Slutty and hot Sis (sis,sister,desi,indian)

Slutty and hot Sis

My younger and hot sister Nina ‘ I have explained our physical relations. We were ready for our classes. Nina, a hot, wild, 19 yrs girl with nice boobs, lovely face, rounded bum, strong thighs, and reddish vagina. She uses to wear long skirts with tops. Her traditional outfit has covered her body & I was happy with her dress.

We were on the bike. Her arms were on my waist & she was pressing her soft boobs against my back. My bike was on way to her school. She told,” Rohan bhaiya, actually, today my classes will remain suspended. Then, where should we go?”. Soon, I said, ”towards the lake which is in the outskirt of the town”. She said ok.

We have reached the destination. The lake was surrounded by the dense forest. This was the hot spot of town. Here, the lovers enjoy their nice time. I parked my bike near a large tree. We both were sitting on the grass. Nina inched forward & she has kept her big bum on my thighs.

Soon, her arms were on my shoulder. I was kissing her lips as well as face & my hands were holding her boobs over the tops. Slowly, like a lover, she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I was sucking her tongue while massaging the boobs. After a while, she took out her tongue.

Nina was kissing my face as well as neck. My hands moved inside her skirt & while rubbing her thighs, I opened her panty. Then, I took it out. She took my lips to sucked & in a dense forest we were loving each other. We both were sitting on the grass. My hands were pressing her boobs & she smiled looking at me.

Then, she said, “Why don’t you make me nude”. I replied, “but Nina, what if someone comes here? I think our lower part should be nude”. She replied, “sure, stand in front of me”. Nina was standing. I held her skirts & put it on her waist. Her strong thighs, as well as the clean shaved vagina, was nude.

Now, I began kissing her thighs as well as the vagina. She has kept her legs wide apart. My tongue was rolling on her cunt. She held my hairs pushing my face in between her thighs. I took her cunt to suck. Then, Nina took out her vagina. She was now sitting near me.

She said, ” Rohan”. I replied, “yah, Nina”. She continued, “remove your jeans”. But I said, “it’s your duty”. Soon, she took out my jeans & undies. She was looking at my penis. Now I was standing on the grass & my sister Nina was on her knees. She took my penis into her mouth and sucking it like a whore.

Her face was moving faster. I was in joy. Now my hands were on her hairs. I was fucking her mouth with my long hard penis. We were in a natural paradise making love like a couple. After a while, she took out my penis & started rolling her tongue on it. She was tasting her mouth saliva. So, Nina & Rohan were on grass.

Now I asked her,” Nina?”. She said, “yah, Rohan”. I continued, I will lie on the grass and I want you to sit on my face keeping your thighs wide apart”. Soon, she said, “sure, you will again love my cunt. So, why not?”.

So, Nina has kept her skirt on her waist. She was sitting on my face. Now a closer look at her cunt was making me crazy. I put my lips on her vagina and kissed it. Then my tongue was rolling on her glory hole. She was screaming in joy,” oh, suck my cunt.” & I took it into my mouth to suck.

After a while, she cried,” Rohan, please. Leave my vagina. I asked her while leaving it, “why ?”. She said, “I will urinate in your mouth”. Saying this she moved far away to urinate. My hot sister Nina was sitting on the grass. My hands were pressing her boobs & she smiled looking at me.

Then, she said,” Rohan”. I replied, “yes, Nina”. She guided me, “remove my tops and suck my boobs”. I said, “ok”. Then, I took out her tops. Her breasts were looking hot in the black brassiere of 28 c size. Now I removed it. And, I took my sister’s boobs into my mouth.

She was sitting on my thighs holding my penis. I sucked her both the boobs & now it’s time to fuck my hot sister. Nina was on the grass with her legs apart. She put her skirt on the waist. Now, I held her bum. Keeping it up in the air our love organs were looking at each other. I pushed my penis into her cunt. 1/2 of my penis was inside cunt & I rammed her tiny hole with my iron rod.

She was in a pain. My penis was in her vagina & I was fucking her harder as well as faster. After a while, her cunt became wet. Now, she was in joy. I kept penetrating my hard penis in her wet cunt. She was screaming .” oh, please, Rohan. Fuck me hard”. I said, “sure you hot bitch”. And I fucked her for 15 minutes. But my white fluid ejaculated in her cunt. We finished our fuck.

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