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It was a bizarre, schizophrenic existence, being a sorority slave. During the day I would attend classes just like the other girls, and be required to use my mind and brains, to think clearly and question things. Then I would go back to the sorority house, where I would immediately strip and don the chains of slavery, where I must close off all thinking lest I question or hesitate or give offense.

I was a beast, or less than that, an it, a device or tool, with no more heart or feelings than a kitchen appliance, to be used however the sisters desired. One rule only was applied, and that with Ginny in mind, neither of us were to have our heads shaved, the sisters preferred their slaves pretty.

We no longer slept in beds, unless it was someone elses. Each of us was given a blanket on the floor of the lounge. We were in chains at all times, and must always answer Mistress, to anyone who talked to us, and not talk unless we were spoken to first.

There were no longer any rules books. Punishments were given for whatever reason a sister or group of sisters desired, whether we had done something wrong or not. Some of the sisters punished us just to hear us scream, being sadistic bitches.

The very next morning, which was a weekday, I and Allison were roused from our sleep by kicks to the belly and hips. We had slept together in the basement, our arms around each other for comfort and warmth. Now we were released from the wall, and kicked across to a nearby door which opened onto the unfinished section of the basement.

There, standing over a drain, we were sprayed with cold water from a hose, then given soap and ordered to clean each other thoroughly. After we had soaped each other up and then been washed off twice, the sisters moved in and gave us a third, far more exhaustive cleaning.

They used rough brushes to scrub our bodies, the cruel brush scraping painfully against our skin, especially over our faces, our breasts, and between our legs. Then another brush, a round, pipe cleaner, was shoved up our pussies, to clear them out. At the last we were each given an enemy, then, after we had dumped the contents into a toilet, the pipe cleaner brush reamed out our assholes.

Clean inside and out, we were led cold and shivering in our chains, back to the finished portion of the basement where several sisters had gathered. A sawhorse was in front of them, and Allison and I were bent back across it.

My left leg and wrist were fastened to one leg, Allison's right leg and wrist to the other. Then our free wrists and ankles were fastened together. We were bent back painfully hard, our spines threatening to snap from the pressure, especially as the sawhorse dug painfully into the middle of our backs.

I heard Allison shrieking in pain but didn't know what was happening to her until I felt a sharp stabbing at my cunt. I jerked and trembled, then cried out in pain as the stabbing grew in intensity. I felt something very sharp sticking into my labia at the base of my cunt slit.

I cried and jerked and twisted, but could do nothing to ease the pain. It burned painfully, and I couldn't even see what was going on. Fingers fooled with my cunt, but in an unsexual way, not touching my clitty or pushing inside me or anything.

Then a woman came around in front of the sawhorse and I looked up at her through wide eyes. She said nothing, but saw in a chair right next to me and leaned over, a pair of pliers in her hand. I whimpered as she squeezed my left breast, mashing the flesh out, then gripped the tip of the nipple with the pliers and clamped the teeth down.

I screamed horribly, and someone stuffed a gag in my mouth to shut me up. I continued to scream into the gag as the woman pulled on my nipple, stretching it up away from my breast. A sister gave her a long needle and she moved it towards my nipple. I screamed frantically, first in pain, then in pain as the needle touched the side of my nipple, and pushed inward.

I could do nothing to resist, to pull myself free as the needle pushed into my agonized little nipple, and pierced it, sliding right through and out the other side. The woman slid the needle back and forth a couple of times, then withdrew it. A sister handed her a small gold ring and she inserted that in the hole in my nipple.

She shifted the chair around to my other side and then repeated the act, clamping the pliers down on my right nipple, drawing it up cruelly, then stabbing it with the needle, piercing it all the way through, then slipping a gold ring in place.

She turned and pierced Allison's nipples as well, for which I was so grateful I could have cried, were I not already crying. It wasn't just the relief of the pain going away, but the relief of thinking I was done. i had been afraid, once she'd made her purpose clear, that she would push the needle through my nose so I would have a ring there, just like Dog had. The sisters evidently preferred otherwise. Our noses were not pierced.

The woman was standing over me, glaring down. She slapped my face suddenly, just to get my attention. "Don't touch these rings. Understand, slave?" I nodded frantically and she went away. My back was aching, and my nipples and cunt felt sore too, but they didn't release us right away. The sisters removed the gags from out mouths and then made us suck them off.

I sucked five of them. I didn't count the ones Allison sucked. After that we were let up and ordered to clean the floor where we had been pissed on the other night. One woman wanted me to mop it up with my hair but the others said no, not for my benefit but because they didn't want to have to wash me again.

So with rags and brushes, Allison and I crawled around on our hands and knees and cleaned up the floor. I examined the rings as I moved around. They looked rather sweet dangling from my nipples. I couldn't see the one down in my cunt very well, there being no mirrors around, and I was forbidden to touch it.

After we'd finished that we were brought upstairs, and ordered to begin cleaning the floors there. We were given toothbrushes to do the job, our own toothbrushes, but the work went even slower than it should have because we were constantly being interrupted by one or another sister wanting her pussy sucked.

We worked hard all day doing the cleaning, cooking, and other chores, then one of the sister's pulled me away from that and took me downstairs to the unfinished part of the bathroom. There she washed me, much as though she were washing a car, with the same rough brushes as before, then she brushed and dried my hair and put a little perfume on me.

"All right slut, now go to the Guest room." "Yes, Mistress," I said. I went up to the top floor and knocked on the door, then knelt in front of it. The door was opened by a woman in her mid thirties. She had straight brown hair, one side down to her shoulder, the other side just over her ear. She looked down at me with a sneering expression of contempt.

"Come inside, slave," she ordered. I rose and came inside and she closed the door behind me.

"Did I tell you to get on your knees, whore?" she asked.

"No, Mistress," I said, dropping to my knees again.

"Then why did you do it, slut?"

"I don't know, Mistress," I said.

"Because you're an insolent cunt whore."

"Yes, Mistress," I said.

"Cheap, two bit fucking bitch!" she snarled, gripping my hair and twisting my head up and back. I winced and panted as pain assaulted me. She ran her eyes up and down my body, then flung me forward. I caught myself before my face would have hit the floor, then knelt on all fours.

She walked around me, examining me.

"What a perfect little wet dream," she sniffed. "I bet the boys all want to fuck you, don't they?"

"Yes, Mistress." She put her foot up on my ass, then reached forward and gripped my thick blonde hair again, jerking my head up and back.

"And you just love that, don't you, fuck hole? You'll do anything to get that pussy of yours filled up."

"Yes, Mi... mistress," I gasped.

"Only a filthy, contemptible slut would want to kneel there and stick her ass in the air so some hairy pig of a man could rut into you. No real woman would allow a dirty stinking male organ inside herself."

"No, Mistress," I whined.

She let go of my hair and shoved with her foot, knocking me forward to the ground.

"Stand up, slut."

"Yes, Mistress," I said, standing and facing her. She unhooked my manacles from the chains, tossing the chains on the floor.

"I don't need chains to control you, whore," she said.

"No, Mistress," I said.

"Get against the wall. Spread your arms and legs and put your hands up against the wall. Yeah, that's it, just like a criminal you cheap, stinking trollop!" She undid her dressing gown. Beneath she wore a merry widow's outfit, all in black, black stockings, garter belt, bustier and G- string. She had spiked high heeled shoes as well.

"I didn't say you could turn around, Whore!"

"No, Mistress. I'm sorry, Mistress," I said.

"You will be, cunt."

She moved behind me.

"Keep your ass sticking out and don't move."

"Yes, Mistress," I said, trembling a little in anticipation.

Then a terrible blast of pain ripped into my round ass cheeks. I screamed, but by a tremendous effort, remained in place, my hands flat against the wall. I heard her laugh, then there was another terrible, sharp, ripping pain in my ass. She was using neither a cane or a switch on me but I didn't know what it was since I wasn't allowed to turn around.

It struck my ass again, and I gurgled in agony, my ass flesh steaming with burning pain. Again it struck me, like the other blows, it was a heavy blow, almost like a kick in the ass, but with so much more pain I could hardly stand it.

"Like the taste, slut? Better get used to it. It's a riding crop, something made for controlling animals. Though you hardly even qualify as that." Again the crop slammed into my buttocks, then again, then again, each blow making my skin crackle with awful pain, each tearing a cry of anguished torment from my throat.

"Stick that ass out more, slut, and spread your legs more too."

"Ye... yes, Mistress," I whimpered, spreading my legs apart even more and pooching my ass out. I closed my eyes, moaning, then the riding crop cracked against my buttocks, making me scream again.

"You're a cheap slut, aren't you slave?"

"Yes, Mistress," I sobbed.

"You deserve this, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress." The pain was already being obscured by the deep, throbbing heat that was oozing out of my flesh back there. Further blows struck my ass but I kept myself from screaming, though I sobbed from time to time.

She halted at last, and I wondered if my whole ass was a tattered bloody mess, but then her hand cupped my ass cheeks and slid along my fiery red skin, and I detected no wetness or break.

"Nice red ass," she sneered. Her hand slid between my thighs and cupped my pussy mound, then squeezed so hard I thought I would black out. I stumbled back against her and her other arm instantly went around my throat, locking me in place as I strained upwards on my toes, whimpering and crying in pain as her hand continued to squeeze my cunt flesh.

"Dirty whore," she hissed. "I told you not to move. Now you'll have to be punished more."

She flung me back against the wall, hard, but her hand came off my pussy and I wept with relief, resuming the position I had held before, waiting for her to whip my ass again. Instead I felt her finger thrust up into my cunt sheath and pump in and out.

"Dirty stinking slut," she snarled, adding a second finger. "I should bring a hundred men in here and rape your cunt till it bleeds!"

She moved away and I hung my head, gasping and panting and groaning in pain. She returned and I braced myself, but instead of whipping my ass I felt her probe against my snatch with something rubber or plastic. Her hands gripped my hips and then she thrust it hard into my gash.

The pain was awful, and it came from inside me rather than out as the tremendously thick instrument was forced into my fuck box. It rammed up into me as the woman chuckled close behind me, her fingers digging into my hips as the thing impaled me.

"Like that I bet," she snickered, her thighs in between mine as I felt her hips smash into my buttocks. It was a strap-on dildo then, I thought. Well, that was good. I wanted a nice hard fucking now that my ass had been whipped.

"Whore! You were built to swallow cock, weren't you?" she hissed.

"Yes, Mistress," I groaned, my belly cramping a little as the thick dildo punched against the bottom of my fuck box. She began pumping the thing in and out of me violently, twisting her hips from side to side and raping the cock into my hole as savagely as she could, determined that I not enjoy it.

"Dirty little cock eater!" she snarled, humping hard into me, slamming her hips against my buttocks with jarring force as she pounded the dildo up my tunnel. Her hands came around beneath my arms and squeezed my breasts, her fingers working roughly on the sensitive mammaries as she cruelly kneaded the tender flesh.

I spread my legs a little more, groaning as the thick dildo pistoned in and out of my sucking fuck tunnel. My hole was moist and seeping with juice as the long dildo pounded into me. The woman, whatever her name was, thrust upwards angrily, ramming the thing up into my belly as hard as she could, ripping it back and forth in my fuck pipe.

When she wasn't fisting my sore titties, she was slapping my ass or the side of my head, or pulling my hair back hard. It didn't matter. All that mattered to me was that hard grinding pump of that dildo as it grated across my clitty and pounded up into my belly.

"Slut!" she growled. "Whore! Stinking man toy!"

I just grunted and moaned in time to her hard driving thrusts, luxuriating in the heat spreading out form my belly as the hard dildo churned up and down inside my abdomen. She pulled my hair, forcing my head so far back it was practically upside down, then seized my right tit and twisted it sadistically. I cried out in pain but the pleasure only grew as she continued to rape my cunt with her big dildo.

"You're being far too easy on her, Cynthia." A voice said. The pumping eased as the woman's attention was diverted. I moaned weakly, on the edge of what I knew would be a massive orgasm.

"What the fuck do you want?" the woman demanded. "I'm not finished with the little whore."

"Just thought I'd come and watch." I realized now the voice was Ginny's. I wondered if Dog was here too.

"Watch then, while I pound this slut's cunt to jelly."

"Don't you realize she's getting off on it, silly?" Ginny sneered.

"Just look at how shiny it is when you pull it out." The woman, Cynthia, pulled the dildo out of me and held it so only the tip was in my gash.

"See? That's not blood, dear, that's pussy juice. The little whore loves getting her cunt used."

"Dirty slut!" Cynthia raged.

"Pull it out, dear. We don't want to make her happy now, do we?"

The dildo slid out of my hole and my cunt lips closed wetly. I moaned in regret, desperate for my cum, which hovered just barely out of reach.

"I didn't think anyone was slut enough to get off on that," Cynthia growled.

"This one could get off on a knife up her cunt," Ginny's voice said in amusement. "Watch this." I felt a hand on my pussy mound, two fingers thrust up into me and another rubbed at my clitty. I whimpered, grinding my ass back in slow circles, my breathing coming in rapid pants.

"Dirty slut!" Cynthia snarled. The hand moved away. My head was hanging straight down, so I saw the knee as it slammed up into my crotch. The sight was followed a moment later by intense agony, nausea and dizziness.

"Like that, whore?" Ginny sneered. I almost fell, then the knee hammered up into my cunt pad again, with such force this time that it actually threw me into the air a couple of inches. I dropped down, my legs too rubbery to hold me as my hands slid down the wall.

I whimpered in dizziness, assaulted by the twin sensations of pleasure and pain, two heads of a powerful blast of sensations ripping through my cunt. A foot hammered into my cunt and slammed my face against the wall as I gargled in confusion and wept.

I slid down the wall, until my face was on the floor. Legs straddled my body, and hands slid under my belly, lifting it upwards, raising my ass, then someone kicked me in the cunt again, slamming my head into the wall and sending another wave of nausea, dizziness, pain, and.. and yes, pleasure into my tumbling, overloaded system.

Again the foot slammed into my cunt, and again, and again, and again, each blow smashing me into the wall, each blow sending a flooding wash of emotions and sensations through my buzzing, bleary, churning system. The blows increased in speed and became a rapid tattoo against my cunt mound.

I retched. If I'd eaten anything no doubt I would have thrown up, but since I hadn't had a thing to eat in more than twenty-four hours all I did was choke as my head spun and my system trembled and shook with agony. then another blow hammered against my fuck pad... and I came.

I didn't know at the time I was coming. My mind was a whirling bobbing screaming ball, tumbling through a featureless void where bright, multi-colored lights flashed and exploded, buffeted by high winds, burned and frozen, yet screaming with pleasure, a pleasure who's source I knew not. I knew nothing at all, wrapped within myself as the ecstasy of a magnificent orgasmic storm swept through my body.

I don't think I lost consciousness. I suppose it depends on how you define consciousness. I was totally unaware of my surroundings for some time. When I did slowly become aware of myself and what was around me I realized I was hanging from my wrists, which were locked together above my head.

I swung a little, my body hanging down so far below me, my toes jerking and twitching. Ginny was still here, and so was Cynthia. Dog was here too, on her knees sucking Cynthia, who was sitting on the edge of her bed, legs apart. Ginny was kneeling behind Dog, fucking her with a strap-on dildo. Dog didn't seem to be getting as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

Of course, that was because she was a pure lesbian, I remembered, and one of the most awful things Ginny did to her was invite men to fuck her. Dog hated being fucked, but of course had no say in the matter.

Ginny noticed I was awake then and pulled the dildo out of Dog's cunt, standing up and coming over to me.

"Back with us, slave?" she taunted. She slapped my face hard, knocking my head to one side, then slapped me again, knocking my head in the other direction.

"Is there anything we can do to you that won't make you cum, dirty little whore?"

"I don't know, Mistress," I moaned.

She pulled on my nipple rings till I winced in pain.

"Maybe we could rip off your pretty little nipples. Would that get you off, whore?"

"I don't know, Mistress," I gritted.

She slapped my face again, but let go of the rings. She picked up the riding crop and moved around behind me, and I felt her hand stroking my ass cheeks. Then I screamed as the crop slammed into my back. My body swung violently around as my legs kicked out. I danced in agony, swinging and twisting in the chains.

Ginny slashed the crop across my back again, then as I twisted around brought it down on my right tit. I howled in pain, swinging around and around as Ginny lashed whatever part of me was available, be it back, ass, belly, breasts or hips.

The door opened and Sissy came in, glaring at Ginny.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she demanded.

"Playing with the little slut here," Ginny purred.

"You're giving her bruises and welts you dumb bitch. We need her clean for the frat party and Joe Morgan's dance."

"I don't."

"Fuck you, Ginny," Sissy glared, coming forward and shoving her back.

"This cunt belongs to the Sorority, not you. We use her as we want."

"It's not my problem if the rest of you are afraid to come out of the closet and insist on using the pledges and slaves to give yourselves straight images," Ginny sulked.

"We're here to get degrees so we can get jobs in the real world, Ginny, and lesbians are not accepted easily in either business or science. Now lay off the cunt until she's whored around for us."

"She's hardly marked at all," Ginny pouted.

"She's marked too much. You should have used the switch, or most the cane, and you're not allowed to whip her back at all. It bruises too easy."

"Like I said, I'm not worried about my reputation," Ginny said.

"East shit, dyke," Sissy glared. She lowered me to the floor, removing the chains from my manacles.

"She's off limits to you two until I say otherwise."

"That's not fair," Cynthia said.

"And how do you think your chances of tenure are if it gets out you're a lesbian who likes to whip freshman students?" Sissy said hotly. Cynthia sulked but didn't reply.

"That's right. They'll boot your ass right out of this school, professor," Ginny snapped. She gripped me under the arm and hauled me to my unsteady feet, then half carried me out of the room and down the hall to my own. For the first time since I'd become a slave she put me on my bed, then got some cream and spread it over my ass and back. She locked my wrists to the separate posts so I couldn't turn over, then turned out the light and went out.

I thought about what they had said, puzzling over it a little before I arrived at what I thought was the answer. The Delta Phi's had a raunchy reputation, but it wasn't for lesbianism but just for being party girls. I knew most of the girls didn't fuck around with men, so that meant, from the way they were talking, the sorority used its pledges and slaves to whore around for them and gain the reputation.

Emma came in a little later, and demanded to know who'd put me on the bed. I explained what had happened and she nodded her head, confirming my thinking.

"All of us pledges had to fuck at least five separate guys in a week before becoming confirmed," she said. "Us bisexuals are encouraged to fuck as many guys as we can, while you slaves don't have any choice." She grinned then. "It's a lot more pleasure than you deserve, but you're going to be the main course in a lot of gang bangs over the next few weeks, slave. Not to mention the pictures."

"What pictures, Mistress?" I asked.

"They've, I mean, we've already sent your picture in to Coed magazine, offering to do a centerfold, and we'll make sure you get on the campus calenders. Having a hot looking slut like you in a little bikini will on the campus calender will help our reputation a lot."

"Oh," I said. This was the first I'd heard of that but then nobody had to consult me or anything. I thought the idea of posing naked for Co-ed was both frightening and exciting, because it was a huge magazine that was distributed all across the country and was read by hundreds of thousands of people, mostly men, of course.

And gang bangs. I'd always wanted to be gang banged, but never had the guts to do it before, afraid of the reputation I'd get. Here it wouldn't matter. I was far from home and the sisters already knew I was a filthy whore.

My pussy drooled a bit in anticipation.

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