After class with teacher (school,teacher porn,free,stories)

After class with teacher

The facade of respectability often crumbles to dust with remarkable swiftness once its protective armor has been pierced.

The relatively minor investigation into the conduct of one police officer results in the discovery of massive corruption within the force. A routine check by the government of a corporation's finances turns up damning evidence of widespread tax evasion, graft, kickbacks, bribes and payoffs. In significant looking cysts reveal malignant tumors.

And what of the facade of righteousness and puritan morality in the tree-shaded, picket-and wrought-iron-fenced suburbs of middle and upper-middle-class America?

What really goes on behind those freshly painted doors? Is depravity an exclusive right of the ghetto-dweller, as many of the more fortunate would like to think?

The serious and shocking story of one pleasant suburb, and of some of the students and teachers in its ivy-covered high school who helped crack the facade -- and watch it crumble about their heads.

AFTER CLASS WITH TEACHER -- a novel that goes beyond the fictitious town in which it is set... possibly any American town?


"I'm horny as hell, honey, let's fuck!" Gloria Maitland pressed up against her husband as she moaned hotly in his ear. She felt the bulge in Frank's crotch pushing into her belly, and she strained against it. They had just returned home from a church group social and she was keyed up from meeting so many new people.

Frank grunted and yawned, scratching his crotch. Gloria wasn't surprised. They hardly ever fucked anymore. Most of the time when they did she had to practically beg him for it. Sometimes she thought she'd go crazy for need of a hard cock in her pussy! Frank was a terrific guy, and she loved him, but he didn't have much of a sex drive lately.

She knew if she expected any action she'd have to turn him on. She turned to him and rubbed her pointed tits against his chest. Her nipples immediately became hard. Well, even if she wasn't turning him on, she was sure turning herself on!

She wondered why Frank was so turned off to sex these days. He hadn't been for the first few years of their marriage. She was only twenty-seven and she knew she had a pretty face and good body. She was a school teacher, and her male students verified that every day. The male teachers ogled her too, and men always noticed her when she walked down the street. Why didn't her own husband find her appealing?

She'd had plenty of experience when she'd married Frank, but she'd been faithful since their marriage. Now, after five years of marriage, their sex life had gone stale.

They had just moved to town and she'd only been at her new school for a week. Maybe Frank was nervous about starting his new job, but she was a woman in her prime and she needed sex. He was ten years older than she was, but he was healthy and thirty-seven wasn't old. It was certainly too young to lose interest in fucking.

She slid her hand down his body and pulled at his zipper.

"Cut it out!" he hissed.

"Please, Frank," she whispered. "I'm horny!"

"I don't like when you talk that way," he said sternly.

"But no one else can hear me!"

"Yes, but if you talk that way here, you may slip and say something like that in public. I can't afford to have my wife speak so vulgarly."

Gloria blushed. "Oh, honey, saying horny isn't vulgar!"

"It certainly is! Also fuck. Can't you say intercourse?"

She sighed. Her hand closed over his cock. It was limp. She brought it out of his fly and pumped her fingers up and down his cockshaft. He had a nice big prick, and she squeezed his fat cockhead. When she could get him to fuck her, it was always good. She always came at least once. The trouble was, it didn't happen nearly often enough for her.

She crouched down now and put her lips over his spongy cockhead. She sucked on his knob gluttonously, working her wet lips as she tried to get him hard.

She sucked the bloated plum of his cock halfway down her throat. She loved cocksucking. She'd always loved cocksucking, and she knew she was good at it. Before her marriage, boys had always told her she was a great cocksucker, and in the beginning Frank had said so too. She figured she was good at it because she loved to do it. The feel of a juicy cock in her mouth always made her hot.

She loved the taste and feel of a man's prick. She always felt lewd sucking cock. Maybe that was why it was such a turn-on for her. In any case, right now her pussy was fluttering like crazy. She closed her eyes and sucked in more of Frank's cock. She wondered sometimes if other women liked sucking cock as much as she did. Was she deep down in her soul a slut? She worried about that sometimes.

She pulled her mouth off his cock and began licking and lapping up and down his cockshaft. She swabbed her hot wet tongue up and down his twitching fuckpole. He was finally getting hard. The licking and sucking was finally sending blood racing to his cock and making him hard. She excitedly gobbled up more cock-flesh. Ether he wanted to or not, he'd have to fuck her now!

Was she going to have to beg for fucking the rest of her life? Didn't she turn him on anymore? It happened sometimes. People got married and then changed. Maybe Frank had changed, and didn't find her type appealing anymore. Maybe he didn't even love her anymore. Well, if he didn't, let him be the one to tell her.

She worked on his stiff cockshaft with her fingers. She was careful not to bring him off. God, not before he stuffed that stiff prick inside her pussy! As it was she felt that she war the one doing all the work. He just stood there like a prince or something, allowing her to get him hard.

She glanced up at him. His eyes were glittering as he stared down at her sucking mouth. He didn't look like he was in any pain. He looked like he was enjoying it just fine.

She lapped her way up his cockshaft now, opening her lips wide and engulfing his big knob. She bobbed her head up and down, the ring of her full wet lips sliding smoothly up and down on his satiny saliva-coated prick.

She pulled her head back until she had only his mushroomy knob in her mouth, and she used her fingers to pump his cockshaft. He began pumping his hips, driving his cock deeper into her mouth.

"Christ!" he grunted.

She let his cock slide out of her mouth and she stood up. She kissed him on the mouth and nibbled at his ear.

"Let's get undressed, honey," she purred. "Let's get into bed and fuck!"

She kept pumping his prick. She was afraid he might lose his hard-on. She pressed up against him, whispering in his ear.

"I'm so hot, baby!" she murmured. "I'm so hot! I want your prick in me so badly!"

"I'm really tired," he said. "I need to bean my toes tomorrow. It's my first day on the new job and I need my sleep." When he saw the disappointed look on her face he softened and smiled. "I'll try, honey. Honest, I'll try."

They got to the bedroom and she made him lie down on the bed. Sometimes she got him excited by doing a strip. She decided to do that now and maybe he would get hot enough to give her a good fuck.

She teased him as she seductively stripped off her clothes. She felt good and hot. She was in her prime, in the full flower of her womanhood. Her pointed tits were still firm and high. Her nipples were big and pink and stiff, enough to make any man's mouth water. Her full, thick cunt bush was sexy, and her cuntlips were thick and meaty. Any man would be happy to have them wrapped around his prick. Oh, God, how she needed to wrap her cuntlips around a prick right now!

She fluttered her fingers over her asscheeks and shivered at the sensations. She pried her asscheeks apart and then pushed them together again. She dropped them and they jiggled, white and firm. Her asscrack was deep and dark and moist. She had two hot cracks, each one aching to be stuffed. Oh, what a slut I am to think such thoughts she thought.

She squeezed her asscheeks and then moved her hands up to her big tits. She loved feeling herself up. Some women didn't like to touch themselves, but she loved it. Ever since she was a young girl she'd liked to touch her body. She rolled her pink nipples and made them longer and harder. They stood out like little batons.

She went over to the bed and began pulling Frank's clothes off. She had a hard time moving him and he did seem genuinely tired. She didn't care. She had rights too, and she wanted to fuck. If she'd wanted to live the life of an old maid she'd have stayed single.

She pulled and tugged and finally his clothes were off. His prick was limp again, and she sighed. She'd have to start all over again. Oh, well, she didn't mind sucking him again. She squeezed his soft cock and tucked him under the covers.

"I'll be right back, honey," she purred. "I need a minute in the bathroom. Please, don't fall asleep."

She went into the bathroom, cupping her tits in her hands. She closed the door and stood in front of the mirror examining her body. She played with her cunthair and stuck a finger inside her pussy thicket. She was soaking wet.

She dabbed perfume on her cunt bush and her inner thighs. She wiped up the cuntjuice that had dripped down her legs. God, she was hot!

She gazed down at her dark cunt-mound. Her cunt pulsated and quivered. She brushed her long dark hair and put lip gloss on her lips. Then on an impulse she put some on her nipples too. She glanced at the mirror to see the effect. Her pink nipples shone, dark and stiff and shining with the gloss. Her tities looked good enough to eat.

She opened the bathroom door and went back to the bedroom. She looked at Frank lying on the bed and realized that he was sound asleep.

Damn! she thought. She was sorry she had left him alone, but she was angry. They hadn't fucked in weeks, and he knew she was hot. The son of a bitch could have stayed awake if he'd wanted to!

Tears came to her eyes. She left the bedroom and went down the hall into the living room. She stretched out on the long sofa and lay there in the dark, hot tears running down her cheeks. She ran her hands over her body, her cunt quivering with need.

She realized she wouldn't be able to sleep until she had an orgasm. She was too restless. She began teasing her cuntlips and gently massaging her stiff little clit. God, how she needed fucking! This wasn't what she expected of marriage. Their sex life had become dull and routine, and she was still a young woman. If things were this bad now, what would they be like in five years? She was a woman who needed a man. A man with a good stiff prick who liked to fuck as much as she did. A man with physical needs to match hers.

She mashed her fingers around her wet cunt. Her fingers felt good, but she needed a good hard cock in there. A long thick prick reaming out her cunt-channel.

She caressed her tits with her cunt juice coated fingers. Moaning softly, she opened her legs wide and began slowly rubbing her cunt flesh. She pulled and fondled her cuntlips and rubbed her fingers around the sticky juice brimming at the mouth of her cunthole. She gently tickled the shaft of her quivering clit and moaned at the lovely feeling.

She shivered with lust as her fingers played with her meaty cuntlips. She strummed and flicked her throbbing clit.

She pushed two fingers inside her cunthole and plunged them slowly in and out of her cunt-channel. Cunt juice gushed out of her pussy-hole and her fingers made squishing sounds as they pistoned in and out of her fuckhole.

She used her other hand to play with her tits. She rubbed and fondled her glistening nipples. She massaged her hungry cuntlips with her hand, bucking her ass up off the sofa as she finger-fucked her cunt-channel.

Her thighs were wide open and her belly heaved as she bounced up and down on the sofa. She moved her hand from her tits to her pussy, and now she held her cuntlips open with both hands and teased her clit as she began climbing toward the oblivion of a climax.

Her whole body quivering, she shaved another finger, inside her cunthole. She had three fingers fucking her cunt now and she used the other hand to rub her clit. Her fingers churned her juices into a white froth. Her whole crotch was on fire, hot and wet and ready to explode.

"Oh, my God!" she moaned, as she felt the heat of her orgasm begin. Her tits bounced and her nipples tingled. She flicked her clit and pumped her fingers frantically in and out of her starving cunthole.

She pretended she had a thick prick pistoning in and out of her cunt-channel. She pretended she had a pair of bloated balls slapping against her asscheeks. She imagined she had a fat juicy cockhead stabbing the tender meat of her cunt.

She vibrated her clit with a finger tip in a frenzy, hot pleasure washing up from her cunt to suffuse her entire body.

She rubbed and teased her quivering passion button, moaning softly as the white-hot pleasure overwhelmed her senses. She shuddered and quaked, pulling her wet fingers out of her cunthole and bringing them up to her lips. With a moan of lust, she sucked the fingers into her mouth and began sucking and licking the cuntjuice off the digits. She pretended she was sucking a wet cock, a thick wet cock that had just left her cunt. Her tongue lapped hungrily over her fingertips.

She used her other hand and plunged three fingers inside her cunthole again. Now she had three fingers in her cunt and three fingers in her mouth. Her lips curled around one set of fingers, and her cunt around the other.

Her pointed tits jiggled wildly as her body spasmed in another convulsive orgasm.

I can't go on like this, she thought. I can't! I have to have a man to fuck me. I have to do something. She needed a lover. That was it. She'd find a lover!

With a deep moan, she came again, crying out with passion. She wondered if Frank could hear her. Well, fuck him! She didn't care!

She continued rubbing her cunt, her legs thrashing wildly around. It was good. Bringing herself off was always good, but not as good as fucking. It would do for now, until she could find a cock to do the job right.


The following Saturday one of Gloria's students, a cute kid by the name of Eddie Donahue, caine over for some special tutoring. Frank was working, and she didn't mind giving the boy some of her free time. She hadn't made any friends yet, and she was bored. Also damned horny.

After she and Eddie had gone aver some math problems, it occurred to her that a young boy his age was probably horny all the time.

When she looked down at his crotch, she saw that he had a good-sized bulge in his jeans. Her eyes ran up and down his body. Did she dare? She decided she had nothing to lose.

"Would you like a Coke, dear?" she said.

He nodded, silently eyeing her tits as she bounced off to the kitchen to get the cold drink. When she returned she sat down next to him on the sofa. She handed him the Coke and took a good look at him. He was getting bolder, now, obviously giving her the once over as he gulped down the drink. She was wearing a robe that didn't cover much, and she suddenly realized that she may have subconsciously worn something revealing to deliberately turn the kid on.

Well, so be it. She felt a tingling in her pussy and a shiver running up and down her spine. She tried to imagine what the kid would look like naked and it brought a new spasm to her pussy.

His cock looked big, but you couldn't always tell. Was it thick? If she had a choice between thick and long, she'd take thick. Thick felt wonderful stuffing her cunt channel. Length didn't matter all that much.

The thought of fucking the young boy made her quiver. Young boys had such lovely sexual appetites. They could get hard over and over again. She remembered how it'd been when she'd been a teenager and she shivered with lust. She got up from the sofa and deliberately brushed her tits against his arm.

"So, Eddie," she said. "Would you like a sandwich?"

"Yes, thanks," he said.

They smiled at each other and she pranced off to the kitchen to make his sandwich. When he was finished eating, she decided this was the time to move in. She was certain he wasn't a virgin. Boys nowadays lost their cherries early. And if he still had his cherry, it was time he lost it.

She glanced down at his crotch. There was no doubt about it. His cock was hard and throbbing, straining against his fly.

She liked his looks. He had a nice smile and curly hair. He was slim and well built and had a cute little trim ass. She liked trim asses on men. She decided she'd have to be bold and aggressive, and she stared openly at his crotch.

"That's a hard-on, if I ever saw one," she giggled.

He blushed. "Oh, God, I'm sorry, Mrs. Maitland!"

"Don't be sorry, honey," she smiled. "I like it. It's flattering."

She extended a hand and moved it lightly over the bulge in his jeans. He groaned and closed his hand over hers, drawing it more firmly against his crotch. That was all the encouragement she needed. She unzipped his fly and took his cock out into the air.

"Jesus!" he gasped.

His cock was long and thick and his pisshole brimmed with cockjuice. She eyed it hungrily.

"Yummy!" she giggled. "Lovely thick cock!"

She smeared the cockjuice over his bloated knob. She hesitated a moment, wondering if she was asking for trouble, monkeying around with a kid his age. Would he talk? Would she find herself confronted by his mother? Not if she knew young boys, and God knows, she'd been teaching them long enough. The last person he'd tell would be his mother. If he opened his mouth to anyone, it would be to his friends. Well, she wasn't going to worry about that, but she decided to caution him.

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" she whispered.

"I promise!" he hissed.

He closed his eyes and she made him stretch out on the sofa. She felt totally in control, and it was great. Frank never let her be aggressive, and she found she loved it. She liked the feeling of power she had over the boy. She congratulated herself on starting with a young kid. It was a good idea. Then she could work up to cheating on Frank with a real man.

She moved her hand up and, down on his cockshaft, rubbing his cock-cream into his fuckpole and enjoying the feel of his throbbing male-meat in her hand.

"Got a girl?" she whispered.

"No one steady," he croaked.

"You're not a virgin, are you?"

"Shit, no!"

"Do you fuck someone special?"


"Is she pretty?"

"Not like you."

"Does she have big boobs?"

"Are they as big as mine?"

"Shit, no!"

Gloria's cunt was on fire by now, and she was dying to get her pussy plugged. She lowered her head and lapped her tongue briefly over his cockhead. She opened her mouth and suctioned in the bloated plum.

He groaned, and tried to pull her mouth back when she spit his cock out. "Does she suck you off?"

"No, Mrs. Maitland," he gasped.

She giggled, sucking his cockhead back into her mouth. She was in heaven. He tasted lovely.

His cock twitched in her mouth, alive and vital. He wasn't rushing her either. If it were Frank she was sucking, he'd be rushing her by now. She knew lots of women didn't like to suck cock. Millions of men all over the world would be thrilled to have a wife who loved it. Frank was a fool.

She moved a hand under her robe and plastered it against her cunt. She scooped some juice up and spread it over his thick cockshaft.

"Oh, slit!" he groaned.

"No good?" she said, innocently.

"It's great!"

She dropped his prick from her mouth and slipped out of her robe. She was naked now, and she swooped down on him again. She moved one hand back to her pussy and played with her cuntlips. She used her other hand to shove his twitching prick down her throat. She was breathing hard now, totally turned on and ready to come.

Saliva gushed out of her mouth and drenched his cock and balls. She bobbed her head up and down in a frenzy, like a mindless fucking machine. She was nothing but a mouth and a cunt. She was mouth-fucking his prick and finger-fucking her pussy. Within a moment, she spasmed and came.

She decided to let him shoot off in her mouth. She knew he'd get hard again soon, and she wanted his jism down her throat. She gobbled up his cock until his knob was jabbing at the back of her throat then she pursed her lips in a way that would grip his cock like a tight little pussy. Sure enough, it drove him crazy.

"Oh, Christ, Mrs. Maitland, I'm gonna shoot!"

She continued sucking, urging him on. He stiffened and grunted and in a moment his thick white cogk-cream bubbled out of his cockhead and exploded down her throat. She gulped and swallowed wad after thick wad of fuck-cream until she had every drop of jizz out of his balls. She milked him dry, and then she ran her tongue over her lips to clean up every drop of fuck oil sticking to them.

She glanced at him, almost surprised to find a real live boy at the end of the prick. His eyes were glazed, and staring at her heaving jugs. He grinned when he caught her eye, and appeared ready for more.

She fingered his balls and smiled at him. "You sure know how to suck," he said.

She beamed. It was nice to be appreciated. Maybe cocksucking was an art after all. If it was, she must be an expert, she loved it so much!

"Have you ever sucked a girl's pussy, Eddie?" she asked.

"Sure," he nodded. "Lots of times."

"Would you like to suck mine?" she said. "I'd like that a lot, if you want to do it."

He didn't answer. She watched his mouth, waiting for him to answer. She noticed for the first time that he had a jutting lower lip. Exactly the kind of lip that felt good on her clit. The thought of having that mouth suck her cunt made her shiver with lust. She craved it.

She knew some boys didn't like the taste of pussy, and she didn't want to push him. It was crazy. She was a married woman, and she shouldn't have to beg to get her pussy sucked!

She squeezed his cock to tantalize him. Eventually he agreed.

"I will if you want me to, Mrs. Maitland."

She breathed a sigh of relief. "Let's go into the bedroom," he said. "We'll be more comfortable on a bed."

She led the way, walking in front of him and aware of his eyes on her bouncing asscheeks. She trembled at the lewdness of what she was doing. She was walking through her own house naked in front of one of her students. Eddie was still dressed, even if his cock was jutting out of his fly.

Gloria was naked as as a jaybird and every inch of her was turned on. She was more excited than she'd been in ages. The anticipation of having him suck her cunt made her tremble and made her pussy cream.

She knew he probably wasn't very good at cunt-sucking. A boy his age was still wet behind the ears. Still, there was a certain innocence that was a turn-on, a certain sweetness. Kid, nowadays knew all about sex, but how much practice did they actually have with cunt-sucking? Well, by the time she was through with Eddie Donahue, he'd know the girls from the women. Part of his education, she thought with a smile. After all, he did come over for tutoring.

She lay down on the bed with her knees up and her legs spread wide open. Eddie hadn't really seen her cunt yet, and now he took a good took at it. She knew she tad a ripe, womanly cunt, and his eyes told her he found it exciting. She lewdly ran her fingers along the insides of her white thighs, and opened her knees wider. She teased him by opening and closing her legs.

His eyes glittered as he gazed down at the ripe meaty flesh of her pussy. He stared down at her hairy cuntlips, hanging open now, and at the reddish-purple interior of her cunt mound.

His prick was stiff again, hard as a rock and standing at attention. She feasted her eyes on his cock and pried her cuntlips open with her fingertips.

"This is my clit," she said, pointing to her passion button. "You know what that is, don't you? Well, mine needs some attention right now, honey."

The boy stared down at her steaming, seething hole. He climbed onto the bed and shifted forward, moving his fingers between her slimy cunt-lips. He rubbed some of her thick cunt-cream over her clit and massaged her quivering little bean in circles. He pressed back and forth over the little nub until she gasped and cried out.

Her crotch was flooded with cunt-cream. It oozed out of her slippery gash and ran down to her asscrack.

"Lick it!" she hissed, getting impatient. "Get your mouth on my cunt!"

He quickly stretched out on his belly with his mouth close to her cunt. He slid his hands under her thighs and grabbed her asscheeks. She groaned and shuddered as he lowered his face to her crotch.

He tongued all over her pussy, slowly lapping her outer cuntlips. Then his long thick tongue pushed between her inner slimy cuntlips, and dipped inside her yawning cunthole.

She wailed and squirmed, humping her crotch at his face. The feel of his tongue sawing in and out of her fuckhole drove her wild.

"Oh, God, yes!" she moaned. "Oh, yes! Do my cunt! Tongue my clit!"

He began a viborous licking of her clit while she squirmed and writhed under him. How wonderful it was! There she was, lying on her own bed and shoving her cunt at this teenage boys' face!

Eddie seemed to be turned on by the sucking. The realization that her pulpy ripe cunt could turn a boy like this on made her shiver even more.

She didn't have to tell him what to do anymore. He was licking like a pro now. He used his tongue like an expert on her swollen cuntlips. He used it to vibrate her cunt until she thought she'd go mad with pleasure.

Her belly heaved and she moaned out loud like a wounded animal. He sucked her cunt with relish. Any hesitation he'd had had dissipated. His mouth was open wide, and his lips were clamped to her cunt-meat. He dug in, rubbing his nose and chin and cheeks over her slimy pussy-meat. The slobbering slurping sounds he made brought Gloria to a peak of ecstasy.

She begged him to suck her harder. He complied, his tongue drilling into her cunthole and exploring the depths of her fuck-channel.

He mashed his face against her cunt and lapped his tongue in and out of her fuckhole. He sucked in a frenzy at her furry muff. She pulled her knees back against her tits and raised her ass up off the bed to give him more room. Her crotch was now turned up, and she shivered when she felt his tongue tickling her shitter.

She grabbed his head and pulled his face more firmly against her steaming crotch. She wailed and arched her back and came hard, flooding his mouth with cunt-cream.

She spasmed again and again. She hadn't come that hard in years. Frank had made her come this hard a long time ago, but not for ages. Damn him, anyway! She lay still until the last tremor of her orgasm left her body.

Eddie stretched out on his side, a proud look on his face. Gloria glanced down at his prick and saw that it was as hard as a rock. His eyes glittered and he licked his lips lewdly.

"That was wonderful, Eddie," she murmured. "As good as any man could do."

She shivered with pleasure and satisfaction. He grabbed her tits and began playing with them. Her nipples stiffened immediately and she moaned when he took a pink nub in each hand and gently squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger.

She squirmed on the bed, the hot tip of his prick against her thigh. She wanted his fuckpole reaming her cunt. She wanted to feel his hard cunt-spreader stabbing into her pussy. She wanted his male-meat thrusting in and out of her hungry cunthole. She wanted his hairy balls slapping against her asscheeks.

He kissed her now, his mouth young and sweet and passionate. His lips moved over the swells of her tits, his lower lips feeling wonderful on her jugs. He licked and sucked her titflesh, and then abruptly sucked one of her long pink nipples into his mouth.

She hadn't had a working over like this in years. If Eddie Donahue was out of his teens, she'd eat her hat, but here he was making love like a mature man!

She clutched his head and pulled his face closer to her boobs. He responded, sucking and licking and slurping in a frenzy. He forced her jugs closer together and moved his mouth rapidly from one pink nipple to the other, licking and sucking as she shivered beneath him.

He squeezed and caressed her heaving tits with his fingers. He mashed his hands against her stiff nipples, pinching the tender buds until she shivered at the pleasure of it.

Suddenly he moved around and straddled her body. She raised her head to gaze at his throbbing prick. His pisshole dripped cockjuice onto her belly. She cupped his asscheeks in her hands and mewed and purred with lust.

She squeezed and fondled his trim asscheeks, and then she moved a hand around to the front and cupped his tight balls.

She had a sudden desire to suck his cock again. She told him to move up so she could suck his prick, and he quickly did her bidding. In a moment his cock-tip was touching her lips. She opened her mouth and lustily sucked in his juicy cockhead.

She lapped her tongue over his bloated knob, and then licked behind the flared rim of his mushroom. His cock twitched in her mouth. His turgid cockmeat filled her mouth to capacity, stuffing her to the limit.

She sensation of his hard cock in her mouth aroused her to the point of frenzy. She suddenly released his cock and cried out for him to fuck her.

He moved off of her and she opened her thighs wide. In a moment he mounted her. He held his cockshaft in one hand and slid forward, bringing his cockhead close in and touching her clit. She wailed when he slowly rubbed his knob back and forth over her stiff red bean. He teased her passion button until she thought she'd explode.

The kid was a great lover. He could give Frank lessons.

He stared down at her open gash and continued rubbing his cockhead against her clit. She begged him to stick it in and fuck her cunt. He grunted and lowered his cock, pushing it between her pulsating cuntlips until he found the gaping hole of her pussy. She gasped when his fat cockhead stretched the rim of her fuckchannel. Then she shivered when with one stroke, he drove his cock in to the hilt inside her clutching fuck-tube.

Her hairy cuntmouth gripped his fucktube. His balls tickled her ass and she cried out for him to fuck her. He began a slow leisurely fuck, pistoning his cock in and out of her fuckchute.

He rammed her cunt with vigorous strokes, his cockshaft scraping the tender bud of her clit. She loved the way his balls slapped wetly against her asscheeks.

She tossed her head from side to side, digging her nails into his back. It was good! He fucked her with hard steady strokes. He thrust his fuck-meat in and out and rattled her bones with each stroke. Her pussy felt stuffed and stretched and completely filled.

She sobbed and wailed each time his cockhead stretched the mouth of her cunthole. Her cunt was on fire, and waves of hot pleasure poured up from her crotch to wash over her body.

She begged him to fuck her harder, but he continued the rhythm of his fucking, ignoring her pleas. She cried out when he pulled his cock out of her cunt and once again teased her clit.

She thrashed around, wild with lust, yelling for him to stick it back in and fuck her. He pressed his swollen knob against her throbbing clit and rubbed it back and forth until she thought she'd go mad.

When she wailed for him to stick it in and fuck her, he snickered and moved his cockhead to the mouth of her cunthole. Once again he shoved the full length of his prick inside her sucking cunt-channel. He stabbed her with his cock-meat, plunging his prick into her body with a single thrust.

She humped up to meet him, sobbing and wailing with lust. She moaned at the way his cock filled her cunt. The thickness of his cockshaft filled her to the brim. She pulled her legs back and draped them over his shoulders. She turned her crotch up completely so he could fuck her, with hard pile-driving strokes. She wrapped her legs around him, locking him against her.

The head of his cock pushed against the end of her fuck-channel. She slid her hands down and clutched his ass as it pumped away at her cunt. Her fingertips moved into his asscrack. He grunted when she found, his asshole and rimmed it with a fingertip. She shoved a finger inside his shit-tube up to the knuckle.

"OH, FUCK!" he cried, bellowing raucously and pumping his cock in and out of her cunt in a frenzy.

With each stroke she felt his thick cockshaft rasp against her cunt and his balls slap against her ass. She bucked her ass up to meet his wild thrusts. Her finger pistoned in and out of his shitter as she yelled for him to fuck her harder.

Finally he stiffened and grunted and yelled that he was coming. She wailed for him to shoot it into her. Her eyes closed, her teeth clenched, she spasmed and came as he began spurting his hot jism into her pulsating cunt.

When it was over and she'd recovered her senses, she thought, with a giggle, of the wild session she'd just had with this teenage boy. With a happy smile, she turned over and fell into a deep sleep.


Later in the day, after Eddie left, she regretted the whole thing. All the sucking and fucking and the wild lewd things she'd whispered to the boy. She stripped the bed and threw everything into the laundry basket. She took a hot bath and tried to scrub away the memory.

As she scrubbed her body, she found her mind kept returning to the wonderful afternoon. She'd fucked him again before sending him home, mounting him and feeling his big prick reaming out her fuck-channel. She shivered at the memory. The negative aspect was that she had to face him in class every day. She had, to stand up in the front of the room and act her role of teacher, when one of her students knew every nook and cranny of her body. She liked teaching and she didn't want anything to spoil her job.

She got out of the tub, her cunt once again hot and ready for fucking. Was she turning into a nymphomaniac?

The following Friday Gloria breathed a sigh of relief. A whole week had gone by and there were no repercussions from her wild session with Eddie. Apparently he had kept his mouth shut.

After her ten o'clock class, the principal, a man of about fifty or fifty-five called her into his office. She felt a quiver of apprehension down her spine and was relieved when he asked her to have lunch with him.

"I know your next class isn't until two-thirty," he said. "I make it a point to get to know all my teachers. You've been here two weeks now, and you're doing a grand job. It's time we got to know each other on a personal level."

He smiled, the smile of a father figure. Gloria agreed with him, and they made a date for lunch at twelve-thirty.

"There's a new restaurant a few miles down the highway," he said. "I've wanted to try it and this is a perfect opportunity."

Gloria wondered if this would be a business lunch or something more. She had noticed the way he'd looked at her from the first day she'd taught here. Arthur Bolton knew she was married, and so was he, but she'd heard rumors that he had an eye for the ladies. When he'd asked her to have lunch his eyes hadn't left her tits and ass. When she left his office she felt his eyes on her legs in her high heels and sheer stockings.

What will be, will be, she decided philosophically.

They met in the teacher's parking lot. They got into his car and chatted casually about the weather and the school. Gloria decided to go with the flow, and she let her short skirt ride up to expose her knees and creamy thighs. Mr. Bolton noticed immediately, and his eyes shifted from the road to her nylon-covered legs. She hoped he wouldn't crack up the car.

"I have high hopes for you," he said. "You're going to turn out to be one of my best teachers."

She smiled. "That's very nice to hear, Mr. Bolton."

"Yes, my dear, and the rest of the staff agrees with me," he smiled.

Then, as if to reinforce his words, he put his hand down on her knee and lightly squeezed.

She didn't say a word, afraid that anything she said would be construed as a sign of rejection on her part. There was little traffic and she wasn't worried about him driving one handed.

They chatted about the students and other teachers, and he continued stroking her knee. Gloria drew in her breath when his hand began to move up toward her thigh. When his fingers reached mid-thigh, he was talking about Mrs. Bolton. By the time his fingers reached the top of her thigh Gloria knew that he and Mrs. Bolton were swingers.

"This isn't something we advertise to everyone," he said. "Some people disapprove, and that's understandable. But we find it keeps our marriage exciting. Eleanor and I have been married for twenty years, and we don't think it's possible to stay excited by only one partner. Don't you agree?"

Gloria agreed. At this point in her life she agreed in spades, but she didn't tell him that. She wasn't sure if he was propositioning her, or if he was fishing to see if she and Frank would be interested in swinging as a couple.

His hand continued stroking her thigh and Gloria wondered what he had in mind. She wondered if he had a hard-on. She'd had no experience with men his age, and she didn't know what to expect.

Eventually, just before they pulled up in the restaurant parking lot, his fingers moved to her cunt. She gasped softly as his fingers fondled and stroked her cuntlips through the nylon of her panties.

They fell silent now, both of them concentrating on his fingers and what they were doing to her pussy-meat. She was wet by now, her crotch soaked through with cuntjuice. She was embarrassed by the flow, and she squirmed on the seat, but he kept his hand where it was. He mashed his hand over her cunt mound, and ran his middle finger up and down between her cuntlips. When he'd parked the car, he finally pulled his hand out of her crotch.

Once inside the restaurant. Bolton asked for a secluded booth. Although the booth had two seats facing each other, they sat beside each other on one side, their backs to the restaurant and their thighs touching.

They ordered gin and tonics, and when the waitress was gone Bolton again moved his hand between Gloria's thighs. She moved her legs apart to give him more room. He moved his middle finger around and found her cunt. She moaned softly when he began a slow and steady rub of her passion button.

"Oh, Mr. Bolton, that feels wonderful, but I don't know how much I can take!" she hissed.

"Call me Arthur," he said. "Outside of the schools call me Arthur. God, you're wet! I knew you'd be a hot-blooded number. I love when a woman gets real wet. So does Eleanor." Gloria looked confused.

"Mrs. Bolton. She's no lesbian, you know. She's all woman. Some people think people who swing are homo, but that's not true. We just like to enjoy everything at the banquet," he chuckled.

Gloria smiled. She'd been somewhat in awe of him when she came to the school. He was so dignified and stern looking. Now that she was getting to know him, she realized he wasn't stem at all. She no longer felt embarrassed by her wet crotch, either, he obviously liked it when a woman was wet. Her pants had been constantly wet since she was young, and it was nice to know that some men liked it. Then she thought of what he'd said about his wife. And some women, too!

"Why don't you take your panties off," he murmured. "Then we can really enjoy our lunch."

She nodded, getting up and walking a little unsteadily to the ladies' room. She was a little dizzy from the drink, and from excitement. She wondered why she didn't feel guilty, but she didn't. It wasn't as if Frank was interested in fucking, so no one could blame her for looking for pleasure outside of her marriage.

When she reached the ladies' room she locked herself in, a booth and stripped off her panties and hose. She stuffed them into her purse and wiped the insides of her thighs with toilet tissue. She dabbed at her cunt, too, to get up the excess cuntjuice. Then she slipped her shoes back on and returned to Arthur Bolton.

He got up and let her sit on the inside of the booth. She took another sip of her gin and tonic and they ordered lunch. He patted her cheek, and she suddenly felt shy. He's old enough to be my father, she thought. When she'd been younger she'd wanted her father to fuck her. Maybe that was why she felt the attraction for Bolton. He reminded her a little of her father.

She soon felt his hand under her skirt again, between her legs. When he realized her panties and stockings were off, he chuckled.

"You took them off," he smiled. "I wasn't sure you would, but you did. God, you're a dream. You've got me hotter than a firecracker!"

She relaxed again and took a sip of her drink. "How hot is a firecracker?" she teased.

"Take my cock out, and you'll see."

She giggled. "I don't know," she said. "Someone might see us. It might not be a good idea."

"Fuck that! Put your hand in my fly and take my cock out. That's an order, young lady!"

He took her hand and placed it over his crotch. She moved her fingers around his crotch and fondled his cock through his pants. She felt a good-sized prick that apparently was already stiff and swollen. She unzipped his fly and pulled his prick out. She held it under the table in her hand. He grunted when she began running her thumb over his cockhead, smearing the cockjuice oozing out of his pisshole over his bloated knob.

"I can't wait till I can ram that thing up your lovely pussy," he hissed. "Would you like that, dear?"

She grinned. "I wouldn't mind."

His fingers probed around her pussy and she squirmed on the seat.

"Your cunt is so nice and wet," he whispered. "I wouldn't mind licking your juicy little pussymeat. Would you like that?"

"Why not?" she smiled, a rush of pleasure moving up from her crotch to her belly.

"This is crazy," he said. "I'm going to call my secretary and tell her to find a substitute for your afternoon classes. Then you and I are going to a motel for a good hard fuck."

Gloria watched him as he walked off to call the school. God, it was crazy! She wondered if he did this frequently. She wondered if his secretary would suspect what was going on. She decided it didn't matter. He was the boss, after all. No one could hurt her at the school now. Not even if Eddie Donahue ended up talking.

She had never been to a motel with a man in her life. Before her marriage the boys she'd known couldn't afford motels. They had done their fucking in cars and when someone's parents weren't home. She was excited at the prospect of going to a motel in the middle of the day. There was something wanton about it that thrilled her.

When they arrived at the motel and checked in, Gloria spent a few minutes looking around the room. It wasn't exactly glamorous, but it seemed clean enough.

No sooner was the door locked and the shades down than Arthur took off his tie and told her to pick her skirt up.

"Let me see that gorgeous hot pussy," he said.

She smiled at his eagerness and pulled her dress up to her waist. His eyes glittered as he gazed down at the thick bush of dark cunthair in the triangle between her thighs.

"Turn around and let me see your pretty ass!" he croaked.

She slowly turned around on her high heels and showed him the plump firm cheeks of her butt.

"Gorgeous!" he said. "Gorgeous ass! Just my type. Just a little big. Eleanor likes them a little big too."

Gloria ignored the reference to Eleanor. She didn't want to hear about his wife right now. She was getting hotter by the minute, and the last thing she needed was to be reminded that she was a married woman.

"Take your dress off, honey," he said.

She slipped her dress off her shoulders and kicked off her shoes. His eyes stared down at her tits, heaving and jiggling in her lace half bra. She unhooked the bra and Arthur came up in front of her and clasped his hands over her boobs. He fondled and caressed her jugs, murmuring approval at their size and shape and feel. He lowered his head and sucked each pink nipple in turn until they both stood out hard and long and quivering.

Gloria almost fainted now with lust. She put her hand on his crotch and fondled his prick.

"You're real hot, aren't you, honey?" he chuckled. "Should daddy take his cock out for his little girl?"

"Oh, yes, please!" she hissed. Then she giggled. "It's only fair, you know."

He scrambled out of his clothes and Gloria was relieved to see that his body was in good shape. He was lean and muscular. She stared down at his long cock, dangling between his legs. His cockhead was large and juicy and his balls swayed when he moved. She extended her hand and lifted his half-stiff cock.

She had a sudden desire to suck his prick. She sat down on the bed and pulled him along by his cock. He chuckled as she held his ball bag with one hand and used her other hand to bring his cock up to her lips.

"Suck it, baby!" he hissed.

She sniffed his cockmeat turned on by the male smell of him. She wondered if any other teachers at the schools had been involved with Arthur. She giggled, thinking of some of the old bags who taught at the school. Well, you never know. She'd heard once that women with no teeth made the best cocksuckers.

She opened her mouth now and he lurched forward, driving his cockhead inside the stretched ring of her lips. His knob was soon followed by his thick cockshaft sliding between her lips. The warm, pulsating feel of his meat in her mouth felt wonderful. His cockshaft was growing larger by the minute. His lovely cock throbbed on her tongue.

She thought she might gag, when his cockhead hit the back of her throat. She contained it, easing his prick in and out of her throat more easily now. She reined her throat muscles and took him in all the way, slurping and swallowing the entire length of his cockshaft down her throat. Before she knew it, he was pistoning his cockmeat in and out of her face like a well-oiled machine.

He groan, his eyes glittering as he watched his slick cock sliding in and out of her red ripe mouth. He reached down and grabbed her hanging tities. He pinched her stiff pink nipples and flicked them back and forth.

She mewled and moaned, loving the taste and feel of his hard, thick cockmeat pumping in and out of her sucking lips. She swirled her tongue over his oozing cockhead, pulling and sucking at his pisshole.

At intervals she held just the tip of his prick in her mouth and applied good strong suction to the plum. Then she would slurp the rest of his prick noisily and wetly into her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down, her long dark hair flying wildly over his crotch. She thrilled at his intense response to her sucking. He tangled his fingers in her hair and caressed her face, his fingers tracing the stretched ring of her lips.

She finally pulled her mouth away from his cock and begged him to fuck her. "I want your cock inside me!" she cried.

He pushed her over on the bed. He raised her legs up in the air and arranged them over his shoulders. He moved his hands down and fondled her fleshy asscheeks. He slid a hand around to her cunt and screwed two fingers into her slippery cunthole.

She moaned and squirmed, gyrating her ass on the bed. Finally he pulled his fingers out of her cunthole and replaced them with his cockhead. He grunted, and with one long smooth stroke he rammed his cock into the slimy hole of her cunt.

She groaned and pulled him into the saddle. She squeezed her cunt muscles, gripping his prick with her fuck-tube. His balls slapped against her ass at the end of each stroke. She moaned with each pile-driving thrust of his prick.

He fucked her hard and fast, and she was at the point of coming when he pulled his cock out of her cunt. He forced her to sit up and then he rammed his cunt-soaked prick into her mouth.

She shivered, and then moaned, sucking his cock into her mouth as if it were an ice cream cone. The taste of her own cuntjuice mingled with his fuckcream was a real turn-on.

Before she knew what was happening, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and threw her down on the bed. He swooped down and clamped his mouth over her cunt and began sucking her in a frenzy.

She started coming almost immediately. She pulled his face into her crotch and bucked her hips. She wailed and spasmed convulsively against his sucking mouth.

At the end, as she gradually came down from the peak of her orgasm, be shoved his tongue inside her cunthole and sucked up her juices. When he pulled his face away, his mouth and cheeks and nose glistened, with her cream.

He abruptly pushed her over on her hands and knees and came up behind her. He grunted when he pushed the head of his cock inside her yawning cunthole.

"Fuck that cock!" he hissed. "Wrap your cunt around my cock and fuck!"


The following Saturday Gloria sat in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee and fingering her pussy. Her cunt was insatiable lately, and she knew she'd end up masturbating today. She wished she had someone around to fuck her instead. Masturbating was okay, but it would never take, the place of a good stiff cock.

It wasn't until the front doorbell rang that she remembered she'd told Tim Johnson to come over sometime during the weekend for some special tutoring he needed.

She hastily wiped her fingers off and belted her robe. Then she hurried to the door.

"Hi, Mrs. Maitland," he said, his eyes raking over her body. "Is this a good time for you to help me with the problem?"

She blushed. Tim was on the high school football team, and he had muscles in all the right places. She would help him with any problem he had!

She told him to come in and they sat down in the den. They went over the areas he needed help with. Gloria had difficulty concentrating. Tim was a rugged kid, and she was conscious of his muscular thigh occasionally touching her soft one. Her pussy was itching, and it wasn't long before she was thinking about the possibility of seducing him.

She shivered with excitement. A wave of raw lust washed over her body as she thought about fucking the teenage boy. Tim was a friend of Eddie Donahue's, and she wondered if Eddie had told him about their affair. She decided she didn't give a damn if he had that would make it all that much easier.

She excused herself and went into the bedroom to dress. She put on a halter top and shafts and came back to the den. The white mounds of her tits pushed over the top of the halter and her shorts were brief and tight. She knew she looked good, and her pussy creamed with excitement.

She took two cold drinks out of the refrigerator and gave one to Tim. She looked down at his crotch and saw the bulge of his cock and balls in his tight jeans. She decided that since she was older, she'd have to take the initiative. Her hands shaking, she untied her halter top and tossed it aside.

"Jesus Christ!" he hissed.

"Do you like my tits, Tim?" she purred.

His eyes feasted on the naked melons of her titiflesh. Her pink nipples were stiff and throbbing, and stood out like little spikes.

"They're beautiful!" he croaked.

"Suck them!" she said hoarsely.

He quickly bent forward and in a moment his wet tongue was licking and lapping one big jug. She shivered and closed her eyes at his warm lips ringed her stiff pink nipple. He sucked her throbbing titflesh into his wet mouth and flicked his tongue back and forth over the pink nub.

She held his head tightly as he sucked more and more of her titiflesh into the depths of his mouth. His mouth felt like a vaccum cleaner, suctioning in her tit-mounds.

His teeth nipped at her tender flesh. Suddenly her cunt began spasming and she came, climaxing with a great shudder. She cried out, her eyes rolled up as she leaned back against the wall.

Tim continued sucking on her titflesh and Gloria had to stop him. "Let me rest," she said. "Dear God, let me rest!"

The boy stood with his hands on his hips and a small smile on his face. Then he began gently fondling her nipples again.

"Maybe we'd better get into a bed, Mrs. Maitland."

"A bed?"

"Let's talk straight, Mrs. Maitland," he hissed. "You do want to fuck, don't you?"

She thought he was being a little fresh, but she ignored it. He was right. There was no use pretending anymore. They both knew they were going to fuck. Her heart pounded as his fingers continued squeezing her heaving tits.

Then he moved in closer to her and began kissing and licking her neck and ears. She moaned and leaned against him, thrilling at the feel of his hard cock as it pressed against her belly.

She moaned softly and slid her hand inside his jeans. She worked her fingers down to his prick and gently rubbed back and forth over the turgid rod.

He moaned when she grabbed his prick in her hand and squeezed his thick fuckpole. God, how she wanted his big dick is her cunt!

She squeezed and fondled his cockflesh. She pinched his fat cockhead and touched the cockjuice oozing out of his pisshole. She wanted to see it. She wanted to see his cock and balls and ass.

"Unzip your fly and take your cock out," she hissed.

He stepped back with a shy smile. He pulled his zipper down and unbuckled his belt. In a moment, he was pushing his jeans and shorts down to his knees.

His hard cock bobbed and swayed in the air. His purplish cockhead was swollen and throbbing and a drop of cockjuice dropped down on the rug. His cockshaft had big blue veins, and it was wonderfully thick. She gazed down at his rampant fuckmeat, her face flushed and her eyes hot with lust.

The boy grinned crookedly, and fisted his cockshaft. He wagged his male-meat at her. "Let's fuck, Mrs. Maitland," he said.

Her pussy was sopping wet and quivering. The boy moved forward and pushed his fuckpole against her hand. Her fingers closed over his throbbing cockflesh. His meat felt hot and wonderful in her hand. She moaned, her tits jiggling and her hand pulling at his cock as she led him to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom she slipped out of her shorts. Tim's eyes raked over her voluptuous body. She was conscious of his hot, lusty eyes, and every nerve ending in her body tingled.

She stretched out on the bed and opened her legs. The room was bright with sunlight and she loved the lewdness of it all.

"Fuck me!" she groaned.

He scrambled out of his clothes and climbed onto the bed. Gloria lay back, her thighs open wide, showing him her cunthole and asshole. Her crotch was a mass of thick black hair, slimy cuntjuice and reddish-pink cuntflesh.

The boy's eyes were hot as he gazed down at her ripe, juicy pussy. She wanted his cack inside her. She wanted his stiff fuckmeat drilling inside her cuntmeat. Instead of shoving his prick in her cunt, she swooped down and plastered his mouth against her fuckmeat.

She quivered as he sniffed and sucked and snorted over her seething fuckhole. She opened her legs wider to give him as much room as possible. She pushed her oozing cuntmeat against his face.

He sucked and chewed and licked at her slippery muff. He slobbered over her cunt as if he hadn't had a meal in days. She brought her knees back to her tits and hooked her hands under them. She turned her crotch up to his sucking mouth and his thick hot tongue.

His tongue fluttered over her clit. She cried out as he massaged her passion button, her little cunt-nipple, the source of so much pleasure.

She sobbed and came. She came hard. She shuddered, her legs thrashing, wildly, her hands pulling at his hair, pulling his mouth firmly against her spasming cunt.

He finally pulled his face away from her crotch. His face was drenched with cuntjuice and he was grinning, obviously pleased with his accomplishments. Gloria was a little embarrassed by her strong reactions. She wondered if he liked the smell of her cuntflesh. Her eyes darted to his throbbing cock, swaying in front of her eyes. He didn't, seem turned-off.

"Fuck me now, Tim!" she hissed.

He obediently crawled into the saddle between her thighs. She spread her knees wide and opened her cunt. She offered him the wet gaping gulch of her pussy. He stared down with hypnotized eyes, and then fit his prick into the socket of her yawning cunthole.

His fat juicy cockhead stretched the mouth of her hairy fuckhole. He grunted as his prick eased forward and slid all the way up her fuckchannel.

Gloria moaned and begged him to fuck her harder. The marvelous feel of his stabbing cock thrilled her to the core. She squeezed her jiggling tits and squirmed her ass up to meet his thrusts. She wrapped her legs around his body and pulled him into her.

Her hungry cunt sucked at his probing cock. He pulled out and slammed forward again as she wailed and shuddered. The boy was now smoothly stroking his big prick in and out of her clutching pussy-hole. His cock plumbed her depths as his hard young body pumped into hers with athletic fervor.

She wrapped her fingers around his ass and shouted plscernties at him. He grunted and gasped, his ass bouncing up and down as he rammed his cock in and out of her sucking pussy. He snorted as he pumped, like a bull in heat.

"Oh, fuck, I'm gonna shoot!" he finally groaned.

"Shoot it! Shoot!" she wailed. "Shoot it up my snatch!"

He bellowed and began squirting a blast of hot fuckcream into her pussy. Her cunt spasmed at the first contact and she caine along with him, her pussy contracting convulsively around his still pistoning prick.

When it was over, she could feel his slippery jism splash out of her cunt and drench the bed. She could feel his wet balls tickling her asscheeks. They lay together legs entwined after her stopped pumping, his body slumped down on hers, gasping like a spent young bull.

They slept for a while. Whey they awakened they moved into a clinch. Her hands found his ass and she squeezed his firm asscheeks. She pressed her belly against his hard cock and he put his hands on her heaving tits.

She rubbed his cockjuice over the head of his prick. Over the fat mushroom that would again stretch her cunt-channel. His fingers flicked her pink nipples until they were stiff and swollen. He lowered his head and sucked a long pink nipple in his mouth. When he released it, the nipple was wet and a little sore from his sucking. She smeared the nub over his face, mashing it into his eyes and nose and cheeks.

She laughed happily and stared down at his prick. She told him she wanted to suck his cock and he quickly agreed. He stretchd out on the bed, and Gloria leaned over him. She palmed his balls, her tits swaying over his face. She giggled when her long thick nipples tickled his nose.

One hand cupped his bloated nuts, her fingers probing and squeezing his eggs. She trembled, excited beyond words at his hard throbbing cock directly under her face. She ran her fingertips over his cockhead and along the thick shaft of his prick. She slowly pumped his veined cockshaft up and down with light tantalizing strokes.

He moaned and she slowed down, careful not to bring him off. She cooed and purred over the lovely tightness of his hairy nuts. They felt full and swollen with cock-cream.

She shivered with anticipation. She wanted his hot cock-cream filling her mouth and then sliding down her throat. She wanted to swallow his lovely load of fuck-oil.

She nuzzled his fuckmeat, sniffing along his cockhead and cockshaft and hairy bloated nuts. She extended her tongue and touched the tip to his throbbing cockhead.

"Oh, yeah!" he groaned.

Gloria swirled her tongue over his juicy knob. Her pussy quivered and he groaned. She opened her mouth wide and closed her lips over his fat cock-knob. Moaning deep in her throat, she began sucking his prick.

She loved the taste and feel of his hard cockflesh in her mouth. She loved the heat of it and the velvet satin feel of his delicate cockskin. She loved the taste of his spongy cockhead and the cockjuice oozing out into her tongue.

The boy groaned and pumped his prick into her face. He bucked his hips, driving his cock at her mouth. She held the base of his cock with her fingers and pulled down on his cockskin. She sucked and slurped on his throbbing knob. Cupping his balls with one hand, she fingered his tightly packed nuts.

She sucked his cockhead and stroked his cockshaft with her fingers. Saliva drooled out of the corners of her mouth. She took him all the way in, and reveled at the spongy feel of his cockhead at the back of her throat.

I'm a glutton, she thought. A hungry slut of a glutton!

She licked and slurped over the boy's rampant cock, slobbering over the delicious hardness of his cockmeat. She could feel her own cuntjuice gushing out of her cunthole as her head bobbed up and down on his rigid fuckpole.

Finally the boy stiffened, his hands clutching her head. "Oh, shit I'm coming!" he grunted.

Perspiration dripped off Gloria's forehead as she pumped her mouth in a frenzy up and down on his spasming cock. He trembled and shuddered and quaked as his cock twitched and spasmed in her mouth.

She mewled at the wonderful feel of his prick shooting off in her mouth. She loved the feel of his cockmeat pulsating and exploding down her throat.

A geyser of hot come erupted out of his cockhead. A gush of thick white cream bubbled out of his prick and bathed her tonsils. She choked and swallowed, drinking up every drop of his load.

She shuddered and shook, loving the taste and slimy-feel of his fuck-oil. She sucked up his jism and swallowed it down in great gulps. Spurt after spurt of hot thick cream shot out of his cock. She slurped and slobbered and sucked up his come. She squeezed his balls to get the last drop, and then sucked at his pisshole to lap up the drops that remained.

When she finally pulled her face away from his crotch, she looked up at him and smiled. "Was it good, honey?"

"Jesus, yeah!"

"Your jizz tastes delicious, dear," she purred. "I've never tasted better."

She stroked his softening prick. She pumped it up and down and in no time at all he was hard again. God, what a cock! Her fingers probed his balls, once again bloated and full of prick-cream. She leaned forward and swiped her tongue over his cockhead and then smiled at the teenager.

"Are you too tired to fuck?" she said. "Naw!" he snickered.

"Are you sure?" she teased.

"Shit. Mrs. Maitland, I'm not even tired!"

She gigglrf, there was much to be said for youth. "Youre cute, Tim," she purred. "Let me mount you this time. Has a girl ever mounted you?"

He hesitated, gathering his thoughts. "No one as pretty as you, Mrs. Maitland," she smiled.

She laughed. The kid was a diplomat. She quivered all over, excited by the prospect of getting fucked by his lovely cock.

The boy stretched out on the bed and she straddled him. Her big jugs dangled over his face. She cupped her tits and played with them, shivering with the lewdness of what she was doing. She was squatting over this teenage boy's fuckpole like a bitch in heat, and, God, it was wonderful!

She fisted his cockshaft and moved her cunthole to his cock-tip. She moaned, easing herself down until her hairy cunt swallowed his prick in one great gulp.

She squirmed her ass and pushed down until her asscheeks rested on his hairy balls. Her eyes closed, her mouth slack, her tits bounced as she began rocking up and down on his turgid prick.

She began fucking and moaning. He pulled and tugged at her bouncing titflesh. He bucked his ass as he fucked his cock up into her clutching steaming cunt.

She swiveled and screwed on his rigid fuckpole. She squirmed frantically to get as much friction as she could on her quivering clit. His hard cock reamed out her hot fuck-chanel, and she wailed with pleasure.

She sobbed, her lips pulled back in a grimace of lust. Her teeth chattered and her eyes glittered. Her dark hair flew wildly around her shoulders as her body convulsed in the throes of a violent orgasm.

Her spasming cunt brought him off, and he shot another load of hot jism into her body.


One day when Gloria was in her office getting ready to leave for the day, Alma Lawrence, the girls' gym teacher, stuck her head in the door.

"Come for lunch Saturday," she said. "Saturday's always a boring day. It'll give us a chance to get acquainted."

Gloria accepted the invitation with thanks. She liked Alma. She'd heard rumors that Alma was bi-sexual, or something, but she really didn't care. She believed in the old adage, live and let live. Besides, Alma was married, so she couldn't be a real lesbian.

When Gloria arrived at the Lawrence home she was greeted with an affectionate kiss on the cheek and a gin and tonic. The two women sat down in the living room and sipped their drinks, chatting as though they'd known each other for years.

"I hear you're giving some of the boys at school some interesting lessons," Alma smiled.

Gloria was stunned. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, don't get nervous," Alma laughed. "I couldn't care less. In fact, I've done my share of fooling around with some of the boys myself."

She got up and sat down next to Gloria on the sofa. "Listen, honey," the blonde hissed. "You don't have to be embarrassed about anything in front of me. I lead a fairly unorthodox life myself."

"Oh, God!" Gloria groaned, covering her face with her hands. "Which one talked?"

"Relax, sweetie. Neither of them talked to me. I just heard some talk in the girl's locker room. Don't worry about it. Teenagers talk about sex all the time. That's all they have on their minds now. They're e

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