A New Experience For Lovers - sex story

A New Experience For Lovers

My wife Melody and I have wanted to experiment with anal sex for a while now. We would talk about it in the tense of, "We should try that again, someday." We would even discuss how we could start out slow, perhaps a finger in her ass, and eventually, maybe even over a few weeks’ time, work our way up to true anal sex.

One evening, as I was planning on taking a shower, I suggested to my beautiful wife that she could join me for some finger play. She liked the idea and went into the bathroom ahead of me to use the cleaning kit. Once she was done, I hopped in the shower and turned it on. Waiting for her, I anticipated the soon coming fun we would have, but steeled my mind against rushing; no, instead, I would take it very slow; I would not expect anything, but would make every effort to help her relax, and thoroughly enjoy whatever came. Even if it mean we weren't able to do any fingering that night, her comfort would be priority number one.

The curtain opened, and in stepped my beautiful naked wife. I was already erect with the shear anticipation of what we were going to try. I watched her as she wet her long brown hair down; the water cascaded over her slim, naked body.

Restraining myself, I picked up the soap, "I'll wash you," I said with a smile. She liked the idea, and so I began lathering her sexy body; my soap slicked hands glided effortlessly over her wet skin. While being thorough with her entire body, I made sure to give extra attention to her succulent breasts; her sweet shaven pussy mounds; and her cute round buttocks.

After washing her and letting her rinse, I kissed her passionately. Melody loves to be kissed; with the shower water pouring down on us as I pressed her body against mine, it made the kiss all the sexier. Her breasts mashed against my chest; my hands grasping her bottom firmly; my cock pressing against her pelvis—there was no one in the entire world but her and me.

Breaking the kiss and looking into her beautiful greenish eyes, I asked, "Are you ready?" I assured her that I would go super slow, and told her to let me know if there was any discomfort at all.

She moved to the back of the shower, and with her back to me--her long legs spread slightly apart--she grasped the wash cloth bar above her head. Melody was in an “I’m ready to be fucked” position if there ever was one; this amazing creature, so submissive, so ready and willing...I got down on my knees and started kissing her ass cheeks. The feel of her soft skin against my slips and tongue, stirring the fire within me; I wanted desperately to play with her anus.

Reaching up, it was time to give Melody's tight little anus the attention it deserved. I began simply by alternating between gently massaging, and kissing it. I'd let me tongue glide over it, flick it, and slightly prod it. I love the way my wife's anus looks: so pretty and pink; and I've admired it many times from various sexual positions. Now though, it was wet and being prepared for more. While I was down there on my knees, looking up at my Melody's gorgeous crotch and backside, I also couldn't help but notice the water dripping from the bare wet mounds between her legs. Picture perfect...”She”--as I referred to her pussy--would need some attention as well...

Making sure to use plenty of lubrication, I slowly worked my middle finger into her tight ass-hole; little by little, taking my time sliding it in while I slipped my ring and pinky fingers into her wet cunt; she gave up a slightly louder moan as I did thi--three fingers now penetrating her body.

I asked her if everything was okay and if it felt good. She said yes, so I kept going. I wanted her to be comfortable, so I would confirm this from time to time throughout our play.

With the idea of getting Melody nice and stimulated, I began massaging her clitoris directly with my pinky; her breathing became heavier as I did. Now, instead of keeping my finger which was in her anus still, I began instead gently probing around inside, and sliding in and out of her hole. I told her how good she felt in there: it was soft, warm, and tight around my finger. I pushed deeper up inside while continuing to rub her clitoris. She was purring now.

I asked her again how she felt; I wanted to make sure we were going slowly enough. Much to my surprise, as my finger continued to slide in and out of her ass, Melody said I was welcome to try two fingers. I let her know I was concerned about hurting her, but she assured me she was fine and she was okay with it. A smile crossed my face, dang, she is a trooper!

With pride in my heart, I gave her ass cheek a kiss and began carefully inserting my index finger as well, into her little pink hole. Up inside her ass my fingers went, my ring finger in her pussy, my pinky still gracing her clit, I let my fingers explore; my whole hand working between this gorgeous woman's thighs. Her whole crotch was in my grasp; mine to play with. I loved every moment of it, and so did she! Melody moaned some more, acknowledging her pleasure of all this. This was more than simply great, this was thrilling!

Still moaning Melody brought her one of her hands down and began rubbing herself. She was really getting into this; I drove my fingers in and out of her, oblivious to everything but her and pleasuring her entire crotch. This was already more than I had hoped for; this night I expected a finger at most for perhaps 4-5 minutes or so, tops; we had already surpassed my expectations, and little did I know, things were about to get even more interesting...

What Melody said next was a complete surprise: "You can try putting 'him' in," she said in between groans of pleasure.

Though my fingers didn’t stop vigorously working my wife’s wet crotch; I can only imagine my eyes must have went wide at that instance. I had not imagined I would hear what I just heard.
"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you, or cause you any discomfort," I insisted. Admittedly, there was a little voice telling me to shut the hell up and go with it, but caution and concern prevailed.

She again assured me she felt fine, and that she was ready to try. She wanted it! Excitement swelled within me.

I pulled my fingers out of her, stood up and added some more lubrication to Melody’s anus as well as to my cock; touching the tip of my head to her sexy restricted opening, I realized that this was going to be tough to do in the shower, especially in this standing position. I suggested we move to the bed and try it with her lying down on her back. I had read somewhere in my research, that the "penatratee" should lay on her back, as that would provide for a more comfortable, easier experience; and I wasn’t going to risk making it anything less than that for her—that was priority number one.

Melody agreed, so we got out of the shower and dried off. I followed her gorgeous naked body into the bedroom. There, she laid down on her back and spread her legs open to me, a smile on her beautiful face. I put a towel down under us, and a pillow under her bottom. Wanting to make sure my beloved was nice and relaxed--as well as not wanting to let a perfect pussy eating opportunity go to wastes--I brought my face down between her legs and drove my tongue between her wet folds. I licked deep in between her succulent pussy lips; as far inside as I could reach, lapping up her flowing juices--And boy were they flowing! I moved to her clitoris, gliding over and caressing it with my tongue.

I happened to look up, and noticed she was watching me. Usually when I eat her out, Melody closes her eyes. I wasn't sure why she was watching me this time, but not wanting to stop and ask, I kept licking.

A few more tantalizing licks andiIt was time to give her ass some more attention. I moved down and began licking her anus. Once again, our eyes met. My wife continued to watch. What was she thinking, I wondered; but I just kept tonguing her, putting it out of my mind.

A new thought came to me: That I love that all this naked private flesh is mine to play with. All accessible, and it was about to become even more so. I wanted to take no chances, however; our bodies are each other’s' playgrounds. If this worked out, it would open up a whole new section of my playground that is my wife's body. I wanted to make certain this was as enjoyable to her as possible, and that nothing went wrong.

After a bit more tonguing, I asked if she was ready.

"Fuck my ass," was her response. My wife didn't typically use that word; she was definitely ready--and so was I.

I grabbed the lubrication and lubed us both up very well. I had to curb my desire to plunge right into her ass and start pumping away. I pressed my head to her anus once again. She reached down and began fingering her clit. My head pushed its way into her opening; slowly, I drove the rest my cock into her tight hole until I was all the in--it felt great! My rod, penetrating deep inside my wife’s ass; the soft tissue of her insides enclosing my hard cock like a glove made of ecstasy; I focused on this new sensation surrounding my manhood.
And new and invigorating as it was, I had to resist the urge to start plunging hard. I gently worked my way in and back out: and in again. Slowly--Slow and steady--watching her, making sure she was comfortable, ready to pull out if there was any problem—I thrust in and out my wife’s hole.

Again, I asked Melody how she was feeling, just to be sure. She said, "I like having you in me--just having you inside me feels good." She was moaning again.

I kept thrusting; slow and steady; I was penetrating my wife in a new way, an explorer blazing new ground; I was "violating" her anus, owning it, marking my new territory. While fucking her ass did not feel as good as fucking her pussy, the mere thought of where I was--this, "no man's land"--more so than the feeling itself was driving me wild! She was enjoying it; I was enjoying it; this was great!

I told her that I wouldn't cum insider her this time, but she assured me it was okay. She wanted me to. This made it all the more thrilling. My semen would invade the insides of her ass.

I continued pumping my rod into her new fuck hole, slightly raising the speed of my thrusts. Melody began gasping and moaning louder; breathing faster; fingering her clit more rapidly. I could tell she was about to cum, moments away from orgasm; I wanted to orgasm with her. Her ass was so tight around my cock. I concentrated, focusing on this feeling; thrusting in and out of my wife's tight anus, thinking about filling her tube with my hot cum, the final "violation" of this new territory.

"Oh!" she let out as she arched her back, her whole body feeling it. We peaked together as I erupted inside her. Her legs tightening around me as she orgasmed; the final thrusts of my cock, squirting its hot load up inside her ass...

Finally our bodies relaxed. We smiled at each other, catching our breath. I let her know I was going to pull out slowly; my cock came out nice and clean--slick, but clean. It had been such an amazing experience; from start to finish. I looked at my wife, I saw she had a tear in her eye. I was immediately concerned, so I asked her again if she was okay, "Did it hurt at all? Did I hurt you?"

Melody smiled, "I'm fine," she assure me sincerely, "I enjoyed it; and that didn't hurt at all--or even feel at all uncomfortable."

I asked her why she was tearing up. She said she really did not know why, and suggested that it may have just stirred her up emotionally for some reason. She assured me again that she really did enjoy it and that in no way did it hurt her: She was happy. Knowing Melody as I do, I know she is not one simply to protect someone's feelings, so I believed her. She also told me she loved how loving and thoughtful I was throughout the whole experience.

We kissed, and held each other; happy and satisfied, realizing we had opened up a whole new experience for us to continue to share together.

Epilogue--or--My final thoughts:
It was a great, exciting, and even emotional experience for both of us; and it brought us even closer. One more experience to add to our sex lives together. One more way Melody can share her body with me. One more way for me to pleasure her.
My wife is amazing, so sexy, and now--even more so in my mind. I love that woman! My woman!

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