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The Swing Man

"She said no." "Definitely no?" "I would have to say yes, definitely. If it's any consolation, it wasn't because it was you. I just think the whole idea made her uncomfortable....I think she thinks it will hurt our marriage." "That's too bad. If ...

: A cock whore in a xxx bookstore

Well the first time I sucked a man’s cock was in a XXX bookstore. I had been going there to jerk off to really good fucking vids and began to watch more of the sucking and getting fucked variety. I had been jerking off since I was very young, and lookin...

Helping A Stranded Motorist

My family and I had just finished up shopping at the new Super Target that had opened not far from the house. Katie, Reagan, and our daughters made our way across the parking lot to where we had parked the Wagoneer. The doors unlocked as we approached, a...

Older woman and a teen girl

Hi, I am Kelly. I am 30 years old and considered a very attractive and sexy looking woman. About two months ago my lesbian lover walked out on me and I haven’t gone out since. I just wanted to forget about the dating world so I started working longer da...

Play doctor on family clinic

It was a brisk autumn day in the Family Clinic. Jim looked at his schedule for the day and sighed as he rubbed his eyes. He had over twenty patients to see today, after having been on call in the hospital the night before. "I thought third year was suppo...

A very cute sister come to help her brother who is in pain

I stumbled home from the Saturday track meet exhausted, stripped off my clothes and took a long shower. Then I flopped on my bed and stretched out my sore cock on my hard belly. My crushed balls, which hung limply, were throbbing and my purple-red gla...

Swinger Party Crasher

I crashed this formal party at one of the hotels in town with a girl friend of mine. As soon as we walked into the ballroom, I noticed this extremely handsome man across the room setting up some electrical equipment. He was in a tux -- a nice tight pair o...

Old Endings, New Beginnings

Have you ever gotten to that point in life where you just had to ask yourself, how the hell did I get from there to here? Divorce, twenty-two years of my life, and that day as I signed my final divorce papers, I just couldn’t understand how I ended up a...

Picking Up An Old Black Hitchhiker

I am 50 and my wife is 40 and very sexy. One night we decided to take a cruz my wife was already drunk so she decided to take her clothes off and ware panty and bra. So she kept on drinking and she was really drunk she wanted to stop and parking so we...

Cadet Instructor

“Squad Dis – miss! Everyone grab your stuff, make sure this place is cleaned up, and head outside to go back to the building.” David yelled to the assembled cadets after a long day of training. They had rented out a school gym for the first day of ...

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With the ex

The first time I got anal was when I was married to my otherwise frigid ex-wife, Heather. We were uncharacteristically naked and messing around one warm, lazy Saturday afternoon when I dared to act on a longtime fantasy of mine and started to gently ..continue reading

Lily White Neighbors

Janice had invited the Lloyds (their new white neighbors) over for a barbecue for the evening. Her and Tom had noticed the older couple since their arrival and had been plotting for a month to get them over and make them their slaves. They had se ..continue reading

Erotic night, lesbian stories

It wasn’t, however, so cold as the two occupants in the bedroom snuggled with each other on the queen-size fourposter. Monica Hershel French kissed her beautiful girlfriend Nina Mercedez, the voluptuous Latina, who lay nude and vulnerable on her ba ..continue reading

Pegging my friend

I met Brent at Barnes & Noble, actually. He was working, and I was looking for a particular book of poetry. He was very sweet and helped me find it, walking me all the way to the shelf to make sure I had it in my hands. It seemed rather unnecessary, ..continue reading

One nasty son fucks his mom

It was six in the morning. Jugnu awoke and saw that he had a partial hard-on. It was much firmer than normal and the young man attributed this immediately to the incest stories he read last night. Automatically, his hand reached down under the sh ..continue reading

And we laid down the Peter's mother

We drove into the housing estate with Peti and we had to jump to them, I do not know why. Her mother was at home, she was fired, she lay on the bed and read nude sex stories naked. It was just a lie, not real. We were surprised that Peti did not even ..continue reading