A father and step-daughter navigate a tumultuous divorce (incest xxx,porn,stories,incest story)

A father and step-daughter navigate a tumultuous divorce

Having just completed his regular, early morning swim in the bay, Don walked up from the water and up onto his own small, private beach. The cool, crisp Southern California water left him invigorated and he felt ready to begin his day.

After walking the short distance up through the sand to his house, he stripped off his clothes, dried off, and was now sitting naked in his comfy armchair-recliner, scanning through the porn sites on his one major extravagance, a ninety-inch screen smart TV.

Living alone in this rather large beach house, it had become a sort of an early morning ritual that after his swim, he’d find a video he liked and slowly stroke himself to orgasm before carrying on with the rest of the day’s activities. He liked to take his time and edge a little, letting the feelings build up in time with the action on whichever video he was watching.

He had found one he hadn't seen before, involving a guy in his forties gradually persuading and seducing his shy eighteen-year-old babysitter. His pre-cum was already flowing over the glans and lubricating his foreskin as he moved it up and down with slow strokes, alternately covering and uncovering the bulbous, blood-filled head.

As the video progressed to its inevitable conclusion, he continued to get himself closer to his own; his breathing increasing along with the stroking of his hand. Then the damn phone rang. He thought about ignoring it, but he was expecting an important call from the office concerning a lucrative real estate deal he was trying to put together and he couldn't risk letting it go to voice mail.

Keeping one eye on the action on the TV, but having muted the sound, he picked up the phone.

“Hi Dad, it’s Sydney”

He hadn't heard from his step-daughter Sydney since he had split up with her mother some months ago and was now in the process of divorcing her for adultery. He wasn't sure what her feelings were about the situation, or how she felt about him.

“Hello sweetie,” he said, not hiding his surprise, “it’s great to hear from you.”

“You sound a bit odd and out of breath Dad, are you okay?”

I’m glad this isn't a video phone call he thought, still absently stroking his very hard cock and trying to control his breathing.

“Yes, I’m fine…err… just come in from my swim,” he stuttered, watching as another stream of pre-cum dribbled out of the end of his cock.

“How are you holding up, Dad?”

I guess I’m holding up fine, he thought, but he knew that wasn't what she meant. He hadn't anticipated chatting with his eighteen-year-old daughter naked and with a very hard erection, but it sort of had its erotic side to it, although perhaps slightly perverted.

“I am doing all right, just the usual things, you know, working, swimming, eating, drinking, not much else to do here on your own.”

"Sorry Dad, maybe I should have called you sooner, but I’m so glad you’re doing well, it’s really good to hear your voice.”

His erection refused to go down, in fact, hearing her very silky, feminine voice, seemed to have made it harder if anything. It wasn't good to be talking to her like this; it’s not something he had ever thought about before.

“You too, so how are things at school, have you finished all your exams now?” he replied, feeling the sensation increase as his hand continued to move slowly up and down the shaft.

“I only have two finals left now Dad and I know I've done really well on the two that I've taken so far.”

“That’s great, I am sure you will do well, you always did work hard.”


“What is it, Syd?”

“I have something important that I need to ask you.”

“Errr…okay,… I’m listening, but you know your mother fairly stripped me clean.”

“Dad, I’m doing fine and I don’t need any money, it’s not that,” she said quickly.

Hmmm not money, then what?

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that’s what you were calling for, it’s just a raw subject at the moment sweetie.”

“I know what Mom is trying to do to you financially. I feel bad for even asking this but, would it be okay if I spent the summer with you?”

He stopped stroking his cock. The thought of her actually coming to stay made him focus more on the conversation. It would put an end to these morning sessions, but a bit of company would be a welcome change.

“Syd, of course, you can come and stay, but you know it's just me and there isn’t a lot to do here except swim and soak up the sun, we’re fairly remote here remember”

His heart was beating faster for some reason, maybe it was just the thought of some company or that she actually wanted to come and stay with him. He waited with bated breath to see if she was going to change her mind.

“I know what Mom has been putting you through and I just thought maybe you’d like a little company, but I’d never want to inconvenience you,” she added.

“No, really, I would love it. When do you want to come?”

“I hate to even ask this Dad, but some friends of mine are going on a road trip to the east coast and they asked me if I would give them a ride to San Diego. I was wondering if they could stay the night with us when we get there. We’d probably arrive sometime Saturday afternoon and they’d probably leave first thing Sunday morning.”

“Ehmmm… yes I guess so, I have enough room and I am sure it will liven the place up a bit.”

“Are you sure that’s not putting you out?”

“No, it’ll be fine Sydney, look forward to seeing you… all.”

“That sounds great Dad, I’ll see you on Saturday, bye bye.”

“Okay, drive carefully, I only have one daughter you know!”

“Bye Sweetie.”

She felt so much better after she got off the phone with her father. Actually, he was her step-father, but since he had raised her since she was two, he was the only father she’d ever known. Slowly, she’d been able to pick up the pieces after learning that her mother had been having an affair for the past year and her parents mutually decided that their marriage was over.

Don was very successful. He had built one of the largest real estate firms in southern California from the ground up, so she knew that her mother would be well taken care of. Probably better-taken care of than she deserved, especially after cheating on him. She couldn't even stand to think about her, or what she did to their family. Luckily, being an only child, there were no other lives ruined besides hers and her father’s. He had given Sydney’s mother everything; a huge house in Beverly Hills, a new car to drive every year, God, that woman wanted for nothing and this is how she repaid him! Why her mother even needed to look for another man was beyond her understanding. Her father was a handsome man, and her mother’s apparent need to look outside her marriage was something that Sydney just couldn't understand.

Sydney’s mom wanted for nothing, but truth be told, Don’s hard work had made her life very easy as well. She didn't like to admit it, but he spoiled her too: A closet full of clothes, a brand new Mini Cooper convertible sports car, and he even paid her education expenses. Sydney had it all, and she was so terrified that because of her mother’s actions, her relationship with her father would be forever changed. Would he hold what her mother had done against her? It seemed as though it had already created a chasm in their relationship, and she wasn't sure what she’d do if her father wasn't in her life.

Sydney had planned on spending part of the summer in Beverly Hills with her parents, but now, her father had moved out of their home and moved into their vacation house on the beach in San Diego. She could barely stand to even talk to her mother, much less be around her for the entire summer. She was so relieved that her Dad was okay with letting her stay with him and letting her friends hang out and spend the night.


The sun felt so good on Sydney’s face as she drove down the Pacific Coast Highway south from the campus of the University of Southern California towards San Diego. Her friends Addison and Kenna were romantically holding hands in the back seat and it made her feel like a ‘third wheel’ as she sat in the front seat by herself.

Watching her best friends in the rear-view mirror made her consider changing her mind and embarking on the road trip with them. However, she knew her dad needed her more than they did. She could tell he was lonely and needed some company and after everything he had done for her, being there for him, was much more important than spending the summer with her friends on the east coast.

The girls had stayed up late last night, partying with their friends and celebrating the end of finals and the beginning of the summer break. Sydney had a fun time and even let a couple of guys chat her up, but she found it really difficult to get into the festive spirit. Her thoughts were on her father, especially after she had spoken with him.

The closer Sydney and her friends got to San Diego, the more uncomfortable she felt that she had invited herself over to her father's house for the summer. The last thing she wanted to do was make an already bad situation worse. She really hoped that when she saw him face to face, she’d be able to convince him that she really did have good intentions and that all she wanted was to spend some time with him and renew their relationship.

She pulled off of the main highway and turned down the small street that led to their vacation beach home. Feeling the warm sun on her face, and smelling the cool, crisp salt air, brought back many wonderful memories of her childhood when she and her parents had spent many amazing summers on the beach. Life seemed so simple then. It was before the time of infidelities, lawyers, and divorce settlements. Like a child, she longed for those simpler times; times that she didn't know if she'd ever experience again.

“My God Sydney, this is your summer home?”

Kenna’s voice broke her out of her deep reflection.

“Yeah Sydney, spoiled much?” Addison said, gently teasing her.

“I told both of you about this place,” Sydney said, smiling at her friends in the rear-view mirror while pulling the Mini-Cooper into the driveway.

“You told us your dad had a house on the beach, not a mansion on the beach,” Kenna said.

“This isn't a mansion guys,” she said, laughing.

She was thankful now that they hadn't stayed with her mother in Beverly Hills and her friends hadn't seen that house.

“Both of you remember what I said about my father, he's going through a really tough time right now, just be nice to him.”

“Don't worry so much Syd, he's going to love us,” Addison said.

As the time for Sidney’s visit drew closer, Don got busy cleaning the house; getting the pool sparkling clear, making sure there was fresh linen for the beds and buying more provisions than he would normally use when he was alone. It had been some time since he had a house guest, let alone three young women, and to be truthful, he was feeling a little nervous. He was wondering whether his choices of food were what young women eat, or what they might all talk about, as he felt a little out of touch with the ‘young’ scene. Don had been waiting all day, trying to keep busy and had changed his clothes twice.

“‘What’s the matter with me?” he mused to himself, as he looked out the window for the umpteenth time.

Just as he was thinking what to do next to occupy his time, he heard the thumping, bass beat, of loud music and tires crunching up the gravel driveway.

“Well here we go,” he thought, and made his way to the entrance hall, casting a last glance in the mirror as he went past, giving his reflection a quick once over. He couldn't help but notice that his dark hair had been taking on a ‘salt and pepper’ tint over the last several years and he knew this divorce wasn't helping that in the slightest. However, he still got his fair share of looks from women, even some younger ones, which always helped to stroke his ego. He strived to stay active and was actually in better shape now than he was a decade ago. He quickly put his divorce and his appearance out of his mind as he anxiously opened the front door.

Sydney watched her father open the door and approach the car. He looked thinner since the last time she had seen him. Had he been eating well? He did say he had been swimming in the morning, maybe that’s it. She knew he had to have lost a few pounds with all that exercise.

“Hi Dad,” Sydney said, as she exited the car and walked up to her father and gave him big hug.

“It’s great to see you, Syd,” he said quietly, returning the hug and feeling a little self-conscious under the gaze of her two friends who were looking on.

She closed her eyes and felt his strong arms wrap around her; that warm, loving embrace that she hadn't experienced in months. It was a feeling that she sorely missed, even though she didn't realize it until now.

Almost immediately, a lifetime’s worth of memories came flooding back from her subconscious. When she was five, he taught her how to swim in their backyard pool, when she was seven, he taught her how to ride a bike, when she was thirteen he drove her on her first date with a boy, and when she was fifteen, he taught her how to drive a car.

Tears began to well up in her eyes as she whispered into his ear, “I missed you, dad.”

“Hey, I missed you too sweetie,” he said, burying his head in her hair and inhaling its fresh, outdoor smell, ”and we have some catching up to do, but maybe you might like to introduce me to your friends first?”

After they broke their embrace, she felt more than a little embarrassed wiping a tear from her eye. She hadn't expected that sudden rush of emotions that she was now feeling and she desperately wanted to get herself back under control, especially in front of her friends.

“I’m sorry Dad,” she said, as she took his hand in hers, squeezing it firmly. “These are my best friends Addison and Kenna.”

The other girls had exited the back seat of the Cooper and were amorously holding hands, watching the tender display play out in front of them.

“Hi, Mr. Anderson,” Addison said enthusiastically. “You have such a beautiful house.”

“Thank you,” he said, extending his hand, expecting a handshake, but each of them moved quickly forward following Sidney’s lead and gave him a quick group hug.

Don felt their warm bodies pressed against his as they put their arms around him, each one lightly kissing the nearest cheek, their firm breasts pressing hard against him.

“Wow, errrrr...nice to meet you,” he stuttered, quickly removing his hands, when, due to their skimpy tops, he found warm, bare flesh on each of their backs. “And please, call me Don, ‘Mr.’ makes me feel my age,” he said, trying to make light of it all.

“Looks like we’re acquainted already,” he said to Sidney, giving her a quirky smile, “how about I move the luggage into the house, while you show Addison and Kenna around.”

“Hey, girls,” Sidney said, maybe a little louder than necessary, “if you can untangle yourselves from my dad, I’ll give you the grand tour.”

The three girls walked up the sidewalk and into the house.

It had been three years since Sydney had been inside the beach house and it looked as if very little had changed. The front door opened into the great room which had large vaulted ceilings and a winding staircase that led up to the two smaller bedrooms. Right off the great room was a large open kitchen and an attached breakfast bar as well as a small informal dining room table. Just off the kitchen was the large formal dining room that Sydney couldn't remember ever eating in.

While surveying the large expansive space, the memories came flooding back.

She remembered cooking breakfast for her parents, the three of them eating at the breakfast bar while laughing and joking with each other. Much happier times.

The voices of Addison and Kenna brought her out of her deep reflection.

“Sydney, it's so beautiful,” Kenna said, “I love the dark oak rafters, they go perfectly with the beige walls. And look at that fireplace, it's just beautiful, and I love how that elegant stonework goes all the way up the wall and into the ceiling,”

“The furniture is so sleek and modern Syd, and these paintings, they're just beautiful, who decorated this place?” said Addison.

“My mom did, she used to be an interior designer before my dad got his real estate business off of the ground.”

“Well she did an amazing job,” said Addison.

“What’s through that door?” Kenna asked.

“That's the master bedroom.”

The three girls peered inside the expansive room at the large king-size bed. It was a strange feeling for Sydney not to see her mom's things inside the room. She couldn't put her finger on it, but the whole house felt different even though it looked exactly the same.

“C’mon, let me show you your bedroom,” Sydney said, eager to put these strange feelings behind her, even if only for a few minutes.

The girls walked up the winding staircase to the second floor where they were met by Don at the top of the stairs. He had somehow managed to get all three of the girls’ luggage up there in one trip.

“I thought for tonight Sydney, you could sleep on the couch and let the girls have the two bedrooms.”

Addison and Kenna softly giggled while Sydney immediately began to blush.

“Dad, they're going to sleep together in this bedroom and I'm going to sleep in my old room down the hall.”

Don gave Sydney a puzzled look until the realization of what he was being told hit him and he began to blush as well.

“Well, ummm… that sounds like a good plan too,” he said, his face breaking into a soft smile.

“C’mon let me show you the best part of a house,” Sydney said while walking by her dad, and giving his hand a soft, gentle, reassuring squeeze as she passed, letting him know it was alright.

She led the girls back down the stairs and into the great room. The three girls peered out of the large west-facing picture windows towards the back yard and the ocean.

Sydney opened the door and the three girls walked out onto the large deck. It had a beige outdoor couch, love seat, and two chairs which sat on large brown ceramic pavers. The deck also had four sunbathing chairs. Of course, the best part of the outdoor living space was the large, sunken, in-ground pool and hot tub. The deck was enclosed by a four-foot privacy wall with a gate and several steps that went down to the sand. About fifty feet beyond the sand was the Pacific Ocean.

Kenna and Addison's mouth dropped open when they viewed the stunning sight.

“Sydney, it’s just beautiful,” Addison said.

“Being here again reminds me how much I've missed this place,” Sydney said.

After several minutes of taking in the awe-inspiring site, Sydney broke the silence.

“Anyone feel like a swim?”

Don was still thinking about the hug he had got, both from Syd, and her two friends, while he watched the girls going from place to place, examining all the different aspects of the property; making appreciative little ‘Ohhhs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ as they took in all of the splendid features. He couldn't help but compare his daughter to them as they turned this way and that, and what he saw, put her alongside them in the ‘stunning’ category.

Like Sydney, Kenna had long blonde hair that was nearly halfway down her back. In contrast, Addison had long brunette locks that were just as long, or maybe even a bit longer than the other two. All three girls were average height and extremely fit. Because of an almost daily workout regimen, the girls had managed to avoid the ‘freshman fifteen’ syndrome that plagued so many first-year college women.

Watching Sydney show her friends around the house, Don couldn't help but think back how, as a little girl, they had been very close, and now here she was, a grown woman and he still felt that closeness that was hard to put a name to.

He saw them coming back into the house, no doubt to get changed and take up Sidney’s suggestion for a swim. It certainly was the right evening for it, warm, but not too hot and a gentle breeze just about moving the palm leaves on the trees.

He decided to go quickly to the kitchen area and make a few drinks for them. He didn't want them to think he was in any way spying on them, although from what Sydney had said, the two girls only had eyes for each other it seemed.

“Are margaritas okay for you all?” he shouted out from the bar area.

“Margaritas would be great Dad,” Sydney said while stepping out onto the ceramic pavers of the deck, with her friends following close behind her.

“I just can't get over how beautiful it is here,” Kenna said, marveling at the crystal blue waters.

“It's just a beach guys,” Addison said, gently teasing them. “I believe you'll find there's quite a few like it in California.”

While it was true that there are many beautiful beaches in California, none of them had the effect on Sydney like this one.

Kenna’s voice broke Sydney from her thoughts.

“My God, what are you wearing?” she said, as she watched Addison remove the beach wrap that was over her swimsuit.

“Duh, it's called a bikini,” she said, as the jaws of the other two girls dropped when they witnessed what Addison had on under her wrap.

“I'd say that's half a bikini at best,” Kenna said, smiling.

“It’s called a Wicked Weasel and don't hate on me just because you can't get your fat bottom into one,” Addison said.

“You know you're getting dunked for that one bitch, as soon as we get into the pool,” Kenna said, as she pulled her girlfriend to her and kissed her hotly on the mouth.

Sydney smiled as she watched her best friends passionately embrace. She did have to admit that Addison's suit was shockingly small. The tiny micro bikini was made of pink lace and was virtually transparent. Addison’s pierced nipples shone through the cups of the small top and she could even see the outline of her vaginal lips in the minuscule thong bottom.

Once her friends broke their kiss, Kenna and Sydney took off their wraps. Kenna was wearing a scrunch back brown, green and tan colored military brat ‘camo’ bikini that showed off her curves while Sidney wore a pink and yellow soleil bikini.

The three girls lay out in the sun-bathing chairs and soaked up the warm rays while they laughed and joked with each other until they heard Don open the slider door bringing out a pitcher of margaritas.

“Here you are ladies,” Don said, concentrating on placing the tray with the pitcher and four glasses carefully onto the small side table, before taking in the expanse of bare flesh on display.

Don’s eyes roamed from Addison to Kenna, getting wider as he took in the sight and thinking that his pocket handkerchief had more material than the two suits combined. Realizing he was staring at their barely covered attributes, he finally moved his eyes to Sidney. Although her bikini covered her a little more, he could clearly see that he would have to re-appraise his thought that she was his ‘little girl’, because, with those curves, she was now definitely a very desirable and sexy woman.

“Syd, would you like to pour the drinks for you and your friends please,” he said, shaking himself out of his stupor and hoping they hadn't noticed his flushed features and a slightly larger lump in the front of his board shorts.

“Of course, I'll help Dad,” she said, getting up off of the lounge chair and pouring the drink into the four glasses, then distributing them to her friends and her father.

While Sydney was pouring the drinks, Addison motioned for Don to come and sit in the lounge chair next to her.

“Sydney tells us that you're going through a really rough divorce, Don. My parents just got divorced last year and I can't tell you how difficult it was for our entire family,” Addison said.

“Damn Addison,” Sydney exclaimed, “you don't have to put him on the spot like that, maybe he doesn't want to talk about it.”

“I'm sure he doesn't mind, and he doesn't have anyone else to talk to around here, I'm just trying to help him vent a little.”

“Hello ladies, I am here you know!” Don said, waving his hands in an exaggerated fashion while breaking into a wide smile, “and yes, it has been a bit traumatic these last few months, but I want to forget that for a while, enjoy your company and have a bit of fun instead. So what have you got planned?”

“I was thinking,” Sydney said, “that the three of us could go out for dinner tonight at the Crab Shack further along the beach, and then maybe hit a club after that.”

“Nonsense. Why don't I cook up some steaks and chicken on the grill for you girls and then once you get done eating, you can go out to a club or, you know, do whatever you want.”

“After months of eating in the dining hall at school, a home cooked meal really does sound good to me,” Kenna said.

“That does sound like a great idea Dad... and I'd even help you cook.”

“Well, now that we got all of that settled, I think it's time for my girlfriend and I to check out this amazing pool,” Addison said.

She got up out of the lounge chair and playfully pulled Kenna up onto her feet. Both girls then walked over to the pool and down the steps and glided gracefully into the water. Out of the corner of his eye, Don stealthily watched the scantily clad girls slip into the sparkling blue water.
Now that her friends were out of earshot, Sydney had a chance to talk with her father in relative privacy.

“Dad, when we talked the other day on the phone I thought you sounded a bit flustered. Are you sure that everything is okay? You know you can always talk to me right?”

“Well err, sure everything is okay, when I, hmm.., talked to you, I had just come back from a swim and I was a bit breathless,” Don replied quickly, feeling the color creep into his cheeks as he remembered what he had actually been doing.

“I don't want to burden you with what’s going on between your mom and I,” he continued, putting one of his hands on her arm, and the other on the arm of the chair, and looking directly at her as he spoke. “Why don’t we go and join your friends in the pool for half an hour before we start cooking?”

Sydney smiled at her father. He was always so stoic and he kept his emotions unfailingly in check. She knew that it could be difficult for him to open up and tell her what he was feeling and that made it difficult for her to relate to him at times. However, she didn't want to push the issue and force him to talk when he obviously wasn't ready.

“That sounds like a good idea Dad, we’ll just talk later on tonight,” she said, as she stood up.

“C’mon old man, let’s get into the pool,” she said, taking her Dad’s hand and pulling him up out of the chair.

Don couldn't help but notice his daughter’s firm round bottom sexily sashaying from side to side as she walked towards the pool. “God, has she always look like that?” he wondered to himself while walking behind her. “Surely not.”

In the pool, Addison and Kenna were noisily splashing and laughing with each other. That is when they weren't engaging in some very serious public displays of affection. Addison's little bikini was all but transparent now that it was wet and the two girls were enticingly rubbing their bodies together while they made out in the pool.

Sydney was used to this type of bawdy behavior from her best friends. However, this promiscuous display was new territory for Don.

“Syd,” he said, as they swam slowly up the pool together, ”are your friends always so umm…’revealing’ for want of a better word?”

She laughed, “Yes Dad, this is how they act most of the time, does it bother you?”

“Well, not really…. it’s just that…. well, I know they prefer each other, but they are very attractive and I am a man if you know what I mean?”
“Dad, I do believe you are blushing,” she said, looking down into the water and noticing the sizeable ‘tent’ in the front of her dad’s swim trunks, which put a smile on her face.

Looking across at her and seeing the smile spreading across her face, he followed the direction her eyes were looking and blushed a little more.

“I don’t want to get your heart racing any faster Dad, but we also talked about doing some skinny dipping, later on, tonight. You could join us if you felt up to it,” she said, still smirking.

Don inhaled water and stopped swimming, coughing and spluttering, while Sydney swam off in the opposite direction, with the silly grin still on her face.

“Is your dad all right Syd?” Kenna asked as Sydney swam up to her two friends.

“Oh, I think he’ll be fine,” Sydney said, with a soft smile.

“Hey, I've got an idea, let me up on your shoulders Kenna,” Addison said.

Kenna dove under the water, swam between Addison's legs and then stood up, hoisting her lover up onto her shoulders.

“I bet you can't knock me down off of here,” Addison said, playfully.

“Oh, that sounds like a challenge and you're in trouble now,” Sydney quickly responded back.

“Dad come over here and get me up on your shoulders, we've got two bitches here who are going down,” she said.

At first, Don didn't know whether to join in or not, however after a few seconds of hesitation, he took up the challenge. He swam down between his daughter’s legs and hoisted her up.

The next several minutes were filled with laughter and a lot of loud splashes as Addison and Sydney, on top of their partner's shoulders, were locked in the backyard pool equivalent of Mortal Kombat.

Amidst the splashing and cheerful name calling of the three young women, Don was having a difficult time concentrating on the battle that was going on above him. He found it nearly impossible to keep his eyes off of the young, perky, nubile breasts that were in front of him, much less the feel of his daughter's smooth, tan thighs which were wrapped around his head. Surrounded by the young, beautiful college coeds, Don felt as though he was twenty again. After about five minutes, the four combatants had worn themselves out.

“I could really use another Margarita,” Addison said, while still trying to catch her breath.

“I’ll go whip us up another pitcher,” Sydney said, smiling at her friends while making her way towards the steps.

She climbed out of the water slowly, adjusting her bikini bottom as she did so, surreptitiously watching her father talk and joke with her best friends. She could feel his eyes on her and had also noticed the way he very subtly ogled Addison and Kenna before, during, and after, their little pool romp.

She couldn't easily explain it, but somehow, his glances, his subtle looks, his eyes on her nearly naked body, made her feel alive… and… sexy? Yes, Sexy.

“I think it's not only the other girls you like sneaking glances at Dad,” she thought to herself while making her way indoors to the kitchen area.

She quickly put these very unexpected thoughts out of her mind as she prepared their drinks.

Having calmed down a little and got his breath back, Don made his way to the pool ladder and followed her into the open kitchen area, leaving Addison and Kenna in the pool.

Sydney had just finished pouring the alcohol into the pitcher when her father entered the kitchen. She looked up, and their eyes met. For the first time in her life, she felt a delicate and delicious, sexual tension, that had never previously been present between them and she wondered if he was feeling the same way.

“Syd, while we are alone, I just wanted to say that I realize now how much I've missed you; can a father just have a private hug?”

She felt a tear come to her eye.

“Of course Dad,” she said, as she walked up to him and they tenderly embraced.

She buried her head into his shoulder and felt him wrap his strong arms around her and hold her tight, then felt one hand start to stroke her hair.

“I've missed you so much too, and I was so worried about you,” she said, as she tried unsuccessfully to hold the tears back. “After what Mom has been putting you through, I didn't know if you’d hate me, or even want to see me again.”

“Oh sweetie, I could never hate you, none of this is your fault. You must know how much I love you.”

Hearing his sweet, gentle words, she hugged him tighter and cried freely into his shoulder.

“Oh Daddy, I love you so much too,” she said, between the tears.
Even though he subtly tried to create space between them, Sydney felt his cock begin to stiffen a little as she pressed hard against him. His growing erection pressed against her thigh for just a moment before he moved back. Although she didn't expect that physical reaction from him, she was also not put off by it. In this highly emotional, loving moment, it didn't matter to her. She only wanted to feel his embrace, his arms around her, his love, as he held her tight.

“Syd, I think we should get the drinks,” he whispered, “your friends will be wondering where we are.”

“I doubt it, Dad,” she replied, snuggling closer into his arms, “those two are so caught up in each other they probably haven't even noticed we left the pool.”

“They do seem to be enjoying one another Syd,” Don said, glancing over her head at the two girls still kissing at the far end of the pool, “and it’s nice to have a few minutes of our own time together.”

“It is,” she whispered and stretched up to lightly kiss his cheek.

That small movement put their bodies directly in-line, the swollen head of his erection inside his shorts now pressing firmly against her bikini covered mound.

“We umm... really do need to get the drinks out now Syd,” he said, slowly disentangling her arms from around his neck.

“Yes,” she said softly, while begrudgingly pulling herself away from her father's tender embrace, “we should get back out there.”

“You take the drinks out and I’ll stay here and start preparing the food,” Don said.

“Okay, let me know if you need any help,” Sydney replied, as she carried the fresh pitcher of margaritas outside.

While making her way towards the pool with the drinks, Sydney had a chance to reflect on what had just happened. It was a natural reaction, she thought to herself. I'm nearly naked in this tiny bikini and we’re pressing our bodies together while we hugged, it's only natural for something like that to happen. I mean, he is a man, after all, she thought, justifying the semi-innocent ‘rubbing’ to herself. We are both mature adults, right?

As Don marinated the steaks and chicken and readied them to be taken outside to the grill, he couldn’t stop his thoughts drifting back to what had just happened.

It was inadvertently exciting masturbating while talking to his daughter on the phone last week he remembered, but to actually have his erection blatantly rubbing against her like that, separated from her pussy by only her flimsy bikini bottoms and his shorts, was unnervingly erotic and that made him feel more than just a little bit uncomfortable. The other thing that he found almost as shocking was that she hadn't said anything about it and didn't seem to mind.

Sydney returned to the pool area and delivered the pitcher of Margarita’s to her friends. Addison and Kenna had exited the pool and were sitting in the sun-bathing chairs talking and romantically holding hands.

“Wow, I thought you got lost Syd, it took you long enough to get the drinks,” Kenna said, gently teasing her.

“I’m sorry it took so long guys, my dad and I were just catching up,” she said.

“Your Dad is so cool Syd, you’re so lucky to have a father that you can just hang out with. He’s nothing at all like my dad. When he’s not at work, he’s watching a ballgame on TV and will barely acknowledge my presence,” Addison said.

“We've always been close, but…” she faltered for a moment, for the first time trying to choose her words carefully to describe their relationship, “maybe somehow, this divorce is bringing us closer.”

“Well, anyone who would let you spend the summer here would definitely get my vote for father of the year,” Kenna joked.

The girls continued to talk, laugh, and joke with each other. Thankfully, neither of her friends picked up on Sydney’s emotional distance.

“What do you think Syd?” Kenna said, the question snapping her back to the now.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Sydney asked as she tried to get her mind to focus and return to the present.

“Duh, where are you?” Addison teased, “We were talking about just staying in tonight and hanging out here in the pool instead of going clubbing, what do you think?”

“Sure, I’m fine with that,” she said, still trying to recover from not paying attention to her friend’s earlier conversation.

Don’s booming voice from the kitchen momentarily put a pause to the girls’ conversation.

“Dinner will be ready in ten ladies.”

“That gives you ten minutes to go upstairs and put some clothes on your almost-naked ass before we eat, Addison,” Kenna said, playfully.

That good-natured, but saucy remark resulted in another round of kissing between Sydney’s best friends, however, she barely noticed. Mentally, she was still in the kitchen with her father.

A couple of hours later, everyone had eaten their fill of char-grilled steak and chicken and they were on their third pitcher of margaritas. They were all relaxing on the lounge chairs in the warm evening air, chatting and putting the world to rights. The ambiance on the deck of the beach house was relaxed and easygoing, aided in no small part by the copious amount of alcohol the four had been consuming.

“God, she looks just like that girl you used to hook up with Kenna,” Addison said while watching a young couple stroll down the beach hand in hand.

“No, she doesn't!!” Kenna screeched, punching her lover’s shoulder.

“What’s that girl’s name… Ummm… Gina right?” Addison quipped.

“Yes, her name was Gina.”

“You’re right, that doesn't look like her. Her ass was so much bigger than that girl.”

Kenna blushed while the other three laughed almost uncontrollably.

“God, you're such a bitch Addison,” Kenna said, smiling.

“Damn, did you see that guy who was holding her hand? He looked just like, ummm… what’s his name Syd, you know, that guy from your biology class last semester.”

Now it was Sydney’s turn to blush as she looked across at her father, “He was just a friend,” she said a bit too quickly.

Both Addison and Kenna burst out laughing.

“He was a friend that would come to your dorm room a couple of nights a week right?” Kenna said, between giggles.

“Well, we were studying,” she said.

The girls burst out laughing again.

“I don’t think I've ever seen Syd’s face turn that shade of red,” Kenna added.

Don listened to the verbal exchange, taking in all the implied sexual innuendos, his eyes flitting from one girl and then to the other, but resting mostly on Sydney. Maybe his daughter wasn't quite the naive, innocent that he always assumed.
“Don’t listen to them Dad, it’s just the alcohol talking, and both of them have big mouths,” Sydney said, before joining her friends in a fit of laughter.

“As much as I’d like to continue making fun of the virginal Sydney,” Addison said, once the laughter died down, “that pool just looks way too inviting, so who’s going to join me for a skinny dip?”

Without warning, Addison stood up unsteadily, stripped off her jean shorts, bikini bottoms and freed her breasts from the tiny bikini top until she stood naked in front of the other three.

“Well what are you all waiting for?” she said and headed to the pool.

Without missing a beat, Kenna stood up and quickly removed her clothes too, creating a second pile of apparel at the feet of the deck chairs, then followed Addison.

Sydney rose to her feet on wobbly legs, turned and then faced her father.

“Are you game, Dad?”

“Well, I guess it can’t hurt,” Don said, “but it might feel a little awkward, you know… with you ..”

Sydney looked into her father’s eyes and slowly let her clothes fall to the ground.

“Oh, let’s worry about that later,” Sydney said, and without further hesitation, turned and walked towards the pool.

Don stood up slowly and watched as Sydney walked away from him. He noticed the sexy sway of her hips, and the slight gap between her thighs. Almost without thought, he pushed his shorts down, and despite knowing that the very sight of her had made his penis come to life, he followed her into the pool.

The three girls were already in the water when he got there, swimming and splashing each other. Hoping they might not notice his aroused state, he slipped quickly into the pool and made his way over to them.

“Glad you decided to join us,” Addison slurred, as she noticed him swimming across.

“Yes come and play”, Kenna shouted, “the water feels great,” she added, clearly buzzed and enjoying it.

“Dad, catch!” Sydney shouted, throwing a large ball towards him, the water only up to her waist so that her breasts and hard nipples faced him.

Don didn't even come close to catching the ball. He was too preoccupied with the sight of his daughter’s gently swaying breasts as she threw the ball.

“C’mon Addison, I want a rematch,” Kenna shouted, giggling, “it’s my turn on your shoulders and I bet they won’t get me off first.”

“No but I might,” Addison said giggling, then blowing her a kiss, before diving down between Kenna’s legs and hoisting her onto her shoulders.

“What are you waiting for Syd?” Kenna shouted, wobbling precariously on Addison's slim shoulders.

“Dad, I can't possibly support you, I will have to be on top again,” Sydney said, wading over to him.

Don didn’t know what to do. His erection was rock hard now from watching his daughter and her two friends frolicking about. Being in the shallow end of the pool he could also see that the swollen head of his cock was clear out of the water, like a submarine periscope.

“Syd, I am not sure,” he said.

Sydney closed the gap between them and pressed her body against his.

“It will be fun Dad, don’t worry about anything,“ she said, looking into his eyes and wrapping her arms around him, her erect nipples touching his chest and his hardness pressing against her bare mound and stomach.

Although Don was buzzed, he knew he wasn't as drunk as his daughter and her friends. However, he got swept up in the hedonistic moment and relented to Sydney’s request. He dove under the water and opened his eyes, taking in his daughter's sleek, tight form, in front of him. He took a brief moment to appreciate her perfectly formed breasts, round hips and toned, tanned thighs. She had turned into such a visibly stunning woman and he wondered how he had never noticed it before.

He swam through her legs and surfaced amidst the loud sounds of laughing and giggling, with Sydney on his shoulders. Over the next several minutes, the girls once again began the engagement for backyard pool supremacy. Don marveled at how competitive the girls were in their will to win. Like before, he tried to help Sydney gain a competitive advantage over her friends. Yet, that was difficult because of the distracting, naked, young bodies in front of him and knowing that his daughter’s naked mound was pressed against the back of his neck. God, are all of her friends that comely, he wondered?

A few minutes later, the girls had once again worn themselves out and Sydney and Kenna dismounted from their respective partner's shoulders. While Don very carefully lifted his daughter from his shoulders and she slid into the water beside him, the girls had already resumed their very amorous public displays of affection. This time, because of the alcohol, Addison and Kenna were even bawdier while making out and rubbing their bodies seductively together.

Even though he tried to ignore it the best he could, Don was sure that the girls had their hands between each other’s legs under the water pleasuring each other.

“I think that we're ready to turn in for the night,” Addison said.

“Yeah, we're starting to get tired,” Kenna giggled.

“Okay, I think we can call it a draw,” Sydney said while smiling at her friends. “You both look positively worn out,” she joked. “Good night and I'll see you both tomorrow morning.”

“Good night,” the girls said in unison as they exited the pool, collected their clothes, and hurriedly made their way towards the house to continue their lustful pursuits.

Once Addison and Kenna were inside and had shut the door, Don and Sydney were left alone in the pool.

“Dad… I...” Sydney started.

“Listen Syd…” Don said.

In their attempt to break the tension, both father and daughter simultaneously began speaking, which resulted in gentle laughter.

“Sorry, you go first Syd.”

Sydney took a deep breath before continuing, “I just wanted to say how great it is to be here with you, it brings back so many wonderful memories for me.”

Don couldn't be sure if it was pool water or a tear running down her face, but he desperately wanted to hold her and comfort her again. He hadn't realized the pain that this divorce was causing his daughter and he wanted to something, anything to help alleviate it. He put his arms around her and drew her towards him.

“Everything has been so stressful for me ever since I learned about you and Mom,” she said, another tear sliding down her face onto her father’s skin. “Between my school work and worrying about you, I felt as if I was falling apart. But being here with you, spending time with you, this is the most ‘normal” I've felt in months.”

Don was enjoying the feeling of her naked body against him; her breasts touching his chest, her erect nipples pressing against his wet skin. It was too much for him to take, and once again he felt himself lose control and his flaccid penis began to stiffen. However, this time, the thin piece of material from her bikini bottom wasn't between them and he could feel his erection rest against the smooth mound of her vagina.

He very quickly felt himself grapple with a myriad of mixed emotions. A sexy, young, beautiful, naked woman was in his arms and he hadn't been intimate with a woman in months. However, he felt a tinge of guilt. Slowly, he felt her pull away slightly and change position.

He wanted to comfort her, be there for her, but had he let this go too far?

Then he felt Sydney move forward and press her lips against his. Not a platonic, father/daughter kiss, but an open-mouthed, passionate kiss reserved for lovers. He felt her tongue enter his mouth and again pulled her body into his as their tongues sensually danced. He could feel her body melting into his, his erection pressing against her thigh, the warm water of the pool surrounding them.

Don was just living the moment, a stunningly attractive young woman, kissing him; her tongue in his mouth, his intertwined with hers, her erect nipples pressing into his chest, her naked body pressed up against his… and then…

Reality. It came to him like a punch to the mouth. “Shit, This is my daughter, my little girl. This is wrong.” Without warning, he broke their kiss and gently pushed her away from him.

“Sydney, I, We…emm I can’t...”

He was too embarrassed to even finish his sentence. He turned, and very quickly headed for the steps, collected his clothes and hurriedly made his way towards the door to the house. Without looking back, he retreated to his bedroom.

Sydney watched in stunned silence as her father departed the pool area and went into the house. She was so turned on from that embrace, from that kiss, from feeling her father’s hard cock against her and from realizing that the feelings were not just one sided.


Sydney knew that sleep wasn't going to come easily, but she had no idea that it would elude her completely. She had touched herself in the pool after her father had left, and then twice more in her bed, but nothing seemed to quell that need or satisfied the ache. The day had felt like one long emotional and sexual roller-coaster which left her feeling wired and completely awake. Finally, she just gave up. Her throat was parched from being in the sun all day, not to mention all the alcohol she consumed. She silently tip-toed downstairs, naked, to get a bottle of water from the fridge.

Just as she stood upright and closed the refrigerator door, she heard a voice come from out of the darkness of the great room.

“I see that I’m not the only one who couldn't sleep.”

Don was wearing his bathrobe and smiling at her with kind, gentle, loving eyes. Before today, being nude in front of her father would have mortified Sydney to the point of needing therapy. But now, she felt calm and relaxed standing in front of her father naked.

“We must be suffering from the same affliction,” she said, with a soft smile.

“Over the past several months when things are bothering me, like this upcoming divorce, I've found that the hot tub helps me to relax and get some perspective. I'd love for you to join me, Syd.”

There was a warm, gentle breeze blowing in off of the ocean that was lightly swaying the palm trees. Even though the outdoor lights were off, Don and Sydney could see each other clearly under the light of the full moon as they stepped naked into the hot tub.

“Come and sit next to me Syd,” Don said quietly, holding out his hand to steady her into the tub.

“Oh Dad, this is so relaxing,” Sydney said, settling herself next to him, their hips and shoulders touching.

“Yes, I like to come out here sometimes when I can’t sleep,” he replied, casually resting his free arm over Sydney’s shoulders and gently letting his finger trace small circles on her skin.

There was a comfortable silence, until… “Dad... you know earlier, when we were in the pool, I was sort of wondering what made you leave so abruptly.”

Don was quiet for a moment, then took a sip of his water, “Well Syd, to be honest, I found myself feeling things for you that I wasn't sure you would appreciate. You have to realize that you are a beautiful woman and any man would have a similar reaction to seeing you without clothes.”

Don paused, “You know I love you but..” Don took another sip of water, “I am a bit ashamed to say that I have been thinking about you as more than just my daughter. There, I've said it! Are you disgusted with me now?”

She paused for a moment to reflect and process his words.

“I’m not disgusted with you, or angry with you.”

She paused again to collect her thoughts and try to find the right words.

“I thought that I… That I angered you, or stepped over some line when I… when we kissed.”

“No, of course, you didn't, it was me that thought I shouldn't be kissing you, even though, at that moment, it was all I wanted to do.”

“It wasn't only you. That kiss, it was what I wanted too, and maybe... maybe there was no wrong in it. I just feel... ”

She paused again as she felt tears coming to her eyes.

Don put his arm fully around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him.

“Oh Dad, I've felt so many different emotions since I've been here. All of these memories from my childhood, of all the fun, happy times we've had here together as a family. But now, those times, those days, they’re over aren't they?”

Don turned to look at her.

“We did have great times here, and... yes, things will change, but...I know we’ll find happiness again.”

She looked up, longingly, lovingly, their eyes meeting. They leaned in, their lips brushed tenderly and she felt his strong arms pull her closer to him. He could feel her erect nipples press against his chest while their tongues passionately caressed. Almost involuntarily Don’s hand moved to the inside of her thigh underneath the water.

Sidney was lost in the loving, ardent embrace and almost without thinking, she opened her legs giving Don better access to her most intimate region.

Don slowly moved his fingers along the inside of his daughter's thigh, and even in the balmy, hot water his smooth, gentle touch sent shivers through Sydney’s body.

Hesitantly, he ran his fingers over her smooth, shaved mound, and then lower, to the lips of her sex.

She gasped, breaking their kiss, as she felt his nimble fingers move over her cleft splitting her lips, and then gently slip inside her. Even under the water, his fingers easily penetrated her.

He had such a smooth, deft touch. It was nothing like the high school, or even college boys that she was used to.

His lips met hers again, kissing her ardently while his fingers continued to explore. Then, without warning, his thumb brushed lightly over the hood of her clit which sent lightning bolts through her body.

“Oh yes Dad, right there,” she moaned into his mouth, just before a very powerful orgasm violently racked her body to its very core.

He continued to kiss her though her orgasm, his mouth never leaving hers until she was able to control her trembling body.

As she came down from the peak, and her wits were once again about her, hesitantly, she reached between her father’s legs and gently grasped his cock. Sydney could see the need in his eyes as she slowly began to stroke him under the water.

Don felt her soft, gentle touch on his cock, the exquisite sensations making his eyes roll back into his head. He slumped up against the hot tub letting out a low, guttural moan as she worked him gently back and forth.

Sydney saw the tension vanish from his face as his breathing became shallower. She could feel the movement in the water as he gently rocked his hips in time with her gentle stroking movement. His penis felt alive in her hand as it pulsated and almost seemed to grow thicker. She increased the pace, which caused his breathing to become even more erratic as she brought him closer to the edge.

He let out a gasp just as Sydney looked down and saw thick ropes of semen burst out of her father’s cock underneath the water. She continued to stroke him several more times until she could tell he was spent. She released him from her grasp, watching fascinated as the thick strings of cum washed around them in the water, some of it attaching itself to her bare thighs.

She was so entranced watching the unraveling strings of Don’s seminal fluid that she was suddenly brought back to the present when Don quietly said in her ear, “I think it's time we got some sleep, Syd.”

She looked into his eyes, “Dad, I don’t want to be alone tonight. Would it be okay if I slept with you, in your bed?”

Without saying another word, Don stood up and took her hand, leading her out of the hot tub and into the house.

Lost in their own thoughts but still holding hands, they went into the master bedroom. Sydney slipped silently under the covers. Don watched her for a few brief seconds before sliding into bed next to her, pulling her tightly to him and spooning his naked body against hers. Within minutes, both fell into an exhausted, restful sleep.

It was light in the room as Don gradually opened one eye and then the other. He tried to close them again, but it was no use, as sleep would no longer hold him. He knew he couldn’t possibly have gotten enough rest, but the alarm clock inside his body went off. On a normal day, it would be time to take his early morning swim in the ocean. He stretched out in the bed, putting his arms above his head and made his legs as straight and long as he could, easing the tension out of his muscles. He turned his head to the side and the memories of the previous evening kicked in as he saw the tussle of blonde hair on the pillow next to him. Of course, Syd, he remembered.

As he looked at her lying there, still sleeping peacefully, her face serene and her lips slightly open, he thought how beautiful she looked. He slowly looked down her body, seeing that at some time in the night she had obviously been too warm and had pulled the covers down to her waist. He marveled at how her breasts were still firm and held their shape, each smooth hill topped with a light pink nipple and areola. As he looked more closely at the small bumps surrounding each nipple, he blew gently onto the closest nipple and was rewarded by seeing its involuntary change from a small flattened disc to a hard, erect nub.

Sydney stirred the minor stimulation no doubt intruding into her mind. She opened her eyes slowly and her face burst into a smile.

“Dad,” she said huskily, “have you been awake long?”

“Long enough,” Don said, grinning.

Raising himself on his elbow, he placed the other hand on the side of her face and gently, lovingly, tucked a stray blonde lock behind her ear, he leaned over and lightly brushed his lips against hers.

“Mmm that’s a nice way to be woken up,” she said, turning towards him sleepily.

“I didn't mean to wake you Syd, but your lips looked so soft and after last night, I just had to kiss them.”

“I’m glad you did, now kiss me properly.”

Don moved closer so that the skin along the length of his body was in contact with her. He put his hand on her warm cheek and pressed his lips to hers, a little more forcefully this time as he gently brushed his lips against hers. Sydney opened her mouth and allowed Don’s tongue to slip inside. The arousal of their tongues moving together; tasting, feeling, caressing, caused Don’s cock to grow to its full length and both of Sydney’s nipples to become hard and erect.

Not breaking the kiss, Don slid his hand down from her face, his fingers lightly stroking her neck as it made its way to her breast. He found her hard nub and grazed it with his palm before cupping her breast in his hand, his thumb gently rubbing back and forth over her nipple. He felt Sydney’s legs moving against one another slightly as his thumb kept up the sensations on her nipple.

”Oh Dad, that feels so good,” Sydney said, breaking the kiss and moving her hand down slowly, through the sparse mat of hair on his chest.

Her touch spurned him on, gently cupping her breasts in his hands, feeling the taut, firm flesh give under his tender caress. Her nipples were fully erect now, standing proudly, while her breathing became shallower as his lips possessed hers with increased urgency.

She moaned into his mouth with a heightened sense of ardor as his fingers explored her body. Her stomach muscles quivered under his light, delicate, feathery touch. His fingers moved lower and stopped at her navel. He took the small one karat diamond sun belly ring between his fingers and admired it momentarily, remembering he purchased it as a gift for her eighteenth birthday.

Slowly, his fingers moved further south over her bare mound. The absence of pubic hair still amazed him; young women had changed so much since his day. He heard a slight gasp escape Sydney’s mouth as his fingers traced over her puffy, engorged, pink lips. He gently separated them and noticed the moisture that had lubricated the tips of his fingers.

Hesitantly, he stopped and looked into her eyes for reassurance and was met with a warm, loving smile. Sydney moved her hand on top of his and guided two of his fingers into her hot, wet core.

She gasped and released her hand from her father's as Don slowly moved his fingers in and out of her vagina. She threw her head back on the pillow moaning and writhing, while he gently worked his fingers in and out of her sex. He marveled how her lithe body responded to his touch, as she began to slowly gyrate her hips, keeping time with his smooth, easy motion.

He lowered his head and took her erect nipple into his mouth sucking hungrily on the little nub which elicited a low moan. Don very subtly increased the pace of his thrusting fingers while simultaneously using his thumb to gently rub the hood of her clit.

“Oh God Dad, yes, just like that,” Sydney said, moaning as her orgasm overtook and consumed her.

He watched in wonderment as she slowly came back down from the peak and regained control of her body. His lips tenderly moved lower, kissing down her stomach. Kissing, licking, and sucking, on her tender flesh causing the muscles in her belly to involuntarily spasm under his skilled ministrations. Unabashedly, Sydney opened her legs as he positioned himself between them.

She gasped as he tenderly kissed the inside of her thighs, licking the secretions which were running down her legs, inadvertently teasing her.

“Please Dad, please put your mouth on me,” she begged.

Don looked up from between her legs and watched her eyes roll back into her head as he sunk his tongue deep inside her. He felt her close her thighs around his head while he licked the walls of her vagina. Her hips began to buck and she ground her pelvis into his mouth.

Sydney’s torso was moving involuntarily in response to Don’s mouth and he had to wrap his arms around her thighs to hold her motionless while his tongue lapped at her swollen wet sex.

“Oh God, please, my clit, lick my clit.”

Responding to her plea, Don flicked the tip of his tongue over the hard little bud which sent Sydney over the edge again, as another powerful orgasm racked her body.

He again licked and kissed the inside of her thighs, giving her time to recover and regain control of her body.

Don’s erection was so rigid that he was approaching the point of physical pain. He got on his knees and positioned himself between her legs.

Silently, their eyes met. She looked up at him lovingly and smiled while simultaneously nodding her head.

Don grasped his cock at the base and gently rubbed the head over her puffy, swollen lips splitting them and causing her to gasp. Smoothly, he positioned the head at her entrance and deftly rotated his hips forward. Gradually, he watched the tip of his cock sink into her and he felt her tight walls give and expand to accommodate his member. He continued moving forward slowly until he was completely inside her.

Sydney felt the head of his engorged member at her opening, then, inch by inch, she felt him easing himself gently inside her until she could feel his balls resting against her ass. It was one of the most erotic moments of her young life, feeling her father’s cock deep inside her, stretching her and filling her. It was one of the most exquisite feelings she had ever experienced.

At a snail's pace, she felt him begin to move in and out of her sending electric currents through her body. She felt his lips press urgently to hers as she wrapped her arms around him and clung to him, their bodies moving together in perfect unison.

He felt so large inside her, and because of the angle, his thick cock was rubbing perfectly against her clitoris.

“Oh God Dad,” she moaned, and cried out, as another powerful orgasm rocked her to her very core.

Don continued to move smoothly inside her as she released. He again leaned down kissing her lovingly until she had once again gained control of her body.

Wanting to keep him inside her, Sydney locked her legs around Don’s ass pulling him to her.
Held deep inside her by her heels pressing into his ass, Don stopped moving, although Sydney could feel his cock throbbing against the slick walls of her vagina.

“Syd I… I can’t hold back much longer… should I...”

“Inside of me, please Dad, inside of me.”

Once again, he began to move slowly inside her and as his passion grew, he gradually increased the pace. Sydney gasped and rotated her pelvis to meet his hard thrusts. She listened to his breathing change and could feel his cock expand inside her.

“Oh God, Syd, I’m…”

His words were cut off as she squeezed her vaginal muscles around his member, heightening the sensation for him.

Sydney looked into her father's eyes as she felt his cock pulse and shoot his seed deep inside her, the warm liquid filling her already wet vagina and overflowing out onto the sheet underneath them.

Don collapsed on top of her, sensually crushing her under his weight and it took several minutes for their breathing to return to normal as they recovered. Gradually, his penis softened and slipped out of her, bringing more of their mixed cum with it, making the already large pool of fluid on the sheet even bigger.

Don gently rolled over onto his side, taking his weight off her and looking down at her body. Her still erect nipples, and the red engorged lips of her pussy, glistening wet with their combined juices, was so sexy that it made him want to just do it all again. He felt as though something had just happened that was meant to be.

As Sydney listened to her father’s soft, gentle breathing, she felt so relaxed, so sated, so… happy. Her world felt perfect.

The last thing Don wanted was to get out of bed and separate himsel

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