A woman gets raped and impregnated by two guys on her way home (rape,bbw,outdoor,true,xxx)

A woman gets raped and impregnated by two guys on her way home

I was working at the time for a machine distribution company in south Germany in the financial department. I am a 37 year old mother of two young girls. I am kind of skinny 59kg weight and 1,75m tall. I have B cup tits, which have become soft and saggy ever since I breast fed my two babies. I have big dark areolas and big nipples that tend to become stiff very quickly. I have dark brown hair top and bottom – I am not shaving my pubic area.

I usually cycle to and from work and take the shortest route across the fields. Going home on that particular day noticed a van parked on the road side going to the field with two people near it. I continued down my way getting closer towards them. It was a summer day, so I was only wearing a light summer dress that moved very noticeably in the breeze, bare feet sandals and underwear.

As I got closer, I was able to see that it were two men standing by their van and now slowly moving onto the street. The van was old and run down and had Russian number plates. I passed them and had to slow down to turn into a country lane. Suddenly I received a heavy blow to my bike and fell over. Before I regained my senses and could get up the two guy were next to me. They grabbed me and pulled me away from my bicycle toward the parked van. They pulled me up onto my legs and one of them twisted by arms behind my back, so I could not move away from him. I was about to scream when I received a blow to my face taking the wind out of me. The second guy opened the side door of the van and I was pushed towards it and into the van. The last I saw before the door closed was the first guy throwing my bicycle into the field to hide it from view.

I got frightened and wanted to scream for help, but my capturer suddenly produced a knife in his free hand which he pressed to my neck.

He spoke to me the first time – “you will remain quiet and you will do what we want you to do, if you want to survive. My name is Igor and my friend is called Victor and we will have fun with you.” His friend at that moment came in through the side door and he continued – “If you behave well and please us, we will let you go once we are finished.”

The guy holding me pressed the knife with more force to my skin – “will you obey us or do I need to hurt you first?”
The knife felt like it was about to cut me. I did not want to be hurt nor do I wanted to be raped. I did not know what to do and I finally gave in before the situation would get out of control.
“Please, don’t hurt me – I will do what you want…”. I started crying as I said this, realizing that I just gave permission to two strangers to rape me in whatever way they wanted to.

“Good girl” Igor said, removed the knife, bound my wrists together with a piece of rope and pushed me to the floor of the van. “You just sit there and be quiet while we drive to a nice and quiet place. If you make any noise I will cut up your face and body!” As he said this, he opened the side door, stepped out together with his friend and closed the door again. Shortly after I heard them entering the driver cabin and the van started driving off. Tears were still welling up, but I tried to regain my composure, trying to deal with the situation. I looked around my prison, which was illuminated by a strong light at the ceiling – it was one of these tall vans where a man can stand inside. Maybe 4 meters long and 2 meters wide. Most of the floor was covered with a mattress with a filthy cover. I was sitting next to it on the base floor.

I could feel the van driving along the country lane, entering the main road and after a while turning off the main road onto a rough and bumpy lane before it stopped. I figured that they turned into a forest road entering one of the local woods.
I heard the front doors opening and closing and I knew that I would now be raped – I started crying again, hoping that I would survive the ordeal.
The two men opened the side door and entered the back of the van. They smiled when they saw me crouched on the floor crying.

The one who introduced himself as Igor spoke again “Let me explain the rules that you will need to follow in order to survive the next few hours while we fuck you, play with you and while you serve us. You will do whatever you are told without hesitation. You will not speak unless we ask you a question. You are allowed to cry out in pain or in pleasure. We will punish you, if you do not follow these rules. Have you understood what we want from you?”
My voice was gone and I did not answer him right away. Suddenly Victor stepped forward smacked me in the face – “answer him, bitch!”. I tried to keep calm and finally I had control over my voice – “yes, I understand and will follow your rules…”.
“Good girl, turn around, so Victor can untie you”. I turned and my hands were freed by Victor. He grabbed my shoulders and spun me around looking right into my eyes.

“I want to take some nice pictures of you, so stop crying and clean up your face! Smile for the camera!”
He stepped back, taking out a camera from a bag that was lying in the far corner. I tried to stop crying, wiping my eyes and face with the back my hands to make it dry.
When he turned around with the camera ready, I stood facing the him with my arms handing down, trying to smile. It seemed to please him and he started taking pictures.
“Turn around slowly”. As I turned I could hear him taking more pictures. When I faced him again he told me to stand still.
“Take off your dress and look at the camera”. I reached to the top of my dress and unbuttoned the top of my dress, opening it up far enough to slide the dress down to me feet. I stepped out of the dress and pushed it to the side with my left foot.

Igor was leering at me while his friend took a few more pictures. He pointed to my belly wrinkles. I did not sustain any real stretchmarks from my two pregnancies, but the skin of my lower belly did not shrink back all the way, so I have quite a few wrinkles and skin folds around my belly button.
“You had babies – that’s good, so you know how it feels to have something big in you”. He laughed nastily.
“Go on show us more or your used post baby body. Loose the bra!”. I reached behind my back to open the hooks on my bra. I slid the straps of my shoulders and dropped the bra onto my dress. I felt ashamed standing in front of them showing myself and not fighting them.
I looked down on the floor, but got shouted at to look into the camera. Victor took some more photos.

It was Igor how commented again on my body. “Look at them saggies. What did you do to your tits did your babies hang from them while drinking or do you hang weights on them because you like them to sag? At least you have big nipples, so your tits are not a total waste.”
I started crying again because of his verbal humiliation. My tits are not as ugly as he made them out to be and I always liked my body.
Victor told me to do another spin, so he could get his pictures. When I faced him again I was shouted at by him to stop crying, as I would mess up the pictures. I tried to stop and wiped my face again to remove the tears.
“Now show us some pussy. Remove your nickers.”
I slid my finger underneath the waist band and pushed my nickers down. I let them slide to the floor, stepped out of them and stood naked in front of them, just wearing my sandals.
Both stared at my pubic hair and Victor kept taking pictures.
“Looks like a long hair carpet what you have between your legs. Why don’t you shave, so a man can see your pussy. Is it as ugly as your tits?” He laughed again.
“I want to see some pink pussy flesh – lie down on your back and spread your legs, so we can see what you are hiding.”

Now it would happen. I had to lie down on the disgusting mattress. I shuddered thinking that my naked flesh would make contact with this filthy and stained fabric. I had no choice in this matter, so I stepped on the mattress and lied down in the centre of it. The rough fabric scratched on my back and I could almost feel the bedbugs coming up and crawling over my skin. I pushed the thought to the side and concentrated on what I needed to do. I pulled my feet to my buttocks, bending my knees and let my legs fall apart to stretch my pussy and pull apart my outer labia. I could feel my pubic hair splitting and felt the cold air on my stretched vagina. The camera clicked away.

I felt exposed, helpless and humiliated and I could not believe that I would just do whatever they wanted. In my mind, I struggled between the urge to fight and get away and the need to please these two animals. On another level, I also felt some arousal being dominated and just obeying commands, showing my most private parts to strangers. I was shocked at my reaction of arousal, how could this kind of situation be a turn on? Before I could finish this thought I felt my tormentors stepping also on the mattress.

Igor kneeled next to me, coming close to my face. “Now we will check if your body feels better than it looks”. So close to me I could smell his foul breath mingled with alcohol. I tried not to flinch when he touch my face. His hand moved across my face to my throat. He grabbed my throat and squeezed. “This is how I sorted out our last guest, when she did not please me as I wanted her too. I am happy to finish you the same way if you do not perform.” He squeezed with more force. “Do you understand me?”. I could not speak but I nodded. “Good girl”. He released me and I could feel his hand moving town to my breasts, grabbing my left tit. His fingers dug into my soft flesh and pinched my nipple. My nipples started to get hard from his touch and stood up surrounded by my dark areolas. I could not prevent it and felt ashamed that my body would react this way.

I could tell that we was pleased with my body’s reaction. “Definitely feels nicer than it looks. You seem to like being touched by a real man”. I knew that I had to keep him happy, so I told him what he wanted to hear. “Yes, I like a proper man to touch me and sort me out”.

His second hand started to work my other breast. He kneaded my tits now with both hands and got more and more brutal. Finally, I could not hold back and cried out in pain from his rough treatment of my breasts. My nipples did hurt and were burning, as he pulled them hard and twisted them. He grinned again at me “feels good – does it?” “No, it hurts” I said before I could stop myself. I was afraid that this would anger him, but he said “Good girl – I do not like to be lied at. Now let’s check out the rest”.

The camera clicked away and his hands left by breast moving down to my belly. He grabbed my skin and pulled hard. “As flappy as it looks” he said with disgust in his voice. “At least it will not make any difference when we fuck you. Let’s hope that your pussy is not as flappy as the rest.”
Now his hands moved to my pubic hair. His fingers pushing over my pubic mound right between my pussy lips, applying pressure to my opening. His finger moved slightly into me.
“The bitch is wet. Come here and check it out” He exclaimed and Victor moved closer to see and feel. He pulled my lips apart and Victor now kneeling between my legs roughly pushed a finger into me up to the last digit. “Yup the bitch likes to be raped. Let’s give her what she wants. Her husband is probably not man enough.”
Ever since the birth of my second child, I had an increased slime secretion in my pussy. This time round it helped to reduce the pain and allowed this guy to slide into me, but I hated that they thought that I was enjoying this.

He kept sliding his finger in and out of me. “Feels nice and slippery; she is still tight enough for a good fuck”. I felt so degraded - they were treating me like some kind of fuck object, but I did not know what else to do. I was praying that it would be over quickly.
“Let’s get better access” Igor said, grabbed my ankles, lifted my legs and pushed my knees down to the mattress, exposing by arse in the process.

“This feels better” Victor said and forced a second finger into me. He finger fucked me a little more before pulling out and sliding the one finger along my crack to my rosette. He used both hands to pull my buttocks apart exposing my rosette. “Looks pretty tight and unused”. “Is your arse fucked by your husband?” he asked me.
I was embarrassed beyond believe and I thought of them being interested not only in my pussy never crossed my mind. I had to answer him. “My husband and I just have vaginal sex”. I could not bring myself to use the words he wanted to hear.
“So at least one part of you is still in a virgin state. Let’s see if we want to change this or not. I only fuck completely naked bitches. Remove your shoes. You are making our mattress dirty with your shoes”. He laughed at me.

Both of them stood up and started undressing. I opened the straps of my sandals with shaking hands. Finally, I managed to open them and removed my sandals; now I was completely naked. This was it now I would be raped for real. I started crying again as I watched both of them dropping their pants. They were hairy like apes and had beer bellies. I could see their erected dicks standing out like horizontal flag poles. The looked massive from my perspective and was sure that their size would rip me apart. I shook uncontrollably and my tears flowed freely.

“Look at her – she is crying out of happiness. Maybe she has never seen real man about to mount her” Igor said and laugher evilly. “Move up your legs and open them. Don’t be shy.”
I had closed my legs when I removed my sandals. I opened them again as instructed. I suddenly was very calm. I was ready to let these animals use me. I could not get out of this situation and would try to make it as painless for me as possible. I did not want them to fuck my arse and was hoping that fucking my pussy would satisfy them enough to let me go home. I also knew that I was ovulating, as my period finished just over a week ago. If they came in me, I most likely would get pregnant from one of them. I am not on the pill, as my husband had a vasectomy after our second child. I would just need to deal with it once I was free again.

“This time, I will do the first round” Igor said to his friend. Sliding between my leg’s he said “I will show you how a Russian dick feels like”. I could feel him positioning the tip of his dick at my opening.
I knew that I was not allowed to speak, but I could not help myself. “Please, don’t cum in me. I am not protected and don’t want to get pregnant.”
“Did anyone ask you to speak?” Igor shouted at me. He slapped my face twice. “It is good of you to tell us – now we can have a bet who will impregnate you.”
Before I could prepare myself for his onslaught, he pushed into me in one forceful motion. He felt long and it hurt like hell, as I did not have enough lubrication to cover his whole dick. I cried out in pain as he pulled out and pushed back in roughly. My pussy was on fire and I started sobbing again.

“Looks like she never had a real man” Igor laughed. “Let’s give her some more lube”. He pulled out of me and spat a big slump of saliva one me. I could feel it running into my pussy opening. The thought of having his foul slime in me made me sick, but at least his next penetration did not hurt as much. He fucked me rough and fast. “Pull her legs back for me so I can get in deeper” he said to his friend.
The pain slowly subsided and I realized that Victor was kneeling close to my head, now grabbing my feet and pulling them back to make it easier for Igor to enter me even further.

Igor increased his pace and with every slam into me, I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my buttocks. He was humping me and I was just a sex object for him to be used. The thought of being reduced to a pure object to satisfy his lust rather turned me on. My body started to react to his humping and I could feel my wetness increasing. I could feel the whole van shaking from his forceful fucking. “Tell me that you like being fucked by a Russian man!” he shouted at me.
I dropped my gaze trying not to look at him “I like being fucked by a Russian” I said with a pressed voice.
“Look at me and say it properly, so I can hear it and believe that you mean it.” He snarled at me.
I looked him in the eye and tried to smile, while saying “Yes, I like being fucked by a Russian man. You fill me properly.”
He smiled and fucked me harder, making my tits bounce around.

His relentless onslaught made my pussy tingle and I could feel the slow build-up of lust and an orgasm. I didn’t wat this to happen. Being raped should not end up in an orgasm and I tried to fight back the feeling.
“I will sperm you, bitch” he shouted. He suddenly slammed into me, roared like a bull and came in me. I could almost feel how he was pumping his sperm into me. I was thinking about my unprotected womb being fertilized by his seed and prayed that this would not happen.
He stayed in me relaxing, his sweat dropping onto my body. His friend was still holding my legs in place.

I turned my head and for the first time I could get a real good look at Victor’s dick. It was stiff and sticking out like a pole and it looked 20cm (8”) long and 5cm (2”) thick with two big balls dangling down. I had never seen such a big dick before and was sure that this would not fit into me.
Him being this close to me I could smell his unwashed groin. His foreskin was rolled back and I saw yellowish smear around the glans of his dick. It looked filthy and his unwashed groin smelled of stale urine and sweat. The thought of this dirty thing penetrating me was horrifying. It was so degrading, as I knew I could do nothing about, but to accept it. Realizing this I felt calmness overcoming me.

Igor finally pulled out of me and Victor moved into position, letting go of my legs.
I kept my legs open, feet sticking up in the air, presenting myself to my next rapist.
Igor started again taking pictures of me while I was lying there while Victor positioned himself between my legs and placed his hands on my tummy feeling me up and slowly moving down through my pubic hair to my pussy. He pulled apart my labia and pushed two fingers in me. “Nicely opened and lubricated. Good job Igor – it will be fun to split her open further. Let’s see which sperm will be impregnating her in the end.”

He grabbed my thighs and pushed them further down, stretching me open further for him. I could feel the tip of his dick touching my labia and imagined how his filth would start rubbing onto my most private area. The tough made me wet and I was shocked at my own reaction. How could a rape by an unwashed bastard be arousing to me, but it was the feeling of being dominated and having to obey them that turned me on.
He pushed into me and I groaned loudly not so much from the pain of being further stretched, but from the feeling of being filled beyond what I have ever felt before.
“She feels tight. Looks like she likes being fucked by my dick.” Victor said.
I looked into his eyes knowing what he wanted to hear “Yes, I like being filled with your dick. Russian men know how to fuck and have the right tools for it – not like my husband”. I was betraying my husband saying this, but in a sense, it was true. The sex with my husband is much more sensual and not a hard fucking like I was receiving from these two rapists.
Victor started to slide in and out of me picking up the pace. I moaned repeatedly from the feelings he was forcing upon me.

“Let’s start filming her. I want to have her on film”.
Igor went back to his bag and brought out a video camera that he mounted on a stand on the sidewall of the van. He now was free to “join the fun” as he put it.
He sat down near my heard and grabbed my tits squeezing them tightly until I screamed out in pain. He pulled my nipples up as high as they would go again until the pain got too much and I screamed again. He bent down and started to suck my right nipple. He sucked it up in his mouth and continued sucking until most of my right breast was in his mouth. Then he bit don on my flesh, making me scream again and again and tears welling up in my face.
My nipple got stiff despite his harsh treatment and he smiled at me. “You have ugly tits but your nipples are great. You seem to like rough treatment. Tell the camera how you like to be used”.
I had no choice, so I turned my head to the camera, trying to smile and said “Yes, it is true. I like to be treated rough and fucked hard. I like Russian men raping and impregnating me.”
“Good girl”. He eased his treatment of my tits and just sucked my nipples moving back and forth between my left and right tit. I could smell his sweaty odours. His sucking started to feel good.

Victor picked up the pace and making his balls slap against my buttocks. He fucked me without mercy like Igor did. The tingling in my pussy returned and got stronger by the second. I felt an orgasm building up. I didn’t want it to happen, but I knew that this time I could not stop it. Too many sensations were driving me further along the orgasm.
I started to respond to his humping, pushing back on him to get him further into me. My moaning got louder.
“Squeeze her tits again – she is about to come”. Igor squeezed hard again and the pain pushed me over the edge. I moaned in pleasure and an orgasm washed over me. I could hear Victor grunting loudly and he pumped his sperm in me.
I felt totally degraded and truly raped. I had orgasmed while being raped and was wondering if I was turning into a slut, enjoying being brutalized.

“Move to the side. I want to have her again” shouted Igor. I felt Victor sliding out and Igor moving behind me.
“Turn on your front and get on all fours. I want to fuck you like a dog.”
I turned over and got on all fours as told. Igor was hard again and started raping me hard right away. I could feel his rage, because I hadn’t orgasmed when he fucked me the first time round. “I will show you what fucking means” he shouted and fucked me harder than before. I needed to orgasm for him also to pacify him. I tried to relax to open myself for another orgasm.
“This is more like it – nice and tight. Check out her sag bags flopping around”.
Victor moved in front of my head and kneaded my tits. “Yeah - empty and flopping around. Come on bitch, clean me up”.
The moved this lap closer to my face and I could smell his strong odour, being a mix of sperm, my juices and stale piss. I occasionally suck my husband, but only when he had a shower and I don’t allow him to cum in my mouth. I certainly did not want to have him in my mouth and kept it shut.
“Open up and clean me!” Victor said.
Igor grabbed my hair from behind and pulled hard. “He told you to do him, so obey him you stupid cunt!”
My scalp felt like it was pulled of my head. I had no choice and obeyed them. I opened my mouth and Victor pushed forward and slid into me. I was engulfed in his smell and taste of his juices.

He started fucking my mouth, Victor pushed hard to get further into my mouth. I tried to resist, but he forced himself into my throat. I could not breathe and started to struggle. He finally moved back and let me get some air before pushing forward again.
Igor and Victor started to move in rhythm fucking me in both ends. I felt their balls slapping against my body again and again.
Igor continued working my pussy, now pushing up against my g-spot with every stroke and I could feel the build-up of an orgasm and moaned.
Victor pulled out all the way “Do you like it bitch?”
“Yes, I like being fucked from both sides. You are so good – please impregnate me!”

Victor pushed back into me and almost right away came. His sperm running down my throat.
He pulled out and grabbed my left nipple, pulling it hard. This pushed me over the edge and the orgasm washed over me. I cried out in pleasure as wave after wave overcame me.
Igor roared like a bull and came again in me.
I was dazed and did not realize him pulling out of me as well. Once I got aware of my surroundings again I saw my rapists being dressed. I was still lying on the mattress, cum leaking out of me in what felt like a constant stream.

“You have a pretty fucked up body, but your cunt and mouth have been a good fuck object. Thanks for the nice video footage. I will be sure to share it with my friends. If you go to the police I will post it on the internet to show everyone what kind of slut you are to orgasm while being fucked by strangers.”
“Nobody will believe that you did not agree to the fucking”. He was right nobody would believe me that I was raped, after seeing the video.
“Get dressed and get out. We don’t need you anymore.”
I dressed, cum still running down my legs and soaking my nickers. Victor opened the side door and pushed me out.

“Have fun being pregnant and look after our offspring.” He said smiling evilly. “We might look you up some time. I always wanted to fuck a pregnant woman…”
It was staring to get dark as the van drove off, leaving me behind. I recognized the forest and knew where I was, so I started to walk home. Luckily, my family was visiting friends for a few days, so I could clean-up without anybody finding out what had happened.
I made sure I had sex with my husband, so he would believe that we had an “accident” when I turned out to be pregnant. So far, he has not become suspicious, but loves my round belly.
I am living every day cycling back from work with the fear that my rapist would come back “to check up on me”.
So far this has not happened.

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