A journey of self-discovery (bdsm,sm,slave,girl,pussy,xxx,porno)

A journey of self-discovery

It had been a long journey, three months and 200 miles. It seems so long since I drifted into Mark's chat room, "Wife likes others." At first I was curious about a man who would boast that his wife liked others. Internet chat rooms were always a great place to meet people with different perspectives, and Marks' turn-on was completely foreign to me. I chatted with Mark, trying to understand his fascination with other men having sex with his wife. Although to be honest, even then I had fantasies about being that "other" man.

The exploration of forbidden pleasure kept me coming back. Over the weeks our chats became more sexual, Mark would graphically describe how turned on he would get watching another man's penis slide into his wife's pussy. He told me how she would make him watch as she was being fucked and then had him masturbate in front of her and her lover. I played along, acting as the other man, describing how I would make love to his wife as he watched.

I am not an exhibitionist, I'm actually very modest, so it was surprising that fantasizing making love to a woman in front of her husband was turning me on. I think it was the idea of Mark's wife taking sexual control of him. I have always been the director in my bed but the idea of a woman controlling another man was exciting and offered so many new fantasies.

Eventually Mark introduced me to his wife Linda, and under the safe anonymity of the internet we explored our sexual desires. Linda was very sweet, someone you would expect to meet at the PTA and work with on school fundraisers. She was fun to chat with – our conversations seemed to sparkle with her charm and bubbly friendliness. Imagining her as the woman next door made sexual play even more exciting.

I enjoyed chatting with Mark and Linda; we were becoming friends, our online chats began with catching up with news events or the latest movie. Then Linda would make a comment about Mark, maybe that he came on her clean sheets the night before, and suddenly I could feel the sexual tension. There is something fascinating about transformations, the way a conversation could transition from chitchat to intimate with a simple phrase.

Mark and Linda were remarkably compatible; Mark thrived on the loving humiliation Linda dished out. And Linda was really turned on by the power over her husband. It was fun to watch them interact and I enjoyed being the "other guy" imagining making love to Linda while Mark's running commentary described his response.

Then one day they asked me to take a trip out to meet them. I can't say I hadn't imagined this many times, but actually doing it? I didn't know. Could I really screw Linda while Mark was in the room? What if I couldn't get an erection? Mark was a nice guy but being naked in a room with him made me hesitate. What if he touched me? Or expected me to touch him? I am not homophobic, hell I have gay friends, but being naked with a guy was another thing. But on the other hand, Linda was so sexy, and all our fantasies were about Mark just watching, and I never think straight with an erection. So it didn't take them long to convince me to drive out for a visit.

As the miles rolled by, the emotional conflict, the hesitations and justifications were falling behind. I now savored the anticipation, knowing this experience that would mark a milestone in my journey through life. Or maybe not, hell I was just getting horny and when blood pooled in my lower extremity, my oxygen-starved brain took curious flights of fancy.

Here was the turnoff - the directions Mark had given me were clear, only two more streets.

It was a blustery fall day; leaves blowing from piles neatly heaped along the curb for pickup. The yards well kept, much like my own neighborhood. I wondered at the dichotomy; an obviously wholesome all-American neighborhood, a Rockwell painting of family values. But my destination was not on this canvas, I knew that behind the surface image, one couple at least hungered for other experiences.

Driving here I was looking to satisfy needs not openly spoken, to connect with people, fellow human beings, on an emotional and physical level forbidden by society. We had happened to connect through the anonymity of the "chat room" where we were free to express and explore the emotional holes we felt. A cord was struck, trust was established, self-doubt dispelled, justifications hammered out and now here I was just minutes from their door.

Cypress Street, just a little ways now.

I wondered how many others behind these mowed lawns felt similar detachment from humanity, isolation in the midst of family and friends. Was I missing something? Was I not supposed to want more? What if I stopped randomly? There, that house, with the red door and gray shutters. If I knocked on the door would I find inside a person also feeling this need? Could we look deep into each other's eyes and see the flame of passion flickering, almost extinguished by life. What was the song? - Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone. Could we see that flame and blow fresh life into it? Excite the passion again, and if we could, was that wrong?

Ah, here, Cougar Ave. Just 2 more blocks.

Suddenly I was aware of my heart pounding. Fear? Excitement? I felt a stirring in my loins. Deep breathes to steady my nerves. Fight or flight response? (LOL! More like flight or fuck) still time to change my mind. But I knew I wouldn't, I wanted this too much.

Well, here it is. Pulling over to the curb, damn - should I have parked down the block? No time now - I am here. They have probably seen me pull up.

The lawn is freshly mowed, the path trimmed. I bet Linda had Mark out here this morning. Subtle message maybe layers of messages. I wonder what else Linda has had Mark trim neatly for my visit. Standing at the door I hesitate to collect myself, to take inventory, ticking off the emotions clamoring for expression, taking note of my physical state, again deep breaths to calm. Mark and Linda could be just on the other side of the door, a foot away, waiting for my knock, also anticipating the coming exploration.

The door opens, "Mark?"

"Yes, come on in Bob. How was your drive?"

"Good, good. Your directions were very clear."

The house looks very comfortable, I can see into the living room. Family pictures on the wall. Mark looks a little nervous, I know he is 46 but looks younger, keeps himself in shape, probably at Linda's urging. We rather awkwardly shake hands, unsure of our acceptance of the coming relationship; hell I might be fucking this man's wife today. Warm friendly eyes, nice smile, firm hand. As we size each other up Linda appears from behind Mark, I extend my hand, which she takes but then steps up for a hug and kisses me on the cheek. Still standing close, her hand holding mine, she looks up into my eyes and I see that flame dancing in her eyes as a warm smile plays on her lips. Pulling my hand to her chest, I feel warmth, her yielding flesh only thin layers of cotton away. Then deeper I feel the pounding of her heart, or is it my own heart racing? Still looking into each other's eyes, she openly smiles and her face is radiant. I know too that she is 45 and see that she has a beauty women grow into. Her face no longer the blank canvas of youth, I see eyes that have loved and laughed and cried. A mouth that has scolded, argued, laughed, kissed passionately and smiled infectiously.

"Ummm, Bob? Come on in – can I get you something to drink?" Mark asks.

Still holding my hand, Linda leads me into the living room where she sits next to me on the sofa.

"Mark, sweetie, won't you get us all a beer?"

When Mark leaves the room, Linda turns and kisses me on the lips, smiles and whispers, "Well, it is nice to finally meet you!" It is a strange sensation to "meet" someone I know so well. We have shared such private feelings and thoughts that I am sure I know Linda better than most of her friends. Her eyes tell me that all she had shared was honest and I immediately felt comfortable as with a close friend.

Because we had shared such intimate thoughts it seemed natural when her hand slid down to my crotch and she stroked my rapidly hardening cock. Just then Mark returned with our drinks.

"Well, looks like you two have gotten friendly." Mark jokes nervously.

Handing us our drinks, Mark sits across from us but immediately Linda tells him to stand up and take off his clothes. Our play was always about Linda controlling Mark, but having her so quickly put him in such a subordinate position electrifies the mood. He blushes but obeys. As he unbuttons his shirt I see his chest is smooth, maybe he waxes? Now definitely embarrassed, he doesn't look at me. I see his thickening cock beginning to rise from clean-shaven loins. Maybe I was wrong about who was doing the trimming inside the house!

Now with Mark standing directly in front of us I follow Linda's lead and casually sip my beer although my cock under her hand has become uncomfortably contorted. Looking directly at her husbands cock, Linda tells him how nice mine feels, how thick it is and how much she is going to love feeling it slide into her wet pussy. With each word Mark's cock pulses and swells, the bright red head bobbing just at our eye level.

I have never been this close to a man's rigid cock and I'm fascinated at the size and power it seems to possess. Pulling my eyes from his cock, I see the hunger in Linda's eyes. I know she wants to pull his cock close and slide it into her mouth. She licks her red painted lips and they part as I imagine her pussy lips would spread to accept this hard cock.

Linda then turns to me asking about my trip, ignoring Mark as if he is not there. Her face is flushed and her eyes sparkle, I see that she is aroused by the power she wields and I wonder if I could resist her commands if she directs her charms toward me.

Linda is an office manager in charge of the secretarial staff at a small business. I can see that she would be very good at commanding respect. We chat about her work and she tells me about the buffoons who run the business and we laugh over our similar experiences with incompetent bosses.

Looking up, she seems to notice Mark for the first time and ridicules him for his flaccid penis, reminding him again of the size of the erection she has been coaxing along in my pants. I feel embarrassed for Mark and wonder how he can put up with such treatment. My embarrassment intensifies however when Linda turns and tells me to help Marks' erection. Stammering I look from Linda to Mark's soft penis and wonder what she wants me to do. I am not going to stroke another man's penis!

Seeing the look of terror in my eyes, Linda tells Mark to step back while she stands and pulls me to my feet. She whispers in my ear that she wants me to undress her in front of Mark. She steps in front of me, facing Mark and I step up behind her, my hands reaching around to her chest. Looking over Linda's shoulder, I see Mark lusting for his wife as my hands reach up and cup her breasts through her blouse and bra. Breathing deeply of her perfume and savoring the feel of her soft hair on my face, I squeeze her breasts and search for her nipples I know should be hardening.

She leans back against me and wiggles her ass against my crotch, catching my erect penis between the firm globes of her ass.

I undo her blouse, each button taking all my attention but then my hands are on her bare flesh. Her tummy is so soft and warm and smooth. Laying her head back on my shoulder she purrs as my hands explore her torso. I find the bra clasp in front nestled between her breasts and open it. Sliding both hands up under her loose bra, I feel such exquisite silky-smooth skin, the soft flesh yielding to my exploring hands. Cupping and squeezing, I knead her breasts and pull her nipples to rigid points. I feel her body shudder against mine, her breath catches.

Mark is responding to the sight of his wife being undressed by me, his penis once again hard.

I feel myself thrusting against Linda, my penis sliding up and down against her ass and I slide my hand down over her tummy, over the front of her jeans until the palm of my hand is pressing on her mons, my fingers pushing between her legs. Her legs part, allowing my fingers to slip in over the denim material, my fingers sliding down on either side of the seam. The material is warm and damp. Turning her head she moans in my ear and swirls her tongue against my neck.

I see a look of lust on Mark's face. His cock is pulsing, clear precum glistening at the opening.

My fingers press up against Linda's pussy pushing her ass tight against my cock. Now one arm across her chest, my hand grasping her breast, my other hand is masturbating her through her jeans. I unbutton her pants and slide them over her hips. My right hand sliding back between her legs, her panties definitely wet.

She moans again, nuzzling into my neck.

Standing her upright, I hook my fingers on either side of her waistband and pull her panties down as I drop to my knees behind her. Pressing my face against her there where her legs meet, I can smell her excitement. Her musky scent fills my nostrils as my tongue extends to taste her. My hands spread her ass so I can slide up through her crack, my tongue gliding over her private opening. Then continuing up, tasting her as I go. Finally standing again behind her, I drop my pants so my cock is pressed against her now bare ass.

Reaching back Linda guides my cock between her legs, the head plowing through her warm flesh. As I thrust I can feel the shaft gliding through her wet folds, the head rubbing past her clit. Linda's body feels amazing pressed against me, our thighs, her buttocks, her back. My penis trapped between her legs; as I pull back, the head slides through her flesh, then thrusting forward it almost enters her but slides forward again. I wonder if Mark can see the head poking out from her pussy. I notice his penis is dripping as he stares at his wife's pussy.

Linda put her hand between her legs, pressing on my cock, pushing it against her clit as it slides forward.

Linda's voice is soft, almost a whisper, "MMMMM Bob's cock feels so good. Too bad you are such a wimp Mark, letting another man fuck your wife."

"If you are real good, I might let you lick my pussy after Bob comes in me. Would you like that?"

Now totally naked, Linda tells Mark to kneel in front of her. My cock is sliding back and forth between her legs. I know Mark can see the head as it pushes through then retreats back into the warm folds. She puts her hands in his hair and pulls his face to her pussy and tells him to lick her clit. She continues rubbing her ass back against me so I keep thrusting.

Looking down I can see Mark's head pressed to Linda's pussy where I am thrusting and I can't stop the image that I am thrusting into a man's mouth. On each thrust I feel it hit his chin. Rather than revulsion, I feel excitement.

My hands back on Linda's breasts, I thrust harder. Mark's hands come up and grab Linda's ass and I feel her humping her pelvis to meet my thrusts.

Linda is now moaning and urging us on.

I speed up my pace and squeeze her tits harder. I feel Linda's body begin to tense as she climbs toward an orgasm. Both Mark and I feel her approach and intensify our efforts.

Mark slides one hand up between Linda's legs and presses the shaft of my penis up against her pussy. The added stimulation is enough to send Linda over the edge and she begins to orgasm. I follow Mark's lead, thrusting harder and faster, we continue to push Linda, extending her orgasm. I feel her collapse against me so I wrap my arm around her waist to support her.

Mark somehow lifts one then other of her legs over his shoulder so now his face is buried between her legs. With her pelvis tilted like this my cock no longer reaches her pussy but is rubbing against her ass.

After repositioning, I start thrusting slowly as I watch Mark's heard bobbing between Linda's legs. Timing my thrusts to his oral administration, we bring Linda up to another orgasm before we collapse back onto the sofa.

Chapter 2

Lying there with Linda on top of me, her back still pressed against my chest; I gently caress her breasts as we catch our breath. Linda's hands are still holding Mark's head to her crotch; his tongue still pressed to her pussy, slowly licking her swollen flesh.

Pushing his head away, Linda orders Mark to stand up.

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