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A Spanking Good Time

The soft nigh breeze was blowing in the open window of my room. It was late Saturday night, or at least late for me 11 O'clock. I was sitting at my little desk writing. As I paused for a moment before I wrote I smiled. I was such a naughty girl! "O...

Breastfeeding Again

Mom has often been compared to Salma Hayek – she is Latina and just as beautiful with an amazing petite tight body and a gorgeous 34C rack that look great on her. When my friends and I started noticing girls, my friends would give me a hard time about h...

Cali and her boyfriend have more fun with cum

"Whatcha gonna do to me, John?" "I'm gonna come on your face, Cali. I'm gonna to leave big long ropes that go from your chin to your forehead. Several of them." "Sounds gooey." "Yeah? You want it?" "Definitely!" "You like it?" "Oh yeah! 'Cause it co...

The Beautiful Automaton

"If you're going to travel for work so much," Marilyn's mom said to her dad while they were eating dinner, "I'm going to need some help around the house." Marilyn lifted a piece of dry, overcooked fish to her mouth. Man, she thought to herself, maybe the...

My wife gave me a surprise

Kay was calling Dawn just about every day after hearing of Dawns husband being ill. Each time Kay would tell me Dawn seemed to be really upset. Finally I told her she should go and spend some time with her and she agreed. That night in bed Kay made sure t...

Fringe Benefits

I saw Ellie Denby a half-dozen times before I realized who she was. I knew her as Brad's sister, and that was seven years ago when Ellie was probably fourteen, still just a girl. She was a different person back then. My vague memories of her as a teen...

Playing Strip Poker

The girl with the long dark hair lost again. Slowly, tantalizingly, she pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing that she was wearing nothing whatsoever underneath. Her small, firm breasts were the same golden color as the rest of her skin, with t...

Pussy cats

My name is Alicia, and I had just joined the high school cheerleaders squad midway through the fall football season. The football team was called the Wild Cats and the unofficial nickname for the cheerleaders was the Pussy Cats for more reasons than o...

Puppy Lover

"I've seen him before; he's great!" "Good!" he said as the couple neared the auditorium. Sure, he thought. He glanced over at his date and smiled. Her hand pressed into his. They reached the ticket booth. "Two tickets, please," he said reaching ...

The swing man 2.

Lance won the race and Jonas watched him walk to the bed as he removed his dress shirt. Lance had him on body definition; he was an avid weightlifter. But Jonas was glad to see that in other areas, he would still hold the title of 'Big' brother. "Carme...

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Licking sperm off the toilet seat (blue waffle)

"So tell me. How does this gay thing work?" Rock asked as he leaned his beefy back against our sofa. I had just finished my shower, had a towel around my waist and was heading for my bedroom before Rock saw me. Damn it's so hard not to stare at his p ..continue reading

Mom's secret

I was walking home one night, when I started to think about my life. I work as a secretary at Briggs and Jefferson Law Corporation. It sounds great on paper, but in reality my job is to sit there looking pretty. Now, some women are very modest, and I ..continue reading

Interviewing Ariana

Every single show of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls had been the most enjoyable experience and this had only gotten better since Kate Abdo had joined me as my regular co-host. I didn’t know anybody else that would proceed to give her co-host a h ..continue reading

Good friends share. Really good friends share a lot

My wife's best friend, Nicki, was very close to the two of us. She spent so much time with us because her boyfriend, Tim, worked out of town a lot. His job often sent him away with short notice and an uncertain return date. Frankly, I don't know how ..continue reading

New year gangbang

Synopsis: Sequel to New Year's Eve. It's now the next morning after a wild New Year's Eve and the two couples must face what they've done. Their vows to never do it again don't last very long, nor do they stop them from progressing to the next level ..continue reading

Short porn stories : After school

I am a graduate student at a large southwestern university. As required by my department, I teach two sections of introductory psychology every semester. These classes attract, as you may suspect, some of the most beautiful wenches on campus. Last se ..continue reading