An Asian teenager has an interesting experience on tha train home from work - sex story

An Asian teenager has an interesting experience on tha train home from work

I get the train every day to my work and back at the end of the day. I sit in silence, only ever speaking to the person next to me to ask them to move when I arrive at my stop and occasionally to buy a ticket for my journey. I people watch and watch people looking at me, with suspicion. My Asian appearance of tanned skin, dark eyes and curly black beard seem to make them wary. It amuses me that I am as innocent as they all are except perhaps in my deepest darkest thoughts.

I do have secrets, secret lusts. I like to look at people and especially women waiting for someone to sit in the carriage with whom I can turn my thoughts into fantasy for the short amount of time that my train journey takes. And then I will take my leave and enter the toilet cubicle to masterbate over my thoughts. I am but eighteen myself and travelling home today to the empty flat where I live alone.

The train, as usual on this line in peak hours, is crammed, in the manner of a sardine can. It is an evening like any other and as the stops come and go people leave the train to go to their homes to settle down for the Winter night!

But tonight the train is overcrowded, the previous one being cancelled so I stand in the mass of people my coat closed tightly around myslf. Someone pushes into my back as more people get on and I find myself in very close proximity to a lady. Her round bottom encased only in a tight skirt is suddenly crushed up against my upper thighs as the mane of her hair all but seals my nasal orifices. To say we are ‘spooned’ is no exaggeration. But this isn’t uncomfortable in any way and I can feel her soft blonde hair tickling my cheek. I inhale her perfume.

Her coat like all the other passengers is done tightly up but I can see from my vantage point her curves look incredible even through the thick winter coat she is wearing. At one point she glances around and looked up at me as if to apologise for her unladylike overcrowding of me. Our eyes meet, mine deep brown and dark and hers green and shining like emeralds, all the more enhanced by the dark mascara around them. Aside from being instantly attracted to her I simply give thanks to the world for its generosity in selecting me to be her fellow standing commuter this day. So pretty is she and so sweet-smelling and with womanly body, albeit wrapped as it is, in a thick winter coat. I almost feel I need these luggage racks to support my weakening legs.

Something less than a sexual predator I am sure I do not have an erection, despite the provocative massage that her rear-end is unavoidably bequeathing me as a result of the swaying carriage. The sensation however of having her that up-close and personal is something I will remember. In all honesty I would be happy for it to never end. I just pray she lives at the end of the line or at the very least way past my station.

The playing field alters dramatically when the train brakes unexpectedly coming into a station. Everyone is thrown forward with the inertia. Instinctively I put my arm around the lady to prevent her from falling. Just for a second she looks up at me. I look back our eyes meeting and I feel I might have caused offence, until she mouths a “Thank you!” And she smiles, that beautiful smile. Through dark pink full painter lips I now long to kiss! I am now so wholly captivated it is only after we start picking up speed again as we leave the station behind that I realise my arm is still around her.

Impulse is a wonderful thing. It lets you do things without having first to weigh up the consequences. Standing probably no more than five-four in height the collar of her dark woollen coat presents itself fractionally below my chin almost hidden by the proliferation of what I would think is natural blonde soft curls that fall delicately down to her shoulders. Perhaps I am intoxicated by her subtle perfume and feeling temporarily unhinged. I gently lean forward and nuzzle her neck through all that hair. She smells angelic and I know I am holding her a fraction tighter. And now I suddenly realise that she knows it too. Coming to my senses I ease back but suddenly feel her push backwards with her body against me, just enough to let me know that right now, on that train on this icy winter’s night, I am supposed to be with her for whatever reason and for however briefly. I know she is older than me which means that whilst I don’t have much of a clue about life, or at least real life or relationships, she does. This thought enlightens my senses and I smile aswell as feeling that familiar arousal down below.

Feeling her shifting her weight against me my ‘nuzzle’ is upgraded to a soft kiss on the back of her neck feeling its effect on her immediately. She murmurs something, still with her back to me of course before raising her own arms which more or less clasp mine to her. I kiss her several times more monopolizing an area along her neck-line. I doubt anyone notices in the busy carriage and I don’t care if they do!

Completely without any expectation of rebuke I slide my right hand inside her coat, no more than two or three buttons down. The warmth inside is considerable. My hand grows accustomed to the unknown surroundings. I feel the silky material of the garments inside the coat and I lift it up slightly. That is until I reach what I can only describe as an exceptionally soft full wall of flesh under the tight clothing. The weight of the flesh seems to be hanging down and preventing my hand was sliding further up until I am prepared to rise up over the fantastically shaped breast. Naively I merely cup the massive mound experimentally. No one can possibly see anything untoward in this confined space.

By now she is noticeably pushing back into me and making the slightest rather sweet little sounds as I grow more adventurous beginning to fondle both heavy mounds. My fingers feel the lacy undergarments through the silky material and trace around the hardening nubs that seem to be responding so wonderfully to my teenage fingers. The occasional sigh from those beautiful full pink lips is now audible, at least to me and fully determined I suppose to repel further the boundaries of acceptable social behavior. I allow my fingers to inveigle their way between the buttons of her quite obviously thin silky blouse. She wriggles against me as I first encroach upon the walls of the forbidden city, feeling the warmth of her flesh against my thin hand. The slightest of gasps emanates from her lips as my fingers finally breach the dyke slipping inside that soft lacy protector and actually making contact with her full fleshy breast itself, daring eventually to manipulate even what is probably a fully erect nipple.

Throughout this protracted engagement my lips have maintain almost unbroken contact with this beautiful woman’s neck. Had we not been wedged so securely between the seat compartments I doubt either of us could have remained upright. Not that any of this is occupying my thought processes right now as I have so much more on my mind. Between nuzzling her neck and fondling these massive warm breasts, there is little room left for deductive reasoning. Whether simply a case of my ‘making hay while the sun shines’, or the lady is impelled by forces outside of her control, it just seems to me that her body language is urging me onto even greater daring. Not by the spoken word of course – we have not exchanged so much as a ‘hello’, but simply the way she is pressing herself up against me.

Working undercover I tunnel south across the soft flat abdomen and down what appears to be a short pleated skirt. Reaching the hem I slip my hand between the legs and immediately feel my way higher until I reach some remarkably warm areas. Never having felt up a girl or woman in this fashion I must be short in finesse although I do not hear any complaints from the lady. At the point I find my palm flush up against the apex of her slim shapely bare legs and I sense a definite acquiescence. I am in no need of a training manual to prompt my next move. Pushing beneath the waistband of her tight panties the sensation of parting her pubic curls is very much to my liking and from the audible expression, hers too. I can't really tell which of my fingers locates the real prize just a few inches lower.

Such heat I have not encountered before. Probing her pussy the full length of that sexy little slit I soon discover that one area in particular seems to up the wriggling and sighing factor. Having little or no experience in the biological functionality of the vaginal cavern this is proving to be a work-experience program and I just know I am going to enjoy this lesson from the outset. Multiple descents and ascents later I am now able to pinpoint that slightly prominent nub with ease. It seems to me the more attention I bequeath it the better the owner responds.

This state of shared pleasure might have been perpetuated had I not noticed the woman’s body tensing suddenly. Holding her tightly I undertake one final incursion which brings about a series of body-shakes which in other circumstances might have rated high on the Richter Scale. Clasping my hand against her she feels like she is about to purr. I am aware that my fingers are suddenly a whole lot wetter than they had been just moments before.

The train begins to slow up coming into the station and she delicately withdraws my hand from her panties and just for a moment half-turns towards me. This is sufficient for me to notice the deep flush resident in her cheeks. I have determined that I would at the very least introduce myself, neither of us having uttered a solitary word since boarding the train.

As the train pulls in I am about to open the conversation but to my everlasting misery she reaches up and retrieves a shopping bag from the rack beside me. Then she simply glances back at me with the sweetest smile on her beautiful face. Leaving me standing there completely heartbroken with my cock throbbing in my trousers and begging for release, she makes her way along with several other passengers to the open door. The last I see of her as the train gathers speed is her making her way along the crowded platform towards the exit.


As the train passes her she turns and gives a gorgeous smile to me through the window before raising a hand to her lips to blow a soft kiss to the bearded Asian teenager on the train.

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