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Lynn takes Bob's BIG Cock

Lynn is now in her mid 50’s and still looks good and turns heads. She always dresses very smartly, slightly shorter than normal skirts, semi-see through blouses, stockings and expensive underwear. She has blonde hair and very sexy legs and 38b tits, whi...

The true meanings of sharing

For the past 2 years l’ve been taking my wife Sally to get her fix with other blokes at dogging sites then during the winter she has to go into hibernation due to the men drying up because of the chilly weather, but the beginning of last winter, we trie...

First Ovulation

Mira woke up and felt a wetness in her panties and in her sheets. Sleepily, she sat up and pulled back her covers. She was startled to see a mass of small, blue eggs and goo around her butt, on her inner thighs, seeping out from under her panties. She sme...

Confessions of a Teenage Nymphomaniac

I guess my sex life began one day during the summer of my teens as I was doing my chores. I was in my brother's room putting away his clean clothes, and I found a stack of pornographic magazines in his underware drawer. Out of curiosity as to what cou...

Sexy blowjobs

Jenny Lane sat in her window seat as the plane slowly descended to the Los Angeles airport. She wondered briefly "LAX?" How did they come up with that abbreviation??". After all she had just flown out of 'PHX' which kind of made more sense as it stood for...

Skype Cast (Sex Video Chat)

I switched over to Skype, and read the name [Tiffany Harper] Hit Audio. She frowned. "Hello?" "Hey, I forgot I gave you my number." "You don't have a webcam?" "Sure," I adjusted it, "What's up?" "Huh, I'm just bored, watching a movie." I turned the s...

Glory hole girl 2.

"Yeah, oh fuck, gonna cum, yeah, fuck FUUCCKKK!" Desiree pumped her hips back hard, burying the stiff 9 inches right to the balls, and she felt his cock pulsing, and the rich gush of hot cum filling her womb, joining all the mingled cum that had filled h...

Glory Hole Girl

"Come on baby, you'll love it." Desiree wasn't so sure, but Joe had been such a nice guy, never rushing her, and his kissing, licking and fondling had made her almost dizzy with desire. Her blouse was off, bra open, panties kicked off, and she was eager ...

My 35th Birthday SexParty

Susan glanced at the rear view mirror to check her appearance. A young wife and mother she was still very attractive. She had kept herself in shape, running and dieting. She had an attractive figure, with large breast that were very firm with no sag at al...

Sex Clones Are People Too

“Does it taste better warmed up?” Sierra (or Sierra 2, if she was being honest with herself) watched her coworker sip on a cup that had spent some time in the break room microwave. “No. Just tastes warm.” Every other employee was a bombshell in S...

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Sexy and sweet story

“Fuck...I forgot that Gloria was coming today. It sucks having friends sometimes” Beth groaned, putting her hands on Jericho’s shoulders and seeing his eyes go to her chest. She was loving the attention and she knew she looked good for a little ..continue reading

Cumming Gf

Mike walked up to Buffy's with apprehension. He had not been able to get it up the other night, and the word was all around town. He knew that Buffy had wanted to go to bed with him for a long time, and when she had asked him last night to come ..continue reading

Cheryl and the prof, milf sex story

While after the changes wrought by nine eleven, I had grown to hate some airports, I loved to fly, and that was one of the best perks of the somewhat unconventional way I supported myself. I had always had trouble holding down a conventional job, pro ..continue reading

Emily is rescued by her English teacher (xxx lesbian story)

The once balmy air and vibrant, fiery hues of an unusually pleasant Indian summer gave way to the rainy, chilly beast of fall that devoured this particular October Friday in one great gray gulp. The morning and early afternoon started out partly sunn ..continue reading

And had she enjoyed it

The sun broke through the blinds in her room, and she stirred, trying to hide her face from the light. She was not ready to get out of bed yet. Feeling lazy, she might stay in bed until her husband returned from his new job. Besides, she didn't think ..continue reading

Greta, the euro slut

Sex Stories Love A European Beauty A European Beauty Love/ November 22, 2016/ I’m just a guy who of course like any guy that adores so many parts or things about women that I wouldn’t or don’t know where to begin if I had to describe what it i ..continue reading