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Second Thoughts

Margi opened her eyes and let them adjust to the dim room. As the shadows became forms over the next minutes, she knew it was not her room. A glance to her left revealed the form sleeping beside her. A few moments of delving into the hazy fog of the eveni...

Pulloff on the Road

He's a very naked person. Nudity is his natural state. Even when he has clothes on, there is always something undressed about him. He was most certainly undressed in the car that afternoon. In our own encapsulated world, the interior of a small Japanes...

Myra, the Generals Wife and the Pilot

I flew into Clark Air Base, Philippines from the States and after the shut down process I decided to visit the Officers Club for a much needed drink. As I sat there enjoying my Scotch and Soda a stunning young lady walked in, she stood about 4’6”, bea...

A Newsgirl Finds Love

I was reading the newspaper the other day and read a story about a girl near my age and a man who were involved with each other. Somehow they were found out and the man got into terrible trouble. Because of my experiences, I feel like I have a good ...

Lips on cock

I wonder what this is, she thought, staring at the envelope. Some mail I didn't see? Looks interesting. She flipped it over to see "Fragile" stamped in official black ink. Must be business cassettes she reasoned. Probably old letters he'd dictated to h...

Anal orgy

This is a story about what happened to me last night. It was just so hot I had to write it down. Not that I'd ever forget it. No way. I just want to let everyone know about it, and gather their opinions on what exactly they themselves think happened. ...

Candlelight Service

When my mother asked me to escort her to the Christmas Eve candle service, I winced. Normally my sister would take her but something came up. My mom isn't getting any younger and can't drive after dark. I hadn't been to church in years, but it was ver...

Kissing Cousins

Sienna and I are about 3 weeks apart in age and some of my earliest memories are of us playing in my yard or hers as little kids. I can remember us both owning a pair of plastic swords and we sailed many a pirate ship (The top of the old storm cellar in o...

Gangbang Daughter 2.

With that she placed her head in my lap and wrapped her little hand around my cock and took a nap. After her short nap which lasted about 5 minutes she never let go of my dick. She sat up looked me in the eye and asked: Sir; are you fucking your daughter-...

Gangbang Daughter 1.

Dolly, my daughter-in-law is one sexy bitch; I say that loosely, she just enjoys teasing. She has an exceptional figure, small breasts, equal in height to me and loves to tease me just to watch my reaction. I’m a diabetic, have poor blood circulation a...

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Euro hotwife

Suitably inspired by a story down the board - a year or so back I was in Europe, Prague specifically, when Milenka (a semi-regular lover there) suggested visiting Budapest, knowing I had not been there. Subsequently we were booked on an overnight tra ..continue reading

Taking care of the older man

Lisa had been working in Aged Care Facilities for over 7 years! She was now 57 years old and felt she was contributing towards the quality living of the older folk by giving them the best possible care. She had first become attracted to the work beca ..continue reading

Fucking a stranger

Larry Garrett thought that a romantic week in Paris for him and his girl friend Terry might help to renew some of the love they once shared but it wasn’t working out that way. She started to complain before they even stepped onto the plane in Chica ..continue reading

Bad girl

I woke from a restful sleep on a Sunday morning. I lay in bed and started masturbating. I want to go back to the Colosseum and book two girls. Preferably Helen and Sophie, or Sophie and Sam. But Sophie and Victoria would do. I had that heavy feeling ..continue reading

I sleep with the girl next door -at last

I came home early because our computer had to be replaced and it was going to take almost 24 hours to accomplish. I also needed my car serviced so I dropped it off at the service station and walked home. When I got up to the room which I use as a ho ..continue reading

The laughing ferret is licking

I went home tiredly from the bakeries at seven o'clock in the morning, saying I'm going to sleep, I'm just knocking, knocking a little lighter, not bothering the simon. I look back in the garden, there Petigeci and the Kacagó go with a battery in he ..continue reading