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The VIP Lounge

My hips swayed in time with the music as Maya did her best to match me. Cocktails were 2 for 1, and we'd been here long enough to be on the verge of buzz drunk. It was the buzz that I liked most, that moment before you start losing control of your legs. ...

Anastasia Starts Work

As Anastasia waited for her friend Sophie in the college coffee bar, she was thinking. Sophie as a bright, bubbly girl with lots of friends yet she hardly ever took part in the college social events. She was also from a poor background, so where did she g...

Becoming Michelle

I've always had a very high sex drive and various fantasies. My wife, Michelle, is pretty much the opposite. Sex is pretty standard and not very often and whilst this is fine for Michelle it does leave me wanting. I would never cheat so I often turn to po...

Opening to new horizons

It was on a sunny, hot summer day. Hanging out with my squad on a lake shore in my hometown in Switzerland, we were just fooling around, playing football and bathing both in the sun and in the lake. We were all young, athletic, handsome young men in the ...

Mum finds out I’m a Nudist

My parents were never nude around me once I reached my teenage years as I assume they didn’t want to force anything onto me as more of a lifestyle but I had my suspicions that they would still go on holiday to nude resorts as I moved away from home as I...

Hot hotel room

As part of my job I have to travel to head office in London once a month. It’s a completely pointless journey but keeps the bosses happy and gives me an opportunity to watch my progammes on Netflix on the train down from Newcastle. I’ve got into a nic...

BJ in supermarket

It was just another Thursday in July my normal day for doing the big shop. The only difference today was the choice of supermarket. I’d used my local for a number of years, but a new larger and cheaper store had opened on the outskirts of town and I was...

The housesitter

Kim Burns was in the process of feeding the two Springer Spaniels when the front door to burst open and a female voice called out, “Hello, girls, mama’s home, come and give kisses!” The two dogs hearing their mistresses voice literally tore out of t...

Ass Stalker

This bitch has been gone for damn near a month now, he thought to himself as he watched Danielle through the window of his unassuming sedan. Look at how she walks, how SLUTTY she is… Granted, she was just walking inside her house to take a nap, but the...

Taking care of the older man

Lisa had been working in Aged Care Facilities for over 7 years! She was now 57 years old and felt she was contributing towards the quality living of the older folk by giving them the best possible care. She had first become attracted to the work because s...

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Car Ride With Friend's Mom (Drinking in the back seat causes her to lose her inhibition)

I appreciate all the feedback received from my first submission. While I may not be the world's best writer I will only submit true stories with names changed to protect the guilty. I have been lucky to have had some great sexual experiences and alwa ..continue reading

My wife wanted me to fuck her mother

My mother in law just got divorced and has moved in with us for the time being. I can’t stand being around her for more than five minutes at a time. She had all of her kids real young. My wife is the oldest and she had her at fourteen. So they get ..continue reading

Mothers new boarder

"I understand there's an apartment for rent over this store." Marleen Franklin looked up from the counter she'd been cleaning, turning to look at the stranger who'd addressed her. He had a face which matched his warm, friendly, deep tone of voice; f ..continue reading

Cum here sister-in-law

Well, after a couple of months of fucking my wife Cindy, and her sister Alice, plus watching them do their lesbian thing my poor dick was just about worn out. I had never fucked so much in my 26 years of life. Alice was a pure fucking machine. Betwee ..continue reading

Sweetboy fucking his mother (Incest, mom sex)

Hello! I am going to share a true story that happend in my life. I am 23 years old and I live with my mom (47) and litle brother (20). This story is about me and my mom so i'm going to discribe us a little. I am 1.79 meters tall, have short dark hair ..continue reading

Medieval erotic story

In the kingdom of Loraik, under the tumultuous rule of young King Bedrick, in a remote village of the lush pasture lands, Garett the 20 year old farmhand was having the greatest night of his short life thus far. Garett moaned in pleasure as he thrus ..continue reading