Adult fiction, old and young (gay,sex,stories,incest)

Adult fiction, old and young

Jonah is an 18 year old boy. He grew up in a good home, with loving parents and a small town. His parents raised him up right with everything except his father never have him the "birds and the bees" talk as a child, so now, as an 18 year old, Jonah is very confused about what goes on between a man and a woman, or man to man, sexually.

Jonah first experienced masturbating and an orgasm when he turned 18. He was very curious and it felt good when he started to stroke his warm, smooth, shaft. He was not expecting what came out of his penis when he orgasmed. He was alarmed by it and decided to go have a talk with his dad to make sure everything was okay with his body.

He wanted to make sure no one else was in the house when he had this talk with his father because it was a little embarrassing to Jonah. When he approached his father, he was sitting in the living room on the couch watching the nightly news. "Hey dad?" Jonah said. "Yeah son?" His father replied. "Umm, something happened with my penis," Jonah said to his father. "What was it son? Are you okay?" His dad said back to him. "Umm, I'm not sure, I was playing with it, and stroking it and then some white sticky stuff came out of my penis," Jonah said worriedly.

"Ahahaha, oh son that's just masturbation," as Jonah's father chuckled away. "So nothing's wrong with me?" Jonah said. "Not at all, that's just a normal process that happens to a man when he matures. Did you like it? Did it feel good?" his father asked. "Yeah I guess it felt pretty good actually. Do you do it dad?" Jonah asked curiously. "Yeah son I do. In fact I could use a good servicing right now! Hey son! Would you like to help your father out?" His dad asked diligently. "With what dad?" Jonah replied. "I'm gonna pull my pants down and you are gonna suck on my penis, okay son?" His father told him. "Okay dad!" Jonah replied excitedly. Except Jonah's father wasn't expecting all of what was going to happen.

His father pulled his pants to the ground, revealing his 8 inch, smooth, hairy, semi-hard cock to his son. "Wow dad that's huge compared to mine!" Jonah yelped to his father. Jonah then grabbed it, feeling it, moving his hand up and down the smooth shaft. "It's so warm dad. Mmmm I bet it tastes delicious," Jonah said. He slowly raised the beast up to his mouth and ever so gently started to lick the bottom of the shaft up and down. Within a few more seconds, Jonah had now put the whole head of his fathers cock into his mouth while he sucked gently.

Jonah increased his speed and depth on his dads penis while his father began to moan and whimper from his sons first ever blowjob. It wasn't long before Jonah felt his father tense up and shoot his load all over his sons face and mouth. "Wow son that was one of the greatest blowjobs I've ever gotten from someone." His father said. "That was awesome dad! Can we do it again? It tasted so good!" Jonah said back to his spent father. "Yes we can do it later but not right now. I have something else for us to do. Hey son, grab that lube over there on the table and put some on your penis," his father ordered him to do. "How come dad?" Jonah wondered. "Just do it and come over to your father and stick it up my asshole," his father told him. "Okay dad!" Jonah replied with joy.

Jonah grabbed the lube and pulled down his pants to reveal his 6 inch, rock hard cock that was throbbing from all of the excitement. "That's a nice looking cock you got there boy!" His father approved. "Thanks dad!" Jonah replied. He then got a load of lube and rubbed it onto his penis making sure it was all covered. "So I just stick it in your asshole dad?" Jonah questioned. "Yeah son! Trust me you will enjoy it," he assured his son. Jonah moved towards his father and touched his cock to his dads ass. Slowly, Jonah slid his cock into his fathers ass inch by inch until his dad could feel the short curly pubes on his ass cheeks.

"Oh dad that feels so good and it's so warm! Now what to I do?" Jonah asked practically in ecstasy. "Slide your penis back and forth without taking it out son," his father told him. Jonah replied with moving it slowly back and forth. "Faster son, faster!" His father screamed. Jonah immediately picked up the pace and began to slam his cock into his fathers ass, giving no break until he began to tense up. "Dad something's happening!" Jonah gasped. Cum in my ass son! Release your sperm into your daddy!" His father yelled with joy. "Agghhhhh!" Jonah grunted as he released his load into his dads hot, steamy, sweaty ass.

"Wow Jonah that was amazing! You are great at sucking and fucking, let's see if you are great at kissing as well," his father said. They both connected and fell onto the couch kissing each other only to fall asleep in each other's arms a few minutes later.....

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