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Samantha Learns her Place

"I said no Mark" she said, roughly shoving his approaching hand
away from her leg, only inches away from what the senior
attempting this transgression thought might be pure bliss.
Samantha shrugged and gave her mad pouty look. "Is that all u
want from me" she said brushing her long honey brown hair out of
her face and moving her dress down to where it was before the

Mark smiled and looked the volumptuous young girl over. She
lounged back in the seat; head pointed out the window, ignoring
him. His gaze swept over her body. She was five foot five maybe
six Mark guessed, with a body straight out of barely legal. She
had long muscled legs, firm ample breasts, around 34c he guessed.
They were the perfect size for chewing on he thought. She had
the sexiest long hair that was parted in the middle and hung down
below her shoulders, framing a round face with high cheekbones,
green eyes, and a perfectly shaped small nose. She appeared
innocent and lustious all at once, how he couldn't tell but it
was there, he thought. A black latex dress was her attire and it
came about three inches down her ass. Accentuating it were black
stockings and high heels. Mark knew her virginal routine was all
an act, knew he could do to this little bombshell anything he
wanted. Tonight she was his and as he obscenely grabbed his cock
through his pants he smiled ! an evil smile that bared his teeth
and showed some of the thoughts playing across his mind.

"Fucktoy" he said casually, staring out the opposing window.

Immediately Honey tensed up. "Oh no, god no" she thought, not
tonight. He had told him. I thought he was gonna finally let me
do something normal and fun for a change." Mark turned to face
her and smiled that chilling smile again.

"Yeah babe, Hunter told me everything, all the things your do for
him, and guess what, he gave you to me for a graduation present.
He said to just say fucktoy and you would do anything I wanted,
so unless u want me to tell him you were less than cooperative,
lets get this party started."

It was so bad that Honey almost started crying. After everything
she had been through the last six months this might be the worst
she sullenly thought. When he had told her to go with his
neighbor's son to prom she had complied of course, but she was
under the presumption that this was a present for her, a gift for
all her obedience and effort, but now the illusion was shattered.
Mark would tell everyone about what was going to happen, and the
next two years would be torture at school. She had to do it of
course; she was in too far. After all the pain and humiliation,
all the training as he called it, Honey, which wasn't even her
name, turning and looking in Marks eyes, finally believed what
Hunter had been telling her all these months. She was worthless,
nothing but a place for a man to deposit his seed. She had no
value except to give pleasure. A glazed look washed over her
eyes, and the final semblance of the bright smart girl that was
supposed to conquer the world s! omeday was gone. Reaching back
she unzipped her tight dress, pushing it down and wiggling her
ass out of it, not caring that the limo driver was watching in
the mirror. Mark and Jesse's jaws hit the floor when they saw the
young sixteen year old disrobe.

Kneeling there on the floor was every high school boy's wet
dream, the cheerleader in nothing but a black g-string thigh high
stockings and high heels. As they looked at her full perfect
tits they gasped. Each nipple had a ring going through it, as
did her navel. Mark being situated slightly behind her
narrowed his eyes in the dark limo and could make out the word
"slut" tattooed high on her right ass cheek.

"Slut" he said out aloud not believing he was seeing what he was
seeing. Jesse laughed just assuming Mark was talking about the
sight before them.

"Well Miss Honey, as Hunter told us you like to be called now,
for the last two years we've been watching u shake your prissy
little ass around school acting all high and mighty. Tonight its
about damn time we got to see if your worth all the trouble u
gave us on dates."

"Play with yourself Honey" Jesse ordered as he slowly unzipped
his pants.

She slid her middle finger down her panties and started rubbing
her pussy. Honey's brain started replaying the events of the
last six months as she pleasured herself in front of the two

Chapter One

She first noticed the man at cheerleader practice around
November, but didn't pay it any mind as lots of horny guys showed
up to watch the girls shake their rumps. The only thing was, he
seemed after a couple of practices to concentrate mainly on her.
He looked to be around twenty-five and wasn't bad looking but
much too old for her she thought. She was not going to be one of
those girls that took some old dude to prom like she had heard
about with other girls.

He stopped showing up at practice after a couple of weeks and she
didn't think anything of it until she saw him again. She was out
on a date when the guy she was with noticed him.

"Samantha, I think that guy over there has a thing for you" he
grumbled nodding over in the direction of the man.

Nonchalantly glancing over she saw him and instantly started to
get a weird feeling in the pit her stomach. It had to be a
coincidence she thought, but he was staring so intently. After
the date, in which she had to repeatedly stop her partner's rude
advances she kissed him on the cheek goodnight, the only thing
any of her dates got or even her occasional boyfriends for that
matter, and forgot about the man again. It wasn't until Christmas
vacation that Samantha White would see the man again, and her
life would change forever.

The day after Christmas, which had been very rewarding monetarily
for the young coed, she was walking through the mall returning
some clothes she had received as presents, when a rather large
man in a suit approached her and asked her to come with him.

"What is this about" she asked repeatedly on the trip through the
many labyrthintine corridors through the back of the mall, but
she got no response. She was starting to get scared when they
approached a door at the end of one of the corridors and stopped
in front of it. The large man opened it, gesturing for her to
enter, and than left, leaving her alone.

Glancing around the small room she noticed it had a desk,
probably someone's office she thought, and two chairs. Looking
up she noticed a camera in the corner of the wall staring down on
her. She instantly tensed up as she didn't like being viewed by
someone who could see her but she couldn't see him or her.

After about twenty minutes the door opened. The large man from
before was first through, and than she blinked several times in
surprise at the second person. She gasped; it was the man who
had been at her practices and at the restaurant that night.

What was he doing here, she thought?

"Hello, my names Hunter Smith" he said to her offering his hand
in a casual, almost friendly manner. Rachel shook his hand and
started to feel better until she glanced at his eyes. They were
boring into her and had an almost cruel condescending look to

"Samantha White" she offered back, drawing her hand to her body.
"What's going on?"

"Well miss White I'm the head of security for this mall and
several others. We had an anonymous call that someone matching
your description was dealing drugs in the mall" he said somberly.

"What, me, there must be some mistake" the young girl blurted
out, shocked by what she was hearing.

"Well you understand Miss White that we hope it's not true and if
it isn't you have our apologies for the inconvenience. Now can I
see your purse please so we can straighten this out and get you
on your way?" "Of course" she stated handing her purse over to
the man, yearning to get this all over with and get back to

"It must be some sort of mistake Mr. Smith" she matter of factly

"I'm sure it is" Hunter casually replied emptying the contents on
the desk.

Watching as her lipstick, mascara, wallet and a hundred other
things poured out she was getting ready to start packing it back
in and leave when, Mr. Smith pulled a small paper bag from the
middle of the stack. How did that get in there and what was it,
the girl thought to herself. Mr. Smith than emptied the paper bag
on the table and six little baggies of what looked like a white
powdery substance fell out.

"Hmmmmmmmm" Hunter said aloud as he stuck his finger in the
closest baggie and tasted the substance. Crack I believe" he
said raising his eyebrow and looking at the large man next to
him. "We heard reports from the police that it was making its way
to the suburbs but I didn't believe them" he said almost
absentmindedly. "This is bad, very bad miss White. This is
dealer quantity and a first-degree felony with minimum jail time
of five years. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it for
myself. You look like such a normal girl, with your whole life in
front of you. What a shame. Ramone call the police please"

"Wait" Rachel screamed. This is some sort of mistake, someone
must have slipped that in there and set me up" the girl
frantically yelled, growing hysterical, tears flowing freely down
her face. "You must believe me please. You can't do this, it
would ruin my life, please don't call the police. The girl saw
her whole life flash through her eyes; no college, no successful
law career, no big house, no devoted husband, and she started to
shake. "Ill do anything, just don't get the police involved."

Honey rubbed her clit underneath her panties as she kneeled in
the limo in the space between the two seats, as the boys stroked
their cocks.

"Good bitch" Jesse laughingly said "Now show us that dirty little
hole Honey, the one you cant wait for us to fill" Jesse commanded
the girl.

She knew that they had seen most of the modifications Hunter had
made on her, and Mark probably had a pretty good view of the word
demeaningly tattooed forever on her ass. This was worse she knew
as she obediently pulled down her little g-string showing her
completely bald young pussy.

"Oh my god" Jesse said out loud as he had the best view of her
front side.

He stared at Honey's twat. In alternating red and black letters
right across where her pubic hair should have been was tattooed
for all eternity the word fucktoy. Below that was a gold ring
that went right through her clitoris. "Show Mark" Jesse ordered
the girl, still not believing this was the girl who had been the
biggest prick tease in the history of Ventura High School. The
girl who was captain of the cheerleading, debate and soccer teams
and only a sophomore, the girl who had straight A's and was the
glowing pride of every teacher there, the girl who no guy had
ever even reported getting a kiss with tongue from, the girl who
everyone said was going to rule the world someday. Here she was,
kneeling in nothing but stockings, g-string, and heals, with
piercings in parts Jesse didn't know could be pierced, with the
words fucktoy on her bald pussy. What a total slut he thought.

As she turned around and showed Mark her ultimate humiliation,
his eyes got real big and his dick even harder. He wasn't
expecting her to be this dirty, even after his talk with Hunter.

"He was right, Honey, you are a total worthless piece of shit
that was born to be used" Mark remarked. "I can't believe I went
to prom with such a filthy whore, now start sucking you tramp,"
Mark said not able to wait anymore.

This was it, the final nail, Honey thought. Mark, the nicest guy
in school even thought she was no good, just a piece of meat.
Hunter was right. She crawled over on all fours and planted her
ruby red lips on the tip of Marks cock, spreading her long smooth
legs, and sticking her ass high up in the air for Jesse, as she
had been taught. She started slurping down Mark's manhood.

Chapter Two

Of course anything turned into a "just a little job" Hunter, as
he told her to call him, had for her. He explained that he had a
side business that he ran where he set up websites for people and
small business's, and he needed her to be his secretary for a
couple of weeks. He had tons of paperwork and no time to do it.
Rachel was so relieved she cried and thanked the man for his
kindness. He told her to no be so comfortable as he pointed to
the video camera and said he had the tape. If she didn't show up
and do exactly what she was told, he would go to the police. He
didn't tell her that his real side business was as a photographer
for adult websites.

She arrived at four p.m. that Monday. Hunter smiled to himself as
she walked in the door. What a drop dead gorgeous piece of ass
he thought to himself. He knew why his neighbor's kid's Mark had
told him that every guy in school lusted after her like no other.
She was wearing a blue skirt that came to right above her knees
and a loose white tank top that couldn't hide the curvy body
underneath. Her long tan legs seemed to go on for days and she
was wearing the cutest little platform sandals that showed off
her delicate feet and toe nails which were painted blue to match
her skirt. He wondered what kind of panties and bra she was
wearing and decided probably matching blue, conservative, maybe
Hanes. Her hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and she
wore little make up. She didn't need to, he thought. He liked
her like this, he observed, so innocent, so virginal, so much to
hurt and change. "Hi Hunter, where do I start" she gleefully
said, trying her best to be upbeat and positive so he would think
she was really trying.

"Hi Samantha, there's been a little change in plans I need your
help with. I told you I designed websites for people right"

"Yeah, what do you need?" she asked.

Well this website for a small clothing store I'm creating needs
some shots of a girl in their clothes, and the one I had
scheduled just called and canceled, so you will be the model now.
These will just be practice shots so I can lay things out until I
can reschedule with the model. The outfits are in the bathroom,
so go in there and change so we can get started" he told her with
a little glint of steel in his voice.

She was about to complain but bit her lip and realized how much
she owed this man. She didn't want to be on any website; at
least not for free, but shoot, he was telling her not asking and
she knew she had better obey.

As she entered the bathroom she noticed hangers on the shower rod
with various clothes hanging off. Hmmmm, luckily they all seem to
be my size she thought, but what kind of clothing store was this.
All the dresses and outfits looked like something you would wear
to a rave or worse. She was about to go out and tell her she
couldn't do this when he yelled "Dammit what's taking so long,
you don't have to wear the lingerie, just the dresses."

Relieved, she quickly changed into the most modest one and walked

Hunter was standing behind a photographer's light with a camera.
In front of the light was a couch and chair, and behind that a
fake blue wall. She walked over and stood in front of the couch
wearing the cute pink and white flowered summer dress with her
sandals. "Good now lets get going," he said as he raised the

"Okay hands on your hips" now smile. CLICK

"Sideways good girl." CLICK

"Hands on your knees, bend over a bit." CLICK

After taking about twenty more shots and various poses he

"Great job Rachel, all of this work is making me thirsty. Want
something to drink?" he asked her.

"Sure" she replied

He returned with two glasses of lemonade.
"Better drink all of this, we wont be stopping again" he casually
remarked downing his drink.

She did the same and smiled at him when she was done.

After trying on a few more outfits she started to feel light
headed and dizzy, the colors of the room seemed different, more
vibrant, and she felt very relaxed and laid back.

"That's great Rachel, only I really need you to try on some of
that lingerie, and the skimpier clothing, so be a good girl and
go do that for me" he told her, smiling as the effect of the
drugs kicked in on the suddenly uninhibited girl.

"Well I guess that would be okay Hunter"

"Of Course it will be" he responded

Deep down she knew she shouldn't be doing this, but she had to
get out of this man's debt, and trying on the other clothes
didn't seem so bad now. She returned wearing a black micro mini
skirt that came about two inches down her ass and a white
halter-top. "Rachel you wearing your bra" he scoldingly told the

"Ooops be right back" she laughed, looking back and seeing the

When she returned, the session started again, but this time the
poses were a little more provocative.

"Turn around, hands on your knees, that's it." CLICK

"Now sit down, legs a little bit wider, that's it, good cunt"

That one would be good, a perfect "up the skirt" shot hethought.

She was in a world of her own now, oblivious to everything but
the lights and what she was being told. She pouted, and primped,
and smiled, and played the perfect darling for the photographer.
When she staggered out in the pink babydoll nightie with matching
thong it was too much for him. "Come here whore" he commanded

"Whuuuu Whyyyy diiid youuuuu callll" she started but was stopped
with slap across her face.

"Shut up" he yelled as he grabbed her nipple through the nightie
and dragged her in front of the lights, and video camera he had
set up beforehand.

"Now kneel" he told her as he pushed her roughly to the ground "I
only like to hear stupid bitch's when I tell them to speak, or
when they're moaning around my cock, or screaming from it in
their ass, you piece of shit" he emphasized by cruelly twisting
her nipple

She was in a stupor. Samantha White had no idea what was going
on, only that if she didn't do what he told her, she felt pain.

"Open your mouth Rachel" Hunter ordered her and at the same time
unzipped his zipper and pulled out his dick.

"Whh Whhh Whyyy" she slurred out
"Because I'm going to fuck your pretty face and throat" he hissed
at her, grabbing her nipple even harder and pinching her nose.

As she opened her mouth, the man shoved all eight inches of his
dick in at once, and buried it to the hilt in her throat. Her
eyes were straining, and she started gagging all over his prick.
Her nose was stuffed in his thick mane of black pubic hair and
she immediately felt like she was going to vomit.

"If you bite I'm going to pull out all your teeth you nasty cunt,
so just take it"

He was prepared for her retching and reached behind him and
grabbed a bucket he had placed there. Pulling out his now saliva
coated prick, he directed her face to the bucket where she puked
all the contents of her lunch and breakfast up. He gave her a
cup of water and had her wash her mouth out. Than he
repositioned the teen on her knees and shoved his prick in again.
After about two minutes of deep throating she started to look
green, and once again let loose in the bucket. Two more turns
later Hunter was sure her stomach was empty, and she wouldn't
choke on her own filth, so he jammed his prick down her throat
once again. As her throat started to convulse around his member
he held it there. The feelings were pure bliss for him. Her
throat was massaging his dick like no pussy could, and he fucked
her cute mouth and convulsing throat for about ten minutes.
Saliva was leaking out at the corners of her mouth and she was
drooling all over her pink nightie. Her tits were cov! ered in
it. She would sometimes put her hands up, but he would slap them
down. Maneuvering himself over her, he started pounding straight
down. She was crying now and leaking clear fluid out her nose.
She looked so damn cute all messed up like this, crying and
drooling at the same time, he thought.

"Open your eyes and look at me while I skull fuck you Samantha,"
he snarled at the girl slapping her head to emphasize the point.

She responded and Hunter could see the dopey glaze in her eyes
from the drugs, but below the fog he could see the horror she was
experiencing. He finally had her right where he wanted the
snotty little bitch. He started to drool all over her perfect
face. With her head perfectly horizontal, puddles of saliva were
forming over her eyes as she struggled to keep them open at his
command. After another couple of minutes, it was too much and as
he took once last look at the gorgeous site before him, a sixteen
year old cheerleader on her knees in the sluttish little nightie
and thong. He pounded down one last time and let loose a torrent.
Her eyes expanded large again. For the most part the load was
deposited right in her stomach, but as he pulled back and shot
the rest, it was too great a volume for her, and some came
seeping out her nose. He pulled out and she immediately started
coughing and retching.

"That was great Samantha, I knew you would love sucking my cock,
but seeing you kneeling here with cum and tears running down your
face I cant help but get aroused again."

With that he grabbed the girl and threw her on the table in the
kitchen face up. He slid her body around until her head was
hanging backwards off the table. He than stuck his still semi
hard penis right back in where it felt so good.

"Oh don't worry Samanatha Ill pop that cherry eventually but I
want you fully awake and alert for that" Hunter informed the
suffering girl.

She was comatose know but he didn't care as he pounded her
perfect mouth for another twenty minutes, and finally shot his
load, this time all over her face. Afterwards he took more
pictures of her in the nightie, making her grin and smile with
cum dripping off of her face. He than picked her up and took
her in the bedroom, putting her in her original clothes and
laying her down. He left her alone to sleep and recuperate for a
couple of hours.

Four hours later, knowing she was due home in a while, he shook
her awake and made her swallow a couple of pills of speed, and
gave her some coffee. About an hour later she was sufficiently
coherent to ask what happened.

"Oh you don't remember Samantha" he chided her

"No did I pass out or something? Its weird but I can't remember
anything over the last couple of hours" she said looking at the
clock on his nightstand and realizing it was getting late.

"Well let me jog you memory, first you modeled all kinds of
slutty clothes and lingerie for me, and than you gave me the
sloppiest blowjob I have ever had in my life" he matter of factly
told the girl.

"The best part is, its going to be all over the internet by this
time tomorrow" he said laughing "I'll make sure and send your dad
the URL" he told her smiling.

"What are u talking about," she said, her face growing pale and
for the first time since waking realizing what a sore throat she

Hunter picked up a remote and turned on the television and hit
play on the VCR. The girl watched as she saw herself posing and
modeling for him. She remembered the beginning, but couldn't
recall doing much of any of this. He fast forwarded through the
early parts and got to the blowjob.

"Of course Ill edit out some of it, like you puking and some
other parts that show my face. Its not like I want to be known
as a porno star" he said.

It was too horrendous for her and she started crying again
"You set me up" she came to the realization

"All of it, the drugs, this, you must have slipped me something"
she bellowed between sobs.

"Think you can prove that Samanatha. One call to the police and
your ass will be in jail in hours. Oh and you can tell them I
drugged you, but of course you're a drug dealer so you wold have
drugs in her system.

She sat and thought about it for about five minutes and knew no
one would believe her.

"Fine you sick bastard, you've had your fun, I'm leaving, and
never call or talk to me again" she yelled at him.

"Ha hahahaha, you can leave Samantha, but this is far from over.
You're going to come over everyday from now on after school. You
will set it up with your parents and tell them you have a job
working for me. Make up any story you want about where you heard
about it or how you found out. And if you don't, I will not only
call the police but post these pictures all over the internet and
than email the URL to all of your friends and family. I think
I'll probably send the pictures to a site I know called cum
covered teenage whores", he laughed. She started to shake
uncontrollably and ran out the door crying. That was the
beginning of the end of Samantha White.

Chapter Three

She could taste Mark's precum as she gently licked all around the
head of his cock.

"Mmmmmm" she moaned as she buried it to the hilt in her throat.
Mark was watching and couldn't believe she could do that.

"Holy shit" he said glancing over at Jesse.

Jesse was stroking his cock too, watching the show in front of
him. Honey's ass sticking up like a dog in heat was staring him
straight in the face. He noticed the perfect contour of it. Two
perfect tan globes of equal proportion, framed by the skimpiest
pair of panties he had ever seen.

It was definitely the tightest ass he had ever even dreamed

"Wiggle that cute ass for me Honey while you suck Mark's cock"
Jesse told the girl. She complied and cutely wiggled her rear end
back and forth; the whole time making loud sucking noises as she
devoured Mark's meat.

Mark was close as he started verbally taunting Honey. "Good
slut, oh yeah, take it all cunt, you were born for this, born to
be used. Look at you, shaking your ass like some used up whore
trying to make a couple of extra bucks." And with that he blew
his load in Honey's mouth. "Swallow it all bitch" he orderedher.

As she did as she was told she started gently sucking it now,
bringing him down and massaging it with her mouth. She was the
perfect cocksucker Mark thought. God what did Hunter do to her
to make her like this?

Jesse couldn't wait anymore and reached over and roughly grabbed
her hair and pulled hard until her head was hovering over his
enlarged dick. He didn't wait for her to start and pushed it all
in at once. He had waited years to treat a girl like this and he
wasn't going to be stopped now. He grabbed two handfuls of hair
and started brutally fucking up into her mouth as hard as he
could. The sound of his groin striking her mouth sounded obscene
and soon his balls and pubic hair were covered in her saliva. It
was so intense he soon felt the boiling in his balls and stood up
as far as he could in the limo. He pulled out and shot stream
after stream all over the girls face. She was covered. Her left
eye was full of it and it was leaking down her face from her

"Goddamn that was good" he said taking in deep breaths "And its
just getting started" He pulled out the camera his mom gave him,
to take remembrances with, and told honey to smile as he took a
few photos of her messy face.

"You look so cute like this honey, in a smutty way of course.
It's kind of disgusting but I'm sure the guys will like this
Monday at school. Samanatha White, queen of the school, smiling
for the camera with a face full of cum" he laughed.

Honey just sat there smiling and the thought of everyone knowing
what she had become almost was a relief. All the guilt over the
past six months would be out in the open and she could move on.
She stated to wipe off the cum with some napkins in the limo but
the boys made her stop.

"We want everyone to see u like this Honey, to know how dirty and
worthless you really are. Now put that ridiculously whorish
dress back on get ready for some serious abuse. I'm sure we can
find some more guys at the hotel who's dates aren't putting our
or maybe went stag and would like a piece of you. And when they
see you waking in with cum all over your face they'll know won't

Hunter knew the next day was the most important one in his plan.
Samantha was in a delicate position here. She had to know at
this point what his plans were for her, that eventually he was
going to fuck her and maybe more. No idea of exactly how far
down he would sink her would cross her na ve mind but she would
know that sex was definitely part of her payment to him for not
turning her in. How desperate was she he thought. Would she
risk going to the cops with her story. He didn't think so, which
was one of the reasons he had chosen her, but you could never be
one hundred percent sure. Observing her for those two months had
shown a girl who played by the rules, a girl who never even
dreamed someone would set her up for this, a girl who once those
rules had changed would so whatever she could to get back to the
safe world she knew. And as she bounded up the walkway to his
house he knew he had her.

Striding up the sidewalk Samantha's mind was a whirl of activity.
The events of the past week replayed in her mind. The drug
setup, the rape of her mouth, and the video taping were all too
much for her. I should have gone to the police she thought but
what if it didn't work. What if they believed him and she went to
jail. It would ruin everything. Sucking this man's penis, as
revolting as that sounded, wasn't as bad as risking her entire
future she thought. Knowing that he would probably sleep with
her today also was a strikingly hard thought to comprehend, but
she knew that she might have to with him.

She knocked on the door and as Hunter opened it he smiled "Hello
Samantha" and let her in. She was wearing her cheerleader outfit
as she had scrambled over here from practice. It was red with
gold letters across the breast. The pleated skirt hung down
about three inches above her knee. The top showed off her above
average chest. Tennis shoes with white socks rounded off the

"So do you know why you here Samantha" he asked her
"Yes" she said.

"Why Samantha"

"Oh god you know why, let's get it over with, you sick bastard."

He slapped her across the face; not hard enough to leave a mark
but it definitely reddened her cheek.

"Never ever disrespect me you little cunt. Now, why are you here"
he repeated again.

A tear forming in her doeish eye, she meekly responded " So you
can do stuff to me." "Stuff Samantha, what kind of stuff do you
want me to do it you"

"You know, put your ..... in my mouth, take pictures, whatever"
she mumbled out SLAP
Again he hit her this time on the other cheek.

"First off, don't be shy you cocktease, unless I tell you to be.
Secondly, you will tell me exactly what is going to happen
because you know deep down. Thirdly, always look me in the eye
when you speak and finally don't ever call anything by its name
in the dictionary, use the dirty names for it. Now start again."

"You're going to put your dick in my mouth and fuck me" she
shakily said crying hard now, the full realization sinking in.

"And you want me to do these things Samantha" he asked her
raising his hand up as if to slap her again?"

"Yes" she hastily replied blushing and wiping some tears off with
her hand.

"Well I guess I could fuck your stuck up teenage cunt if you want
me to Samantha" he said almost bored.

"First you have to turn a man on before he sticks his dick in you
Samantha so why don't you dance a little for me" he said walking
over to the couch.

She stood still for a minute and than as he raised his hand she
started slowly shaking her hips back and forth a little.

"Come on Samantha, you can do better than that. Dance like a
stripper trying to earn some money so she can live."

"That's it" he complimented her as she still very nervously,
moved about, bending over a little, putting her hands on her
tits, slowly moving back and forth, still too self conscious to
look exactly right, but that would come later, he thought.

"Now, turn around put one hand on you knee and shake that ass
back and forth for me.

That's it. Now lift your skirt up with your other hand and show
me those cute little panties they make your wear. Good slut. Now
bend all the way over and slowly slide those panties all the way
down. Let me see that little fuckbox"

Her head almost completely touching the floor she reached back
and did as she was told. She slid her matching red panties down
her long sculptured ass and legs until they hit the floor. Her
dance had done its trick and Hunter was rock hard. "Now come sit
on my lap" he commanded

She waked over and sat sideways on his knees.

"Not like that Samantha, like a stripper doing a private dance
would, grinding her pussy on me, trying to earn a tip."

She didn't know anything about how a stripper would act, so he
repositioned her so she was straddling him, and put his one hand
on her narrow waist and the other on her ass. She jumped at the

"Easy girl, soon enough this will be a natural position for you.
In fact I don't think Samantha's a good name for a girl who sits
on men's laps without any panties on. I think your new name will
be, let's see...... Honey; yes that's good. A perfect name for a
little slut who's trying to get a strange man to fuck her. From
now on I'll call you Honey What's your name little girl" he asked
her, kneading her ass through the skirt now. "Honey... sir" she

He brought his lips to hers and kissed her softly. Darting his
tongue in, he explored her mouth, the whole time also playing
with her ass. Using one hand he grabbed the back of her head
pushing it closer to him and roughly invaded her mouth as hard as
he could with his tongue. She wasn't a good kisser.

"Honey have you ever french kissed a man before" he asked her not
believing it was possible.

"No, no I haven't" she said shyly.

"Why not" he pressed on.

"Because I.......... just never got around to it and never met a
boy I wanted to kiss" she honestly answered.

"Oh, no one ever lived up to your standards eh. I'm flattered" he
responded locking his lips back on Samantha's large pouty ones.

He kissed her for what felt like hours, the whole time exploring
her body through her clothes, massaging her perfectly tight ass,
feeling up her breasts. He could tell she was sort of getting
into it in a reluctant kind of way, and than he decided to take
it one step further. "He slowly slid his hand up her shirt,
coming to her bra and than under it. He cupped her left tit in
his hand. She moaned in response. He played with it for a while
until he decided to get a better angle, and pulled out.

"Take off your shirt Honey if you want me to feel up your nice
springy tits some more" he told her.

She looked at him and seeing the glint of steel in his eyes
pulled it off, revealing a red cotton sports bra. "That too
Honey, and from now on never wear a bra around me, don't even put
one on when you know your coming over here. Glancing over at her
panties lying on the floor he added "and from now on I don't ever
want to see you in anything but thongs or g-strings, do u
understand" he asked pinched her ass roughly.
"Ouch" she yelled

"Yes but.....I only have a couple of thongs and no g-strings"

"Well than miss, you going to have to take daddy's credit card
and go buy some. I want to see you in a different pair of
panties or lingerie every day. You'll need enough for a solid
month I'd say, a different slutty pair every day. Do you

She was still reeling from the talk of a month. She was praying
he would get his rocks off and let her go after a couple of days,
but she nodded her head, learning to agree and do whatever he

"Now back to the business at hand" he said putting both hands
over her soft mounds. He felt them at his leisure, telling Honey
occasionally to keep looking at him in the eyes when he felt her
pancakes. She complied feeling total humiliation at straddling
this man with out her top on while he pawed at her breasts, and
having to look at him the whole time was even worse.

"You have a nice whorish pair of tits Honey" he told her.

"When a man takes his time to touch you and compliment you Honey,
you should thank him, don't you think"

"Tha.... Thank you" she answered biting her lip.
Thank you for what Honey" he said raising his eyebrow.

"Thank you for feeling my breas ... tits" she added a couple of
new tears streaming down her face.

"Okay now to the main attraction, that little hole below," he
said flipping her skirt up and getting his first view of her

A soft layer of brown hair covered it and he could see her lips
outlined below it. It was the most perfect looking pussy he had
ever viewed, not withstanding the hair of course. It was a long
slit with nothing hanging out or wrinkled, almost like a baby's.

"Honey from now on I don't want to see any hair down here. I'll
give you a home electrolysis kit I bought, and you will remove
any hair down there permanently. I don't want any friction when
I stick my dick in that dirty hole of yours. You can hide it in
your room and spend an hour doing it every night. It will hurt a
little, but a little slut like you has to look good for her man.
Know tell me, what your going to do" he asked her. She couldn't
believe what she had just heard. As if it wasn't bad enough he
was using her body for his pleasure, now he wanted her to
permanently alter her body and look like a baby. She felt sick
to her stomach, and as he grabbed a nipple in each hand and
started pinching she said " I'm going to remove all the hair from
my pussy, working on it every night until its gone" "Why Honey?"
he asked her

"So so so I... can" and with that she broke down and started
crying hysterically.

"Sluts don't cry when they're master gives them an order Honey, I
think you'll have to learn the hard way" he said.

And with that he picked her up and laid her over the front of
the couch so her ass was sticking up and her front was hanging
off. She was sobbing uncontrollably now. She had tried, but it
was too much for her young innocent brain to comprehend. He went
and got some rope and tied her hands to the legs of the couch,
stretching her arms painfully. She didn't resist at all and just
kept weeping. Hunter went and fetched a paddle he had bought
especially for this purpose. Unbuttoning her skirt and tying her
ankles together he looked at the naked young girl crying with her
knees on the couch and ass sticking seductively up. He started
paddling her as hard as he could. The crying turned into a
wailing as bright red splotches started appearing on her ass.
She had regained some composure now and was pleading with him to
stop, saying she would do anything, if he would only stop. After
about ten more whacks he relented. Her cute little rear end was a
mass of red now turning purple! bruises and marks. He knew it
would take weeks to fully heal. He went around to her and took
her head in his hands.

"Are you ready to be a good girl he asked her

""Yes... sob sob I am, I'm sorry."

He gently untied her and picked her up with her legs straddling
him, and carried her to the bedroom laying her down in the bed.

"Now up on you hands and knees Honey. The first time for a slut
should be doggy style so she gets used to it" he told her.

She quickly got up and haunched on all fours sticking her small
taut butt in the air, hoping he would like it. He got behind her
and stuck his hand on her cunt feeling it.

"My are you wet Honey, I knew a slut like you would like being

She was trembling all over and humiliated beyond compare knowing
she was wet down there, not being able to figure out why. She
still couldn't believe what was happening. It was like a sick
X-rated movie of the week; she was so flustered all she could do
was concentrate on following precisely what this horrible man
told her to. Hunter stripped his clothes off and got behind the
terrified young girl. His eight-inch dick sprung like a willow
branch upon being released, already harder than it had ever been.
He lined it up with her small opening and rubbed it around a
little making it wet and the target wetter. With one brutal
plunge he was buried to the hilt in Samantha Whites pussy and her
virginity was gone forever. She instantly passed out. He smiled
knowing the torment he was inflicting on the young girl. Her
pussy was like a furnace, searing him with its heat. The
tightness of her hurt, but he kept it buried until she woke up.

"Back with us Honey, good, I didn't want to go on without you,"
he said noticing the groggy girl's eyes opening.

"Now back on your knees whore."

She slowly got up, the whole time Hunters prick buried in her,
and assumed the position on her knees. He slowly started working
it in and out. He grabbed her hair and pulled back until her
back was painfully arched in a perfect curve. His strokes picked
up and he started spanking her ass, pulling her hair and fucking
her all at the same time. She was crying again, and it turned
him on more

"That's it cunt, take it, take it all. This is all your good for
Honey, a roll in the hay, a quickie in the closet, a fuck in the
back seat of a car. You're a worthless piece of shit who only now
is learning her place in the world," he shouted at her grimacing

"Now you dirty cunt I want you to say, cum in my pussy, give my a
baby, knock up my dirty teenage hole" he commanded her.

Honey couldn't comprehend that he was going to do it. It was too
awful. She hadn't even considered this aspect of it.

"No please, Ill. .... Ahh.... do anything, just don't do it
inside me."

Hunter reached around and grabbed a tit and started mauling it as
hard as he could, leaving mean marks all over her once beautiful

"Say it" he told her again
"Knock me up she cried , give..... oooooo me a baby, cum in my
dirty... ahhhh teenage hole.

His jism blasted straight up honey's twat and he felt like he was
going to explode as the intense orgasm racked his body. He
collapsed on top of her, both breathing heavily.

After several minutes he flipped her over and started fucking
again telling her to wrap her legs around him while he made sure
there was going to be a baby in there. As he passionately made
out with her he could tell she was starting to reluctantly get
into it, and as he shot his second load deep inside Samantha he
could feel she was close to cumming, but was too late. He rolled

"Aren't you going to tell me thanks for fucking you and putting a
baby in your tummy Honey" he asked the still weeping girl.

She was comatose, just lying there like an accident victim, still
unable to understand what was happening. He reached over and
pinched her ass cruelly but still got no response. He got up went
into the living room and retrieved the paddle. Returning he laid
one good smack across her thighs and exposed leaking pussy. With
that she jumped and came back to the living world.

"I said aren't you going to thank me for fucking you and putting
a baby in your tummy" he repeated, menacingly holding thepaddle.

"Thank you for fucking me..... and putting a sob sob in
my tummy" she said flatly still not fully conscious.

"Don't worry Honey, its just another insurance policy. If you do
as your told and be a good girl Ill take you in for an abortion
in a couple of months. I know a place that doesn't need parental
consent " he told her as he curled up beside her in a spooning
position, his hands cupping her perfect tits.

She thought about this and recoiled mentally making her alert
once more. She was against abortion, but this, this was
different. She was raped for gods sakes. Abortion didn't seem
to be as bad she had once thought, at least under the right
circumstances. The thought that she wouldn't have a baby after
all was comforting, but of course it was one more thing she was
in this mans debt for.

"Now Honey what do sluts do after sex he said nibbling at her

"What" she asked having no idea what he was talking about?

"They clean off their partners" he softly told her.

She moved her head and looked down at his prick. It was covered
in secretions from her pussy, blood, and his sperm. Her stomach
spasmed for a second and she got up to get a towel.

"No honey with your mouth" he said smiling.

Chapter Four

Following the boys into the expensive hotel, Honey seductively
swayed her hips back and forth. Her black latex dress hung to
her like it was spray painted on. She had a big smile plastered
on her face, underneath all the cum that covered it of course.
Some of it had dropped off and was laying obscenely on her tits,
shoulders, and chest. The clerk at the front desk was trying not
to stare as the boys got the key to their prepaid room. He was
wondering how much they had to pay this young whore to walk
around like that.

They collected their two keys and stepped onto the elevator when
Ron, the biggest jock at Ventura High school, and Sarah, his date
stepped on to share a ride up. Many of the senior class had
gotten rooms here and most were on the same floor. They stepped
in and had one look at Honey as the shock was displayed on their

"Oh my god what did you do to her" accused Sarah

She was used to seeing Samantha prancing around school, nose up
in the air, too important to talk to a regular girl like herself.
She envied the attention Samantha got because of her looks and
smarts, and was shocked to see her standing there with a smile on
her face, dripping cum. At first she wasn't sure what it was all
over the girls face, but upon leaning closer, she knew exactly
what the milky white composition was.

Mark smiled and moved his hand to Samantha's ass, fondling it
while he turned to Sarah and said "Oh her, she was taking turns
blowing us in the limo when she said she wanted Jesse to cum on
her face. I thought it was a little weird that she didn't clean
it off, but Oh well, who am I to stand in the way of what a girl
wants. Isn't that right Honey?" he asked her.

"Oh yes, I... wanted to feel his cum dripping off me" Honey made
up, playing the perfect whore as she was thoroughly trained.

"God who knew what a tramp you really were Samanatha, no ones
gonna believe it" Sarah said stepping off the elevator with Ron.

The trio went to their room and the boys had Honey clean her face
off so they could get busy again. Than they had her reapply her
makeup extra thick. Her lips were outlandishly covered in thick
red lipstick and her eyes were heavily made up with mascara.

"Dance for us Honey and strip" Jesse said taking a seat on the
couch next to Mark and turning on the clock radio next to the bed

The music started playing and Honey glided around in front of the
boys, dancing like a seasoned stripper. She bucked back and
forth, shook her little ass for them, and finally was kneeling
for in front of them, once again clad in only a g-string,
stockings and heels. They took out their cocks and she went to
work sucking and slurping on them. They enjoyed grabbing her
hair and pushing their dicks in her mouth until they bottomed out
in her throat, which she handled without any gagging or choking
at all. "Now go and lay on that bed and play with your self
Honey, and ask us to come over there and abuse you" Mark ordered

She lye on the bed, and after taking off her g-string, started
rubbing her small clitty, pulling and tugging at the ring
embedded through it. Getting quite worked up, she realized just
how horny she was. Hunter never let her cum, maybe only ten
times in the hundreds of times they had fucked, and that was only
when she taking it anally. She would be able to cum tonight she
thought. "Please come over here and abuse me Mark and Jesse" she
passionately asked them still frantically rubbing her clit. They
wasted no time and in a minute were completely naked. They moved
her so her head was hanging off the bed backwards. Mark stuck
his head between her legs and started going to town, and Jesse
stuck his cock in her mouth, his balls bouncing obscenely on her
nose and eyes. Mark was licking all around her clit and pussy
and thought Honey was a good name for her, this was the best
tasting twat he had ever sucked. He started roughly chewing on
her clit and ring. With Jesse fuc! king her mouth and Mark
eating her Samantha let loose, and after only two minutes
exploded into Mark's mouth, moaning all around Jesse's cock.

"The sluts cumming " Mark announced sticking his head up, face
covered in Honey's nectar. Just than Jesses followed her example
and emptied himself deep in Honey's throat.
"Damn I never thought you would get off from being treated this
way" Mark said moving up and roughly sticking his seven-incher
into Honey's pussy.

She responded and clenched her muscles, squeezing Marks's cock
until he thought he was going to explode and than he did. It
shot far up her as she kept squeezing He rolled off and she
dutifully crawled over and cleaned all the juices from Marks's
cock, not missing a drop. He wanted to try something and pushed
Honey's head down until it her lips were right over his asshole.

"Lick that now bitch, and stick your tongue as far up that ass as
it will go"

Licking all around his hairy, dirty hole she caked it in saliva,
before working her tongue up the middle and cleaning him out on
the inside. She made love to his ass, sucking, licking, and
slurping until she felt his now semi erect dick fall on her face.

"Oh yeah that's it baby, suck my ass until I'm hard again" he
breathily told her.

Jesse too was getting aroused from his place on the couch. He
still couldn't believe Samantha White was tongue fucking his
buddy's asshole. Walking over he started feeling Honey's ultra
cute ass and poked a finger into her tight anal ring, working it
around. Being trained to get aroused from anything in her ass,
she bucked back against him wiggling it in circles.

"I cant believe this bitch likes this" Jesse said looking at Mark
"She's a worthless tramp, she likes anything we do to her body"
Mark replied actually believing it know.

Jesse lay on the bed on his stomach and grabbing Honey's head
moved her it until her mouth was at his crack.

"My turn babyslut, and I don't want to see your piece of shit
face until your lips are brown" Jesse said.

Honey tried to oblige, licking the whole length of his crack
before diving in and feasting on his hole. He had a real hairy
ass and she felt some of his hairs in her mouth, but just
swallowed them and kept sucking. Probing all around she
swallowed all of the disgusting filth her tongue and lips brought
back. She devoured his shit hole. After about ten minutes both
boys were sufficiently back to normal. They made her go brush
her teeth, as neither of them wanted to smell her raunchy breath
when they fucked her.

"Hey, lets try something here since this is probably the only
time in our lives we'll ever have a whore to do with as we want"
Jesse said.

"What do you have in mind?" Mark said looking up from the sight
of Honey deep throating him.

A few minutes later he knew as Jesse lay on the bed and
had Honey crawl on top on him. He inserted his dick in her pussy
and started to push it in. He motioned for Mark to attack her
other whole at the same time. It sounded kind of gay to Mark,
but what the hell he thought, it was prom and he knew Jesse
wasn't gay. He wasn't sure he could get it in without any lube
so he went around and stuck it in Honey's sideways turned mouth.
"That's it baby, lube that assfucker, I'm gonna split that sweaty
hole of yours" Mark told her. Moving back behind her he slowly
stuck it in her ass, having to work and prod his way in, but
after several tries he was buried. It was so tight he almost
instantly came but mentally held out, and soon both boys got a
rhythm and started fucking the teen gutter tramp for all she was

"Tell us you like that baby, tell us you like getting double
fucked, tell us to fuck you like a dirty animal" Jesse ordered
the girl.

Panting, Honey acquiesced " yeah fuck me, fuck my pussy and ass
at the same time, use me like an animal."

As sick as what they were doing to her and how they were treating
her were, deep down she was loving every minute of it. Feeling
as if she had a cock inside every inch of her body she came
twice as the boys used her. They stopped five times, not wanting
it to end too soon. They called her pig, cunt, bitch in heat,
worthless tramp, anything demeaning they could think of. Jesse
had her open her mouth and spat into it. Mark was alternating
between slapping her ass and pinching and squeezing it. Finally
they had enough and blew their loads. They rolled off and each
was sweating profusely. Honey was between them, leaking cum all
over the bed. One at a time they shoved her face down on their
dicks and had her clean them off. Mark's even had a few specs of
shit on it, but she sucked without any complaint.

After lying back down from her duties, Jesse's slapped her arm
and said, "your not done cleaning up slut, we gotta sleep here."
He pointed to the pools of cum on the bed, some sort of brownish
in color. She bent down on all fours and started slurping up the
used cum but as fast she did more would fall out her two
well-fucked holes.

"I have another brilliant idea," Jesse said as he put his boxers
on and peaked out the door. He left for a minute and returned
with a dirty spoon and bowl he found in someone's old room
service tray.

"Now you can really eat our cum" Jesse said

"Making Honey squat over the bowl, they waited until all the cum
had drained, even helping by scraping some out with the spoon.
Jesse had Honey get on all fours and beg to eat the cum.

"Do you want this whore" he chided her

"Do you want to eat this cum straight from your ass and cunt" he
kept going

"Hmmmm oh yes" she responded

He fed it her spoonful after spoonful. She gagged once or twice
but not nearly enough as he thought she would. After it was
empty he made her clean the bowl with her tongue and than stuck
the spoon up both her holes, and made her lick that clean too.
This turned the boys on some more and they took turns fucking her
again. Jesse used her ass and Mark went back to her pussy. It
still felt unreasonably tight he thought. Afterwards the boys
were spent and wondered what to do next, until Jesse came up with
an another idea.

Chapter Five

Samantha cried the whole way home and locking herself in her room
continued crying most of the night. An hour before going to
sleep she retrieved from under her bed, the package he had given
her. She opened it and examined the electrolysis machine he had
made her take. Over the next hour she painstakingly jolted hairs
from her vagina. After an hour she had barely made a dent and
decided to go to bed. Sleep evaded her for most of the night and
when it came, it was in fits. Manic depression gripped her heart
pulling with a heavy weight. What was she going to do she
desperately thought to herself? There was no nope. Her parents
thought of her as a perfect angel. If they saw those photos it
would break them and her. The police she had already decided
were not an option. The only thing she could do was go along
with the cruel man and save her future.

After cheerleading practice she went to the mall. Convincing her
father that she needed new clothes, she had borrowed his credit
card. Considering all she had to buy she could already see his
face when the bill came. Hunter had had a long talk with her
after he had taken her for the second time. She had to bring all
her panties she owned with the next day, why she wasn't sure, but
he had said before that she was only allowed to wear thongs,
g-strings and lingerie under her clothes from now on. Getting
those out of the house had not been easy, with her parents
getting ready for work. Now she had to buy at least enough
skimpy panties for a month. That wasn't all. From now on she
couldn't wear pants or anything conservative or preppy when she
came over. She had to be wearing something "slutty" he called
it, when he answered the door. Short skirts, dresses, and shorts
that had to be form fitting and couldn't come down any further
than her ass, were what she had been orde! red to buy. Telling
her that wasn't all, he had also outlined more, telling her that
she should buy some bright red lipstick and get her ears pierced
twice more. She was to always wear heavy makeup, unless he
wanted an innocent look as he put it, which he would tell her
ahead of time about. High heels or platform sandals were also a
requirement now. Her mother would freak when she saw the new
piercings but she might be able to hide them with her hair. She
spent all afternoon at the mall getting her ears pierced and
buying clothes. She changed into an ultra tight shiny sleeveless
dress that came three inches down from her ass, that she had
bought at some rave place. Than she applied the new lipstick and
makeup she had bought. Before she had never worn much makeup,
preferring the natural look, but she slathered it on now, and
than looked in the mirror. Her bright red lips instantly stood
out, as did the dark mascara around her eyes. The dress was tight
and her tits wer! e displayed prominently. Looking like a
teenage call girl she left to go to his house.

When he answered the door she smiled, as he had told her always
to do when he answered and said in a little girl voice "hi mister
would you like to fuck my teenage pussy and abuse me?"

"Lets see why don't you come in little girl, and we can take it
from there" he told her chuckling and moving to the side so she
could enter.

Walking in the house she moved her ass back and forth as she
walked. He had told her this was how a slut walked and she was
to do it from now on. She was carrying a garbage bag and laid it
on the couch.

"Are those your panties Honey" he asked her?

"Yes sir" she answered trying hard to remember all the rules he
had given her, twirling her hair with one finger, trying to stick
her tits out, never speaking unless spoken to. Racking her brain
to remember it all, everything came flooding back and she started
once again sobbing.

"Im.... sorr sorry" she mumbled out.

"Now Honey, you know better than that. Time for another lesson I
see." Bend over the couch, pull that shiny dress up and wait for
your punishment" he told her

"I said I'm sorry, god my names Samantha okay, now lets get this
over with" she blurted out fast while starting to take her dress
off, trying to avoid the punishment.

"No leave it on Honey, even with you trying to get me to fuck
that dirty hole. its not going to work. You'll learn soon enough.
So if you don't want me to be nice I can be very mean."

He slapped her face hard and drug her by her hair to the couch.
Pushing her body over the back he flipped up her skirt. She was
wearing a matching shiny sliver thong. She was crying hard
again, almost hyperventilating.

"NOW, if you don't be a good girl and take it smiling, I'm going
to give you ten extra slaps"

Samantha was in her own world again, the shock of what was
happening making her oblivious to outside influences. The first
loud slap of the paddle brought her back. She screamed as the
pain exploded into her.

"Now I want you to say, thank you for spanking my filthy teenage
ass and showing me how to be a good tramp after every whack. For
every time you don't, it will be five extra. The girl's ass was
already a mass of black and blue bruises from the previous day's
fun, and Hunter thought, after the first whack, that this was
going to be extremely painful for the girl. Her precious little
silver thonged butt looked so cute with paddle marks all over it,
he thought.
SLAP The paddle went down again and Samantha passed out. He
waited until she regained consciousness and hit her again, this
time on her unmarked thigh.

"Still not learning eh, you will" SLAP

She was close to passing out again but knew she had to say it or
this would go on all night. SLAP The paddle whistled through the
air and landed on her other thigh.

"Thank you for spanking my filthy teenage ass and showing me how
to be a good tramp" she babbled. She was sweating now and the
tears kept coming.

After another twenty slaps, sometimes with breaks when she passed
out, he put the paddle down. Her mind was foggy. Only one thing
made sense now, do whatever she could to please him, so she would
never ever have to go through this again. He picked up her limp
form and placed her on top of him on the couch, straddling his
lap. He placed her head on his shoulder as she cried, until no
more would come out. "Shooooo its okay, everything's gonna be
just fine," he comforted her.

Knowing it was wrong but still feeling it anyway, she felt
extremely close to him right now for stopping the paddling, and
letting her cry on his shoulder. She had never been close with a
man until the last two days and a little part of her was ashamed
for upsetting him so.
Hunter knew he had to go relatively slow with the girl. He
thought maybe he was rushing things, but still felt it was better
to hit her with most of it now, get her off guard, break her and
mold her into his toy. It was all so alien to her, he wasn't sure
how far he could push her just yet. He picked her up and brought
her to the bathroom. Bending her over the sink he lifted up her
skirt and had her hold it while he looked at the large area of
ruined flesh below. He went to the medicine cabinet and got some
antibiotic cream and some lotion. Liberally spreading first the
antibiotic and than the cream, he heard her first gasp with the
stinging and than moan when he applied the lotion. Deciding
against fucking her today he led her to the living room and had
her remove the dress. He made her squat as he pulled the shiny
dress up over her head. Her makeup was running from all her
crying, and long black streaks were visible from her eyes all the
way down to her jaw. Her lips! tick was even smeared, from
biting her lip he assumed. She looked like the cutest little
whore in the world. As she squatted there in her cute little
shiny thong and platform sandals he unzipped his pants and fed
her his dick. Samantha didn't resist at all as she opened her
mouth and gave the first conscious blowjob of her life. He led
her through it, telling her what he liked. No teeth he told her
several times throughout, as well as to never use her hands
unless told to, except to cup or pull at his balls. She was
supposed to apply as much saliva as she could and never take her
mouth off of his cock when she was pleasuring him. He told her he
also liked to see saliva coming out of the sides of her mouth and
to drool as much as possible. She was happy to please him and
she couldn't really figure out why. When he came he spilled his
load all over her face, telling her to put her hands down which
came up reflexively. When he was done, her face was covered in
his spe! nt jism. Than he say down on the couch, making her
kneel in front of him and stick her thong-covered ass out. He
told her she was going to have to get him off two more times with
her mouth and if she wanted to get home at a reasonable hour, she
had better get started. So with cum dripping off her face, which
she had to lick up, she proceeded to orally consume his prick
over the next hour and a half. She was made to swallow the next
two loads, and with some difficulty she accomplished this act.
Her already raw throat, from the previous days rape, and jaw
were killing her but she made no complaint. Hunter was
exhausted. He had never came three times in a row before, but
the sight of the cute little coed covered in cum and staring in
his eyes while she sucked his dick was too much.

For the last bit of fun for the day he fed the remaining cum on
her face to the girl with his fingers. Her voice was practically
gone by than, and when it did come out it was raspy. On the way
out he gave her a large soft eight-inch dildo and told her to
practice on it and she had a month to learn to deep throat it and
his dick, without gagging.

The rest of the week he stayed away from her mouth and throat
except to make her clean him after sex. He dressed her up in all
the outfits she had bought and fucked her in every way
imaginable. Doggystyle in a blue teddy making her shake her ass
the whole time, reverse cowgirl in a in pink tiger striped thong,
on the kitchen counter in white garter belt and matching thong
and stockings, ankles behind her head while he pounded her in a
plaid pleated skirt with frilly ankle socks and saddle shoes. He
also got creative making her go to the store and buy cute little
girl panties that were pink with yellow polka dots on them. He
had her tie her hair in pigtails. While she watched Barney and
repeated whatever Barney said in a little girl's voice, he fucked
her bent over the couch through the hole he had cut in the
panties. He made her yell, "fuck my little cunnie daddy" over
and over during commercials.

Not until Friday did he even try to make her cum. In fact all
that week when he was using her he made sure to stop and wait
whenever she was getting close. He could tell she was in a
worked up state by how wet her cunt got every time he violated
her. He wanted to make sure that when she came it was doing
something unbelievably dirty. Thinking about it all week, on
Friday he had her call her father and for the first time ate her
pussy. It still had a little hair on it, but

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