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Pee Pee Redhead!

We were lying in bed next to each other, no clothes on, watching TV. Well, it was sort of on in the background. Neither of us were really watching it. I was just so glad to have my husband back in the house. Now that the truth had come out, I was shocked with myself that I could ever have believed he would cheat on me. Especially with one of his students. Especially with a fifteen-year-old student. We’d been married for twenty-two years, and he’d been faithful for every one of them. I was ashamed that I could ever have accused him of such a crime.

I was savouring his presence next to me. We had been a month apart, and I had missed him so. I had missed the feel of his strong, freckled arms around me. My heart had yearned for the scratch of his orange whiskers on my cheek, his soft, urgent lips on mine. I had longed to run my fingers through the curly-redness of his hair and gaze into his sparkling, blue eyes. I had missed his charming, lopsided grin with those bright-white teeth.

But now he was back. And he had forgiven me. And all was well in the Miller residence. The kids were gone, out beeing teenagers, and Kevin and I had the house to ourselves. We were kissing on the bed, our arms and legs intertwined, when he pulled slowly back, stood up and pulled on a pair of underwear and jeans. "What’re you doing, babe? " I asked, puzzled. He glanced up at me, smirking that uneven smirk as he did up his button.

"Gotta piss, " he replied simply.

"You desperate? " I asked, sensing a game coming on. He shrugged. "Hold it. " It was an order.

And hold it he did. We sat at the kitchen table, eating Kraft Dinner in the middle of the night, Kevin sucking back more glasses of water than I thought a man could hold. Every third glass, he made it a Pepsi. We chatted normally over our meal, the only quirk being Kev’s squirming, which was becoming more frequent and more urgent by the minute, as the liquids and the caffeine entered his body. But I was loving it, and I knew he was, too.

After ’supper,’ I broke out the old Miller Family photo albums, the ones that Kevin’s mother had sent up for us to leaf through. We sat cross-legged on the bed, on top of the covers, laughing until we cried at most of the pictures. There had never been a dull moment in Kevin’s childhood house, him having eleven brothers, and his mother had been lucky enough to capture most of these precious moments on camera. Kevin kept squirming and, every once in a while, he snuck a grab at his crotch. We were both pretending to ignore it, on purpose, but in reality we were both growing hornier and hornier by the minute. Finally, Kevin pressed his hand desperately on the fork of his pants and kept it there. He had reached his limit. He leaned over until his lips were touching my ear.

"I don’t think I can hold it anymore. " His soft words drifting into my ear made my entire body erupt instantly with goosebumps, and my loins tingled expectantly. Soap now had both hands pressed to his zipper and he was squeezing his thighs together urgently. "I’m gonna piss my fucking pants. "

"Well you can’t do that, my baby, " I teased softly. "Big boys don’t wet their pants. "

He looked at me, that sexy smirk still playing on his lips, as he got up to sit on the edge of the bed, feet planted on the floor. He was pressing his thighs together harder than ever, squeezing his hands in there, trying desperately to keep it in. When I placed my hands on his bare shoulders from behind, and squeezed them, it pushed him over the edge.

"Fuck! " he swore, still grinning devillishly as a wet, warm jet darkened the front of his jeans. "Oh shit. I’m pissing my pants. "

He stood up in the middle of the room, facing me, and I remained kneeling on the bed. He was still holding the front of his pants, but the stream couldn’t be stopped now. He flooded his jeans until every inch of them was dripping. Every few seconds, he would let out an involuntary grunt as his muscles contracted, making his ass cheeks tighten and his penis twitch. His hardening cock made the pressure uncomfortable, so he quickly shed the piss-soaked jeans, standing there in his tight, white briefs. There was a puddle at his feet and it was taking all the self-control I possessed not to jump on him and rip his underwear off.

When his river slowed to a trickle, then to a drip, and finally to a stop, I bounded off the bed, flinging off my clothes, my lips sticking to his. I kissed my way down his face and neck, down his chest, his torso, past his bellybutton. I licked and sucked at his waistline as my hands slid the sopping briefs down, letting them fall to the floor around his ankles. My fingers grasped his tight bum as my mouth found his manhood. I tongued the tip of it over and over and over again, until he was panting and pleading. Kevin’s hands were on my shoulders, his fingers gripping tight enough to crush stone. When I felt his cock begin to pulse I abruptly pulled back, standing up. A passionate scream of frustration was ripped from his chest; I had let him so close to the edge.

Our lips found each other again, and this time Kevin threw me on the bed. Our naked, sweaty bodies slid together, back and forth against each other as we kissed and sucked and groped and squeezed each other until we were blind from passion and desire. When he spread my legs and entered me, he was rough and unforgiving in his eagerness. But his lips were soft as they plundered mine. His hands were soft as they tangled themselves in my hair and fondled my breasts. His feet were soft as he slid them up and down my calves.

But his moans were not soft. They were growing louder and louder as I reached climax, my wet pussy tightening around his throbbing cock and my naked, shining body writhing beneath his. My fingertips were digging into his thighs with such force that they drew blood. Seconds after me, with his loudest, most desperate groan yet, Kevin exploded. I felt his load shooting deep, deep inside of me as he yelled and moaned and panted. He kept thrusting hard and slow until the cum stopped flowing. And when it did, we kissed. And we kissed. And we kissed. We kissed until our lips went slack wtih exhaustion, until we were barely conscious enough to pull away and fall asleep on the bed, nose to nose, in a blissful silence.

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