Young sex angel (teen,young,sex,porn)

Young sex angel

Alfred Hamcock made his way down the aisle of the 767, squeezing by
passengers stuffing their carryon luggage into the overhead
compartments. He looked at the numbers of the rows, and finally
found the row with his seat. His seat was on the aisle next to a
window seat on the right side of the aircraft. He sat down and slid
his briefcase underneath the seat in front of him.

He sighed audibly. Another long flight in coach class. He wished he
were flying first class, but the contract didn't allow for that and
there were no free upgrades available on this flight. At least he
had the aisle seat in a two-person row. He hated being sandwiched
between two other people. Now, he just hoped the person assigned to
the seat next to him wasn't traveling with an infant.

"Excuse me?" came a female voice above his head. He looked up and
froze in amazement at the sight. It was a girl, about a head taller
standing than he was sitting, jet-black hair asymmetrically parted at
her right, hanging down just below her ears. Her eyes were narrow,
and she wore a black cropped T-shirt, that stopped a couple inches
below her bosom, leaving her midriff bare. "May I get through?
That's my seat next to the window."

"Oh yes, of course." Mr. Hamcock slid up his seat, and squeezed
himself as far back as possible. As the girl climbed across him, he
observed with a rush of excitement that she was wearing an extremely
short micro-miniskirt, leaving her legs almost completely bare down
to her sandals. Hmmm, he thought to himself. This flight might just
be okay.

The girl settled in her seat next to him and crossed her legs,
leaving him a delicious view of her bare thigh. Despite it being the
middle of the summer, her skin was only slightly tanned, contrasting
provocatively with her black mini and cropped T-shirt.

Buckling her seatbelt, the girl turned towards Mr. Hamcock and
smiled. "Hi. My name's Angel. What's your name?"

Mr. Hamcock returned the smile and replied, "Alfred Hamcock, but you
can call me Al."

He couldn't pull his eyes away from her great legs, her luscious
thighs, her trim midriff, her shapely small breasts, and her pure,
innocent face. And that winning smile of hers -- it completely lit
up her face. What WAS he thinking? She couldn't be much more than a
child. He wasn't a pedophile. He had a wonderful career, which he
could never throw away. And he could never risk thirty years in
prison, with morally enraged thugs on all sides beating him up right
and left, ready to murder him in an instant.

But there was something very alluring about this girl, this Angel,
that belied her age and innocence. Looking into her dark eyes, Mr.
Hamcock sensed, more than anything, a knowledge, a self-confidence,
that went beyond her years. This, combined with her physical
attractiveness, had Mr. Hamcock feeling a sexual arousal
uncharacteristically brought on by someone so young.

"Hey, Al." Angel uncrossed and recrossed her legs as she turned
toward him and smiled. "Do you think there's any danger on this
airplane?" she asked coquettishly.

Alfred returned the smile, blushing slightly. "No, airplane travel
is perfectly safe. You wouldn't believe what the airlines have to do
to ensure a safe flight. No, Angel. Nothing is likely to happen."
His smile broadened down at her. She smiled back her most winning
smile, and uncrossed and slightly spread her legs and leaned back
against her seat, closing her eyes. Alfred instinctively closed his
eyes, to avoid seeing up her skirt.

Thirty minutes later, they were finally underway. Angel leaned
forward and stared out the window as the 767 lifted from the runway
and headed west toward Seattle. Try as he might, Alfred could not
keep his eyes off the girl for long. Pretending to look out the
window, his eyes drifted down to the bare thighs next to him.
Unaccustomed to the arousal he felt while staring at this young girl,
he began to wonder about himself. And, he began to wonder about the

He leaned forward, and over the girl to view the retreating Boston
skyline. His fingers accidentally-on-purpose brushed Angel's thigh,
just below the hem of her skirt. Her skin was soft and cool. The
Boston skyline vanished quickly from view behind the airplane, so he
sat back in his seat, inadvertently brushing Angel's thigh again.

Angel turned toward him and giggled. "Oh, sorry," Alfred apologized,
momentarily afraid that she might have been offended by his actions.

She didn't answer, but instead asked him, "So what are you doing in

Relieved that the contact didn't seem to bother her, he answered,
"Oh, I'm going on business. I'll be there a couple of days or so,
depending on how long it takes to get the job done. How about you?
Did they not have an available seat for you to sit with your family?"

Her smile broadened. "Oh, no, I'm flying alone. I've just been to
visit my grandparents and I'm on my way back home."

Al wondered momentarily whether a girl would let her grandparents see
her in that kind of dress, but he shortly forgot the question. "Did
you spend the whole summer with your grandparents?"

"No, just three weeks. My parents had to go back to Taiwan for
something. I don't know what it was about, but they sent me to stay
with my grandparents in Lexington." She turned toward him and put
her hand on his knee. He flinched at the touch. She reached up and
whispered in his ear, "I think it's something sexy. They won't tell
me anything. But I already know a lot." Her hand moved a couple
inches up his leg.

"Oh, I'm sure you do," answered Al, covering her hand with his.

"Oh by the way, haven't you noticed it's rather chilly in here?"

Al gave her hand a little squeeze and smiled, "No, not really, but
I've got just a bit more clothing covering me up than you do -- not
that I mind, though," he added quickly, moving his hand to her bare
thigh to give it a squeeze. She pressed his hand with hers, so he
left it resting on her smooth skin, not wanting to miss this

She beamed. "Do you like it? I'm glad. It makes me feel all tingly
inside when I know I'm making someone happy. I know guys like to
look at me and it makes me feel good when I know they're looking."
She moved her face close to his ear again and whispered, "Sometimes
they like to do more than look, too, if you know what I mean."

Al looked around furtively, suddenly concerned again with prison and
death. He should put a stop to this right now, he thought to
himself. Instead he said, "Well, if you do feel chilly, I could ring
for a blanket."

"Oh, that's so sweet of you," smiled Angel in her winning smile.
Alfred reached up and pressed the call button. When the stewardess
came, he asked for a blanket. The stewardess returned with one
shortly, and Alfred lifted up the arm between Angel's and his seats,
and covered both of their laps with the blanket.

Underneath the blanket, Angel took his hand in hers, saying,
"Thank-you so much. This is much better."

"No problem," he assured her. Trying to make conversation, he asked,
"Have you flown before?"

"A few times, but this is my first time flying by myself...well, my
second if you count my flight to my grandparents' as the first. It's
kinda exciting getting to travel by myself."

"Makes you feel sorta grown up, huh?" Al commented. "So, how old
are you, by the way?"

"I'm twelve, but I'll be thirteen in about three months."

"So, let's see, that must mean that you're going to be in seventh
grade in September?"

"Nope, eighth grade."

"Oh, sorry," apologized Al in a slightly contrite tone.

"That's okay. I got a head start. Most kids my age are in seventh
grade." Angel squeezed his hand under the blanket. Al squeezed
back, and lightly tickled her palm with his forefinger. She giggled
softly and smiled at him.

"So are you looking forward to school starting this fall?" asked Al.

"Yeah, I like school. It's not too hard and I get to see all my

"What's your favorite subject?"

"Hmmm," she paused to consider, "English, I guess. I like to read
and write. I write stories and poems sometimes, and I read lots of
books. 'Course, I like some of the PE classes, too. I especially
like swimming."

"What kind of stories do you like to write?"

"Oh, you know. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance." She
placed Al's hand on her thigh. "Naughty stories of temptation,
danger..." her voice trailed off, as she gazed up at his eyes.

"Stories of temptation?" Al whispered, his breath caught up in
nervous excitement, his hand slid an inch up Angel's thigh.
"Forbidden desire?" His hand went up another half inch. "Danger?"
His fingertips felt the elastic of her panties. "Lust?" All the
more excited and nervous about what he was doing, his fingertip
lightly touched her crotch.

"Always ending in tragedy and loss..." whispered Angel. Suddenly
seriously frightened, Al quickly removed his hand from Angel's body,
and brought it back to his own lap.

Angel's face brightened and she giggled. Reaching for his hand and
placing it back on her thigh, she reassured him, "But those are only
stories, silly. I didn't mean to scare you."

Al's only response was a slight smile. He didn't resist, but he had
been seriously spooked. It was difficult to recapture the excitement
he had been feeling just a few moments before. He really didn't know
what to make of this girl. One moment, she evoked a lust in him that
was simply primal. The next moment, she induced a fear in him which
transformed that lust to guilt.

She leaned her seat back, and, turning slightly toward Al, pulled the
blanket up over her and slid her hand over to Al's thigh. She closed
her eyes and leaned against the edge of Al's chair.

Al thought a nap would be a wonderful idea, so he leaned his seat
back and pulled up the blanket about him. He leaned back with a
sigh, and Angel leaned up against him and murmured quietly. This
would shorten the temptation to do something he'd surely regret, as
well, he thought. He quickly fell asleep.

Chapter 2

He twisted and turned a couple times, aware of a soothing pleasure
around his loins and a voice speaking over the intercom. The
pleasure and the voice seemed to mingle together, until he suddenly
yanked awake, with a sense of something wrong. Something was too
quiet; he couldn't quite figure out what.

The captain was saying something about the plane having to land in
Fargo, North Dakota. Passengers about him were murmuring in
consternation. Beside him, Angel was still asleep, her hand loosely
about his penis and testicles.

Alfred gently removed Angel's hand from his crotch, then leaned
forward and tapped the arm of the person in front of him. "Psst.
What's going on? I've been asleep."

"One of our engines has malfunctioned," answered the man. "We're
flying on only one engine, and we're going to land in Fargo." Ah,
yes. That's why it seemed so quiet. There was no noise from the
engine on his side of the airplane. Al felt a certain sinking in his
stomach. The one engine had better stay working, he thought to

Angel stirred next to him. "What's going on? Is something wrong?"
Concern showed on her face.

"Nothing to worry about," Alfred tried to reassure the girl. "One of
the engines has malfunctioned and we're going to have to land in
Fargo. But, don't worry, these planes can fly with only one engine
-- they just want to land for safety's sake. We'll be fine. It just
means we'll be a little late getting to Seattle, that's all."

"How late?" Angel asked, apprehension clearly evident in her voice.

"I don't know yet," Al admitted, "they haven't said. I suppose it
will depend on how long it takes to either repair this engine or get
another plane in here to fly us on to Seattle. Don't worry, though,
just stick with me -- I'll see that nothing happens to you." Al
smiled, trying to appear more confident than he felt.

He sat back, and took a deep breath, and Angel did too, taking his
hand tight in hers. His mind was hyperfocused on the sounds and
feelings of the airplane as it made its descent. He felt lighter
every time the plane lowered itself another level, and he felt every
bump, every shake. He felt and heard whenever the one remaining
engine on the opposite side of the plane was increased and lowered.
He felt the scraping of the wings deploying their flaps a little at a
time, and heard the sound of the air rushing by. He heard and felt
the thud of the landing gear being lowered.

Shortly afterwards, he felt the bump of the plane landing on the
runway, and gave a sigh of relief. Only then did he realize how
tensed up he'd been. He felt he could really use some hot sex, as
soon as possible. But where would he find anything in Fargo, ND?

It soon became painfully obvious that this stop was not anticipated.
Once they had landed, they had to wait for what seemed like an
eternity for a gate to become free so that they could deplane.
Periodically, one of the flight attendants would make an announcement
to apologize for the delay and beg their patience. During one of
these announcements, they were told that there would be a
representative from the airline inside the terminal with further
instructions for them.

Finally, a gate became available and the passengers began to deplane.
Alfred pulled his briefcase from beneath the seat in front of him
and stood up in the aisle, allowing Angel to step in front of him.
Together, they slowly followed the other passengers into the terminal.

As they filed into the terminal, a flight attendant handed each
passenger a packet. "We're sorry for the inconvenience this delay
has caused. Inside this packet you'll find vouchers for dinner
tonight, hotel room for the night, and breakfast tomorrow morning.
There is also a phone number to call in the morning to get
information about the time and departure location for the
continuation flight tomorrow. Again, we apologize for the

"If you need your baggage tonight," she continued, "It will be
available at the baggage claim area. There will be shuttle busses to
take you to your motel, and to various restaurants this evening."

It took about fifteen minutes for the luggage to arrive down the belt
at the baggage claim center. Alfred had two suitcases, and he
grabbed one of them, leaving the other at the airport. Angel, who
had stayed with him all the time, took a small suitcase. Then they
boarded one of the busses to the motel.

After standing awhile in line at the office, they finally reached the
desk. Alfred handed his voucher to the clerk, and after filling out
the form, received his room assignment and the electronic keycard for
his room. He moved aside from the desk to let Angel check in as
well, but instead she followed him. He felt a little nervous and
apprehensive, but didn't want to say anything until they were well
away from everyone else.

Back outside, as they walked to his assigned room, Angel explained
shyly, "I didn't want to be alone."

Alfred didn't respond. Instead, he unlocked the door to his room and
stepped inside. Angel followed him in. They deposited their bags
near the closet and looked around the room.

It was a fairly typical hotel room. To the left of the door was a
small closet area and to the right was the bathroom. Beyond the
closet along the wall was a chest of drawers, a desk and a TV stand
with a portable TV atop it. The opposite wall was nearly filled with
a large picture window overlooking the courtyard and pool area. The
heavy drapes were open, providing a good view of the facilities. In
front of the window were two comfortable looking overstuffed chairs
and a small round table over which a lamp hung. On the right, beyond
the bathroom, was a large king-size bed between two night stands and
bedside lamps.

Alfred sat on the edge of the bed. Angel sat down beside him and
broke the silence. "You're not mad, are you?" She took his hand in
hers and squeezed it. "I'm just a little scared and I didn't want to
be alone tonight. Besides," she added with a sly smile, placing his
hand on her bare thigh just below the hem of her miniskirt, "I don't
think you do either."

Alfred froze in excitement and fear, and he felt his penis hardening
in a way it had never hardened since his early teens. His rod was
rather small, he knew -- only about five inches long and one inch
thick when fully erect -- nevertheless, he was sure Angel could see
the lump forming at the crotch of his pants. He left his hand on her
thigh, wondering how many years he might get if this went on.

She giggled at his discomfort. "Yes, I know it. You really want me,
don't you. In fact, you can't wait until evening." She tapped the
bulge in his pants, and his erection jumped in response. "Hey, we
have at least three hours before supper." Alfred turned and looked
at the radio clock; it read two o'clock.

"It's true, Angel, I do want you. You turn me on more than I can
ever remember being turned on and I want you more than anything in
this world right now. But, you're so young and I'm also afraid. I
could get into so much trouble if I give into my desires and anyone
ever found out."

"No one will ever know, Al," Angel assured him. "No one knows we're
together -- no one even knows us here. And, I'll never tell anyone
-- I promise."

Angel kicked her sandals off and climbed up on his lap. She leaned
against his chest, sliding one hand underneath his suit jacket, and
lightly caressed him. Alfred put his arm around her back, and slid
his other hand across her legs and under her skirt. He pulled her
tightly to him. All thoughts of danger left his mind.

Angel moaned a contented sigh as he pulled her close. She looked up
at him, smiling. Then, she moved to kiss him on the mouth. She kept
her lips parted slightly and used her tongue to signal Alfred that
she wanted this to be a passionate French kiss. He open his mouth
and allowed her tongue entrance.

As their tongues explored the other's mouth, their hands began to
explore the other's body. Angel unbuttoned a couple of buttons on
Alfred's shirt and slid her hand inside to stroke his bare chest.
With the hand of the arm that Alfred had wrapped around Angel's back,
he slipped underneath her cropped T-shirt and cupped one of her
breasts. He began caressing her smooth bare thigh with his other

Their breathing grew rapid and heavier as they continued to kiss and
caress. Alfred teased Angel's nipple with one hand as his other hand
began stroking the inside of her smooth thighs. Angel parted them
enough to allow him to stroke all the way up to her panty covered

Alfred broke their kiss. "Would you like a backrub?" He moved his
hand from her breast around behind her and began massaging her back
and shoulders. Angel purred, a low, soft, vibrating purr. Alfred
lifted her up and laid her face down on the bed, and continued the

Alfred started at her neck and shoulders and worked his way down her
back, kneading and massaging her muscles. Suddenly, Angel pushed
herself up, and pulling her T-shirt over her head, she said, "Here,
it'll feel better without this." Now naked to the waist, she laid
back down to let Alfred continue the massage.

Alfred began again, kneading her shoulders and neck. He worked down
her back, down to her buttocks, and then continued massaging down her
thighs and legs, reaching the backs of her knees, her hamstrings, and
finally her feet.

Then he turned her over and began to work his way back up her body.
He delighted in the feel of her soft, youthful skin. Her legs were
smooth and silky to the touch, and Alfred found himself becoming more
aroused as his fingers moved over Angel's legs and thighs.

Angel seemed to be enjoying this too, making sounds of pleasure as
Alfred's hands kneaded her muscles and caressed her skin. His hands
slipped under her skirt, stroking up to the leg bands of her panties.
He could smell the aroma of her sex and knew that she was becoming
as aroused as he was. He ran his hands lightly over her stomach and
pubic mound. Angel let out a little giggle, so on his next pass, he
applied more pressure. He felt the soft folds of her pussy lips
beneath her panties and rubbed this area gently. He thought he felt
moisture seeping through her panties, but it was so warm here it was
difficult to tell for sure. Resisting the temptation to concentrate
on her vagina, Alfred continued to work his way up her body.

He softly caressed and pushed on her tummy, then slid up to her
breasts. Her breasts were little more than a boy's, yet Alfred found
them strangely attractive.

Angel's eyes were closed. Alfred pulled away from her, wondering if
she were asleep. Apparently she was. Her breathing was soft and
slow. Alfred decided that it was a good time for a short nap, so he
took off his shoes, lay down on the bed, and closed his eyes.

Chapter 3

The next thing that Alfred became aware of was the pleasant sensation
in his genitals. He had been sleeping soundly and for a moment he
was disoriented. Through the grogginess between dream and
wakefulness, he felt the arousing stimulation of his penis being
masturbated and sucked. Then, he remembered where he was and who he
was with.

He opened his eyes and raised his head to see Angel kneeling beside
him on the bed, bobbing her head over his stiffening manhood. She
had managed to undo his pants and pull out his penis while he slept.

He was not quite fully erect yet and she was able to get well over
half of his cock in her mouth on her downward stroke. The sight of
this cute young girl with his saliva-wet dick plunging in and out of
her mouth had his blood rushing to stiffen his rod. He moaned, "Oh
God, Angel, that feels so incredibly good."

She slipped his erection from her mouth with a slurp and smiled at
him. "You're awake. I thought you'd like to wake up this way. Now,
relax and enjoy it." With that, she stretched her legs toward the
headboard of the bed and lowered her mouth back down on his cock.

Alfred rested his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes. He
began to caress Angel's bare inner thigh as her mouth drove him ever
closer to a climax. Angel's small hand was wrapped around the base
of his erection and followed the motion of her head as it moved up
and down over him. Her tongue licked all around the head of his cock
as she applied suction with her mouth and her fingers squeezed the

The sensation was incredible -- more than incredible. Alfred
couldn't remember ever having a blow job that had come even close to
being as good as this one. He wanted this feeling to last forever,
but there was no way that that was going to happen. The erotic
stimulation masterfully administered by this young girl brought him
beyond the point of no return quickly. Alfred began to breathe
heavily and moan as his orgasm overtook him.

Tasting his first load of semen, Angel stopped moving her head and
clamped her mouth around the head of his penis as she rapidly milked
the base of his cock with her hand. She pumped every last drop of
his come into her mouth and swallowed it until he finally relaxed and
breathed a sigh of contentment. She ran her tongue around the
sensitive head of his cock to make sure it was clean and let it slip
from her mouth.

She crawled up beside him and laid her head on his shoulder as he
wrapped his arm around her naked torso. She raised her eyes to look
at him, "Did you like that?"

"Angel, I can honestly say that that was the absolute best blow job
I've ever had. It was fantastic!" She smiled and snuggled up
against him.

They cuddled. He nuzzled her forehead and ran his hands over her
back and down her buttocks, noticing that she had removed her
miniskirt and panties; she was completely naked. He couldn't recall
ever feeling so tender or protective to someone before. She lifted
her head up and kissed him on the mouth. There was a very strange
taste in her saliva; after a second, he realized with momentary
disgust that he was tasting his come. Actually, it was worth it, he

Umm, yes, he thought. If she could swallow an entire load, he could
manage to ignore a bit of after-taste. He felt himself getting
excited again. He would take things slowly, he thought. He kissed
her hard on the mouth, and she kissed him hard back. Then he slid
down and kissed and nuzzled her chin, and then her neck.

She giggled as he licked and nibbled her neck. "Oh, you're such a
cool vampire!"

He licked down her chest, tonguing her little tiny nipples in the
process. Her breath quickened, and she gasped audibly.

He kissed down to her belly button, and tongued it lightly. At the
same time, he worked her thighs with his hands, slowly approaching
her pussy.

Angel bent her knees and spread her thighs wide apart, beckoning him
lower. Smelling the aroma of her heated sex, Alfred kissed his way
down to her pubic mound where he began licking her lips. Angel's
moan of pleasure let him know that she liked what he was doing.

He continued to lick between her folds, inserting his tongue as far
as he could into her vaginal canal, then slurping up to lick and suck
her clit into his mouth. Angel began to writhe in pleasure under his
experienced ministrations and it wasn't long before she was moaning
and humping in orgasm. As her climax subsided, Alfred began to kiss
his way back up her body.

Loud pounding on the door startled him. Alfred froze in fright,
afraid that he might be caught and in trouble. "Could you tone it
down in there?" yelled a male voice from outside. "Your girl is too
loud! Thanks!" Yes, come to think of it, Angel had been screaming
pretty loud at times. He just hadn't noticed it.

"What was that about?" asked Angel.

Alfred calmed down, relieved that he wasn't likely to get in trouble.
After a moment, he answered, "Seems like you were rather loud just

"I was?" Angel looked embarrassed. "I never knew that."

"I didn't notice, either, to tell the truth. Say, it's almost four
o'clock. Let's take a shower and get dressed for dinner." Alfred
removed the rest of his clothes, and they went together to the
bathroom to take a shower.

Chapter 4

They enjoyed soaping each other's bodies under the warm water of the
shower. Alfred still could hardly believe that this was really
happening -- that he was in the shower caressing a young nymph that
he'd just enjoyed oral sex with and had met only a few short hours
earlier. He loved the feel of her young body; her small pert
breasts, her flat stomach, her smooth thighs and her puffy mound were
all exciting to touch. And, her small young hands roaming over his
body was equally arousing. She gave considerable attention to his
soft member, actually succeeding in bringing it partially erect even
after its thorough workout such a short time before.

Finally, they rinsed and shut off the water. They dried themselves
-- and each other -- and got dressed to go out for dinner.

Alfred put on a clean suit, and Angel wore a sky-blue, short-sleeved
dress extending down to just above her knees, with white sandals.
She wore a pair of earrings and a small necklace, and one ring on her
left middle finger. Alfred thought she looked innocent, yet more
alluring than ever. Could this really be the same girl who had given
him such a blowjob this afternoon, who had screamed so in response to
his lips and tongue?

She took his elbow, and they went out the door.

A bus was waiting to take them to town. They sat together until the
bus stopped at a place with numerous restaurants.

"Well, what would you like to eat?" Alfred asked Angel.

She smiled slyly. "Oh, I don't know...some kinda meat?" she
answered, her eyes darting down to his crotch.

Alfred smiled at her innuendo, but didn't reply to it. Instead, he
continued, "Well, there's a steak house over there that looks pretty
nice. Do you wanna try that?"

"Sounds wonderful," she smiled.

They entered the steak house. Alfred looked around and saw that they
were the only persons formally dressed for dinner. A waitress took
them to a corner table and handed each of them a menu. They sat
facing each other. Alfred leaned forward and gazed in Angel's eyes.
A girl sitting across the table from him had never looked so

He quietly slipped off one shoe, and lifted his leg up and slid his
foot under the table on Angel's lap. Her face didn't betray
anything, but she spread her thighs apart and shifted so that his
foot slid under her dress. He fondled her with his foot. Her
expression still didn't change, but she squirmed slightly underneath.

Finally, he looked down at the menu. He decided on a large New York
steak for himself, and a white wine, and asked what Angel wanted.
She took a steak sub and also asked for some wine. Alfred knew that
he couldn't actually order wine for her, but promised to share some
of his with her.

The waitress returned shortly.

Alfred gave the waitress the order for both himself and Angel. After
the waitress left to turn in the order, Alfred looked at Angel and
said, "Angel, you are a remarkable young lady." A sly smile crossed
Angel's face as color rose in her cheeks. "I can't quite believe my
good fortune that we were seated together on that flight," he
continued. "I can't find the words to express how glad I am
to...um...to have gotten to know you."

The color deepened on Angel's face as she gave an embarrassed giggle.
"I'm glad to know you too. It's been fun...much better than
spending the time alone. I wouldn't have liked that at all."

Alfred reached forward and squeezed her hand, and she clasped his
hand tightly in return. "After this flight is over, I would love to
continue seeing you, Angel."

"Oh, my dear Alfred, that sounds so wonderful. If only I could. But
my parents would never allow it, so I don't know when I'd ever have a
chance to see you."

"Oh, that's too bad. We don't really want to do anything that would
get you in trouble. And it really scares me, that I might spend
twenty or thirty years in prison."

"Well, there's always email," said Angel. "And I'm sure to visit
Boston again sometime, and we can find some way to get together then.
And maybe you'll come to Seattle again sometime. I might be able to
sneak out."

"Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens," Alfred
responded. "In the meantime, we'll just have to make the best of the
time we do have together." He smiled and winked at Angel.

"Uh-huh," Angel confirmed emphatically, smiling slyly. She leaned
closer to Alfred and lowered her voice. "And, don't worry. I won't
tell anyone. I know how to keep a secret and I'll deny everything if
anyone asks. Relax and let's have some fun." She gave his hand
another squeeze.

"Thank you, Angel," Alfred replied sincerely. "That makes me feel
better. As I said, you are truly remarkable." Again, the color rose
in Angel's cheeks.

The waitress arrived with the food and wine shortly. She brought a
Coke for Angel, and wine for Alfred. Alfred asked the waitress for
an extra glass, so that he could share Angel's coke, and she went and
brought one, along with an extra straw.

Alfred turned his attention to dinner. Mmmm, he thought to himself,
his steak looked delicious. He picked up the salt shaker and
sprinkled salt on the steak. Then he took his knife and sawed off a
bite-sized piece. Ahhhhhh, perfection, he thought. Then he turned
to the mashed potatoes, loaded with creamy butter, and took a

He looked back up at Angel, and saw her wolfing down the foot-long
steak sandwich. She looked like she was enjoying her meal just as
much as he was enjoying his. He turned his attention back to dinner.

The waitress stopped by their table to make sure everything was okay.
After both Alfred and Angel assured her that the food was delicious
and that they didn't need anything else, the waitress left.

They didn't talk much as they ate. Both of them realized that it had
been quite a while since they'd had anything significant to eat and
they had become quite hungry. Besides, the food really was delicious
and comments about these things were all they paused for as they
enjoyed their meals.

Alfred broke open the sealed extra straw, and inserted it into
Angel's soda. He took a good sip. "Would you like some wine?" he
asked her.

"Sure. I've never tasted wine before. I'd like to try it." So
Alfred poured a little of his wine into the spare glass, and gave it
to her. They both raised their glasses up, and touched their glasses
together. Then Alfred took a small sip, and Angel took one with only
a short hesitation.

"Mmmmm..." hummed Alfred.

They finished their meal, talking about various things, eating the
food, drinking soda and wine. Angel asked for a soda refill, and
Alfred got a second glass of wine.

When the waitress came with their check, Alfred endorsed the airlines
dinner voucher and assisted Angel in doing the same with hers.

They left the restaurant and walked back towards the bus stop.
Alfred held Angel's hand as they walked. "What would you like to do
now?" he asked Angel. "Are you ready to go back to the hotel or do
you have something else in mind that you'd like to do before we head

"Oh, I think I'm ready to get back to the hotel and...um...relax,"
she answered and gave his hand a squeeze. "I'm sure we can find
something to do there," she explained, grinning at him. After a
moments pause, she added, "Don't they have cable there? I'm sure we
can always find a movie or something to watch on TV."

"Yeah, that sounds good to me," Alfred responded. "I can't think of
anything I'd rather do right now."

They waited only a few minutes before the bus arrived. They boarded
the bus and found 2 seats where they could sit together. Alfred put
his arm around Angel's shoulders and she rested her head against his
side as the bus pulled away from the curb. He put his other hand on
her knee, and she put her hand over his, and they cuddled like that
until the bus arrived back at their Hotel.

Chapter 5

They walked hand in hand to their room. Alfred took the remote
control and sat down on the edge of the bed, and Angel climbed up on
his lap. He put one arm around her waist, and pointed the remote at
the television. "Shall we just see what's on now?" he asked.

"Sure." Angel leaned back against him. Alfred clicked the
television on, and began surfing the channels. He clicked through a
couple news shows, a couple unknown movies, and one show that looked
like a talk show.

The next channel showed a dark-haired woman lying on her back,
shrieking and twisting from side to side. Squeezed between her
thighs could be seen the top of a man's head, apparently licking her
out for all it was worth.

"What's this?" Angel said quickly, placing her hand on the remote to
keep Alfred from changing the channel. "Yum, that looks good. I bet
she's enjoying that."

"yeah, he might be enjoying himself a bit too," Alfred grinned.

"Let's watch this for a while," Angel suggested, "to see what else
happens. 'kay?"

"Okay, if you want to..." Alfred agreed, bending his head down and
giving Angel a kiss on the neck.

"Mmmm," Angel hummed. "Hold on," she said, climbing out of Alfred's
lap, "I want to get more comfortable." With that, she began to get

It was during commercials, and the station had billed itself as the
Playboy Channel. As Angel slipped her dress over her head, she
asked, "Why don't you get comfortable, too?"

"Oh yes, of course." Only then did Alfred realize how hot and stuffy
he was in his suit. He stood up and took off his suit jacket, and
then dropped his pants. He took off his socks, then looked nervously
at Angel. She was down to her panties, but now was just standing
there looking at him.

He took off his shirt, but for some unknown reason, felt nervous
about taking his underwear off. His breath came in short gasps. His
dick bulged hard through his underpants. Angel looked nervous, too.
They stood looking at each other.

Finally, he thought to himself, the heck with it, and yanked his
underwear down. The elastic band on his briefs caught the head of
his dick and yanked it down as well. When his underwear descended
below his dick, it sprung up, bobbing comically up and down. How
undignified he must look, he thought, as he pulled his underpants the
rest of the way down and stepped out of them.

When he looked up again, Angel had just stepped out of her panties.
He sat back down on the bed, and Angel sat on his lap again.
Alfred's dick was squashed between them and pressed up against
Angel's back. He put his arms around her, and his left hand slowly
stroked up her lovely bare thigh towards her pussy.

The commercials ended, and the show resumed. A second man joined the
man and woman already there. He pulled off his clothes and stuck his
twelve-inch hard penis into the woman's mouth, while the other man
continued to eat her out. The woman continued moaning and rasping,
as she took his penis in her mouth and sucked it. Her moaning and
rasping came out primarily from her nose, and became more muffled as
she took his dick farther and farther into her mouth and down her
throat. The woman arched her back and turned her head way up. The
man kneeled down with his knees just above the woman's head, and
leaned down over her, and began thrusting, pushing his penis deeper
into her mouth and down her throat. The angle of the view shifted to
show the woman's mouth and neck. Alfred could actually see the
progression of the head of the man's dick, as it went farther and
farther down her throat; it widened her neck just a bit.

Finally, his dick was all the way in, and his testicles were at her

"Wow!" Angel exclaimed in awe, "she sure can swallow a lot of cock!"

"She sure can," Alfred agreed, mesmerized by the action on the TV and
the feel of Angel's soft skin under his fingertips.

"I bet he really likes that," Angel offered.

"I imagine so," Alfred concurred, moving his fingers onto Angel's
warm, moistening mound.

The man on the screen began to fuck the woman's mouth. Before long,
he withdrew his huge phallus completely and began to jerk his gism
all over her face. The woman moaned and tossed her head from side to
side as though she were experiencing her own orgasm.

"Why did he do that?" Angel asked.

"Do what?" Alfred retorted, his attention concentrated on his
cutaneous senses at the moment.

"Pull out and come on her face?" Angel clarified.

Alfred gave a little chuckle. "It is a little silly, isn't it?" he
said. "He probably did that so we could see him come. It seems like
they're always pulling out like that in these sorts of movies.
You're right, though, it's unnatural. Believe me, it feels much
better to come in your...um, I mean, to come in the girl's mouth."

Angel giggled, then leaned her head back and gave him a kiss on the

On the screen, the scene had switched to two different women, both
completely naked, each lapping the other's cunt in a 69 position.

"I don't like this," said Angel, as Alfred's fingers slowly slid up
and down her pussy. "This is boring. Let's look at something else."
With that, she pointed the remote control, and clicked.

The next channel showed another news program, and Angel clicked
again. The movie "Back to the Future" was being announced, to start
in a few minutes. Angel said, "Hey, I like this movie! Let's watch

"Oh yes, that's a wonderful movie." Alfred remembered it from years

As they waited for the movie to start, Angel said, "Just a minute,"
and got up from his lap. She gathered all the pillows from the bed
and stacked them against the headboard behind Alfred. "here, lean
back against these and make yourself comfortable," she directed.

Alfred did as she suggested, then Angel climbed back on his lap,
raised herself up and faced the television set. She positioned his
penis, and sat down. His penis slid right up her pussy, with little
resistance. Alfred felt himself nearly come, as she shifted about
and made herself comfortable, her legs hanging outside his legs. He
put his arms around her, and caressed her, and she leaned back
against him.

The opening section of the movie began. Alfred watched motionless as
Michael J. Fox adjusted the sound equipment in the lab, and then
made his way to school via skateboard.

Alfred found it difficult to concentrate on the movie with his
sensitive erection sheathed to the hilt in Angel's tight pussy. The
slightest movement brought him nearly to the point of orgasm as he
held and caressed this young girl. He brought one hand up to fondle
her breast, toying with and squeezing the nipple, while his other
hand stroked her bare thigh and flat stomach, occasionally dipping
down between her legs to tease her clit. Gradually, he was able to
begin a slow, gentle rocking of his hips, moving his dick slightly in
and out of Angel's grasping cunt.

He shortly found himself absorbed in the movie. Angel occasionally
squeezed her tight cunt around his hard dick. He absently fingered
her tiny clit and the folds of her pussy as he watched the movie.
They both began rocking faster, as the Libyans appeared and chased
down and shot the scientist. Angel moaned and gasped, and her
breathing turned raspy. Then Marty jumped in the deLorean and fled
as the Libyans chased him around the parking lot. A tingling flowed
from his dick, and exploded throughout his body and mind as Marty
reached eighty-eight miles per hour. Angel yelled and froze at the
same time, and her pussy pulsated like crazy about his dick, which
kept spurting and spurting his semen.

Alfred's orgasm subsided first. His dick began to shrink, but
Angel's continued pulsing kept it semi-hard. He started to pull his
hand away from her pussy when he felt her calming down, but she
grabbed his hand and pushed it back to her pussy and gasped out, "No!
Don't stop! Keep doing it." So he kept fingering her and rocking
his body, and her orgasm flared again.

As his one hand continued to massage Angel's clit, scooping up their
mingled juices seeping out of her hole, Alfred took advantage of his
relaxed state to stroke and caress her body with his other hand. He
kneaded her breast and squeezed her nipple, then moved his hand down
over her stomach and on to her thigh. Her skin was so soft and
youthful. As his hands worked their magic, he bent his head and
began softly kissing Angel on the neck and shoulder.

He continued kissing and caressing the girl while watching the movie.
Angel's orgasm didn't stop completely; her pulsing about his penis
slowed down to a heavy heartbeat. His hand massaged and pressed her
pussy in rhythm. He found himself absorbed by the movie, with his
pulsating penis a strong background sensation.

At one point, during a commercial, Alfred realized that he had to go
to the bathroom pretty badly. He carefully lifted Angel off his lap,
and when she whined in surprise, explained that he had to go to the
bathroom: "I'll be right back. I have to go pretty badly."

"Please hurry back. I need you inside me," replied Angel.

Alfred's dick, which had been only semi-hard, immediately hardened at
that. When he reached the toilet and lifted up the toilet seat, he
had to push his dick down like a lever and point it at the toilet
bowl. He could only pee in short spurts, and it was difficult and a
little painful. But eventually, he got it all out with a loud sigh
of relief.

He squeezed out the last few drops, washed his hands, and then
returned to the bed. As soon as he sat down on the edge, Angel
climbed back on his lap, raised herself up, aimed his still-hard
dick, and sat down hard. His dick slid right up her. He realized
that his copious ejaculation had lubricated her well.

They turned and continued watching the movie.

It was nine in the evening when the movie ended. The TV announced
that the next movie would be "Back to the Future, Part II." Alfred
asked if Angel wanted to watch that, and she answered, "Of course.
And we'll watch the third one after this."

While the first movie was a fun, exciting, suspenseful, and romantic
romp into the past, the second turned out to be a dark, scary,
depressing, and equally suspenseful trip to the future, back to a
horrifying alternate present, and finally back to the same time as
the first movie.

As Angel had predicted, the third movie followed right afterwards.

Angel was yawning heavily by the time the third movie ended around
1:30 at night, and Alfred was pretty sleepy, too. They both went to
the bathroom, washed and brushed their teeth.

They went to bed in each others arms. Angel fell asleep immediately.
Alfred kissed her forehead and slept...

Chapter 6

He gradually woke up to the now-familiar tingle of lips and tongue on
the underside of his penis.

"Mmm...that feels so good," he moaned as Angel slid his erection
between her lips.

Slurping up his shaft, she kissed the tip as she let it slip from her
mouth. "Umm-hum," she hummed as she began to crawl atop him. "But I
want one more fuck before we have to leave to catch our plane." She
straddled him and eased herself down, impaling his rigid member deep
in her cunt. She sat still for a moment, allowing the delicious
feelings to wash over them before she began to move slowly up and
down over his cock.

Alfred's hands stroked the smooth skin of her thighs, feeling her
muscles flexing as she moved up and down on him. Her body felt so
good to his touch. And, her body's intimate contact with him felt so
good to him and brought him such exquisite pleasure. He wanted to
savor this experience and make it last.

Alfred moved one hand between Angel's thighs and began teasing her
clit as his stiff rod moved in and out of her pussy. Angel gave a
long low moan and picked up the pace of her movement.

Suddenly, she sat down hard on him, burying him very deeply in her
young body and putting pressure on her clit. She ground herself
against his hand as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body.
Finally, she collapsed forward on him and gave him a deep and
passionate French kiss.

Alfred wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close to him. His
hands roamed over her back and butt and thighs. He began moving
slowly in and out of her as they kissed.

Angel broke the kiss and hugged him tightly, resting her head on his
shoulder. "Oh, Alfred, that was so good," she murmured. "It still
is. I love fucking you. Fuck me hard, Alfred. Fuck me hard and

Alfred could hold back no longer. The words and actions of this
young girl drove him crazy. He began to pivot his hips, sliding his
cock in and out of her at an ever-increasing pace, slamming harder
and harder into her on each inward stroke. Angel gave a little grunt
each time he slammed into her. Finally, the grunts turned into one
long moan as another orgasm swept over Angel's body.

This was all the stimulation that Alfred could handle. With one
final deep thrust, he began to spurt his hot seed into Angel's
depths. Grasping her hips tightly and pushing deep into her young
pussy, Alfred pumped jet after jet of his hot semen into her. As
their orgasms subsided, they lay wordlessly catching their breaths.

Jet after jet, Alfred thought to himself as he dozed away, Angel
laying on top of him. Jet after jet, spurting semen up in her...jet
after jet...jet...jet...

He yanked himself awake in terror. "Our flight. When does it leave?"

Angel yawned, lifted her torso up from Alfred's chest, and answered,
"The plane departs at eleven. I checked yesterday, as soon as we got
the info. The bus is coming at ten for us. We have plenty of time.
It's seven now; we can go for breakfast at nine, then catch the bus
for the airport. I wanna have more fun." She smiled and squeezed
Alfred's dick, still up deep inside her.

"But let me at least set the alarm."

Alfred began to lift Angel off him, but Angel whined, "Don't, please.
I need you inside me." So Alfred carefully slid his legs off the
bed, and stood up, carrying Angel still impaled on his dick. He
waddled over to the alarm clock on the television.

He couldn't figure out how to set the alarm, and was having trouble
holding Angel up at the same time. Angel said, "Here, let me try."
She reached over, and quickly set the alarm for nine, and Alfred
waddled back to bed.

Back in bed, Alfred lay on his back to sleep, with Angel on top of
him. Angel rocked back and forth on him, squeezing and relaxing his
dick. Angel's rocking stimulated Alfred, yet at the same time lulled
him off...

The next thing he knew, the alarm clock was beeping loudly, startling
him awake. Angel shook him, giggling and saying, "Time to get up,
sleepy-head." Alfred yawned. He really wanted to lie down for just
a few minutes, but he slowly sat up. His dick, all soft now, was
still loosely caught inside Angel.

He stood up, carrying Angel wrapped around him and headed for the

They got in the shower and soaped each other up, cleansing themselves
of the sweat and other fluids that had accumulated on their bodies.
Alfred paid particular attention to Angel's pussy. "After all," he
said, "It's had a lot of recent action. We have to keep it fresh and

He reached down and grabbed Angel by the ankles, and lifted them up.
Angel yelled as she fell forward against him. "Stop It!" She
giggled a little, so Alfred knew she wasn't too offended or
frightened. He lifted her ankles all the way up, pressing her feet
against the ceiling. Angel hung there upside-down. Alfred turned
her to face him, with her back to the shower controls.

Alfred held her ankles up with one hand, while with the other he
turned on the shower full blast and aimed the showerhead right at her
pussy. She shrieked and he put his hand back up and took one ankle,
spreading her legs wide apart. Angel was giggling and squirming
against the pulsating water on her pussy, and she held tight onto his

Alfred moved his face up close to her pussy and gently blew on it.
She came right then and there, dangling from the ceiling. Alfred
pressed his lips on her pussy. He kissed, licked, and buzzed her
pussy, bringing her to the edge and off another half-dozen times.
Finally, Angel said enough, and asked to be set down.

He let her down, and she immediately knelt and took his stiffening
cock into her mouth. She wasted no time in bringing him to full
hardness. She wrapped one hand around the base of his dick and used
her other hand to fondle his balls.

She applied pressure with her tongue along the sensitive underside of
his erection as she slid it in and out of her mouth. Her hand kept
pace with her motion as it slipped along the base of his shaft.

Alfred was wide awake now and could fully appreciate the oral
technique of this young girl. As badly as he wanted it to last, she
had him climaxing in no time. As before, she held the head of his
dick in her mouth as she milked every last drop of semen out of his
body, not allowing a single drop to escape.

Finally, Angel stood and they rinsed each other off one last time.
They took a few towels out of the bathroom and dried each other off.
Alfred dressed up in a clean casual suit and packed his clothes.
Meanwhile, Angel changed into the black cropped T-shirt and
micro-miniskirt that she'd worn the day before, and packed her stuff

They walked out, carrying their luggage and holding hands. Alfred
was momentarily worried that others might guess what they had been up
to. But nobody paid much attention to them. They checked out of the
motel and went for breakfast.

They ate breakfast mostly in silence. Alfred gazed at Angel across
the table, and Angel gazed back. He held his left hand on the table,
clasped in hers. Angel briefly pulled her hand away, saying, "Just a
minute." She opened her handbag and removed an intricately fashioned
string of beads. "here," she said, "this is a friendship bracelet.
I want you to have it." She placed it in his hand. "I made it

"Thank you, Angel. That's very nice of you. It's beautiful. I will
keep this and think of you always." He slipped the bracelet into his
jacket pocket.

When breakfast was over, they paid with the airline vouchers, and
then went outside. A couple of busses were already there to take
passengers back to the airport. They got on the bus, stowed their
luggage, and sat down next to each other.

The bus started off, and shortly arrived at the airport. They
checked in and got on the plane. It was the same plane as they'd
flown in on, and the seating assignments were the same, so Alfred got
to sit next to Angel again. He asked a stewardess for a blanket,
commenting that it might get a little chilly when the
air-conditioning went on. The stewardess brought one shortly, and
Alfred covered Angel and himself. They held hands underneath the

The plane took off, and flew toward Seattle. Alfred leaned his seat
back and rested, as did Angel. Angel surreptitiously reached across
underneath the blanket, and took his off-side hand and placed it on
her thigh underneath her skirt. He let it rest there, not caressing
or fondling. The motion of the aircraft eventually lulled him to

He woke up just as the Captain announced the approach into Seattle.
He pulled his seat upright, and at the same time Angel woke up and
did the same. The plane landed and taxied to the gate. The
stewardess spoke over the loudspeaker. "We wish you a warm welcome
to Seattle, and again, we apologize for any inconvenience the delay
has caused..."

Finally, they arrived at the gate. Alfred and Angel remained for
awhile, while everyone else got their carry-on luggage and slowly
walked out of the plane. When the plane was mostly empty, they got
up and gathered their own belongings.

Angel took Alfred's hand and held it as they deplaned. They said
goodbye to the stewardesses as they passed by them.

Angel let go of his hand shortly before entering the terminal. Once
out of the gateway, she quickly said, "Goodbye Alfred," and ran
toward a family that Alfred decided must be hers. He watched her
covertly, as he walked out of the waiting area and into the corridor.

He turned back for one last look at her, and she waved at him. Did
she wink, too? He couldn't quite tell. As he walked away, he
suddenly realized that he had forgotten to get her email address or
any other contact information. When he looked around for her, she
was gone. He felt in his jacket pocket and found the friendship
bracelet she had given him. That, and the sweet memories, was all he
had to remind him of the Angel that had touched his body and his
heart. He'd treasure both forever.

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