Alice and Hannah, lesbian story (lesbian,college,porn,fuck)

Alice and Hannah, lesbian story

This story is a work of fiction. Any likenesses to persons, living or dead,
or events, are completely coincidental. I hope you enjoy this story. If you
would like to contact me, this is my email specifically for this type of
stuff: McKenzieLyon.SexyStories69@gmail.com. I can even send out a
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Allison was a freshman in college studying medicine. She was 5'6" tall, had
brown hair, and always kept her pubic hair trimmed to a small landing strip
above her pussy. She had a bit of a bubble butt, a d-cup breasts, and a
fluffy pussy. She was very dedicated to her school work, but she was more
dedicated to herself. She took at least an hour every day just to go around
her dorm naked while playing with her pussy a bit. She didn't have a
roommate, so she didn't have to worry about anyone else seeing her naked.

One day, she decided to wear a skirt to class. But she was feeling a little
more daring than usual, so she did it without any panties on. She went
through most of the day without anyone noticing. Then she got to her last
class of the day, English, and she threw caution out the window. When the
teacher had her back turned to the class, Allison would spread her legs and
finger herself, and when the teacher looked back, she slammed her legs
shut. What she didn't know is that the girl in front of her could hear her
pussy squelching while she masturbated. One time, the girl looked back and
saw Allison's pussy in all of its fully exposed glory. Instantly the girl
was turned on. This girl was Hannah.

Hannah was slightly taller than Allison, at 5'9". She had blonde hair and
kept her pubic hair trimmed to a landing strip as well. She had a fairly
flat butt, b-cup breasts, and a very tight pussy. She was just as dedicated
to her school work as Allison, but she didn't have very much time to
herself. And since she had a roommate in her dorm, she couldn't just go
around naked.

Now that Hannah was desperate to masturbate, the rest of the class went by
very slowly. When she got back to her dorm she went into the bathroom to
relieve herself. Right after she got in, she looked down and noticed the
crotch of her jeans was dark. She slid her pants down and she saw that her
panties were drenched. She stood there for a minute just looking and a bit
of her juices dripped off the panties. She slid her panties down and took
them off. She licked her juices off and then fingered herself to
oblivion. When just her finger wouldn't suffice, she took her hairbrush and
fucked herself with the handle. She grabbed one of her boobs and started
rubbing it and squishing it. About half an hour later she heard the door to
the dorm unlock and realized her roommate was back. The thought of having
to be quiet thrilled her, and shortly after that she orgasmed.

With her cum pooling on the floor, she stood up, weak on her feet. To make
her roommate think she just got done using the toilet, she flushed it, and
then turned the shower on. She used her panties to dry off the pool of her
juices, and then she got in the shower to get clean.

The next morning, both girls went about their daily routine like
normal. Allison wore baggy blue sweatpants without panties, and a tight
pink t-shirt with matching bra. Hannah wore much the same, with baggy grey
sweatpants with no panties, and a tight blue tank-top with matching
bra. After their last class, Hannah walked after Allison to her dorm. When
Allison got there she noticed Hannah at the next door down.

"Hey. What's up? I mean, I know you've been following me this entire time."

"Okay, so do you remember what you did in English yesterday?"

"You mean masturbate when the teacher isn't looking? Yeah. I've become
pretty good at it."

"Well, I saw your... You know... The one time and I was kinda hoping to get
a closer look."

"Well damn girl, that was pretty slick. Kinda like your pussy was then and
probably is now, I'd imagine. Come on in."

"Awesome. Do you have any roommates?"

"Nope. I can run around naked whenever I want. It's great." Halfway through
the sentence Allison took her shirt off. Now Hannah had a better view of
Allison's boobs, and she felt a little of her juice trickle down her leg.

"So, what do you want to do? Just sit around naked for a bit or do you want
to get right down to business?"

"I kinda just want to sit around and watch TV for a bit. It's been a long

With that, Allison stripped naked and sat on her bed. Hannah followed suit
shortly after.

Allison turned the TV on, but for a few minutes both of them just looked
each other over.

"Wow, your pussy is fucking... Poofy! I mean, wow. It's fucking
amazing. Can I rub my finger across it to see how, like, rubbery it is?"
Hannah said in awe.

"Eh, sure. I don't see why not."

Hannah rubbed her finger across Allison's pussy and watched it bounce back
and forth. "Amazing."

They sat and watched TV for about half an hour, and then Allison rubbed
Hannah's boobs.

"You ready?"

"Oh hell yeah. Do you have any toys or is this gonna be finger and tongue

"It's gonna be finger and tongue work. 69 work for you?"


They got into a 69 and started to lick each other's pussy. Shortly after
Hannah slid a finger into Allison, and then another. Allison did the same
to Hannah.

"Oh, and by the way, my name is Hannah. I thought we should probably at
least know the name of the person we're fucking."

"I'm Allison. By the way, your pussy is fucking tight. Have you ever had a
dick or dildo inside you?"

"Nope. Only my fingers and some things in the bathroom. What about you?"
Hanna said as she buried her face in Allison's pussy.

"Same here."

They continued to finger fuck each other and eat each other out for well
over an hour. Allison was the first to climax. She didn't really cum much,
but a little did come out. Hannah quickly licked it up, but kept fingering
Allison. 15 minutes later, Hannah locked up and orgasmed, squirting all
over Allison's face. Allison licked Hannah's pussy clean, and then they
slowly stopped fingering each other. They sat up, and caught their breath.

"Jesus my pussy is sore. What about yours Hannah?"

"Yeah, mine feels like I've had a shampoo bottle rammed up inside me for an

"Wanna cuddle? I mean, it is getting late."

"Sure. I don't think I'll be going back to my dorm tonight now." Hannah
replied as she got in the bed with Allison.

After a few minutes of silence, Allison spoke up.

"So, are we like dating now or just fuck buddies?"

"Whichever you like. I'm leaning towards dating myself."

"Me too."

They fell asleep spooning each other, not knowing what tomorrow had in

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