A young exchange student - sex story

A young exchange student

Now you read this story and it is 100% true! It is a real story of my life! When this occurred, I was a 36 year old female, my boyfriend Benito was 20. I still had a nice body and I have always been a very sexy woman. We lived together, to be honest; he lived in my apartment, since he hadn’t a place to stay in, so I offered him my accommodation. He was a nice exchange student from Italy, from Verona, you know, the city being familiar due to Shakespeare’s great novel “Romeo & Juliet”. So, he was a tall attractive, I would say a handsome easy going charming guy with blue eyes and fucking hot smile. He was well built and when he talked to me in Italian, I would lose my mind. He was a bit shy, he was not innocent, neither pervert, nor much experienced, whereas I had much of my experience to share with him, and when I slapped on his ass, his beautiful strong muscular ass, he would usually flash like a girl and retreat as well.

I lost my virginity on my 18s birthday and I have never looked back and regretted doing it. When we first met, he looked a bit confused and perplexed at our city, he didn’t find a free room in the hostel and was wandering about the streets looking for some rent. I took to him from the very first look, there’s something in his beautiful eyes, so we got into conversation, and he appeared to speak English almost well to understand, so I suggested him staying at my place for while. Well, the very first night I couldn’t help of idea to have sex with this wonderful guy from Apennines, but I care for what he might think of me, so I gave up. That continued for a while until one day to change the whole situation. One morning, I knocked on the door of his bed room, as usual, I found him lying on bed naked and masturbating. I can’t say whether he had heard me or not but when he saw me looking at him he turned red and apologized. However I calmed him down and said:

“It’s all right, honey, I don’t mind, everyone does it.”

I couldn’t resist looking at his cock and it was obvious that this monster was fat and at least 12 inches length! My boyfriend had a nice sized one! It was still erect as I gazed on it and I found myself getting aroused.

“I must say it looks so lovely!” I continued, “What a lovely cock!” Benito blushed but, to my surprise, he didn’t cover it at all. My nipples tingled and I felt my pussy getting wet, I moved to the bed whispering:

“Can I feel it up?” He didn’t say anything and approaching the bed, I reached out and wrapped my hand round the shaft. It was warm and very hard; the head was slippery with his juice. I began masturbating him being extremely sexy. He said:

“That feels so good and so nice, nobody has ever done this to me before.” I smiled and leaning over him kissed him gently. I had only my nightie on and his eyes looked down to my breasts. “Come on” I said, taking his hand and put it on my boob, “Come on, touch my breast, you’re making me feel so sexy!”

He appeared to be very neat and obedient. I hadn’t had sex for long and now I was on my verge. He was wonderful and gentle when he caressed me and I felt myself getting moist:

“Honey, would you like me to take this nightie off?” I asked him. He was breathing hard.

“Yes” he panted, “I’ve never been with a woman”

“Come on,” I let go of his hands and removed my nightie revealing my white skin. As I looked at him I could see that his eyes were fixed on my pussy area. I got on the bed with him, took his hand and placed it on my pussy:

“Yeahh, feel my pussy and I’ll tell you how to please me.”

He caressed my pussy lips and as I grew more excited they opened, after that I felt his fingers inside.
“Now, Benito, you are right there and I expect you can feel it swelling and growing, it’s nice when you feel it like that. Can you grope it? Now very gently push it in and out! That’s it! Mmm, feels so good, that’s so nice! Ohh, I’d love you to put your lovely cock in there, but just do it very, very, gently, OK”
I moved his finger to my clit.

“Can you feel that nice hard knob there?” He murmured:


“That’s what is called a woman’s clit and it is the most sensitive part! In fact, if you caress me there more, I will let you put your cock in, would you like that?”

“Oh yes!” he replied fervently.

He carried on caressing my clit the way I wanted and I told him, and then I knew that I would have sex with him.

“Come on” I murmured, and, spreading my legs, I put him onto me. His cock touched my pussy and I put my hand down and inserted it inside!

“Go on” I whispered: “Push it into me……. Oh! That’s so great, darling! That’s right, do me, oooh, it’s so nice!” I held him tight and hard, my fingers were digging into his back, my legs wrapped round his waist. He suddenly realized what it felt to be with a woman and how great it was, and he started fucking me hard, “Oh yes!” I gasped:”Go on, go on!”

He managed to last long, rather than I could expect, his thrusts were strong and hard. When he came, he ejaculated fiercely, fervently and with lots of sperm clots. Then he collapsed on me, gasping for breath. I stroked the back of his head as he calmed down, and his cock was shrinking inside me. He rose to pull out but I said: “No, don’t take it out, you’re young and you’ll get hard again in a minute! Then you can do me much longer!” Five minutes later he was fucking me again, this time much longer, controlling himself and giving me a gorgeous time before cumming again.

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