, Sadi Kapur, talked about how he masturbated every single chance he could get. His parents were really strict about him NOT doing it, but he couldn't help it. I'd thought he was crazy, but I didn't think that anymore.

And then I remembered why I was masturbating. It was because the sight of Cameron's naked body had given me a boner. And as I thought about the sight of Cameron's naked body, the feelings got even better. Up, down, up, down I stroked, breathing harder as I pumped my boner. Cameron was so pretty. Everyone knew it. But not everyone got to see her naked. Only -I- had gotten to see that. She had such pretty boobs. I decided right then and there that HERS were perfect. She had such a pretty body. And certainly, Cameron had the prettiest face in the WORLD.

Suddenly, the muscles in my belly tightened. I kept stroking my shaft, not really understanding what was going on other than that it felt really, REALLY good. And then with a groan, I felt a wave of release coursing through my body. That felt even BETTER.

But then my penis started to feel really sensitive. I stopped stroking it, because continuing only made it hurt, actually. And as I pulled my hand out of my underwear, I realized that there was some sticky wetness coating my fingers.

Semen. Oh, yeah. I'd learned about this in sex ed, too.

Quickly, I went to grab some tissues to clean myself up. But then I remembered how much other crap was all over my body, and I realized that I still hadn't taken a shower. Going back to the bathroom door, I knocked carefully, calling out, "Cameron? Are you still in there?"

She didn't answer, and after calling for her one more time, I cracked the door open.

The bathroom was empty. The door to her room was closed. So sighing in relief, I went inside and locked her door to make sure SHE didn't accidentally come in and see me.

But then I thought about it. Fair was fair, right? I'd seen her, so if she wanted to come in, I was honor-bound to let her, right? And after a moment's thought, I went back to her door and unlocked it. She could come in if she wanted.

Then I climbed in and began to take a shower. I was right: the banana chunks were especially hard to get out.

But about five minutes in, I started thinking about what Cameron looked like when she was standing right about where I was standing now. I remembered the look of her face, with her dark hair slicked back against her scalp. I remembered the swells of her breasts, and how pretty those nipples had been. I remembered the tuft of hair between her legs, and wondered what things looked like down there. And all of a sudden, I had another boner.

Well, I knew what to do with it now.



"Nnnghh..." I groaned quietly, doing my best to stifle the sound. I couldn't help it. I'd been jerking my dick for five minutes already, in anticipation of this moment. So I was already pretty wound up, and I simply couldn't keep myself from moaning the instant Cameron's towel dropped to the floor.

I clenched my teeth and ducked my head to force myself to hold it in. This took my gaze away from my homemade peephole, and I used every ounce of willpower I had to bury the urge to groan so that I could get back into position and stare into my step-sister's room.

I'd only had access to this peephole for a few weeks. I first drilled it on a Friday night when she was cheerleading at the football game. I'd made my selection very carefully. Mom and Dad frequently bought some expensive art pieces to decorate the house, including putting them in our rooms. One painting in particular had an elaborate, thick frame. I drilled the hole in the lower shadow of this frame, so that Cameron was unlikely to notice it unless she ducked down. On the other side was the inner wall of my closet. And if I knelt sideways in my closet, I could peer through and see most of my step-sister's room.

Every night, I knelt here and jerked off as she got out of the shower. Every night, I watched her go through her room wearing just a towel tied off between her breasts. She'd rummage through her closet for her pajamas. And then in a single glorious moment, she'd drop the towel, bend over to put on her panties, and then stand up to shrug into her bra.

I used to try and watch her before she went to bed as well, presuming correctly that she would remove the bra before going to sleep. But Cameron's method for bra removal at night was to unclip it and slip it out from beneath her pajama tops, so I never got to see anything.

This was the highlight of my day, as it was every day. Cameron's body was so ... perfect. Even though she was only sixteen, she had already sprouted to 5'10", taking after her fashion model mother. She wore a 34B bra; I knew because I'd gone snooping in her drawers one afternoon. Her dark brown hair was straight and silky, running halfway down her back when she didn't put it up in braids. And she had an exotically-perfect face with angular eyes that drew the attention of full-grown men wherever she went.

I knew she was more beautiful than any adult woman on the planet, whether actress or porn star or singer or whatever. No one could get my heart racing the way she could with a mere flick of those green eyes. No one could brighten my day the way she could with the smallest smile. No one could get my dick harder than Chinese arithmetic the way she could with mere seconds of glorious nudity.

I controlled my moan and got my eye lined up with the peephole just in time to catch her bending over and putting her panties on. Her boobs weren't as big as some of the bombshells at school, but they were still nice handfuls. At least, I assumed they'd be nice handfuls if I could ever actually get my hands on them. I'd sorta tried once, a month ago, when we'd been sitting on the couch together. But I think she felt my hand gliding up her side and she shifted over to lean in the other direction.

In any case, I pretty much lost it when Cameron stood up and put her hands on her hips. There was a full length mirror on the back of her door, and turning so that she'd profiled herself to me, she paused while fully topless and stared at her own reflection off to my right.

Yes ... You're fucking gorgeous. Just keep staring at yourself. Stare at yourself the way -I- stare at you. Stay like that forever. Don't move. Don't get dressed. Just stay there and be perfect and let me fantasize about caressing your naked body until I ... Ohh ... Oh, SHIT.

"Hnnngh!" I couldn't help but grunt, caught on the verge of ejaculation. My stomach muscles clenched, and uncontrollably I pitched forward. And horror of horrors, my forehead bumped right against the wall.

Dimly, muffled by the wall, I heard Cameron call out nervously, "Hello?"

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Please don't come looking! Nothing here! You're all alone in your room! You're all alone- CRAP!

Covering her breasts, my step-sister tracked the sound of the thump over to the general vicinity of that big-ass painting. She stood in front of it, staring thoughtfully. And I knew I was seconds away from getting caught.

I have to get out of here.

Panicking, I pushed myself up onto my feet to get out of the closet, to get away from the wall where I might be discovered. But as I stood up, my head banged into the hangars holding my clothes above me. I lost my balance, and as I tried to recover, my left knee banged into the wall again.

"Shit!" I grunted, and then clapped my hand over my mouth upon realizing I'd said that out loud. Immediately, I ducked back down and peered through the peephole, trying to find out if I'd been discovered. And to my absolute horror, Cameron had ducked down to her knees and was staring right at the small hole drilled below the art frame.

Oh, hell.

I scrambled away from the peephole, lest Cameron stick her eye to it and stare right out at me. I stumbled back into my bedroom, gasping for breath and grabbing my head, wondering what the hell I was going to do. But before I could make a decision, my bedroom door opened up and my step-sister came darting in.

"Carter! What are you doing?"

My jaw dropped. "Nothing! Nothing!" I stammered defensively, sounding anything but honest.

Her eyes dropped down my body, and hurriedly she shut the door behind her. "You're NAKED!" she screeched.

Belatedly, I clamped my hands over my crotch, having to cup my palms because I was still hard, even after all the recent panic. "Uh, I can explain."

"You made a -peephole- into my room?"

"Uh ... uh..."


I blinked rapidly and answered automatically, "Why do you THINK?"

Now it was her turn to stop, her jaw dropping as realization finally dawned. "Were you ... jacking off?"

I blushed bright pink, still covering my privates as I backed away. I didn't verbally answer.

"Oh my gawd..." she drawled in shock. "I'm your sister!"


"Doesn't matter!"

"Of course it does!"


"I couldn't help it! You're so beautiful!" I whimpered.

Her head jerked back, her jaw dropping open. Blinking, she just stared at me for several seconds before finding her voice enough to say, "Me?"

"LOOK at you!" I reached out with my right hand, gesturing at her from head to toe before realizing what I'd done and then clamping my hand back over my crotch.

Cameron blushed and looked. She'd thrown on her pajama top, though it was unbuttoned from throat to tails, leaving a tantalizingly sexy strip of bare skin from neck to belly button, also showing off the budding swells between her breasts. She wore her panties, simple white cotton with pastel-colored flowers decorating them. But those were her only articles of clothing.

"You're beautiful..." I breathed, absolutely enraptured by her. And without even thinking about it, I let my eyes rove up and down her barely-clothed body, feeling the resurgence of lust coursing through my veins. And instead of covering my privates, I found my right hand stroking my dick while my left hand cradled my balls.

Cameron's eyes went wide as her gaze dropped down. "Carter ... what are you doing?"

I looked down and realized I'd started masturbating again. "I told you," I whimpered. "I can't help it."

"Carter..." she warned in a disgusted tone, but her eyes were riveted to my crotch. I realized that she was staring at my prick, transfixed as if she'd never seen one before. And feeling encouraged, I pulled my left hand away and opened up all the fingers on my right hand, save for my thumb and index finger, which continued stroking.

"You're so beautiful," I repeated.

Still staring at my prick, she asked in a faraway tone. "How long have you been doing this?"

"Masturbating? Since May when I accidentally saw you in the shower. Remember?"

She blinked and looked up at my face. She winced, but nodded. Yeah, she remembered. But then she closed her eyes and shook her head. "No ... I meant ... uh ... How long has that peephole been there?"

I grimaced, but didn't stop stroking. "Just a few weeks."

"Weeks?" she asked incredulously. "And how many times have you spied on me?"

I shrugged, still jacking off. "Every night."

Those green eyes darted up to me, disgust mixed with curiosity. "EVERY night?"

"You're incredible," I sighed dreamily.

Embarrassed by the flattery, Cameron blushed and looked down, eyeing my prick again. "I'm not that pretty."

"Of course you are. You're the most beautiful girl in school."

She shook her head. "No, I'm not. Annie Fisher is totally the hottest girl in school. And there are so many other girls on the cheerleading squad alone that are prettier than me. They certainly have more guys going after them."

"None of them compare to you."


"I'm serious. I know what I'm talking about."

"You're fourteen. How much can you possibly know about women?"

"I know what I see. And I see the most beautiful girl not only in school, but in the whole world."


"I mean it."

Cameron stared into my eyes while I remained there, continuing to jerk off. She was breathing heavily, focusing intently as she scanned my gaze. And after another few seconds, she stood up straight. "You really mean that, don't you?"

I nodded. "I do."

"So you've been jerking off every night while spying on me?"

"Just while you get dressed after your shower."

She blinked. "And you can see me naked?"

I nodded.

"But that's only like ... ten seconds."

"It's enough."

"Enough for what."

"To make me cum."

She blinked rapidly, and then stared down at my prick again. "So ... seeing me naked makes you cum?"

I nodded.

She was breathing harder now. I could see that her skin was flushed, and not just from post-shower heat. She stared at my prick again, watching as I slowly pumped the shaft up and down. And after pursing her lips for a moment, she looked back up at me. "So if you see me naked now, you'll cum?"

I nodded. "Pretty damn fast."

Without a word, Cameron reached down and pulled her pajama top open and to the sides. I had an unobstructed view of her creamy breasts, capped with fully-erect dark pink nipples. And to my utter disbelief, she actually put her hands on her waist and proudly thrust her chest out for my viewing pleasure.

"Unnnghhh," I groaned, feeling the pleasure rapidly shoot from my eye sockets, down my spine, and light a fire in my loins. I gripped my prick a lot tighter and sped up my stroking. And after less than a minute, I grunted and shot a ribbon of creamy jizz through the air.

"Eep!" Cameron squealed and backed away, worried for a moment that I was going to spray her. But though I shot that first wad pretty far, it only got a couple of feet away from me and fell harmlessly to the carpet between us. The second jet didn't even get that far. And by the end, I was merely pumping out dribbles that ran down over my own fingers.

"Nnn-gaaaahhh..." I sighed when I was finished, hunching over and finally removing my hand from my prick.

Cameron stared as if in shock at what had just happened. She looked at me, looked at the cum staining the floor, and then looked at my deflating dick. And after a minute or so of awkward silence, she simply turned and ran out the door.

It was worth it.



"Do it."

"Hngh ... Hngh..."

"Come on. Do it! Cum! Cum!"

"Ngh! Ngh! Fuck! Fuck! Ohh ... CAMERON!" I groaned and let fly, firing rope after rope of creamy jizz into the air in front of me.

"Ahh!" Cameron turned her head at the last instant, protecting her face. But at the same time, she thrust her chest forward, leaning into the spray as my cum splattered down all over her boobs and belly.

My legs turned to jello, and wobbly on my feet, I staggered back until my calves hit the front of my bed and my ass dropped down onto the mattress. Gasping for oxygen, I planted my hands behind me to keep myself from falling onto my back. The absolute LAST thing I wanted was to lose sight of my gorgeous step-sister writhing on the chair in the throes of her orgasm.

She wasn't quite fully naked, still wearing her panties. It was a concession she wouldn't give me, claiming that keeping her panties on would keep her from going too far.

Cameron and I had different definitions of what was "too far". Honestly, I don't think I even had a limit. But for Cameron, she drew the line at mutual masturbation. She would sit in the chair in front of me wearing nothing but her skimpy panties, rubbing her tits, diddling her clit, and bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm while watching me pound my meat. But I couldn't touch her. No physical part of my body could touch her, except for my cum. She never came harder than when the hot, creamy goo sprayed all over her naked breasts.

Scratch that, she usually came harder when she rubbed my spunk into her skin after I sprayed down her boobs. Like now, she was screaming in ecstasy as she vigorously caressed her now C-cup mammaries with her left hand, smearing the slimy jism into her pores. And her right hand continued writhing out of sight, my view blocked by the front of her panties while the most gorgeous girl in the world thrashed and moaned in ultimate pleasure.

What felt like an hour later, Cameron started to come down from her high. She'd kept her eyes closed while in the throes of her climax, squeezing the lids tightly shut while she'd thrashed and bucked hard enough to nearly topple the chair. Her emerald irises glittered as she opened those eyes to look at me, so she had a full two seconds to realize what I was doing before my lips sealed tightly over her mouth.

"Mmm..." Cameron hummed happily into our very first kiss. Her left hand came up to cup the side of my head, just behind my ear. She pulled me closer, a growl forming in the bottom of her throat as ecstatic pleasure met carnal desire and she pivoted her face ever so slightly to allow her lips to press ever more urgently against mine.

But a second later, she realized what was happening, and then her right hand abruptly came up and pushed me away. "Carter!" she shrieked. "We can't DO that!"

I sputtered for a few seconds, my mind awhirl as I tried to process the whiplash of lust, kiss, and then abrupt rejection. "Wha-what? Can't do what? Kiss?"

"You're my brother!"

"But Cameron..." I whimpered in desperate agony. "I love you!"

"Carter..." she sighed, sounding apologetic. "I know you do. I love you, too."

I shook my head. "You don't understand. I LOVE you."

Her naked chest was heaving, as she was still out of breath from her orgasm. But she stood up and quickly reached for her pajama top, turning her back to me and hurriedly pulled on the sleeves. "You're just a kid," she groaned.

"Am not," I complained, reaching up to her. Even though I was almost fifteen, my growth spurt still hadn't hit. I was only 5'2", and the reality was that I felt like such a little kid next to my 5'11" Amazonian step-sister. Unable to help it, my lips quivered and I began to softly cry.

"Ohhh ... Carter," Cameron sighed, turning around. She opened her arms and pulled me into a hug, trapping my head against those perfect breasts. Unfortunately, she'd buttoned up the front of her pajamas, so that I STILL couldn't feel her bare skin against my own. She was tall enough that her chin came to rest atop the apex of my head. And as she pulled me close, she stroked my spine reassuringly, although not without a distinctly maternal vibe. "This is my fault," she mumbled. "I can't keep leading you on like this. We have to stop."

"NO!" I squealed and pushed myself away, not so far that she let go of me, but enough that I could look up at her. "No. Please ... You can't take this away from me. What do you want me to do? Go back to drilling holes in your wall?"

"There have got to be healthier ways you can masturbate. Didn't Dad buy you that stack of Playboy magazines?"

"It's not the same. Even Playboy models don't compare to YOU."

Cameron blushed and smiled at me. She always loved it when I told her she was more beautiful than anyone else in the world. But she sighed and shook her head, "We're playing with fire. Brothers and sisters aren't supposed to be doing this together."

"But we're only step, right?"

"Right. Step. There's no actual blood between us." She sighed, the same rationalization running through her head as always. But then she reached up and patted my cheek, specifically in a sisterly, almost condescending way. And shaking her head, she said, "But we can't go -any- further than we already have."

I felt my heart sink. Cameron bent forward and gave me a chaste kiss on my forehead. And then she turned and hustled back to her own room through the bathroom.



"Hi, big sister," I hummed quietly as I sidled up behind her. Cameron was dressed to kill, wearing a slinky dress and fine jewelry as she leaned forward over the sink while fixing her mascara.

"Hi, -big- brother," she replied, glancing at my reflection in the mirror.

I grinned at the "big" qualifier. My growth spurt had finally hit, and in a MAJOR way. I was already up to 5'8", having climbed an inch a month since March. Though I was still shorter than her, I already had designs on six feet, same as her, and maybe even more. "Got a big date tonight?"

"You know it."

"He's a lucky guy," I mumbled, not really meaning it.

Cameron glanced over at the stricken look on my face and smiled. She cupped my chin and then quickly leaned in and pecked my lips. "Relax. He's not going to get nearly as lucky as you did last night."

"Oh, you mean this?" I grinned, sliding my left hand around her waist and up the front of Cameron's dress. I palmed the outside of her breast, cupping and squeezing it. And then with a twinkle in my eye, I darted my hand inward to briefly palm her naked tit.

"Carter!" Cameron scolded, slapping my wrist.

"Or maybe this," I chuckled, sliding my right hand beneath the hem of her dress, then up to gently rub through the crease of her panties, just the way she liked it.

"Carter..." Cameron moaned in complaint, hunching forward. But notably, she didn't make any moves to stop my fingertip from scratching over her clit ... not for ten seconds at least. And for a glorious ten seconds, she closed her eyes, bit her lip, and trembled beautifully while I diddled her pleasure button.

But eventually, Cameron reached down and grabbed my forearm.

Reluctantly, I pulled my hand out and pouted. "Just let me take the edge off for you. You said I was getting good at it."

"You are. But I have to get ready." She focused back on the mirror.

Sighing, I stared forward and looked at my step-sister's reflection as she returned to putting on her makeup. "Seriously, who is this guy? It can't be someone from school. I would have heard about it."

"He's not from school. He's a freshman at Cal."

"College? You sure you're ready to deal with a college guy?"

Cameron smirked, capping her mascara brush and then reaching for her lipstick. "He's nineteen, I'm almost eighteen; it's no big deal. I'm a big girl who can take care of herself."

"College guys will expect things from you," I warned. "He'll be -expecting- to get lucky."

"Well he won't get lucky. Not on the first date."

I blinked, biting my lower lip. "So what ... maybe by the second or third date?"

"Can we please not talk about this?" Cameron's mouth set into a hard line and she glared at me through the mirror, momentarily stopping herself from putting on the lipstick.

It was always the same. Cameron NEVER wanted to talk about her dating life with me. To be honest, I didn't much want to hear about it, either. In my world, Cameron was pure, perfect, and untouchable. She existed only for me. Yeah, she dated other guys and even had a couple of boyfriends. But the less I knew about them the better.

Besides, she would still visit me every now and again. Just like last night.

"You don't need to go out," I murmured quietly, sliding myself directly behind her. My boner was throbbingly hard, poking straight up and nearly coming out the waistband of my jeans. I pushed my pelvis forward, sliding the dent of my prick into the cleft of her ass. And taking hold of her hips, I ground myself against her. "I've got everything you need right here."

"Carter..." she sighed in mild annoyance. Putting her lipstick down, she reached her hands back to cover mine. But rather than pull my hands off, she simply held them and briefly wiggled her ass back against me. "You'd better stop. If you get me turned on, Mr. College Boy might actually get lucky tonight."

I jerked my hands away immediately. The absolute LAST thing I wanted to do was cause Cameron to have sex with another man. 17-year-old senior or not, I didn't know if my beloved angel was still a virgin. Given how exceedingly gorgeous she'd become, and the attention she drew from boys at school, I kinda doubted it. But I'd never actually seen evidence that she was sexually active, and for the moment, I liked to convince myself that she was still saving herself for me.

"On the other hand," Cameron drawled in that smokily seductive voice she had. "I might find myself getting a little aroused tonight. And since he definitely won't be getting lucky on the first date, I'm fairly likely to come home needing to burn off some sexual energy. Think you can wait up and help me with that?"

I nodded immediately. "You know it."

"That's a good little brother," she crooned, then stepped forward and slid her hand into my jeans. Briefly, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, having just enough room given how baggy my jeans were. But then she backed off, reaching down with her left hand as well to deftly unbutton me and drag the zipper down.

Having freed it, Cameron extracted my cock into the open air and got a firm grip on it with her right hand. And with her lower lip dropping an inch or so as she panted in arousal, she began stroking me.

At first, I just closed my eyes and kept my hands to my sides as I absorbed the exquisite sensations. Jacking off to thoughts of Cameron was really pleasant. Having her jack me off was better tenfold. The first time she did it, one night about a month ago when she couldn't help herself, I literally came in less than a minute.

And then she'd started to teach me how to finger her.

This night, I lasted a little longer than a minute. I was breathing heavily and had to back up to lean against the wall, lest my legs collapse beneath me. But I was lasting a little longer. When I opened my eyes, I found Cameron's electric green gaze staring right at me, watching the contortions of ecstasy she was causing in my face. I raised my hand and slid it inside her dress again, once again palming one of those fabulous tits. And this time, she let me grab and caress her as she brought me closer and closer to climax.

"Cum, Carter, Cum. Do it. Show me how much you lust for me. Spray it all over the floor.

"Hngh! Hngh!" I grunted, feeling my ab muscles rippling in anticipation of the explosion. And then I was there, contracting and relaxing at the same time as the jet of cum raced up my shaft to explode outward, reaching far enough to splatter on the sink's countertop before losing power and dribbling more onto the tiled floor.

"Nnn-gaaaahhh..." I groaned, hunching forward. I finally pulled my hand out of Cameron's dress, planting both palms on my knees to keep myself from toppling over.

Quietly, my step-sister turned to the sink to wash off her right hand and wrist, upon which a few cum droplets had fallen. But just before she did, a curious look came to her eye as she raised her wrist up to her mouth and daintily took a lick.

Though I'd cum on Cameron's chest a number of times already, and indeed had splattered a few strings on her face as well, she'd never actually tasted my cum. She'd always washed it off in the end. I nearly popped a new boner just watching her lick it now.

"Interesting," she commented, a twinkle in her eye. But then she turned back to the sink and cleaned herself up.

I was recovered by the time Cameron was finished. I was still aroused by the mere sight of her, but my lust had been momentarily sated. I tucked myself back into my shorts and buttoned up. And she checked herself in the mirror to make sure her appearance was perfect.

"You know, we really need to get you a girlfriend."

"I don't WANT a girlfriend," I sighed. "You're the only one I'll ever need."

"Carter..." Cameron sighed, staring at my reflection in the mirror. "This isn't healthy. We're having fun and all, but it's not good for you to obsess over me like this."

"I'm not obsessing. I -love- you, and you know it. Besides, I don't even KNOW any girls."

"What about that those two I saw sitting at your lunch table the last couple of weeks? They're both cute."

I rolled my eyes. "Jennifer is dating Sam. Erica is dating Sang. That's why they're sitting with us. I don't have any female friends."

"Well I do. I'll find a cute girl for you."

I winced. "I don't know about this."

She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Then turning around, she pouted and said, "Please ... for me? Just give it a try."

Cameron's eyes were too sharp and angular for her to ever pull off the puppy-dog look. But she still could make me melt with that pout of hers. And she already knew that merely asking me to do something for her was often enough to get me to do anything. Cover for her in front of Mom and Dad? Of course. Get her a drink out of the fridge? Immediately. Try going on a date?

Sigh. I suppose I could. "Sure," I mumbled. "But it won't change the way I feel about you."

She gave me a mysterious smile. "Of course not."



The beautiful young brunette's electric green eyes sparkled, and she tilted her face invitingly. I leaned in while closing my eyes and our lips met in a brief explosion of small pleasures.

She hummed into the kiss, pressing a little harder and parting her lips to extend her tongue into my mouth. I accepted it and probed right back, though gently. And we continued to stand there just enjoying the momentary head rush.

Kissing me harder, she moved a little closer, enough so that I could feel her firm breasts pushing against my chest. The pleasure of our kiss intensified, and a surge of adrenaline shot up my spine, causing me to reach my hands up and grab her upper arms as I poured a little more energy into the lip lock.

She groaned and let her head fall back a bit under my assault, though her tongue and mouth pressed harder than ever against mine. I stood there, absolutely thrilled with how things were progressing. After all this time, Cameron was finally letting me kiss her with all the fervor I felt deep in my heart.

But then my conscious mind reared up and reminded me that this wasn't Cameron. This girl was beautiful, to be sure. In many ways, she reminded me of my dearly beloved step-sister: tall, dark-haired, and green-eyed. But she wasn't Cameron. She was Lana LeGrande, my girlfriend of six weeks. And abruptly I pulled away.

"It's cold," I muttered, now rubbing Lana's arms instead of holding them. My breath steamed in the winter air. And I glanced at the heavy wooden door to my right, the gateway into Lana's parents' home. "We should get you inside."

Lana blinked rapidly, her chest heaving as she came down from her aroused high. "Carter, my parents LOVE that you're such a gentleman." She then took my hand off her bicep and pulled it down, grabbing my wrist and directing it until I was palming her ass. "But will you please let me know that you find me attractive?"

I chuckled and leaned in, quickly pecking her lips. "You're beautiful. I tell you that all the time."

"You know what I mean. I'm not a little girl. I want to know that you think I'm sexy."

I grinned. "Absolutely. But your curfew is in five minutes and your parents are right on the other side of that door. The only thing I could do to you here and now is get us BOTH in trouble."

Despite my words, I squeezed Lana's butt cheek, eliciting a grin from her. I figured the risk of getting caught was low, since my hand was hidden beneath her peacoat. But my action caused a new sharpness in Lana's eyes, and all of a sudden her hand was over my crotch, lightly grazing over the bulge pushing out the inside of my jeans.

Her eyes lit up. "You DO think I'm sexy!" she whispered enthusiastically as she felt my erection. She checked her watch and then looked up at me. "Quick, we still have three minutes. Kiss me again."

I did. And this time, I left my hand on her ass, caressing it and squeezing it happily. Lana continued to grope at my package, not really masturbating me but more just fondling the bulge. I had to admit, it was a lot of fun, even if she wasn't really Cameron. We got so lost in our kissing and groping that the curfew time came and went. And suddenly the front door opened right next to us.


I jerked myself away from Lana, straightening and preparing to explain to Mr. LeGrande exactly why I had my tongue buried in his barely 16-year-old daughter's throat while her hand fondled my package. But I sighed and relaxed when I saw that it was Laurie, Lana's older sister and one of Cameron's best friends. It was through an arrangement by the older sisters that I'd started dating Lana in the first place.

"You're late," Laurie scolded with a raised eyebrow and a little smirk.

"Laurie..." Lana whined in annoyance, shaking her head. But she went into the house, turning and looking back at me. "I'll see you at school on Monday."

I nodded. "Can't wait."

Lana smiled and went into the house. Laurie smiled as well, saying, "Good night, Carter. Tell your sister I said 'Hi'."

"I will." And then I turned and walked down the sidewalk to where my gleaming silver BMW 328is coupe was parked. I wasn't sixteen yet. But I had my learner's permit and Mom and Dad weren't too particular about enforcing the driving age. Dad was friends with the DA, anyway.

Ten minutes later, I pulled up to the house and parked in the final space of the 4-car garage. Every now and again I parked in the first space, reserved for Dad even though he was never home. But a couple of times he'd actually come home and then bitched me out for taking his spot, threatening to take back the brand new Beemer he'd given me ahead of my sixteenth birthday.

I went inside. Mom was home, but even though it was late on a Friday night, Dad was still at the office. 'Making millions doesn't happen sitting around the house' he'd told me more than once. I kissed Mom's cheek and turned to leave, but she made me sit down and tell her about my date. Part of me wanted to blow her off, but she was my Mom, and she loved me. I gamely summarized my evening in as few words as possible before she let me go, and then I went up the stairs to my own room. But before I went in, I stared longingly at Cameron's open door.

She wasn't home, off on a date of her own. While Lana's parents mandated that I bring her home by 10pm, Mom had set Cameron's curfew at 11. So while my girlfriend and I HAD worked up some arousal during the evening, I would have to wait for my play partner to release the sexual tension.

Or, I could just take matters into my own hands. My dates with Lana had been getting heavier and heavier. We still hadn't gotten to second base or anything, but we were getting close and I'd come home a little more wound up than usual. A big part of me wanted to wait for Cameron, as an ejaculation under her expert fingers would be far more spectacular than anything I could do on my own. But at the same time, there was no guarantee that she would want to mess around tonight. Though we'd certainly done a lot of "stuff" together, the choice of when to mess around and when not to had always been hers. And lately, she'd been turning me down more often than not.

So I opted for a compromise. I was going to finish myself off rather than wait almost an hour for her to come home, but rather than use my collection of magazines for inspiration, I was going to use Cameron's panties.

It wouldn't be the first time. Ever since that night when she first licked my cum off her wrist, Cameron had been tasting more and more samples of my semen. All my attempts to get her to taste it from the source (i.e. to give me a blowjob) were rebuffed, but she still knew how much it turned me on to watch her lick my cream off her own nipple.

So a month ago, while she was out on a date, I jerked off into one of her fresh panties and left them on her pillow. She'd surprised me by coming to my room to wake me up, held the crotch open, and then took an obvious lick out of them. I was absolutely flabbergasted, and she grinned an evil little grin at my reaction. Adding fuel to the fire, she promptly bent over, snaked her current set of panties out from under her skirt, and tossed them onto my bed.

Needless to say, I had to jerk off again before managing to go back to sleep.

So this night, after darting into her room to grab a fresh pair and then coming back to mine (lest Mom come up and find me naked and jerking off in Cameron's bedroom), I settled onto my bed with the flimsy cotton in hand. I started stroking, imagining my gorgeous step-sister sitting in the chair next to me, but a pair of headlights illuminating my window curtains caught my attention well before I finished.

My room looked out over the front driveway. Going to the window, I looked down and saw a black Lincoln Navigator parked outside. A moment later, the headlights turned off, and I jumped with glee inside as I realized I wouldn't have to wait so long for Cameron to come and join me.

But she didn't get out of the SUV. I watched and waited, eager for my step-sister to come, but a long two minutes passed by without any doors opening. In fact, the windshield began to cloud over with fog.

Ice ran through my veins, and my half-hard erection dropped limp in no time flat. My lower lip quivered as I realized that some naughty business was going on in that SUV, and I turned my head away as a hundred unwanted images flooded my brain.

Was my step-sister still a virgin? Was she having sex with her boyfriend right this very second in that big SUV? The Navigator had a huge backseat; I knew because my friend Sam drove one. And even if Cameron wasn't fucking him, surely they weren't just kissing all this time.

Fuck, the whole damn SUV was rocking slightly.

It hurt. Though we'd done a lot of physical things together, Cameron still wouldn't cross the line on a lot more. She'd given me many hand jobs by now, and let me feel up her boobs. She'd even taught me a whole bunch about fingering a girl to orgasm. But she wouldn't kiss me, she wouldn't let me go down on her, and she wouldn't give me a blowjob.

A part of me accepted these things out of a chivalrous desire not to push the lady beyond her comfort zone. But if Cameron WAS giving her boyfriend a blowjob, for example, but wouldn't give one to me, what did that say about how much she cared about me? I loved her. I -adored- her. And I would do anything for her.

Hell, Cameron was so special that I STILL couldn't bring myself to get physical with Lana, despite all the signals she was sending me. I knew my girlfriend was a virgin, and still pretty inexperienced with sexual things. It was one of the reasons that -I- of all people was allowed to take her out, because of assurances from both Cameron and Laurie that I wouldn't take advantage of her.

Thing is, Lana -wanted- me to take advantage of her. Tonight wasn't the first time she'd put my hand on her ass, or groped at my bulge. She was young, she was full of hormones, and she was only too aware of her developing body. But as much as I liked Lana, Cameron was my one true love. I was holding out for her, making sure that SHE was the ONLY woman I could ever be that intimate with. Unfortunately, it didn't appear that Cameron felt the same.

I knew this, of course. I wasn't so deluded as to think my gorgeous, early-blooming, highly-sought after 17-year-old step-sister was completely pure. But I WANTED to believe it. I still hadn't seen proof otherwise. And until I did, I would hope beyond all hope that she was saving herself for me.

But if I looked out the window, if I could see through that fogged up windshield, I sorta knew I would finally witness proof otherwise.


My head jerked up at the sound of Cameron's voice. It was muffled, having had to pass through the SUV, float up on the wind, and get through my window. But I heard it nonetheless. Feeling my adrenaline racing, I whirled back to look outside. The back passenger door opened, and I heard it quite clearly when Cameron shouted, "I said NO!" But then the door closed abruptly, trapping my step-sister inside.

Before I'd realized it, my feet were pounding down the stairs. Mom called in concern, "Carter?" But I ignored her as I literally flew out the front door.

I was at the Navigator in a flash. I yanked open the back door so fast I was surprised it didn't fly off its hinges. And right in front of me, with her skirt up and her panties tugged to the side, was my sister.

She wasn't alone. Nick, another college-age date I didn't want to know about, was seated beside her. Actually, Nick was closest to me, with Cameron on the other side. At the moment, he was staring at me in shock while holding his cheek, which looked a little pink even in the dim illumination of the SUV's cabin light. Cameron was holding her hand, shaking it out after evidently slapping her overly-presumptive date upside the head. And she had such a look of anger on her face that I immediately knew that whatever had happened in this SUV tonight, it had not happened with my step-sister's full permission.

Red haze clouded my vision. Without thinking about it, I reached up and hauled Nick out of the SUV by his shoulders. He wasn't expecting that, and I hadn't prepared myself to support his weight. So when I lost my grip, the big guy fell down an extra three feet to land flat on his back. His head even bounced off the unyielding concrete.

I wasn't sorry. In fact, I wished he'd hit his head a little harder. But that was okay. I was making up for it as I punched him in the face over ... and over ... and over again.

I should have gotten my ass kicked. I had sprouted to 5'10", but it was a very skinny 5'10" and I only weighed a buck-fifty. Mr. College Jock on the other hand was 6'4" and 250. But he was dazed after cracking his skull on the concrete driveway, and I had the upper hand. The point is: I broke his nose and damn near caved in his cheekbone by the time Cameron pulled me off him.

"Carter! Stop!" My step-sister's screaming finally got through to me. I stood up, bleary-eyed and looking at my messed-up knuckles. She glanced down at her boyfriend and then back at me, confused as hell. "What the fuck did you do THAT for?" she screamed in my face.

I blinked rapidly, feeling a little dizzy from the blood rush. "You ... you said 'stop'. He didn't listen."

Biting her lower lip and shaking her head, Cameron simply stepped forward and hugged me, pulling my face down against her left shoulder. She didn't say anything for a minute, just holding me tenderly. And then after taking a deep breath, she exhaled, kissed my cheek, and said, "Thank you."



"Put it in your mouth ... please?"


"Puh ... puh ... please?"

"Carter, no."

"You SAID you like the taste."

"Get Lana to do it. From what Laurie tells me, she's already offered. And neither of them can -believe- you turned down a blowjob."

"I want ... I want you."

Suddenly, Cameron stopped stroking my cock and rolled her eyes. Huffing, she turned away and stood up, pacing a few feet across my room.

My hand was left outstretched from where I'd been fondling her right breast. She was wearing a long pajama top, panties, and nothing else. Turning her back to me, she buttoned up the top and then spun back to face me. "You have GOT to stop this."

"Stop what?"

"Stop ... being in love with me! I'm your sister."

"Step-sister," I emphasized.

"That's not the point. We can't be together. We never will."


"But nothing," she interrupted. And then setting her jaw, she took a deep breath. "We're going to stop doing this stuff together."


"We have to. You have GOT to stop obsessing over me."

"I LOVE you," I insisted, tears in my eyes.

Cameron took one look at my face and sighed. Her expression softened, and she came back to the bed and sat down in front of me, reaching her hand out and caressing my cheek. "I love you too, little brother." And then she exhaled slowly.

I was still naked, and despite the anguished conversation my dick hadn't fully deflated. I saw her glance at it, along with a twitch of her hand. "You don't really want to give this up, do you?" I asked quietly.

Staring at my cock, which was starting to re-harden under her gaze, she took a deep breath. "It's not a matter of wanting to or not. I'm a senior. I'll be graduating and going on to college soon. Then we'll -have- to stop."

"That's months and months away. We don't have to stop NOW," I reasoned.

Cameron sighed again and then blinked slowly. Then pursing her lips, she took a deep breath and looked back up at me. "You still have to stop obsessing over me. This ... this holding back with Lana, it's not healthy. The point of getting you a girlfriend was so that you'd have another outlet for all these hormones. You -know- I applied to a bunch of East Coast schools. What are you going to do when I leave?"

I shrugged. I didn't want to think about it.

Cameron took another deep breath. "Okay, here's the deal: If you let Lana give you a blowjob first, then I'll do it too."

I jerked my head up, my eyelids flying up into my eye sockets. "Seriously?"

She nodded. "But Lana first. From now on, I won't do ANYTHING you're not already doing with your girlfriend."

I nodded, ecstatic at the idea of moving beyond second base with Cameron. We'd been stuck forever at hand jobs and fingering each other. Heck, she still wouldn't even kiss me. "But ... I was saving myself for you. I let Lana give me hand jobs. And I've been using everything you taught me about fingering a girl on her. But that's because I'd already done those things with you. You're still my first. You've always been my first. And I want you to be my first EVERYTHING."

Cameron shook her head. "That's just the point. I CAN'T be your first everything. You've got to do it with her first."

"But how?"

Cameron shook her head, shrugging helplessly. "I don't know. Pretend she's me."

And then she left the room.






Sam Carmack let his head loll back, and then wrapped his arm tighter around Jennifer Fowler's waist. He held up the thinly-rolled joint with his off-hand, and his girlfriend took it from him for another drag before leaning back against his chest.

Sang Dinh's latest flavor of the month, Wendy Chin, giggled as she reached over and took the joint from Jennifer. After taking her hit, she kept her mouth closed and then swung a leg over Sang, facing him while she straddled his lap. And then sealing her lips over his, she exhaled the smoke straight into my friend's mouth.

-[kaf-kaf]-. Sang coughed unexpectedly. He yanked Wendy's face off of his, scowling after choking momentarily. But as his girlfriend pouted, he shook his head before taking her face in his hands and kissing her a little more calmly.

"Mm, good idea," Lana commented. She was holding the second joint, already pretty baked as it was. Without bothering to take another hit, she also climbed into my lap and pressed her tongue between my lips, lashing my teeth while my hands slid up her legs to cup her tight butt cheeks.

"Ooh!" Jennifer squeaked loud enough to draw Lana's and my attention. We saw that Sam had slipped a hand beneath his girlfriend's shirt, the outline of his fingers sliding up and over her right bra cup. Gripping it, he started to turn her around. And a moment later, Jennifer was straddling her boyfriend just like Wendy and Lana.

"I think that's my cue to go home," Eric Tseng announced, looking around and realizing he was a seventh wheel. He slowly put his hands on his knees and used them to push himself up to a standing position. On the way out, he swung by me and Lana, plucking the half-burnt joint from her and taking a quick drag.

"You sure you should be driving right now?" I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Whatever. I drive high all the time." He coughed and then handed the joint to me before reaching down and goosing my girlfriend's ass.

"Eep!" Lana squeaked, lurching forward. She turned and shot a look at Eric, but without any actual heat in her gaze. He just laughed and left the room. Me, I scowled at the guy and promised myself to kick his ass for touching MY woman.

Meanwhile, Lana's lurch had moved her her crotch against the bulge in my jeans. Despite the numbing effects of the pot, I was still a horny 15-year-old boy; and Lana's V-necked top revealed a good bit of her cleavage.

Realizing what she was rubbing against, her green eyes glittered and she brought up the business end of the joint to my lips. Leaning forward, I took a quick drag and then kissed my girlfriend. Her arms went around my neck as she pressed my face into her exposed titflesh, and she moaned in heat when my hands clamped down on her ass a little tighter.

Pretend she's me.

If I closed my eyes, I could just imagine that I was gripping Cameron in my arms. She even smelled like Cameron, after I'd given Lana a bottle of perfume for Valentine's Day, a brand that just happened to be the exact same one Cameron used. And with thoughts of Cameron in mind, I groaned with lustful need and humped my hips forward a bit, driving my rock-hard erection right at Lana's crotch.

"We'll be right back..." Sang suddenly announced, drawing my attention. Wendy was dismounting him, getting to her feet a little unsteadily. She fixed the hem of her skirt, which had apparently ridden up quite a bit on her thighs. And then taking his latest girlfriend by the hand, Sang smirked and led her toward the back of his house.

Sam and Jennifer didn't react, as they were too engrossed in their makeout session. But when I returned my gaze to Lana's face, she was staring at me with laser intensity. "Do you want to find somewhere private?" she asked in a low, husky voice.

'I won't do ANYTHING you're not already doing with your girlfriend.'

Cameron's words hung around me, tangible enough that I felt I could read them in the air. I desperately wanted Cameron to give me the blowjob I'd been aching over for months, and despite my preference for my adored step-sister to be the first, I realized that it wouldn't really be so bad to let Lana do it. After all, it was what Cameron wanted.

But I was nervous. Was I really going to do this? Were we really going to go this far? Butterflies leaped in my stomach for a moment, and reflexively, I took a hit of the marijuana joint still in my hand.

Within moments, I calmed. A pleasant, almost lackadaisical feeling spread through my veins. And summoning up all my courage, I nodded and replied, "Yeah. Let's do it."

Lana smiled widely, and then glanced surreptitiously at Sam and Jennifer. They were still in their own world; so quietly, Lana slid off my lap. Taking me by the hand, she helped me stand up. And then without any hesitation, she led me toward the back of the house.


"Holy shit," I groaned, my eyes rolling up into my head.

Why the fuck did I keep putting this off? You're a fucking idiot, Carter. If you'd let Lana do this the FIRST time she wanted to, you coulda been getting blowjobs for three WEEKS!

"Am I doing good?"

"You're doing great, sugar," I said hurriedly, grabbing the back of Lana's head and then shoving her back down onto my cock. She opened her mouth like a trouper, but gagged when I pushed her a little too deep. "Sorry."

"Nn-uh," she mumbled, re-focusing herself and resuming her suction on my mushroom head while her index finger and thumb stroked my shaft.

"You're so good at this," I sighed. Not that I had anyone else to compare it to. I couldn't know for sure whether Lana was a complete novice or an experienced cocksucker, but I knew this: Lana's blowjob certainly blew Cameron's hand jobs out of the water.

Lana popped off again, a proud grin on her face. "Laurie taught me. On a carrot."

I chuckled in amusement, but I would have rather been feeling the pleasure. So after all of two seconds, I put my hand on the back of Lana's head again. She took the hint and resumed sucking my dick before I pushed her down.

I felt like I had pretty good sexual endurance. It's not that I was used to trying to control my ejaculations. Cameron certainly would prefer I get off sooner than later before her hand got tired. But I was so used to her hand jobs that sometimes it took up to ten minutes to bring me off.

Blowjobs, however, were a different story. As wonderful as my Cameron was, there was no way for her to compare to the warmth, moistness, or softness of Lana's mouth. I was unprepared for the intensity of the sensations. So once Lana stopped popping off every thirty seconds to say something and just concentrated on sucking, she quickly brought me to my limit.

"I'm gonna cum," I wheezed, fighting like hell to hold it in.

Lana's eyes glittered in excitement as she straightened her spine and sped up her hand-pumping motions. While she'd been pulling off my jeans, she'd told me she was going to swallow my sperm. At the time, I'd thought she was just trying to get me excited (it worked). But from the eagerness with which Lana was bringing me off now, I think she was looking forward to the experience as much as I was.

But she wasn't expecting the volume. I'd closed my eyes, picturing that it was Cameron kneeling on the bed between my legs, sucking on the end of my prick. That vision alone was enough to set me off, and bit down on my lip to prevent myself from shouting my step-sister's name. Instead, I grunted loudly just as my cockhead opened up, and great gouts of white lava erupted into the brunette teenager's mouth.

Lana actually caught the first wad and swallowed it down. But she was trying to breathe after that first batch when the second splattered against her throat, and she choked immediately and tried to pull her head off. But I was unaware that she was choking, and truthfully, I wouldn't have cared that she was. My hands held fast to the back of her head, pinning her against me, so she had no choice but to accept the third and fourth and fifth wads of cum that blasted out of me and threatened to literally drown her in cum.

But after the fifth, Lana broke free and she turned her head to cough out a glob of spunk onto the bedspread. A sixth shot sprang out of me and landed on her cheek. And then I lay my head down in exhaustion as the rest of my load simply dribbled out the end of my prick like a shower faucet dripping its way to finally being turned off.

Lana was still coughing. Her eyes were rimmed red and tears had rolled down her eyes. I immediately felt bad for her, and knew I should apologize right away if I ever wanted another blowjob in my life. "Oh, crap. I'm so sorry!" I mumbled quickly, sitting up and rubbing her back.

"No, no," Lana choked out, waving her left hand at me. "It's my fault. Laurie told me this would happen if I tried to breathe in the middle of it."

"I did this to you. I'm sorry," I stated, more because I knew it was what I was supposed to say than anything else.

"You're sweet. But don't feel bad. I'll do better next time."

"Next time?" I asked, a silly grin spreading across my face.

"Yeah," Lana said before coughing twice more. She wiped a tear from her eye and managed a weak smile. "Next time."

"Well, I think it's my turn now. Whaddaya say you let ME try with the oral sex thing?"

Lana blushed, that electric green energy back in her eyes. "Really?"

I nodded. "I'll bet you have a really pretty pussy."


I was waiting in her bedroom when she got home, sitting pants-less on her bed, although I still wore my shirt. Mom and Dad were both at some company party and Elena had gone home for the evening, so I had no worries about someone walking in on us.

I'd been stroking myself in anticipation, so I was fully hard when she walked through the door, still in her cheerleading uniform. I nearly blew my wad just staring at her aching beauty. But I held back and gave her a look of absolute, devoted puppy-eagerness.

"We did it. Well, Lana and I both gave each other oral," I stated proudly.

Cameron sighed, a little smile tugging at the corners of her lips. "Well, a promise is a promise," she admitted, and she sashayed into the room with more than a little extra sway in her hips.

When she came next to the bed, she reached down and began to pull off her uniform top. But I quickly reached out and stopped her, saying, "No ... leave it on."

"Kinky..." Cameron giggled. Fully dressed in her uniform, she climbed onto the bed and knelt between my legs. She took my throbbing cock in her hand, bent over, and blew gently across the tip while I groaned in utter satisfaction.

And then she sucked me inside.

Fifteen seconds later, I nutted inside her mouth. Unlike Lana, she swallowed every drop like a pro.

Immediately after, I whimpered in disappointment. I'd been looking forward to this moment for practically my entire life, and it was over so quickly.

"Don't get down on yourself, Carter," Cameron soothed me in that serene voice that always relaxed me. "You did say you and Lana BOTH gave each other oral. So I guess it's time I started giving you pussy-eating lessons. And when we're done, I'll do you again. Okay?"

That sounded great to me.







The curtains along the main wall were suddenly illuminated by powerful headlights outside. All of us abruptly went quiet and looked up in alarm. Sam had virtually absent parents, but the few times they HAD been home they'd made it abundantly clear they did not like us smoking pot in the house.

"Quick, hide the stash," Sang barked, sitting up straight and rapidly gathering together the materials on the table.

"Fuck, the whole room smells like weed," I scoffed. "We're screwed."

"Wait, wait," Sam stated abruptly, holding up a hand. His head was turned slightly to the side, his right ear cocked as he furrowed his brow in concentration. "That's not my parents. Chad's home."

I arched an eyebrow in momentary confusion, but as I listened to the sound of tires crunching leaves in the driveway, I also heard the low pulses of thumping hip-hop music and the rumble of a heavy-duty engine. Sam went to the window and pulled the curtains aside, and we all saw the easily recognizable forward lighting arrangement of a tricked out Escalade.

Everyone sighed in relief. Sam's older brother mostly regarded us younger kids as beneath his notice, and he wouldn't give a rat's ass about us toking up. How could he? Chad was Sam's supplier.

Still, it was an extremely rare occurrence for Chad to come to this place. He had his own swanky bachelor pad near the local community college. Chad wasn't enrolled or anything; he just liked being close to the coeds. And the coeds apparently liked being close to Chad.

Case in point, the guy came rolling in with three girls in tow. All were scantily clad. All were fairly hot. And I was pretty sure I'd never seen two of them before. That was just the way it was with Chad. He was tall, good-looking, and he always seemed to have brand new hotties in his orbit.

"What up, insects?" he scoffed by way of greeting, without waiting for a response. Chad continued walking right past us, he and his little entourage already halfway down the hall before he ordered without turning around, "Wait for me in the living room."

The three college-aged girls came to a stop. The one in front, a bottle-blonde named Debra with hollow eyes and ribs denting the pale skin beneath her crop top, gestured back. The other two did as ordered. And my friends and I exchanged awkward glances with our girlfriends.

None of us tried to make small talk with the newcomers, or even eye contact. The few times Chad had shown up while I was around, he always went into the back of the house for a little bit and then left shortly thereafter. We high schoolers pretty much just waited around for the same to happen, knowing that soon enough Chad and his girls would leave and we would be able to do our own thing. Sang even started smoking again, sharing his roach with Nickie.

But something different happened tonight. Chad came out looking no different than when he'd gone in, save for the aviator sunglasses he now wore over his eyes despite the sun having gone down hours ago. Raising one finger, he circled it and grunted, "Let's roll."

"Chad, please," one of his girls whimpered pitifully. I'd noticed her from the beginning and had been idly watching her ever since she arrived. She was a tall, leggy brunette, just like I liked them. Yeah, she was a bit on the skinny side, but she had great cheekbones and nice tits. But the other reason I'd been paying attention to her was that the poor girl had seemed to be shivering the entire time Chad was gone.

Her skinny arms had been wrapped around her torso as she hugged herself for warmth, while her jaw quivered as a prelude to full-on teeth-chattering. I'd found this confusing, because although she was skimpily-clothed in a sheer cocktail dress, the room was actually rather warm. She'd kept her eyes downcast, not looking at anyone or saying anything. But the hoop-like bracelets on her wrists had started to clink against each other with her shivering, continually drawing my attention.

"I need a hit -now-," she pleaded, only now looking up and wincing in obvious pain.

"Later," Chad waved her off without even looking back. He went to the door and grasped the handle.

"Chad, PLEASE." The quiver had reached her voice, and she started shaking hard enough to look like she was amidst an epileptic seizure. The only part of her body not moving was her face, and that's because her eyes were glued to Chad's torso ... or perhaps more specifically, his pocket.

Chad frowned and shot her a disapproving glare. "Get in the fucking car, Evelyn."

"I ... I can't."

Chad sighed now, yanking off the shades and surveying us teenagers. With his arms spread wide, he shifted his hips and raised his chin. "Seriously? In front of the kids?"

Debra spoke up, murmuring, "We could give it to her in the car."

"Fuck, no," Chat spat. "Never in the car; you know that. 5-0 can smell that shit in a half-second if we ever get pulled over."

Evelyn kept shaking, obvious desperation on her face. "I'm ... I'm sorry. I'll do anything."

"Yeah, I already know you will," Chad scoffed before exhaling slowly. "Fine. Whatever. Just so I don't have to hear you nattering in my ear all night."

"You want to get rid of the kids?" Debra asked.

"No. It's better this way. Give the horny bastards a thrill." Chad smirked and looked straight at Evelyn. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a Ziploc baggie of translucent white rocks. Waving it in Evelyn's face, he sneered and then commanded, "Bend over."

Evelyn's grimace ruined the beauty of her face. But she didn't hesitate, slipping off the wall she'd been leaning against and moving behind the couch I shared with Lana. She didn't look down at us, her gaze locked onto the plastic bag.

Chad muttered something to Debra, who went down the hall. He himself swaggered over to the beautiful brunette, holding the baggie by one corner and letting it dangle and sway with his every movement. Her eyes tracked it incessantly, like a kitten fixated on a moving spot of light. She seemed completely unaware of Chad himself, even as he moved alongside her and then started to caress her body.

Already panting in anxiety, Evelyn started breathing even harder as Chad's hand slid up her thigh and beneath the hem of her dress. Her shaking started anew, but the expression on her face was one of eagerness, not fear. The corners of her lips tugged upwards, and she practically hummed in anticipation. When Debra returned holding a Pyrex tube, a full-blown smile spread across Evelyn's features. And she actually started giggling as the blonde took the baggie from Chad's hands and went to work.

I'd never actually seen crystal meth with my own eyes, although I'd heard enough about it to recognize it. I watched in open curiosity as Debra prepared everything, recording the procedure like it was a chemistry lab experiment I would need to replicate for a passing grade. Next to me, Lana was equally enraptured. She'd taken hold of my hand, squeezing it so tightly without realizing it that I actually needed to stroke her arm to get her to relax.


The groan from directly above me suddenly drew my attention. I turned to see Evelyn's eyelids fluttering as she hung her head forward. The hem of her dress had been pulled up her lower back and Chad's naked pelvis was pressed up against her ass, making obvious the reason why she'd just groaned. Sam's older brother held himself inside the lithe brunette, just enjoying the sensations for a bit. His hips shifted side-to-side, wiggling around for extra feeling. And then he reached up with his hands, yanking down her dress straps to bare her swollen tits just inches from my face before he cupped them in his hands and pulled.

"Nnngh!" Evelyn grunted as Chad thrust himself deep into her. But her head snapped up a second later as the sound of a bic lighter flared to life. And from then on, she was completely oblivious to the man fucking her as the focus of her entire being was on that Pyrex tube.

"Breathe, Carter," Lana murmured next to me.

Glancing at my girlfriend, I suddenly realized my body was screaming for oxygen and I inhaled sharply. I'd been as fixated on Evelyn as she had been on the crystal meth. Sure, I'd seen lots of porn in my life. But this was the first time I'd ever actually witnessed people having sex. The wonderful round naked tits of a developed young woman were -literally- hanging in my face, swaying back and forth with Chad's thrusting motions. And the sheer eroticism of the moment was even more powerful to me than the best of Lana's blowjobs.

"Move, children," a voice suddenly barked from behind me.

I turned to see Debra holding up the Pyrex tube, gesturing with it for me and Lana to get out of the way. Feeling like the little children she accused us of being, we quickly scrambled out of the older girl's way and wound up standing next to Sang's couch, with Lana leaning back against me. Debra held the tube up to Evelyn's lips, and sighing with incredible relief, the brunette happily took it.

And still Chad kept fucking. He was having a blast. The cocky bastard even grinned and seemed to be showing off for his teenaged crowd. I couldn't blame him. The guy had a lot to be proud of: he was handsome, well-muscled, and most importantly had the privilege of banging a hot chick right in this living room.

For a moment, I found myself watching -him- more than her. No, I wasn't attracted to the guy in the slightest; but I observed the ease of the smile on his face, the carnal delight in his eyes, and the pure physical superiority of his position. I wanted that position. I wanted what HE had. Chad exuded confidence and power, and right in that moment, the dude was my fucking idol.

Meanwhile, Evelyn looked so hot being fucked, with her dress bunched up around her waist and those naked tits still swaying. Even though I wasn't up close and personal to them anymore, I found that I now had a better view of the whole sex act. And I was turned on beyond belief.

I suddenly felt a hand slither into my shorts. Still leaning back against me, my girlfriend had slipped her hand between us and down to my crotch. Breathing hard in arousal, she worked the button open and unzipped me before wrapping her warm hand around my warmer dick. I was already rock hard, but the blood rush made me feel like I was getting even stiffer as Lana began to stroke me. And all I could do was groan at the overload of stimulation for my brain from both the visual scene and physical sensations.

The crowning moment for me came after Evelyn finished her hit. Chad had been pacing himself, just enjoying the supple texture of pussy-wrapped cock that I had yet to experience. But once his fuckdoll was free of distraction, he gripped her hips and really started to work her over.

Now feeling her body being driven against the couch, Evelyn bent her head down and braced herself against the new onslaught. Her silky dark hair hung over the side of her face, obscuring my sight of her. And then all of a sudden a new vision sprang to mind.


The two young women had similar builds, and similar skin coloration. While Evelyn was a little skinnier, with her face hidden by her hair it was easy enough to see a resemblance. And as the hormones flooded my body my dear Cameron's words came back to me.

Pretend she's me.

"Hrrg ... URGHH!" Chad thrust forward a final time, grunting and groaning as he fired his first wad into ... her...

Pretend she's me.

"Mmmnh ... Nnnhh..." Lana whimpered in front of me, squeezing my cock harder and she continued jacking it up and down.

Pretend she's me.

The gorgeous half-naked brunette screamed in orgasmic ecstasy, wailing to the heavens the pleasures assaulting her body and mind.

Pretend she's me.

And I came.



"Ohhh ... Nnnh ... Carter... Carter ... I'm gonna ... Nnnh ... Shit, shit, shit ... CARTER ... I'm cumming! I'm cumming! NGAHHHH!"

My girlfriend's thighs clamped together suddenly, boxing my ears as her fingernails dug into my scalp, shoving my entire face deeper into her crotch. Her entire body quivered, vibrating against my nose while her orgasm caused her abs to tighten and her pelvis to almost lift me up off the mattress.

But just as I started to worry about getting my next breath of oxygen and thought about prying her thighs off my skull, Lana abruptly went limp and flopped back across my bed, her knees parting to the sides while she crossed her arms over her face and sighed contentedly in a euphoric stupor.

After catching my breath, I leaned back in and licked her slowly, giving my girlfriend a few extra tickles of pleasure the way Cameron always liked post-cunnilingus. Lana giggled at the sensations and then dropped her forearms off her face, picking her head up to smile at me and comment, "Honey, you're getting really good at that."

I grinned and mentally thanked Cameron for her expert instruction. My gorgeous step-sister had taught me that particular move just last night. Satisfied with a job well done, I lifted my head. I looked up Lana's body, a teenaged wet dream as she was fully naked with perky tits thrust up into the air and a tight belly leading down to her pretty pussy, now bare-shaven just for my oral convenience. Light pink labia had parted to the sides, revealing a dark chasm that called to me invitingly.

"Do you want to?"

Lana's voice seemed to come from some great distance away, but it was enough to shake me from my momentary trance. Belatedly, I realized that I'd been staring for several long seconds, and when I diverted my gaze up to Lana's face, she propped herself up on her elbows and gave me a sultry, come-hither look. "Do you want to?" she repeated in a husky voice, breathing hard in a way that had nothing to do with her most recent orgasm. "I'll let you, Carter. Right now. I want to. I want you to make love to me."

My mouth went dry. Lana had always been the one driving our physical relationship; she'd been the one to first move my hands to her ass, to her tits, inside her clothing, or initiate a blowjob. I'd been content to explore those sex acts with my dear Cameron first, and had never felt the need to push my girlfriend any farther than she already wanted to go. And as much as I always wanted to fuck (like any 15-year-old boy would), I'd never once suggested to Lana that we have sex. Surprisingly, neither had Lana.

Until just now.

While I was certain she was as horny as any other hot-blooded female, full intercourse had been that mysterious – and intimidating – line beyond which she had always feared to cross. Her virginity was a precious thing, a purity to be protected. And no matter how horny she got, at only sixteen years old her childhood ideal of "waiting for her one true love" still mattered more.

Until just now.

For months, Lana and I had enjoyed everything sexual we could except full intercourse. It's not like we hadn't had plenty of opportunities. We were two well-off kids with lots of time and privacy. My dad was never home and my mom was often out. Her parents liked me and never asked questions as long as I brought her home before curfew. There was nothing stopping us from going all the way ... except ourselves.

It was like we'd hit the baseball out of play, but after getting to third base we'd been happy to settle for the triple instead of running for home.

Until just now.

"Carter?" Lana asked quietly now, a worried quiver in her voice. She'd just asked her boyfriend to make love to her, and I'd hesitated in the crucial moment. It wasn't that I hadn't thought of this possibility before. I'd understood my girlfriend's reluctance to lose her virginity but had been warned by Cameron that in the heat of the moment, Lana might someday ask this of me. But now that this moment was here, I didn't know what to say. I needed more time to think. So without a word, I slid straight up Lana's body, being sure to give our naked flesh lots of physical contact until I could cradle her head in my hands as I leaned over her. And closing my eyes, I gave her the softest, most tender kiss I could muster.

"Mmm..." she moaned happily into our embrace. I let my lips part and slithered my tongue out to play, but all that happened automatically. My mind wasn't required for kissing, and it was a good thing since I needed every ounce of brainpower for trying to figure out my situation.

Should I do it?

What the fuck do you mean, 'Should I do it'? Of course you fucking do it. This is SEX! A hot chick wants you to stick your boner into her! Hurry the fuck up and do it!

But I was saving my first time. For her. For Cameron.

Forget Cameron. She's been holding out on you forever. Here is willing pussy. Stick it in!

She said the same thing about doing a lot of things with me. Eventually she caved in. Every time. I just have to wait for the right moment.

Fuck waiting, Carter. She's flying off to Harvard or some shit in a few months. You're running out of time.

But I'm not out of time yet. I still have a chance.

Never gonna happen. She's too freaked out by you being in love with her and all.

I have to believe.

Idiot. What's more important to you? Having sex for the first time with Cameron? Or having sex with Cameron, period?


Think about it: Cameron said she won't do anything you weren't already doing with your girlfriend. So if you fuck Lana first, THEN Cameron will fuck you.


Remember your first blowjob? You went straight home and told her you did it with Lana. And poof, Cameron was on her knees with your dick in her mouth.

But I CAN'T make love with Lana first. My first HAS to be Cameron!

If you wait around for Cameron to be your first, you're gonna die a virgin. But if you DO fuck Lana today, I guarantee you're gonna get Cameron pussy -tonight-.


It's Formal Logic buddy. Just like in Mrs. Martinez' class. Not A if Not B. So the reverse is: If B, then A. Right?

Um, I don't think that's quite right.

Whatever. If you're not fucking Lana, Cameron definitely won't fuck -you-. So if you want to fuck Cameron, you've gotta fuck Lana. There's no other way.

There's no other way.

There's no other way.

There's no other way.

But how? My whole life I'd dreamed of Cameron being first. How could I betray my one true love? How could I give my virginity to another?

Pretend she's me.

Cameron's voice filled my head as my eyes opened. I looked down at the gorgeous brunette beneath me, saw the look of adoration in her sparkling green eyes. And for a moment, I truly believed I could see Lana's pretty face morphing into that of my precious Cameron's.

It was easy, and getting easier to layer my true love's visage over Lana's. Repeated practice and all that. I saw her beneath me. My dick was rock hard. I wanted her. I wanted to make love with my Cameron. My body was already flush atop hers, my iron cock trapped between our two bellies. It didn't take much movement to shift downward until my dick slipped into the valley between her thighs. And as I dipped my nose down her neck and absentmindedly nibbled on her shoulder, I shifted forward once again and brought the tip of my cock to her heavenly entrance.

This was it. I was about to lose my virginity, and with the girl ... nay... woman ... of my dreams. I wanted in!

"Uh, Carter? I don't suppose you have a condom."

Lana's voice abruptly shattered my mental illusion of Cameron. My true love's visage fell away, her mature lines replaced by Lana's similar, and yet obviously different and younger face.

I stopped immediately and blinked twice. Condom? Why the hell would I have a condom? I'd long known that Cameron was on the pill, so if she ever gave it up for me I wouldn't need condoms. And I'd never seriously entertained thoughts about fucking Lana. My cocktip was wet and I'd already felt her pussy stretching a bit at my initial pressure. I didn't want to stop, but I was forced to pick my head up and grunt, "Uh, no."

Lana frowned and the hesitation was obvious in her eyes. She didn't push me away, but she bit her lip worriedly.

I scrunched up my face while I felt my cockhead securely centered in the right place. I was THIS close, and I had refused to back away even a millimeter. In a strained voice, I asked, "You want me to stop?"

Lana thought about it for a few seconds, blinking quickly. She looked away from me, her mind racing. But then a moment later, she bit her lip again and rolled her eyes up to me. And in a hopeful voice, she asked, "You can pull out in time, right?"

"Right," I replied while feeling the adrenaline thumping in my skull. The realization that this wasn't Cameron and the obvious fear of a 16-year-old girl on the brink of losing her virginity weren't exactly turn-ons. But with constant pressure and the simple force of gravity, I'd sunk another couple of millimeters into Lana's pussy. With her twat already stretching and my dick already wet, teenaged hormones had taken over and by now I'd stopped caring. Cameron, Lana, didn't matter. I want to have sex! I want to have sex! I'm halfway there and I want in!

Lana winced as she felt me stretching her. She took a deep breath and spread her legs to the sides a bit more, relieving the pressure while at the same time, letting my cockhead press even harder against her maidenhead. "I'm just ... scared," she said in a quiet voice.

Didn't matter anymore. Hormones flooded my brain and washed away every lingering doubt in me. I was here. Her legs were open. And I was going in for the kill. My jaw tensed. My eyes hardened. And in a deep voice, I growled, "It'll be alright."

I pushed forward with my hips, and as the pain of her tearing hymen shot up Lana's nerves, she suddenly grabbed my arms and yelped, "Wait, Carter, STOP!"

But it was too late. I shredded Lana's virginity and drove myself powerfully into her compliant body. She screamed in anguish and wrapped herself around my body as my chest came down and crushed her. And she didn't stop screaming for the next two minutes as I roughly took her over and over and over again.

But then those two minutes passed and she was able to cease her howling. That's because I'd thrust forward a final time and filled my sobbing girlfriend with a pint of creamy jism. A minute after that I pulled out and let her roll onto her side to have a soft cry in the fetal position while I stroked her spine and whispered repeated proclamations of my love and my thanks for her giving me something so special and anything else I thought might make her feel better.

My words must have worked, because once she composed herself and wiped away her tears, she rolled back to me and gave me a kiss. I promised her that the next time would be better now that she didn't have a hymen anymore. And with enough reassurances from me, she let me lead her into the shower where I put on a great show of washing her body from head to toe and telling her that she was even more beautiful now that she was a woman.

And then I led her back to my bed, closed my eyes, and made love to her quite tenderly this time. It was better. Of course it was better. Because that time, I was able to make myself believe she was Cameron.


I was waiting in her bedroom when she got home, sitting completely-naked in her bed, beneath the covers, waiting for my big reveal. I'd showered and shaved and carefully made sure every last hair on my head was in place. I'd doused myself with the cologne she'd gotten me for Christmas. And I'd even taken a small pair of scissors to my short and curlies to make sure every part of me looked well-groomed.

Tonight was perfect. Mom and Dad were both gone somewhere. We'd stopped asking them long ago. Elena had gone home for the evening. And Cameron was once again at cheerleading practice, due to come home any minute.

I'd refrained from stroking myself, wanting to save up all my stamina for her. Still, despite getting my rocks off twice with Lana this afternoon, I was fully hard in sheer anticipation. Tonight was the night. Tonight I finally got my Cameron.

She looked a little tired as she walked through the door, still in her cheerleading uniform. I did my best to appear far more mature than my nearly sixteen years, looking cocky and confident, so that perhaps she might recognize that I was now a true MAN, and no longer a virginal boy.

She gave me a bemused look as she leaned against the dresser, setting down her purse. "You look quite pleased with yourself," she commented observantly.

"We did it. Lana and I had sex," I stated proudly.

Cameron immediately whistled, a smirk spreading across her face. "Wow. Congratulations little brother. I can only imagine the conversation Laurie is having with Lana right about now." With a nod, she headed into her bathroom, turning on the sink and reaching to the pump of facial soap she kept on the right side.

I frowned, not understanding. In every version of how I fantasized this announcement coming, Cameron always stepped forward and expressed her eagerness to go for a ride on my joystick now that we'd gotten her little aversion to popping my cherry out of the way. But she hadn't done that. She was now ... washing her face?

"You don't have to clean yourself up for me," I called after her in a warm tone. "I'm gonna make you sweaty and sticky anyway."

"Wait, what?" Cameron picked her head up, her face still covered with soap.

"You know what I mean..."

"Oh, Carter ... I'm actually really tired now," she said while still rubbing her face. "A couple of orgasms sound nice and maybe you can eat me later tonight. But right now I just want to sit down and veg out."

"Veg out? Now?" I whined. "But ... This is the moment!"

She didn't respond right away. Her face was down in the sink with the water running as she rinsed her face. And when she stood back up and began to pat herself dry with the towel, she came back to the bedroom asking, "What did you say?"

"This ... But this..." I sputtered before jerking the covers away, revealing my nakedness to her. "This is the moment!"

She gave me a puzzled look. "What moment?"

"Now WE can have sex!"

"Whoa, whoa, mister," Cameron held her hands up, that bemused expression on her face again. "I'm happy that you've lost your virginity. Really, I am. And I'd be happy to sit here with you and talk about it. Maybe even hearing about all the ways you explored Lana's body will turn me on and we can fool around for a bit. But I thought I made myself clear on this point: You're my brother; we're NOT having sex."


"Doesn't matter. You'll always be my little brother. And we CAN'T cross that line. Ever."

"But Cameron-"

"No, Carter."

"But Cameron!"

"NO, Carter," she stated more forcefully. Holding a hand up. "I said 'No'."

"But I -love- you!"

She seemed to shrink three inches. Her shoulders sagging, Cameron gave me a look of pity. And then shaking her head, she turned and walked to the door.

"Cameron, wait!" I called, leaping off the bed.

"We're not going to do it, Carter..." she stated emphatically without turning back.

"But Cameruuuuuun..." I whined, following after.

"N. O. NO," she barked as she abruptly turned on me. "We're NOT having SEX." She turned away again and huffed off, walking much faster than before

I hurried to keep up.

"But you promised," I whined even more petulantly, all attempts at appearing mature now abandoned.

"Promised?" She stopped suddenly in the hallway and spun around to face me. "Promised what? That I'd have sex with you? No. I didn't."

"Well, not promised it explicitly."

"I didn't promise it at all: explicitly, implicitly, tacitly, inferred, or even hinted at. In fact, I think I made it abundantly clear that we would NOT cross that line!" She shook her head for emphasis and turned around again, walking away. I wasn't sure exactly where she was headed, but for now she kept walking away, and I kept following.

"Sure you did. You said that you wouldn't do anything I wasn't already doing with Lana. Well, we're having sex now!"

"Congratulations. My little brother popped his cherry. But I am NOT fucking you!"

"But why not?"

"How many times do we have to go over this?" She spun around once more. "I'm your SISTER!"


"That doesn't matter!"

"Of course it does! There's no blood between us. In the eyes of the law, we could get married and have kids and-"

"That would be WRONG!" she cut me off.

"But why? Because our parents are married?" I crossed my arms over my chest and raised my eyebrows. "Is that what it's going to take? Do I need to get my dad to divorce your mom? Then we wouldn't be siblings, step or not!"

Cameron's eyes went wide in horror. "How can you even THINK that? How can you even consider breaking up our family for what ... for sex?"

"How can YOU? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you pushing me to the breaking point like this? I LOVE you, Cameron! Not as a brother, but as a LOVER!"

"You're fifteen, Carter."

"SIXTEEN! Well ... almost! I KNOW what love is!" I stamped my foot insistently. "I love you. I've always loved you. You're gorgeous. You're amazing. You're the most perfect girl ... perfect WOMAN ... I've ever known. You turn me on like no one else. When I'm with Lana, half the time I'm pretending she's -you-. Fuck, I'm only WITH her because YOU want me to be! I did it for you. I've done everything you ever asked of me. All for you!" My voice cracked, and much more softly, I added, "Only you ... Forever you..."

She gave me a pained expression, a look of infinite sorrow. "You're just a kid..."

My voice had trailed off at the end of my little rant, but at the admonition of being 'just a kid', my adrenaline spiked and I got angry. "I am NOT just a KID!" I screamed. But then I caught myself, looked down at my feet, and took a deep breath before continuing. If nothing else, I had to -prove- that I was mature enough for her.

We both stood there for a moment, breathing heavily. When I felt like I'd collected myself, I looked up to find her staring away, biting her lip and looking for all the world like she'd rather be anywhere but here.

"If I'm just a kid," I began in a much more calm tone. "Then why have we been fooling around like this? You say we can't cross the line for this moral brother-sister NON-incest BS; but how do you rationalize blowjobs and cunt-licking and all the other things we've done together?"

"Ths dfmrg," she mumbled, her gaze still averted.


Taking a deep breath, she sighed and then looked up at me. "That's different. That stuff is just ... physical."

"So is sex."

"Sex would be ... Sex would be ... intimate." She looked away again and took another deep breath. "Fuck, how the hell did we get to this point?"

"You wanted to watch me masturbate."

Her head snapped around and she glared at me. "YOU put a peephole into my room."

"You're fucking gorgeous. I couldn't help it." I grinned goofily at the memory.

She looked at me and sighed, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. Shaking her head, she exhaled, "It gets me so hot when you look at me that way."

I deliberately let my gaze rove up and down her body, ogling away. "It gets ME hot when I look at you."

But still shaking her head, she clenched her eyes shut, turned away, and raised a hand up between us. "No, Carter. It's wrong."

"There's nothing wrong about it."

"Blood or not, divorce or not, you've been my little brother since I was nine. Fooling around has been my fault. I'm the older sibling. I should have known better. I told myself we were just experimenting. As long as we didn't cross that final line, it would be okay. You got to learn, I got to have some fun, and nobody got hurt. But feelings are getting hurt now. We've got to stop. Stop everything. And I mean... everything."

"Wait, you can't mean that."

"You're in love with me. Completely and totally in love with me. That can't happen."

"Why the fuck not?"

"Because I don't love you back."


She held a hand up. "Not like that, at least. Of course I still love you ... but only as a brother. Nothing more."


Her hand extended forward again, her fingers spreading out as if to create an even larger barrier between us. "I just found out I got into Yale. I already told Mom and Dad I want to go on a trip with my friends for the summer. So in five weeks, I'll graduate and leave here. You won't have to worry about being all awkward around me or anything like that."

Cameron? Leaving? The color drained from my face.

"Everything will be okay, you'll see. You ARE just a kid now, not even sixteen yet. But you're growing up fast. Shit, you've grown up so much already from that 14-year-old twerp who drilled a peephole into my bedroom. In four more years, who knows? You'll be twenty, a grown-adult. You'll have plenty of time away from me to really see the people around you and get over this infatuation. It'll be better. Everything will be okay."

Her words were reassuring, but they weren't doing anything to reassure me. This was a break-up, pure and simple. And I'm sure the hurt was plain as day on my face.

She didn't fail to notice. When she dropped her hand, Cameron's eyes softened and my big sister's worried look of love and concern instantly covered her features. Pinching her lips together and wincing at the realization that SHE was the one who had hurt me, she gave me an apologetic look and reached a hand for my cheek.

But the tender caress never came. She stopped herself an inch short of touching me. With a world of pain in her eyes, she blinked away a single tear. And then she turned back the other way and left.

Her words reverberated around my head. Everything will be okay. Everything will be okay.

But I didn't believe her anymore.



"Dude, you gotta pull the stick outta your ass."

I arched an eyebrow and gave my best friend an odd look. "Huh?"

"It's your fucking sixteenth birthday. One would think you might be enjoying yourself at least a little." Sam shook his head and sagged deeper into the couch, raising the bottle of Corona to his lips.

I sighed and took a sip of my own, scowling a bit as I stared across the bottle top and across the room to where Cameron was talking quietly with Mom. Dad wasn't around, as usual. My birthday or not, 'Making millions doesn't happen sitting around the house'. At least he'd personally bought the cases of beer we were now drinking (or so Mom claimed; I kinda doubted it).

Apparently I'd begun to zone out as I stared at Cameron, because I was startled from my reverie by the clink of bottles colliding and the sudden feeling that I was about to spill my drink. I jerked up and righted my Corona to find that Sam had deliberately knocked my beer just to get my attention. And after a moment of scrutinizing me, he shook his head and wondered, "Hey, what gives? You've been pretty out of it for the last week or so."

"It's nothing," I muttered.

"Don't 'it's nothing' me. I'm no flaming queen who's all sensitive and shit; but I know when my buddy is feeling out of it." He glanced around to check and see if anyone was in earshot, and then roughly grabbed my elbow. Yanking me up to my feet, Sam literally dragged me down the hall and into my dad's office, closing the door behind us.

Even though we were now in a closed room with apparent privacy, Sam leaned in close and murmured in a quiet voice, "Dude, was it really that bad?"

My eyebrows furrowed, my malaise momentarily wiped away by my confusion. "Was -what- bad?"

"The sex." He glanced around the empty room again before muttering even quieter, "Lana told Jennifer everything. She said how you two did it after school last week. And you've been... this ... ever since." He gestured to my entire being up and down for emphasis.

I blinked rapidly. "What? No. The sex was fine. I did great." I blinked rapidly, panic suddenly setting in. "Didn't I? What did Jennifer say? What did Lana tell her?"

Sam kept glancing around the room like he expected the girls to suddenly materialize out of thin air beside us. But after a deep breath, he confided, "Lana said it hurt at first. Always does. But she said things were good after the first one. She had a good time and you made sure she got off and everything. But Lana is FREAKED right now because you've been so weird the last week. She's worried you just wanted to pop her cherry and now you're moving on to the next chick."

I frowned. "That's riDICulous!"

"That's what I told Jennifer. I've been around you every day, dude; and the last thing you're doing is checking out other girls." Sam suddenly paled and recoiled a bit from me. "You're not like ... turning gay are you?"

My eyes widened and in a burst of anger I reached out and punched Sam's shoulder. Hard.

"OW! Shit, man, okay, okay," he whined, rubbing the spot where I'd hit him. "I've just heard that can happen, you know? Guy first has sex with a girl and realizes he's not into females. I'm sorry, but you've kinda been acting like that. Fuck, the day after I first plowed pussy I couldn't get enough. Damn near wore my pencil down to the nub that week if you know what I mean."

"It's not about Lana."

"Does SHE know that? Like I said, the girl is FREAKED, and not in a good way."

I rubbed my forehead. "Naw, man. It's not her. Besides, she got her period right away, so we haven't been able to do it for the last week anyway. I've had other shit going on."

"Shit even I don't know about? C'mon, man. You can confide in me."

"You want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya with me, fucker?"

"Fuck you." Sam punched me back, but not very hard.

I managed a grin and took a deep breath, exhaling loudly. "You're right. I've been out of it. But I can work this out."

"You like Lana, don't you?"

"Course I do. She puts out, doesn't she?"

"Fuckin' straight."

"I gotta talk to her."

"Yeah, you do. You notice how she's been hovering around all day, giving you some space but keeping herself close just in case you want her? The girl digs you, and she's Jennifer's best friend. And when Lana's unhappy, Jennifer's unhappy, which makes ME unhappy. So go fix this, okay?"

I nodded. "Okay."

"And do me a favor."


"Get rid of your mom and your sister."

I frowned. "Why?"

Sam's grin now spread from ear-to-ear. Opening his jacket, he pulled a plastic baggie from his inner pocket and showed me the stash of crystal meth he had in there. "Chad hooked me up. Special for your birthday and all. He says the chicks get CRAAAZY horny on this stuff, especially when it's their first time. Get rid of the parentals, let's get the girls wired, and I promise you buddy, we're gonna make all your problems go away."


"Ohmigawd ... I feel ... I feel like I'm on FIRE!" Lana breathed, staring at me with her eyes looking bigger than they ever had before. Suddenly, her head went completely still, like a robot with the off-switch suddenly thrown, except that the electricity in her emerald green eyes remained crackling as she bored her gaze deeper and deeper into the back of my skull. She seemed to be scrutinizing me as if under a microscope, and her lower lip dropped another few millimeters before a soft, breathy pant escaped her throat.

Her hands suddenly came up and she grabbed my head, almost too hard, keeping me still. "I can ... I can see your pores..." she exclaimed in a voice of wonderment. And then her tongue darted out to lick her upper lip before she swallowed thickly and canted her head to the side to look at me from a different angle.

"Holy SHIT!" Sam suddenly grunted, drawing our attention three feet to my left. I snapped my head around to see that Jennifer had actually yanked my best buddy's jeans down and was even now bobbing her head up and down his pasty-white cock while he sat on the seat next to me.

"Holy shit..." Lana breathed like delayed echo, blinking quickly in surprise. And then a second later, a silly grin swept over Lana's pretty face. "Want me to do that, huh, birthday boy? Want me to blow you here in front of all your guests?"

"Really?" I replied in amazement, too surprised to actually consider what she'd just proposed.

But to my further shock, Lana took my response as an affirmative, and before I could say anything else she dropped off my lap to kneel on the floor and start fumbling with my jeans.

"Holy shit," I muttered. "Lana?"

"Happy Birthday, boyfriend," she just crooned, her eyes a little crazed and beads of sweat forming in her hairline despite a lack of recent exercise.

The moment I felt Lana's lips surround my prick, I found my gaze drifting to the left, surveying the crowd instead of watching my girlfriend. I expected to find the half-dozen or so other people left to be gawking in shock and awe at me getting blown right here in my living room, and indeed Eric Tseng was practically drooling as he gaped at the back of Lana's head. But everyone else was pretty much wrapped up in their own activities, with Rowena Bautista practically crawling inside Sang's shirt and Ronald Hulce helping Wendy Chin take another hit off our crystal meth pipe while Albert Nam watched in amazement.

All of the girls at the party had taken at least one hit off the pipe, and most of the guys. Following Sam's explicit directions while we'd still been in my dad's office, I'd sort of faked a hit, taking the stuff in and just holding it before exhaling it all out. Sam said that Chad had been very insistent about the person who DIDN'T get wired being the one in charge, not for the sake of being responsible but because that person would be in a position to take advantage of all the horny, wired hotties. I still got a little buzz, but nothing like what everyone else was experiencing. And I certainly wasn't feeling as uninhibited as Lana was in this moment.

After I faked my hit, Lana certainly hadn't faked hers, coughing a bit when she was done. We then cuddled on the couch, talking about our relationship while the drug worked its way into her system. I gave her platitudes about feeling like I'd lost control that first time and taken her precious maidenhead by force. I'd felt so torn up and guilty over it that I'd been avoiding her for the past week when all I really wanted to do was prove to her how much I dearly loved her.

That L-word was important, Sam stressed. I had to say it as many times as I could and that Lana would melt. And he was right. Talking turned to kissing. Kissing turned to petting. And fuck, now she was giving me a damn blowjob on my parents' living room couch!

"Oh, gawd ... fuck me..."

Jennifer's voice carried over to us once more. Lana abruptly pulled her head out of my lap and gawked at her best friend, who had jerked her party dress up around her waist and was now quite clearly undulating in her boyfriend's lap. Her dirty-blonde hair hung over his face as they conducted an elaborate tongue duel. And then Sam jerked Jennifer's top down, exposing a rosy nipple and suckling on it while his hands held onto his girlfriend's ass.

Lana's overly-intense gaze was on me once again. "We haven't done it since that first day. I've been so lonely this past week, honey. I can't wait to have you inside me again."

"Holy shit," I muttered as Lana climbed up onto the couch, staring over to be sure she'd copied Jennifer's position before jerking the crotch of her panties to the side and then parting her labia with her own fingers. For a brief moment, I wondered in amazement at this miracle drug that turned my 16-year-old girlfriend into a wanton slut. Just a week after losing her virginity, she was now hot and horny and completely uninhibited. And then Lana's pussy sank down around my cock and I couldn't coherently wonder about anything anymore.

Sam let his head fall back as his girlfriend urgently humped herself on his prick. He didn't even have to do any work she was so revved up. And with a goofy, shit-eating grin my best buddy turned to look at me, on his face an expression that said, 'Can you fucking believe it?'

I couldn't believe it, but it was happening right before me. I wondered what else I could talk Lana into doing while she was in this state, and on impulse, I reached up to her cheek and turned it toward our friends, saying, "Kiss her. Go on baby, kiss her."

Jennifer heard me and suddenly turned to look at Lana. She stopped humping Sam for a second, her eyes unfocusing before refocusing on Lana's lips. My own girlfriend seemed to be turning over my suggestion in her mind, but then I applied a little more force to the back of her head, and suddenly our two girlfriends were grabbing at each other's skulls and shoving their tongues down each other's throat.

"Fuck, YEAH!" Sam crowed, reaching a hand up for me to high-five him.

I did so, and then relocated my hands to Lana's hips, jerking my girlfriend up and down to get her to start fucking me again as I smiled at the little bit of power I'd just displayed. And I wondered what ELSE I could get a meth-wired girl to do.

"Suck her tits," I ordered, taking Lana's head and guiding it down.

She didn't even resist this time. Reaching behind Jennifer's neck to untie her friend's halter, she dropped the sheer fabric down and then lifted a D-cup breast to her lips. Jennifer moaned and trapped Lana's head to her chest. And as I watched my girlfriend slurp and suckle at her best friend's boob, I found myself reaching the edge of my orgasmic control.

"Fuck, you two are so fucking HOT!" I grunted before my abs clenched and I began spewing gob after gob of spunk into Lana's cunt. My girlfriend gasped and pulled back, groaning out her own orgasm as she felt my jizz hosing down her inner walls. And Jennifer started giggling in amusement as she watched us thrash on the couch beside her.

"Suck it out of her," Sam suddenly intoned.

Lana's eyes popped open in surprise. She looked over at Sam for a second, but only for a second because Jennifer moved and Lana yelped in surprise as her best friend practically tackled her off my prick and onto the seat beside me.

"Jennifer! Jennifer! Oh! OHHHHH!!!" Lana exclaimed before sinking into uncontrollable moans when her best friend's tongue hit her clit. Noisy slurping sounds soon emanated from between Lana's thighs as Jennifer rather sloppily went to work. There was no particular technique, and even I could tell that Jennifer had no experience doing what she was doing tonight. But every girl has her own box to play with and she figured out enough to push Lana's buttons. Or maybe EVERYWHERE was a button, now that Lana was high on speed. Whatever the reasons, my girlfriend was going out of her MIND. She yanked down her own halter top, yanked my head over to her chest, and forced me to start sucking and playing with her boobs while she screamed in her very first girl-given orgasm.

When Lana was done, I turned to look back at Sam, who was giving me a shit-eating grin. He sat there looking quite satisfied with himself, despite his prick still being upright with his jeans around his ankles. When he caught my gaze, he raised his chin and nodded for me to look around. And when I did, I found that we weren't the only ones getting it on.

Sang had Rowena folded in half on a couch, her feet hanging over his shoulders while he pounded her into the cushion. Ronald was pumping Wendy from behind while she knelt on all fours on the floor. Albert was lying flat on his back not far from her, gasping for air. And Wendy was using a finger to scoop up Albert's jism from her chin and pop it into her mouth.

Poor Eric was sitting on a dining table chair, his dick in hand just watching. But just when I began to pity him, Wendy gave him a big smile and crooked a beckoning finger to the guy.

"Fuck, I'm hot!" Lana suddenly complained, panting and sweating. She reached down and lifted up her dress, raising the entire thing over her head and tossing it aside. She still wore her bra, although both cups had been pulled down beneath her nipples. And after panting on the couch for another few seconds, she staggered to her feet and started walking for the kitchen. "My mouth is dry. I need a drink."

"Hey, here." Sam had gotten up before her, and was already returning from the kitchen. He handed her the Corona he'd already retrieved, then turned back to get some more. And standing directly behind the couch and behind my head, Lana upended the bottle and began chugging the cool beverage.

"Ahhh..." With fully half the bottle gone, Lana tore it away from her mouth, gasping for oxygen. She burped, loudly, and then giggled in amusement. And leaning over the back of the couch, she kissed my cheek and then murmured, "I'm still horny, honey. Think you can give me another good pounding?"

"Duuude, you'd better," Sam crooned from behind us. I turned my head to find my best buddy leaning against the wall openly ogling my girlfriend's ass. "'Cause the view from here is so nice I'm not sure I'd be able to resist."

I jerked my head back at his words, surprised at the sensation that shot through me. My first instinct should have been jealousy. After all, I wasn't really under the influence of any inhibition-lowering drugs, and the thought of another man touching MY property should have inspired jealous anger.

But it didn't. Instead, the thought of Sam porking Lana was ... exciting.


The fuck? I squeezed my eyes shut. I really wasn't that big into sharing. As a kid, I wanted ALL the toys. When bullies stole my lunch, it pissed me off. And when I got older and the bullies started throwing me into trash cans and stealing my wallet, it made me even MORE protective of my personal belongings.

Other guys had ogled Lana during our relationship. I had never once felt... excited about it. Sure, pathetic weenies like Eric Tseng always stared at her – my girlfriend IS quite pretty. But the one time he actually dared to grab her ass, I'd smacked him upside the head the very next day at school and warned him never to do it again.

So why tonight? Maybe I WAS a little more affected by the crystal meth than I thought. But then a new vision hit me.


Chad fucking Evelyn.

No, Chad fucking Cameron.

No, -ME- fucking Cameron.

I opened my eyes to see Lana responding to Sam's remark with a derisive, "In your dreams," accompanied by an extra-suggestive wiggle of her panty clad ass. My little epiphany had taken only a fraction of a second.

"Actually, why the fuck not?" I suddenly intoned in a voice that did not seem my own, despite the physical sensations of the words coming out of my mouth.

The eyeballs of three of my closest friends suddenly zeroed in on me. Lana just looked surprised. Sam's eyebrows were raised with intrigue. And Jennifer actually seemed to smile.

"We're all friends here. -Best- friends," I emphasized. And gesturing at our half-naked bodies, I added, "This has already been the craziest birthday party I've ever been to."

Jennifer giggled and blushed. Lana furrowed her eyebrows. And Sam was now -seriously- staring at my girlfriend's ass.

I got up from my seat on the couch and reached down to take Jennifer's hand. She glanced at her boyfriend for just a second before slipping her fingers through mine. And then I led her over to a side chair where we'd have a better view of Lana, who remained bent over the couch's backrest from behind.

I summoned every ounce of confidence I had in me. In my mind's eye, I imagined I was just as cocky and in control as Chad had been that one night in Sam's living room. And grinning self-assuredly, I raised my hands to Jennifer's shoulders and pushed her down into a kneeling position before my rejuvenated prick. "Suck me, Jennifer," I commanded. And without hesitation, she moved in and swallowed me down to the root.

Lana gasped when she saw her best friend take me inside. I think a single tear rolled down her cheek. But I shook my head and let my eyes flame up with all my self-confidence. "I still love you, honey. I'll love you even more for this," I said reassuringly. "I want to watch him fuck you. I want to watch."

She shivered when she felt Sam's hand touch her naked back, but keeping her eyes on me, she gave me a reassuring smile.

"I love you," I repeated.

She nodded, and then closed her eyes. Sam's hand slid around and under her bra, palming her breast and rubbing it firmly. His other hand dragged her panties down and then slid a finger into her furrow, finding her clit and rubbing it gently.

"Sss-ahhh..." she hissed momentarily and then sighed as his digit began to send little electrical impulses of pleasure up her spine. As Sam added more firmness and force to his touches, she began to moan and bent her head, causing her silky dark hair to fall down across her face.


Pretend she's me.

"Unnghhh..." Sam groaned as his hips pushed forward, his turgid rod pressing inside of my girlfriend's tight canal.

Pretend she's me.

"Nnngh, hmmgh," Jennifer grunted, slobbering over my prick as I drove myself up off the chair and nudged into her throat.

Pretend she's me.

"Mmmnh ... Nnnhh..." Cameron whimpered, feeling -me- begin to press inside her, deeper and deeper and inexorably deeper ... down to her very core.

Pretend she's me.

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