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Jonah is an 18 year old boy. He grew up in a good home, with loving parents and a small town. His parents raised him up right with everything except his father never have him the "birds and the bees" talk as a child, so now, as an 18 year old, Jonah ..continue reading

Married woman

Yahoo! I had finally reached the Promised Land. After two long weeks of plotting, praying and perseverance, Jessica was finally stark naked and flat on her back in my bed with her legs spread open like a juicy Barnsley Chop. My every long, languorous ..continue reading

my first submission

The sunlight glinted off the bright chrome of the whirring espresso machine, blinding me for a moment. I jerked my head away, and caught sight of a familiar face, my student Karen, in the corner of the cafe. I watched her as the barista rang up my or ..continue reading

Betsy, the horny bitch

"I can not endure another night alone!" echoes across the world as desperate cries of pain, originating from within the sterile white walls of small apartments everywhere. There is no greater curse that can befall a person, than a life lived in a st ..continue reading

Having a foursome

Joe and Irene Smith were an older couple living in a house that was much too large for them, so one day they decided to partition part of it off to make a efficiency unit that they could rent out. Their ad had only been posted for a few hours when a ..continue reading

Lesbian Olga

I was feeling horny as hell the other night and made a call to Slightly Older Lesbians (SOL) to hook up with an older woman's horny like me. In the past, I would have gone to Novak's R Bar or Lilly's Music & Social House but women in the St. Louis, ..continue reading

Fat sex teacher

I am attending a large high school in Massachusetts and love english class. I am a young 17 years old and my teacher is a early 30's hott ssbbw. She has got to be 5'6" and about 400 pounds and soo curvy. She has long blonde hair thats always in a bun ..continue reading