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In Your Sister

Brother and sister are caught making out by their single parent mom and are taught a lesson they won't soon forget. "ALL the way up in your little sister," Momma insisted. Momma had caught the two of us "making out." We weren't really fucking or anyth...

Kinky side of sex

Excerpts from a forum dedicated to the kinky side of sex, in this case mechanical sexual simulation. (MF) *** I found a pneumatic drill vibrated at quite an interesting frequency. Some people say they get turned on in trains. Do you find any machine...

Slut weekend out

That night after dinner, Ana and I were sitting outside at the back yard, enjoying some drinks. She was dressed very sexy; wearing a very tight pair of black leggings and a thin tank top without a bra. The Spandex material of the leggings was all up in he...

Sharing Young Wife with Older Men

My wife Lynn and I got married in the late seventies when we were both eighteen. And though my wife had been raised in a very conservative family being a preacher's daughter. Once out on her own, she really let loose, and especially after I'd taken some n...

Sticky Knickers

"You right there Hun?" I asked with a grin plastered over my face as I watched my wife delicately pluck at the material of her skirt as she pulled her knickers loose from between her cheeks. "It's your fucking fault" she said, pointing the paring knife at...

Mary Masturbates

If she was feeling particularly horny, on the evenings when she didn't have a date, she would enjoy the pleasures of her body herself. She didn't think of it as masturbation. Masturbation was evil. Rather she was just relaxing herself for a good night...

The Love Boat: Isaac And The Lady

"Love... Exciting and new Come aboard... We're expecting you And love... Life's sweetest reward Let it flow... It floats back to you The Love Boat... Soon will be making another run The Love Boat... Promises something for everyone Set a course for adv...

David shared his Mom

David was still really pissed off, with his mother. He decided to go see his friend Pete and hopefully his randy mother would be at home as well. When David got to Pete's house he knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He tried the door and it ...

Motorway Madness with Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid

I had always enjoyed catching up with my brother as he was a successful photographer in MANCHESTER, and always had an amusing story to tell about his countless adventures in the entertainment industry, having worked with dozens of celebrities over the yea...

My wife and a large Arab man

John and Carol were determined to enjoy their holiday in Morocco. It was their 5year wedding anniversary present to themselves and at the age of 28yrs, both with successful careers they had plenty to be thankful for. John was hoping the trip might tak...

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Hindi bdsm story

He was excited, buckling up his high leather polished motorcycle boots; he stood slipping on a black satin shirt. Dressing wasn't essential but he thought it would heighten the evening entertainment. He had the black leather gear for riding his motor ..continue reading

My name is alice

'A' My Name is Alice (A mother and son in a 'sticky' situation) byEmmah© Imagine a big guy with a rubber mallet in your chest and he's banging on a steel drum. That's what it felt like the first time AJ touched me. I didn't feel it with my first bo ..continue reading

ExGF blowjob story

Amy was sat on the swings in the local park, she was not happy her boyfriend of two years had dumped her and was now dating her best friend July. It was late and the park was deserted apart from herself and old Bob the local homeless person who every ..continue reading

Boss sex, anal sex

I’d been nuptially entwined with Greg for just over five years. It had been a good marriage in many ways but our matrimonial union wasn’t all eggplants and tube socks, if you know what I mean. As our years wedded bliss traipsed on, Gregory got p ..continue reading

Milf porn stories : Banging Ms. Darlene

So there I was, nervously waiting in the parking lot for my job interview at UPS. I was applying for jobs all summer that year. Application after application, and not one single response. It sucked big time. Lucky for me I found an ad that UPS had po ..continue reading

Best mom, family sex

I woke up slowly, stretching tentatively, feeling the aches and pains that came from the first week of hard work as a roustabout in the oilfields in and around Brea. I staggered out of bed, winced at the effort of pulling on my boxers, then totte ..continue reading