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My first affair

The first time I had an affair was on New Years day. We were sitting around and everyone was watching the football games on TV. There were people in the living room and family room watching games and the kids were playing some new game down in the basemen...

Dumb Luck

So i was in my early twenties when this story took place.I was very naive to say the least. I was camping with my dad and the boys in the hot july summer in the mountains,the friday we arrived was great however through the night it started to snow and th...

The Dildo in mom 2.

As it clattered to the floor she laid back on her bed saying, "It's your turn now; show Mommy how you stained all those sheets." Her voice was soft and sultry. I didn't need to be told twice, within seconds my clothing was on the floor. I jumped onto the...

The Dildo in Mom

A crime show played quietly in the background, as I softly dozed in my mom's bed. "Sweetheart," Mom said to me, gently shaking my shoulder, "if you fall asleep now I'll never get you to your own bed." Yawning I replied, "Your right, your right, give me a...

Cumming Gf

Mike walked up to Buffy's with apprehension. He had not been able to get it up the other night, and the word was all around town. He knew that Buffy had wanted to go to bed with him for a long time, and when she had asked him last night to come over ...

A pizza delivery with a lot of sauce

I deliver pizza for petrol money for my car. About a month ago things were slow and we got an order from out of our area and the boss took it because he knew we wouldn’t be busy. I arrived at the place and when I rang on the door it was opened by a wo...

A mother and daughter discover love

Susan had recently divorced she decided she had had enough of men and she would concentrate on raising her daughter Jenni. Jenni was a cute 11 year old with blonde hair and blue eyes just like her mom's. Her body was just starting to show signs of p...

A wife experiences some sexual excitement

My wife Kate has never really been a big sexual adventurous type of person. For example the wildest sexual adventure we had was me fingering her to orgasm outside the local library when we were still dating. Don't get me wrong we engage in oral sex, s...

This story is about getting my wife drunk

Our anniversary was coming up and I decided to do something special for my wife, and myself of course. Like I said before I had checked out all the hotels and bars around town so I knew what they had to offer. I decided to rent a room at the Embassy S...

Lesbian Lovers 2.

There was a very real sense in which Katie could be considered special. Not only was she a very attractive girl at 22, with long, thick blond hair, big gravity-defying 38D breasts, a narrow waist and an ass that a Latin stripper would be envious of, but s...

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Casino Whore

I went to the casino with 3 of my buddies one Friday night. It was something different to do than the usual bar-hopping and skirt chasing. I took fifty bucks, figuring that on some Fridays, I spent more than that on drinks, food, and drinks for w ..continue reading

Judith's mom suck out

They had been dating for about a month now. My only child. My baby. I have to admit, that I've kept her sheltered these past nineteen years, and I knew he day would come when she fully becomes a woman. Yes, I like the young man. Same age as Judith, D ..continue reading

My Sister Paid the Price

When I turned 18 I had saved enough money to but my first car. It was a 96 Olds, 2 door, but it had a big powerful engine in it. That's what I wanted. Anyway my sister Kelly got to thinking I was only put on this earth to drive her and her friend ..continue reading

Fat Woman Gets Sodomized

Hunting. It's perhaps the oldest ritual known to man. So it was thousands of years ago and so it is today. My name is Jack Huntington. I'm a Hunter. It's both my profession and passion. I'm a profiler for the FBI by trade. My favorite prey are large ..continue reading

Sexy and sweet story

“Fuck...I forgot that Gloria was coming today. It sucks having friends sometimes” Beth groaned, putting her hands on Jericho’s shoulders and seeing his eyes go to her chest. She was loving the attention and she knew she looked good for a little ..continue reading

Manhattan manhunt

Toni Lindroth, once Toni La Rocca and now Toni Lindroth again, passed the last of the newly signed documents back across the desk. "Is that it?" Anita Ruger, her counsellor in law, nodded. "All signed, sealed and delivered. Your divorce is final ..continue reading