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College legend

The campus was deserted the weekend before classes begin. It would be a good time to walk around, get acquainted with things, and find my assigned room. The teaching job was only part-time, but it would bring in a few extra bucks. "You look lost. Can...

Stacy tries self-bondage sessions

Stacy wouldn't have spent the money to add it, but when she bought her new home it was already in place. She wasn't that into gardening, but the previous owner had kept a very large flower garden on the spacious grounds and had a large, glass enclosur...

Great Horn of Africa

It funny how things work out. My wife and I were laying in bed watching a porno flick. It was supposed to be about a white girl who got sold into white slavery by her husband, or father, or somebody close to her. The plot wasn't all that good, but the...

Getting Caught by the Maid

I'm just finishing up a business trip to the west coast and wanted to tell you about the wonderful orgasm I had about an hour ago! On my last day of a trip I always check out at the latest possible moment because I like to "get caught" by the maids. ...

Blowjob story

I am bent over the end of the kitchen counter, my bare breasts pressed to the cold countertop and my feet in their 3" heel ankle boots firmly on the floor. You strike my upturned ass again with Your belt, the blow landing solidly in the exact center o...

My Drunk Stepmom

When I was a teenager my parents divorced and my new StepMom started to drink a lot. I would find her around the house half undressed or completely naked drunk passed out cold sleeping. This is the first time I've ever seen a grown up woman nude. The firs...

Mother disciplines daughter in restaurant restroom

Living in a small town had its benefits, of course. No smog, no traffic, a comfortable cost of living, and a sense of community in which neighbors looked after one another. On the other hand, 14-year-old Cynthia, often thought, this small town crap wa...

Rescuing his cousin from an abusive relationship turns into a lifetime romance

The blue figures on the clock on my bedside table read 2:12 a.m. when I jerked out of a sound sleep by a frantic pounding on the front door. When that happens at that time of night, you automatically think something terrible has happened. The house i...

Sometimes the truth can appear very distorted

Why did it have to rain today-the day of all days??? The coldness and wind was bearable but not the rain. This meant a change of clothes and shoes not to mention being late. Well if this was nature's cruel way, so be it. Just as she was contemplating ...

When her black boyfriend two-timed fucked her

Some might find me a wimp and some might say I should "man up" but the story I want to write here excites me too much. It also disgusts me as I don't feel it should excite me. It showed me a side of my character I didn't even know existed and a part o...

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step sister surprise

Growing up I always knew that I was extremely hyper sexual. As soon as I hit puberty I couldn’t walk down a hallway at school with out catching sight of sexy classmate and getting hard. I always ended up rushing to the bathroom for relief. It didnt ..continue reading

A sexy Latina has a surprise for her lover

It felt good to be alone. I was always so busy keeping up the bar, and while I enjoyed it, every once-in-a-closing-time I just wanted to sit and be by myself. I poured a cold beer and settled down before I started the closing routine and wondered how ..continue reading

Ex's have last-time sex on New Year's Eve

Judy looks from the clock down to her ex. "Last time, right?" Judy asks, earning an assuring nod from her Bestfriend/ex-girlfriend. Those words will never be true, Judy thinks as her body hovers over the lower half of Imarhia's for probably, the 23r ..continue reading

Am I Fucking Him Right Mommy?

Emily and I had been best buds for the 20 years that it had taken me to get from the tender age of 25 to the ripe old age of 29. She’d seen me through a long succession of shitty relationships and I’d seen her through an even shittier marriage. G ..continue reading

Drunken sex story

Abby swirled the amber liquid in her glass. It was a fine scotch, full of aroma and spice. A nice finish, not much kick on the back end - overall very smooth. She always felt sexy drinking it. It made her very aware of the way the silky, navy blue fa ..continue reading

Kate Upton seduces two men part 2

"Who the fuck is this? Your boyfriend?" Ralph was embarrassed to be naked in front of another man, but Kate spoke to save him. "Maybe, you weren't the only man I was leaving dirty messages on the answering machine for!" Tom smirked and then Ralph ..continue reading