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Gram gets a special birthday gift at 60

Why read the background? If you want to understand the story 10 times better. Gram, turning 60. Industrial worker in small city. Have his own house 2 storey. Not married, no children but siblings 3,5 hours away – but he rarely meets them. Living alone ...

Mall Matchup

On Saturday, we went to the mall. Her birthday was soon approaching, and I made it a point to try to bring her to some of her favorite stores, to "scope things out" so to speak. She would pick things out, make some comment. And I, stealthily, would make n...

Sex in the workplace with a twist

It was time for our annual office Christmas party. Hmmm ... I know what you are thinking. You're think- ing, "How many times have I read THAT in a story as a pretext for naughty goings-on?" But consider the circumstances of these affairs. It...

A husband try's to talk his pretty wife into a threesome with another man

I'll start off by saying that my wife and I have been married for 16 years and sex was becoming a bit stale and uneventful. I enjoy fantasizing and suggested a fantasy involving her and two men but her reaction was, "You couldn't love me if you really...


"From Whose Bourne . Lilith" Copyright 1999 by Trey Gallant and Homer Vargas. May not be copied or posted without permission. The following is the first of twin stories, Siamese twins, perhaps, or a single story told from two different points of vie...

Sexy Suzy Services Seniors

Hi, I'm Suzy and I'm going to tell you about the good deeds I do and how it all came about. Even as a child I was benevolent. I easily shared my dolls and toys and really enjoyed making other people happy. Later on I learned about some special ways t...

Restroom Reaction

I was heading down the hall toward the men's room when I heard a squeaking noise coming from the women's room. I thought this was odd, since I didn't think anyone else was working this late. I think the lateness of the hour got to me, as otherwise I'...

Charity Auction

"Going once! Going twice! Sold to Allen for twelve hundred dollars!" the auctioneer shouted. "Congratulations Vicki. You have just set a new record for this auction. Including the sale of your clothes you have just raised fourteen hundred and seventy...

Swinger Slut

As I said at the top – I'm a slut and a swinger. It's a situation that suits both my husband and myself. Not that he's a swinger, as far as I know. He's just screwing his secretary. Something I only discovered on returning home early from a holiday with...

Banging Bonnie

I was 18 and the first time I was out on my own,it was also the first time I made a girl cum. I rented a cottage on the lake for the summer and looked forward to having a few parties . It was there where my friend Don showed up with his girlfriend Nancy w...

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Sensual Bondings

We sat watching a movie, layed together on the bed, he was spooned behind me with his arm layed across my waist. I feel him growing in the small of my back and he starts to fidget. I ask what he is thinking about, and he tells me not to say a word. I ..continue reading

Boyfriend fulfills her rough sex fantasy

She had this fantasy before and tonight Andrew was going to fulfill it for her. The room was very dark; a security light from the backyard caused a sliver of illumination in her room, but just barely. Her usual bed attire was a satin pajama top (no p ..continue reading

Lesbian sex party

Abby turned off the water in the shower, and pulled a soft Bath Towel from the rail. Wiping the steam from the full length mirror she admired her superb young naked body. Abby was quite tall, and slim and she was often aware for the looks she rec ..continue reading

Cheap bitches

Aileen, Cassidy, Sinead and Katie had been friends their entire lives. They lived in the same small Irish town, attended the same school and sometimes shared boyfriends. When Aileen was offered a job in Dublin they were sorry to lose her but it was e ..continue reading

Key Wet Dreams (Loving during Fantasy Fest)

We knew it was going to be a different world. It was also immediately obvious Linda and I had over packed. Our first stroll down Duvall revealed to us amazing body art, amazing tits, amazing attitude. We knew we were in our element. The crowd was no ..continue reading

New Fuckjob

"A very intersting resume', Mr. Dancer, "very interesting indeed, but I'm afraid that the job you're applying for has very specific requirements, and unforturnately there's nothing here that will tell me if you're qualified for this position!!!" "Exa ..continue reading