Please, use my Wife! (wife,cuckold,xxx)

Please, use my Wife!

We are a married couple for few years, happily married, loving each other really much.
For the past years we were fantasizing about another man in our live.. Maybe a Little of a cuckold.
We thought to find a "friend" with whom my wife could talk, go to the city or go for a whole night out.

These were only fantasies until...
We have accounts on few sites. And not very long time ago my wife got a message from a man from different country. He visits our area for the business often, even few Times a month.
Because he is almost 24 years order than her, he offered her to be her sugar daddy.. monthly money for
regular dating. I know everything what they are writing and he knows about me, nothing Secret. He is a man Who has a lot of business to do and doesn't have time for a wife. He needs not only sex (but mainly sex) but also normal hook ups to not feel alone.

At first, we didnt know how to react.. But my wife started chatting with him.. every day, every Morning, every evening, even at work just to be for him regularly. I got two feelings.. you know, our fantasies are coming true more and more.. i feel jealous and excited as hell.

It is 2 weeks the are writing for now and he already has a big gallery of her pictures, even nude ones with face, with all positions he wanted, with all her holes. I know he is real because they even talk at the evenings on live camera. They talk about every day life but also fantasize about they're meeting. Of course i know every single detail and i just can't stop it inside me...
The plan for the first meeting is that we are going to meet in a hotel, there will be 2 different rooms bought. We would meet in three together to see each other and talk , but my wife will be dressed really naughty under her normal clothes she will have on (glamorous shirt, skirt, heels) but underneath those , no lingerie and probably fishnet erotic outfit with holes on her boobs and pusty. After some time the second room will be for me, so i won't be so far from her and it will be her decision if to stay for the night with him or quit anytime and come back to me.. so if she stays with him i will be listening to her only by the wall in a different room and can not see what they are doing.. safer for me to be near but so... strange.

If she stays she will have to take off her dress and sit with him only in the fishnet outfit, and have fun. It will depend on her how far she wants to go, for blowjob, for sex, for everything. Especially that he wanted to take pictures of her while they will have sex and he will be inside her pussy, but this will happen only if she gives him permission.
Another thing is that she can't use birth control pills so they would have to use condoms.

Although for the last few days I have contact to him also... So, he is chatting with my wife and me. The meeting in coming really soon... We had another few fantasies about how can the first meeting happen... Still don't know which one to choose.
We can meet in a restaurant, my wife dressed also in a fishnet outfit with holes on her pussy, thongs, heels, glamorous shirt and a skirt above her knees... They will have a dinner at the table , and I would sit by another one by myself giving them a watch. While they will eat, she will get a handbag from him with a message: "Go to the bathroom, open the bag and read what you will do now"
After opening the bag she will see a vibrating egg which she would have to put inside her pussy and bring thongs back to him, putting the thongs in his hand so I can see that she is all naked there by now.. He will have the pilot, and he would decide how hard to vibrate the egg inside her already warm and wet pussy, giving her a small chance even to have a drink...
After all they will quit the restaurant and go to the room... a bath filled with hot water and a lot of foam will be ready for her.. She would have to undress and finally take the egg out and wait for him in the bathroom.
When he comes he will cover her eyes and start playing with her pussy... her boobs... her face... She will have to suck his dick while sitting in the bath, but the rest of the game will move on to the bed when they ale washed up...

What do you think about this situation? We'll see , maybe I will continue writing with more details again..

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