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Stable girl

Tamara Knudson had just turned sixteen years old and she was starting to figure out what being a woman was all about.

She had known about the birds and the bees for several years -- a sex education class having been offered in eighth grade -- but that didn't mean that she understood them.

She felt no desire toward boys at the time of the class, and she could not figure out why any girl in her right mind would let a guy stick his stiff cock in her cunt -- especially when it was supposed to hurt when the cherry popped.

But upon turning sixteen -- in the middle of that magic summer, Tamara was starting to feel the strange urges in her loins that told her she too would want to be fucked in the very near future.

Tamara had long blonde hair that spilled thickly over her shoulders. She spent a lot of time out in the sun when the weather was nice so her hair bleached almost white, and her skin tanned dark brown.

This was a combination that drove the boys her age right up the wall with lust.

Her hair was parted in the middle and fell down onto her forehead in bangs.

The teenager's eyelashes and eyebrows were just as light as the hair on her head. Her eyes were the color of the summer sky, and twinkled merrily whenever little Tamara was in a good mood.

Her cheeks were smooth and she had the face of an angel.

The girl looked as if she had never committed a sin.

One could almost see the halo above her golden tresses.

Only Tamara knew that this halo was entirely unscrewable. Only Tamara knew the lust she felt kindling in her abdomen.

The blonde lived on a farm in the township of Caledonia, about twenty miles south of Rochester, in upstate New York.

She lived in a big white farm house with her mommy and daddy, and her older brother Larry, who she thought was a real jerk and a half.

Larry spent most of his time stoned or drunk and was on the verge of flunking out of high school.

Out behind the Knudson house were the stables where Swede Knudson -- Tamara's father -- kept the horses. Some were racers and some weren't. But there was a track out back and occasionally Swede entered a horse in a claiming race.

For the most part, however, horses were his hobby.

He was a lawyer, and liked the rural home he didn't get to see nearly enough of. Swede often spent up to sixty hours a week in his office in Rochester.

Ever since Tamara had been a very little girl, horses had been the one true love of her life.

Tamara had no doubt in her mind that she thought about the horses her daddy kept more than any other single topic.

It hadn't taken Tamara long to notice that horses gave her the same tingling tension in her loins that she felt when she was around a handsome boy.

Sometimes Tamara snuck out to the corral to watch the studs mount the mares during the mating season. Tamara had noticed that this not only made her loins ache, but she could actually feel the blood pumping downward in her body -- directly to her virgin cunt. Tamara rode frequently. She loved being astride the animals.

She liked to ride bareback most of all. The sensation of that strong backbone between her spread thighs had been known to make Tamara's cunt soaking wet.

She had frequently noticed huge wet stains in the crotch of her bikini panties after finishing a bareback ride through the Knudson back fields.

Tamara was not a very big teenager, and she knew -- judging from her mother's diminutive size -- that she was probably not going to grow much more. Not up anyway. Tamara planned to develop a somewhat fuller figure as she matured.

The little blonde girl stood five foot one and had smallish breasts that rested high on her chest.

Though they were not very big, they were round and full, and were sloped so that the nipples pointed upward.

Tamara always wore tight shirts and was, of course, braless, just because she knew that boys drooled when they looked at her nipples. A lot of times, when Tamara was thinking about either boys or horses, and sometimes both at the same time, her nipples would get very hard and erect, making bumps in the front of her tight shirt.

Those bumps had been known to cause many a voyeuristic boner!

It was a very hot Saturday afternoon and the sun was scorching, still high in the cloudless sky.

Tamara was alone on the property, her mommy and daddy having gone away to some convention in Albany, Larry being who the fuck knows where.

She was astride the blonde steed Golden Flash, her pussy in full ache, getting worse this time than she had ever known it to get before.

Tamara had been thinking about masturbation for some time.

But she had been trying to avoid playing with herself.

Sometimes the little girl lingered over her pussy and nipples while bathing.

But this only made the ache and tension in her lower belly worse. She had never experienced an orgasm.

She had become frightened when the ache became too bad, and had stopped touching herself immediately.

It wasn't that she was afraid of hurting herself.

She was afraid that she would like it too much, and that she would become obsessed with touching her own cunt, until she was doing it all the time, causing her to alter her lifestyle to appease her new-born sexuality.

Her fears would end up being prophetic. Tamara knew herself better than anyone.

But on this day she knew she would have to find out what all the fuss -- was about. She was experiencing an increasing physical discomfort in her crotch, and she could feel her bikini panties getting drenched with the natural lubrication drooling out from between her thoroughly engorged inner labia.

Golden Flash's mane and Tamara's hair were the same color.

She was tempted to take off all of her clothes and ride the steed bareback, but she was chickenshit. She told herself that she would do it after dark, if Larry didn't come home unexpectedly.

She figured that her privacy was more or less assured.

Larry was never home on Saturdays. He went to weekend-long parties in a clubhouse he and the guys had built in the woods with lumber they had stolen.

Larry had a friend named Bernard who was eighteen and bought beer for them.

Tamara had heard that girls went to those parties too, but, needless to say, she had never been invited to one.

This time Tamara was determined to make herself come.

She would do it in the privacy of her own bedroom.

Tamara thought that it was a lousy day to be indoors.

But she knew she wouldn't be able to relax if she got naked outside. Even if there weren't another person for miles around she would feel somewhat exposed and vulnerable.

That sort of thing would have to wait until dark. She knew that she would be braver by moonlight and she was thrilled with anticipation. Not only was she going to make herself come for the first time in her life but also the evening held in store for her a consummation of her relationship with nature!

Tamara turned Golden Flash toward the stable and dismounted after slowing to a walk by the side of the long wooden structure.

Tamara hopped off and led Golden Flash to his stall. She could see that the horse had an erection. The thing had to be a foot long and it was so thick she knew that she would never be able to get her fingers all the way around it.

She was surprised at the naughty thought she was having.

Tamara learned that her sexual arousal changed her mentally as well as physically.

She found herself craving things that she knew anyone else would think were perverse and disgusting.

Tamara wanted to be a mare so she could be mounted by the studs.

She wanted to know what it was like to have a foot of horse cock inside her cunt.

Her pussy throbbed with her filthy thoughts, and she knew that she had better hurry up and get to her bedroom.

As her panties became drenched they worked up between her engorged outer pussy lips, making Tamara's cunt feel as if it were being encased in a cloth trap, and she yearned to get naked. She wanted her cunt lubrication to flow down the insides of her slim thighs like fruit juice from over-ripe apricots.

The little girl could feel her clitoris aching the worst of all.

It was swollen to full capacity too and was sticking out from under the semi-circle of flesh sheath above it.

The love button's foreskin was being pushed up and out of the way by the fiery red erection at the top of the small blonde's virgin vagina.

Tamara walked quickly toward the large white house's back porch, taking the steps two at a time and swinging the screen door open with a fluid grace. Tamara was built on a small frame and weighed less than a hundred pounds.

Her hips were still slim, although they were growing broader as she matured.

Tamara knew that she would have the perfect hourglass figure of her mother by the time she was eighteen.

Her breasts would grow larger, but would not sag. Tamara knew that she came from a family of women with large firm breasts that rested perky and high until well into their forties.

Tamara had slim fingers. Her fingernails were long and had been carefully manicured so that they were all the same length and had an equal roundness to them.

This was the little blonde's sole concession to vanity. She never wore make-up.

Tamara was smart enough to know that her innocent beauty would only be marred if she wore a mask of make-up like some of the girls who went to Caledonia High School.

Tamara dashed into the house, up the stairs and slammed the door to her bedroom shut behind her.

She moved to the bed and quickly got out of all of her clothes. She was drenched with sweat from the ride in the heat and had to peel her soaked shirt away from her tits.

The cool air felt good on her wet skin as she got naked and she soon sprawled herself in the center of her bed on her back wearing no more than the day she was born.

She sighed as she hooked her thumbs under the tops of her pants and the elastic to her panties simultaneously so she could hitch them down over her buttocks together, pulling the wet panty material out from between her swollen cunt lips.

Tamara placed both of her pillows on top of one another and punched the top one with a tiny fist to make an indentation for the back of her head.

She stretched her legs out in front of her at first, keeping the knees straight, trying to decide what to do first.

Tamara could tell that her orgasm would be made better if she went about the masturbation process slowly.

She could tell instinctively that patience was the key to giving herself a good come, even if it meant being a bit of a self-tease.

Tamara could feel the tension in her lower abdomen getting worse by the second, and she hadn't even begun to touch herself.

She watched her fingertips shaking nervously as she placed them on her nipples. She shivered and moaned.

It felt even better than Tamara had thought it would and she rolled her fingertips over her erections lovingly.

The pretty little blonde teenager could feel her nipples getting even harder and longer as she touched them.

Tamara could feel her cunt juice forming in a pool at the base of her cunt slit, preparing to drool outward.

Her ass crack would be lubricated just as well as her cunt before she was done making herself come.

She knew that she would be making a wet spot with that natural lubrication on her bedspread and the bedding would have to be washed.

But she was all horse smelly and sweaty anyway, so cleaning up would have been necessary if she had jacked off or not.

Tamara knew that she was supposed to fantasize about fucking boys as she touched herself.

Ever since she had started feeling her sexy urges she had gone to the library to read as much as she could about sex.

She had read a whole book that was just about female fantasies, but it had little in it that appealed to her.

Tamara knew the fantasy that would turn her on the most.

And it sure as hell wasn't in any book in the library.

She was going to pretend that she was getting it on with a horse.

She had read the phrase "hung like a horse" used to describe guys with big pricks. Tamara figured it would be easier just to have sex with a horse if one wanted a huge cock up their twat!

Tamara was smart enough to know that she shouldn't tell anyone about her horse fantasies.

She knew that such things were considered very weird, and no one would understand how pure her craving felt.

It would be natural for her to have sex with a horse.

Tamara wished with all of her heart that she had been born a mare.

The little blonde placed her thumbs and forefingers on either side of her nipples and pinched at them lightly.

This felt very good and soon she was pinching harder, until she felt an odd combination of pleasure and pain.

Tamara became aware of the strange association between pleasure and pain during moments of sexual arousal.

It would be a point she knew would have to be driven home before she could ever think about actually taking a twelve inch horse cock up her tiny pussy.

She was just a little girl and she knew that the muscles at the sides of her cunt would have to stretch grossly open just for a stud horse to get the tip of his long red prick inside the mouth of her fuck hole.

She had no idea how much her cunt could stretch, and for the moment Tamara was content that the act was best as a fantasy. The thought of really getting fucked by a horse frightened her too much. She was young and inexperienced. Tamara would learn quickly.

The little blonde began to tug at her nipples until the breast flesh all around them was pulled taut.

Tamara could feel her heart begin to race, pounding audibly as her chest heaved.

She made her tits appear pointy by pulling at her nipples.

Tamara found that it was increasingly difficult for her to breathe normally.

No matter how hard she tried she could no longer fill her lungs completely with air. Her horniness was forcing her to take short rapid breaths.

In a realization of pride, Tamara realized that she was panting -- just like the wild animal she wanted so badly to be.

The teenager released her nipples and allowed them to snap back into position, looking at them with wide eyes.

Her eyes -- filled with awe -- were open so wide at that moment that the whites were visible all the way around the blue pupils.

She opened her fingers and stretched them apart as far as she could.

Tamara placed her palms so that the nipples were pressed against their centers.

She clutched her tits and pressed them together -- making her cleavage longer and deeper than it had ever been.

She moaned deeply.

Her cunt drooled.

Her clit quivered.

Her eyes closed, her long curled blonde lashes pressed against her high rosy cheekbones.

But this only made the craving in her lower torso get worse -- to the point where her willpower ran out.

She knew that she would have to leave her breasts alone for awhile. There were parts of her body that needed to be stroked more desperately.

She rolled her fingertips slowly down the flat plain of her belly, which moved up and down with her gasping.

Tamara had a tiny nose that turned up a little at the end.

She had a cute little button nose, which enhanced her innocent appearance.

Her nostrils were oval-shaped and flared when she was feeling horny. At that moment her nostrils were flaring very wide, as she was picking up a scent.

It was an odor that Tamara had never smelled before.

But it took her only a fraction of a second to figure out what it was.

This was the smell of her own womanhood. The scent of her pussy. The musky odor of her swollen cunt! The little girl could hear herself making tiny gurgling noises deep in her throat as she traced a circle around her dimpled bellybutton with the tip of the long fingernail at the tip of her right forefinger. She dipped the nail into her navel and let out a surprisingly sharp grunt of physical joy.

The scent of her pussy worked as a catalyst for her horniness. Tamara placed the balls of her feet flat on the crumbled bedspread.

The bed was already very damp from the hot perspiration of exertion that oozed from all of the little girl's pores.

She could feel the muscles in her thighs tensing, and she began to open and close her knees rapidly as if she were trying to fan the fire in her cunt.

She clutched at the bedspread with her tiny toes. Tamara stretched her thighs apart as far as she could get them.

The little girl pointed her knees at opposite walls of her bedroom.

The walls of her room were covered with, naturally, posters of beautiful horses running through fields of grain.

She began to stroke the insides of her own thighs.

Her moans of pleasure became steadily louder and higher in pitch.

The little girl placed the tips of her long unpolished fingernails way up near her breasts and stroked downward toward her crotch.

She stopped just shy of touching the outer lips of her cunt, which, of course, was where she needed the stroking most severely.

Tamara could feel her toes turning white from clutching at the balls of her feet so tightly.

She lifted her feet off of the bed and drew back her knees so that they were very close to her chest.

She placed her weight on her shoulders and the back of her head -- rolling on the small of her back.

In this manner, Tamara rolled her sweet little buttocks off of the bed so she could get at them with her fingers.

Tamara switched her caress to the backs of her thighs, and then down onto the cheeks of her round tiny ass.

This felt a hell of a lot better than the little blonde girl thought it was going to, and she once again made a gurgling noise deep in her throat.

Her clit was so swollen, and was throbbing so hard, she thought it would pop right out of her pussy.

Tamara would not have been at all surprised if her love button had launched from her slit like a rocket.

She could feel the tension in her lower belly reaching the saturation point.

She wondered how severe that tension could get before her initial feminine orgasm reached the point of inevitability.

She could feel her sexual desire running below her pussy -- into the moist crack of her tiny butt.

The little girl scratched lightly at her buttocks for a moment, still writhing violently, and then increased the pressure.

Soon she was scratching at the backs of her thighs and the cheeks of her ass so hard she was making red streaks in the flesh.

When looking at Tamara naked it was obvious to see how tiny the bikini was she wore when she sunbathed.

Her skin was tanned to a golden brown everywhere on here body except from two tiny triangles around her erect nipples, and her pussy and the crack of her ass.

Tamara had often wished that bikinis weren't necessary.

She wished that she could get completely naked to sunbathe.

The little blonde had had the urge to run naked ever since she was little.

She wished she could have grown up in a world that was uncivilized, so she could always be completely in touch with nature -- both the plants and the animals.

Tamara wanted her mind to be in sync with her environs.

And she definitely did not want her environment to be man-made.

Tamara turned her fingers inward and worked the depths along the flesh toward the crack -- a little at a time.

She pressed her fingertips into the flesh hard enough to make the buttocks dimple, and let out a sharp grunt.

The pretty little blonde then began to pull the cheeks of her butt -- very slowly and patiently.

She did not stop separating those cheeks until the skin in the crack was as tight as it could possibly go.

Tamara could feel some of the puckers in her asshole being smoothed by the pressure and her lips pulled back tightly over her teeth in a grimace.

She held her ass cheeks all the way apart with exclusively her left hand so she could use the middle finger on her right to explore the moist tissues in between.

She touched herself at the top of the crack of her ass -- near the small of her back -- which was very close to the bed as she rolled backward into a ball, her knees still as far apart as she could get them.

She drew the finger a fraction of an inch at a time toward her butt hole -- which had already begun to burn with anticipation.

Tamara could feel her sexual desire filling her hot anus.

The asshole was tingling madly with an urge to be stroked.

She could feel an ache deep inside her bowels also at that moment.

Both sensations grew as her finger approached the nether eye.

The tight orifice was opening -- and closing, looking as if the eye were winking.

Her asshole was very pink and had a thin ring of golden hair around Tamara found herself thinking for the first time in her life of anal intercourse.

Tamara could feel her whole body stiffen as her fingertip made contact with the mucous membrane.

As she massaged her own asshole she was only an inch away from the base of her swollen pussy slit.

Tamara wondered how elastic the flesh of her asshole and cunt was. She wondered how much she could take.

The pretty little blonde teenager began to think of the huge objects that might fit inside her fuck holes.

And, of course, the number one item on her list of phallic objects was long thick horsey cock!

Tamara rubbed her fingertip in a tiny circle, tracing the tight ring of muscle at her horny rectum.

She had never read much about women who took cocks up their ass -- and she thought she had read a lot.

She wondered if these anal cravings she was feeling made her a sexual freak -- just like her horse fetish.

There was certainly no denying -- at least to herself -- that the desire in her anus and bowels existed.

She had a great desire to stick her finger all the way up her, as so she could know the thrill of penetration.

But Tamara was afraid to do this, fearing that she could hurt herself internally with her long fingernail.

She looked around the room for something to violate herself and her eyes lit up as she looked at the top of her dresser.

The little girl could see a feminine roll-on antiperspirant sitting there that was packaged phallically.

She quickly hopped off the bed and grabbed the roll-on in a tight right fist, feeling her cunt juices spill down the insides of her thighs as she stood.

She then opened the top drawer of her dresser and rummaged around for a second in her undergarments.

She quickly found a tiny plastic jar of petroleum jelly sitting there.

She used the stuff to keep her chapped lips moist in the cold weather.

But now it would work perfectly to grease the roll-on and her asshole, so she could violate herself.

She returned to the bed and snapped the top off the plastic jar with the thumb on her right hand.

The little girl scooped some of the jelly out of the jar on her fingertip.

She rolled back into position and pulled her cheeks apart with her left hand.

She dabbed a plentiful amount of the lubricant jelly on her anus.

She then smeared the stuff over the wide ball of the roll-on cap.

Tamara wasted no time placing the tip of the roll-on against her asshole.

Her desire to be deeply violated and reamed was greater than ever.

She pushed hard and concentrated on relaxing her sphincter muscle. The pressure increased for a long time before the hole began to open to let the make-shift dildo up her butt.

And when the violation did begin, it all happened very quickly, making Tamara gasp for breath at the shock to her system.

She felt her asshole opening until the flesh was taut. There was pain.

But Tamara found that she didn't mind the pain. It was an intrinsically sexual pain, and it only enhanced her craving for deep anal plowing.

She wished that it was a real cock being pushed up her asshole instead of a rather cold inanimate object.

But she figured that beggars cannot be choosers and continued to push the roll-on past the tube of muscle into the more elastic bowels.

Her face contorted badly with the combination of pleasure and pain she was experiencing with this violation.

Her eyes closed so tightly that the lids were wrinkled -- and little lines had formed at their corners. Naturally, Tamara could not see herself, so she did not know that those lines ran to her temples.

Her face was very flushed with her exertion and her sexual arousal.

Tamara Knudson had become as red as a fire engine.

She could feel a vein at her right temple very close to the surface become engorged and throb hard.

This vein was clearly visible, although it would be some time before human eyes would see her in this state of unadulterated horniness.

Once the greased tip of the roll-on cleared the sphincter muscle, the penetration became swift.

She pushed the fake cock into her butt until there was less than an inch protruding from her asshole.

The anus was gaping open, stretched taut, and was struggling hard to grip snugly at the base of the dildo.

She left just enough sticking out of her asshole for her to grip the base firmly with arched fingertips.

Tamara still had to concentrate to arch her fingers when she held on to things, so her fingernails wouldn't get in the way.

She had been a nail-biter for much of her childhood, and was very proud of her new womanly manicure.

But there were still times when she wanted to bite off all of her nails, just to make her more coordinated with her hands.

Tamara began to work the fake cock in and out of her asshole slowly, pulling it almost all the way out before thrusting it back inside.

Her cheeks puffed out as she gasped and her lips blustered noisily with the self-pleasure she received.

But the focus of her anal desire was in a spot so deep inside her bowels that the fake cock could not reach it.

She knew that she would need something longer and thicker than what she had to appease those urges.

She wanted the next cock that went up her ass to be humongous, hot and throbbing with real life.

The ass reaming she gave herself made the tension in her cunt only worse and she knew that it was time to get to the meat and potatoes of the masturbation session.

It was time to make herself orgasm blissfully.

She could tell that her mind was about to be boggled.

Tamara could tell that the joy she was about to give herself was going to be ten thousand times better than anything she had previously known.

Tamara pulled the roll-on out of her butt slowly, not wanting to make her sphincter muscle slam shut.

She set the greasy roll-on on the bedspread, not worrying about making a mess as she had already decided that she would have to wash the bedding when she was done anyway.

It had never occurred to Tamara that sex would be so messy.

Now she knew why so many lovers showered together. It was to get clean.

Tamara placed her fingertips at the outer lips of her cunt and pulled them apart until she could stretch the flesh no further.

She could feel the many folds of flesh inside her pink cunt being separated, along with her inner pussy lips.

Her clit was throbbing just as severely, and she wondered if it were possible to make herself come without actually touching the clit.

She got the impression that the massive explosions inside her pussy were going to start the second she touched that love button.

The pretty little blonde teenager placed the tip of her right forefinger at the base of her wet slit.

She touched the spot where her secreted natural lubrication had gathered the thickest, making her fingertip slippery.

The musky scent from her pussy was stronger than ever.

Her oval-shaped nostrils continued to flare as she sucked the odor.

She ran her fingertip ever-so-slowly up and down the pulled back outer lips, stretching the fingers on her left hand to keep the pussy flesh gaping.

She was careful not to touch the clit itself, but she did allow herself to caress the flesh sheath at the sides and above that spasming love button.

This made her let out a sharp cry of pleasure, and her hips bucked wildly upward from her savage sexual joy.

She flicked her fingertip lightly up and down the curled back inner labia and shuddered violently.

She tried very hard to keep her hips still, but this only made her writhe more, and soon she was bouncing up and down on the bed so hard that she could hear the bedsprings creaking beneath her.

Tamara worked the tip of her finger in between those inner lips, near the base of the swollen slit.

She knew that her finger was at the mouth of her cunt hole, the mouth of her fuck hole, the mouth of her very womanhood.

Her body was more drenched with sweat than ever and she could tell that she was going to be exhausted by the time she finally allowed herself the sexual release that she needed so badly.

Tamara pressed her fingertip inside her cunt until she could feel the thin wall of membrane that blocked the path to her womb.

Her cherry was still very much intact. Her maidenhead was connected to the walls of her inner vagina.

She could feel a craving to be stroked beyond that wall that made the desire inside her asshole seem like kid stuff.

But she was not going to break her cherry just so she could know the thrill of having her cunt penetrated.

Tamara decided that she wanted to save her cherry. She wanted to lose her hymen during her first fuck.

Tamara was determined to offer her virginity as a gift to the man -- or animal -- she chose to be her first lover.

When she had violated her cunt as much as she wanted, she pulled her finger out from between her inner labia.

She placed the tip of her left forefinger at the top of her slit.

She touched herself between her cut and the base of her pubic bone.

Tamara knew that she had less pubic hair than most girls her age.

She only had a couple of golden locks growing above and to the sides of her love button's foreskin.

The hair only covered the bottom third of her mound.

She had noticed that the hair grew somewhat in the shape of a heart.

She had thin lines of hair that grew down the sides of her vulva, at the outer edges of her pink swollen outer pussy lips.

Those thin lines of yellow short and curlies met in a ring below her cunt around her reamed butt hole.

She could still feel a slight burning in her asshole, but she kind of liked the way it felt and hoped that the sensation took a long time to fade away.

Her eyes were still closed as tightly as they could go.

Tamara's back teeth were clenched so tightly that the muscles at the sides of her face were protruding, and her jaw started to ache.

But this discomfort was next to nothing compared to the sexual tension she felt filling her lower torso.

She pulled up with her fingertip, thus pulling the semi-circle of flesh completely away from her love button.

The little girl's throbbing little man in the boat was completely exposed and available to her caress.

Tamara took a deep breath, since she knew instinctively that she would not be able to breathe during her first come.

She then dabbed at her clit with her forefinger, pulling the finger away almost before the contact was made.

Every time she caressed the clit -- even though caresses were only thousandths of a second long -- the little girl felt as if great jolts of electricity were being sent through her body.

Tamara actually felt as if there were hot electrodes connected to her nipples and her clit shocking her.

She wanted to see just how long she could keep herself on the brink of orgasm without tipping herself over the edge.

All of this seemed to the little girl like it was taking a lot longer than it really did, as her sexual arousal had altered her sense of time and space.

It was only seconds before the little girl could not take her own frustration anymore and placed her fingertip on her little man in the boat -- this time leaving it there.

She began to roll her clitoris in a small circle, moving it like a marble rolling in boiling oil.

Then it happened! She came with the power of a nuclear blast.

All of a sudden the massive explosions inside her poontang began.

A little spurt of cunt juice sprayed from her urethra.

The pleasure -- spread in slow concentric circles until it filled her pussy, and then her hips.

She bounced up and down on the bed on her ass so hard that her left leg fell off the side of the bed and began to kick in the air with the tiny toes clutched tightly under.

Her back teeth not only came unclenched as she climaxed, but her mouth fell gaping open.

The corners of her tiny mouth were stretched taut.

Her jaw threatened to lock there in the open position.

"AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" the little girl called out, thankful that there was no one around to hear her exclamation of lust.

Tamara was not at all sure that she should have kept quiet during her orgasm even if she had wanted to.

She could feel the physical pleasure rolling like a clap of thunder up her arched spine to the base of her skull.

She could feel the fiery pleasure clustering like a comet at the nape of her neck before entering her brain.

The little girl could feel the bed begin to spin around, and she wondered if it were possible to lose consciousness from pure pleasure.

She could see little sparks flying across the darkness of the insides of her tightly clenched and wrinkled eyelids.

She felt as if her bed had left the floor. It felt as if it were spiraling upward toward the ceiling of her bedroom.

Tamara started out touching her clit very gently, and moving it very slowly, as even the gentlest caress put a serious trauma into her aroused nervous system.

But she quickly became accustomed to the new plateau of sensation and increased the pressure and speed of her clitoral massage.

She began to flick her clitoris back and forth with her fingertip as the physical joy again exploded into her brain.

She couldn't believe how much juice was squirting out of her cunt.

Her pussy felt as if it could open to take a tree trunk inside.

She was sure that she could take any sized cock up that tiny cunt as long as she was horny enough.

More than ever she was thinking about consummating the lust she had felt for the horses back in the stable behind the house.

Tamara continued to flick her finger across her love button until she was sure that her orgasm was over.

Her muscles were so tensed, and she was trembling so furiously, that she feared she would hurt herself.

But then all of her muscles relaxed at the same time and she collapsed on the bed.

She could feel the ecstasy of her come being replaced by the warm contentment of her afterglow.

She found that she was able to breathe again, and completely filled her lungs with air the second that she was physically capable.

Tamara could hear her racing heartbeat slowly returning to normal, and her hot sweat began to cool.

She finally opened her eyes and realized that she had to blink a couple of times before she could see clearly.

This was because her eyes had welled slightly with tears during her orgasm. They were tears of joy.

Tamara could tell that the course of her life had been changed forever by the pure act of self-abuse.

She could tell that her obsession with sex and her own desires was going to be even more of a problem now that she knew how good it could make her feel.

Even though Tamara was in awe of the mind-boggling eruption she had caused in her cunt, she still knew -- deep down inside -- that the real thing would be much better.

The pretty little blonde with the flushed sweaty face knew that being touched had to feel a thousand times better than touching herself.

It took her a few minutes to compose herself.

Her hand was still resting on the soaking wet delta between her legs.

She felt as if she could drift off into a marvelous sleep.

Tamara pulled her wet hand away from her cunt and raised it to her face.

She could see in the sunlight shining through the window how wet and shiny her masturbating fingers had become.

She pressed her fingers together for a second and then opened them wide, making her natural lubrication form thin suspension bridges between her knuckles.

Now that her passion had been appeased she once again felt fear at the thought of a real horse cock being pushed inside her pussy.

She was amazed at how out-of-control her thoughts had become during her long moments of acute lust.

She hoped that she wasn't in a position to make any important decisions while she was that horny.

Then her mind shifted to the evening.

She knew that there would be magic in the night.

She would strip naked and mount her blonde steed.

From there she fully intended to let nature take its course.

But first, the pretty little blonde needed a long hot shower!


It took a long time for the Henrietta sky to darken.

Since there was no sign of Larry, Tamara figured the coast was clear by nine thirty. There were still no clouds.

Tamara took off all of her clothes in her bedroom and walked down the stairs naked. She was soon out the back door and down the porch steps, standing nude in the night air, in between the house and the stables.

The only light was provided by the full moon, which was almost directly overhead, even though it was early evening.

Tamara did not feel nervous at all. She was very excited, but she felt no fear of the events the evening might bring.

She marched with her shoulders back and her chin up toward the stables, already feeling the ache in her cunt.

She took deep breaths and frequently looked up at the black sky, sprinkled with billions of tiny stars.

The night was so clear that the pretty little blonde could pick out all of the signs of the zodiac.

The moon made the world look blue, which only added to the virgin's suddenly insatiable passion for sexual appeasement.

She walked into the stables and all of the horses nodded their big heads and whinnied their hellos.

"Hi, boys and girls," Tamara said cheerfully. She didn't mind the smell of the stables.

She knew lots of people who wouldn't go in there because of the animal smell, but Tamara could feel her nipples tingle as the harsh odor struck the deep insides of her sinuses.

She went straight to Golden Flash's stall and rubbed his nose as she unlocked his gate.

She led him by his mane to the door of the stables. Golden Flash and Tamara had grown up together and trusted each other completely.

Perhaps it was the similarity in their coloring that gave the little girl and the wild beast such rapport.

Tamara could feel the blood once again pumping into her cunt.

She was aware that her horniness affected her judgement.

But she wasn't going to let her inhibitions stop her from having fun.

There was no one else around. She would not have to answer any questions about her behavior.

This was between Tamara and her struggling conscience.

At that moment her mind told her she was doing the right thing.

Her body agreed!

Tamara grabbed a handful of mane and hoisted herself astride the blonde steed's strong back with ease.

She could feel her natural lubrication dripping out of her cunt onto the horses smooth back and she wiggled from side to side a little bit so she could get the horse's backbone between the cheeks of her ass.

Her nipples felt hot even though the cool evening breeze was blowing across them, and both of them had grown to be very large and hard.

Tamara dug her heels into Golden Flash's sides and soon they were galloping across the back field toward the woods and the creek at the edge of the Knudson property.

She could feel the wind blowing her hair back and she clung tightly to Golden Flash's mane with both of her tiny fists, thoroughly in control of the ride. Tamara had often considered being a jockey when she grew up. She figured she would be good at it.

And she was the right size to ride professionally as well.

She couldn't believe that there were people in the world who rode horses and got paid for it too.

That seemed like a dream come true to the little girl.

She took the horse deep into the woods at the south edge of the property, to a spot where her father often went fishing when he needed to be alone.

Tamara felt as if she were in physic communication with the horse.

She remembered the erection the horse had had when they had finished their hot ride only that afternoon.

She knew that they both got horny when they were together, and Tamara got the impression that the horse knew why he was going on this night ride into the woods.

The little girl brought Golden Flash to a stop with a tug on his blonde mane and a loud, "WHOA!"

There was a wooden fence near the creek, and Tamara had a flash of inspiration.

She knew that there were difficult logistics involved in mating with an animal so much larger than herself.

But she got the idea that she had just solved the first of her problems.

Tamara could tell that she could sit on the top of that fence and open her legs, making her pussy just at the right height for the horse to get his nose and mouth against it.

It never occurred to Tamara that Golden Flash wouldn't know what to do. She assumed that the horse was just as anxious to tongue her pussy as her pussy was to be tongued -- and she was right!

"I know that you understand me when I talk to you, Flash," Tamara said.

She rubbed the horse on the nose, and moved slowly to the fence, feeling her cunt tension growing in leaps and bounds.

She reached up and touched her own nipples with her fingertips just before she placed her hands on top of the fence.

Tamara could feel her pussy honey dribbling in a steady stream from between her curled back inner labia down the insides of her thighs.

She make a little sound in her mouth -- a clucking noise -- and horse followed her obediently to the fence.

"Yes, my golden steed, you know what to do. You know how to make your little Tammy scream with pleasure!" Tamara said, her voice sounding deeper than usual.

This was not the voice of a little girl anymore.

This was the voice of a woman! A deep, throaty voice.

It was a wanton voice. A voice desperate for physical pleasure.

Tamara turned toward the horse, pleased to find that Golden Flash had moved to within a few feet away.

She placed her toes on the middle rung of the wooden fence and opened her knees far apart for the large animal.

The pretty little blonde could not help but sneak a peek underneath Golden Flash's loins. She felt naughty but good as she glanced down there.

Her face broke out into a brilliant smile as she saw the horse's cock start to grow longer and thicker.

"Oh Flash!" she exclaimed enthusiastically. "You are understanding me! You know just what I want. Come here, you savage beast. Give me your head. We will kiss like mates and then you can lick me all over with your huge tongue."

Golden Flash made a loud blustering noise and nodded his head up and down. Tamara understood this to be an affirmative response.

To the little girl's right was Black Creek, which was only few feet deep as it, cut through the property.

I was about twenty feet wide and made a cool clean sound as it gurgled past.

The creek was so shallow that there were flat rocks sticking up out of it, making it close to impossible to navigate by canoe.

But those flat rocks made for great sunbathing. They baked warm in the hot sun. Tamara could sprawl herself out on one of those rocks and keep herself cool just by dangling her hands and her feet in the rushing water.

The moonlight sparkled in the light of the full moon, bursting before the little girl's eyes into a myriad of diamonds.

Everything had a surreal look to it at night, and Tamara felt as if she were having a drug experience. But she was content in the knowledge that this was a natural high.

Passion was the only drug the little girl needed.

Golden Flash moved so that his head was within arm's reach of Tamara. She reached out with her arms in front of her and her elbows straight so she could hold the golden steed just behind his ears, which perked up and wiggled a little with Golden Flash's rapidly increasing interest.

She could see the horse's nostrils opening and closing.

Tamara could tell Flash had picked up her sex scent.

She wondered if he ached for her in his horse balls.

She figured he must.

Why else would his cock grow so big.

She looked again and saw that Flash had a full erection!

"Give us a kiss, you beautiful creature, you!!!"

Tamara was still using her throaty, womanly voice.

The horse moved closer and Tamara leaned forward, and soon she had the tip of her button nose pressed between the golden steed's nostrils.

Feeling very naughty and bold, Tamara parted her full, sensuous lips and allowed her tongue to protrude.

She licked lightly at Golden Flash's lips. The horse pulled back his lips and bared his teeth for a moment.

But Tamara was not frightened by what may have seemed to an observer like an act of agreement on the horse's part.

She knew that Golden Flash would never hurt her in any way.

But after all he was a man horse. He had to be macho.

Tamara knew where the steed was coming from and felt her pussy throb as the horse bared his huge white teeth.

The horse's behavior only made her feel bolder.

She licked at his white teeth with the flat part of her tongue.

She began to stroke furiously at the sides of Flash's head, and along the sides of his neck, beneath his thick golden mane.

Then Golden Flash did something that the little girl had not anticipated.

He opened his mouth wide and shot forward with his own tongue.

He licked enthusiastically and wetly at Tamara's lips and tongue simultaneously.

The pretty little blonde could feel her face getting hot.

She let out a long deep moan and shivered wildly.

Her entire body was instantly covered with a thick layer of gooseflesh from the horse's oral caress.

Golden Flash kept his tongue hanging far out of his mouth and the little girl began to lick at it, both using the flat part of her tongue to lick it boldly, and just the very tip of her tongue for more subtle caresses.

She opened her mouth wide and Golden Flash understood this as an invitation to explore her oral cavity with his -- own huge taster.

Tamara thought she was going to shake right out of her skin as the golden steed plunged his horse tongue deep into her mouth.

Her pussy reached full engorgement.

Her clit felt ready to explode at any second.

The plentiful flow of cunt juice continued to drain from her twat.

The scent of her virgin womanhood was strong in Flash's nose.

He was starting to snort, and Tamara wondered how long it would be before the animal lost control.

She wanted to be taken.


By a seething steed!

They kissed passionately in this bizarre fashion for a long time, Tamara eventually getting her lips wrapped around the tip of Golden Flash's tongue so she could suck on it slowly and sensuously, drawing in her cheeks, making wet saliva sounds inside her hot mouth, keeping her tongue busy, flicking the tip of her taster over every part of the steed's mouth she could reach.

Tamara knew that she needed to feel the horse's tongue on her nipples.

The little girl could feel the feminine erections at the tips of her perky, youthful breasts turning to balls of fiery desire.

It had already gotten to the point where the pretty little blonde virgin was having difficulty breathing.

Tamara wondered why all of the oxygen was always sucked out of the air when she became intensely horny.

She was already feeling as passionate as she had when she touched herself in her own bedroom that afternoon.

And she knew the lust she felt for the huge beast was going to get a lot worse before it got better.

She could feel her heart pounding so hard she would have sworn that it was going to beat right out of her chest.

She felt as if she could feel her breasts growing on the spot.

She looked down to see if the growth was visible, but could determine no difference.

That didn't change the fact that her pert young tits felt like they had ballooned to twice their normal size.

"Lick my tits, Flash. Lick my nipples with that big horse tongue of yours," the little girl cried breathlessly.

As her passion mounted her voice started to get high again, and there was a hysterical note in her exclamations that made her sound animalistic.

It was as if the beautiful virgin were subconsciously imitating the whinnie of a horse as she talked to Golden Flash.

She pressed lightly on the top of Flash's head and pulled her mouth away from the steed's tongue.

The horse lowered his nose and sniffed boldly at Tamara's tits for a second before he began to lick.

Tamara could feel her sexual tension filling her pussy and loins with a thousand hornets, all buzzing around to get out.

She was tempted to release her grip on the horse's head and touch herself down between her spread thighs.

But the pretty little blonde decided against caressing herself, not wanting to waste a come that could be administered by the majestic animal before her.

She loved the smell of the horse as he lapped happily at the throbbing nipples pointing slightly upward.

Tamara could feel her rosebuds growing longer, thicker and harder against the length of Golden Flash's tongue.

The horse licked with long broad strokes and didn't stop until both of her tits were wet from his plentiful saliva.

The little blonde looked down at her own tits and could see the milky breast flesh shining in the light of the full moon.

Tamara could see the white farm house off in the distance.

She noticed that she had left the living room light on.

The air was filled with a symphony of baby crickets, peepers they were called in that neck of the woods.

The virgin knew that she did not have to worry about whatever dangers the near-wild environment might offer.

She knew that she would never have to worry about anything as long as she had her Golden Flash with her.

She wanted to be his lover. She wanted to offer herself completely to the beast.

Tamara wanted to be completely subservient to the horse.

She would have been the happiest girl in the whole world if she could become the steed's sex slave.

She wanted him -- him and his twelve inch cock -- to be her master.

Tamara knew that many little girls were seeking freedom of choice.

This virgin wanted freedom from choice. She wanted all responsibility stripped away from her.

She wanted to live in Flash's world, where he would make all of the decisions necessary in their life together.

Tamara felt as if all civilized behavior were being sucked from her soul.

She was near weeping.

Her moans were very loud, filling the thick woods.

Tamara could tell that she wouldn't be able to wait for much longer to have her divine sexual release.

She leaned back, clutching Golden Flash behind his ears, and pulled his nose between her thighs.

The horse once again sniffed boldly at the girl, this time at the rich musky odor of her pussy.

"LICK IT!" Tamara called out at the top of her lungs.

Her voice echoed against the trees that surrounded them on all sides.

"Stick your tongue right up inside my cunt," she said.

The little blonde would never have used vulgarities such as those if there were people around to hear.

In fact, Tamara could never remember using language like that before.

The words sounded strange as they came out of her mouth.

It sounded to Tamara as if some other girl were speaking.

Some wicked woman whose mind was in her cunt! And then Tamara understood that that was exactly what sex would make her become.

And, even more shocking than that, Tamara realized that that was exactly what she wanted to be.

Then the most incredible thing happened inside Tamara's body and she almost fell off the fence, barely getting control of herself before she lost her grip on the horse's head and took a backward tumble.

The horse shot his tongue out of his mouth and drove the tip deep in between Tamara's inner cunt lips.

She could feel the explosions starting in her. She could feel the tip of the horse's tongue against her hymen. She knew that her choice had been made. She had picked the creature that would pop her cherry, and she didn't give a shit how much it hurt when he drove his super-thick twelve inch phallus deep up her cunt hole!

The horse did not know about Tamara's clitoris, so she moved her hips so that his tongue would be licking precisely where she wanted it.

The horse did not attempt to burst through her maidenhead with his tongue although the little girl suspected that the horse's taster was strong enough to pop her cherry.

Instead he began to use the flat part of his long tongue to lick at the entire length of Tamara's cunt slit.

She leaned back so the horse could start each of his caresses at her asshole and draw it upward through her inner lips and over her clit, not stopping until his tongue was on the twin heart-shaped curls of golden pubic hair at the very top of her pink slash.

She pressed forward with her cunt, almost lifting her buttocks from the top log of the fence, holding herself in place with her strained toes.

"LICK ME HARDER!" she screamed out in a voice that sounded very much like the whinny of a mare in heat.

Each time the horse's tongue crossed her love button she could feel her pussy tissue spasm wildly.

Her orgasm -- spread to fill her entire petite body, running all the way to her fingertips, which were impeded in Golden Flash's summer coat.

The physical joy rolled blissfully down Tamara's opened legs all the way to her clutching little toes.

She screamed bloody murder as the bliss filled her already boggled mind.

It was a dream come true for the pretty little girl.

She figured that she must have died and gone to heaven.

She was in a world where she no longer had to worry about people.

She wanted nothing to do with her own species. As far as she could tell mankind had done nothing but fuck things up.

"Your tongue is hot. So fucking hot," she said.

She once again wondered if she could pass out from the intensity of orgasmic sensation.

She was being launched into another dimension by the horse's tongue.

She was going to a place where there was no time. No space.

She had journeyed into a strange surreal world.

The little girl found herself in a place where there was only sensation.

She had become a complete sensate, and she would live only for the stimulation her five senses could give her.

She was in a wonderful never-never land where everything was ecstasy.

Tamara pushed the horse's nose hard against her lower abdomen, and this only made the beast tongue her cunt with greater fervor. Golden Flash was wild. His cock throbbed, running long and thick along his belly. His huge horse testicles appeared to be swollen in their sack. Golden Flash's scrotum was filled to the brim with his silver seed.

He somehow knew that he was giving the little girl orgasm. And the horse was going to expect the blonde girl to return the favor!

The second her orgasm stopped she pulled up on Golden Flash's mane and the horse obediently pulled his tongue away from her dripping poontang.

The horse had obviously loved the taste of Tamara's cunt and had lapped much of her cunt juice away as he ate at her twat, looking as if he were licking a block of salt next to his tiny stall.

Tamara thought that it was a shame all of the horses had to spend so much time in such cramped quarters as they did.

The little girl knew that she wouldn't like it at all if she had to live in one of those cubicles called stalls.

They seemed more like prison cells than anything else to the blue-eyed virgin, and she thought it was a shame.

Tamara figured that horses should be treated at least as well as human beings in this shitty society. Maybe even better.

Tamara's father always told her that the horses didn't mind living the way they did. He said they were happy.

But Tamara wasn't so sure. All she knew was that horses just loved to be let out of the stables.

And she didn't know a single horse that seemed to look forward to returning to his tiny stall.

She could once again feel her orgasmic ecstasy being replaced by the warm contentment of her post-climax afterglow.

She wasn't all surprised to find that the come she had had while Golden Flash was licking her was a lot better than the one she had given herself during the daylight hours -- even though her initial orgasm had left her panting and sighing in a pool of steamy perspiration.

Her legs felt very weak after her come was through.

Her knees felt shaky and her toes ached from the stress she had put on them while perched on the fence.

The muscles throughout her body felt like they were made of jelly, and she noticed an odd tingling in her scalp.

She hopped off the fence and realized that standing was out of the question.

Golden Flash dropped to his knees and then rolled on his side.

The little girl sat in the cool grass beneath the tree so that she could scratch the steed's neck.

As Golden Flash rolled, the little girl could not help but notice the way his huge red cock was throbbing.

She looked into the horse's large black eyes and smiled knowingly. She understood that the beast needed to come just as much as she had.

She walked on her hands and knees so she could scratch and rub herself against the soft blonde fur across his slim belly.

She allowed her caresses to come very close to his red pole, but never actually touched his phallus.

She had to admit that she was a little apprehensive about touching the steed's tender private parts.

She had a nagging feeling in the back of her head that she was about to bite off more than she could chew.

Golden Flash must have sensed the little girl's nervousness, as he rolled entirely onto his back, sticking his hind legs in the air.

Tamara crawled so that she had her face near his haunches. She could see how huge his balls were as they rested at the base of his scrotal sack.

The scrotum too was very large, and she could see that she would never be able to grip the whole thing in the palm of her hand.

Below the scrotum and above the base of his tail -- while he was on his back, rested the horse's anus.

Tamara moved so that she could reach out and gently roll her fingertips over his balls. She did this very slowly and gently.

She wanted to neither frighten nor hurt the steed as she touched him.

But the horse let out a sound that told the tiny blonde she could be bolder with the massage of his genitals.

As she turned her palm upward she began to tickle at the base of the sack with the tips of her long unpolished fingernails, which made the horse's huge cock grow even thicker and longer.

She lowered her head, using her free hand to pull her blonde hair out of her face, pushing it back over her smooth tanned shoulders and her shell-like ears.

She began to kiss lightly at the insides of Golden Flash's hind legs, just as she knew his mate would if she were a mare. The horse loved it.

She kissed her way slowly downward toward both the steed's asshole and his balls, thrilled at the way he was getting into it.

Golden Flash had his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

His chest was heaving up and down. He panted as she had.

The little girl parted her lips and made the tip of her tongue pointy as she gave the animal a rim job.

She loved the smell and the taste of the horse's anus, and could feel her own cunt start to ache once again.

She licked at the horse's asshole with the flat part of her tongue until all of the flavor was gone.

She made her tongue stiff and pointy at the tip so she could actually stick it up the bung hole a bit.

She could feel the ring of muscle at Golden Flash's rectum squeezing at her tongue as she pushed into his bowels.

Tamara of course had no idea whether or not the horse would enjoy being rimmed by her hot tongue.

She really didn't know that much about sex after all, and she knew even less about having sex with animals.

But the little blonde had decided that she would treat the horse's private parts just as she would want her own treated.

Tamara figured that as long as she stayed with the golden rule when it came to her sexual behavior, she wouldn't do anything too improper.

The pretty virgin worked her tongue in and out of the relaxed asshole for a while before pulling it out so she could lick his balls.

She opened her fingers as far as she could and tried to clasp the entire scrotal sack in her right palm.

But she couldn't do it. No matter how large she tried to make her hand some of the sack still spilled over the sides.

She pulled her hand away and began to lick lightly at his balls, using a flicking motion with just the tip of her tongue.


Tamara moved onto her belly, propping her upper body up with her elbows so that her nipples grazed the ground.

The horse's long yellow tail was flat on the floor of the forest, at that moment between Tamara's tits.

She could feel the soft fur of Golden Flash's tail rubbing against her cleavage, making her feel womanly.

She had the palms of her hands flat on the horse's loins, rubbing his lower belly on either side of his cock shaft.

Every time she looked at the horse's humongous dong she wondered if it would fit inside her tight pussy.

She felt fear and desire together, and she was starting to think that she would have to content herself with having oral sex with the steed for the time being. She could tell that she was still too scared to let the horse fuck her -- that is if the horse decided to give her a choice in the matter.

She knew that animals acted just like animals when they were horny.

She knew that there was no such thing as consenting adults in the wild.

When the male wanted to get laid, he just went out and found hot pussy.

Golden Flash had never been denied by a mare before. He would not understand the little girl's rejection if it came to that.

Tamara found herself hoping that the come she would give him with her hands and her mouth would appease him -- at least for the time being.

She knew that she had a lot of soul-searching to do before she could allow the twelve inch pole to be rammed through her cherry.

She could be seriously hurt, and she did not want to be found bleeding to death from the wound that prick might open deep inside her cunt past the mouth of her womb!

Tamara switched to the flat part of her tongue and licked at the horse's scrotum until the whole sack was wet and shiny in the moonlight from the hot spittle she spilled.

There was something about the taste of the horse that made her taste buds tingle with sexual arousal.

Golden Flash's flavor made the tiny blonde virgin's salivary gland go berserk so that her mouth seemed always to be filled with fluid.

Instead of swallowing more frequently to compensate for the excess spit, she allowed it to drool over her protruding lower lip onto Golden Flash's balls.

She knew that she could wait no longer to touch the horse's prick. The steed needed to be stroked.

She touched the very tip of his cock, which was resting far up on his belly, a foot from the base.

There was a fur sheath at the base of the horse's prick that had been stretched open by his erection.

Tamara could sense the horse's muscles tensing, and Golden Flash began to move his hips up and down.

He moved his tremendously strong haunches as if he were imagining his cock already inside her pussy.

The tiny blonde lightly ran her arched fingertips up and down the underside of Golden Flash's pole.

She caressed him all the way from the tip of his lance to the base -- which was a long caress.

The horse's chest heaved even harder, and his hind quarters movement became steadily more violent.

There was a little saliva dripping from the tip of Golden Flash's tongue as his arousal grew in intensity.

Tamara couldn't help but wonder just how much it would take to make the steed have his terrific orgasm.

She was a little ashamed at her naivete. She didn't even knew what the horse's semen would look like.

She didn't know how much of it there would be, and she had no concept of the texture of his seed.

She moved her mouth so that it was hovering above his chock full scrotal sack and puckered her lips.

First she blew cool air onto his wet balls, which apparently felt very good, as it made him snap upward with his loins.

She then lowered her head, again finding that she had to pull her long blonde hair out of her face.

She knew that there was no way she would be able to suck on the horse's cock, as she would a man's.

She hoped that she would be able to get his rocks off by licking his prick while she jacked him off with an open palm.

Tamara showered his nuts with little peck kisses and then placed the tip of her tongue at the base of his humongous dong, on the underside facing her.

She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth and crawled upward so that her breasts were against the horse's haunches, and she could feel her hot nipples pressing firmly against the blonde fur.

The little girl quickly became more enthusiastic as she licked and was soon using the flat part of her tongue to lick at the entire length of that beet red pole.

She could tell that the shaft of the foot-long rod was thoroughly engorged with blood. It was awesome.

The horse prick looked as if it would explode if another drop of blood tried to pump its way inside.

She could see the lance bouncing up and down on Golden Flash's belly as she licked him enthusiastically.

The cock was throbbing hard, making it bounce that way, throbbing once for every beat of the steed's heart.

Tamara continued to tickle his balls as she licked at the tip of his red prick, again usin

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