A mother and daughter discover love (lesbian,incest,orgy,sex,porn)

A mother and daughter discover love

Susan had recently divorced she decided she had had
enough of men and she would concentrate on raising her
daughter Jenni.

Jenni was a cute 11 year old with blonde hair and blue
eyes just like her mom's. Her body was just starting to
show signs of puberty. Her breasts had just started
grow and she had a few blonde hairs above her pussy.

She had recently discovered how good it felt when she
rubbed herself and she would lie in bed rubbing her wet
pussy till she fell asleep. She had also noticed that
she started getting those feelings when she looked at
some of the girls at school, especially in the shower
after gym class. She also felt that way when she saw
her mom. She didn't know why but she loved watching her
mom after her shower as she dried herself then got

It had been six months since her divorce and Susan was
feeling extremely horny, she had recently started
chatting with women online and had begun having
fantasies about having sex with Jenni. She knew she
shouldn't but it turned her on so much to think about
making love to her gorgeous daughter.

It was late, a little after midnight, she had just
finished chatting with her friend Lisa and she was so
horny. She stripped off her close and looked at herself
in the mirror. She cupped her breasts and thought 'not
bad for a 35 year old.' She squeezed her nipples and
she felt them harden.

She opened the drawer where she kept her 'special
friend,' a 10 inch dildo she had bought just after she
kicked her husband out. She got into bed and rubbed her
clit as she thought about Jenni and how good it would
feel to have her tongue in her wet pussy. She moaned as
she felt the dildo sliding into her. She laughed as she
thought, 'If my husband had had a dick this big I might
have kept him around.'

She was lost in her pleasure and she didn't here her
door open. Jenni stood there staring as her mom fucked
herself with the large dildo. Susan moaned as she got
closer and closer to a massive orgasm. "Oh yes baby eat
me! Make me cum!" She moaned as she fucked herself

Jenni couldn't believe what she heard, her mom was
thinking about her. Her hand was in her panties rubbing
her little clit and as Susan said her name her knees
got weak and she bumped into the door. Susan looked up
and yelled. "Jenni, what are you doing here?" She saw
the fear in Jenni's face as tears began to roll down
her cheeks. Jenni turned to leave but Susan said. "Wait
Jenni, I'm sorry. You just startled me. Come sit on the
bed so we can talk about what you saw."

Jenni walked over to her mom's bed and sat down. Tears
were still rolling down her pretty face as she sobbed.
"I'm sorry mom; I didn't mean to spy on you. I heard
noises coming from your room and I wanted to make sure
you were all right."

Susan held her close and said. "It's all right sweetie,
I shouldn't have gotten so carried away. That's not
something you should witness. But since your dad is no
longer here I have to take care of certain needs that I
have myself. As you get older you'll understand."

Jenni thought for a moment wondering if she should tell
her mom that she has those feelings now. Then mustering
all her courage she said. "I uh, I have those feelings
sometimes myself mom." As she said that she buried her
face in her mom's neck and sobbed uncontrollably.

Susan was shocked. She still thought of Jenni as her
little girl. She lifted Jenni's head up so she could
look at her. She wiped the tears from her face and
kissed her forehead and said. "I'm sorry sweetie I
didn't realize you so grown up. I guess I should have
talked to you about the changes your body is going

Susan had forgotten about the dildo that was still deep
in her pussy until Jenni asked. "Mom, what is that
thing you were sliding in and out of yourself?"

Susan blushed bright red as she tried to think how to
explain it. She decided the best thing to do was just
be straight forward and tell Jenni what she wanted to
know. "It's called a dildo." She explained as she
slowly slid it from her body. She felt a shiver run
down her spine as it slipped from her wet pussy with a
small pop. She held it up for Jenni to see and she
smiled as she saw Jenni's wide eyes and shocked

"OH MY GOD! How can you get something that big inside
you? Doesn't it hurt?" Jenni asked her mind racing with
a thousand questions. "What does it feel like when you
put it in? Is that what a man's thingy looks like?"

"Calm down sweetie I'll answer all your questions just
take your time." Susan said laughing at her daughter's
youthful enthusiasm. "I guess I should go clean this
off so you can look at it."

"No don't do that, I want to see it just like it is."
Jenni said as she slid her hand over it feeling the
slickness of her mom's pussy juice. She could also
smell it and it was making her little pussy tingle. She
pulled it close to her face so she could smell it
better. Susan saw the expression on Jenni's face change
from curiosity to lust and she could feel herself
getting excited. 'I wonder how far I can and should
take this.' She thought as she squeezed her thighs

Jenni was caught up in the moment and without thinking
ran her tongue over the dildo getting her first taste
of pussy, and it was her mother's pussy. "You taste
great m

om. I never tasted anything like this."

Susan was worried maybe she should stop this. It was
one thing to explain things to Jenni and even fantasize
about making love to her. But Jenni had actually tasted
her juices and she liked it. She wanted to just pull
Jenni's face into her pussy and have her lick her till
she screamed.

But what if someone found out? Her mind was racing
trying to figure out what to do when she felt Jenni's
small hand rubbing along her slit. "Oh Jenni baby that
feels so good, but we really shouldn't do this. I could
get in big trouble and even go to jail if anybody found

"I won't tell anybody mom. I love you and I want to be
with you and I know you want me too because I heard you
call my name. Please let me make you happy."

Susan's inhibitions melted as she listened to her
daughter. 'How could anything this good be wrong?' She
thought as she lifted Jenni's head and kissed her sweet
lips. Susan slid her lips along Jenni's and she opened
her mouth so their tongues could wrestle back and
forth. Susan grabbed the hem of Jenni's night shirt and
lifted it over her head.

Neither of them wanted to break the kiss but they did
just long enough. Susan ran her hand over the small
bumps that were Jenni's breasts and she could feel her
little hard nipples poking her hand. She moaned as she
kissed down Jenni's neck and ran her tongue over each
hard little nub. Jenni moaned and pulled her mom's face
tight against her chest.

Susan sucked and licked while she slid her hand over
Jenni's smooth belly. Her hand was shaking as she
fought off the last thought of stopping this. She had
to have her daughter's sweet young body. She slid her
hand over Jenni's smooth lips feeling the heat and
slickness of her virgin pussy.

"Oh mom that feels so good. It's so much better than
when I do it myself." Jenni said as her little ass
lifted off the bed trying to rub harder against her
mother's hand.

"Baby, you're so beautiful. I know it's wrong but I
have to have you." Susan said as she licked her way
down Jenni's belly taking a moment to lick around her
naval. She slid lower on the bed and crawled between
Jenni's legs. She put her arms under Jenni's legs and
reached around and gently opened her little puffy lips.
As she looked up into her daughter's eyes she said.
"Please forgive me." Then she buried her face in
Jenni's pussy.

Jenni screamed as she felt her mom run her tongue up
and down her slit. Her legs were shaking and her hips
were bucking as her mom licked her wet pussy. She had
never felt anything like this before it was a million
times better than when she rubbed herself. She didn't
know how much she could take. She held her mom's face
tight against her crotch as she humped against it. Her
mind was racing. What was happening? It was like
fireworks were exploding in her brain as she screamed.

Susan held on and focused her attention on the small
nub that was Jenni's clit. As she heard Jenni scream
her mouth was filled with the sweetest nectar she had
ever tasted. She licked and sucked up all she could get
until Jenni's body went limp. She looked up and saw
Jenni's small chest rising and falling as she tried to
catch her breath. She kissed her way up her body and
lay there holding her beautiful daughter as the final
waves of her first real orgasm washed over her body.

A few minutes later Jenni looked at her mom and smiled
then said. "That was amazing. I've never felt anything
like that. I love you mom."

"I love you too sweetie. I'm just glad you liked it. I
wanted to make your first time so special."

"Oh, I loved it mom and it was better than I knew
anything could be. Now I want to make you feel good."

"Are you sure? You don't have to do anything."

"Mom I love you and I want to make you feel like I
did." As she said this Jenni slid down the bed and took
one of Susan's nipples into her mouth and began sucking
it like a baby. She put her hand on her mom's pussy and
started rubbing up and down her slit. She could feel
how wet her mom was then her finger slipped inside.
Susan moaned as she felt her daughter's tiny finger in
her pussy.

"That's it baby finger me. Put another finger in me. Oh
it feels so good."

Jenni kissed down her mom's belly just like she had
done to her. Then she watched as her fingers slid in
and out of her mom. This was really turning her on. She
got between her mother's legs and started licking
Susan's pussy. Susan moaned as she felt Jenni's tongue
slide over her clit. As Jenni kept licking Susan's clit
she kept fucking her with her fingers. Susan knew she
wouldn't last long and she could feel her orgasm
building. She grabbed Jenni's head and thrust her hips
against her face and hand.


Jenni licked as her mom flooded her mouth. She crawled
up her mom's limp body and kissed her softly and said.
"I love you mom and I want to be with you forever."

Susan smiled at her and said. "I love you too and
you'll always be my special little girl."

They fell asleep in each others arms and they both
dreamed of all the good times and fun they would share
through out their lives.

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