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A Bad African Experience, interracial sex

June and Ray had been married for a year. Ray couldn't believe his good fortune to have found a woman as gorgeous as June. He didn't consider himself very appealing to women and as a result lacked confidence when he was around them. He wasn't a ..continue reading

Jill's Wild Interracial Adventure

Jill's Wild Interracial Adventure (Jill's alligator mouth get her in real trouble) Warning: The following story is a work of fiction, and deals with interracial, and non-consent themes. And as such may be offensive to some due to the issues of bigot ..continue reading

Interracial sex

"I know, Sweetie, but there is no other alternative. I have to close the office every night until Myer is cleared to return to work. You don't bounce back that quickly from open heart surgery. His doctor said four-to-six weeks before he could return. ..continue reading

Interracial sex stories : My wife, and the black cock

Greg had pestered his wife to let a big black cock ravage her while he watched. Ellen Davis watched the screen on her computer, the young girl squealed in pure ecstasy as the thick long black cock slid into her receptive cunt. The black man beg ..continue reading

Kirsten engages in an interracial threesome

I'm Kirsten. A 27 year old redhead who is trying to get back into exploring the boundaries of her sexuality since taking a new job in a town 600 miles away. I'm 5'3", 125 pounds, and I have a nice figure. Well toned, thanks to a lot of working out, a ..continue reading

Interracial Quality Control

Falwell Organics was a family company. Springing from strange roots, her family had rebelled against conservative rural Christian culture by becoming hippies, but since they were already farmers, the only change was turning to organic farming with th ..continue reading

Interracial fucking

The HMMVW rolled to a stop before a farmhouse north of Kandahar. PFC Chu raised his IR goggles and surveyed the scene. The heat sources bloomed and receded as he adjusted the image, until three sources stood clear. "Sergeant!" he called clearly t ..continue reading

Gangbang, interracial sex

Continuing from part one: “Oh, by the way, did I mention that I had invited the three Swazi boys around to the cottage for drinks tonight? They asked if they could bring three of their well hung friends. I said sure, I look forward to a fresh fucki ..continue reading

Young Wife's Interracial part 1

My wife (ashley) and I (josh) got married at a very young age. We were both only 23 years old when we got married. We met when I had just recently graduated from university. She was already working as a hairstylist. She is extremely beautiful but ha ..continue reading

Young Wife's Interracial part 2

She responded "well... yes" "and... where was it?" Not expecting the answer I got. "I got my clit pierced when I was younger." We both paused for a minute. I looked at her. "Wow, I don't mean this in a bad way. I could never picture you doing that ..continue reading

Dancing lessons xxx

If Randy had realized how wild Carmen's temper was, he would never have gotten involved with her. Not that he wasn't warned. When he met her at a friend's party, she captivated him, and he spent the night in deep conversation with her. Before he ..continue reading

Adult stories - Exploring her inbox

Stefan Rani was a tall, good looking guy, with really blonde hair and Windex blue eyes. Unlike a lot of handsome dudes he wasn’t full of himself and didn’t consider himself God’s gift to women as some in his situation might do. At 27 he took a ..continue reading

Cum swallowing teacher

History Class, 6th hour middle school. Mrs. Mickie Siek was our teacher and she was so sexy. She would ask me for gum everyday, then sit at her desk and twirl it on her finger. I didn't think she would ever go for sex with a 16 year old high school s ..continue reading

She Came out

It was December and I had just got home from school to start my month long Christmas break. Winter time in Chicago is no joke I had just got off the Greyhound bus waiting for my ride and I was already freezing. Times like these made me wish I had a c ..continue reading

Drunken party with Pete Cum

872/5000 there was a lot of shopping last weekend! Petigeci, Hefti, Ági, Meli, Eszter, Ocskös, Csumeg, everyone was there who counts! We are competing with peti, but we have a little concentrated peach in his mug, and it was just wine. 3 dessert dr ..continue reading

A game of seduction that goes awry

Chapter One - The Beginning My name is Megan. My first marriage went bad because our sexual appetites conflicted; I was always suspicious of his ever increasing need for kinky sex. "Don't I excite you anymore?" I'd ask. I never understood my husban ..continue reading