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Rekindling My Lesbian Past

I have been begging my husband to help in my attempt to relight the sexual fires of our marriage. When we first dated, there was nothing Jeff or I wouldn't try. While there were things we didn't do, anytime one would ask about attempting something new, ...

Reclaiming My Boots

Today I reached way back into the dark recesses of my closet and pulled out my white boots. Not just any white boots, these are thigh high boots, with a turn down thigh cuff and 5 inch heels. When I was growing up I used to listen to my mother's Nancy...

A Pet in Paradise

I was on my way to my new home with my Master. In a way it was our first home. We’d saved for years, lived in a series of small apartments where the neighbors were always thin walls away, putting money away and dreaming of what we’d have ‘one da...

Anette caught on film by her husband

It started at the barbecue. Leslie and Andy had invited a group of friends one Sunday afternoon to celebrate Andy's birthday. Annette who was married to Jim had brought some sausages and a couple of bottles of wine. Leslie had taken them from her but ...

Becky the slut

When it happened I was five months pregnant and my husband was out of the country on business. He'd been gone for two weeks and would be gone for at least another three weeks. He's a troubleshooter for an engineering consulting firm and one of their cli...

Sharon and the Hurricane

The hurricane was fast approaching. There was little to do but wait. The Southern Baptist Church had 7 of its members set up a temporary home for 34 evacuees. There was enough room but it was somewhat crowded. The volunteers had gathered enough suppl...

Women and dogs

"The latest statistics show that 49% of men interviewed are married or living in long term (over 5 years) relationships. That is up from 42% at the same time last year. Women, on the other hand, are increasingly choosing to remain single. 51% of women...

Saving Billie

Billie did not know what else to do. There was no one else she could call. It had only been two weeks since she buried her husband of 15 years and now she was alone. She was 38 and had no one. Her father had died years ago and her mother died the prev...

Nikki x Swingman

"Mmmmm, look at that pretty pussy," Nikki purred for Eric's benefit. Nikki made a quick swipe across the top flap that hid Tori's sensitive clit, her tongue feeling the sparse blonde hairs that surrounded the area. This position wasn't any good for Eri...

The Au Pair In My Dreams

One summer, when I was 19, my parents decided to hire an Au Pair to look after my younger siblings. Mom was going to join Dad on a long business trip to Australia and the South Pacific. When the summer holidays started I went out to the Rockies to do ...

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Finally Fucking My Mother-in-Law

I was always told that if you want to see what a girl will look like when she gets older, to look at her mother. Well, if this is any indication, then I picked the right girl. My wife is 5’6” and 115 pounds dripping wet. Her mom is about 5’4” ..continue reading

Daring Hotel Sex

The story recounted below, all taking place one drunken night in a hotel room, is 100% true. The events that enabled me to undertake what would have to be the most daring sexual escapade of my life, however, had been evolving over time. For the past ..continue reading

Friends only

Donnie's Mother is named Karen and he inherited her blonde hair and blue eyes. His winning smile and friendly personality was inherited from his father, Robert (Rob). Donnie is always invited to all the high school parties, but never hooks-up with th ..continue reading

ExGF blowjob story

Amy was sat on the swings in the local park, she was not happy her boyfriend of two years had dumped her and was now dating her best friend July. It was late and the park was deserted apart from herself and old Bob the local homeless person who every ..continue reading

Cash for wife

About 12-13 years ago while I was still working as a corrections deputy for my local sheriff's office, I had what I considered as an amusing situation arise. Our jail is fairly modern having been completed and opened in 1995. It's a direct control fa ..continue reading

Adele's panties

So this is the story of Kyle ( me, a 6 ft tall, 19 year old) and Adele, ( 32, 5 ft 8", brunette, with busty double D tits, a perfect bubble butt ass, and and luscious curves to match) We're neighbours and good friends, she's a single mother, and I l ..continue reading