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The Big Brother (family sex)

I hate summer. I don't like the heat, I hate the beach because of the sand and the overcrowding, and just in general everything is too bright. Plus, summer means swim suit shopping and I hate that pretty much more than anything. However, my parents are firm believers in the "Summer Family Beach Vacation" cliché so here I am, on my way to the store with my older brother to buy a swimsuit.

I was hoping that since I had just turned eighteen my parents would let me opt out of the trip, seeing as I was an adult and about to go off to my first year of college. Except they pointed out that my brother, Jordan, went with three years ago during the summer before he went to college.

"But Jordan actually likes the beach," I groaned.

"Alyssa, that's enough. You're going on this trip," my father said, a sense of finality coloring his voice.

"Besides, it's the beach! The water will be nice, you'll be able to get a tan, and maybe you'll meet some cute boys," my mom chimed in, trying her best to make me see any sort of positivity in the situation.

"Will you stop frowning? You'll get wrinkles."

I turned my attention away from my thoughts and towards my brother who was driving the both of us to the store.

"Do you even know how much I hate shopping for bathing suits? A lot."

He laughed. "Come on, what's to hate? Mom and Dad gave us both money so you're not having to waste your own cash and you get to buy something that shows off your body."

I crossed my arms and leaned back in my seat. "I just don't know why I should want to show my body off."

We arrived at the store and as we pulled into a parking spot Jordan said, "Come on, Alyssa, you have to realize how hot you are. That confidence will only make you even hotter."

I looked at my brother as we unclicked our seatbelts. I never thought much of myself, but I knew my older brother was hot. He was about six feet tall, a good five inches taller than me, and lean with muscular arms and legs he'd developed from daily work outs and playing soccer. He had short, black hair that he kept swept to the side and bright blue eyes that sparkled every time he smiled.

He was definitely attractive. Me? I don't know.

We walked into the store and towards the women's section which was slightly crowded with a bunch of girls who were also trying to find some deals on some swim suits. A lot of them immediately began eyeing up my brother who really wasn't paying them any mind, but it made me kind of mad. I grabbed his arm and pulled him over to a rack and started browsing.

"Here, try this one."

He pulled out what appeared to be just a piece of bright pink string, but was apparently a bikini. My eyes widened. "I don't think so!"

"Oh come on! It's perfect, go try it on!"

"Never in a million years, Jordan, keep looking."

I pulled out a more conservative two piece, solid black ensemble that contained a full top and boy shorts.

"Oh no, I am not letting you swim around like a nun, you've got huge tits and should not be trying to hide them. That's like a disservice to the world."

Jordan took the suit from my hands as I stood shocked, unable to properly form a retaliation remark. I just decided to ignore the comment and continue looking. He wasn't wrong, technically, I do wear a size D, but that doesn't mean I want to show my "womanly charms" to every man with a functioning dick.

"Here, how about this one? It's not too skimpy, but it'll definitely display your positive physical qualities. Plus, it's the color of your eyes."

He held up a sky blue colored bathing suit that had a bikini top that tied around the neck and hipster bottoms. It was the best one I'd seen so far so I accepted the suit and moved towards the dressing room.

"I'll be out here when you're ready," I heard him call as I stepped into the first changing room.

I changed into the swim suit and tied it around my neck before looking in the mirror, and I immediately fell in love with the thing as soon as I did. Jordan was right, the swim suit was the exact color of my eyes, and it made them pop out against my slightly pale skin. My long, wavy black hair fell around my shoulders, making the color of the swim suit appear almost brighter, and the bottoms made my legs seem to go on forever.

"Are you ready yet?"

In response to his question, I opened the door and stepped out of the room. Jordan had been leaning against the opposite wall but when I came out he immediately stood straight up and stared at me as if I was the only person in the world. His mouth opened slightly and his eyes darkened as they met mine, filled with an emotion I had never seen him look at me with before. It almost seemed like desire.

"So, what do you think," I asked nervously.

He shook his head and instantly the moment was gone as he laughed and crossed his arms. "Yeah, I think that one definitely works. And what luck since it's the first one you tried? Go ahead and get changed, we'll buy it and then get out of here."

For some reason I felt a little disappointed at his sudden change in behavior, but I brushed it off and went back to change into my normal clothes.

The ride on the way home was significantly different than the ride to the store. On the way to the store I couldn't stop thinking about how much I was dreading going on the trip, now I couldn't stop thinking about Jordan sitting right next to me. I could feel him glance over at me every now and then, and I wanted to meet his gaze, to have the same connection and intensity as when I had come out of the dressing room, but I knew on some higher level that that was a bad idea.

We got home and told my parents that I had found a swim suit and they were both happy that I was able to find something with little difficulty. Almost immediately after telling them though, Jordan excused himself to his room. It was a little strange, usually he stayed with my parents and watched T.V. with them or helped my mom cook dinner. He loved spending time with him since he was away at college for most of the year. I, however, spent most of my time in my room that was connected to his through a bathroom which had doors to both our rooms in it.

So I went to my room and put my shopping bed on my bed and then went into the bathroom to start running hot water for a shower. As I was turning the faucet, though, I heard an odd noise coming from my brother's room. It sounded almost like grunting of some sort.

Curious, I opened the door ever so slightly, hoping that the noise of the water would drown out any clicking the knob made and peeked into his room.

He was lying on his bed with his head propped up against some pillows, his eyes closed, and his pants pulled down with his hand on his dick! He was moving his hand up and down his, very sizable, dick in very quick spurts, grunting softly and breathing hard. I was surprised, disgusted, and amazingly turned on by the sight of my brother jerking off. I immediately felt a wetness between my legs but made no move to do anything about it for fear that I would make a noise and startle him. I continued watched as he moved his hand up and down, and up and down, until finally it looked like he was about to climax. When he did, cum exploded from him and he groaned one word. One single, horrible and incredibly erotic word:


I almost screamed, but I quickly came to my senses and quietly shut the door before he could discover me snooping. I leaned back against the closed door, listening to the sound of the shower going, and tried to process what I just saw. My brother was getting off by thinking about me! Which meant he had been looking at me with desire at the store that afternoon, he wanted me.

Well, that might be taking it a little too far, the sensible part of my brain argued. He could have been thinking about a different Alyssa.

But deep down, I knew. My brother was attracted to me and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to him.

I got into the shower and as I continued thinking about my brother I became increasingly turned on so I moved my hand towards my pussy and started playing with my clit. I closed my eyes and imagined my brother shoving his hard dick into me, hammering into me repeatedly again and again, all the while moving my thumb in circular rotations over my clit. I thought of riding Jordan's long, thick shaft, bouncing on top of him, and after a few minutes I came with a small cry, falling back against the wall and knocking some bottles of shampoo and soap down which pulled the shower curtain partially open.


Jordan barged in to see if I was alright but froze when he saw me standing in the shower naked. His eyes immediately went to my breasts and stayed for a moment before looking even further south then back up to meet my eyes. We both stood staring at each other, our eyes revealing our mutual desires but he blinked and quickly looked towards the ceiling.

"I- I-I," he stammered before quickly backing out and closing the door. "I'm sorry, Alyssa," he called from the other side of the wall.

I closed the shower curtain and leaned back against the wall and stayed there until the hot water gave way to freezing cold.

Dinner that night was slightly awkward as Jordan tried to be his usual funny self but would barely look at me. I caught the glances my parents cast at each other, both seeming slightly concerned.

Finally my father asked, "So did anything happen between you too while you were shopping today?"

"What? No! Why would you ask that," Jordan laughed almost nervously.

"Well, you both just seem to be acting a little odd, if you had a fight or anything it'll be alright. Siblings fight all the time."

Yeah, but do they think of each other when masturbating all the time?

"No, we didn't have a fight. Nothing's wrong at all, I promise. Right Alyssa?"

He finally looked at me and his eyes were pleading with me to not saying anything alarming. Of course he didn't need to remind me of that.

"Yeah, he's right. Everything's cool."

"Well, if that's what you both think then alright," my mother smiled. "So do you guys want to play a game after dinner like we used to?"

"Uh, no thanks mom, I'm a little tired and want to get as much rest as I can before the trip," Jordan said, standing up from the table and putting his dishes in the sink.

"Yeah, me too. Thanks again for the money for the swim suit guys," I said as I put my own dishes in the sink. I then went over and kissed both my parents on the cheeks and then followed Jordan up to our respective rooms. We both stood outside our doors and stared at each other.

"So," he said.


He stared at me for one more moment before opening his door and walking into his room, saying "goodnight" before shutting it.

I stood in the hallway for a few moments, again feeling disappointment but not knowing what to do about it so I walked into my own room and stripped down to my bra and panties. I got into bed and laid there for a while, staring at the ceiling and wondering what was happening to me.

Was I really feeling attracted to my brother? We used to get on each other's nerves all the time, but we never really fought at all anymore. In fact, we've gotten so close that we'll even wrestle with each other. But even thinking of that was turning me on, the way we would roll around on the floor together and I would always end up on top...

I heard my parents go to bed after a bit and I finally realized I had had enough. I needed to do something about this.

I got out of bed and crossed my room to the bathroom and I stood in there for a good few minutes before opening the door to his room, just as he was about to open the door. We stood across from each other, barely an inch apart, staring into each other's eyes and then all the sudden his lips came crashing down on mine. It took me back for a moment, but not too long because I began kissing him back, opening my mouth to let his tongue in.

He wrapped one hand around my neck and his other arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him and grinding his hips into mine. We kept kissing, our mouths moving across each other's in an almost frenzy, I wanted to taste every part of him. It took me a second to realize that he had begun backing me out of the bathroom and into my room. He shut the door behind him and broke the kiss long enough to take his shirt off. Then he grabbed me again and brought his lips back to mine, sweeping his tongue into my mouth and sucking my breath from me. I felt his hand clasp my bra and for a moment I panicked.

"Jordan, what are you doing," I whispered after breaking the kiss and trying to back away.

He didn't say anything, but he held me firmly with one arm as he took my bra off with the other, revealing my tits. He let go of me long enough to yank my bra off my arms but before I could get away he had gripped me again and brought his mouth to my left nipple, sucking and biting it gently. I was so confused, I didn't realize that he had wanted to go this far. I was alright with the kissing, but the way he kept sucking my nipple and grinding his pelvis into mine made me realize he wanted so much more. I wasn't sure I did though.

I tried to voice this, but my body betrayed me and when I opened my mouth a low moan escaped my lips. I wasn't sure if I wanted this, but I knew it felt good either way. I could feel his dick underneath his shorts and knew that my moaning was only turning him on more. He still hadn't said a word, but he moved his mouth to my other nipple and as he did this he moved one of his hands towards my pussy and started rubbing it through my underwear. This brought on a whole other layer of pleasure and I threw my head back, moaning again.

He finally broke away from my breast and stared at me, his blue eyes dark and full of desire.

"I never realized how much I wanted you until I saw you in that swim suit today. I wanted to fuck you right there in the store in front of everyone," he said in a low voice. He pushed me back against my bed and I fell sitting onto it.

"Really," I asked, completely bewildered. My older brother wanted to fuck me? My mouth involuntarily dropped at the thought.

He pulled his pants down and grabbed his dick, already hard, and started pumping it a few times. "Really. You have no idea how fucking hot you are, even right now, staring at me with your wide eyes and your mouth just open and waiting."

With that, he brought his dick to my mouth and pushed it in a little. It took me by surprise and I wasn't really sure what to do because I'd never given a blow job before but I just started guessing what a good girl would do. I closed my lips around his dick and bobbed my head up and down a bit, taking just a little bit of him in at a time. I wrapped my hand around the base part that I couldn't quite fit in my mouth and moved it in a pull-and-twist type of motion as I continued to suck him in. I sucked him real hard and then popped him out like a lollipop, then I licked the very tip of his dick, swirling my tongue around it before taking him in my mouth again.

"Oh, fuck, baby sis, where the fuck did you learn to suck cock like that," he moaned.

I stopped sucking and looked up at him, my hand still pumping his dick. I was so incredibly turned on I barely knew what I was saying, but it felt right. "I just wanna make my big brother feel good. Do you like it, big brother? Do you like your little sister sucking your big cock?"

"Oh my god, you're such a little cock sucking slut," he replied, moving his hands to the back of my head and forcing his dick back into my mouth. He started fucking my mouth, a bit rougher than I would have liked, but I became acclimated to the rhythm and started moaning, knowing the vibrations on his dick would drive him crazy. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, Alyssa. I'm gonna cum!"

Suddenly I found myself chocking on thick globs of cum as my brother forced my mouth as far as it would go on his dick. He kept shooting streams of cum down my throat and I wondered if it would ever end, but it finally did and when I looked up at him he was looking at me with the most loving look he'd ever given me.

"You did so good baby, let me return the favor."

Before I knew it, he had grabbed me by my shoulders, pushed me back against my pillows, and was kissing me again. This time it wasn't as urgent, he was gentle and he kissed me so deeply I forgot how to breathe. He then broke the kiss and started kissing his way down my body, making every inch of me burning hot. He stopped at my breasts to suck each nipple in turn for a moment, then continued moving down my body to my stomach. He kissed the skin there for a few seconds and then finally moved to the area that was still covered by my panties. He paused for a moment, just letting his hot breath hit the area for a little bit, then he used his teeth to pull my panties away from my pussy, down my legs, and then finally completely off. He returned to my pussy and paused only to make eye contact with me, smile, and then he put his mouth on me.

It was pleasure as I had never known. He sucked my clit, causing me to writhe and wiggle around so much that he had to put a hand on my stomach. He then moved down toward my lips and started flicking his tongue out and lapping at my pussy relentlessly. I couldn't help but moan, I knew if I was too loud I'd wake my parents up but honestly at that time I didn't care who the fuck knew. My brother was eating my pussy and it felt so good. I ground my hips into his mouth and I felt him laugh, the vibration rubbing against my clit and making me moan even more. He returned to sucking my clit, making little kissing sounds, and inserted two fingers into my pussy to start finger fucking me. He quickened the pace and I could feel the orgasm building in my stomach like a burning red heat. I tried to edge myself for as long as possible but he inserted a third finger and I was pushed over the edge. I came in a rush with an orgasm so violent my back arched off the bed and I couldn't control the extremely load moan that escaped my mouth.

"Oh, fuck me."

"That's the plan."

He didn't even give me a minute to recover. In an instant he was on top of me, kissing me and moving his dick towards my entrance. I immediately tried pushing him away though.

"Wait, we can't do that," I argued, attempting to move him to the side so that I could sit up. He pushed me back down and started to again enter me. I closed my legs and continued fighting. "No, Jordan, you don't have a condom and I'm not on the pill."

"Just shut up, stop being so loud. It's alright, I'll pull out," he promised, fighting with me until he had one hand holding both of my arms above my head and the other forcing my legs open.

At this point I was in tears, I really didn't want to do this anymore. "Please, Jordan, why can't we just stick with what we were doing? I don't want to get pregnant."

"Shh, shh, you won't, I told you. Now just take it," he said finally as he forced my legs completely open and pushed his way inside.

I had never had something so big inside of me and it honestly hurt for a moment, making me squirm and cry more, but he pulled out gently and gave me a second before pushing back in. He did this several times, each time he came in he pushed an inch or so more until his whole dick was inside me. At the point he looked down at me with that same loving smile and started to kiss me as he pulled out again and started pumping into me rhythmically. His body weight was right on top of me as he dipped his tongue into my mouth and his dick into my pussy. He was slow at first, taking time to make sure he got everything to the base of his dick inside of me before moving out, but eventually he broke the kiss and started pumping faster."Oh fuck," I couldn't help but say. I was still worried about him not pulling out at the right time, but it honestly felt so good to have my brother's big cock in me that I stopped caring. I stopped fighting him and he let go of my hands and moved one of his to the bedpost and the other to my shoulder to brace himself as he picked up his speed. I moved my hand to my clit and started rubbing it furiously as he started slamming in to me. "Fuck me, big brother, ram that thick cock into your little sister."

"Yeah? You like it when I fuck you like this, bitch? You like having your brother's cock fucking you into your bed," he groaned, fucking me so hard my bed was shaking.

I could feel his dick start to harden like he was about to cum and I immediately grabbed a hold of his shoulders. "Oh no, you're not gonna cum until I get to fucking ride you."

He gave me a cocky smirk and flipped me over so that I was on top of him and he managed to do that while still staying on top of me. He laid back against the pillows and put his hands on my hips. I allowed them to help me steady myself, then I covered his hand with mine and started to slowly rock on his dick. I maintained eye contact with him the whole time, grinding my pussy down on his cock painfully slow. I could see it in his face that he wanted me to go faster, and in all honesty I wanted to as well, but it was my turn to control him. I lifted his hand to my breasts, indicating for him to massage them, while I changed course and started moving up and down. I casually starting bouncing on his dick, feeling his rock hard cock move in and out of me with increasing rigor. I knew it was taking every ounce of his power not to fuck into me, but I made it worth his while. I picked up then pace and heard more than felt the bed creaking under the force of me crashing my pussy down on his dick.

"Shit, Alyssa, you know how to fucking ride better than any girl I've ever been with."

"So you've been with other girls, huh?" I panted. "Well, maybe you should go fuck them."

He sat up abruptly bringing our faces close together and moving his hands back to my waist.

"I'm never gonna fuck anyone else ever again."

He kissed me again and started fucking me in that position, lifting me then dropping me back on his cock. He slowly started moving and eventually pushed me off of him and onto my hand and knees. He then got onto his knees and forced me to back my pussy up onto his cock. He sat like there for several excruciating seconds before placing his hands on my waist and fucking me in earnest. There was nothing loving or gentle about this, it wasn't even about control, this was just humans fucking as humans do. I could hear and feel his balls slapping against my clit, causing me to stretch my arms out and grip the bedsheets. He grunted, I'm not sure how my parents had been able to sleep through the whole ordeal, and I couldn't stop moaning, god he felt so good. He just kept pumping in and out of me while I had orgasm after orgasm.

Finally I felt his dick start to harden like he was going to come and I waited a few seconds for him to pull out but when he didn't I turned towards him.

"Jordan, you have to-"

He put a hand on the back of my neck and forced me to face forward. I realized he had no intention of pulling out and I instantly became terrified. I tried fighting to get him off of me but he just kept ramming his dick into me as hard as he could until finally he let loose several streams of cum into my pussy. I felt them being injected into me and I couldn't stop myself from crying.

Jordan fell down beside me, breathing roughly and I immediately straddled his torso and started hitting him.

"You promised you would pull out! Look what you've-"

He pulled my head down so that our lips met in a very forceful kiss. No matter what I did I couldn't break it until finally he pulled away.

Keeping my head where it was he said, "Don't worry, baby sis, the likelihood of you getting pregnant is incredibly small. Besides, it's not as fun if I don't cum in you."

With that, he kissed me again, stood up, grabbed his pants, and then left my room while I sat on my bed in a sweaty mess of tears.

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