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Mom Caught Skimming

Work was not easy to come by in our small town. Dad lost his engineering job when his firm closed down and, although he was not a natural salesman, he was lucky to get a job selling office furniture. This meant that he was away from home Monday through to...

Assistance in Lingerie Department

Tiffany was very bored on a Sunday afternoon and decided to drive to the mall for some last minute Xmas shopping. She entered through the fine department store which was unusual for her. As she walked through store she noticed the lingerie department ...

Thanksgiving Vacation

It was a Wednesday. I was loading the van, dressing warm, packing warm clothes, and I knew my nieces and nephews would want to play outside but the only thing I had on my mind was playing football in the snow. It's kind of a get together tradition, r...

Carrie or a guy has fucked my ass

It has been a while since either Carrie or a guy has fucked my ass. I am spending some time studying at a school far enough away from Carrie that I can't see her that often and it is killing me. "Then why did you choose to go to that school?" Is what...

Brenda, a white wife

While shopping one Saturday, I saw this familiar looking lady sitting on a bench. I walked over and asked, "Susan?" "Yes, I am Susan. Oh goodness, it is Brenda. How are you, darling," as we embraced. "Long time no see." "Yes it has been awhile," as I...

Love in a changing booth

One afternoon in early October last year, I was clothes shopping near the university in Nottingham when I had one of those experiences you can usually only ever hope for. As I went into one shop I noticed a really eye- catching young woman, probably a ...

A woman sets herself up for a threesome at a local hotel

She sat at the dinner table, waiting for the client to pay the bill so that they could leave and head back to the hotel room he had reserved for himself by the airport. "So you don't mind if I invite him?" He asked her one more time. She squirmed in ...

Melanie and Eva Asstr

For some time I have had the good fortune to be employed in a job which gave me ample time and scope to pursue my interests. I am interested in women and girls so it will not surprise you to learn that as a Caretaker of a girl's secondary school I was...

French Roulette

"A Pair of sixes." "Three sevens." "Full House. Queens over threes. Pay up, Andrea." Agonizingly slow. Still, closer and closer. Both had lost (first their left, then their right) spike heeled sandals. Their deliberate card playing and movements mad...

Spenkig Jenny

The sound of conversation, laughing, and music filled the room at Jenny's house. As happens during every party, there was soon a lull in the conversation. Jenny called to him. When he was by her side, she told him, in front of the 4 other women in ...

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My Dear Hotwife

When you awake, you’re not sure how long it’s been since we had sex – maybe an hour or more, as many of the candles have burnt out and it’s a lot darker. The room of the holiday-cabin seems to be filled with vague, flickering shapes of blackn ..continue reading

Animal girl

Blackjack clung like a beachside fishing village to the ash gray desert that sprawled as far as the eye could see toward the craggy-hewn peaks of the Kingston Range, a motley collection of sun-parched ridges in the southern end of the California Sier ..continue reading

Boyfriend fulfills her rough sex fantasy

She had this fantasy before and tonight Andrew was going to fulfill it for her. The room was very dark; a security light from the backyard caused a sliver of illumination in her room, but just barely. Her usual bed attire was a satin pajama top (no p ..continue reading

Sexorgy azt my friends

I knew Trish was growing restless. Part of it was the winter. She doesn't like the cold. She doesn't like the constant chill that shivers her bones and she doesn't like the formless thick layer of wool she needs to fight the chill off. Trish ..continue reading

Slave erotic fiction, not real

Glad school was over; young Richie jumped from the first step of the school building and landed right on his feet. His parents were never getting Richie from school since they both worked as doctors in the clinic which was 30 minutes from his school ..continue reading

Two lucky guy

I was a little over 18 years of age when two older guys 32 and 29 years of age fucked me and taught me the meaning of sex. It happened some years ago but i still remember it vividly. This took place in the distant past when I was just over 18 years ..continue reading