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Teasing Wife

Let's start this out with the facts here, first off this is a true story and my wife is a cock teaser. This all started years and years ago when I first met my wife before we got married and had k**s, but it never stopped. My wife has always been a big tease with me and a few other friends of ours. It has never bothered me much and sometimes it led to some great sex.

So, let's get to the story now. I took my wife on a business trip out of state like 15 hours away. We decided to rent a nice car and drive there instead of flying or taking our car. So, we rented a sports car and headed out on our drive. Our plans were to stop and get a room but less than half way there we thought let's just drive straight through. I called ahead to insure we could get a room earlier than planned and with luck we were able to get a room. We told them we would be there by midnight or so. We kept driving and my wife started to complain that she was uncomfortable. I asked her if we needed to stop and get a room and she said no but the next stop she wanted to change cloths. Well we needed gas so we pulled into a gas station to fill up. My wife grabbed some cloths and headed to the door but found the inside closed. She returned a little let down. "Oh, I so want to change cloths but the inside is closed what do I do" "Honey just change here by the car I will make sure no one is watching you" She was a little hesitant but then decided to go for it. I grabbed a blanket she had in the car with her to help cover her up. She dropped her cloths and changed with little to no problems at all. We got back on the road and headed to our final destination. As we drove, I noticed that her new outfit was a loose fitting one and that she had removed her bra and I could see the full side of her breast. We arrived to our hotel and on arrival we found that the valet was already closed. So, I ran in to check us in and see how we could get into the parking garage. The man at the front desk told me to just leave the car where it was and that he would help us in with our bags.

We both walked out to the car and once there we started unloading out bags. I turned and saw my wife was bent over getting things from the front of the car. I also notice then man was starring at her from behind. I really did not think much of it at the time. We loaded up into the elevator and headed up to our room on the 16th floor. The man assisted us in getting out bags into the room. Again, I caught him starring at my wife as she was bent over getting things out of one of the bags. I looked over at my wife and realized as she was bent over you could see all her ass and glory unobstructed view of her naked ass and pussy. I felt a sudden rush of heat running down to my cock seeing my wife like this and this guy also getting a view of it. She grabbed her stuff and headed into the restroom and the front desk guy turns to me and says "If there is anything, I can do for you all please do not hesitate in ringing the front desk" He smiled and walked out after I gave him a tip. To say the least I was so tired and I was sure my wife was as well. She stepped out of the restroom and changed into her sleeping cloths. I stripped down to my underwear and we both started to crawl into the bed. That is when my wife noticed I was hard "OH lord what got into you honey" She asked and I told her what had happen. I watched my wife turn all shades of red but then leaned over and whispered in my ear "Oh feel my pussy" I reached down and she was wet and I mean wet. "Damn baby what got into you" "What got you so wet" She smiled "Well you telling me he saw my pussy and ass while I was bent over and I guess it worked for you as well cause you are so damn hard baby" as she reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock through my underwear. She stroked it a few times and then I saw her eyes close and she was out and I soon followed.

We woke and headed down stairs to eat breakfast and plan out our day. We decided to go on a walking tour so we went upstairs and changed into some comfortable cloths to walk around the historical down town area. We returned to the lobby and I gave the valet the keys to our car so he could park it. We took a little walk around town and returned around lunch time. We made our way to our room to take a quick shower and change our cloths. We made our way to a local little restaurant for lunch. My wife wanted to sit outside in the front area to eat. We sat down and I just noticed my wife was not wearing a bra and that her top was very loos fitting. Our waitress walked over and took our drink order. All the time I noticed my wife kept bending over a little and while doing this it was exposing a clear view down her top. That is when I noticed the waitress was looking down my wife's top. The waitress left to go get our drinks and I looked at my wife and said "Not only are you a cock tease but you're a pussy teaser too" My wife looked and me and just smiled. Our waitress returned with drinks in tow. My wife asked her where the restroom was and the waitress point the directions out to her. My wife hopped up and grabbed her bag and left. I sat there having my beer and waiting on her to return. As she did, she was smiling from ear to ear. "What is going on babe" I asked "Oh nothing I freshen up and our waitress was let's say checking me out" Our waitress returned to take our order and all the time she did she was checking my wife out. I was getting turned on and hard watching out waitress fumble around trying to get everything we wanted I think she had to ask like three times what we wanted. I was sure our order would be wrong when we got it, but I am not sure I cared. Our food came and as i suspected it was not right but we did not complain and enjoyed our meal. A few times our waitress came out to check on us and each time she was totally checking out my wife and every time she did, I was so hard. Thank goodness for a napkin and a tabled covering it up. We were getting ready to leave and my wife said why don't you go pay our bill and I will sit here and wait on you. I told her our waitress will take my card here but my wife insisted I get up and go pay it. So, I did just that. On my return back to the table I looked at my wife and just as I started to tell her we were good to go I then noticed what the waitress had been starring at all this time. My wife had removed her panties and was sitting crossed leg with a gap between her legs with her nicely trimmed pussy showing. Then I made my way up her outfit to realize her top was unbutton even more than earlier and you could see her breast along with her cleavage. I felt myself growing hard again as my wife told me to sit down for just a minute that she wanted to finish her drink. As I sat down our waitress stepped out to check on us one last time and as she did my wife shocked me in her actions. She uncrossed her legs and spread them fairly wide as she pulled up her skirt. The waitress had a clear unobstructed view of my wife's pussy. I saw our waitress lick her lips and she stuttered while trying to ask if there was anything else, we needed. My wife smiled and asked her "Is there anything we can do for you sweetie" I saw our waitresses knees buckled and I thought she was going to hit the floor I reached out to catch her and as I did, she went to grab me and accidently her hand landed on my ridged cock. She did not remove it she actually squeezed it a few times before letting go. My wife had stood to help brace the young girl and was rubbing her hard nipples on the girls' arm. I then watched my wife run her right hand down along the waitress's right side and across her crouch and when her hand was right on top of the girl's pussy my wife pressed. That is when the girl sat down in the chair, I had moved for her. My wife leaned in and aske "Are you ok sweetie" As she kissed her cheek and I heard the girl moan and say "Yes". My wife and I made our way out and as we did; we both could see the girl starring at us both as we walked back to our hotel.

On our arrival to the room it was all we could do to get out cloths off and fuck like wild crazy a****ls. I bet we fucked for a good 45 minutes before we wore each other out. My wife had at least three orgasms and I cummed twice. We laid there for about 30 minutes before we both got up and took a shower together to clean all the cum off us. We decided to have dinner in our room and then afterwards maybe go to the bar area for drinks. So we ordered our food to be delivered to our room and while waiting my wife decide to change into this see through gown. She stepped out of the restroom and asked "Will this be ok to wear while we eat and well you know as they deliver our dinner" At first, I was not comfortable with her wearing it but then I thought about how hot it had been seeing her tease all these people. "No baby I think it just might be a hot item to wear" In just a few minutes there was a knock on the door and a voice "Room Service" I went to get up to go answer the door but my wife stopped me. "I will get it baby" My wife hopped up and headed to the door and when she opening the door look on the young man's face was priceless. He stammered to speak "I I I am here tooo deliver yourrr food" as she showed him into the room. He pushed the cart over to the window table. He turned to make a dash out of the room but froze in his footsteps when he saw my wife standing there. She looked hot as hell with her white see through robe her white lacy bra and panties with her garter belt and stocking and her high heal shoes. Her tan body was shining from the oil she had put on her lips painted pink with lipstick. Damn I got hard looking at her. The young man was truly sweating as he was staring at her body. You could see a bulge forming in the front of his pants. My wife turned as if she was walking to the door only to stop and bend over to grab her purse off the floor. She did this in slow motion taking her time all the while down there. I heard the young man let out a moan and then said "DAMN" it shook him and he then said "I am so sorry for that my apologizes" I laughed and said "Don't worry about it I was thinking the same damn thing" Just then my wife stood up turned to him and handed him a tip and as she did she reached down and grabbed his hard little bulge in his pants. She smiled looking into his eyes and kissed him softly on the lips. That young man almost had to run out of the room he was so excited. I am sure he made a stop in the restroom to jack off. We laughed and ate our dinner together.

After dinner me and my wife changed into some going out cloths and made our way down to the bar area. On arrival we noticed the area was kind of dead with only a hand full of people. There were two guys at the bar and two couples at a table. we took a table that over looked the lobby down stairs. Our waitress made her way over to us and took our drink order. I noticed my wife was checking her out and I asked "Do you like how she looks or what" "Oh I love her curves but you did not notice how hard her nipples where" my wife replied. On the waitresses return I took notice of her nipples and lord they were hard and rather large I might say. I watched my wife staring at the waitress's nipples and I could tell the waitress was enjoying it or did not mind her staring. My wife finally broke her stair only to excuse herself from the table. She made her way to the restroom and in a few minutes, she returned to the table with a new look going on. She had removed her bra and i could only imagine she had removed her panties as well. She sat down looking at me and said "Well let's see if our waitress likes my hard nipples as much as I like hers" I just a few minutes our waitress returned to check on us and, on her return,, she had noticed my wife's hard nipples trying hard to rip through the fabric of her top. I looked at her own nipples which grew harder at the view of my wife's nipples. I then felt my cock twitch and could feel it starting to press against the fabric of my pants. Just then my wife reached up grabbing her breast and slowly massaged them with her hand and made sure she pinched and tugged on her nipples. As she did this, I noticed our waitress almost dropped to the floor, but she caught herself on the back of a chair. I pulled the chair out for her to sit in and without taking her eyes off my wife playing with her breast she sat down. My wife continued playing with her breast for just a minute or so and then took her right hand and slowly moved it down the front of her dress and down between her legs. She slowly pulled the hem of her dress up exposing her naked pussy. I looked at our waitress who with her eyes had followed my wife's hand down to her pussy. The girl was breathing hard and she was biting her lower lip. My wife then with her hand started rubbing her pussy and made sure to spread it wide so her large clit was showing. The girl let out a moan "OHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMM" then her own hand moved to her fabric enclosed pussy and touched herself. "OHHHHHHHHHHHH" she let out another moan. Then we all heard the bartender calling out to her "Liz you have customers waiting on their drinks" This broke her trance she was in and jumped up and rushed to gather her drinks and deliver them. From then on, she kept her distance from us. Not sure if the bartender got on to her or she got scared. My wife and I finally left the bar and made our way to our room.

Once in our room my wife wrapped her arms around me and kissed me so wildly that I thought I might shoot my load right then and there. She broke our kiss looked into my eyes with a wild look and said "FUCK ME GOD DAMN IT FUCK ME NOW" I wasted no time I grabbed my wife pushing her over the arm of the chair by the window and raised her dress flipping it onto her back. I shoved my had cock deep in her pussy. "TAKE THAT COCK YOU FUCKING TEASING SLUT" I rammed my cock as deep as I could, it felt so good to be so deep off in her wet pussy. I was ramming her so hard and deep I was bottoming out inside her. My wife was calling out "GOD DAMN YOU DO NOT STOP FUCKING ME UNTIL YOU FILL MY PUSSY FULL OF CUM YOU MOTHER FUCKER YOU" I was so into fucking her I had not noticed that we were in the window and being viewed from a few rooms across from us but that did not matter to me or my wife at all, hell it turned us on more. Then my wife said "LETS GIVE THEM A REAL GOOD SHOW BABY" She stood up and dropped her dress and then pulled my clothes off. She then turned on more lights on in our room to give them a better view. She walked back over to me dropping to her knees and started sucking my cock. She then turned us to the side so they all could see her taking my cock deep down her throat. I was about to lose it and shoot off in her mouth when she stopped looked up at me and said cum on my face baby. That was all I needed I started shooting my hot load all over her face and tits. I was not even done and my wife was moving the chair around so she could bend over and I was now ramming my hard cock in her pussy again. "OH FUCK MY PUSSY BABY FUCK IT BABY" I was doing just that when we heard a knock on the door. We both stopped dead in our tracks and my wife said to me "Go see who it is" I made my way to the door and looked out the peep sight and without hesitation I opened the door and in walked our little waitress. She walked right up to my wife kissing her and then she started licking my cum from her face. I looked out the window and I saw like two couples now fucking and sucking. I turned and the waitress was now naked and sitting in the chair my wife was bent over eating her pussy and well I went deep in my wife's pussy and went to after it.

"OH YES LICK MY PUSSY OH GOD EAT IT PLEASE EAT MY PUSSY" I heard the waitress call out to my wife. This just drove me nuts and I increased my pounding into my wife's pussy and my wife would just make little sounds each time I would bottom out into her. I think between me fucking her and having that pussy in front of her was driving her nuts as well. I could hear her sucking and licking on that pussy and then my wife stopped and got up reaching down grabbing the girl by the hand. She switched places with the girl and as the girl bent over to eat my wife's pussy, she looked at me and said "FUCK MY ASS" "I WANT YOUR COCK IN MY ASS AND FUCK IT GOOD" I needed no encouragement I did not ease my cock into her ass I knew she wanted it hard and rough. "OH YEA FUCK MY ASS MAKE ME SCREAM MOTHER FUCKER" I was wearing her ass out so fucking hard she could not keep her mouth on my wife's pussy and my wife had come to the conclusion that all she could do was watch and help when she could. "OH BABY FUCK HER TIGHT LITTLE ASS FUCK HER HARD AND DEEP BABY" and that was just what I was doing. Then my wife wiggled her way down under the girl and started licking and sucking on her clit and pussy. I was close to cumming and I heard the girl scream out "OH GOD YEAS EAT IT BABY EAT THAT PUSSY OH IM GOING TO CUM OH GOD IM CUMMING OH YES EAT IT TAKE MY CUM BITCH YOU FUCKING BITCH EAT IT PLEASE OH GOD YES" Just then I was shooting my load deep in her as and it was oozing out around my cock and her ass walls. I felt my wife's tongue lapping it up. I pulled out and my wife pushed me back and went to eating my cum from that girl's ass. We all laid on the bed together and, in the morning,, we woke and ordered breakfast in our room. When we heard the knock on the door and opened it there was the young man who had brought it the morning before and as the door closed behind him my wife and waitress removed his clothes and well let's say we all had fun.

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