A frustrated husband controls his wife - sex story

A frustrated husband controls his wife

After three years of marriage, Dave and Julia's sex
life had started out great, but now whittled down to a
bit of fondling as foreplay followed by a quick romp-
missionary style three times a month. This satisfied
Julia, but Dave was growing more frustrated.

Dates with "Ma Thumb and her four daughters" had given
way to browsing the internet. It was here he discovered
hypnosis. It started last ditch effort to save his
marriage and restore his sanity, but soon it became an

After 6 months of studying and practising at every
spare moment; Dave was becoming an accomplished
hypnotist. With the aid of a drug he had bought off the
internet, he was ready to put his well-rehearsed plan
into action.

When Dave arrived home Julia was in the kitchen
preparing dinner. But when she popped to the loo, he
slipped the drug into the glass of wine she always
allowed herself when cooking. He then sat back to watch
the game on television.

As they sat to enjoy the food, Dave brought up the
subject of hypnosis. He joked with Julia and bet her
that he could get her to do all housework everyday for
a month and enjoy it. Julia, innocently, to accepted
his challenge.

Dave smiled inwardly, "The time has come, you frigid
little mare!"

He loved Julia and thought that one of the reasons for
her lack of sex drive was that she had a low confidence
level. She didn't think she was pretty or that she had
a particularly good figure. Actually, she had a figure
most women would kill for. Julia was perfectly
proportioned; 5'10" slim and blond with pear shaped 34C
breasts and perfectly formed hips.

Not a wrinkle or sag anywhere.

Much to Dave's frustration, however, she usually
dressed to hide that gorgeous figure.

He couldn't remember the last time she wore a skirt...
that was gonna change!

He sat Julia down at the dining room table and shone a
bright light at her focusing just above her line of
sight. With a hand on her forehead, he forced her head
to drop slightly as he whispered his chosen phrase over
and over again, and started to rotate the light around,
but never directly in her eyes.

After almost ten minutes of this, he dropped the light
to shine below her line of vision. Julia didn't notice
the change of direction and continued with her head
bowed, and moving in concentric circles.

Dave asked her to repeat his chosen phrase "relaxed and
tired unable to resist."

She did, and after only a couple of minutes she began
to mumble. Soon afterward closed her eyes and started
to breathe deeply.

Dave smiled got up a fetched a beer from the fridge.
She hated him drinking on weekdays.

Now it was time for instructions:

"You are to be more self confident about your body. You
have an amazing figure. You are to let me pick what you
wear and the manner in which you wear it. You will be
unaware of people leering at your exposed body. You
will not be embarrassed. When I give you the command,
you will wake and remember our bet. You will tell me
that you have no intention of doing housework; and that
I should do it for being so ridiculous."

"Wakey, wakey pretty lady," Dave said.

Julia looked up with a smile and said, "Guess your
doin' the dishes."

The following day, Dave left work at 12:30 to be home
before Julia. He picked out a purple t shirt which
gaped at the front, (Julia always wore a top underneath
as well as a bra) and a pair of the thinnest summer
trousers in the wardrobe, and nothing else. He laid
them on the bed and sat outside in the sun and waited
for Julia.

"Hi I'm home" she said, and he jumped startled from his
dreamy sleep.

He greeted her in the Kitchen, "Sexy Julia, Julia
sexy," he said.

She blanked over, her eyes staring straight through

"Decide to change your clothes.... I have picked your
attire and..." went the instructions.

Twenty minutes later Julia shouted that she was popping
out and wouldn't be long. She had gone to visit Simon,
the old man who lived across the road. She had always
thought him odd and possibly a voyeuristic type, not to
mention creepy. But he was a keen gardener and had the
prettiest garden in the neighbourhood.

She knocked on his door and asked if he could identify
a plant in her garden (flower or weed). Then she
accidentally dropped her bag, as instructed. She bent
down to pick it up allowing the tall old man to see
down her top.

Simon looked, but could not quite believe his good
fortune. He had sexual fantasies about her since she
moved in. He always tried to glimpse a bit of flesh
through a crack in the curtains or her exiting the car.
He often wanked off while imagining what it would be
like to have those pouty sensual-looking lips around
his shlong; or shagging her dripping wet quim while she
bucked and orgasmed like a weasel in heat.

But, until now, she was too prim and proper for the
likes of him; but his wettest dreams were about to
"cum" true.

He could see her beautiful full creamy white breasts,
jiggling as they fell forward. Each one was capped off
with a perfect small nipple, pale and erect. As he
looked he could see her flat toned stomach and waist
band of her trousers, Julia unaware of his stare
continued to place the spilt belongings into her bag.

Simon had an idea.

"Come in Julia dear," he said. "I'll give you some of
my cuttings from my greenhouse."

She followed without hesitation.

The old man offered Julia the choice of his prize
pickings from the bottom shelf of the green house. He
told her to take her time and choose wisely and to ask
any question she wanted.

After 15 minutes of deciding and having her quivering
breasts on display for the old man she thanked him and
returned home. Later, she told Dave what a nice chap
Simon was.

That evening he instructed her to undress and come down
stairs in only her robe.

She was to put the bedroom light on while changing but
to only shut the curtains half way. This left a gap so
that her neighbor and any passers-by could see into the

The old man was stood in his front room. His trousers
were around his ankles and his rock hard cock in hand.
He still remembered those tits, the first real pair he
had seen in an age, at least for free.

He noticed the bedroom light go on and watch in
disbelief as Julia entered and appeared to remove her
blouse. He grabbed the binoculars and pumped his cock
even faster. There, just for him, was Julia with her
full breasts in full view as she continued to undress,
unaware that the curtains were not properly shut. When
her trousers dropped the old man nearly passed out. A
sandy brown pubic bush came into view underneath a
white flat toned body.

Julia turned to collect her robe and offered the old
man a sight of a tight pert white ass. She had a
perfect body! He shot his load over the window netting
and checked his pulse. My god, he wanted her naked in
his room. He needed to see her pussy and spread her ass
cheeks. He needed to have those tits wrapped 'round his
cock and her tongue wrapped 'round his balls.

An hour later Dave knocked on his door, "Sorry to
bother you, but Julia isn't very well, could you help
me get her to bed, I can't carry her on my own."

"Ughhhhhh course I can, dear boy," he said and grabbed
a long sweater to help ensure Dave wouldn't see the
boner he knew was coming.

Julia asleep on the sofa was wrapped tight in her robe
and was a dead weight.

"She took some sleeping pills and fell asleep before
she got to bed, they must have acted faster than
expected." Dave explained.

"I'll grab her shoulders can you grab her ankles and
we'll take her upstairs"

"Pussy time," Simon whispered to himself just be
careful Dave will kill you if he catches you ogling"

As they were about to lift; Dave grabbed his cell

"Dam silent mode" he said and put the phone to his ear.

Yes I know," he said.

"Sorry I must have missed your call, the figures are
waiting for you but the forecast figures for manpower
are..." on he spoke.

He was looking down as the phone was wedged under his
chin. He couldn't look up as he would drop the phone
and couldn't use his hands as they were under Julia’s
armpits ready to lift.

"You go first," he said to the old man and allowed him
to take the first steps up the stairway.

He watched Dave intently he seem to be moving very
slowly as he talked and walked.

The old man grew in confidence and as they climbed he
lifted Julia's legs slightly higher than needed and
started to pull her ankles apart hoping to get a close
up of her sweet trimmed bush and perfect pink pussy

Just as her bush was coming into view Dave glanced at
him and said "Are you okay? If she gets heavy, we'll

And he returned to his call.

The old man nearly shit his pants; he had never gotten
a woody so quickly. But Dave was so engrossed in his
conversation and hadn't noticed Simon's crotch was

They laid her on the bed and Dave left the bedroom
still talking on the phone. He was saying that he was
gonna check the contract; and went downstairs.

Simon signalled to the bathroom and was greeted with a
quick nod.

"This could take hours" Dave said, as he wandered

He shouted to the old man that he would be in the
annexed office and that he could let himself out.
Meanwhile, he was smiling so hard, the top of his head
nearly fell off. He had been having the fake
conversation for some time and had now given him all
the time he needed to explore Julia.

Simon needed to take a crap before he did anything. He
was nervous as hell, but no way was he gonna not see
what he came for. He tiptoed back to the bedroom and
looked down at his beauty. He undid the double knot
holding the robe closed and pulled apart each half
slowly exposing first the left and then the right tit.

He sat down on her bed, next to her, staring at her
perfect breasts relaxed and resting but still standing
proud on her chest. Her nipples were still slightly
erect from the rubbing of the material of the robe. His
eyes travelled down her body to her slim shapely waist,
around her navel and down to her neatly trimmed pubic
bush. He loved to see it like that; it made a woman
look like a woman. He gently caressed the soft hairs,
letting them tickle his palm. When he moved her ankles
apart he saw her tiny, perfectly-shaped pussy petals
opening a tiny bit.

She had trimmed the hair around her labia.

"That's class," he thought, and moved his nose up to
those pussy lips inhaling her scent.

He wanted see every inch of her as he lifted her legs
high in the air whilst spreading them further. He could
now see her asshole as well. He knelt down between her
legs and started to gently lick her cunt and asshole.

"A prude like this would never let anybody lick her
tight puckered pink hole," he mused.

Her body was responding to his touch. Her pussy lips
turned a deeper crimson as they swelled and gaping. Her
juices made them glisten and formed dewy drops on the
soft hairs. He continued to lick her pussy hole while
drawing up her love juices to lubricate her clit.

He sat up and admired his quarry. His dream girl was
laid out naked with her legs spread and her fanny moist
and open. He took his finger and started to distribute
her juices around that bung hole. He worked slowly at
first, inserting one, then two slick fingers into her
lubricated bowel.

He never felt so sexually turned-on in his whole randy

Before he had chance to stick his dick in her, he shot
an early load onto his trousers lying on the floor
gathered around his ankles.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" he moaned rather loudly.

He released her body and regained control over his
libido. Then, he rubbed the tip of his still-dripping
cock over her face, and left a pearly slug trail that
crossed over her closed eyelids and down the bridge of
her nose to her slightly parted lips.

He opened her mouth and inserted his dick. The feel of
her tongue already making him hard again and the sight
of his sperm on her face and lips were building him up
to another cum.

This time he caught himself in time. He stood up and
guided his dick down her body over her breast and
around her nipple, enjoying the tingling sensation on
his aching manhood as her nipple hardened. He moved
down to her pubic bush and carefully guided himself
through the entrance to nirvana. He slowly pushed his
dick into her hot pussy, watching it disappear inch by

"A few pumps," he said. "Then, out."

But he needed more.

He couldn’t stop!

He withdrew from her cunt, and wiped his dick around
her rectum; coating it with a mixture of his cum and
her juices. He slipped two fingers back into Julia's
asshole loosened up from before. As he watching as her
ass move in and out rhythmically with his fingers; he
couldn't believe his good fortune. He had to keep
checking her closed eyelids to make sure she wouldn't
wake up and scream for her husband.

His heart was practically beating out of his chest as
his gnarly digits pumped her nether-channel.

He had never felt too turned on so dirty, so naughty so
exotic before.

Soon her sphincter had loosened enough to take him.

He knew he wouldn't last long.

He pushed his dick head up to her dimpled brown beauty
and entered her. His pace quickened as he looked down
on this prone, unconscious bitch stretched out before
his rampant cock; her gaping fanny not 2 feet from his
nose. Her tits were swaying seductively in rhythm with
his pumping, faster and faster now.

It was too much!

He felt that familiar itch that started in his loins,
and travelled right to the end of his cock.

As he pulled out, accompanied by a familiar popping
sound, he slammed his dick between her perfect lips.
Careful not to choke her while forcing himself down her
throat. He exploded, and shot a massive load of spunk
that even filled her mouth.

He stood up gingerly not quite believing the intensity
of his orgasm. He quickly dressed, grabbed a towel from
the bathroom and wiped the excess sperm supper from her
face. He then returned her to her original position and
tied up her robe. He crept downstairs and out the front

He needed to lie down!

He lay on his bed, trying to comprehend what had

He had seen this beautiful, but prudish woman naked.
She had sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. He had
tasted her pussy and drank her juices. He had licked
her ass and fucked her anally. He had caressed her
breasts and felt her body. Just remembering all that
went down was gonna keep him hard for a week.

Dave switched off the spy cam and called, "Wakey, wakey
sleepy Julia, come downstairs." She came down chomping
on her tongue and complaining of an ugly mouth.

He wasted no time and asked her how she felt. She
replied as instructed, "Much better for my nap. I think
I'll have a quick cuppa tea and go do the ironing."

Dave smiled!

She had no idea!

She believed she had felt tired that evening and gone
to bed for a nap. She believed next time she saw Simon
across the street he would still be wishing he could
just once glimpse a peak at her rather impressive
cleavage. She would never let that happen.

How little she knew.

The next few days Julia was allowed to be herself;
conscious of her appearance and conservatively dressed.
Dave, meanwhile, was making up plans for her. He knew
he could implant a scenario in her mind and without
question she would follow it. When given the command

"Wakey, wakey sleepy Julia, come downstairs."

She would, as though nothing had happened.

"Good morning," Simon waved to her as she came out her
front door. It was the first time he had seen Julia
since his erotic evening with her.

"Hi, thanks for the plants. They’re really pretty, I
owe you one." she said. Then she just smiled and went
back inside.

"Call it even" he said to himself.

Julia’s boss, George, was not a nice chap. At 62 he was
nearing retirement. He was single, short, and skinny;
with bad teeth and bad breath. He was notorious for
upsetting people. He had a short temper and believed in
autocratic management. He believed he was smarter than
everybody in his employment. He also had a reputation
for liking the younger pretty ladies.

Julia knew of several women who had resigned because of
his unwanted advances and inappropriate comments. She
would often come home and tell stories of his
ineptitude and discrimination. So Dave was fully aware
of how much she loathed him. His next project was gonna
be good.

Julia arrived for work knowing it was going to be "one
of those days," With most of the staff away on a
training course. During lunch she would be left in the
office, on her own, with only her boss present. He
always found a reason to call her in to his office for
a little chat. Mostly he just liked the sound of his
own voice, and she could switch it off. But, this time,
she needed to do her busy job.

"Have you got a minute please, Julia," she heard George
say. It was a loaded question. Of course, but she
answered it as always "yes, coming now."

Today was different though, because Julia was wearing
Dave’s choice of outfit. It hadn’t gone unnoticed by

She wore a dark brown v-neck blouse which was a little
to big for her around the bust and a little too short
in length. Underneath was a very thin, very brief white
satin bra through which one could see the outline of
her firm nipples. A pair of silk trousers accentuated
her shapely legs and firm ass, and black thong panties
topped off the outfit. She looked fuckably amazing!

After everybody had left the office for training; she
went to the filing cabinet outside George’s office and
squatted down to file some papers away. George was
quick to spot this and came to the doorway. "Miss
Prude" was having a very slack day he smiled, as his
dick stirred.

He could see her thong that outlined the shape of her
ass and pussy. He wanted to be that thong! As she
filed, the large blouse fell forward, exposing a bra
that was barely cupping her perfect tits. He could see
her accented nipple bumps. George thought quickly. He
grabbed a pile of old paper work and asked Julia to
file them away at the back of the bottom drawer. This
gave him another chance to ogle her gorgeous body. Once
she finished, he called her into his office.

We are having a staff outing next week, I know you
don’t normally attend, but I‘d really like you to come.

This translated into: "If you do not attend; I will
make your life hell." She had seen it before.

"Okay," she said. "Dave will be come along too. It will
be nice for a change," she lied.

Dave smiled quietly to himself as Julia recounted the
request from George.

That evening, as they sat in the living room, Julia was
naked, and gently caressing her clitoris with her
toothbrush while fingering her ass, as instructed.

For the event itself a meal followed by a few drinks in
the bar next to the restaurant. At the outing, Julia
dressed in baggy trousers, bra, t-shirt, blouse, and
cardigan. No flesh was available to view and her shape
could not be defined. Perfect, thought Dave. George had
seen enough and it had clearly left him wanting more.

All things come to those who wait.

The event itself a meal was followed by meal, then, a
few drinks in the bar next to the restaurant. Almost
half of the party left after the meal; and of those who
stayed only a handful went to the bar next door. Julia,
Dave and George went along with a couple of other
assistant managers who were there only to appease

Around 11, the assistant managers left; giving early
mornings as a viable excuse. Julia too was poking Dave
to get going, whining about the late hour and that Dave
had delayed their exit long enough.

"Time to get going I think. May I catch a lift with
you? I would be very grateful" George said.

"Course you can." said Dave, as he led his very
irritated and slightly drunk wife and her very drunk
boss to his car.

Julia started to doze in the car as Dave engaged George
in mindless conversation, full of subtle sexual

"Can I use your loo?" asked Dave as they approached
George’s house.

"Come inside" he said. While Dave used the loo Julia
sat perched on the edge of the chair in the living
room. George, meanwhile, went to the kitchen, and,
before she could object, returned with two very large
whiskeys; one for him and one for her.

Dave returned and pretended to look a bit miffed

"You remember I have to be in work at 5AM tomorrow." he

"Sleep in the guest room. Dave." George offered. "Julia
fancied a quick drink we were discussing work I can
take her into work tomorrow if you like."

Julia looked horrified. She downed her whiskey and
started to get up.

"Okay," Dave said. "If you two want to discuss work,
I’ll nip home, grab a change of clothes for you,
darling, pop back, and leave you two. Honey, I’ll see
you after work tomorrow, if George can drop you home."

Julia’s face fell and she raced over to Dave. But then,
he whispered his command line into her ear and she fell

"She wants to walk me to the car," Dave said

As they walked, he quickly gave her further
"instructions." He then drove home and returned with a
clean set of clothes and left again.

Julia thanked him as he left and passed her overnight
bag to George, who led her to his guest room. He left
her to unpack while he went downstairs to pour her
another drink.
After unpacking, she joined him for an hour of
pointless conversation. Finally, she told him she was
feeling very drunk, and needed to get some sleep.

Julia tried to stand but wobbled as she struggled to
stay up right. She made some very slurred excuses to
George, and practically crawled up the stairs, and into
the guest room.

George watched in amusement. She had been drinking
whiskey all night; while he had stopped when Dave had
left and had, instead, kept topping up his glass with

He followed her up the stairs. Then, gave her a minute
to get adjusted, before he quietly opened her door. She
was lying on her back with her knees at the edge of the
bed, and her arms splayed wide.

"Are you okay?" he asked. "Why don’t you just lie down
and sleep. We can go in late for a change tomorrow.
Nobody will care, I’m the boss!"

Julia, too drunk to argue, shut her eyes; and was
asleep in seconds.

Time for George to have some fun!

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