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Uncle Micky

I was bored out of my mind. I had no interest at all in the game on TV and the rest of the offerings were just plain shit! I searched the streaming services and found nothing I wanted to watch. Earlier I had jerked off to some hot lesbian porn and didn't feel the need to watch any more. I needed to do something! I read shit-loads of stuff and just didn't feel like reading anything at the moment.
I wandered into the kitchen and searched for a drink. Nothing! I try not to drink much at home, especially when alone and bored.
I sat at the kitchen table and decided I did indeed want a drink. I tidied up a bit and headed to the Lodge. Many years ago some friends of mine convinced me to join their Lodge. I found the place and members to be very welcoming. I've moved several times since, and every place I've lived has had a Lodge. One thing is absolutely true; you always have brothers, and now sisters, at the Lodge.
I really liked this particular Lodge. I've been involved here for several years and have managed to make many acquaintances and a couple of real friends.
The lounge area of the Lodge was pretty empty when I arrived. Susie, the withered bartender, looked at me and I replied, "A pint."
She gave me a crooked grin and poured a pint of Bass Ale. I scanned the room and off at a side table sat Jeff Wilkinson. Jeff was an interesting fellow and we had shared more than a few beers over the years. He lifted his glass to me and I wandered to his table, greeting a few other members along the way.
Jeff had been a very successful high school basketball coach in town many years ago. Most people still called him Coach W. I never inquired about his departure from that position, I heard things, rumors mostly. Supposedly, the situation involved female students, his ex-wife, and a married co-worker. Regardless, he had made quite a lot of money in the real estate business since his departure.
We sat and exchanged pleasantries. We then exchanged some disdainfulness over the human condition. Eventually, we agreed that beer was a moral good and we needed another round.
At one point we raised and clicked our glasses in a toast to Johnny Unitas. As we set our glasses on the table, Jeff said, "You've never asked me about my past. Sooner or later everyone does …"
I was surprised by this comment and immediately I was very interested; but, I knew that if he had something to tell me, he would do it of his own volition.
"Jeff, I don't pry. I try to take things as they are."
"Yeah, but I've seen people telling you about themselves … pretty racy stuff too. You pay real close attention … I was on the internet the other night. Surfing around, you know, porn shit and stuff. I came across a website filled with stories. Pretty damn good, pretty fucking hot. Anyway, I read one and if I'm not mistaken, I think the main characters were Ted and his niece."
The accusation hung in the air. Fuck! I thought I had pretty much hidden their identities perfectly! I had no choice but to deny! Deny! DENY!
"Don't know what you're talking about Jeff, and I'm not too sure if I care for the insinuation or accusation."
Jeff laughed a little and said, "Good God man, I don't give a fuck! It is a great tale and you made it better! Oh, I figured out your penname pretty quick. Really, I don't care! I'm not telling anyone. What I want to know is … do you want a good fucking story? I mean a good story, a good story with good fucking?"
I ordered up another round and listened.
The Coach's Best Fucking Year Ever (as told by The Coach)
It's been my experience that very few things in life "just happen." There are things that occur that come together, culminate, at some point. Kind of like that "Butterfly Wing" thing. Know what I mean? Now, what happened in that great fucking year was the culmination of two years of unrelated events, or so they seemed at the time.
I graduated college and the only job I could get was at Summersville High School. They needed a basketball coach and no one would touch the job with a ten foot pole. In my third year we were contending. Our biggest win came against Westside. That was a Tuesday night and that Friday we were going to play Southside. We pretty much ran them out of our gym that night. After the game, a gentleman came up and shook my hand.
He palmed a business card to me and said, "Call me, if you're interested."
Turns out, that gentleman was the Principal of Westside High, Steve Connors. For the next eleven years, I was at Westside. In those years we never had a losing season. We only missed the playoffs once and made it to the finals four times. We brought the first state title in basketball to that school. I had great kids and was given complete control of the program. All those years, my best friend was Steve Connor. Steve stuck with me through thick and thin. We had his family; Steve, his wife Erin, and their two kids over to our house. My wife, Jane, and I were guests at his house. Christ, we took vacations together! I swear … I was on top of the world!
During my last year, CC State College came sniffing around and offered me their basketball job. At the same time, Thee Big University was making inquiries about making a new assistant coaching position just for me. Shit! Life was great!
During what was to become my last season, Steve missed his first games. He told me he was spending too much time away from his family and would be handing administrative duties over away games to an Assistant Principal. It sounded reasonable to me. A week later, Jane tells me she didn't feel like making the trips to away games. I didn't give it a second thought.
Yeah, you got it! Goddamned Steve was coming over to my house, fucking my wife, in my bed while I'm at away games. I don't know how it started and I don't care! Anyway, he asked me to call when a game was over to tell him the score and highlights. So there I was, calling and talking to the fucking asshole while he's either fucking my wife or having his dick sucked by her. Then he goes home and is able to tell his wife all about the game.
Pretty good set up if you think about it.
Anyway, about halfway through the season, I'm at the Piggly Wiggly picking up some shit and I run into Erin. We shoot the shit and the last thing she says is, "Sometimes I wish Steve didn't have to go to all your games. Especially the away games, the kids miss him so much."
I covered for him.
As I drove home, I started to think. I formulated a plan. We had the ACAD Academy away game coming up and we weren't likely to even play our starters. I decided to take "ill" at half time and leave the game; my assistant could handle it. Everything went as planned and at about the time the second half tip-off was happening, I was looking at Steve's car parked in my driveway.
There was quite a scene. I beat on Steve pretty good and Jane called the cops. Who shows up? Deputy Bennett, that's who! Dave Bennett played for me five years ago and now he's in the middle of a major domestic disturbance involving his old coach and principal. He calms us down and then calls the school superintendent. In a half hour he's at my house, as well as the actual County Sheriff. Now, me and the wife, we hadn't been getting along too well for a couple of years. We put on a good front for everyone, but at home it was like ice. I wasn't mad at Steve for fucking her or her fucking him. I was mad at Steve because he betrayed me! The son of a bitch stabbed me in the back. Shit! If he, or she, had asked, I probably would have given them my permission.
Anyway, I spilled this in front of the Sheriff, the Superintendent and Dave Bennett. As you know, the Superintendent is a true man of God, a good Christian man. But he understands the weaknesses and faults of people. He convinces the Sheriff to let him settle the situation. Both Steve and I agreed to adhere to whatever the superintendent decided.
Three weeks later, Steve was reassigned to an open Elementary School Principalship. The reason given was that he needed more time with his family. I had to resign at the end of the season and, the next year, I was assigned to Southside, teaching "challenged" ninth graders. The superintendent told me I was "suspended" from coaching for two years and if I tried to go elsewhere, he would blackball me.
Erin never knew a thing about anything, which, was the way she was about most of life. Jane and I split that night. The divorce was finalized by the end of the school year and she moved to Phoenix to be with her sister. We had a No-Fault divorce and neither of us could make any other claims on the other. She insisted on this since she and her sister were planning on becoming very successful Amway associates or some such shit.
So, this puts us in the next year. I was starting all over at a new school. The basketball coach, Pete James, thought for sure he was out the door until I told him my coaching days were over. He tried to get me to assist but I turned him down. Didn't matter, no way the Superintendent would approve; he had been clear about that. The coach and I did talk quite a bit "ball" though.
One day he mentioned that his wife, who ran a real estate agency, was looking for new agents. He said the test was easy and that I would probably be a good agent. I gave it some thought and decided that I should try and make some extra money with my new free time. In no time at all I was licensed and making sales! For some reason, people bought what I was selling! I felt pretty good about that call. Sometimes that real estate money can be pretty fucking good!
Two other things happened that year that developed into something more: One involved a first year teacher. Since I was new at Southside, I had to attend a daylong orientation, as well as a welcome dinner. The orientation was before the beginning of the school year and held in the school library. I sat in the back, at a table by myself. The Principal, who really wasn't too happy with me being there, pretty much stayed out of my way and let me do as I wished. Anyway, five minutes into his presentation, in walks a leggy brunette in a tight skirt and frilly blouse.
This girl was in her early twenties, not the prettiest thing you've ever seen, but something about her worked. Ever see a video with a semi-porn star named Mila Azul? Well, that's kind of the vibe going with this girl. Go take a look if you care. She had long brown hair and an engagement ring on her left ring finger. She smiled at me and slipped into the chair next to me. We sat together the entire day. She was a quite a cut-up, with snarky remarks and a running commentary on what was going on. Her name was Betty and she was going into her first year of teaching. Turned out she was going to teach the same bunch of ninth graders that I was going to have.
At the welcome dinner that night, she sat next to me and we became friends. I liked the way she touched my arm when she wanted to share something with only me. She was gregarious with the other teachers and seemed to fit in real easy. I hung back and fulfilled my requirements. I was older, divorced and reserved. She was young, outgoing … and engaged.
The second thing that happened that year was Shanna. Shanna was a student in one of my classes. Shanna was a very pretty blonde. She stood out immediately from her peers, primarily because of her looks and also because of the way she dressed. She wasn't slutty or overdressed, but she made a pair of jeans and a t-shirt come alive. She was a bit more than properly developed for a fourteen year-old girl, with all the proper curves and developing bumps.
Shanna was polite, mannered and sharp. She was also bright. As I got to know her, I found out she was very intelligent, but her hidden insecurities kept her from shining through.
Let's be clear about something: being a male and working around young girls can be a challenge! For the vast majority of us it's just a part of the work day. For those on the outside, many of them find it hard to believe that we're not spending the entire day drooling over the young pussy. Guys like that in our profession don't last for long. I'm personally responsible for the removal of three of those lecherous bastards.
Let me give you an example of something like reality: There is a movie called Mr. Holland's Opus. All together, a pretty average movie with a predictable plot line and obvious ending. Watching the movie, you can tell whoever wrote it, wrote it from the inside. Anyway, throughout the guy's career, there is only one girl that gets to him. One girl, who could make him leave everything. He doesn't, but Emmy R makes it incredibly tempting. That aspect of the story was pretty accurate. Nothing happened; but, all the ingredients were there.
It's the connection that matters. With Shanna, I still can't explain it. The second week of school I had the class working in self-selected groups. I was sitting with a group off to one side. She was across the room and had a question. I signaled her over. She was wearing white jeans and a white t-shirt. She stood next to me and leaned down to show me what she didn't understand on the assignment sheet. I caught a whiff of her natural scent, she leaned an arm on my shoulder, some of her hair brushed the side of my face.
She said, "Sorry" and flipped her hair away.
I said, "No problem." and went on to answer her question. She stood next to me and listened.
With a smile she said, "Thanks Mr. W!" and walked back to her desk.
It was that walk back to her desk that got to me. She knew I was watching and she made the most of every step she took. The connection was made. I became a part of her life that year. I knew everything about her home life. Her parents had split years ago, they had never married. Her mom worked two jobs to provide for her and her younger brother. In many ways, she and her mom were co-mothers to her brother. She told me about every boy who tried to be with her. She rejected most and even brought a couple of possibilities by for my approval. A couple of them were O.K. and I told her as much.
We made it through the school year and she was very sad to see it end. She commented that she would miss seeing me every day over the summer.
Now, Betty added to that year as well. We had the same planning period and during the year we became very close. She liked to tease me about Shanna, calling her my "little-girlfriend." Once, I thought Betty had gone too far and she quickly apologized and expressed her great respect for me and hoped I wasn't upset with her. I quickly accepted her apology and we were O.K.
I met Betty's fiancé at a teacher social event early in the school year. To say I was unimpressed with Scott would be an understatement. For the life of me, I couldn't see what she saw in him. I asked her once how they met and she told me they had been dating since high school and everyone just expects that they will get married.
They had a Christmas wedding planned and Betty invited me. I sent my regrets. After school, on the last day before Christmas break, she caught me in the hallway outside my classroom and asked me if I would reconsider, that she hoped I would come. I expressed my regrets and turned to go back in my room. She didn't say a thing; she turned and headed down the hallway.
Something came over me; I stepped back in the hallway and called to her.
"Betty! Hold on … come back ... I'm sorry."
She was silhouetted by the light from the window at the end of the empty hall. She stopped, dropped her head, paused, and then turned back. Slowly she approached, women's briefcase in one hand, her lunch bag in the other. Her shoulders were down and she eyed me cautiously. I stood aside and guided her through the classroom door. She stepped inside and turned to face me. I took the briefcase and bag from her hands and set them down on the nearest desk.
I took her by the arms and said, "Betty, don't do it. Please, don't do it!"
I've never seen her look as sad as she did then, "I can't call it off … Everyone is expecting me …"
"Fuck everyone, when you get down to it, there's only you … and me."
She fell forward into my chest, I wrapped her in my arms and repeated, "Don't do it."
She ducked out of my grasp, grabbed her stuff and walked out the door. I heard her run down the hall.
She went through with the wedding. Things were different for a while. I tried my best to be the same; she seemed to be trying to keep her distance.
Slowly things began to return to normal, whatever the fuck that was! On more than a few occasions she asked me to join her and Scott for dinner, or some event. In each and every case I declined. Once I even told her that if it was just her, I would gladly accept. There were some faculty events where seeing the two of them was unavoidable. I usually stayed long enough for propriety's sake, then departed.
I can't explain it … kind of like the forbidden fruit or something. Damn! She got to me!
The end of the year arrived and that meant the legendary Southside end of the year faculty party. It was a raucous, drunken, bacchanalian legend. One long time faculty member owned some acreage outside of town alongside a small lake and had several shelters near the shoreline. The administration spent the day cooking and copious amounts of alcohol were laid in.
It was everything it was reported to be. It was one of the best times I ever had with a faculty. Betty showed up … without Scott. We had a fair amount of interactions and she got friendlier with every drink she took. I was cautious, I really liked her, I didn't want to put myself out there, like I had done in December.
The day was closing and everyone was gathered at a shelter. I was standing in the rear, leaning against a concrete block piling as various lip-synch performances had everyone entertained. Betty came up on the other side of the piling and slid in between me and the piling. I placed my hand on the small of her back and she snuggled in closer.
I slowly turned my hand until the tips of my fingers were under the top of her shorts. She giggled and moved her ass around a bit. I adjusted and slid my hand down until I had her bare right ass cheek firmly in my hand. She moved closer and moaned. I had to step in front of her a bit in order to get in a proper position. I moved my hand further down and inside and moved for the hole.
She was leaning hard into me. I could feel her tits starting to press into my side. From the corner of my eye I spotted movement. I quickly repositioned us in time to greet one her friends, Sandy, who was the designated driver.
Sandy commented, "I'm glad to see the two of you getting along once and for all."
Betty slowly pushed by me and said, "Coach, we'll catch up later."
Back at the Lodge
Coach looked at me and said, "You want another?"
I begged off and he said, "Tell you what, you ever been to Edwin's Steakhouse?"
"Can't say that I have, but I hear it is excellent."
"OK, tell you what, you look pretty tired; I'm kind of beat myself. Let's say we meet there tomorrow at seven and have some dinner, on me. I'll finish the story and you can tell me what you think."
"Coach, so far you got me. Seven sounds good. See you then."
The next evening we met at Edwin's and had an unbelievable meal. Edwin himself came over to greet Coach and sat at our table for a little bit after we were done. We exchanged pleasantries, when Edwin got up to leave us; he picked up the tab and carried it away.
Coach leaned in and said, "That reminds me of something else that went on a few years back when I was at Westside. I'll tell you about that later."
Two pints of stout were delivered to the table and the Coach picked up where he left off.
So, my second, and last year, at Southside turned into one, fucking, great, year!
Over the summer I worked full-time on the Realty business and was raking in the dough. I made more that summer than I did teaching the previous year! Shows you how fucking bad teachers are paid.
Anyway, over the summer I heard twice from Betty. One time she wants to know if I wanted to come over for dinner. She and Scott were having a dinner party for our teacher team at school. Again, I declined. I made up a sorry-ass excuse that she knew was a lie but had no choice but to accept.
Then she called a few weeks later wondering if I would join them for dinner. I didn't say anything. She eventually says, "Are you still there?"
I said, "Yes, I've always been here."
There was silence on the line. I added, "I've said this before, and you know exactly how I feel. I want to see you; but, it has to be you alone. I don't want to come over for dinner with you and fucking Scott or with a bunch of other fucking people. We have to work together and function together. I don't have to socialize with you and your husband."
I thought she was going to say something, and thought I heard her start; but there was nothing. I hung up on her.
Through the first three weeks of school Betty behaved as if she was embarrassed to talk to or be around me. I figured I was barking up the wrong tree and altered my routine so I wouldn't be bumping into her during or after the school day. Anyway, I had no clue as to the turmoil I was putting her through!
What helped was that the Principal had changed my room and teaching assignment. I was moved from the main building out to one of those portable classrooms. It was pretty fucking sweet! Brand spanking new with all the bells and whistles! There was even a storage room with a small working bathroom. Shit, I could have lived in there! I was given honors-level ninth grade classes.
I've brought up two of the three things that made it a great fucking year. The third thing showed up in my class that year. The group of kids I had that year were almost unbelievable! They were the most sociable and academically talented bunch I ever encountered. They could sit and seemingly aimlessly talk while at the same time produce the most thoughtful work I had ever seen from ninth graders.
They could switch between socializing and philosophizing at the drop of a hat. They loved talking to adults. Groups like this come along once a decade. What this means is that among them are the most intelligent and sociable girls you'll ever meet!
From out of this group came Elizabeth. She wasn't as outgoing as her peers but had the same open nature as them. One day, after school, a group of the guys were in my room working overtime on a presentation. As is their wont, they drifted off topic. I was at my desk grading papers and I don't think it ever occurred to them that I could hear their discussion.
Boy 1 - "No way, I don't believe you! No way she did that! Ricky, you're full of shit!"
Boy 2 - "Yep, I heard that about her, she's done it with TJ also."
Boy 1 - "Y'all are full of it, not Elizabeth, not with Ricky!"
Ricky - "I'm telling you the god-honest truth. She … gave … me … a … blow … job."
Boy 3 - "I was at that party, it happened."
Boy 1 - "No way …"
Ricky - "Way!"
Boy 2 - "TJ said it was after the skate party last year … out in the parking lot."
Boy 3 - "Think she'd do it for me?"
Ricky - "I don't know, she can be kind of picky, only wants the best of men!"
Boy 1 - "You are so full of shit!"
Boy 3 - "Fuck you Ricky!"
Upon the drop of the F-Bomb, they all looked at me.
I glared at them and said, "Did I hear what I just thought I heard?"
"No, Mr. W, you didn't hear what you thought you heard!"
"We were just talking, Ricky's being a … a jerk!"
"So it was Ricky I heard?"
"No, Mr. W., it wasn't me! We didn't mean anything. We're sorry!"
"Fine, get back to work!"
Of course I found this fascinating! Elizabeth?! God, she was something. A tall, lean blonde; she had sort of a Darryl Hannah look about her. Not a classic beauty but, a look that would break some hearts. Elizabeth was taller than most of the other girls and presented herself as very nice, very mannered, very polite, very smart. If this information was true, there was much more going on behind those blue eyes than she let on.
I treated her no different than any other kid. In some ways, I kept her a little further away than other kids. I think that may have been the trigger for what was to come.
Before I get too far ahead of any one part, let me try and even up what was happening.
Shanna was now in tenth grade. She passed my room every day as she walked to her English class. I usually stood outside and monitored the walkways between classes and each day she would stop and spend a few moments with me. Every day we connected just a little bit more.
I think it was October when I noticed that she was losing weight. Now, she tried to wear loose clothes but, I could see it. I had to ask. She downplayed the whole thing. It took a week before she showed up in my room after school on the verge of a breakdown. Now, I'm good … but I'm not that kind of good. I gathered her up and escorted her to the guidance office.
She was out of school for two weeks at some anorexia rehab-type of place. The first time I visited her, she wouldn't talk to me … she ordered me out. I came back two days later; she broke into tears and reached for me. She sat up in bed and I sat on the edge. I held her as she cried, it didn't seem very long but, I think I held her for fifteen minutes. The only words she spoke were "Thank you."
She was so small in my arms.
I asked the nurse if there had been any other visitors, she said that Shanna's mom and little brother came by every evening for about an hour and, except for a couple of kids the first few days, I was about it.
The second week she was much better. I stopped by every day. I brought her schoolwork for her.
With oozing sarcasm, she said, "Oh, jeez Mr. W, I can't thank you enough … my school work … how nice."
I set her books, except for her literature book, on the small dresser, walked to her and gave her a fatherly kiss on the forehead. I sat down and opened to the story they were reading in class, of course it was Romeo and Juliet.
One afternoon her mother showed up earlier than usual; it was nothing bad, she wanted to thank me for being so nice. She tried to tell me I didn't need to help but then expressed her gratitude that I was helping. Go figure! Regardless, I was OK.
Shanna returned to school and our routine resumed. She was more reserved now and seemed to lose interest in her peers. I tried hard to brighten her day as well as provide her with a shoulder to lean on.
OK, so Shanna is recovering, Liz is intriguing, and Betty, well …
That year, Homecoming was later than usual. As it turned out, Halloween and the big game were both on Friday. The prior Friday the football team had a bye week and two of the coaches who lived together held a faculty party. Now, I had been over to these guys' house before. Mostly cards, drinking, sports on TV, drinking, followed by some drinking. So they lay in a keg and all sorts of liquor. I show up a little early and park on their front lawn, After about an hour, in walks Betty, by herself!
She tells me that Scott is tired and didn't feel like coming; he felt out of place around all of us. She practically never left my side the entire night. I played real cool and did my best not act on my deepening desires. And I was doing some desiring too! She was looking fucking hot! One of the coaches told me later that she was the hottest woman at school. I couldn't argue.
Parties are parties, and pretty soon it was time to wind down. Betty and I were sitting at the dining room table talking when she said it was time for her to go. I stood and said I would walk her to her car. She told me earlier she had to park down around the corner from the house. As we left the house she spotted my car, and with her finger, drew a heart on my dew covered rear window.
Laughingly I ordered, "Hey! Don't mess up my windows!"
She backed away from the car giggling and looking at me. "Now when you drive and look in the mirror, you'll think of me!"
We walked to her car arm-in-arm, and I held her door for her as she got in. She powered her window down and I crouched down. We said good night and then there was a pause. I said, "Please drive carefully" and leaned in the window to give her a kiss. She quickly responded and kissed me back. She really kissed me back! Her tongue entered my mouth and we were in it for the long haul!
I cradled her head with my right hand and she had her right hand on the back of my head. We made out like teenagers! I said, "Unlock the other door." She popped the lock and I slid into her car where we continued our make out session in earnest. I tried everything. My hands were everywhere and she was receptive ... to a point. She wouldn't come to my house, she wouldn't meet me at a hotel, and she wouldn't climb in the back seat with me.
Betty looked at me with a sad face and said, "Maybe this was a mistake, I'm not ready to go further … I'm so fucked up!" She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled into me. She said, "I want to, Oh God how I want to! I'm just not ready!" She pulled back and asked, "Can you forgive me?"
I said, "I can forgive you. I will always forgive you. Understand though, I want you; I want you in the worst way! Right now I can work with this, but if we go any further, we go all the way."
I put my hand alongside her face and told her to go home. She took me by the wrist, moved my hand to her mouth and kissed the palm of my hand. I got out and she drove away.
So, homecoming week hits and everything at school is exciting and fun with dress-up days, class contests, cookouts, shows and all sorts of school shit. Friday comes and there is a huge pep rally planned for the last hour and a half of the day. When announced, I released my students to the stadium which is just across the practice field from my room.
I stood on the walkway and monitored the kids as they headed past me to go to the rally. Once my area was clear, I headed back into my room to get some work done. I figured there would be enough people around to monitor the rally; they didn't need me there.
I came in the door, walked across the room and opened the window blinds enough to see the student body filing into the stadium. The band was playing while someone was leading cheers over the PA system. I heard a gentle rapping on my locked door. I went back to the door and opened it, half expecting Betty to be there, but instead, there stood Elizabeth!
Standing at the door I said, "Elizabeth?! Why aren't you at the rally?"
She moved past me and inside my room. She turned, looked at me, and said, "I don't want to go to the rally. I was coming from D-wing and saw you go back in your room. I slowed until everyone had passed by and then came here. Can I hang out with you?"
I knew it was a bad decision, but I said, "Sure, I've got some work to do. It'll be pretty dull."
I looked out the door before I let it close, no one was around. This was also before the schools put up all those CCTV cameras everywhere so that wasn't a concern. By the time I turned to come back in, she was sitting in my leather swivel chair at my desk. I walked back to the window and watched the last of the student body file into the stadium. I closed the blinds.
"You're sitting in my seat you know."
"Yep, I was wondering what it felt like, and how it looks from here."
"So, what you think?"
"I like the chair! It's so much more comfortable than our chairs. You get to see everyone from here."
I moved behind my desk, almost facing her. She was leaning back in my chair looking up at me.
"Yeah, I can keep an eye on everyone from here, although I prefer to be up on my feet during class time."
Elizabeth put her right index finger along her lips and said, "You have to keep an eye on all the bad kids … make sure they don't cause any trouble, right?"
I half sat on my desk and said, "Yeah, gotta keep an eye on the bad kids. At least I don't need to worry about you. You're a good girl."
She was now turning the chair side to side with a bit of rhythm; she smiled and said, "Everyone thinks I'm a good girl. You know, I'm not a really good girl. Actually I'm a pretty bad girl at times!"
"Mmm Hmm, you've been nothing but perfect for me, I don't catch what you mean by bad."
Elizabeth rolled the chair in front of me and said, "I like to do things, things that some people don't think are appropriate behavior for a girl my age. I think I can do whatever I like. I don't hurt anyone, I make them feel good and really like how I feel when I make them feel good!"
"Make who feel good?"
I didn't know if I was going to go through with this, but I wanted to hear her talk about it.
"Guys, a couple of guys in my class, a couple more who are older … you know, in college, and one guy who is a lot older, even older than you."
She said all this without losing her devilish smile or dropping her finger caressing her lips.
"Mmm Hmm, and how do you make them feel good?" I have to admit that I was starting to stir. I now knew I was going to let this happen and decided to let it play out. If she wanted to go through with this, fuck, I wasn't going to stop her!
"I only go so far. I make them feel good with my mouth." She paused, and in a sultrier voice said, "I love to give blowjobs, you know, suck dicks! I think it's great! I love seeing how the guys react, I love the feeling it gives me."
"What feeling do you get?"
"I dunno, some sort of power? They'll do anything for me to have me blow them. Then when it's happening, I feel even more power. It just makes me feel good too."
I shifted myself to be directly in front of her. I hooked her foot with mine and swiveled the chair so she was facing me.
"Mmm Hmm, so … Elizabeth. Why tell me all this? Do you want me to talk you out of this behavior? Do you want me to scold you and turn you over to the Principal? Or do you want me to tell you that it's all fine, you're actually being good? Or, do you want me to give you something or do something for you for a quickie blowjob?"
"No, Mr. Wilkinson! None of that! I don't know. I … I don't want anything from you. Honestly, lately I can't stop thinking about you! I want to make you feel good! Making you feel good will make me feel good!"
She rolled the chair very close into me. Her head was at my waist level, and she was looking up at me with most beautiful of blue eyes. Her curled, long, blonde hair flowed back from her face and over her shoulders. Elizabeth was not a showy girl. She wore a soft, baby blue t-shirt and form-fitting jeans. She didn't overdo her makeup but it appeared as if she had recently applied a fresh coat of lipstick; which drew attention to her wide mouth and full lips.
I stood and moved my hips forward. I said, "Tell me what you want."
"I want to suck your dick Mr. Wilkinson, I want …" Her hands were at my belt and she quickly went to work. I was already at half staff when she freed the big fella from its constraints. Her eyes got wide and she said "Oh!"
She placed both her hands around the base of my thick seven-incher and looked up at me with a smile.
I looked down at her and said, "Take what you came for, you naughty little girl!"
She kept her eyes on mine as she slowly but surely sucked my dick between her lips and deep into her mouth. Once she had me as deep as she could, she let me slide out until just the tip was at her lips. She then sucked me back in. She continued this process until I was fully erect. The feeling was exquisite!
My dick was perfectly lubricated from her saliva and she started to use her right hand to jerk me off as she sucked up and down. She fondled my balls with her other hand and at one point stopped sucking and pulled away from my dick.
"If you want, I can suck on your balls for a while. Personally, I prefer keeping a dick in my mouth. What would you like?"
I didn't answer; I pulled on her head, forcing my dick back in her mouth. As I was filling her mouth I could make out her mumbling "Good!"
Elizabeth, this ninth grader, was giving one of the best blowjobs I had ever received! Her hand was up and down, twisting on my dick. She knew just the right amount of pressure to ensure her hand moved over my dick while providing the required friction for excitement. The suction, warmth and wetness of her mouth simulated the finest pussy I had ever fucked. Everything was really perfect!
I leaned back on the desk a little, I heard the band playing and kids cheering. That did it. My breath caught and I spasmed. I heard her mumble through the dick buried in her mouth, "In my mouth!"
With a loud "Aaarrggh!" I came in the sweet girl's mouth. I watched as she sucked and swallowed. I repeated my pirate call two more times as I pushed her head harder onto my dick. She was good. I believe on the third blast she performed some deep throat action.
She didn't miss a drop. Nothing went to waste and nothing was messed. I was panting and catching my breath as she sat back in the chair watching the tip of my dick. She kept her hand around the base as she watched. Sure enough, one last pearl appeared at the tip; she swooped forward and kissed it off my dick.
I stood back up, adjusted myself and got my pants pulled back up. I couldn't believe how good I felt.
Elizabeth looked up and said, "I like your smile when you're feeling good and happy."
I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. I moved her hair away from her face and behind her shoulders. With a hand on her cheek I said, "You are wonderful Elizabeth! That was fantastic! I would love to return the favor someday. Just let me know, we'll see if I can make you happy."
"Really? No one has offered that before. Really? That would be so cool!"
"Elizabeth, I can't think about doing any work right now. I think I'm going to walk out to the stadium. You want me to sneak you in?"
Standing up she said, "Nah Mr. W. I'm going to cut through south campus and go get a latte and then walk home. You wanna come with me?"
"Oh I would love to … but, not today, O.K.?"
She said "sure," gave me a quick hug and headed for the door. She stopped, looked back and said, "I get a turn, right?"
"Yes you do, believe me!"
I walked to the stadium and leaned on the fence that surrounded the track. Pretty soon Betty along with her friend Sandy walked up and leaned with me.
Sandy asked, "Jeff, we're going to go to Oscar's after school for a little happy hour. Would you care to join us?"
Sandy is a few years older than Betty, married with children and, for most parts, an annoying person. Betty likes her though so I overlook these things. Betty was looking at me with an excited face from behind Sandy and I said, "Yes, what time?"
Sandy replied, "As soon as possible. We're leaving before they release the kids."
"Sounds good, I'll be right behind you!"
I exited the stadium, got my stuff together and was in the car before the rally was over.
Oscar's is a nice little place downtown. Good food, good drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere. I grabbed a table against the far wall near the front windows looking out to the street. Soon enough Betty and Sandy arrived. Betty slid into the chair between me and the wall and Sandy sat opposite us.
We had a good time. They shared two carafes of wine and I nursed a pint. As time passed, Betty sat a little closer to me, making plenty of contact under the table. She played some footsie with me, had her hip pressed against mine and, once in a while, leaned my way, caressing me with her tit.
Let me explain a bit. This girl is really something! Her forehead is a tad too tall; she has a little acne, and wears bangs. These things I'm not too wild about. But, when taken as a whole, she is very attractive! When she talks, her face becomes very vibrant, her smile is genuine and attractive, when she pouts, the corners of her mouth drop in a way that makes you want to cheer her up. She hides it but, she has one hell of a body. She stands five foot five, weighs around one fifteen and has some of the finest gams I've ever laid eyes on! Her thin waist makes her ass look like a treasure and her tits, although well-disguised, are wondrous! She's packing thirty-six Cs at the least. I've never encountered this before or since, but her left nipple is an "innie." Coaxing that little baby out of hiding is a lot of fun!
The afternoon sings by and before we know it, it's a little after five. Sandy announces that she has to leave. She looks to Betty and says, "You don't have to go. Jeff could give you a ride home. Right, Jeff?"
Of course I had no problem with that! I played it cool though.
The two of them left and soon Betty returned with her school stuff. She placed her stuff on the chair Sandy had vacated and returned to her seat next to mine. I put my arm on the back of her chair and lightly held her with my hand. We chatted a bit about Sandy. Betty was very aware that Sandy was not very popular at work but that didn't matter. The two of them got along fine and she was glad to have her for a friend. I liked that about her and told her so. She leaned into me some more.
Right about then some kids from school came in and we quickly shifted apart. Betty looked at me and said, "We need to get out of here!"
I said, "Let's go, but we have time for one more stop … no kids there."
She gave me a sideways glance as she was picking up her gear and said, "Sounds good, but just one more, O.K.?"
We went to May's Grille. It's just across the Boulevard from the Sailwind Golf Club. It's right on the way to her condo. It's kind of a hole-in-the-wall place but it's discreet, really discreet. I've never seen anyone from work or the Lodge there. Anyway, we got there and grabbed a table in the corner and start talking.
"Betty, why are you here?"
"You brought me, don't you remember?"
"Funny, no, I mean … like last week at the party, and today after school and now. Why are you here … with me?"
She looked into her drink for a while and then started speaking.
"I'm here because I want to be with you. I can't explain it but I can't help myself." Looking up at me she continued, "It's not a reaction to my life right now, it's an action. It's almost as if I have some sort of dissociative disorder … schizophrenia? Hah! I'm pretty sure I want to act on how I feel about you but don't know if it will make me change the rest of my life. I just don't know!"
My mind was racing! 'Fuck! She's absolutely fucking bat-shit crazy! But those eyes … the way she's looking at me. She'll do whatever I want. What do I want?'
"Betty, I think I understand, but I'm not sure if that's going to be good enough for me. I need more. I don't want to sneak around in some shitty little affair. But …"
My words trailed as I looked at her. My heart was hurting. I could see she was hurting.
I said, "Drink up, let's go."
We got back to my car and we let our feelings for each other flow. We were all over one another. We made out like kids at the prom. We almost did it there in the car when cooler heads prevailed. I slowed and she followed. I looked her in the eyes, turned and started the car. I got her home; to her nondescript condo and her nondescript husband.
I didn't go to the game, we lost. I didn't go to the dance the next night, I knew Betty and Scott were chaperoning. The next week at school was surreal. When we saw each other I knew we both felt the heat. It was building up. By Wednesday, she was knocking on my classroom door after school. I had just closed the door and she flew into me. I almost fell into a bookcase she was so aggressive with her kisses!
We finally settled down, or so I thought. We were standing next to my podium and she asked, "Do you like this outfit?"
She wore a black business skirt, a white blouse with a simple tucked in scarf under a matching black blazer. She had white stockings on with sensible black shoes. She also had on a simple black choker; I had told her once that I thought chokers were sexy. Anyway, she was looking fine! And I told her so.
Betty stepped back, took hold of her blazer by the front bottoms and started to move the jacket around. She looked at me and said, "All day long I've been trying to get this thing to fit correctly! I keep adjusting it and adjusting it. I don't know what the problem is!"
She unbuttoned the blazer and flashed it open. The white shirt she wore was actually very sheer and her tits were completely visible! She had herself so worked up that even her shy guy was at attention! I was caught completely off guard!
"You've worn this? Like this? All day? Holy shit …" I reached for her and pulled her in. I worked my left hand inside and started to feel her up real good. She was getting turned on.
"Jeff, I thought about you all day. I haven't stopped thinking about you since Friday. I think I'm going to burst! I've been rubbing my tits all day thinking about you."
I kissed her again and this time I used my left hand to caress down her hip to the hem of her skirt. I pulled the dress up, she lifted her leg and together we got that skirt to rise up to her hip. As I felt along her thigh, I realized there was no more stocking just as I encountered the clasp of a garter belt!
I reached further up behind her thigh and felt no panties! She was now moaning and humping into me. I pressed further and felt the wetness from her pussy. She jerked upward and let out a quick moan.
I broke our kiss and looked into her face. She was almost there! She was so fucking hot I was pretty sure I could diddle her off in a matter of minutes.
She looked at me through half parted eyelids and said, "No, not here … we can't do this here."
She stepped back but not away. "I only wanted to play a bit … fuck … look what you do to me! I'm a wreck, I'm ready to do whatever you want! Shit!"
"Then let's go back to my place!"
This time she stepped away, out of my arms. "I can't, I have to get home."
She started buttoning and straightening up. I watched and, when she was finished, she came to me and we kissed again. I broke the kiss this time.
"Betty, I won't go on like this. You've got to make a choice."
I walked her to the door, but before opening it I said, "One way or the other. All the way or nothing. I will not go on this way."
On Thursday and Friday I avoided her. I changed my routines and once even ducked into the library before she saw me. Both days after school I went to the basketball coach's office and bullshitted with him until I knew she had to be gone.
I went to my car that Friday and there was a note under the windshield wiper. I quickly palmed it and got in the car. I opened it and it read:
"I know I'm being shunned. I never thought I could hurt in such a way. I miss your eyes. I miss the way you look at me. You see me and I can feel you when you look at me. I miss the way you kiss me. No one has ever kissed me the way you kiss me. I miss the way you hold me. I feel safe and loved. I miss you and I know I deserve the shunning I have gotten. I am truly sorry."
I felt bad, I didn't want to hurt her, I just knew that it would only be through hurt that she could find her way. I wasn't going to let her believe that that she could be happy living two lives.
That Saturday afternoon my phone rang. It was Betty. Through her sobs I made out that she was at the Hampton, twenty miles away near the Interstate. She wasn't doing well. I asked where Scott was.
"He's at home; he went in to take a nap. I had my things packed and when he fell asleep, I left. I drove away and ended up here. I've spent the last hour building up the nerve to call you."
"What room you in?"
"I'll be there soon."
"I'm hungry, I haven't eaten today."
"What do you want?"
"A Big Mac"
"You shittin' me?!"
"No, I love those things. I crave them when I'm upset."
"O.K. One Big Mac"
"Fries and a Coke too … please?"
"I'll see you in a few minutes."
Shit! I laughed out loud. I was pretty sure I was falling for this girl!
I stopped and got the food. Hell, I like a quarter pounder and a chocolate shake every once in a while … so … why not? It was going to be a little less than fine dining today.
I got to her room and she looked like she had been through quite a bit. I set the food on the desk and she threw herself into my arms. This wasn't sexual; at that moment I was there to console someone who was in a state of distress.
I eventually pulled her away and said, "C'mon now, let's not let this fine food get cold!"
I swear her eyes lit up like a junkie eyeing a bag of smack. Now, I know women can do some eating when they're not being all proper and in polite company; but, Betty was one impressive eater! She loved that fucking Big Mac. It was erotic just watching her make love to that sloppy shit burger! Those fries were practically deep-throated out of existence! When she was done she politely stole my shake and did in the rest of it.
She looked up at me after noisily cleaning the bottom of the cup with the straw and asked, "Why didn't you get me one of these?"
"I prefer to share mine with you."
She liked that. Betty walked to the window and pulled the drapes aside to look out. She was wearing simple jeans, sneakers, and a loose t-shirt-type top. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and, in my eyes, she was a simple, vulnerable girl. I knew that, in reality, she was an intelligent, but troubled woman; and, I was the source of her trouble.
I got up, rearranged the pillows on the bed and sat back with my feet up. I patted the bed next to me and said, "Come over here and sit with me."
She turned and in a flash was curled under my arm.
"You want to talk about it?"
She nestled into me and sighed. God she felt good! She was still quiet, so I started.
"I was having a pretty normal day, nothing big happening … just a regular old Saturday. Know what I mean? Well, the phone rings and it's the most beautiful girl in the world telling me she misses me and needs to see me. I drop everything, get her a fine meal … and she won't talk to me. I dunno …"
Betty rolled out from under my arm and sat on her knees facing me. She put a hand on my right shoulder and the other on my right arm. She was hanging on tight.
"Christmas, Jeff! Scott's just sitting in front of the TV and I asked him what he wanted to do for our anniversary, our first fucking anniversary! He kind of looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Hell … it's more like our tenth, don't ya think?" Then he says, "We'll just go to my parents and be with my family like we always do. Then we'll go to your family's place for New Years."
"Shit, Jeff!"
She actually hauled off and kind of hit me in the arm! Not hard, more like a punctuation point.
"So what, you know he's almost as exciting as white toast. You've told me that … but he's steady and dependable. Fuck, you married a pickup truck, not a man!"
She dropped her head to my bicep while letting out an anguished growl.
"Fucking funny! I don't need an 'I told you so' right now."
I made a decision, the time was now and I wasn't going to care about later. I hooked my arm under her and rolled her across my lap so we were face-to-face.
"What exactly is it you need, young lady?"
She gazed into my eyes for a few seconds of eternity and said, "The other night, after the party, you held my head while you kissed me."
I raised my hand and ran my fingers along her jaw line, "It's nice to touch and feel beautiful things."
I didn't so much hear the sound she made as much as I felt it. I triggered something, it might have taken three weeks to ignite, but it was happening now!
She was on me in a flash! Her tongue was pushing its way into my mouth. Her arms were wrapped around my neck. She straddled me and was starting to hump on my lap. It was fucking intense!
I decided to let her lead the way. This was all her doing, and I was along for the ride. Well, we made out like a couple of kids. She was pretty damn sexy with that tongue of hers. I've never been much for getting my ears breathed in; but, when she did that, it about shook my toes! I was starting to get worked up enough that I was thinking my patience was about running thin.
Then, all out of the blue, she breaks off and leans back, keeping her arms on my shoulders. I guess the sound she made was a purr, or something; but, it actually sounded a little more dangerous than a kitten's purr. Anyway, she throws her head back, sending her hair out of the way and sits holding my shoulders with a sexy little arch to her back. With a wicked smile, she takes me by the hands and runs them up her body towards her tits.
I certainly didn't fight her on that! As my hands were getting close, she says, "You want to, don't you? You want to play with my tits, right?"
"Of course I do! And I don't plan on stopping with just that!"
Then she stops my hands and moves them down and under her t-shirt. I start sliding them up and realize I'm not touching her bare skin! The girl is wearing something underneath! I pulled her t-shirt up and it turns out she has one of those sheer body suit things on. It was black but may as well been transparent for as much as it covered.
She lifted her arms and let me remove her shirt in one move. God it was glorious! Now, I've already described Betty to you, but this was the first time I got a good look and let me tell ya, it was nice, plain and simple; fucking nice! She's the real thing, the girl next door. The girl next door is rarely some hot-as-shit knockout. If you're lucky, she's Betty.
So she's really digging the way I'm ogling her. She runs her hands up her stomach, cups her tits, and gives them a nice little massage. Looking all sexy, she asks, "You like what you see, Coach?"
I was tongue-tied. I simply exhaled a soft whistle and replaced her hands with mine. Those puppies were nicer than I thought they were going to be! Full and firm; C cups at the least. Betty isn't that big, so tits that size make a girl real fucking buxom!
I was enjoying her tits and she was definitely enjoying me enjoying her tits! She had her eyes half-closed and was gently rolling her hips. I looked down at her waist and marveled at how thin it was. Her unbelted jeans were roomier than her waist. That sheer black body suit-thing disappeared into her jeans.
She noticed me looking at her waist and she slowly pushed her hands down the front of her jeans. She leaned forward and up, lifting herself off me.
"I think I know what you want. You want to see the rest, don't you?"
She didn't give me time to reply; she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She rose a little straighter and started to push the top down. She wasn't going to get them off in the position she was in. So, me being a gentleman and all, I decided to alleviate her discomfort. I sat up, put my arms around her waist, and spun her down to the bed. I was on top, on my knees, between her legs.
Betty let out a "Whoa!" as we spun and fell. She started laughing as I rose and loomed over her.
"I think you need a man to help you with those!"
I grabbed the waist of her pants and the both of us worked them down over her ass. I'll be honest, her ass was a bit bigger than perfect. Still, it had a nice roundness to it. It didn't droop or sag. I've looked this up, her shape, or we could say shapes, are genetically attractive to males. She showed near perfect fertility through her tits and hips, which was only accentuated by the narrowness of her waist.
Anyway, it was only a matter of seconds before the jeans were gone. I sat back and looked at the honey lying in front of me. Without trying, she wore the look of a young girl about to be deflowered. She looked excited, and maybe even a little more scared. The sheer black teddy looked sexy as hell on her. Her legs were splayed open around me, her arms half bent, laying on the pillows. Her hair almost looked like someone had carefully laid it out on the pillow, framing her head.
I found out afterwards that the look on her face was genuine. I was the first man to be with her other than ol' humdrum, white bread Scott, the missionary man. I laid down on top of her and went in for a kiss. I held my weight off her with my arms. She lifted herself up to me and we kissed. I was still dressed and while we kissed, she lifted her legs and tried to push my pants down. It took a little doing but I got a hand down to unbuckle my belt and loosen my slacks. I pushed them down and she helped as she could with her legs as I kicked and rubbed them off.
Somehow, we managed to get my pants off without using any hands. I leaned in again for a kiss. I really wanted to completely perv out with my hands on her body but figured there was time for that; let's show the girl some affection!
We kissed and I had my hands near her shoulders, I tried to gently pull the straps down.
"No, not there" she panted, "Down at the bottom, there are some snaps"
I was genuinely intrigued! I lifted up on my side a bit and asked, "Snaps? On the bottom?" I was glancing at her and down to her crotch.
She spread her legs and lifted herself up. "Yes, right down there. Go ahead, don't be such a shit!"
"So, you're saying … right … down … here?" I moved down until I was even with her hips.
Her breathing was getting a little more labored. "Yes, right between my legs!"
Fuck! This was getting fun!
"Snaps you say?" Of course, I could see and feel the snaps, but I decided to fiddle around and blindly used my finger tips to not find the snaps. She was pretty warm down there and the moisture was palpable. I pushed and prodded, feeling all around while mumbling, "No … not here … hmmm … no, not there … maybe …" You get the picture. I slid my fingers under the crotch and said, "Maybe if I look here … Hmmm … that feels nice … could they be in here? No, no snaps there."
It was starting to get to Betty. At first she was giggling and even tried to help me find the snaps and then she got it. She giggled some more, until I ran my finger up her slit to her clit. Then her song changed. I may be an asshole, but I couldn't resist.
I paused, looked up at her, and said, "Oh sure, it's all laughs, fun and games, until someone gets turned on." I pushed my finger deep in her pussy.
She tried to laugh but she couldn't, she had her head thrown back and with closed lips was purring "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …"
That was enough of that. I unsnapped those two little restraints, got between her legs and pushed that black teddy up to her waist. She felt what was going on and started to sit up. I pulled her up and together we removed that sexy little teddy. I was sitting back, on my knees. By now I was only wearing my shirt. My dick was rock hard and pointing up at about forty-five degrees. She saw it and couldn't look away. I felt like a chocolate cake in front of a fat boy.
I lifted her up and closer, she finally looked away. I started to remove my shirt and she quickly took over.
Here we were, finally. A year and a half of flirting and bridled passion between us; some unrequited love and pent up passions were finally going to have their day! I reached behind and down. I lifted her up and brought her into position.
"Like this? Sitting?"
"For starters, I'll hold you, you prop your feet behind me. I want to look into your eyes as you take me into you."
That's how we did it the first time. We were face to face as she positioned herself onto my dick. With a shift or two, she slowly settled on my dick. She wiggled and the head was in. Her eyes got wide! She ooohed at the feeling. She resettled herself and a little more went in. She was surprised. She pulled up a bit and dropped some. I was about half way in and she had that same look. She was a little innocent girl getting a dick for the first time! I looked at her and almost shot my load right then and there.
She started to slide up and down my dick. She impaled herself further and further on my rod. I began to push into her with strength as we picked up momentum.
All of a sudden, she asks, "Jeff! From behind, OK"?
I need clarity, "You mean doggy-style or in the ass?"
"Doggy, you fucking perv!"
"Just want to be clear!"
I lifted her up and off my dick. She started to turn over and I helped her as I got up on my knees. My dick was hard as a rock and lubed, ready for action. Betty was on her hands and knees in front of me. Dat ass! In front of me were two beautiful globes of glutes! Her thin waist emerged and her back was arched, her backbone visible. She turned her head and said, "Well?"
I placed my hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her down a bit. Her ass rose to where I wanted it. I took a cheek in each hand and spread her wide while giving her a little more lift. Her pussy was pushed back and she was open for business! I lined up and drove it home in one hard thrust.
"Oooooooooh!" she cried as I bottomed out. I pushed my hips forward and drove her head down into the pillows. I pulled back and rammed it back home, she repeated her call. I released her ass when I was balls deep and held her by the waist. I then began to fuck her as hard as I could. With every thrust she let out a cute "Oooooooooh!" again and again.
"How's this Missy? Getting it the way you want?"
Between her elongated "Ohs," she said, "Yes … harder … there it is … Shit … Fuck me!"
I moved my legs to the outside of hers and I leaned forward forcing her ass higher in the air, and started a horny dog hump on her pussy. By the second thrust she was cumming. Her breath was halting and she didn't make any noise. She was a silent cummer! That's OK, I like that! I could hear her cum from the depths of her throat. She shook and shivered; she flailed her head from side to side, went stiff, and then went limp.
I had two more thrusts and she had enough awareness to know I was about to cum. She raised her ass and then clamped her pussy tight as a vise on my dick just as I shot my load deep inside my girl. I kind of sounded like a deranged, orgasmic pirate, letting out a "Aaaarrrgggg" as I came.
We collapsed into each other. I had to catch my breath and needed to stop looking at the world through half closed eyes. Betty rolled into me and we held each other for a while.
Eventually I said, "Honey … that was the most intense thing I have ever experienced in my whole life! You … you are magnificent!"
Betty was softly kissing my chest and lightly giggled. "No, we're fucking magnificent! I've never had it like that."
"Like what?"
"From behind, or a climax like that. First time, and the best time."
"You're kidding me! You've never done that position?"
"No … never … only missionary."
I held her tighter and said, "Sweetheart, we got some stuff to get done! Wait, how about when you were on my lap?"
"Nope, never."
Shit, the girl was in many ways still a virgin!
I got up to take a leak and cleaned off a bit. When I got back she was looking at the TV and said, "I'm going to get hungry soon."
I plopped back on the bed naked as the day I was born. Her eyes shifted from the TV to my dick. It was hanging pretty good just then; looking all big and strong. She reached over and took hold of it, flipping it around, checking it out. She cupped my nuts and rolled them around in her fingers.
She let go of it and announced, "I like it! I like it a lot! I'm going to grab a quick shower and then I have an idea, something else I'd like to try. You think you'll be … up … for it?" Oh she enjoyed that one! Giggling and smiling while she sashayed that ass of hers into the bathroom.
So, anyway, when she got out of the shower she was all fresh as a daisy. She wanted to try the sixty-nine position. Being as how it was her first time, I let her get on top. I thought she was going to crush my head a couple of times but I survived. I gotta tell ya though; the girl could suck one mean dick.
I wasn't too sure how experienced she was with oral, but she knew what she was doing. When I came, she didn't miss a drop. She was a regular Hoover when it came to cum. She told me later that she started sucking dicks in middle school. Said she liked doing that, never got tired of it. I'll tell you, I never got tired of her sucking my dick.
Amazing thing was; no one had ever eaten her pussy before. Scott doesn't approve of oral sex, giving or receiving. She hadn't sucked a dick in over eight years and never had her pussy eaten! Shit!
She liked having her pussy eaten! She'd say that getting eaten "put her in the mood." It got so that I had to eat her to climax before we could do anything. If she was ragging, we didn't do anything; although I usually got a very erotic bj!

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My Big and Fat aunt (bbw,fat sex)

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A good Christian sex story.

Tom has heard the tales of perpetual frustration at the hands of the virginal Miss Darling - a kindergarten teacher at the school where he teaches. Her heavenly gates, along with everything else, are off limits to all until marriage. Nevertheless, he ..continue reading

The family saga

Many things were now extremely clear to Gabriel Scott. He settled back in his favorite chair nursing his gin tonic, promising himself that, tonight, he wouldn't get sloppy drunk. Hell! He had waited too damned long! After having read the note his wif ..continue reading

By Chance or Destiny

It was near the last night on the fire. The large wildland fire had burned for 12 days but the end was at hand. The few crews still working the fire lines had already eaten and headed to bed. I was soon to follow after some paperwork and a shower. Th ..continue reading

Angela the Pervert (cum,young)

Hi! My name is Angela Anderson and I am a card carrying pervert. Oh, I didn’t start out that way. All us girls begin life as sweet young things, wearing cute little dresses and puffy socks but that basically gets flushed down the toilet when we gro ..continue reading