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Slutty Nikki

She reeked of what I had been wanting forever and a day (or so it seemed). I would sit in my bed, wearing all of nothing at all, my fingers finding its past my forest of silky pubic hair to soaking wetness, thinking of nothing but her. I would replay in m...

Power to the Pussy?

She had been working for the Deveraux family for more than a year now. She wasn’t enthusiastic about her position as their part-time nanny, but it was her way through college and she refused to be a stripper like some of the other girls in her classes, ...

The Black BbWonder

“Dang, B, I ain’t fittin’ ta be meetin’ no females off no party line!” shouted Erin over the stereo that spilled out the sounds of the rapper Jay-Z. Erin was visiting her cousin Berri in Philadelphia from Atlanta. They where complete opposites, ...

Mind Candy

I can't believe you're still asleep. You usually get up way before I do. I guess last night wore you out. You look so sweet laying there on your side. I run my hand across the side of your face and over your ear. You don't move, you must really be out of...

Cuckolded Cruelty

To say that my life started out pretty shitty is really an understatement. Well my childhood was ok I guess, my father died when I was young. My mom raised my sister and I alone. It was a bit of a struggle for her until we grew up a bit and could fend for...

A horny woman gets caught masturbating

Mandy worked in a local bar at 35 she was married to Brian a guy whose sole purpose in life was to get drunk. He spent his days whilst Mandy was working drinking in other bars and only coming home, if he could be bothered, when he was so drunk he coul...

My neighbor is a teen slut

I was about 30 years old when this occurred. I lived in a nice small town and my wife and I had a small child and we knew Melanie from the neighborhood. Melanie was a teenage girl at the time and we ended up employing her occasionally to watch our child. ...

My cocksucker girlfriend

I simply walked into my apartment and handed the bag to my girlfriend and sit on the other chair across from hers and eat my salad quietly as the noise of the television filters through the otherwise silent room. I silently watch her eat as she stares at ...

Fucking with a young barista

When this story all started, I had been visiting this particular Starbucks many times. However on one visit, I noticed an attractive young girl was behind the counter. It was immediately obvious that she had just starting, because the manager was there tr...

Sex on Fire

I was jarred awake abruptly by the ringing of my phone. I grabbed it from my nightstand, “Who in the fuck would call me at 3:42 am. Hello…” “Bobby?” the somewhat familiar muffled voice asked. “Yes, is that you Becky?” “Bobby, can you co...

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Paul the gay

In just about an hour he would be here I was so excited, finally I was gonna get this guy alone. Just me and him for a few hours alone without the worry of interruptions. I'm a very submissive white gay bottom, I'm 5'4' weight about 115 lbs. With a s ..continue reading

Sex parody

Charlie Brown lay on his bed in his room playing with his little dick and thinking about the pretty little red-haired girl. She was so cute and he was sure he was in love with her. He wanted her so badly and she was all he ever thought about. H ..continue reading

Uncle Feri's toilet (pissing,caught)

We have worked long disassemblers chicken and Uncle Feri was the caretaker. One day it came to Mr. Kecskés, check out the powder-and long Feri asked me to stay down in the boiler room does not want to close. It was very necessary pissing, so belepis ..continue reading

Shame on teacher

Small, remote towns seemingly maintain a middle-class, stable outlook which in reality masks the turmoil existing behind drawn blinds. There is alcoholism, promiscuous sex for the adult and teen-ager alike, and, for some, the breakup of marital rela ..continue reading

My dirty wife

First of all let me describe my wife to you all. She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever met. She has long dark hair, blue eyes, fair to tan skin depending on the time of year. She is short, only five foot tall, no tattoos and has her belly button ..continue reading

Cum Cura Lessons

I unpacked my bag, stripped out of my travel clothes. Naked with only a towel around me I wandered down the passage to the bathroom for a well deserved shower. Once I had thoroughly soaped and washed my travel weary body I let the warm water cascade ..continue reading