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Innocent wife at the beach

For our first wedding anniversary I took my wife on holiday to Greece to enjoy the beautiful weather and relax on the beach. There was a huge shortage of beds on the beach but on the second day an older local approached us as we searched for one in vain, ...

My Chemistry Teacher Teaches Me Something

I'm Lana Olsen and I'm 16. I'm a sophmore in high school, and I'm a pretty good student, except for chem, which I don't understand. My parents force me to go to tutoring, but my tutor was out sick on day, so I asked my teacher, Mr. Theo to help me out. I ...

Turning The Tables On Spying Brother

It was Friday night, and rather than being out with his friends, Joey was doing his homework. That wasn't unusual for Joey. He was a good student. But the real reason he had stayed home that night was that his sister was having a sleepover. Joey loved...

A hot 18 year old turns in a coworker for theft

Melissa had just graduated high school, and the eighteen year old was very proud of her first "real" job. She was working as a receptionist for a contracting firm that designed and built decks and patios. She fully enjoyed the fact that while her for...

Goth Ruth secret story

My name is Ruth and I am 18 going on 30. I have just finished two years of college where I was quite popular with my fellow students both, boys and girls. But I have never had a steady boyfriend although I have had many fancies like most girls and ten...

Scat in the park

Lissa, the "30-something" Swedish bank clerk stepped out the door, into the mid-afternoon summer sun. It was April, and summer had begun early this year in Sweden. The day was incredibly hot for being 5PM, and Lissa felt the beads of sweat form on her for...

She Fucks Him

She was running late and all she could think about is your new friend Dennis. When you first met him, you knew he was just too far away to meet and driving each other crazy in person was just not on her financial agenda. However, here you were driving to ...

Drunken teen slut

Jamie watched Karen and John leave, anxiously, trying to think of a good reason to go herself. Jeff's party had long since wound down, and now only he and his friends Kevin and Tim were still here with her. She didn't want to hurt his feelings but she rea...

Fuck my Wife!

A friend of mine was visiting one weekend and we decided to ride out towards a friend of hers to see if we could surpurise her and introduce her to my buddy. Fortunately she was home and invited us in. She had a beautiful home and a very nice pool and sau...

Slut Wife First Gang Bang

My wife Angel is a 27 year old beauty, gorgeous and curvy she's been my biggest turn on since the day I laid eyes on her. At 5'8" and with her 44dd breasts she is just a vision to behold when she strips her clothes off and is ready to get down to business...

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Creampie Hypnosis

"Ngh! Ngh! Nggggggh!" he grunted. Karen could feel Clem's ejaculate spewing into her wet hole, even though he was buried deeply inside her. The realization that he was going to be momentarily sucking it out of her brought her that much closer to ..continue reading

A Present For The One I Love

We were walking through the woods near our home at the time of the shock. Julie did not take it well; she thought that I didn't love her. But she was wrong about that. The problem had always been there, though neither of us really noticed to beg ..continue reading

Diana my Workmate

Diana and I work at a Private school in the city as teachers, to be honest, the job is boring with all the teaching and staff meetings and to keep ourselves entertained we have to keep ourselves with odd conversations. I’m 28 years old, fairly good ..continue reading

Sex with a young plumper girl

It was a dark and stormy night when there was a small fire in the apartment above mine. Unfortunately by the time it was put out my place sustained significant water damage which made it temporarily unlivable until repaired. The landlord hemmed and h ..continue reading

Pissing in the wood (pissing,urine,xxx,fetish)

I went into a deep sleep of which I have no recollection. The first thing that I became aware of was dreaming that Susan was fondling my still raging erection. I remember feeling so happy that I was going to get my wet dream about Susan. I dreamed th ..continue reading

Junkyard Family

Keri giggled into her palm, unsuccessfully hiding her reaction to Lauren Henderson's dilemma. She wasn't alone of course. Brenda and Amy were giggling too. The three of them stood a little apart from their friend as she tried to find a way of turning ..continue reading