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Office Slut, Street Whore

The morning came and i woke up in that same shirt still missing my panties and still with the mess daddy left inside me. I noticed the bed was slanting slightly towards the bottom, i sat up to find daddy sat quietly at the end. "Sorry to wake you baby, I...

My Wife Didn't Know She Made Me Rich

Charles and Anna Woods lived a simple middle class life. Charles’ employment paid a sufficient salary so Anna did not have to work. They have been married for three years and appeared to be a happily married couple. Charles drove a ten year old car whic...

The Girl from Principles

Back when I let Mr. Vargas write the first story, everything about my life was wonderful. I had a wonderful husband -- my Josh -- who is also a wonderful lover and a wonderful daddy to my ten children and father of nine of them. (See, that's what I ...

Fourteen Inches

My wife and I have been married for five years and have enjoyed a long monogamous relationship. I never claimed to be real experienced at sex prior to our marriage and my wife went to the altar a virgin. However, we learned quickly and developed a ver...

Fun in the Sky

(Thank god, looks like I'm going to get a quiet flight this time) Dean Mercer said to himself as he sighed with relief having just flown to LA from New York a couple of days prior to attend a business conference. Now he was boarding a flight to Sydney, Au...

My First Bisexual Watersports Foursome

I’ve always classed myself as completely Gay – been into Gay Watersports for quite a time. I’d never had any sexual experience with a Woman (not even a kiss) and thought I had no interest in the opposite sex at all. A few weeks ago a Fuck buddy of ...

Two women's vaginas and anuses and the pleasure they offer

Friday evening, the first week of June and I was totally relaxed. I’d met a friend for dinner and a drink or two and had gotten home around nine. Now, I was sipping a bit of Maker’s Mark, rocks with just a splash of water while I enjoyed the quiet. It...

Kinky fun fantasies

I had a girlfriend a few years back that was big on helping people. Obviously it was a good trait for a person to have and it often lead to having extra house mates from time to time. One particular girl stands out from the rest her name Phoenix. She was ...

Adori the cum slut 2.

"So, you gonna show me around?" I said and smiled down at Adori that sat in front of me. She started to stand up but I pushed on her shoulder so that she ended up on her knees again. "When Im here, you are gonna be on your knees unless I say otherwise."...

Adori the cum slut

I dont really know when me and Adori got to know each other. I think it was on some social media platform. We started to follow each other, started to interact and then started to send private message. After a while we exchanged numbers and talked a coupl...

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It was only beginning

"Eat my pussy, you pipsqueak cunt," Noreen said. "You're supposed to be my friend, Jacquette -- but you're not." "Never have been, you fucking dyke bitch," Jacquette snorted. "Not if a friend's someone who goes around lapping your asshole all day. L ..continue reading

Niki and the Cocks

"How did you and Niki meet?" The simultaneous gulp from both of us was audible around the dinner table. An assembled group of 3 work colleagues with partners had joined us for dinner at our new home and the meal was going really well until that ..continue reading

A Night in the Cabin

The day was passing slowly for Sarah and Mike. The last few hours of driving to their destination in the scorching heat made the idea of a relaxing cottage in the middle of a shady forest sound much more inviting than it had been a few days before. O ..continue reading

Family affair

Lois Baxter lay in bed, the covers drawn up around her waist. Next to her, her husband Bret snored loudly. As was his practice, he wore no pajamas, sleeping in the nude. He had kicked the bedclothes off of him and Lois looked over with a faint smile ..continue reading

My Horny Night Alone

Late one night, I was tired and wanted to sleep. I wobbled on exhausted legs into the bathroom after a long, restless day. I stood over the toilet, doing my business. I flushed and turned around heading upstairs.I went upstairs and undressed down to ..continue reading

Life As A Willing Sex Slave

Let me clarify by saying this was a willing relationship between the guy and me. We met online on SeekingArrangement . This was not a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby gig—no, no. We met through that site, but we quickly took things into our own hands. Fifty ..continue reading