A Present For The One I Love - sex story

A Present For The One I Love

We were walking through the woods near our home at the
time of the shock. Julie did not take it well; she
thought that I didn't love her. But she was wrong about

The problem had always been there, though neither of us
really noticed to begin with. Since we were married she
had always wanted sex more than I wanted sex. But as
time went on it began to become a problem; Julie was
getting frustrated. In the early days we had seen
counselors and doctors, but neither had helped. Except
that one counselor had told us that the obvious
solution of getting a lover for Susan was not one that
they would consider suggesting. At the time we both
nodded in complete agreement, but the fact that she
said it at all had been a surprise for me because I had
never even thought of that idea.

That was two years before our walk in the woods, and I
was still as close to Julie as I had ever been. But on
this occasion, when we walked through the woods, Julie
had suggested that we disappear away from the beaten
track into the densely packed evergreen trees for some

Well, I knew what sort of fun she meant and normally
that would be great, and not somewhere where we had had
sex before. But the truth was that the previous night
had been one of great passion, and that left me without
any drive for about two or three days usually. I know,
that is probably a long time to most men out there but
that is where our problem stems from. So I declined.
She knew I would. It was then that I said it:


"What?" she replied.

"I have been thinking about us for some time and our
problem. There is only one way to solve your problem
and I think we should try to solve it."


"I know that you are under a lot of stress because of
me and I don't want you to be. Eventually (though you
might not think so at the moment) it may break up our
marriage. I love you too much for that. So I will not
mind if you find someone that you find attractive and
take him as a lover."

Actually the 'will not mind' was an understatement. It
had been going through my mind more and more and was
becoming a fantasy. Initially Julie thought that I was
joking but couldn't really see the humour in it. After
a few seconds though it was clear that I wasn't and she
pushed me away and stormed off back along the grassy
worn track we had just followed, without talking to me,
back to the car. She sat in the back, annoyed, and
waited for me to drive her home. All the way home the
only thing that she said was "Just what do you think
that I am?" to which I simply replied that she was my
wife and I was sorry if I upset her � I had no
intention of hurting her.

It was certainly intended to be for her benefit, but I
rather fancied this happening anyway. So over the next
few months I put on more pressure. I deliberately
turned down her advances more often than I had before �
maybe that would keep her libido on the boil. Added to
that I brought fantasy games to our lovemaking. We
would sometimes pretend that I had two women in bed and
other times pretended that Julie had two men in bed
with her. Then we pretended that she had some gorgeous
hunk with her while I watched from the side and that it
was her birthday present, or something like that.

One year after the incident in the woods we went for a
walk again in the same place. We often went out for
walks, particularly to woodland or lakeside places
where we could watch some wildlife and be on our own.
By then my libido was lower than ever, or so she
thought, because I had managed to pretend increasingly
little interest during most of the previous year by
quietly masturbating often to keep the pressure off me.
We had hardly made love in the previous two months. Now
was the time for a second try.

We found a bench on the main footpath through the
woodland to sit down at. We sat in silence for some
time at first. Probably Julie was thinking, as I was,
about what had happened between us the year before. I
broke the silence:

"Julie, I didn't mean to upset you last year when we
were here. I am sorry."

"I know," she said, resting her head on my shoulder,
"you only said it because you care for me. I know."

"Yes. And that offer is still there if you need to take
it," I put in, almost wincing at the reaction I might

"Yes, I know" was all she replied, and the silence fell
for another 30 seconds or so.

"Wouldn't you mind me seeing another man?" she

Now that was a difficult question. If I said that I
would mind then that barred her from doing it. But if I
said that I didn't mind then she might again think that
I didn't love her. But I quickly thought of this to

"Darling. I love you dearly and will never love anyone
else like I love you. I also believe that you feel the
same way about me. I feel quite secure in that and I do
not think that you would leave me or fall in love with
a man who was there simply as your play thing. Will I
feel jealousy anyway? Well I am not sure, but I think
that I wouldn't while I feel secure in our marriage.
The plan would have to have several rules for that. In
particular it would be a different man each time, or at
least regularly changed, and for another I must always
be involved; you never see him without me."

And that was that. We sat in sunshine for another ten
minutes and went on our way.

About three months have passed since I was there in the
woods that time, and yesterday something extraordinary
happened. She phoned me at work on my mobile phone from
her mobile phone. Initially she appeared to be just
phoning me because she wanted to talk to me. But after
the first few minutes there came a pause in the
conversation, followed by

"We have had a new recruit in our office today. He
thinks he's a lady killer."

My heart jumped at what I thought may be happening. I
wondered why she was telling me about a new recruit,
she doesn't normally.

"Is he good looking then?" I asked.

"Not particularly," she replied, but I told her to be

"Well, OK, yes I think that he is."

"Is he the solution to our problem then?" I constrained
my voice to hide the tension and excitement I was

"Yes he could be." she said this with a giggle. Pow!
That came like a sledgehammer shock to my system.

"Oh good," I lamely replied. Julie carried on in a kind
of exaggerated humorous tone:

"I was wondering if I could sleep with him tonight,
like you said I could."

Wow! This is a young lady who goes to church on

"What have you told him?" I snapped.


"Well what makes you think that you would succeed even
if I said yes?" again, I snapped.

"Well I just thought that he likes me. Forget it I'm
just pulling your leg."

"Well I want to meet him. Is he single? Is he new in
town? Find an excuse to invite him round to dinner," I
said, and then changed the subject. I think we were
both embarrassed as well as excited.

Normally one could almost set the clock by the time
that Julie came in from work: five past six. Today it
was closer to half past when she turned up, and the new
recruit, Matthew, was with her. His height made him a
little intimidating and his clearly handsome features
made him more so.

His confidence was clear as he held out his hand to
shake mine. Julie apologized to me because we had not
arranged to have anyone to dinner until the last
moment, and we both had to scrabble around in the
kitchen desperately trying to find something to make a
good meal with. In the end the best we could do was
spaghetti bologneise.

Julie and I took turns to do things in the kitchen
while the other went and chatted with Matthew. But
during our moments in the kitchen together, my wife and
I quickly spoke about him. Julie started:

"I was only joking on the phone you know."

"Well, let's think about it before we dismiss the idea"
I replied. I didn't want this opportunity to be missed.
"I know that we need to do something soon, and he seems
to be a nice man. Come on, Julie, I know you fancy him,
and I would love to think that you are happier than you
are at the moment."

"I am happy," she assured me. "We just have a problem
that needs sorting."

That was it; that answer confirmed to me that she was
up for it. Julie didn't know it, but I had an erection
like no other I'd ever had. If she noticed then that
might make her think that she doesn't need Matthew and
the whole momentum of the situation would be lost.

We served up the dinner and carried on chatting. He was
single, had a girlfriend in Manchester (but it wasn't a
serious relationship as far as he was concerned), just
finished a PhD in Economics at Aberdeen University and
was clearly ambitious. I felt quite inferior, but
Julie's eyes shone, her smile was real and her cheeks
were flushed all the time that we talked. Eventually
the discussion reached a hiatus; I had told Matthew
about me and Julie while he had told us much about
himself. I should have confirmed with Julie about how
to proceed, but I didn't want to halt the momentum. So
I went straight to the point:

"Matthew, there is something that I need to discuss
with you that is delicate, and I need to be assured
that the conversation will go no further than us here,
whatever the outcome. In short, Matthew, can you be

Julie stiffened and the smile dropped from her face and
was replaced by anxiety as she turned her head and
stared at me.

"Err, yes of course, as long as it isn't illegal," he
replied. He was startled by this turn of the
conversation. And once I had said it I felt regret that
I had started. But there was no turning back now.

"Julie and I have a little marital problem. To be
blunt, I have not been able to give her enough sex and
today we decided what we must do about it. Julie finds
you very attractive and wants to have sex with you. I
have given her permission to do so."

I have never seen Julie blush so much in my entire
life. She looked at her plate and muttered something
about getting more wine as she virtually ran out into
the kitchen.

"Err, I... I don't think that Julie does want to," said
Matthew after she had gone. It did look like that and I
felt really, really stupid.

"I'll have a word with her," I said and left for the
kitchen. "Have you changed your mind?"

"I am not sure this is a good idea," she replied. She
was still red with embarrassment. But I could also see
that the front of her dress showed the slight shape of
an erect nipple through the blouse she wore under her
business suit; the idea was still a good one.

"I am not sure that he is too keen either, but he might
be in shock!" I said.

We agreed to abort the plan, or rather Julie insisted
on it. So we went back into the dining room and before
I could say anything further, Matthew said, "I'll do it
if you like. Julie is very beautiful and I would be

The intensely formal gentlemanly politeness seemed
silly and yet I cannot think of anything that he could
have said better. This was the crunch point. Julie can
either take it further or not as the case may be, so I
kept quiet and she said "What do we do now?"

That question implied that she wanted to do this, so I
said, "Julie, you have not had time to get changed yet.
Why don't you get changed." She did. While Julie was
upstairs, Matthew asked some questions; he sounded

"Do you mean tonight? Now?"

I nodded.

"This is to be discrete, you said?"

I nodded.

"I don't want my girlfriend getting a hint of this. Or
anyone else."

I nodded again.

"She hasn't got any sexually transmitted diseases has

I shook my head: "No. Have you?"

He shook his head also. And so the questioning went on
until Julie came down the stairs.

Adrenalin surged around my body when I realised that
she was wearing her stunning evening dress, a pair of
high heeled shoes and a pair of dangly earrings! No
mixed messages there! Matthew immediately took off his

Julie was incredible. She had taken complete control of
the situation. She pulled Matthew to his feet and told
me to put on some music. Then she said that she wanted
to dance with Matthew first, and they did the waltz for
about 10 minutes. I cleared the table by dumping
everything quickly into the kitchen and turned the
lights down and sat on a corner stool out of the way.

Their stance was awkward at first but began to relax
after a minute or two. While they were dancing Matthew
felt for the zip at the back of her dress and slowly
brought it down. Julie looked at me while he did this,
and I smiled my approval; my heart was beating fast.
Julie leaned closer into him and embraced in a more
familiar way. I imagined her soft breasts pushing
against his chest through their clothing. Matthew
stopped the dance and removed his jacket and then took
up the dance again. Soon he slipped his hand into her
dress at the back and gently stroked her back. Her eyes
closed at the touch but a feeling of guilt prevented
her from making a response.

So Matthew just kept on dancing and stroking, and so
after about 10 minutes of music and smooching, finally
Julie's left hand wandered down to Matthews behind and
caressed his right cheek. That's when I knew that she
was really enjoying this; she was going to go through
with this. With the dancing continuing, albeit in a
slightly awkward manner, Matthew now had both hands
inside her dress at the back but holding firmly,
keeping the couple together while Julie's hands undid
the buttons on his shirt and then tugged it out from
the top of his trousers.

The atmosphere was electric and my heart was racing.
Julie pressed against him with the side of her face
against his smooth bare chest. Already she was in
heaven. Matthew pushed the dress zip down the last few
inches then gently pulled her away from his chest and
pulled the dress forward so that it slipped along her
arms. Julie obligingly pulled her arms back out of the
dress and it hung down from the waist. Still they
danced around the living room with Julie's upper half,
wearing only a bra, pushed against his bare chest.

She undid the buckle on his belt as they abandoned the
dancing. Julie pulled his trousers down and Matthew
kissed her deeply on the lips. Julie pulled away and
looked at me again, so I grinned and said, "Enjoy
yourself, Julie."

She kissed him back passionately while he stepped out
of his trousers. He pulled away from Julie and removed
his own shirt while Julie pulled the dress down past
her waist to the floor and stepped out of it then
tossed it to me. It was clear that Matthew either works
out or does some other physical activity, his arms and
chest were muscular though not bulging with muscle.

So they were both standing there with shoes and
underclothes, Matthew had socks on and Julie had
suspenders and stockings. She has always saved those
for special nights when she wants to seduce me, such as
wedding anniversaries. The high-heeled shoes looked
fabulous on Julie but the shoes and socks on Matthew
looked a little ridiculous.

Matthew clearly had a huge erection now and Julie
walked to him and kissed his chest, proceeded down,
kissing across his stomach and kissed his erection
through his boxer shorts, and finally her attention
went to the shoes: she undid them and helped him to
take off the shoes and socks. She also thought that he
looked a little ridiculous in them. Then Matthew turned
Julie round to get at the fastening on her bra.

For the first time since the dress was removed Julie
looked at me but this time it was with a smile. I said
nothing but gave her a big approving smile and winked
at her. Still with Julie facing me Matthew removed her
bra and slid her pants down to her ankles. I have never
seen her nipples so erect in all my life; they stood
out horizontally almost a centimetre and she was
blushing as she obligingly stepped out from the last
barrier she had between his eyes and her most intimate

Never before have I seen such an erotic and sensuous
image as the woman that I love clearly experiencing
such intense, naughty pleasure as this. The curves of
her waist and hips were perfect. Her pretty face
decorated with evocative earrings and make-up. Her big
bosoms pointing straight at me. Then Matthew's biceps
bulged as he walked to her side and gently put one arm
behind her knees, the other behind her chest and he
effortlessly raised her in his arms, walked two paces
to the settee and laid her horizontally there. He then
removed his last piece of clothing � his boxer shorts �
and climbed gently onto the settee with her underneath
him and lowered himself to her.

In that instant slight panic appeared on Julie's face
and she looked at me for confirmation, which I
immediately supplied with a smile and a nod. Matthew
hardly noticed this as he continued down onto her and
Julie closed her eyes in bliss while opening her legs
to adultery. Matthew slid gently into her and both
sighed in unison together. Oh but he was good. He
proceeded very slowly backwards and forwards taking his
weight on his hands watching the young lady lying
beneath him, her arms extended above her head in
complete submission, her eyes closed as the pleasure
gripped her.

I think that Matthew's impulse was to pump faster, but
he carefully kept himself in check as he glided back
and forth very slowly. I wish I had timed how long they
were like that. It was many times longer than I could
have held out in his position. Eventually Julie was
nearing her orgasm. She grabbed Matthew with her right
arm around his neck and her left arm around his chest
and pulled herself up to his body, hugging it closely
and wrapped her legs around his middle. Then she turned
her head sideways and looked deep into my eyes across
the room as her body shook and heavy breathing and
moans of unimaginable pleasure took nearly all control
away from her.

That was an image that beat even the previously
mentioned one for such erotic, sensuous beauty. Though
I had not touched myself at all, I deposited several
spurts of semen into my pants but that didn't do much
to relieve the sexual tension I felt. As Julie's orgasm
passed she relaxed, reached up and kissed Matthew under
the chin (she couldn't reach his lips) and dropped her
body back to the settee. The kiss seemed to trigger
Matthew's orgasm; he lost control pumping quite fast
and hard and Julie, I learned later, enjoyed the
feeling of being filled with this young man's seed.

And so the climax to the evening passed splendidly.
What an experience. This was new and exciting, probably
for all three of us. Already I was looking forward to
both rogering Julie myself and to Matthew coming to our
house again. But will he come again?

When Matthew's orgasm had subsided he relaxed, paused,
then lowered his head and kissed my Julie on the lips.
I dare say that he wanted to sleep at that point, but
he appeared to become suddenly aware again that I was
watching. He climbed off the settee and picked up his
clothes and held them in front of his genitalia and
asked if he could shower. I showed him where the shower
was and then I returned to Julie. She had already
started to dress and was hurrying.

With her knickers and bra back on she picked up the
rest of her clothes and ran upstairs to our bedroom. I
took the opportunity to go to the cloakroom and try to
clean myself up before anyone realised that I had
ejaculated in my pants. I didn't do a thorough job so I
was back in the living room before the others returned.
Matthew was first. We were both embarrassed at this
point and Matthew said in a rather formal way:

"Thank you for dinner. It was a very enjoyable evening.
Tell Julie that I found it a very pleasant evening.
Apologise to her for me not staying longer," and he
went towards the door.

My reply was "Oh you're going? Please don't feel that
you have to." But he insisted and left. So up to the
bedroom I went and found Julie sitting on the bed
wearing jeans and an old shirt, quietly weeping.

"What is it, my love? What's the matter?" I asked,
shocked by the turn of events.

"Has he gone?" she asked. I confirmed that he had and
relayed his message. But the message she ignored,
something else was bothering her.

"What have I done?" she said, then chanting, "I'm
sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"Julie, why are you sorry? You should enjoy tonight.
You have done nothing wrong. I had a fabulous evening.
I enjoyed more than you can know to see you have so
much pleasure. He is very good and is exactly what we
need to solve our problem. I am glad we did it and I
want Matthew to come round again."

This cheered up Julie considerably. She smiled, wiped
her eyes and hugged me. We shared the time telling how
we each felt at different times throughout the evening
and I had to confess that I had found it erotic enough
to ejaculate without even touching myself. This
surprised Julie and pleased her � I think that it
relieved her guilt somewhat.

The evening finished with us going to bed quite late,
Julie not really realising that I was so turned on I
could still make love to her even though I had
ejaculated earlier. I couldn't tell her this, though,
because it would undermine the reason for Matthew
coming in the first place.

We went to sleep in each others arms planning Matthews
next visit and with Julie promising that she would
repay me in about a weeks time with the first blowjob
she will have ever done, and the first that I will have
ever had.

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