A Chubby Learns of Life and Enjoys It (bbw,chubby,free sex stories,xxx)

A Chubby Learns of Life and Enjoys It

It had begun almost twenty years earlier on a warm spring day. The sky was blue with billowy white clouds that emphasized the start of a day when I'd known I would be home alone until almost midnight. It had already grown boring before ten that morning.

After a quick shower and a rapidly conceived plan to visit a girlfriend that also had been dateless at twenty years old I hoped she would be home and might be willing to drive around with me until we could find something interesting to occupy us. I wouldn't call her but just drop in unannounced and surprise her. I dressed in shorts and a white shirt that I tied above my waist. The tie gave my tits enough support and so a bra wasn't needed although I am a big girl.

As I walked out the kitchen door to head for my car I noticed the man next door. He was at least fifteen years older than me and was married but he was tall and always friendly toward me. I said "Hi" and he smiled before answering back.

"Are you home alone? Where's the family?" he asked.

"My brother is gone to spend a week at my Uncle's place and for my folks it's Date night. They won't be home until almost midnight." I said as I came down the steps.

"My wife is gone too and going to spend a couple of days taking care of her Mom." he said before continuing. "I was wondering. Would you like to see something I have in the back of my garage?"

I was surprised and didn't know what he meant but I said "Sure. What've you got?"

He pointed at his garage and then escorted me to it. His car was already inside and he told me to go ahead down one side then he followed me. I hadn't realized I was blocked in and when I got to the back of the garage I looked around but saw nothing then when I turned to ask him what it was he smiled and asked "Have you ever been on a date?"

That caught me by surprise but I blushed and said "No. Boys just aren't interested in bigger girls."

"You know when you graduated High School and your Mom invited my wife and I to see the ceremony I just about had to be dragged over to the school. You wore your cap and gown all day it seemed and then after graduation you came back to us all and took off the cap and gown. You wore the prettiest dress under it and for the first time I noticed how pretty you are."

I blushed but he went on before I could say thank you. "Any boy would be lucky to have you. You have a full curvy figure and a great personality." he added.

Now I was blushing then after a minute of long silence he asked "What do you think of older men? Would you ever go out with one?"

I began to wonder if he knew some guy that liked younger women and was trying to set me up on a blind date. "I think some older men are very interesting" I said thinking he might get to the point.

"Have you ever seen a naked man?" he asked "Are you interested at all?"

Perhaps then I should have been suspicious but I simply answered "I've seen my brother and sure I suppose all girls are interested." I answered and still was so naive that I had no idea where the conversation was heading.

"I've wondered a long time what you might look like ready for a man." he said and swallowed hard. Then suddenly he reached down and grabbed himself and said "This is what you do to me. Ever since that night at your graduation I've wanted to be with you. I get so hard that it hurts and drives me nearly insane when I see you and especially when I see you like this in shorts and wearing no bra. I'll bet you have no panties on under it either, do you?"

I almost panicked and realized how I was trapped between the wall, his car and him but then he reached out, took my hand and guided it to that same hardness he was holding. It was warm to my hand and responded eagerly to my touch. Instantly it seemed all my pent up desire surged within me and I wanted to touch it naked in my hand.

"That's good. Feel it? Why don't you take it out and see what you do to me? Maybe we can both find some peace and fill passions we both have." he whispered.

When slow responding but not wanting to release it he pulled my hand free and quickly opened his belt and then his pants. He held my hand tightly as his pants fell then brought my hand back. He'd worn nothing beneath the pants and suddenly it was filling my hand and I heard myself moan. I hadn't realized how firm yet soft it would feel when finally I could touch a naked man. He was large but I wouldn't appreciate how large until a few years later.

"Your hand feels so good. Here let me help." he said as he reached out and untied my shirt then I felt him fondling me breasts.

"You've just taken a shower haven't you? Your body is fresh and soft everywhere and I can smell the dampness of the shower." he said as his thumb found my nipple and began playing with it.

I wasn't exactly a virgin although I'd never been touched sexually by a boy or man but my girlfriend's mother had bought her daughter and me a toy on her sixteenth birthday. I never told my Mom about it but had used it ever since and some days I couldn't get enough even when the batteries were dead. It felt good imagining having sex and the result overpowered my attention every time.

My girlfriend had a girl cousin that used to tell her stories about her amorous adventures and then they were passed on to me. I thought I'd heard everything and sometimes I could think of nothing else. My girlfriend was fat like me and we'd found out that boys don't like fat girls.

"Do you know how to start?" the neighbor man asked as my mind returned to our position in his garage.

"What do you mean?" I asked in a voice that didn't seem to be my own.

"I'll show you. Let me climb up here on the fender of the car first." he said without moving to let me get by and I still wasn't ready to release my handhold.

"Now suck it." he said then added "Every session of sex should begin with a girl giving her man a blowjob before they do anything else. If you haven't been with a boy then I'll teach you."

He cupped his hand behind my neck and pulled me down until I felt it against my lips. "Open your mouth and let it inside." he said.

I did and it hurt as it stretched my mouth when he drove it in. "Now use your tongue on it all around while you suck It." he commanded.

"That's it but suck harder. Give me all you can." he said as he began moving it in and out. After another minute he said "Swallow it if you can." but I gagged several times and couldn't get it down.

"That's okay." he said finally "We'll work on it and eventually you'll really be able to satisfy a man this way but right now give me all you can as I move it in and out."

It wasn't bad at all and I was beginning to like it too much I suppose. Suddenly he held my head tight and pushed it to the back of my throat as he said "Here's your reward. Swallow it and show me you like It." he added as his voice changed and his body seemed to jerk then I felt it.

It filled my mouth with heat and I had to swallow so that I could breathe. I lost some of it and it ran down the corners of my mouth but it wasn't bad even though I really had no idea it would come as it had. Again and again it repeated until I thought there'd be no end of it all.

"That's a good girl. You are truly as capable as you are beautiful and in a minute I'm going to give you a reward." I heard him add softly as it continued until I thought I would drown but then as suddenly as it had begun it began slowing until finally it stopped. "Lick it off your face then clean me up with your mouth." I heard him say as I gasped for air. I'd been holding my breath so long that my chest hurt and I needed as much air as I could get. His hands found my tits again and as everything settled they felt good.

I did clean him and I would remember that taste for a long time. My girlfriend had told me that she'd been told it was salty and it was, just a little bit, but I thought it was a lot like eating a handful of potato chips that were flavored with a little sweet taste mixed with the salt and I liked it. That must be when my need of it began to grow until now it swells within me every time.

While it was going on I noticed that I'd climaxed but it was different than when I used my toy. It was like a whole new world of experience to my body and I'd forgotten my pussy while it was happening. The rest of my life was like that as if there were two totally different needs that would never mix for me. I was completely satisfied with either conventional sex (if there is such a thing) or oral sex and when I receive both I am completely fulfilled until my next session or opportunity.

Suddenly he took a deep breath and climbed down from the fender then found and loosened the button and zipper of my shorts before he slid them down over my hips. I was self-conscious about my fat tummy and tried to hide it although I didn't resist him. He stepped out of his pants then took off his shirt and said "Now we're going to get to the rest although there will be a lot more to teach you in the coming weeks."

I felt thrilled that it meant this wasn't going to be just once. I wondered how we were going to do it and what would come next.

Quite suddenly he lifted me onto the fender of the car and spread my knees as he stepped between them. A moment passed as we looked into each other's eyes and then he had it in his hand and swept it between the lips of my pussy. I think I moaned and he told me how wet I was then asked if I was ready. I think I nodded and he began a gentle entry while telling me "You have a small, tight, very pretty pussy and it feels so good."

He was larger than I'd been used to when I played and yet it felt good as I worried that it couldn't all fit. He stopped then and asked if I used anything or if he should go into his house for a condom. At first I was confused but then I told him quickly that my Mom had put me on the pill when I'd turned seventeen and she wouldn't believe me when I told her I'd never been with a boy. I think she assumed that every girl does it and won't tell her Mom.

He was happy to hear it and then continued. "I think we both know that the pill is not a hundred percent effective at prevention" but I said nothing and wanted it all. I could barely believe it was happening finally and if it hurt I didn't care. I knew all women lived through it. It had all been on my mind for so long that I wanted to experience everything and I didn't think about his age or how it had all begun minutes before.

I think I told him how good it felt and I remember he smiled and told me that I hadn't known it all yet as he drove full depth.

I bit my lip as he paused and then the pain was gone and the pleasure surfaced. It was immediately better than anything I'd imagined.

I needed purchase and raised my legs around him as we began an all or nothing effort and it came out as 'all.'

With each climax he congratulated me and he continued until finally he barely managed to warn me before he filled me. My girlfriend had said she was told a girl couldn't feel it when a man climaxed but I felt it all.

He collapsed against me without withdrawing but as minutes passed and our breathing eased he finally softened and I was saddened as it fell free.

We were both sweating profusely when he said "Okay girl it's clean up time again. Get down there and clean me."

This time it was even sweeter because I could taste me mixed with him and I took my time and enjoyed it all.

Finally he hugged me and it wasn't quite noon when he helped me dress and then escorted me into his house for something to quench my thirst and to give me lunch. "You're more than any man could ask for and it was better than I knew it would be. Your body is as sweet as you are pretty girl."

I'd examined myself over many hours in my life and knew every inch of me. I knew my face was pretty but it was fat. I knew my ass was far too large and yet I was proud of my tits. I knew boys liked tits. I had strong legs but my largest hate was the fat little tummy I could never lose. It was sweet to hear a man telling me he liked it.

During lunch he talked a lot and told me how special I was and how much I'd given him then he stopped and said that we had to keep it a secret because if his wife or my family found out about it we would be ruined. He asked me if I was going to tell anyone and after a moment of thought, when I feared we might not do it again if I told anyone, I promised I wouldn't. He kissed me then and said we would have to be very careful when and how we got together in the future. When I agreed he said "Let's do it again. I'll do it the same way and we can teach you other ways some other time."

I felt better knowing there were other ways and began looking forward to them.

To my complete surprise the second time was even better than the first and he lasted longer keeping me even more excited and content. Now I knew that dicksucking was a pleasure divorced from straight sex and almost as intense. I definitely began to crave it. After only a couple of weeks he'd managed to force it into and down my throat. I felt even greater elation at that achievement and happily showed my appreciation at every subsequent opportunity.

It was difficult but we managed to find moments of extreme pleasure without being discovered and it paused only after I'd graduated from Community college and moved away from home for my last two years at university.

University was more than one hundred fifty miles from home and although I'd grown conditioned to regular sex with him I managed to shelve it temporarily.

I had my own apartment and was into the second semester at university having trouble in one of my classes. I mentioned it to a new girlfriend and she suggested that I consult and maybe ask for help from the instructor. She also mentioned that she'd heard he was a 'Horn Dog' of the first order.

The thought intrigued me because if that meant what I thought it did, then I might have at least a chance at a passing grade.

It was a night class and that Friday before class I dressed as provocatively as I thought would be allowed walking around campus. Before class I walked to the front of the room and asked the instructor for help. He gave me a time after class to come see him in his office. The time was late and I asked if the offices would be closed. He told me they were but that he would listen for my knock and let me in. I smiled in appreciation.

I arrived a few minutes early and tried the door into the Academics area and found it locked. There seemed nobody around and I waited. At the time of my appointment I banged on the door and waited. A few minutes passed and I was about to leave when he came to the door, opened it and let me in before locking the door again.

He walked me to his office and told me to sit down. He seemed about ten years older than me but several years younger than my neighbor was. After he'd sat and moved things on his desk, he turned to me and immediately I noticed him checking my cleavage and then my legs. He smiled and asked what my problem was in class.

I tried to explain but kept being distracted by his wandering eyes. Was he undressing me with them?

When I'd finished my attempted explanation he looked me over again and told me he thought he could help me but then asked if I had a boyfriend. I told him I didn't and he smiled before telling me that perhaps we could work something out to improve my grade.

I asked what he meant and he smiled before telling me that he'd always enjoyed larger girls and found me interesting. I was beginning to sense where he was going and leaned over and asked another question while I studied his face and eyes. He was definitely interested in my cleavage.

"I'll do anything." I said and could almost feel his eagerness.

"That is an interesting blouse you're wearing. Do you ever wear a bra?" he asked almost gleeful in his question.

"I don't know what you mean by that question but I seldom wear a bra unless I'm going somewhere formal." I told him and tried to appear as if I was forcing a smile.

"I'd be interested in finding out more about what is beneath that blouse and skirt." he said while no longer hiding his interest. "Perhaps you'll find me interesting too when you see what I have to offer you." he added.

He stood and locked the door into his office and then before he turned around I watched his arms busy in front of him and had an inkling what he was doing. When he turned back his dick was rigid and extending between the zipper of his pants.

"What do you think?" he asked and although he was a bit smaller than my neighbor had been he still had a large dick.

"Oh my!" I said trying to appear surprised and impressed before he stepped forward. He stopped with it only an inch from my face.

"Do you think you can do anything with it?" he asked leering at me.

I studied it and slowly reached out my hand and gripped the shaft. "Maybe I could...?" I began but he reached out quickly and grabbed my head and pulled it onto it. "Open your mouth." he demanded and then I realized his need to dominate the situation.

I opened my mouth and he drove in hard as I tilted my head and looked into his face. "That's it girl now work it." he insisted as his other hand joined in, pulled my head closer, and he began a succession of rapid thrusts.

I deliberately held back even though, after so long without it, I wanted to devour it. When finally I pretended that it was his success that let him enter my throat I was slightly disappointed that it left a void where my neighbor had so often filled it.

Perhaps it was because I was a new girl to him or perhaps only his general eagerness but the Professor didn't last long and when I pulled back I felt a little cheated. After I'd cleaned him he smiled and told me I was a good girl, he was happy that I knew what to do afterwards, and that we would have fun often in the future.

He told me then that he had to get home but that we'd get deeper into things in the next few weeks. I knew he wasn't married, or at least no longer married because perhaps his ex had caught him with a student. He told me that on Monday night I was to meet him there at the same time.

On Monday I made him undress completely and lie on his back on the floor and then I crawled between his legs and took my time. I paused every time he appeared to be getting close to a climax and he would moan and beg me to start again. After more than thirty minutes I decided that although it wasn't nearly as good as I'd been having at home at least it was a decent substitute. I managed to release my misgivings and began to experience my own orgasms. I was back into that part of my sexual interests that had to be divorced, for at least a few minutes, before any other sex for time that would allow my interests to again shift for regular intercourse.

Perhaps again I should explain that I have two sexual modes and they need time for me to relax and shift between them. Each of these modes is intense and separate. Dicksucking is important to me and occupies my mind and body fully and separate from intercourse.

This time when he wanted to cut my visit short I refused and mounted him on my knees. In minutes he was begging me again. He'd lost his need to dominate me.

After being without so long I needed it completely and although he wasn't as satisfying as my first lover it was still good. Each orgasm began slowly and built within me until my entire body was on fire and in an instant of electrical discharge I'd moan and explode. When finally I allowed him to release it was with extreme satisfaction that I felt his heat fill me.

After I'd left him and was on my way home I wondered if he'd ever had it as good as I was. He definitely had needs and he'd been surprised when I took command but he was docile when I'd finished.

I completed the semester with a perfect GPA in his class and we continued through the next semester even though I didn't have him for any of my classes.

As I started my last year I saw him occasionally when my need grew overpowering but I'd been asked out by a shy guy in one of my classes. The guy was not into premarital sex at all and I didn't push him but then at the end of the year just before graduation he asked me to marry him. I agreed and we were married a month after graduation.

On my honeymoon night I was completely disappointed. I found that he had the smallest dick I'd ever thought of and he wouldn't allow me to suck or play with it.

I was amazed after two years when I found he'd impregnated me. I had a baby boy months later and although I too had been working outside the home while being a dutiful wife, I took time from work to raise the boy until he was three. During those three years my old neighbor found his way to my place a few times but each time after he left I went into the doldrums of sexual need.

I was growing more and more dissatisfied with my husband and finally I divorced him, took my son and moved several states away.

More than a year later I met a really tall guy and although in many ways his attitude toward sex was almost identical to my ex's, and I'd mentally vowed never to marry a guy with a small dick, I fell for it all over again. On our honeymoon I couldn't believe that such a tall guy could have a dick only a tiny bit larger than the equipment of my ex.

Again after two more years of sexual frustration I found myself once more amazed that I was pregnant. How could a guy with such small endowment have reached deep enough to give me another child? This time I didn't have the secondary benefit of an occasional visiting neighbor and although there was less than once-a-month sex with my husband, my oral fixation was not at all satisfied even with my toy.

Again after my second son was born and weaned I divorced my second husband and found nested solace living with a divorced cousin. My alimony and child support were larger than they had been from my first spouse. My cousin had four kids and was living on alimony and child support. She was happy to watch mine for regular spending money while I looked and after I found a job.

When I began interviewing with prospective employers I looked for over a month before finally one afternoon I was called to a company where I'd left a resume' as an applicant for degreed design engineer employment. My appointment for the interview was the following morning.

I wanted to dress conservatively but appear as sexy as possible because my career field was well dominated my men. I assumed my interview would be with a man.

When I was escorted into a meeting room and had taken a seat several long minutes passed before the door opened and a tall distinguished looking man came in carrying a copy of my resume'. He appeared only a few years older than me and smiled easily.

After asking for examples of my past work and a lengthy interview I was hired and began work the following week. During the interview I only occasionally noticed him appear to focus on my cleavage.

I worked in a room filled with other designers and all were men.

I received many interested looks and more than a few from guys that seemed to think they were heaven's gift to women. I wasn't interested in any of them but too, none ever approached me socially.

Meanwhile our boss began looking more and more interesting to me. He worked hard and wasn't afraid to roll up his sleeves. He was more than a capable designer himself and I watched as he took apart each design and required the designer to defend it.

My first design was reviewed and he was thorough but smiled at the end and I knew I had passed. After that I sometimes noticed him checking me out but never getting too close.

Then one day he called a meeting and gathered us all around my own desk, because it was closest to entry into our big room. He explained a new major contract we'd just received and would be expected to complete in an extremely short window of time.

When he'd finished he opened the meeting to questions and as the questioning bounced back and forth I noticed him focused on my cleavage. I deliberately raised my hands and ran them down the front of my blouse, stretching the neck tight and lower, to see if he liked the view. I thought he did and so while sitting displaced beyond the rest of the group and sitting in a draftsman's tall chair I raised one leg higher than necessary and crossed my legs letting my skirt slip higher on my thighs. His eyes followed eagerly and then he had trouble focusing on a question and had to ask the guy to repeat it before he could answer. I felt better than I had in months as I appreciated his interest but couldn't actually focus on the contract he'd been covering.

By this time I was approaching my current age above the middle thirties.

I was wet and that night things got heavier. I had trouble getting to sleep and spent more than two hours trying to get temporary satisfaction but nothing I did worked. I had climax after climax but satisfaction was elusive. I attempted to imagine what he'd be like and what he'd look like making love to me. I wanted to see, touch and taste his dick. When he'd climaxed I wanted to drain him so completely that he'd be totally and happily exhausted from it, then I'd tell him how much I enjoyed it and would be ready any time he needed more.

I began trying to figure a way to get the boss to approach me or for me to seduce him. I felt confident he wasn't gay and by then I knew he wasn't married and that gave him a lot of time to think about problems at work in a new design.

Finally one day I had an idea. I hoped it wouldn't blow up in my face and the more I thought about it the more aroused I got. I'd thought more and continually about it for almost two months before I finally made up my mind to actually do it.

The next time I was in his office I studied his desk and noticed that it came all the way to the floor and wasn't sitting on legs keeping it above the carpet. Also there was a long table against the front of his desk that faced straight away from it and was used for spreading out drawings or contracts for study. The table had chairs around it for visitors or meetings. The desk was deep with deep drawers and very professional looking.

He usually went out to lunch and always returned on time except for meetings with clients or customers. The rest of our brood of designers ate in a small lunch room adjoining the main room. The men usually played cards or listened to a radio during lunch.

I waited until ten minutes before the boss was to return from lunch and I entered his office.

That day I'd worn a short skirt and thin lacey scoop-necked blouse with no panties and a sheer mesh bra with my high-heels. I'd checked myself out in a mirror that morning and convinced myself that I looked as sexy as I could get and still maintain a business demeanor. Again I wished I wasn't so chunky.

I walked around the desk, got onto my knees and crawled into its knee space then curled back as far as I could get. I thought and hoped he'd never see me unless he deliberately looked. I pulled his executive chair as far into the space as I could and waited.

Minutes passed before I heard him come in and he was talking with someone. I also heard him invite the guy to take a seat while he walked around the desk, pulled out the chair and sat down. He always seemed to sit close to the desk and that would give me the chance and opportunity to play with him.

I was relieved he wasn't alone. I'd thought of him as a guy that would never mix business with pleasure. If we'd been alone he might have discreetly ordered me from his office without a reward. It had been my biggest fear.

Now the two men began a long discussion. I reasoned that while he was talking and I'd begun to play he wouldn't let the other guy know I was under the desk.

A few minutes passed and I felt assured the meeting would last awhile so I moved forward and reached over his knees and rubbed his crotch. He was startled but quickly recovered and slid his chair back a little. I followed him and as I looked up I caught a quick glance of his eyes before he caught himself and looked away but seemed a little flustered at finding me there. I knew he couldn't expose my presence without an embarrassing explanation to the guy and everyone else if he kicked me out.

He said nothing and I reached up and found his zipper. He moved nervously in his seat at what I was doing but I was insistent and slipped the zipper down. I was gratified that he too wore nothing beneath the zipper and felt myself grow wetter as I slipped my hand in and had to force his dick out by bending it to clear the zipper's opening. At last it was in my hand hard and swollen. I stroked it and then turned my head and moved over his knees.

I was grateful when I felt him spread his knees and begin letting the guy at his table do most of the talking. Now I had an easy space to fit in and feed him into my mouth. The boss was big. He was hugely larger than any I'd known and seemed at least fifty percent larger than my old neighbor. He was also swollen harder with a head that almost defied my mouth but I managed to get him in and suddenly all my needs for sucking a dick were being fulfilled. I intended to have it and provide both of us an appreciative experience greater than we'd ever before known as I brought my tongue into play. I was sucking and pleasuring when a momentary leak of my lips occurred and the resulting sound filled my crawl space.

I was immediately afraid the guy at the table may have heard and understood but after I'd taken a moment's pause he was still talking and suddenly the boss had one hand on my head working it. I was almost afraid I'd gag if I tried to swallow his immensity but I wanted it so bad that I threw caution to the wind and drove it into my throat. It was tight and for a moment seemed far too large but then it was sliding deep and I lost myself in the pleasure of him.

When the guy paused I heard the boss's voice say "Let's continue this tomorrow." and the guy agreed.

I heard the guy get up and as he approached the door I hear my boss say "Close the door would you? I have some work and I'd like not to be disturbed for a while."

I almost laughed when I heard the door close and the boss switch to total dedication as his other hand joined the first and I forgot about controlling my effort and gave it all to him.

It was intense and lasted longer than any I'd ever experienced. It was a period of amazing pleasure to me even when he released and began filling me. I felt better than I ever had and didn't lose a drop even though it was a greater release and continued again and again. It was better in the extreme than any other I could remember. I loved the feel of it heating me from the inside and then filling my mouth each additional time before I swallowed it. It was the best taste and better than I could have asked. If he let me I'd be his love slave anywhere he wanted me from then on. I'd had the most arousing and intense sexual experience of my life and had climaxed repeatedly as I enjoyed every moment. I realized then that my hands had cupped and were gently kneading his balls before I milked it of every drop and cleaned him.

When I finally opened my eyes and looked up at him his eyes were also closed but there was a satisfied smile on his face and it made me feel good. Another surprise to me was that, unlike other men I'd been with, he was still very hard. I spoke softly and asked him if he wanted another. He opened his eyes then and patted my head before saying "Tonight stay after hours. I'll lock up before we can continue." Then he slipped his hands inside my bra and I felt his hands exploring before gripping my nipple and he said "I knew they were large and firm like this when you were excited." and I just smiled in appreciation.

We talked a few minutes then he walked to the door while I stood behind it. When the area was clear he motioned for me to slip out. I went down the stairs and around the building then came in through the back door so that nobody could know where I'd been.

I hid in the ladies room at quitting time and waited until everyone else was gone then I went to his office. A moment later I heard him coming up the stairs and he smiled as he entered and locked his office door from inside. We kissed and he stripped me before I insisted on stripping him too. His body was the most exciting I'd seen and his endowment was proud. His immense height and huge equipment made him appear as Adonis to me. We hugged and our hands explored before he led me to the table and leaned me backward over it. He teased me for long minutes. My mind was on his dick again and I wondered if I wanted it orally first or conventionally.

He answered my interest by suddenly driving in fast and deep. Initially although I was wet he was still dry and his size hurt but when he was fully embedded all pain was gone and was followed only with pleasure. His stamina was amazing as he extended us for an hour of almost continuous orgasm for me. My life had been complicated but finally it was all being justified. If I'd known before I'd have asked for it all to be exactly this way.

My breasts were facing upward and his hand worked them before he finally dropped down and his thumb began working my clitoris. I'd been climaxing but this added effort drove me to pleasures I hadn't known during conventional sex and my body devoted itself in overtime to show it's appreciation as I rotated my hips and arched my back into him.

Moans and grunts filled the room even as wet sounds swept my ears. I screamed my pleasure when he finally filled me.

Perhaps I sound like a Nymph and maybe I am because sex has always been foremost in my thoughts. In the past I'd always wondered where my next chance would be? When would it come? What would it be like? Would it be better or not up to my desires?

These were some of the million questions I'd had but at that moment all I wanted was his dick and I would take it one way at a time. I knew I would be pleasured completely as I worked to pleasure him as much and often as I could now that I'd found him.

When I finally managed to shift my concentration and the focus of my body I devoted my longest and best effort at cleaning and preparing him.

That following evening when everyone was gone and we were locked safely in his office I received something new and amazing. I'd had two husbands and two long-term lovers before him and yet not one had ever thought of my needs. Receiving oral from a man was merely a myth that some women promulgated and it was pleasant at times to think of it but I didn't believe it true.

What I received after he'd lifted me onto his meeting table, turned me sideways on it then sat in a chair between my legs and pulled me to him was nearly as astounding to me as my need and pleasure sucking his dick. I felt his kisses and then his hands spreading me before I was swept with the beginning of this new sexual experience. His tongue was alive and swept then curled before finally he sucked me into his mouth and began the perfect routine of licking then rapidly flicking his tongue over it before he circled and repeated it all. My body was swept with new pleasures so intense that my mind seemed to lose itself as the body trembled. I couldn't speak and yet somehow my hands found his head and I began humping hard against his mouth. My legs circled his shoulders and my heels dug in and clamped him in position. Intense and continuous orgasm was now a reality to me. I had no idea how long he'd kept me that way but it had been over an hour before I could speak again after he'd started then finished. When I thought he was ending it he fooled me as his tongue drove deep into me and I felt it working a pleasure spot I wasn't aware I had. This climax was more than satisfying as it rolled endlessly through me from places I'd never experienced.

When my hearing was enabled again I heard him telling me how sweet I tasted and how much he'd craved it. When I turned around I circled him with my arms and kissed him. My taste covered his face and if possible I became even more devoted to him.

It was only our second time together and I was committing myself to anything he would need or want.

Sex and my appreciation would never diminish.

And now here we are today and it's been two more years of passionate need and we're still quietly together.

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