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The family saga

Many things were now extremely clear to Gabriel Scott. He settled back in his favorite chair nursing his gin tonic, promising himself that, tonight, he wouldn't get sloppy drunk. Hell! He had waited too damned long! After having read the note his wife, Dottie, had written to her daughter, Charity, revealing the truth of her paternity, Gabe's memory went back to years ago when he and Dottie were married.

How had it happened? He hadn't understood it then. He hadn't understood why or how it was that Dottie had ignored him... then, suddenly, before he knew what was happening, he was married to her. He had had Dottie out on a couple of dates, but he hadn't been able to get a third one with her; meanwhile, he knew, she had been dating some of the Redfern College men. Christ! He hadn't had time to ask himself what was happening. She was just there... and available. He had taken her to a drive-in movie and was pleasantly surprised when she allowed some heavy petting.

... But, on their next date, that same week, she had pleaded not feeling well and didn't want to go skating.

"... Maybe, we could just go for a ride, in your car... Gabe..." she suggested. "If you don't mind...?"


He had been driving his old Mercury station wagon, the car on which he had, painstakingly, restored the wooden body to its original condition. He was proud of the car and liked to show it off. Naturally, he wanted to show Dottie off, too. He cruised the streets of Redfern, stopping at a drive-in hamburger stand that was a favored hangout for the high school crowd. They ate burgers, fries and drank Cokes. Gabe felt just a little proud to be seen with the girl who was, undoubtedly, the most beautiful in their senior class. She was by far the most popular, too, and he didn't question why she chose to go out with him. The fact that she was there with him was enough... and there seemed to be a promise of more intimacy to come. Damn! She's beautiful! I wonder if I've got any chance at all... of getting next to her...? Christ! I'll bet she's a damned good lay!

It hadn't taken very long to find out. As they drove away from the hamburger stand, Dottie had slid over close to him. "Let's drive up into the mountains, Gabe... where it's nice and quiet... okay?" she asked.

"... And private...?" he added.

"Real private!" Dottie affirmed.

With a worried look at the fuel gauge, he made a quick estimate of the distance and a mental calculation of the money he possessed. He couldn't do it, he decided, but he could find that privacy. It was not very far away. He laid it on the line to her, honestly, "I don't have enough gas... or money, Dottie... but I know a place where we can park... and have all the privacy we want..."

She snuggled her face into his shoulder and murmured, "Go wherever you want to... we don't have to go to the mountains."

Damn! Her talk of privacy had his mind whirling, already. Was she thinking about what she was saying? Some real privacy could lead to real lovemaking, not just the heavy petting she had allowed him the last time. Christ! I'm getting hot, already... just thinking about the possibility of getting it into her!

Gabe had driven out the avenue past the turnoff to his own home. The whole area was planted in citrus, the groves bordering the avenue thickly with only an occasional house standing tall and Victorian amidst the trees. He turned onto a dirt road to the left, stopped at a locked gate, got out of the car, produced a key to the padlock, opened it and drove the car through. As he got back into the car, Dottie asked him, "How come you've got a key...?"

"We're on the back side of my old man's property," he told her, "and our house is just down this road a ways..."


He became expansive, then. "It's all going to be mine... someday!"

"Do you want to raise oranges...?"

"Yeah... I guess so," he said, "My granddad planted the trees, my dad inherited the place... and it looks like I'm expected to carry it on. Soon as I graduate I'm supposed to go to work for Dad, full time!"

She was impressed. "Not very many boys know exactly what they're going to do!" she observed.

"I guess not..." He was nonchalant. He had parked the Mercury in a little cleared area where agricultural implements were stored. There were barrels of oil, lubricants, fuel and pesticides stacked about. When he turned off the car's lights it was almost pitch black and very few sounds penetrated through the thick foliage of the orange trees.

"Is this private enough?" he asked, reaching out for her.

Dottie had come easily into his arms, her face lifted to him for his kiss. He kissed her tenderly, at first, and as her lips parted he thrust his tongue, hungrily, into her mouth to probe, taste and savor her. Her avid response surprised him.

With a little moan, she had pressed against him, the mounding hemispheres of her breasts crushing up warmly between them. He felt the slight tremor in her body that seemed to signal desire. In the darkness, he pulled back from her, slightly; he could barely see the outlines of her face. Her eyes were closed; her mouth still parted. Christ! She's got hot pants!

His hand reached out to her, found and encompassed a breast, his fingers kneading and massaging as his lips found hers, again. He found himself mumbling, "God... you're beautiful, Dottie!"

For answer, another little moan escaped her lips, and she tentatively snaked her tongue into his mouth, searchingly. He sucked it, gently, for a few moments, then, voraciously, as she became bolder, her tongue, searching and teasing the inside of his mouth.

Below, the hot blood surged, quickeningly, and his tumescent, erect penis throbbed and jerked against the confining fabric of his pants. He shifted, uncomfortably, in the seat of the car, his hand going to his crotch to move his aching cock to a more comfortable position; then that same hand drifted to her warm, smooth thigh, moving up under her skirt to the wisp of nylon panties that encased her loins.

"No... p-please, Gabe... I'm not..." she mumbled up into his mouth, pulling back only slightly, her objection not entirely convincing, as his hand continued to wander, searchingly, over the warm smoothness of thigh and hip.

"I've got to... have you... Dottie! God! I'm so hot...! I've got to... to fuck you! I love you... so very much!"

She pulled away from him and smoothed down her skirt. "I-I like you, too... Gabe... b-but love... a-and sex... are for marriage... and..." She turned her head away from him.

"Couldn't you learn to love me...?"

Facing him, again, she said, "Y-Yes... maybe... but we can't... well, you know... we couldn't do it... before we..."

"Before we get married...?" He finished her unspoken sentence.


"... But... if we were sure...?"

"How could we ever be sure?" she asked.

"God, Dottie! I've loved you for months... already... ever since you came to school the first day after you moved here!"

His confession of love for her came from a youthful heart, a heart brimming over with sentimentality, but in truth, it was the virile member, aching for carnal knowledge of her that throbbed out its message there below. His was a common confusion, the misunderstanding of the meaning of love, which is the substitution of sex for love.

Gathering her into his arms, again, he kissed her with brutal force, then more tenderly as she melted against him, her breath beginning to come in short panting gasps; while his hands moved on her, she responded to him more and more until, finally, his searching hand, below, slipped between her thighs... and her legs parted, slightly, to allow him access. God! He almost went insane with desire. Now, he knew that she was aroused... ready to be laid! And, he could hardly wait, as he stroked and massaged the moist warmth of her cunt through the thin nylon barrier of her panties.

"Oh, Gabe... n-no... we mustn't..." she gasped, but in his highly aroused state, there was no stopping him, as with a boldness born of desperate need, he reached up for the elastic band at her waist and pulled her panties down over her curvaceous hips and thighs. Again, her voice told him no but her actions said plainly yes. He hadn't had to work very hard to get her panties off; she had helped him and he hadn't been aware of it. "P-Please, Gabe we mustn't... I-I've never..."

"I love you... Dottie! I've got to..."

He was clumsy and inexperienced; she managed to guide his finger to her clitoris, and when she was ready, she helped him to get his erect and pulsing penis into the proper position, after he had, himself, tried... and missed. With proper surprise, she remarked his size and virility.

"Oh, Gabe... i-it's so huge... it'll hurt me! N-No!"

Blinded by passion, proud of his virile cock and sure that he was the first, he had gone into her with a rush of youthful vigor, jackhammering his virgin cock into her like a young, rutting bull, concentrating on his own enjoyment and his great need to cum to the exclusion of all else.

... But, had he been aware, he would have known that he could not possibly have been the first. She was not virgin, although her cunt was tight and firm around his rampaging cock... and she was too knowledgeable, even though she had tried to hide her experience behind a facade of demure maidenliness. He had been too callow... too raw a youth, and he fell into an ages-old trap.

Dottie exploded into orgasm under his pounding cock, screaming out her pleasure to the stygian darkness of the orange grove. "Ohhhhh! Oh, God! Gaaaaaaaaabe! I'mmmmmmmm cuuuummmmmiiinnnggg! AAaaaaggghhh!"

His own ejaculation was not far behind her soaringly rapturous ecstasy. The liquid fire of his sperm shot from him deep up into her belly. Christ! He had never felt anything like that before. It was wonderfully new and strange... and he loved her for it! "Oh, God! I love you, Dottie!"

Then... it had been two weeks later -- there had been other nights of clandestine sex, wild, carefree and careless, in the back of his station wagon parked in the orange grove -- when she had told him, "G-Gabe... you keep s-saying you l-love me... a-and I-I love you, too... but now w-we've got to do s-something about it..."

"What do you mean...?"

"We've got to g-get married... I'm going to h-have a b-baby!" she told him in a rush.

"My God! How do you know... for sure?"

"I'm sure!" she said. "N-nature doesn't lie!"

Within another two weeks, Gabe and Dottie were married. There had been the usual family recriminations, but in the end Dottie had moved into the Scott house where the newlywed couple set up housekeeping.

I was a blind, stupid fool... any son-of-a-bitch could have figured it out! Dottie trapped me... made me think that Charity was my kid...! And, she fooled me... for all these years! Of course, Donnie's mine... there's no doubt about that!

He nursed his drink and waited. She would have to come back, he told himself; Dottie's little bastard daughter would have to come back, because she had taken nothing with her. She had merely left for a few hours... But, when you get back Charity, baby... I'm going to give it to you... but good!

All his hate, his frustrations and his failures were concentrated in a warped plan for revenge... against his wife's daughter, Charity.


Don Scott and Ray Donahue had skipped out of school. They lounged on a grassy mound on the downtown shopping mall, their conversation centering around possible ways of raising their stake before they split for the streets.

"We could hit a liquor store or a service station..." Don suggested. So far he had avoided telling Ray about the robbery of the salesman; he had no intention of telling him. Hell! He might want a split... because I used his gun!

"It's too risky, Don!" Ray told him. "I don't dig that! They really lay you out on that kind of a charge... if you get caught!"

"You got any better ideas...?"

"Whatever we do it's got to be safe!"

Ray looked off down the street to where a vaguely familiar figure was seated near a fountain. "Hey, man... isn't that your sister...?" He pointed.

"Yeah... it sure as hell is!" Donnie's heart skipped a beat. What the hell is she doing downtown?

"Man... is she built! I'll bet she's a real mink... when she's turned on!"

Without thinking, Don reacted to his statement with an affirmative, "Yeah, man... she's something else..."

Ray looked at him in disbelief. "Like... are you saying you've laid her... your own sister...?"

"I didn't say any such thing!" Don barked.

"Don't try to put me on, man... I heard you, and I saw the way you looked at her!" Ray said. "You must've fucked her!"

"... And, what if I did...?"

"You trying to save it all for yourself?" Ray leered.

"What are you driving at...?"

"Christ, man! It's right in front of you! Spread a little bit of her sunshine around... Don!"


"And we've got that bundle of bread!"

"Hell no! That'd be just like..." He caught himself before the words were out of his mouth, as he realized that he was going to say: our mom! He finished the unspoken part weakly, "You know... like making a whore out of her!"

"You meant to say something about like mother, like daughter, didn't you?" Ray grinned.

"You really lay it on, don't you?" Don snapped. "Where'd you get that idea?"

"Hell, Don... this town's too small! The word gets around pretty damned fast!"

Don sighed and turned away. "Yeah... and we're the last to find out about it!"

"... But, that's your mom's bag... right now, we're talking about that gorgeous sister of yours," Ray went on. "I know I'd sure as hell like to lay her!"

"Cry your eyes out... because you'll never get the chance!" Don retorted.

"Why not? If you turned her on... I sure as hell can, too!"

"How?" Don queried.

"I've got a way... believe me! It hasn't failed yet!"


"Can I try?"

"Like you know, man... she's got a mind of her own! But I don't think you'll get very far!"

Don told him. He was sure in his own mind that Charity would not be taken in by anything Ray could tell her.

"I asked you can I try it!"

"Yeah, man... go ahead!" Don said, airily. "But I'm going to watch you work!"

"But no interference!" Ray warned.

"Okay! No interference..."

"Split... and meet me at my house... my folks are gone... some kind of meeting in Chicago..."


"Oh, like an half hour."

Don rose to his feet and ambled down the picturesque mall toward where he had parked his motorbike next to Ray's enclosed van. Christ! This is crazy! I'm going to be watching... while he tries to get Charity into the sack! That's what I want, myself...! And, I didn't want some other guy in on the act! Come to think of it, though... there's a lot of sharing, like that... when you're on the street!


No really straight thinking about any of her problems had come to Charity. To say that she was confused and hurt would be a gross understatement. The anguish she experienced was almost unbearable. Within a short space of time, she had undergone shock, extreme shock that had shattered her whole existence. Her sense of having been betrayed was an overriding feeling within her. First: she had seen her mother with another man, discovering that her mother was a prostitute. This had been made clear to her by her mother's participation in an obscene sex act... for which she had been paid; secondly, she, herself, had been a party to incestuous sex with her brother, Donnie. When she had gone to him for solace, he had offered her something different than she had expected or wanted. Much against her will, she had progressed from joining him in smoking a marijuana cigarette to full-blown sex. It was her first, but she had vowed to herself that never again would she be so weak as to allow Donnie that intimacy, again! It was wrong... so terribly wrong!

... But, she had enjoyed it. The rapture, the ecstasy of the moment was more than she had ever dreamed! She had soared to bursting orgasm under him, but still that sense of right and wrong was with her, strong in her to the point of disgust. After all... sex activity between brother and sister was one of the strongest taboos of civilized man, and she had violated it! Dear God! It'll never happen again! That's one thing I know for sure...! I'll never let Donnie know that we're only half-sister and brother! Heaven only knows what he'd do!

That had been the third and worst blow of all! Their mother had run away... copped out on them, unable, apparently, to face the consequences of her own actions; however, before leaving, she had written a note to Charity, the words of which still burned, indelibly, into her mind. It was this terrible knowledge that had pierced her heart like a cold-bladed dagger, a knife that had been twisted in her, for good measure. GABRIEL SCOTT IS NOT YOUR REAL FATHER. HE DOESN'T KNOW THIS, AND THERE WOULD BE LITTLE POINT, NOW, IN TELLING HIM. THERE IS ALSO NO NEED FOR ME TO TELL YOU HIS NAME... EXCEPT TO TELL YOU THAT HE WAS A FINE AND GOOD MAN, A MAN WHO GAVE HIS LIFE FOR HIS COUNTRY. HE DIED IN KOREA. HE NEVER KNEW THAT OUR LOVE HAD RESULTED IN THE BIRTH OF A BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER, YOU... MY OWN CHARITY. YOU'LL NEVER KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT WAS TO MAKE THE DECISION TO GIVE YOU UP... A DECISION I SHOULD HAVE MADE BEFORE YOU WERE BORN! INSTEAD, I PRACTICALLY FORCED GABE TO MARRY ME... AND SUCCEEDED ONLY IN BOTCHING UP ALL OF OUR LIVES...

There was more; her mother's letter had been full of recriminations, confession, outpourings of love and some irrational reasoning... But, dear God... why did she run? Why did she cop-out... when I need her the most? Oh, God... I want my mom! I've never felt so alone... and lost! What can I do? I know for sure... that I can't stay at home! Ugh! The way Dad... er Gabe... looks at me... I just know he wants me... lusts after me... that's what it really is! It's pure animal lust!

In her own mind, she was sure that she had done the wisest thing in getting out of the house where she would be safe, because almost anywhere else -- the street especially -- would make it impossible for her mother's husband to get at her. She was not sure just how she would make sure it was safe to return; it would be safer, she had decided, while Donnie was there. Perhaps, she would telephone, disguising her voice and pretending that she was a girl friend of her brother's. If Donnie came on the wire, she would explain it to him... but if Gabe answered, she'd hang up.

She had walked, disconsolately, along the shopping mall, looking into store windows, wasting time that only seemed to drag itself, limpingly, along and finally buying and drinking a Coke for its nutritional, sugary lift. She had made the Coke last a long time as she had sipped at it, slowly, and observed the many shoppers, mentally cataloging their various and eccentric ways. Hers was a good eye for character and for action that revealed that character, her interest in and training in drama standing her in good stead, as she played this little game by herself.

Later, as she tired, she found a comfortable seat near the central fountain and watched its changing patterns. It was a restful release from her own emotional anguish, and she lost herself, momentarily, in the cooling display of the shimmering columns of water.

The adolescent voice interrupted her enjoyment. She glanced up at the speaker and recognized him as one of Donnie's acquaintances.

"So, Charity... you split from school and went truant...?"

She answered too quickly, "I-It's the first time... really... I just couldn't s-stand to go to school, today..."

"That's all right. I'm not a hookey fuzz!" he grinned. "I was just kidding..."

"You're a friend of Donnie's, aren't you?" Charity asked, regaining her confidence, somewhat.

"Yeah..." He sat down beside her, lounging easily.

"Have you seen him, today?"

"No!" he lied.

She heaved a deep sigh. "I wish I could see him..." Then, she went on, "What did you say your name was...?"

"I didn't... but it's Ray... Ray Donahue!"

He leaned back watching her, narrowly, a half-grin still plastered on his face. It was going to be something else, he told himself, when he laid it on her. Christ! I'll bet she can't get into the sack fast enough when I'm through with her!

"I'm glad to know you, Ray," Charity said, turning back to watch the water. "I just love to watch..."

Ray cut in, fast, "You're going to get to know me real well!"

Turning to face him, quizzically, puzzled at his statement, she said, "Oh... how come...?" She was completely innocent of his intentions.

He lowered his voice but said with firm steeliness, "You and I are going to have a little party!"

"Wh-What do you mean...?"

"A little sex party... you're going to crawl into the sack with me... for some fucking!"

Charity jumped to her feet, instantly, ready for flight. "You're d-disgusting!" she spat. "I'll do n-no such thing!"

Desperately, she looked around, trying to decide which way to go, run, if necessary, to escape his blatantly open proposition. Oh, dear God... he's revolting! If I have to I'll run to the nearest store... and call for the police!

He reached for her wrist and jerked her back down beside him, his grin still in evidence. "Don't try to run!" he ground out. "Stick around and listen to the reasons why you're going to do what I say!"

Eyes blazing, she said, "Why? Wh-Why should I-I...?"

"To stay out of Juvie! You ever been there... it's just like a jail... you know?"

Curious passersby eyed them, but Ray kept his voice low so that words could not reach them, as he held her tight, the pressure on her wrist painfully firm. "... And, don't make a bad scene! Just listen!" he finished.

"You're hurting my wrist! Let me go... p-please...!"

Ray relaxed his steel-fingered grip on her wrist, slightly, saying, "I don't want to hurt you! Just stay put and listen to what I've got to say! Then, you can make up your mind what you want to do!"

It was completely unreal to her. She was sitting near the middle of the beautiful downtown shopping mall, near the fountain, in the midst of a sunshiny afternoon with hundreds of people walking about, shopping and chatting... and she was being held, against her will, to listen to the vile mouthings of this gangly youth, Ray Donahue... a supposed friend of her brother's.

It couldn't happen! It just could not be!

As he relaxed his grip, she sat forward, poised for flight, like a game bird. All right, she would listen... for a while. She was curious, now, to know what it was all about.

Picking up his remark concerning Juvenile Hall, she asked, "Wh-What are you s-saying about Juvie? I-I've never done a-anything b-bad to be sent there!" Unconsciously, she also kept her voice low, not wanting anyone in the passing crowd to hear the crazy conversation in progress.

"All right," he said, leering at her, "I'm going to lay it on you! Now, listen close! Donnie's been laying you... and I know it..."

Charity gasped, her face draining of color, "N-No... no! That isn't t-true!"

"Don't try to lie! I know it for a fact!" he snapped. "Now... our hung-up society doesn't like that sort of thing... and one word from me... and they'd be coming to take you away from that lewd and unsavory environment... and you know where they'd put you...? In Juvie!"

Dear God... how could he know? Nobody would know... unless... u-unless D-Donnie told...!

Unbidden tears began to flow unchecked. "N-No... no... oh, my God... n-no!" she sobbed, her heart breaking once again with the realization that, somehow, she had been betrayed, yet another time by someone she loved dearly. "I-It's impossible! Donnie w-wouldn't do that...!"

"What?" Ray shot back. "Lay you?"

"N-No... t-tell anybody... about it...?" she murmured.

"Then... he did! You just admitted it, yourself!" he pursued, relentlessly.

Suddenly, she realized his entrapment of her. She had been so confused, her thinking twisted and her emotions so turned inside out that she had fallen, innocently, into his snare.

"N-No... that's..." she stopped, aghast, her mind a turmoil. Dear God! What could she do?

"It's no good, baby doll! I've got you right where I want you!" he rasped. "Now, by God... we'll play by my rules! You know what I want... don't you...? And, if I don't get it I drop a few hints to the fuzz!"

All of her resources of resistance seemed to drop away from her. She couldn't fight back, any more. There seemed to be nothing but the bleak prospect of doing as he demanded. Her body slumped into a pose of abject defeat.

Then, as if to clinch his argument, Ray added, "... Of course, they'll pick Don up, too... and it's bound to get into the papers!"

"I-I don't believe y-you..." Charity said, forlornly, trying, again, to find some chink in his argument.

"All right... you want to try? You want to get up and split, right now... and see what happens? If you do... go ahead...! But, you'd be in what they call protective custody, tomorrow! They'll take you out of that nasty, immoral home... and lock you up in Juvie! Public morals have to be defended!" He piled words on her, snowing her under the deluge of lies and half-truths.

Charity was silent for long moments; finally, she said, "... And, if I d-do what you s-say... y-you won't b-bother me again... and y-you won't tell...?"

Ray's eyes lit up. He had won! Christ! It was like taking candy away from a baby! Easy, man... easy as pie!

"Whatever's fair... if that's the way you want it!" he chuckled.

Her voice was full, flat, "Y-You don't g-give me much choice..."

"We're going to split, now!" he directed. "We're going to walk down to my van... and get into it! Man! You and me are going to have a real ball... with some real nice goodies!"

He rose to his feet, reached for her hand and raised her to her feet, slipping an arm, casually, around her small waist. He went on, "Like, why don't you dry up your tears... and smile at the nice, square people... you look like you're going to your own execution!"

"You've s-said it... exactly! That's the way I-I do feel!" Charity told him.


Charity remembered little of the ride to Ray's house; her mind was in a complete whirl, her thoughts entering and leaving in rapid order, her confusion complete, her emotions turned topsy-turvy with her new concern, not only for herself but for Donnie as well. She did know that there was some truth in what Ray had told her; however, she was not sure what the attitude of the law was toward incest. She just knew that it was wrong... and that somehow she and Donnie had been exposed. Dear God! Perhaps he had only guessed... or jumped to a conclusion, a conclusion that had been correct; then he had merely played a bluff. God! What if he's bluffing!

It was a ray of hope. She turned to him and said, "Ray... y-you don't h-have any proof... just hearsay..."

He grinned over at her, confidently, eyes hooded, "You want to bet on that...? Or do you want me to name the time and place?"


She dropped back into her inner absorption, the maelstrom of her thoughts giving her little comfort, and she didn't notice when they passed Donnie's motorbike parked at the curb a block away from Ray's house.

Donnie, sitting on the curb, watched Donahue's van pass with Charity in the passenger's seat. He whistled through his teeth. Christ! I didn't think he could do it! I wonder what he laid on her?

Morosely, he sat waiting for another five minutes before mounting the cycle and riding the short distance to Ray's parents' home. The house was a California ranch style, set back from the street, low and long, sandwiched between two Victorian houses. Obviously, one of the old homes had been torn down to be replaced with the modern house.

Parking the van in the triple garage, Ray ushered Charity into the affluence of his parents' home. The quality and obvious expense was reflected in the furniture and accessories.

A few moments before, when she had dismounted from Ray's van, she had had a terrific impulse to break away from him and run... run for her life, but his firm grip on her arm had dissuaded her. Now, as she looked around at the costly surroundings, seeing at the same time, the gangly, long-haired youth in his sub-culture garb of jeans, boots, fringed leather jacket and beads, she couldn't help but wonder what it was, in him, that made him want to reject it all.

Charity sank down onto a soft couch and ran her fingers over the richly sculptured material. "I-It's beautiful!" she said. "Such a l-lovely home..."

The sneer on his face surprised her, as he said with derision, "It's only money, doll... but, like my old man doesn't know what to do with it!"

"Wh-What do you mean...?"

His voice was harsh. "Things!" he spat. "He's just like all the rest! He doesn't give a fuck about people!"

"A-and you... you care about p-people...?" she trembled. "... But I-I get the idea y-you're trying t-to use me... like I was... a thing...!"

Ray stood on wide-spread legs before her, his face livid, "You're a smart little bitch!" he grated.

The door chimes sounded. He left her to go to the door, grunting, "I wonder who in hell this could be...?" His grin was barely concealed from her; he knew it would be Don Scott, her ever-loving brother.

"Don!" he exclaimed in mock surprise. "Come in... join the party!"

"Party...? What party?" Don asked, going along with Ray.

"Like, you know... there's three of us, now! Charity's here!"

"Charity...?" He walked in, feigning surprise, "What are you doing here?"

She sprang to her feet, shock and surprise on her mobile face. "Donnie!"

"Yeah... it's me..." He sat down, sprawling carelessly.

She stood there, in utter confusion, looking from one to the other of them, stupidly, feeling as though she should say something to explain why she was there. Her open, innate honesty compelled her to say, dully, "He kn-knows..."

"K-knows what?"

"A-About us?" she answered, miserably.

"Like crap!" Donnie spat, looking hard and mean at Ray, who stood watching them, a slight sneer on his face. "You want to split, Char? If you do... we'll do it now!"

Charity heard his offer to take her away, but the fear of exposure, the possibility of publicity -- friends and classmates at school learning of their depravity, the scandal of it rocking the town, the attendant gossip, the stares, the jibes and the innuendoes -- plus the fact that both she and Donnie would be placed in Juvenile Hall, if a word of it got out to people in authority, such as the district attorney, made her hesitate. He doesn't understand! Dear God! I don't want anything like that t-to happen to m-me... and most of all I-I don't want anything to happen to Donnie! What can I do...?

"I-I can't, Donnie... I just c-can't! Don't you understand?" she sobbed, hot tears beginning to glisten in her eyes.

"Okay, Char... you know what you want to do," he told her, but Donnie knew that in letting her follow the course she had chosen, he had, almost literally, given her to Ray Donahue. His eyes bored into Ray's, as he swiveled to look at the tall boy. He went on, "I don't know what you laid on her Ray... but you must have come on pretty strong! What's next in this farce of yours?"

"Well... for starters... how about some drinks? My old man's got one of the best stocked bars in town!"

"Make mine Scotch on the rocks!" Donnie said, trying to appear worldly and man-about-townish.

"I-I don't want anything t-to drink..." she said. Her voice was small, frightened.

"I'll make a special one for you," Ray leered. "I know you'll like it... after you've tried it!"

"Is it a-alcoholic...?"

"Yeah... it's got a little... but it's more like a punch," he assured, as he went to mix for them.

He brought drinks; Scotch for him and Don... and a slightly green-tinted milky looking drink for Charity. Ray raised his glass and said, mockingly, "Well, since we're playing square... drinking, instead of toking up... here's looking up yours!"

Charity sipped. It tasted good, but she didn't know what it was. She was going to ask, decided against it and drank from the glass. The liquid slid down her throat, easily, and was not at all unpleasant. There was a slight warmth from the alcohol, but not enough to alarm her. She had seen too much of her father's drunkenness. A long time ago, she had decided that indulgence in drinking would not be for her. This drink was different. It didn't seem to be at all strong.

Flopping carelessly into a soft chair and flinging his boots onto the surface of the beautifully inlaid coffee table, Ray watched her, narrowly, as he sucked on his own drink. If I can get another one of those down her... she'll be fucking like a mink! Christ! I can hardly wait...! But, I'll have to play it cool... cool as hell!

He flipped through some of the long-play records stacked on top of the stereo unit at his elbow, selected a driving, hard rock, put it on the spindle and started the machine. The driving twang of the guitars and the high, nasal vocal thundered into the room through a special hi-fi speaker system.

Charity listened and sipped at her drink; before she knew it she had finished it. In a few moments, Ray thrust another at her, a big friendly grin on his face.

"No, thank you," she said, politely.

"We're having another round, too... you might as well drink up..." He left the pernod on the coffee table before her.

A few moments later, she reached for the drink, automatically. She hated to let it go to waste. Sipping steadily she was more than halfway through the second drink when it hit her. There was a warmth in her belly, seeming to exude to all parts of her body... and there was a certain headiness, an almost giddy feeling. More important, though, she felt glowing warmth in her loins, and she shifted her position. Strange! She hadn't felt it before! God! What was that stuff? Is it s-some kind of... sex drug... something that would make people do it?

Abruptly, she set the glass down, a wild, cornered look appearing in her eyes. "Ugh!" she said aloud.

"What's with you, doll... I thought you liked that drink?" Ray Donahue asked.

"I-It tastes good... but I think there m-must be something in it... something strong that sneaks up on you!" She felt a sudden weakness in her knees as she tried to stand up.

Instantly, the tall youth was beside her, steadying her; he leered down at her, as he slipped a sinewy arm around her waist. "That was pernod you had... it's almost as good a turn on as pot!" he explained.

"I-I don't understand...?"

"I mean you're just about ready to fuck! That stuff works... almost every time!" he gloated.

"Oh, n-no..." she said weakly. Somewhere in that morass of confused thinking that had been hers for some time, now, she had thought that if she must go through with the sex thing with this vile, young monster, perhaps, she could do it with no involvement. Now, even that dim hope was smashed. She had been tricked into drinking something that was an aphrodisiac; pernod, he had called it. Dear God! Now, I won't be able to help myself... at a-all! I-I'll be completely at his mercy!

Don Scott had been pretty sure that it was absinthe pernod that Ray had given his sister. He knew very little about it himself, except the fact that it had been outlawed almost every place in the world. "Where'd your old man get that stuff, Ray?"

"Connections, man! You got money... you can get anything!" Ray bragged.

Vaguely, then, for the first time, Donnie began to see his friend in a different light, and he began to wonder: Damn! He's playing both sides... making out like he's one of us... talking about going on the street, but hanging on to what he's got going for him here! Christ! I'll bet when the time comes to split he'll run like hell the other way!

Don watched with more than a little interest, the scene that was transpiring before his very eyes, for now, quite obviously, his sister was reacting to the effects of the drink. Ray's arm around her waist shifted now to turn her to face him, his other arm going around her, drawing her up tight to him, the obvious bulge of the erection under his jeans pressing into her belly, and unbidden, Don realized that his own penis lurched with desire.

As Ray gathered her into his arms, plastering her loins to his, and she became aware of the warmth and the bulk of his hardness against her, she stiffened as though she had been drenched in ice-cold water; her body arched back away from him, her hands pushing, futilely, against his chest in an attempt to escape his embrace.

"No... n-no... this is crazy! I-I can't... let you...!" Her eyes swept the room, desperately. Donnie was there. She looked at him, pleadingly, "Don... D-Donnie... please..."

"Hell... Char... you made up your mind to stay..." he said.

He could have said something different; there was even the possibility that he could have taken her away, but something perverse in him wanted to see his sister trapped, seduced. His own desire for her was too great. Christ! He had to have her, too!

"Don't make such a big scene out of it, doll! It's going to happen... no matter what... so stop fighting it!" Ray leered down into her face, still holding her tight to him.

Suddenly, then, she realized there was nothing she could do. Donnie had refused to help her; he was willing, almost, it seemed to her, to stand by and watch her humiliation and debasement. She stopped struggling and slumped against him, helplessly. Dear God! What have I done...? Her mouth fell open in disbelief that her brother could do this dreadful thing to her.

Then, she felt Ray's searching hands upon her body, moving from her waist to cup and massage the rounded firmness of her buttocks through her light skirt. Her face flamed with shame and embarrassment as his long, lean hands moved intimately over her tense, fear-stricken body. Desperately, she tried once again, "P-Please... let m-me go..."

"Not a chance! You're going to get fucked, now... whether you want to or not! I'm so Goddamned hot I can't wait to get between those hot looking legs of yours!" he grunted, leaning down to capture her mouth with his own.

Again, she struggled in his arms, trying to free herself, but she was helpless against his greater strength, and his lips closed on hers, engulfing her soft, moist lips completely, his tongue lashing between her lips and against her teeth lustingly. He held her tight against him with one hand while the other searched for the zipper of her skirt, found it, unfastened and zipped it down, giving the waistband a tug and moving away from her, momentarily, to allow her skirt to fall to the floor around her ankles. Quickly, then, he clasped her close, his mouth welded to hers, his hot hands digging into the rounded hemispheres of her firm young buttocks that were covered, now, only by a wisp of white nylon panty. Tighter yet, he forced his pelvis against her, his height placing the throbbing bulge of his erection hard and unresisting against the softness of her belly. She could feel it outlined there long and hard... and, to her complete surprise an uncontrollable tremor of desire rippled through her.

My God! Something... something entirely unwanted was happening inside her. She was actually feeling ungovernable little sensations of sexual excitement that seemed to alternate with those other feelings of shame and repulsion at his demanding hands and mouth upon her. Momentarily, again, she tried to resist him, attempting to pull away, but as she opened her mouth to shout out negative words, to scream, if necessary, his tongue pillaged her mouth, slipping past the barrier of her teeth to joust with her mobile lingual member. Galvanic sensations shot through her, and she relaxed into his arms, her mouth beginning to suck, her own tongue searching for more of the essence of his lustful mouth.

"Oh... oh... oh...!" she moaned, as he drew her unresisting body down to the soft cushions of the davenport, a sinewy hand covering a full, up-tilted breast, instantly, to massage and tantalize.

Ray broke the contact of their kiss, and as he pushed her back on the cushions, smiled down at her, a smile of pure lust, his hands never leaving her for a moment. His voice was a dry croak. "Can't help it... can you?"

Dumbly, she looked up at him, lost in the morass of sensations that surged in her.

He went on, "Damn... you're really hot... hot enough to fuck, right now!" Leaning back, he fumbled with his belt to loosen it.

Watching them from across the room, Don cut in, "Hell... why don't you take her in the bedroom? This is no place for this scene, man!"

The gangly youth looked up at the girl's brother; he had almost forgotten his presence. "Yeah... okay..." Swiftly, he stood to his feet, leaned down and picked Charity up, lightly; with seemingly effortless ease he carried her down the hallway to the master bedroom. Don had anticipated his choice and went into the room ahead of them; quickly, he stripped the coverlet and blankets from the bed, tossing them, carelessly, to a small slipper chair.

For an instant, the auburn-haired girl stiffened in his arms, resistingly, but as she saw that Don was now helping by preparing the bed for her further debasement, she collapsed into herself, an inkling of understanding coming to her. Dear God! Donnie wants me... t-too! Her thought was confirmed by the tremendous bulge she saw in her brother's jeans. N-No... no! Not both of them at the same time! OOOoooh, my God!

The insane idea ricocheted inside her skull, the monstrous thought almost more than she could bear. It's impossible! I-I can't... not with my own brother... a-again! I v-vowed it would n-never... never h-happen... again!

... But, Ray's hands, his tongue, exploring her mouth... and the pernod had set her whole being aflame with sensual desire. As she lay in the middle of the big bed, now, where the tall youth had place her, she looked up at the two boy-men, dumbly, her eyes eloquently pleading for mercy; then, uncontrollably and in spite of her revulsion, she raised her knees, and began to rub her thighs together. It was a completely unconscious action.

Now, Ray eased his lanky frame down onto the bed, reached down and pulled off his boots, dropping them, heavily, to the floor. From the corner of his eye, he saw the slight movement of her thighs and the slightly undulating roll of her hips.

One of his long-fingered hands reached out to her leg and moved down the soft, warmth of her inner thigh... moved slowly and inexorably along the sculpted column toward the white crotch band of her nylon panties that barely covered her pussy area. She felt it, intensely, anticipatingly, but there was still in her some vestige of resistance. With a moan, she straightened out her legs flat on the bed, trapping his hand between her tightly tensed thighs and the sheet-covered mattress.

He extracted his hand and glowered at her, "What's with it, doll... getting touchy, now?"

"P-Please... Ray... Donnie..." she begged, "p-please don't..." Her head swiveled between them, pleadingly.

Donnie, lounging on the foot of the bed, watching her closely, said, gruffly, "It's too late, Char! Christ... I'm getting hot for you, too!"

Her piercing wail keened sharply in the room. "Noooo!"

"Why not?" Don asked. "After all... we've already..."

She wanted to tell him, desperately, that she didn't trust Ray Donahue. "He m-might..." she began.

"Might what...?"

"T-Tell on u-us... anyway..."

Her brother looked over hard and deadly at the other youth, "Not one word, Ray... not one, because we're both going to be in on the act, now! I'm going to fuck her, too!"

It hadn't worked the way she thought it would. Everything had taken a different turn. Now, it was out in the open; Donnie had just said it... said that he wanted to... Dear God! What can I do...?

The feeling of overwhelming aloneness and helplessness was strong in her. She had been drugged... and her brother had been a party to it. She was desolate... and betrayed, again!

Then, Ray hissed down at her, "And no more of that stupid yelling! Christ... we don't want the neighbors thinking the wrong things!"

Turning away, he stood up, finished unbuckling his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and slipped them from his long legs. His shirt and undershirt followed; then, with tantalizing slowness he slipped his jockey shorts over his hips to release his lancing hardness to her surprised gaze.

Charity didn't want to look at it; she tried to tear her eyes away from it, but the length of his hardened member, standing out from his hairy loins held a perverse fascination for her... and yet there was also revulsion for the things she knew now that the male organ was capable of doing. She had forgotten, temporarily, the exploding orgasm she had experienced with Donnie. Oh, my dear God... he's so huge! Sudden fear quivered in her. God! She had to get out of there! Run! Get out of that beautiful, soft bed... and run... far away!

... But, she was paralyzed, as Ray leaned over her, stretched out his hand and began to slither it up and down the smooth flesh of one trembling leg, moving it ever upward, until his hand brushed teasingly over her nylon-encased pubic hair, allowing the contact to linger, perceptibly, the light, tantalizing pressure against the vibrant flesh of her delicate, inflamed vagina. She closed her eyes to blot out the obscene vision of him, attempting with all her strength to get herself under control.

Hands began to unbutton her blouse, a different pair of hands. Donnie! Donnie was undressing her, now. Opening her tightly closed eyes, she looked up with disbelief into his smiling ones, noting at the same time that he had removed some of his clothing, also. He was naked from the waist up.

"Oh, D-Donnie... please... d-don't..." she mumbled.

For answer, he flipped open her blouse, lifted her upper body, brusquely, and stripped the garment from her; then, he unhooked her bra, deftly removing it with swift motions and flung it toward the modernistic double dresser along the wall where it joined her blouse. Lowering her back to the bed, a low moan of desire coming from his lust-distorted mouth, he sprawled beside her, avid hands grasping for the mounding firmness of her breasts, his mouth finding and engulfing a spiky, berry-like nipple to suck and nibble.

His hands on her tender flesh were, at once, cruel and inciting, as he clawed at them, feeling the silky smoothness of their firm, young womanliness.

"God..." he said, mouthing his words around the puckering areola of her hardened nipple, "You're something else, Char!"

She should have felt revulsion for what he was doing; her sense of decency, of right and wrong was not completely destroyed yet. She knew it was wrong... she had vowed that it would never happen, again, but the slashing sensuousness that arced in her as he massaged her breasts and sucked on a nipple was too much for her. There was nothing she could do to stop him; the fiery rapture being generated down between her thighs, aided by the pernod caused her to undulate her breasts up to him, offering them to her own brother, while below, her hips began to move in tiny salacious circles. Her desire was, for the moment, in supreme command.

Charity moaned aloud, "OOooh! Oh, Donnie... oh, my God! D-Donnnnniiiiiee!"

Then, while her brother was sending ecstatic thrills stampeding through her, as he shifted his voracious mouth to the other breast, below, she felt Ray grasp the waistband of her panties, and with one slow teasing movement roll them down over her hips and trembling legs. They were her last protection; now, they were gone, and she lay naked and ashamed on the bed, her lovely nudity even more of a sexual goad to the two boys.

Now, she felt Ray ease himself down on the bed and stretch out beside her, his warm, sinewy body pressing up close to her. He was lying on his side, she knew, because the hardness of his erect maleness pressed into the white smoothness of her thigh. Dear God! It's so hot... and hard!

When Ray lay down beside her, his hands still roaming over her body, at will, Donnie left her breasts, momentarily, and Ray sought her luscious mouth with his own. He took her in his arms and kissed her, deeply, probing' with his tongue, until she responded, opening her mouth to him, her own oral member intertwining with his. His rampant, hardened cock was trapped between them; suddenly, she felt it jerk against her thigh, and there was a sensation of wetness there. It must be a tiny drop of semen from his excitement, she thought hazily. At that instant, she had to repress a sudden desire to reach down between them to grasp it... to feel its virile hardness. N-No... no... I-I can't! I can't give in to them completely! Oh God, how did I-I get into this?

The bed sagged as her brother stretched out on the other side of her. She knew by the contact of his body as he pressed up against her that he, too, was now completely naked. She could feel, distinctly, the outline of his rock-hard penis made on her own warm thigh.

Charity just couldn't believe it; this couldn't be happening to her. What was left of her reasoning mind tried, halfheartedly, to sort out her confused thoughts. She could find no solution. She was hopelessly trapped, and there seemed to be no way out for her. Unwittingly, her own fears... and the pernod had brought her to this complete impasse.

Anxious, now, his passion growing each moment, Ray raised his head, surrendering her lips and leaned up on an elbow. Almost on the instant, Donnie's lips were on hers replacing Ray in the deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues jousted, momentarily, before his lingual member snaked deeper into her mouth.

Her whole body was a mass of libidinous sensation as she lay on her back between the two naked, virile boy-men their stiff cocks on either side pressed up hard against the warm, smooth, milk-white flesh of her shapely thighs. Again, Ray's hands roamed at will over her lush, young womanliness, seeking all the female contours of her curvaceous body, and against her will, she found herself, perversely, enjoying having this strange boy's hands move so provocatively on her now defenseless nakedness.

The sudden, moist warmth of Ray's mouth on her sensate breasts made her start with surprise. As she jerked away, turning her head to break the kiss, a small groan escaped her, "Oh... OOooh!" Then, her brother was whispering in her ear, reassuring her, "It's all right, Char... everything's going to be okay! I'm here with you... and I won't let anything bad happen to you..."

"Oh... D-Donnie..." she whispered back, "I-I'm s-scared... a-and I-I d-don't want to... to d-do it...!"

"We're all past the point of no return! It's going to happen! It's got to happen now! You're going to get fucked like you've never imagined... by both of us at the same time!"

"NOOooo...! Oh, my God... no... D-Donnie... I-I don't want to be a-a gangbang!"

He recaptured her mouth, effectively stopping her outcry, his tongue probing her oral cavern, hungrily, and she could feel the moist warmth of Ray's lips on her sensitive breasts, the nipples spiking out hard under his stroking hand, their areolas puckering pinkly as he sucked them up into his mouth, alternately.

Arcingly, the high-voltage passion ignited in her by Ray's hands and mouth, and the deepness of Don's searching kiss was being built up in her, unbearably. The searching mouth on the sensate mounds of her white, velvety breasts was driving her wild with insane desire. It seemed that there was no resisting the slashing, electric fire that had begun to run rampant and unchecked through her belly and aroused loins.

With a conscious act of will, she pressed her thighs tightly together again in an effort to deny the heightening desire that seared her genitals. Somehow, she must stop this insane charade... but if she could not stop it, at least, there was no reason why she should enjoy it. After all, she was there, against her will. She had been frightened into coming here with Ray, in the first place... and now, there were two boys -- one of them her own brother -- who wanted and desired her nakedness.

Then, Ray's mouth left her throbbing breasts and his body slid downwards, his mouth trailing across the smooth, flat plane of her belly, stopping momentarily to pay court to her navel.

It was only a few moments, but the passage of time was distorted as she felt him move lower, ever lower, until at last, his searching mouth was just above the soft, auburn curls of her sparse young pubic mound and his strong, lean hands were reaching down to spread her thighs firmly. There was no doubt in her mind, then, as to what he intended to do to her. He was going to use his mouth on her to lick and suck her into complete submission to his will. Oh, God! How can I-I fight them? I d-don't want it t-to happen!

Charity groaned with uncontrolled anguish as her brother, Don, squeezed her breasts, teasing the nipples of them between his thumb and forefinger, then pulling his head away to break the open-mouthed kiss, only to move his head, instantly, to the up-tilted hardness of her pink, berry-like nipples. He took one between his lips, moving it rapidly in and out while at the same time maintaining a strong sucking pressure on it. She gasped. It was a breathtaking sensation! Involuntarily, she reached down to cup the other breast up to him, inviting him to treat it the same way. She would never know why she did it... but suddenly, it was there in her. It was almost as if she were, symbolically, offering her body to them, now. Then, there was the sudden realization that she could not keep herself uninvolved. She was in it, now! She was reacting... almost enjoying... even cherishing having these two potent boys doing wild, insane things to her. It was a definite surprise to her. How could she have changed? She hadn't wanted it... this way!

Below, Ray had parted her legs, spreading them widely, his head following, his mouth and teeth moving, now, on the soft, white flesh of her smoothly-rounded inner thighs. He nipped at her warm, pliant skin with his teeth, gently, his mouth like a searing torch on her as his lips followed, kissing her warmly and moistly; finally, his searching lips found the coraline division of her vagina, the thin bearded slit moist and pulsating from the exudation of her womb. Deliberately, his tongue moved there, up and down the narrow crevice, boring searchingly, finally into the portal of her vagina. Under the blinding impact of the slashing sensations generated in her, her hips began to move, grinding in tiny circles under her, undulantly, her mounting desire, now, almost completely out of control. Now, I'm getting all warm... and moist down there... a-and it's starting t-to feel like... l-like I-I want them to do it! She was responding to them, against her will. My God! She just couldn't let it go on and on. They couldn't subdue her like this... humiliate her... debase her with their blatant sexuality. For all of her right desires, there was the counter balancing effect of her own unbidden sexual sensations. They were too much for her; she couldn't fight it any longer. OOoooh, oh! They're driving me crazy! Their mouths... their hands on me... i-it's more than I can s-stand!

Below, Ray shifted his lanky body to kneel between her widespread legs. Placing his thumbs on either side of the sparsely hairfringed cunt, he parted the fleshy lips of her vagina to expose its moist, pink channel. He grunted as he noted the tight passage was clear of hymenal barrier.

"Christ... that's a tight little cunt you got, baby... but I see you're not cherry!"

Vaguely, she was aware that he had spoken to her. She looked at him over her brother's head and shoulders and asked, uncomprehendingly, "Wh-What... I-I don't know what you m-mean?"

"Like you're not virgin!"

"Oh," she mumbled back, "Donnie... s-stretched m-me..."

"That figures!" Ray choked, looking down at the exposed cusp of her thighs, again, where he saw secretions of clear, viscous fluids forming in droplets to run part way down the inner side of her thigh, down toward the tiny puckered mouth of her anus. He dropped his head down between her legs, his mouth descending on that spot to blaze a passage his hard, throbbing cock would soon follow.

His long tongue, agile and moist, found her sensate cuntal passage and plunged into it to move in tiny circles inside, against the sensitive inner lining, eliciting a moaning mewl of anguished pleasure from her lips. At the same time, he felt her loins thrusting up toward him, and her auburn-tressed head began to move helplessly from side to side in uncontrollable response to him.

Ray shoved his face tight down into her seething loins, his tongue flicking and curling into her open, waiting pussy, the urgency of her upthrusting hips signaling clearly to him her needful passion. God damn! What a little mink! She's almost ready to fuck, right now!

Inhaling deeply of the pungent, heady perfume of her womanliness, he lost himself in savoring her vaginal exudation, its warm female taste inciting his massive cock to more than steely readiness. Deeper, ever deeper, he plunged his circling tongue into her; her moans of ecstatic pleasure coming from deep in her throat, unceasingly, and her loins began to move in steady, countering motions to the rhythm of his tantalizing tongue deep in the hot slick depths of her vaginal passage.

Relentlessly, his tongue bored into her, and he paused only momentarily to nip at the tender flanges of her tiny, petal-like cuntal lips with his teeth, returning again to his tongue-thrusting titillation to bring her ever closer to the peak of desire. Under his constant mouth caress, she became a blazing inferno of passion.

Charity couldn't stand it any longer. My God! It had gone on so long... both of them doing vile, wicked... but insanely pleasurable things to her. Suddenly, she knew. She had to have them both! It had to go on to completion, now! She wanted the strange boy, Ray... to fuck her... and she wanted her brother, Donnie... to fuck her... again!

With a strong heaving motion, she arched her hips off the bed, shoving her searing loins hard up into Ray's face and groaned aloud, "Oh! OOOoooh! Yes! Yesssssss! Do it! Do it t-to m-me!"

Ray withdrew his tantalizing tongue, raised his head and looked up at her, leeringly, through lust-filled eyes. "Do what to you... doll?" he asked. "Christ! You know the words, don't you? Say it!"

She frowned her resentment. Remembering the lewd words Donnie had forced her to say, she seethed, inwardly. Wasn't it enough that she had been forced to come here, against her will, drugged with an aphrodisiac... and her secret loins licked and sucked into submission... without having to beg to be further humiliated and debased? She didn't want to be a supplicant... but there was her burning desire; she couldn't deny it. She had to have a long, hard cock in her, now! Oh, God... I-I'll go crazy... if they don't d-do s-something!

There was nothing she could do... except ask... beg them to fuck her, now! All right! I-I'll do it! I-I have to do it... or... or...

Her voice sounded strange, choked, unreal... almost unrecognizable to herself, as she mouthed the obscene words, "F-Fuck me! I-I want b-both of y-you... t-to fuck me... now!"

Even as she said it, she didn't know how she could take them both God! What am I-I s-saying? Th-That's impossible!

"You surprised me, doll... you do know how to ask!" Ray chortled. "... And, you're going to get it... but good! We'll fuck you so Goddamned hard you won't be able to stand up!"

Ray wanted to be absolutely sure she was ready to explode before he rammed his big prick in her. He could wait a little while longer. His face disappeared into the soft furrow between her legs again, his industrious tongue going unerringly to her throbbing clitoris in its fleshy folds at the apex of her softly hair-ringed pussy.

Maddeningly, he licked, and she felt herself slipping into a crescendo of intense pleasure, as lightning sensations flashed arcingly in her to build into mammoth, surging, electric waves of ecstatic desire.

Unconsciously, uncontrollably but instinctively, her hips moved in time to the insanely licking tongue of the tall youth, while at the same time, she thrust her mounding breasts upward into her brother's face, wanting them both, wanting more and more of everything sensual and sexual, and she knew, somehow, that it was only a short way to the peak, to the time when she would explode in a frantic frenzy of orgasm... cumming, cumming... and cumming, again... and again!

Except when they had pressed them hard into her thighs, one on either side, neither of the two boys had touched her with their deliciously hardened pricks, but in her imagination she could see them... feel them as they worked in her. She wanted it to be happening... now! Oh, how she wanted it! God! Oh, God! Why are th-they teasing m-me? I want their big, hard c-cocks in me... f-fucking me!

Then, Donnie raised himself up, kneeling above her, his rampant hardness lancing out at an acute angle upward, its menacing length almost frightening to her. He was saying words, now, but they were not directed at her. "God damn it, Ray... I can't wait any longer! Why don't we turn her over... you take her from the back... and she can suck me off at the same time!"

Kneeling up and leaving her seething genitals, momentarily, Ray agreed, "Whatever's fair, man! I'm with you on that!"

As she lay there on the bed, prone, between the two kneeling boys, Charity had a fleeting thought: it was as though she were a sacrificial offering... and the two boys were pagan high priests who offered up her body on the altar bed of the Great God Sex. A second thought followed: dear God! I-I hadn't thought of that! That's the way... I can t-take both of them... a-at the same time!

Then, in her memory, she saw, again, the perverted way in which that strange man had fucked her mother's mouth, and she was aghast, rejecting the idea almost as soon as it had formed in her befogged brain. N-No! God! I-I couldn't!

She felt herself being shifted, her body being moved to positions to suit them as though she were a marionette on the end of a puppet-master's string. They turned her over and placed her on her knees, her buttocks in the air only inches, she realized, dimly, separating her widespread cunt from the massive, rock-hard cock that stemmed from Ray's hairy loins. How obscene! It's like animals!

Charity's next sensation brought a delicious sigh to her lips, as she felt Ray slide his hands, appreciatively over the rounded, soft protuberances of her naked buttocks; then his finger was teasing against her vaginal furrow, and she felt him insert one, two... and finally three fingers in the liquid depths between her open legs, moving them in and out slowly and gently. She knew his purpose, after a moment; he was stretching her. He had realized that she would have been too small and tight for him, and she was thankful that he had taken care to insure her pleasure. At that moment, she loved him... loved him almost as much as her brother. Oh! It felt so good!

Meanwhile, Don, who had been kneeling at her side, knee-walked himself around until he was in front of her and sat back on his heels. His hardened member, long and pulsing, pointed straight up at her face. She, impulsively, turned her face away from it. There seemed to be something wicked and evil in seeing his cock so close up. Dear God! It's so big! How could I-I ever get it in m-my mouth?

"What's the matter, Char?" her brother asked, reaching both hands out to her cheeks and bringing her face around to him, again.

She looked at him through agonized eyes. "I-I just c-can't do it... D-Donnie... I keep r-remembering that awful man... a-and what h-he did t-to Mom..." she groaned brokenly.

"What's to worry, Sis... that guy was some kind of sadist! I'll teach you how to do it right," he assured her.

Ray, on his knees behind her kneeling body, moved in closer, now, and withdrew his fingers from her moistly ready pussy, his hands going, then, to her white, smoothly rounded buttocks to caress and massage them.

Then, as he allowed one hand to continue its wandering search of her exquisitely formed legs, his other hand reached down to massage and fondle his hardened, massive cock. His long-fingered hand worked the foreskin back and forth over the bulbous, blood-inflated head, and a few drops of the thick, colorless lubricant spread over the shiny, reddish surface of his throbbing cock-head.

Slowly, almost reluctantly, he took his hand away, and his prick stood out rigid and throbbing, his heartbeat evident in its pulsing readiness. His avid eyes were glued to her upturned and undulant pussy, the flowered-open, moist cunt attracting him like a beacon, guiding him to the tiny bearded lips, and he could see that she was more than ready to receive his aching cock into her clasping cuntal passage.

Placing both hands, now on her waist where it curved in, swelling down to her hips and feeling the warm, softness of her curling young pubic hair, he pulled her back toward him, until the pulsating head of his steel-hardened penis was brushing, teasingly, up against the warm, moist furrow of her pussy.

The sudden, warm contact brought a moan of need to her lips, "OOoooh, Ray... go ahead and do it... put it

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